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McAlpine's 1894/97 Directory
St. Georges District
Bay of Islands Section

ARNOLD Thomas fisherman Corner Brook
ARNOLD John fisherman Corner Brook
ARLICK  Levi fisherman Cook's Cove
ALLEN JAMES, jr. blacksmith Ballantyne Cove
ALLEN JAMES, sr. blacksmith Pleasant Cove
ALLEN Henry fisherman Pleasant Cove
ALLEN William fisherman Pleasant Cove
ALLEN Samuel fisherman Pleasant Cove
ANGWIN WM. K gen dir Pleasant Cove
ANDERSON George fisherman Irish Town
ANTLE John fisherman Crow Head
BRAKE JOHN planter River Head
BRAKE HENRY planter River Head
BRAKE EDW'D planter River Head
BRAKE CHAS, planter River Head
BRIEN Patrick fisherman Corner Brook
BENOIT John fisherman Bakan Cove
BENOIT Joseph fisherman Bakan Cove
BROMSEY William fisherman Bakan Cove
BROCKWAY H. E, sr fisherman Long Cove
BROCKWAY H. E. jr fisherman Long Cove
BAYLY John fisherman Vey's Beach
BATT Samuel fisherman Clark's Brook
BROWN William fisherman Benoit Cove
BEVERLEY Elijah fisherman Half Way Point
BUTT Francis fisherman Child's Point
BUTT James fisherman Child's Point
BUTT John fisherman Child's Point
BARRIAULT SOLOMON trader Ballantyne Cove
BOLDEN Henry fisherman Ballantyne Cove
BARRON LAURENCE sub collector customs Pleasant Cove
BARBER Robt W. clerk Pleasant Cove
BRODERICK Theo. fisherman Corner Brook
BELL CHAS, blacksmith Corner Brook
BIRD George fisherman Corner Brook
BURKE William fisherman Corner Brook
BRIEN Thomas, sr. fisherman Birchy Cove
BRIEN Thomas, jr. fisherman Birchy Cove
BILLOWS Robert fisherman Birchy Cove
BALLAM Minoah sea captain Birchy Cove
BAGG WM. H. gen dealer Birchy Cove
BAGG John C. fisherman Birchy Cove
BAGG Joseph fisherman Birchy Cove
BAGG Augustus fisherman Birchy Cove
BATTCOCK John sea captain Birchy Cove
BOLAND M. gen dealer Birchy Cove
BOLAND Edward fisherman Birchy Cove
BOLAND Thomas fisherman Sprucy Point
BARTLETT Isaac W. constable Sprucy Point
BRAKE Ambrose fisherman Summerside
BRAKE Abram fisherman Summerside
BARRY John, sr. fisherman Summerside
BARRY JOHN, jr. general dealer Summerside
BRAKE Joseph fisherman Meadows
BRAKE John H. fisherman Meadows
BRAKE William fisherman Meadows
BRAKE Ernest fisherman Meadows
BRAKE ED gen merchant Meadows
BRAKE Cornelius fisherman Meadows
BRAKE Albert E. fisherman Meadows
BRAKE John W. fisherman Meadows
BLANCHARD Absolom fisherman Meadows
BLANCHARD John fisherman Gillam
BLANCHARD Joseph fish'man Aspey Beach
BLANCHARD John fish'man Aspey Beach
BEVERLY John fish'man McIvers
BOLDEN Thomas fish'man Middle Arm
BOLDEN William fish'man Middle Arm
BUTLER John fish'man Chimney Cove
BOURGOIS John fish'man Woods Island
BOURGOIS John T. fish'man Woods Island
BOURGOIS James fish'man Woods Island
BOURGOIS Henry fish'man Woods Island
CLARK William fish'man Lark Harbour
CHILDS Richard fish'man Lark Harbour
CAMMIE John fish'man Blo' Mi Don
COMPAGNON John fish'man John's Beach
COMPAGNON Micha'l fish'man John's Beach
COMPAGNON Henry fish'man John's Beach
CLARK Samuel fish'man Benoit Cove
COOPER James fisherman Ballantyne Cove
COX John fisherman Ballantyne Cove
CLARK Stephen fisherman Pleasant Cove
CLARK Moses fisherman Pleasant Cove
CLARK Joseph fisherman Pleasant Cove
CALLAHAN Jefferey fisherman Corner Brook
CALLAHAN DENNIS, sr. contractor Corner Brook
CALLAHAN John fisherman Corner Brook
CALLAHAN Jeremiah fisherman Corner Brook
CALLAHAN Denis jr. fisherman Corner Brook
CORBIN MATTHEW millwright Corner Brook
CORBIN THOMAS millwright Corner Brook
CONDON Arthur fisherman Birchy Cove
CONDON PATRICK shipbldr Birchy Cove
CONDON William fisherman Birchy Cove
CONDON JNO shipbuilder Birchy Cove
CONDON James fisherman Birchy Cove
CUNNING Alexander fisherman Birchy Cove
CURRIE REV ADAM Church of England Birchy Cove
CONWAY THOMAS general dealer Birchy Cove
CARTER HERB engineer Summerside
CARTER Frederic fisherman Summerside
COLLINS John fisherman Summerside
CARTER THOMAS general dealer & lobster packer Summerside
CLARK John fisherman Summerside
CHRISTOPHER John fisherman Summerside
CHRISTOPHER Patr'k fisherman Summerside
CHRISTOPHER Thos fisherman Summerside
CHRISTOPHER N. fisherman Summerside
CANNING John fisherman Summerside
COX George fisherman Middle Arm
COX William fisherman Middle Arm
COOK Percey fisherman Pearl Island
CORBIN James sr. fisherman Goose Arm
CORBIN James jr. fisherman Goose Arm
CONNELL John fisherman Woods Island
CONNELL J. sr. fisherman Woods Island
CONNELL J. jr fisherman Woods Island
CONNELL Maurice fisherman Woods Island
CAMIE George fisherman Woods Island
DRUGGET Amos fisherman Bateau Cove
DRUGGET James fisherman Lark Harbour
DENNIS Joseph jr. fisherman John's Beach
DENNIS Joseph sr. fisherman John's Beach
DONOHUE Jas fisherman Half Way Pt
DONOHUE John fisherman Half Way Point
DOMANT Peter fisherman Pleasant Cove
DUGGAN James fisherman Birchy Cove
DAVIS George sr. fisherman Summerside
DAVIS George jr. fisherman Summerside
DAVIS Edward fisherman Meadows
DERRIGAN Thomas fisherman McIvers
DRAKE John fisherman Goose Arm
DUFFY Francis fisherman Woods Island
EZEKIEL Patrick fisherman Corner Brook
EDMUNDS Edw'd fisherman Child's Point
EVETTE GEORGE general dealer Benoit's Cove
FARNELL JOHN contractor Corner Brook
FARNELL Benj fisherman Corner Brook
FARNELL Seaward fisherman Corner Brook
FRENCH Joseph fisherman Bateau Cove
FRENCH John fisherman Bateau Cove
FURLONG RICHARD general dealer Cook's Cove
FURLONG JAMES general dealer Cook's Cove
FARNELL CHARLES general dealer & millwright Corner Brook
FISHER CHRIS mill owner Corner Brook
FISHER Louis fisherman Corner Brook
FISHER Josiah fisherman Corner Brook
FISHER James fisherman Corner Brook
FRASER Daniel fisherman Corner Brook
FURLONG John fisherman Birchy Cove
GABRIEL WM. A. school teacher Lark Harbour
GALLANT Adolph fisherman Blo' Mi Don
GALLANT Fred sr. fisherman Blo' Mi Don
GALLANT Henry fisherman Blo' Mi Don
GALLANT Mabeb fisherman Blo' Mi Don
GALLANT Fred, jr. fisherman Benoit Cove
GALLANT Marcellus fisherman Benoit Cove
GALLANT PATRICK general dealer Benoit Cove
GREEN Stephen fisherman Half-Way Pt
GREEN Michael fisherman Half-Way Pt
GRAHAM George fisherman Child's Point
GUSHUE Joseph fisherman Corner Brook
GUSHUE John fisherman Corner Brook
GUSHUE James fisherman Corner Brook
GEORGE John fisherman Petrie Valley
GILKER DANIEL tidewaiter customs Pleasant Cove
GREGORY Wm, sr fisherman Summerside
GREGORY Wm, jr fisherman Summerside
GREGORY  James fisherman Summerside
GEORGE Matthew fisherman Summerside
GALLANT Simon fisherman Woods Island
GENNOX JAMES general dealer & lobster packer Woods Island
GENNOX Simeon fisherman Woods Island
GILLAM Samuel fisherman Shoal Point
HARRIS Henry, jr. fisherman Riverhead
HARRIS Henry, sr. fisherman Riverhead
HARRIS John fisherman Riverhead
HELLYER JOSEPH lobster packer John's Beach
HARRIS William fisherman Benoit Cove
HELLYER Rich'd, jr. fisherman Benoit Cove
HELLYER George fisherman Benoit Cove
HUSSEY James fisherman Child's Cove
HELLYER Rich'd, sr. fisherman Pleasant Cove
HAYES JOHN contractor Pleasant Cove
HAYES THOS contractor Pleasant Cove
HYNES Alex fisherman Pleasant Cove
HYNES Keating fisherman Pleasant Cove
HYNES Israel fisherman Pleasant Cove
HOOPER John fisherman Corner Brook
HOOPER Godfrey fisherman Corner Brook
HARSTON John fisherman Birchy Cove
HANN Charles fisherman Birchy Cove
HOULIHAN Joseph fisherman Pleasant Cove
HUNT GEORGE general dealer Summerside
HUNT Benj fisherman Summerside
HUNT John fisherman Summerside
HEYES John fisherman Goose Arm
HENRY John fisherman Goose Arm
HAULON James fisherman Crabbs
HARRIS John fisherman Chimney Cove
HALLEY Benj fisherman Woods Island
JESSO Joseph fisherman Bateau Cove
JESSO Adolph fisherman Benoit Cove
JESSO Arthur fisherman Woods Island
JOYCE Robert, sr. fisherman Lark Harbour
JOYCE James fisherman Lark Harbour
JOYCE William fisherman Lark Harbour
JEANS Charles fisherman Benoit Cove
JENNINGS Michael fisherman Half- Way Point
JOYCE Robert, jr. fisherman Half- Way Point
JESSO James fisherman Bateau Cove
KENNEDY Michael fisherman Birchy Cove
KENNEDY Wm fisherman Birchy Cove
KNIGHT Edwin fisherman Birchy Cove
KNIGHT Thos carpenter Sprucy Point
KNIGHT Marr't fisherman Sprucy Point
LAYDEN George fisherman Riverhead
LAYDEN Albert fisherman Riverhead
LEE Joseph fisherman Benoit Cove
LEGGO Reuben fisherman Birchy Cove
LEGGO John fisherman Birchy Cove
LUNDRIGAN Wm fisherman Birchy Cove
LAMOINE JOHN general dealer Birchy Cove
LYNCH James fisherman Petrie Valley
LEWIS William fisherman Petrie Valley
LILLEY GEO R. magistrate Sprucy Point
LODER JOHN ship builder Irish Town
LODER JER'H ship builder Summerside
LODER GEO ship builder Summerside
LODER ALBERT ship builder Summerside
LOVESS Wm fisherman Summerside
LEWIS Joseph fisherman Summerside
LOVELL Esau fisherman McIvers
LOVELL Septimus fisherman McIvers
LOVELL Thomas fisherman McIvers
MURPHY John fisherman Serpentine River
MEESHAN Edward fisherman River Head
MORAN Joseph fisherman River Head
MORAN Nicholas fisherman River Head
MURPHY John fisherman River Head
MALLOW George mail carrier Lark Harbour
MADORE George fisherman Blo' Mi Don
MADORE Alfred fisherman Blo' Mi Don
MADORE Nicholas fisherman Blo' Mi Don
MITCHELL HE'RY agent John's Beach
MITCHELL James fisherman John's Beach
MITCHELL Thomas fisherman John's Beach
MITCHELL Archibald fisherman John's Beach
MACEY John fisherman Cook's Cove
MARLEY George fisherman Child's Point
MARLEY William fisherman Child's Point
MORRISON Alex fisherman Ballantyne Cove
MAHER Thomas fisherman Ballantyne Cove
MARLEY Levi fisherman Ballantyne Cove
MARLEY Samuel fisherman Ballantyne Cove
MARLEY Thomas fisherman Pleasant Cove
MEREDITH Joseph fisherman Pleasant Cove
MEANEY Michael fisherman Corner Brook
MEANEY Phillip fisherman Corner Brook
MERCER Norman fisherman Corner Brook
MARTIN Emanuel fisherman Birchy Cove
MESSERVEY WM boarding house Birchy Cove
MESSERVEY Joseph fisherman Birchy Cove
MAHER Edward fisherman Petrie Valley
MEANEY John fisherman Petrie Valley
MORGAN William fisherman McIvers
MATTHEWS James fisherman Chimney Cove
MARSHALL John fisherman Woods Island
McLELLAN T. fisherman Corner Brook
McCARTHY A. fisherman Corner Brook
McCARTHY Wm fisherman Corner Brook
McCARTHY R. fisherman Corner Brook
McCARTHY Joseph fisherman Corner Brook
McCARTHY Edward fisherman Corner Brook
McCARTHY B. fisherman Corner Brook
McCARTHY John fish'man Corner Brook
McCARTHY Charles fish'man Corner Brook
McLEOD Alex fish'man Ballantyne Cove
McDONALD Alex fish'man Ballantyne Cove
McDONALD N. fish'man Ballantyne Cove
McNEILL Bernard fish'man Corner Brook
McDONALD Dan'l fish'man Summerside
McCORMACK John fish'man Summerside
McGOUGH ARCH agent Summerside
McCARTHY John fisherman Summerside
McCARTHY Felix fisherman Summerside
McCARTHY F. fisherman Summerside
MCLEAN LOUGHLAN gen dealer & lobster packer Woods Island
NICHOLS Geo, sr farmer Deer Lake
NICHOLS Geo, jr farmer Deer Lake
NICHOLS John farmer Deer Lake
NOSEWORTHY A. farmer Sprucy Poiny
NEVILLE JOHN C. general dealer Summerside
OWENS Thos sea captain Benoit Cove
O'LEARY Jas fisherman Petrie Valley
O'RORKE Michael fisherman Birchy Cove
O'QUINN Peter fisherman Birchy Cove
PERRY Reuben fisherman Riverhead
PERRY Maxim fisherman Riverhead
PENNY Willis fisherman Riverhead
PENNY John, jr. fisherman Riverhead
PARK Richard fisherman Bateau Cove
PARK Robert fisherman Lark Harbour
PARK Geo Willis fisherman Lark Harbour
PARK Edward fisherman Lark Harbour
PARK David fisherman Lark Harbour
PARK James fisherman Vey's Beach
PARK John fisherman Vey's Beach
PARSONS Richard fisherman Vey's Beach
PULLIS John, jr fisherman Half-Way Point
PULLIS Frank fisherman Half-Way Point
PARK George fisherman Half-Way Point
PERROTT John, sr. fisherman Ballantyne Cove
PERROTT John, jr. fisherman Ballantyne Cove
PERROTT Henry fisherman Ballantyne Cove
PERROTT George fisherman Ballantyne Cove
PIKE William fisherman Birchy Cove
PENNELL Joseph fisherman Birchy Cove
PENNELL Clement tele repairer Birchy Cove
POWER Michael fisherman Corner Brook
POWER Pierce fisherman Corner Brook
POWER James fisherman Corner Brook
POWER Patrick fisherman Corner Brook
PARSONS CHAS, sr general dealer Birchy Cove
PARSONS Charles, jr. telegraph repairer Birchy Cove
PARSONS James fisherman Birchy Cove
PARSONS Israel fisherman Birchy Cove
PENNY Henry fisherman Irish Town
PERCY Robert fisherman Irish Town
PERCY John fisherman Irish Town
PERCY William fisherman Irish Town
PERCY Patrick, sr. fisherman Irish Town
PERCY James fisherman Irish Town
PERCY Patrick, jr. fisherman Irish Town
PENNY John fisherman Summerside
PENNY Archibald fisherman Summerside
PENNY Augustus fisherman Summerside
PYNN GEO millowner Summerside
PYNN William fisherman Summerside
PETIPAS JNO general dealer Summerside
PETIPAS Thomas fisherman Summerside
PARK esse fisherman Gillams
PARK Reuben fisherman Gillams
PARK John fisherman McIvers
PARSONS John, sr. fisherman McIvers
PARSONS John, jr. fisherman McIvers
PARK Thomas fisherman McIvers
PARK Robert fisherman McIvers
PARK Samuel fisherman Middle Arm
PARK Amos fisherman Middle Arm
PARK Benjamin fisherman Middle Arm
PARK Joseph fisherman Middle Arm
PARK Matthew fisherman Middle Arm
PARK Robert fisherman Middle Arm
PARK John fisherman Middle Arm
PARK John Ed fisherman Middle Arm
PARK William fisherman Goose Arm
PAYNE Jno Albert fisherman Chimney Cove
PAYNE Matthew fisherman Chimney Cove
PAYNE Charles fisherman Chimney Cove
PENNELL John fisherman Woods Island
PENNELL William fisherman Woods Island
PERRY James fisherman Woods Island
PERRY Joseph fisherman Woods Island
PROSPER John fisherman Woods Island
PROSPER Peter fisherman Woods Island
PERRY Uriah fisherman Woods Island
QUIGLEY Timothy fisherman Summerside
ROBINSON John fisherman Riverhead
REDDY Daniel fisherman Riverhead
REID Thomas fisherman Corner Brook
ROBERTS John fisherman Corner Brook
RYAN ALEX D. genl dealer Birchy Cove

tel Operator

Spruce Point
ROCKETT Wm fisherman Petrie Valley
REDDY Edward fisherman Crow Head
REDDY Joseph fisherman Crow Head
ROUD John fisherman Crow Head
ROUD William fisherman Crow Head
ROUD Joseph fisherman Crow Head
ROACH ROBERT G. gen dealer & lobster packer Shoal Point
STEWART JAMES contractor Corner Brook
STICKLEY Robert fisherman Benoit Cove
SHEEHAN John fisherman Bateau Cove
SHEEHAN Michael fisherman Bateau Cove
SHEPPARD Richd fisherman Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD H fisherman Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD Sam'l fisherman Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD Stephen fisherman Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD John fisherman Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD Wm, jr fisherman Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD Abram fisherman Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD John fisherman Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD GEORGE general dealer Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD H. W. fish'man Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD Moses fish'man Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD John fish'man Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD William fish'man Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD Isaac fish'man Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD Jonathan fish'man Lark Harbour
SHEPPARD W. sr. gen dir Lark Harbour
STICKLAND John fisherman Long Cove
STICKLAND Wm T fisherman Long Cove
STICKLAND William fisherman Vey's Beach
SHEPPARD George fisherman Benoit Cove
SHEPPARD James fisherman Benoit Cove
STONE Geo, sr fisherman Cook's Cove
STONE Geo, jr fisherman Cook's Cove
STONE Charles fisherman Ballantyne Cove
SNOOKS George fisherman Ballantyne Cove
SEARS REV A. R. C. Pleasant Cove
ST JOHN Michl fisherman Birchy Cove
SHEPPARD Levi fisherman Birchy Cove
SHEPPARD Joshua fisherman Birchy Cove
SHAW SAMUEL gen dir Sandy Lake & St. George's Bay
SHEEHAN John fisherman Summerside
SULLIVAN Patrick fisherman Summerside
STICKLAND James fisherman Aspey Beach
STICKLAND William fisherman Aspey Beach
TRAVERSE John fisherman Little Port
THISTLE Wm fisherman Benoit Cove
THISTLE Patrick fisherman Benoit Cove
TUCKER Edward fisherman John's Beach
TUCKER Simon fisherman John's Beach
TAYLOR Benj fisherman Pleasant Cove
TAYLOR John C fisherman Summerside
TUCKER John W fisherman Meadows
VARDY Mark fisherman Half-Way Point
VARDY William fisherman Half-Way Point
VINCENT Joseph fisherman York Harbour
WHITE John fisherman Corner Brook
WELLS Eugene fisherman Bateau Cove
WHITECROSS James fisherman Bateau Cove
WHEELER George fisherman Frenchman's Cove
WHEELER SIMEON general dealer & lobster packer Frenchman's Cove
WEYSON William fisherman Benoit Cove
WHITE William fisherman Benoit Cove
WHEELER Job fisherman Half-Way Point
WHEELER James fisherman Half-Way Point
WHEELER William fisherman Half-Way Point
WHEELER John fisherman Half-Way Point
WALSHMAN George fisherman Child's Point
WELLS George fisherman Child's Point
WELLS Theophilius fish'man Pleasant Cove
WELLS Henry W fish'man Pleasant Cove
WHITE Peter fish'man Birchy Cove
WATSON ARTHUR, sr. contractor Corner Brook
WATSON Arthur, jr. fisherman Corner Brook
WATSON James fisherman Corner Brook
WATSON Thomas fisherman Corner Brook
WELLS James, sr fisherman Sprucy Point
WELLS John fisherman Sprucy Point
WEBBER GEORGE physician Sprucy Point
WHELAN Thomas fisherman Petrie Valley
WHITE John, 1st. fisherman Summerside
WALSHMAN Chas fisherman Summerside
WHITE John, 2nd fisherman Summerside
WALSHMAN Thos fisherman Summerside
WITHYCOMB J. fisherman Corner Brook
WELLS James Joe fisherman Petrie Valley
WHITE George fisherman Summerside
WHITE William fisherman Summerside
WHITE William fisherman Gillams
WHEELER Thos fisherman Summerside
WHEELER John fisherman Middle Arm
WELLS Alexander fisherman Middle Arm
WELLS James, jr fisherman Middle Arm
YOUNG Josiah fisherman Birchy Cove
YOUNG Victor fisherman Woods Island

This page transcribed by Bonnie Brown (August 2000)

Page Revised: December 2002 (Don Tate)

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