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McAlpine's 1880-81 Maritime Business Directory
St. John's and other Newfoundland Communities

Newfoundland p 445-448
see also p 514, 513, St. John's, N.F., Business Directory. p 433-443

Name Occupation Address
Adams Miss M C photo. rooms 178 Water
Advocate Officers,   Duckworth
Albert Soap Works,   Water, East
Allen, goudie & CO. tinsmiths, stoves, &c. 270 Water
Alexander R, agent Imperial Fire Ins, 442 Water
Allen T groceries Water, West
Anderson, McKenzie & CO, com merchants Boston,. See adv below
Anglin F Boot & Shoe Maker 424 Water
Anglo-American Tel. Co.   181 Water
Anglo-American Hotel, S Collier   102-104 Water
Angell John Manager Foundry Pokeham Path
Anderson G groceries & liquors 258 Water
Archibald M boot & shoe manufactory 369 Water
Archibald John N F moulding & furniture factory Forest Road
Aspell B groceries 112 Water W
Athenaeum Building   Duckworth
Avery W J tinsmith, stoves, &c. 312 Water
Ayre & Marshall genl merchants 231,233,235 Water, see adv per index, Ad appears on p 518
Atwell George mason Pennywell road
Atlantic Hotel   103 Water
Bayne, Johnston & Co gen'l importers 205 Water
Baird Brothers genl importers 187 Water
Baird James gen'l draper 195 Water
Baird James groceries and wine merchants 217 Water
Baldwin J J gen'l grocer 131 Water
Bambrick M butcher 30 Water, west
Barnes Chas librarian Athenaeum
Barnes W sergeant-at-arms Renni's Mill road
Bavarian Brewery   Signal Hill Road
Barnstead Chas leather dealer 208 Water
Barron Mrs coffee house 368 Water
Bear Joseph tailor 27 Prescott
Bearnes Thos cabinet maker 133, 324 Water
Bennett C F & Co gen'l commission merchants 385 Water
Bennett's Brewery   Water, west
Berrigan Patrick tailor 268 Water
Biggs J boarding Thomas
Blackler Thos cooper South side
Blackwood D hairdresser 226 Water
Blackwood Robert   226 Water
Blackwood & Blair drapers 240 Water
Blundon John hairdresser 390 Water
Blundon James tailor McMurdo's lane
Board of Works   Col building
Boggan Francis cooper 251 Gower
Boone John B barrister 261 Duckworth
Botwood Rev E (Church of Eng) Suth side
Bowden Fred prop and publisher Daily Ledger  
Bown Geo F auctioneer and notary public McBride's hill
Bowring Bros gen merchants &c 271, 273, 275 Water
Boyd J & W lumber and commssion merchants 327 Water
Boyd & McDougal gen commission merchants 339 Water
Brennan James groceries and liquors 190 Water
Brien Redmond victualler 190 Water
Brien Simon boot and shoemaker 12 Water west
Brien Thomas butcher 338 Water
British Hall   British square
British House   78 New Gower
Brown Robert manager Commercial Bank Duckworth
Browning Gilbert & Son biscuit manufacturers 371 Water
Bryen Mrs groceries 394 Water
Bryden James gen importers 285 Water, See adv per index
Buckmaster Pat butcher 246 Water
Bulger Nich cooper 28 Allen square
Bunting F G physician 267 Duckworth
Burnetti H H Dr dentist 119 Water
Burns W F W Dr Surgeon 331 Water
Burcell Geo earthen ware, &c 365 Water
Burrige Thos mason, lime man'fr Chamrock Road
Butler Martin grocer 348 Water
Callahan W shoemaker 180 Water
Callahan R tinsmith 406 Water
Callahan Jas grocer 160 Water
Campbell W builder 88 queen's road
Canning C butcher 130 Water
Canning W Col-Customs Water
Cantwell J groceries & liquors 252 and 376 Water
Carnell S carriage manuf and undertaker 114 Duckworth
Carter Sir F B T, K C M G Acting Judge Forest Road
Carter H H barrister Duckworth
Carter John groceries & liquors 30 New Gower
Carter Robt ship master Queens Wharf
Casey John Poor Commissioner office Drill Shed
Cash Mrs groceries 77 Water, west
Cashin Thos grocer 193 Duckworth
Cassidy James tailor 206 Water
Chafe W B groceries & liquors 374 Water
Chamber of Commerce   241 Duckworth
Chancey T Sub-Sheriff Duckworth
Chaplin Mark tailor 130 Water
Chisholm J F book & stationery 175 Water
Clifford Francis shoemaker Long's Hill
Clancy J bookseller & stationer (sic) 296 Water
Cleft Th auctioneer & commission merchant 142 Water
Clift, Wood & Co gen commission merchants 88 Water, See adv page 444
Coady Mich grocer 196 Water
Christian Knowledge Society Depot   305 Water
Collier John W painter Victoria
Collier G Anglo American Hotel Water
Collins J H & Co genl importers hardware 221 Water, See adv page 448
Col-Secretarys Office   Colonial Building
Coleman E H locksmith and bell haner 218 Duckworth
Colton John cooper South side
Comerford M boot and shoemaker 20 New Gower
Commercial Bank   Duckworth
Commercial Journal office 346 Water
Commercial Rooms   241 Water
Condon W ship carpenter Duckworth
Congregational Church   Queen's road
Connolly L liquors Military road
Connolly Jas hair dresser 168 Water
Connolly M butcher 195 Duckworth
Connors M butcher 154 Water
Conway T mason & plasterer Georgetown
Conway C mason and plasterer Carter's hill
Cooke Henry Cashier Com Bank  
Cook Wm victualler 278 Water
CooneyM crockery, &c 142 Water
Convents Presentation Military road
  Mercy Military road
  Presentation Patrick
  Mercy Belvedere
Consulates - Foreign Portugal, C F Bennett, Consul Gen  
Spain Don Jose Fronsky, Vice Consul  
Brazil A O Hayward Vice Consul  
German Empire Robt H Prowse, Consul  
France Robt H Prowse, Act Vice Consul  
Italy H J Stabb, consular Agent  
U States T N Molloy, Consul  
Sweden and Norway R H Prowse, Vice Consul  
Conroy J G, M H A barrister, &c Duckworth
Coughlan W mail contractor 165 Duckworth
Cox J clothier 166 Water
Crossman Aaron blacksmith 212 Duckworth
Crawford W Coffee House 144 Water
Crane J groceries & liquors 60 Water, west
Crowdy Charles physican 228 Duckworth
Crowdy & Simms physicians 228 Duckworth
Crookshank A St. John's Dye Works 306 Duckworth
Cullen W groceries & liquors 348 Water
Curran John clothier 96 Water
Daily Ledger officer   Custons House Hill
Daley Jas saddler 270 Duckworth
Darcy & Dunsterville tailors 264 Water
Davies J liquors 124 Water
Davey Edward builder 183 Gower
Daymond J cabinet maker 274 Duckworth
Deady John baker 132 New Gower
Dearin Geo St. John's Medical Hall 177 Water
Delaney John Postmaster General G P Office
Delgads A groceries 422 Water
Devine James groceries & liquors 170 Water
Devine M millinery & dress-making 423 Water
Dicks Robt stationer & book binder 263 Water
Dicks George sailmaker 29 New Gower
Dickerson G com merchant & broker 127 Water
Dodd George tailor 27 Prescott
Donnolly Hon W J S Surveyor General Colonial Building
Donovan S Queen Fire Ins Duckworth
Doolan John liquors 160 Water
Dooley Dennis   108 Water
Dougherty H engineer & jobbing Play House Hill
Downey A groceries Job's Lane
Down Robt boots & shoes 326 Water
Down Roger boots & shoes Gower
Doyle Francis teacher navigation 144 Gower
Dryer & Greene com merchant & auctioneer Market House
Duchemin J gen'l hardware, block and pump manuf 366, 167 Gower 366 Water
Drew & Duncan half page ad mill supplies Boston
Duder Edwin gen importer 353, 355 Water
Duder Henry butcher 350 Water
Duggan H groceries and liquors 99 Water
Duggan Miss groceries and liquors 106 Water
Dundee Sealing Company   South side
Dunham John shoemaker King's road
Dwyer Thos S Sup Money O office G P O
Eagan P butcher 22 Gower
Eales S butcher 196 New Gower
Earle R H watchmaker and jeweler 216 Water
Earle Henry carpenter 14 British sq
Edens John A groceries and provisions 155 Water
Elliot James tinsmith 370 Water
Ellis C plumber and coppersmith 292 Wter
Elmsley George groceries andliquors 195 Water
Emerson Prescott chief clerk and registrar sup court Registrar's office
Emerson George barrister Duckworth
English J boot and shoemaker 266 Water
English W watchmaker 272 Water
English Mrs board and lodging 122 Water
English Joseph clothier and tailor 128 Water
Evening Telegram office 218 Duckworth
Farrall Mrs groceries 426 Water
Farrall M groceries and provisions 161 Duckworth
Faxon, Williams & Faxon com merchants Boston, See adv opp
Feehan J groceries and liquors 58 Water
Feehan P groceries and liquors 128 Water
Fenelon Maurice books and stationery 128 Water
Filmore Geo china and glassware 298 Water
Financial Sct'ry's office   Col building
Finlay J N gen merchants 181 Wter
Firth R E gen outfitter 169 Water
Firth & Murphy drapers 347 Water
Fitzpatrick Very Rev W President St. Bonaventure's college  
Fitzpatrick John baker Gower
Fitzgerald Rev M J Dean, St. Bonaventure's college  
Flaherty Edward baker 19 New Gower
Flannery Jas groceries 248 Water
Flannery Jas, Jr barrister 248 Water
Flinn Robt boot & shoe maker Spring Dale
Flinn M groceries & liquors 372 Water
Foran J W confectionery & liquors 103 Water
Ford E liquors Southside
Forristal Very Rev W   Cathedral
Foster Henry plumber & gas fitter 214 Duckworth
Fox Chas chemist 219 Gower
Fox James genl commission merchant 135 Water, See adv page 444
Fraser J O, M H A Chairman Board of Works Colonial Building
Furlong J J & L gen'l merchant 389 Water
Furlong Lawrence baker Queen's road
Furlong Thos wheelwright Marsh hill
Gallop Henry mason Rarter's (sic) Hill
Galway Denis tailor & clothier 332 Water
Garrett Sam mason 2 Duckworth
George George tin plate worker, stoves, &c 349 Water
Gibb H M & Co genl importers, & gents outfitters 158 Water
Gibb W architect Church Hill
Gillard John notary public 219 Water
Gladney M tailor 282 Water
Glasgow John butcher 396 Water
Gleeson J genl hardware 105, 107 Water
Glover Sir John Hawley, K C M Governor Government House
Goff R cabinet maker Prescott
Golway E groceries& liquors 378 Water
Goodfellow & Co genl importer 241 Water
Goldie James manager Union bank
Godridge Allan & Sons genl merchants 325 Water
Goss John clothier 218 Water
Goss Mrs W millinery and crockery 230 Water
Grant T boots and shoes 50 Water, west
Greene W J barrister Duckworth
Grieve Walter & Co gen merchants 185 Water
Gushue Francis tinsmith 156 Water
Haberlin S tailor 254 Water
Hagerty P cabinet maker 15 Queen
Hall Rev Thos (congregational) Monkstown
Halley W W auctioneer and com merchant 140 Gower
Hamlin F dealer in tobacco and cigars, hair dresser 365 Water
Handcock E St Johns music library Duckworth
Harvey Rev M (Presbyterian) 275 Duckworth
Harvey & Co commission and ship merchants 109 Water
Harvey J biscuit manufacturer Hoylestown
Harvey R draper 129 Water
Haviland Mrs J millinery 365 Water
Hawley & Barnes hardware and cutlery 341 Water
Hay Wm stone cutter McBride's hill
Hayden R board and lodging Water
Hayward A O barrister 262 Duckworth
Hayward & Co wine merchants 253 Water
Hayward John assistant judge King's bridge road
Haward James S assisstant collector Custom House
Hayward George F treasury dep'mt  
Heffer R hair dresser 200 Water
Herder George carpenter and undertaker Gower
Herder W J prop Evening Telegram 218 Duckworth
Hearn J & T commission merchants 139 Water
Hellier John boots and shoes 206 Duckworth
Hennissey E blacksmith 261 Water
Hillary Rich'd & CO bakers and confectioners 81 Water
Hobson B spirits 388 Water
Hogan D M liquors 197 Water
Heygate Rev A, B A Church of England college  
Hogan W barrister Duckworth
Holden Rich Clerk H A Lib Colonial Building
Holden W barrister Duckworth
Horwood Thos confectioner 155 Water
Holloway R E, BA Principal Methodist Academy  
Howley T physician 169 Duckworth
Hutchins Chas sailmaker Adelaide
Hutchins P gen'l merchant 225 Water
Hutton George groceries & provisions 9 Kings Road
Job Bros gen'l merchants 143 Water
Johnson Rev G M Rectory  
Jones Right Rev L, D D Bishop of Newfoundand  
Jordan P & Sons clothiers & tailors 222 Water
Joy Capt groceries & provisions 342 Water
Kean C board & lodgings 300 Water
Kean Owen tailor 364 Water
Keating Thos liquors 132 Water
Keefe M tailor 364 Water
Kehoe M shoemaker 204 Water
Keough Thos master in chancery Military Road
Kelly George butcher 344 Water
Kelly John blacksmith Water, east
Kelly Patrick tailor 284 Water
Kelly & McPherson gen'l importers 279 Water
Kennedy John plasterer Boggan's lane
Kinsala J blacksmith Beck's Cove
Kitchin W & Co gen merchants 238 Water
Knight Arch A joiner & undertaker Job's Lane
Knight P D & Co boots & shoes, wholesale & retail 236 Water
Knight M clerk Board of Works  
Knight Stephen clerk Saving's bank  
Knight Saml Knight's Home 173 Water
Knight Miss confectionery 214 Water
Knight Jas R com merchant 159 Water, See adv page 448
Ladner Rev Chas (Methodist) near Gower
Laracey J groceries and liquors 328 Water
Lash J & G bakers, confectioners and wines 303 Water
Leamey Mrs M boarding house 262 Water
Lear henry blacksmith Job's lane
Lindberg John watchmaker and jeweler 171, 215 Water
Little J M H A, barrister, &c Duckworth
Little & Kent barristers Duckworth
Long Thomas phographical (sic) surveyor gen department Colonial building
Lord H & G W fishing supplies Boston, see adv above
Loughnan C grocer 92 Water
Lyon E photograph artist 201 Water
Lyon H B watchmaker and jeweler 306 Water
Machen Rev J C Cathedral  
Mackin R A marble works Play House hill
Mackenzie A dry gooods and groceries Gower
Mackenzie's Room Paper Emporium 296 Water  
Maher E groceries and liquors 198 Water
Mann Mrs sausage manufacturer Job's lane
Manning Z manufacturer oil clothes 330 Water
Martin J W boots and shoes, &c 141 Water
Martin J H & Co gen hardware 143 Water
Martin J H crockery 100 Water
Martin James tailor 44 New Gower
Marin A ship carpenter 16 George
Mare W H Son & Co brokers, com merchants, "c See adv per index
March S & Sons coal merchants, groceries 89 Water
McCarty John groceries and provisions 438 Water
McCarty Wm groceries and provisions 440 Water
McConnan Thos books and stationery 201 Water
McCoubrey & Clouston tinsmiths, stoves, "c 188 Water
McCoubrey Mrs crockery, seeds, &c 192 Water
McDonald T butcher 262 Water
McDougall & Templeton   299 Water
McGrath J blacksmith 46 Water
McGrath John tailor New Gower
McGrath Timothy Avalon Saloon 228 Water
McGrath John tailor George
McGrath R grocer Pokeham Path
McGrath Thos carriage maker 15 Duckworth
McKay Alex Sup't Anglo Am Tel Co Tel Office
McKay Jas liquors 343 Water
McKenzie john trunk & harness maker 130 Water
McLarty J & Son blacksmiths 2 Holdsworth
McMurdo, Thomas & Co chemist and druggist 210, 212 Water, See adv per index
McNeily A J W M H A, barrister 261 Duckworth
McNeily J R barrister 261 Duckworth
Mechanics Hall   Customs House Hill
Meehan E auctioneer Water, west
Mellis J tailor & outfitter 236 Water
Methodist Church   Gower
Methodist Church   George
Methodist Academy   Long's Hill
Milligan Rev George S, M A Superintendent Methodist schools  
Mitchell B & T provisions and groceries 318 Water
Mitchell Thos baker Queens Road
Malloy T N & Co genl commission merchants 93 Water
Morey M groceries & liquors 173 Water
Morning Chronicle office   346 Water
Moores S Publican 260 Water
Morris Hon E manager Saving's Bank Athenaeum  
Morrison W W groceries 301 Water
Mott H M piano tuner, &c Miltary Road
Mullowney & Gambery painters Belle Shute Lane
Munro M genl merchant 319 Water
Murphy R grceries & liquors 392 Water
Murphy John groceries & liquors 168 Water, west
Murray Alex, C M G, FRS genl department Kings Bridge Toad
Murray Ed tailor 23 Water, west
Murray Jas com merchant baker 241 Water
Murray Thos tailor 196 Water
Myler Thos block and pump maker 340 Water
Nagle John butcher 69 New Gower
Neal Moses boot and shoemaker Long's hill
Nevelle J sup public buildings Colonial building
Newfoundlander office, E Shea proprieter   Duckworth
Newfoundland Boot & Shoe Co   Job's lane
Newfoundland Moulding and Furniture Factory   Forest Road
Neyle Richard dealer in hardware and fishing tackle 234 Water, See adv page 443
Nichol George groceries Gower
Nichols J W teacher and artist Long's hill
Norris James tinsmith 242 Water
O'Brien L & Co gen merchants 101 Water
G'Donnell (sic) Jas groceries and liquors 290 Water
O'Dwyer R gen merchant 291 Water
Ohman & Lindstrom watchmakers and jewelers 255 Water
Oldridge H board and lodging Water, east
O'Mara M, M H A barrister 236 Duckworth
O'Mara John druggist and chemst 153 Water
O'Neil T liquors and groceries 140 Water
O'Neil W baker 416 Water
O'Regan Jas boot and shoemaker 384 Water
O'Regan J butcher 182 Water
O'Regan Thos boot and shoemaker 384 Water
Parker L hardware, groceries, &c 331 Water
Parker W hardware, groceries 327 Water
Parsons R prop'r Patriot Military Road
Parsons R jr M H A, barrister Duckworth
Parsons S H photo artist 310 Water
Parsons Mrs coffee house Water, west
Patrick John tailor Victoria
Paterson J crockery, &C 173 Duckworth
Peace R & Co tinplate workers, stoves 199 Water
Pelley F W shoemaker 186 Water
Pinnock J tinsmith & gasfitter 178 Water
Peters, Babcock & Co genl importers 189, 191 Water
Penitentiary MacGowan Sergeant keeper  
Phelan J groceries & liquors 172 Water
Phelan T groceries & liquors 338 Water
Phelps Rev J Principal Church of England Academy  
Pike E hair-dresser 296 Water
Pilot Rev W, B D Sup't Church of England schools Hoyleston
Pincent R J barrister, &c 239 Duckworth
Pitts J & W genl com merchants 261 Water, See adv per index
Pope J & W blacksmiths 47 George
Power E hardware 220 Water
Power E publican 421 Water
Power N groceries Water, west
Power R blacksmith 152 Water
Power Right Rev Thos Joseph (RC) Bishop  
Frideaux (sic) W watchmaker & jeweler 294 Water
Prowse Danl Woodley Judge King, Central District Court Bridge road,
note: I think that's supposed to be Kings Bridge Road
Prowse R H & Son com merchant 227 Water
Prowse R H notary public 227 Water
Pye John agent Dundee Seal Co 319 Water
Rankine Chas groceries & liquors 365 Water
Rankine A groceries & wines 288 Water
Rendell W G com merchant 82 Water
Renney W F Sec Gas Co 216 Water
Renouf Henry Judge Central District Court Monkstwon
Robertson J tailor 296 Water
Robinson Capt R R Harbour Master Military road
Rogerson P & Son com & genl merchant 399 Water
Rogerson Hon J G Receiver Genl Treasury Department
Roman Catholic Cathedral   Military road
Rouse Mrs books & stationery 305 Water
Rooney Jas manager Gas House River Head
Rooney J jr gas fitter 270 Water
Rowe John dyer Lime Kiln hill
Royal Gazette office   Scanlan's lane
Sage C. blacksmith Marsh hill
Savings Bank   Athenaeum building
Sclater David gen importer 161 Water
Scott Rev J, (R C)   Patrick
Scott J harness maker Water west
Scott P, MHA barrister Duckworth
Scott J A watch maker 427 Water
Seymour Henry grocer 347 Water
Sharpe John gen merchant 281 Water
Shea Hon A gen merchant 82 Water
Shea Hon E W Colonial Secretary Colonial Building
Shea Henry physician 265 Duckworth
Shelby J liquors Water east
Shenton Rev Job (Methodist) 196 Gower
Shirran Pippy & Co gen merchants 315, 317 Water
Sillars & Cairns gen merchants 295, 297 Water
Simms John com merchant and auctioneer Prescott
Simms Mrs boarding house Water
Skinner John stone cutter, &c Duckworth
Skinner George photographer Duckworth
Smith alex marble cutter, &c 353 Duckworth
Smith D groceries 80 water west
Smith E & CO gen merchants 147, 149 Water
Smith J manager victoria tobacco works Water east
Smythe M machinist, agent for machines 172 Water
Smyth R boots and shoes 118 Water
Southcote J & J T buld'rs 58 Prescott
Southcote J jr architect 58 Prescott
Spry T W & Co com merchant 113 Water
Stabb Henry J broker Water east
Stabb Henry H, M D sup lunatic asylum  
Stabb N & Sons com merchant 113 Water
Stabb, Row & Co gen'l importers Water
St Bonavista College   Military road
St John's Gas Light co   216 Water
St John's Dry Dock Co   South side
St John's Lunatic Asylum   Waterford Bridge road
St Patrick's (R C) Chapel   Patrick
St Peter's (R C), Chapel   Queens
St Thomas's Church (Epis)   Military road
St Mary's Church (Epis)   South sde
St John F baker 112 Water
St John Wm butcher 443 Water
Steer John gen'l merchant 379, 381 Water, See adv above
Stewart J & W gen'l merchant 359 Water
Stilson John painter 9 Wick's square
Stott Jas groceries & wines 125 Water
Strang John groceries & spirits 134 Water
Stuart John See Board of Works  
Summers T butcher 320 Water
Storey Rev G P, (Methodist)   Methodist Parsonage
Talbot Hon Thomas Sheriff, Central District cochrane
Tarahan J groceries & provisions 95, 97 Water
Temperance Hall   Victoria
Temperance Journal office   Duckworth
Tessier P & L genl merchant 307 Water
Thomas Edward carpenter 21 Queens
Thomas N hair-dresser 157 Water
Thompson A cabinet maker 404 Water
Thompson G hardware 404 Water
Times office   148 Water
Tobin M groceries & provisions 380 Water
Tobin M liquors & groceries 172 Water
Thorburn W & Son groceries & spirits 362, 4 Water
Torphey Dennis liquors & groceries Mill Lane
Total Abstinence Hall   Duckworth
Toussaint JC boarding house Water east
Treligan R groceries & liquors 12 Queen
Udle John & Son painters & glaziers 175 Gower
Union Bank of Newfoundland   Duckworth
Victoria Engine Works   Water, west
Victoria Tobacco Works   Water, east
Vinicombe J ship carpenter 115 Gower
Viguers F H fancy baker Kings road
Voisey W wheelwright Brennan's lane
Wadden J boots & shoes 256 Water
Wadden N boots & shoes 414 Water
Wadden P boots & shoes 366 Water
Wadden Ellen liquors 410 Water
Walsh W P provisions & groceries 145, 232 Water
Walsh T F barrster Duckworth
Warren Hon J H M L C Cochrane
Warren W M H 1st clerk & draughtsman Surveyor General Department
Water st Warehouse Co   371 Water
Webber Geo tailor 96 New Gower
Welsh Mrs liquors 386 Water
Welsh M shoemaker Water, west
Welsh Mrs M boarding house 425 Water
Welsh P Army & Navy Depot Duckworth
White George grocer 152 Water
White L fancy groceries & provisions 291 Water
White P boarding 402 Water
White Philip grocer 468 Water
Whiteford James watchmaker & jeweller 224 Water
Whitney, Pousland & Co com merchants Boston, See adv p 488
Wills R groceries Water, west
Wills J plumber 398 Water
Windsor & Valence lumber merchants Water, west
Wilkinson W ship carpenter 78 Gower
Winter & Carter solicitors, &c 339 Duckworth
Whiteway Hon W V Attorney General, &c 257 Ducworth
Winton Francis Act Fin Sec, &c Colonial Building
Wirrell N auctioneer 174 Water
Withers J C Queen's printer Scanlan lane
Withers John W clerk Col Sec office  
Withycombe W & Sons carpenter South side
Wood Rev Arthur (Church of Eng) Military road
Wood Rev Thos (Church of Eng) near Military road
Wood Henry J B barrister Register offce
Woods John com merchant Water, east
Bare Need.    
Henebury Rich gen dealer  
Moore James gen dealer  
Bay Bulls.    
Summerville John gen dealer  
Williams Joseph gen dealer  
Willams Wm gen dealer  
Bay de Verde.    
Frost Levi gen dealer  
Moore Edw gen dealer  
Bay of Islands.    
Carter Thos fish dealer  
Humber River Milling Co Saw Mills    
Lewis & Read gen dealers  
Petrie W & A fish dealers  
Bay Roberts.    
Calpin Chas blacksmith  
Dawe Chas gen dealer  
Jardine John gen dealer  
Simpson Robert gen dealer  
Taylor R H gen dealer  
Belloran. (sic)    
Cluett John gen dealer  
Kinsella Daniel gen dealer  
Kinsella Martin gen dealer  
Betts Cove.    
Betts Cove Mining Co    
McCurdy E A gen dealer  
Blanc Sablon.    
Gandin C fish dealer  
LeRoutillier & Co gen dealers  
Brown William gen dealer  
Carpenter Joseph builder  
Carroll Michael gen dealer  
Kean Wm gen dealer  
Ryan James gen dealer  
Saint James & Sons gen dealers  
Skelton J G druggist  
Boone Bay.    
Cox F & Co gen dealers  
Lewis Read & Co gen dealers  
Anderson William physician  
Butler J gen dealer  
Byrne Richard fishing supplies  
Clarke George gen dealer  
Crosby George dry goods  
Gerrit George gen dealer  
Green William gen dealer  
Hunt William tinsmith  
Kelly Thomas gen dealer  
Makinson George gen dealer  
Nolan Patrick gen dealer  
Norman Mrs E grocer  
Smith Alfred ship owner & supplies  
Smith George ship owner  
Smith John & Co gen dealers  
Tarahan James gen dealer  
Bishop George gen dealer  
Brenton Samuel gen dealer  
Evans Howard gen dealer  
Falle Richard & Co "  
Gorman M "  
Marshall John "  
Morris C "  
O'Brien James "  
O'Neill Patrick "  
Paul John "  
Pine Owen "  
Pine Philip "  
Cape Broyle.    
Cashin Michael gen dealer  
Cashin Richard "  
Caplin Bay.    
Merry Benjamin gen dealer  
Bennet James blacksmith  
Brown Patrick grocer  
Bulger M gen dealer  
Clarke Robert trader  
Donnelly John dry goods  
Duff & Balmer gen dealers  
Furlong Thomas gen dealer  
Goff Joseph tailor  
Gould Benj T H gen dealer  
Joyce Bros gen dealers  
Kehoe James groceries & liquors  
Kennedy T C gen dealer  
Maddock J & R gen dealers  
McCarthy Richard groceries & liquors  
McCarthy Simon dry goods  
Nichols N postmaster  
Pearce John gen dealer  
Penny William gen dealer  
Pike Stephen B gen dealer  
Power Mathew liquors  
Rourke John gen dealer  
Tucker Ambrose blacksmith  
Woods Thos tin & sheet iron worker  
Bowring Bros gen dealers  
McCormack & Walsh gen dealer  
Snellgrove Benjamin gen dealer  
Stone Thomas gen dealer  
Channel Proper.    
Crossman C E gen dealer  
Gouge Edward gen dealer  
McDonald A gen dealer  
Poole J gen dealer  
Conception Bay.    
Hayden Richard gen dealer  
Manuel Josiah gen dealer  
Windsor Thomas A gen dealer  
Windsor & Valance saw mill  
Carter James gen dealer  
White John gen dealer  
Duder Edwin gen dealer  
Hamilton Richard gen dealer  
Hodge Thomas gen dealer  
Owen & Earle gen dealers  
Rolls James & Son gen dealers  
Scott Robert gen dealer  
Tobin Joseph B gen dealer  
Waterman & Co gen dealers  
Forteau, Labrador.    
Boutillier De Q & Bros gen dealers  
Fortune Bay.    
Burke Bros gen dealers  
Keapin George ship owner  
Lake John gen dealer  
Snook James P gen dealer  
Gambo River.    
Murphy John J saw mill  
Rendall Stephen saw mill  
Gratis Cove.    
Benson Benjamin jr gen dealer  
Benson John gen dealer  
James James gen dealer  
Green's Pond.    
Crocker A G & Son gen dealer  
McMillan Alexander gen dealer  
Murphy J J gen dealer  
Skelton George gen dealer  
White Frederick gen dealer  
Hants Harbor.    
Sheehan John gen dealer  
Watson James H gen dealer  
Harbor Brittain.    
Hubert Philip gen dealer  
Newman & Co gen dealers & supplies  
Harbor Grace.    

Contributed and Transcribed by Anne-Marie Finn (June 2001)
Page Revised by Craig Peterman (June 2003)

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