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Wadden Ellen liquors 410 Water, h do
Wadden Francis fisherman 158 Water, west
Wadden James cooper 34 Buchanan
Wadden J boot and shoemaker 256 Water, h do
Wadden John cooper 34 Buchanan
Wadden N boot and shoemaker 414 Water, h do
Wadden Nicholas, jun shoemaker bds 414 Water
Wadden Patrick cooper 34 Buchanan
Wadden Patrick fisherman 158 Water, west
Waddleton George fisherman h Monkstown
Waddleton James fisherman h Monkstown
Waddleton John fisherman bds 150 New Gower
Waddleton Samuel laborer h 16 Victoria
Waddleton William fisherman 150 New Gower
Waddley Mary, wid Jacob   Cuddihy's lane
Wadland Harriet, wid William liquors and groceries 49 Duckworth
Walbank Matthew W chief clerk and registrar, Supreme Court off Courthouse
Walkins Henry cooper h 8 Marsh hill
Wall Edward baker 30 Brine
Wall Edward cooper 17 Garrison hill
Wall Eliz, wid Michael   Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Wall James cooper 17 Garrison hill
Wall James mariner Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Wall John fisherman James
Wall Michael carpenter 175 New Gower
Wall Michael fisherman Tank lane, Limekiln hill
Wall Michael fisherman 158 Water, west
Wall Michael watchman Nunnery hill
Wall Nicholas mariner Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Wall Patrick fisherman 13 Water, west
Wall Peter fisherman 115 Gower
Wall Philip fisherman 162 Water, west
Wall Robert fisherman h James
Wallace James blacksmith Holloway
Wallace James blacksmith bds 3 McBride
Wallace James fisherman h 29 King's road
Wallace James, jun fisherman h 29 King's road
Wallace James laborer 13 Livingstone
Wallace John watchman 12 Princes
Wallace Samuel fisherman 62 George
Wallace Thomas laborer 13 Livingstone
Wallace William fisherman 13 Livingstone
Walsh Alice dressmaker 29 Garrison hill
Walsh Alice, wid John   Nunnery hill
Walsh Alice, wid Walter   Dreelan's well road
Walsh Ann grocer 386 Water, h do
Walsh Bernard blockmaker Cuddihy's lane
Walsh Bridget, wid Jeffrey   Quidi vidi road
Walsh Bridget, wid Lawrence   29 Garrison hill
Walsh Bridget, wid Patrick   h 26 Rennie's mill road
Walsh Catherine laundress Carter's hill
Walsh Catherine, wid James   h Lazybank road
Walsh Cornelius fisherman h Bulley
Walsh Edward laborer Flower hill
Walsh Edward laborer Covell lane, nunnery hill
Walsh Edward trader bds 386 Water
Walsh Ed, jun mariner Covell lane, nunnery hill
Walsh Elizabeth, wid John   Cookstown
Walsh Elizabeth, wid Martin   Casey's lane
Walsh Ellen, wid Edward   h 8 Victoria
Walsh George fisherman Brennan's lane
Walsh Henry fisherman Carter's hill
Walsh James clerk h Quidi vidi, Pond road
Walsh James fisherman h James
Walsh James fisherman Chainrock road
Walsh James fisherman h 17 King's road
Walsh James fisherman 214 New Gower
Walsh James fisherman bds 409 Water, west
Walsh James fisherman Brennan's lane
Walsh James, jun fisherman South side
Walsh James messenger, Colonial building h Quidi vidi, Pond road
Walsh James mess Savings B h Quidividi, Pond
Walsh James mariner Carter's hill
Walsh James mariner Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Walsh James planter South side
Walsh James salesman h Quidi vidi
Walsh James shipwright 77 New Gower
Walsh John carpenter h 8 Dick's square
Walsh John carriagemaker 115 Duckworth
Walsh John cooper h James
Walsh John cooper 16 Princes
Walsh John culler 268 Duckworth
Walsh John fisherman Carter's hill
Walsh John fisherman Chainrock road
Walsh John fisherman Nunnery hill
Walsh John fisherman 14 Princes
Walsh John fisherman bds 222 Water, west
Walsh John fireman 321 Water, west
Walsh John laborer Limekiln hill
Walsh John laborer h Monkstown
Walsh John laborer 202 Water, west
Walsh John seaman 156 Duckworth
Walsh John shoemaker h 94 King's road
Walsh John J wholesale and retail provision and grocery store 63 Duckworth
Walsh Kyran cooper h James
Walsh Lawrence fisherman Flower hill
Walsh Margaret   h 11 Flavin's lane
Walsh M, wid James   James off Monkstown road
Walsh Mark fisherman 34 Buchanan
Walsh Mark shoemaker Brennan's lane
Walsh Mark shoemaker 14 Water, west
Walsh Martin laborer h Barnes' lane
Walsh Martin tidewaiter h Signalhill road
Walsh Mary variety store 333 Water
Walsh Mary, wid Edward   h Henry off Pankin's lane
Walsh Mary, wid John   Dammeril's lane
Walsh Matthew fisherman 409 Water, west
Walsh Maurice fisherman 228 Water, west
Walsh Maurice laborer 109 Gower
Walsh Michael fisherman h Barnes' lane
Walsh Michael fisherman Casey's lane
Walsh Michael fisherman 294 New Gower
Walsh Michael laborer h Lazybank road
Walsh Michael mariner h 94 King's road
Walsh Michael shoemaker h 13 Marsh hill
Walsh Michael skinner 15 Water, west
Walsh Nicholas fisherman h 94 King's road
Walsh Patrick boot and shoemaker 58 George
Walsh Patrick cooper Lion square
Walsh Patrick fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Walsh Patrick fisherman Duke York
Walsh Patrick fisherman 9 Dulhanty's lane
Walsh Patrick fisherman South side
Walsh Patrick printer bds 94 King's road
Walsh Patrick J printer r 249 Duckworth
Walsh Patrick skinner Casey's lane
Walsh Mrs Patrick groceries and liquors 232 Water, h do
Walsh Peter fisherman Lazybank road
Walsh Peter fisherman South side
Walsh Philip fisherman Tank lane n Lion square
Walsh Richard   bds 156 Duckworth
Walsh Richard fisherman 294 New Gower
Walsh Richard fisherman bds 372 Water, west
Walsh Richard fisherman Quidi vidi
Walsh Richard laborer h Old chapel lane
Walsh Richard shipcarpenter bds 17 Water, west
Walsh Robert fisherman 128 Water, west
Walsh Samuel shipcarpenter 17 Water, west
Walsh Sarah, wid James   h 56 Marsh hill
Walsh Stephen carpenter 24 Darling
Walsh Thomas cooper Nunnery hill
Walsh Thomas farmer h Pennywell road
Walsh Thomas fisherman h Barnes' lane
Walsh Thomas fisherman 11 Darling
Walsh Thomas fisherman h 17 King's road
Walsh Thomas fisherman South side
Walsh Thomas fisherman 222 Water, west
Walsh Thomas laborer Casey's lane
Walsh Thomas laborer Limekiln hill
Walsh T F student at law off 248 Duckworth
Walsh Walter laborer h Old chapel lane
Walsh William army and navy depot, dealer in wines, ales, liquors, and cigars 119 Duckworth
Walsh William cooper 29 Long's hill
Walsh William fisherman Brennan's lane
Walsh William fisherman Dreelan's well road
Walsh William fisherman 189 New Gower
Walsh William groceries and liquors Harvey road
Walsh William laborer Coady's lane
Walsh William liquors h 96 Prescott
Walsh William mariner h Old chapel lane
Walsh William shipwright Cuddihy's lane
Walsh William P MHA, provisions and groceries 145 Water, h do
Walter William grocer and carriagedriver 178 Water, west
Walters Thomas H master mariner and shipowner Cathedral
Ward Maria, wid John   h Monkstown
Ward Mrs seminary 19 Queen's road
Warren Cyrus cooper South side
Warrren Earle cooper South side
Warren Edward cooper South side
Warren Egbert clerk bds South side
Warren James clerk 40 New Gower
Warren John H   1 Devon place, Forest road
Warren Joseph agent South side
Warren Simon cooper South side
Warren Mrs William   5 Cathedral hill
Warren W H assistant draughtsman office Colonial building, bds 1 Devon place, Forest road
Warricker Jas painter and glazier bds 176 Gower
Warrington John   Union hotel, 379 Water
Water Company's Store     h 1 King's road
Waterridge Hugh coachman h James
Watkins Abel shipcarpenter 10 Adelaide
Watson David storekeeper 31 New Gower
Way Thomas cabinetmaker 13 Queen
Waymouth J boot and shoemaker 120 Duckworth
Waymouth Thomas shoemaker h 10 King's road
Webber Elizabeth, wid Richard   James off Monkstown road
Webber George T tailor 96 New Gower
Webber George W clerk bds 96 New Gower
Webber James draper bds 177 Gower
Webber John storekeeper 177 Gower
Webby James fisherman 129 New Gower
Weir Allan engineer 92 Queen's road
Weir James farmer Newtown road
Weir Peter seaman bds 66 New Gower
Weir Robert carpenter 226 Gower
Weir William porter Darling
Weiram John fisherman 25 Patrick
Wells John fisherman Barter's hill
Wesleyan Church     Gower
West Bickford accountant bds 277 Duckworth
West Richard storekeeper bds 353 Water
West Walter accountant bds 277 Duckworth
Westcott Alexander fisherman 139 New Gower
Westcott George fisherman h Lazybank
Westcott William fisherman h Lazybank
Westwater David mariner Nunnery hill
Weymouth John shoemaker h 36 King's road
Wheatley William manager Vail's bakery h Water, west
Wheeler George sailmaker 266 Gower
Whelan Andrew laborer Dreelan's well road
Whelan Catherine, wid Thomas   h 90 Prescott
Whelan David carman h Freshwater road
Whelan E boot and shoe factory Barter's hill
Whelan James   bds 281 Duckworth
Whelan James laborer h James
Whelan John boot and shoe factory Barter's hill
Whelan J boot and shoemaker 119 New Gower
Whelan John carpenter 15 Long's hill
Whelan John, jun stonecutter 15 Long's hill
Whelan Joseph fisherman h James
Whelan M liquors and groceries 274 Water, h do
Whelan Martin seaman 232 New Gower
Whelan Mary, wid Pierce   32 Hutching
Whelan Mathew farmer h Freshwater road
Whelan Michael fisherman h James
Whelan Nicholas tinsmith 15 Long hill
Whelan Peter fisherman h Barnes' lane
Whelan Pierce trader 281 Duckworth
Whelan Pierce, jun   bds 281 Duckworth
Whelan Richard laborer bds 13 Marsh hill
Whelan Robert fisherman South side
Whelan Stephen fisherman 84 Pokeham path
Whelan Thomas carpenter h Dick's square
Whelan Thomas laborer Barnes' lane
Whelan William baker h 360 Water, west
Whelan William clerk h 15 Queen's road
Whelan William watchman 6 British square
Whelan William S salesman bds Queen's road
White Catherine, wid Thomas   18 Allen square
White Edward   bds South side
White Edward fisherman 353 Water, west
White Edward laborer Cuddihy's lane
White Hon Edward MLC, merchant 360 Water, h South side
White Edward, jun merchant 360 Water, h South side
White E & Sons provisions and groceries 360 Water
White George blacksmith h 52 Victoria
White G carriagemaker 115 Duckworth
White George G accountant bds 307 Water
White James cooper Nunnery hill
White Jane, wid Stephen   Flavin's lane
White John fisherman h King's bridge
White John fisherman bds 353 Water, west
White John laborer Casey's lane
White Joseph fisherman h 14 Flavin's lane
White Lawrence storekeeper 41 Garrison hill
White Mary, wid John   Dammeril's lane
White Nicholas servantman bds 103 King's road
White Patrick boardinghouse 402 Water
White Philip bookkeeper 37 Water, west
White Philip accountant h Water, west
White R shopkeeper North side, bds South side
White Thomas cabdriver bds 208 Duckworth
White Thomas fisherman Limekiln hill
White Thomas fisherman 309 Water, west
White Thomas laborer h King's bridge
White William crockeryware & c 423 Water, h do
White W merchant 360 Water, h South side
White W shoemaker h Beck's cove, Firebreak
White W shopkeeper North side, bds South side
Whiteford James A watchmaker and jeweller 224 Water, h Dunlace, Portugal cove road
Whiteford William M watchmaker h 224 Water
Whiteway Ann, wid Richard   Ordnance lane
Whiteway William V QC, barrister at law, attorney, solicitor and notary public off 257 Duckworth
Whiting George F hotelkeeper 151 Duckworth
Whitten Charles cooper h Rennie's mill road
Whitten Frederick fisherman South side
Whitten George cooper Rennie's mill road
Whitten George, sen fisherman South side
Whitten George, jun fisherman South side
Whitten Henry, sen fisherman South side
Whitten Henry, jun fisherman South side
Whitten John   Allen square
Whitten John fisherman h Rennie's mill road
Whitten John, sen fisherman South side
Whitten John, jun fisherman South side
Whitten Joseph carpenter Darling
Whitten Robert fisherman South side
Whitten Robert laborer 25 Victoria
Whitten Robert, jun laborer 25 Victoria
Whitten William fisherman Queen's road
Whitten William, sen fisherman South side
Whitten William (1) fisherman South side
Whittle David seaman 9 Buchanan
Whittle Peter fisherman h Thomas
Whittle Roseanna, wid John   h James
Whitty Edward fisherman bds 19 Water, west
Whitty John fisherman bds 19 Water, west
Whitty Sylvester fisherman 19 Water, west
Wickan Ellen, wid James   h Wigmore gully road
Wickham Thomas farmer h Freshwater road
Wickford John laborer Limekiln hill
Widdicombe Elizabeth, wid Joseph   Forest road
Widdicombe Thomas agent South side
Widdicombe William carpenter 58 Pokeham path
Wigham Edward laborer Dreelan's well road
Wilkie Thomas gunsmith 140 Duckworth
Wilkinson John laborer Nunnery hill
Wilkinson Samuel blacksmith, foundry Pokeham path
Wilkinson William shipwright 78 New Gower
Wilcox W mariner William's lane n Limekiln hill
Wiley Robert tailor 247 Gower
Williams Charles salesman bds 28 King's road
Williams Elizabeth, wid John   h 28 King's road
Williams Frederick watchman h 8 Marsh hill
Williams George laborer Forest road
Williams G tinsmith h 32 South west, Marsh hill
Williams John clerk 235 Gower
Williams John salesman h Theatre hill
Williams Jonas fisherman 326 Duckworth
Williams Thomas baker h 91 Monkstown road
Williams Thomas fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Williams Walter storekeeper h Duckworth
Williams Walter storekeeper 154 Gower
Williams William seaman 334 Duckworth
Wills Charles clerk bds 21 Long's lane
Wills George clerk 21 Long's lane
Wills Henry carpenter 21 Long's lane
Wills Henry mariner 5 Long's lane
Wills John gasfitter and tinsmith 398 Water, h do
Wills Pascoe carpenter 21 New Gower
Wills Richard printer 146 Gower
Wills Samuel salesman h 16 Dick's square
Wilmore Mary, wid Robert   h 85 Monkstown road
Wilson Mary, wid John   h Lazybank
Wilson William engineer 328 Duckworth
Wilson W mariner h 8 South west, Marsh hill
Wiltshire Albert blacksmith h 77 King's road
Wiltshire George pilot h 1 Cochrane
Wiltshire Ishmael carpenter h 77 King's road
Wiltshire John fisherman h 77 King's road
Windsor James master mariner 28 Queen's road
Winsborrow James foreman Vail bakery h 333 Water, west, off 1 Mill lane
Winsborrow William salesman 333 Water
Winser Washington seaman Lazybank road
Winter James clerk customhouse h 34 Rennie's mll road
Winter J second clerk customs h 239 Duckworth
Winter James S barrister at law, attorney, solicitor and notary public off 239 Duckworth
Winter Hon John MLC h Winterton, King's bridge road
Winter Mrs, wid John   30 Gower
Winter Thomas accountant bds 233 Duckworth
Winton Francis publisher and editor of Morning Chronicle 346 Water, h do
Winton R publisher Daily News 236 Duckworth
Wise Anne school teacher h 116 Military road
Wiseman Henry fisherman Casy's lane
Wiseman James fisherman Duke York
Wiseman Jane, wid John   Long's hill
Wiseman Johanna, wid John   Collin's lane n Limekiln hill
Wiseman John laborer Long's hill
Wiseman John laborer head of James
Wiseman John salesman bds Long's hill
Wiseman Michael fisherman Collin's lane n Limekiln hill
Wiseman Richard sailmaker 4 Livingstone
Wiseman Robert watchman Lion square
Wiseman William laborer Long's hill
Wiseman William mariner Duke York
Withers J clerk Colonial building h Circular road
Withers John C Queen's printer Circular road
Withers John W clerk Colonial secretary's office, Colonial building h Harvey place, Circular road
Witten John fisherman 61 George
Witten Mrs Mary Ann J, wid George boarding 280 Gower
Wittey James fisherman 53 George
Wood Rev Arthur Episcop. 110 Military rd
Wood Henry J B barrister at law, clerk in chief, clerk at Registrar's office, Registrar, Southern district court off Courthouse, Duckworth
Wood James B MH, merchant Clift's cove r 185 Water, h 22 Queen's road
Wood J P photographic gallery 178 Water, bds 5 Cathedral hill
Wood Rev Thomas M Episcop. 61 Cochrane
Woodford William master mariner n Patrick
Woodley William   h 49 Monkstown road
Woodley William N cabman h 49 Monkstown road
Woods Edwin B accountant h 5 Water
Woods George laborer Flower hill
Woods H J B accountant h 5 Water
Woods James shipwright h James
Woods John com merchant and proprietor of Marine railway 3 Water, h 5 do
Woods Joseph editor of Courier h Freshwater rd
Woods Julia, wid Thomas   h 42 Flavin's lane
Woods Richard laborer h 42 Flavin's lane
Woods Sarah, wid Peter   Lazybank road
Woods Thomas fisherman Flower hill
Woods Thos school teacher 60 Pokeham paath
Woods William laborer Limekiln hill
Woods W shipcarpenter Cainrock road n Water
Woundey Thomas carpenter Dammeril's lane
Wright E, wid Edward   Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Wright Robert salesman bds 235 Water
Wright T manager drapery department, Tilt Cove Mining Co Tilt cove
Wyatt Frederick J com mer agent of Inman line of Royal Mail steamers and Anglo American Telegraph Co 241 Water, h Duckworth

Transcribed by Lenora Furey (June 2003)

Page Revised: April - 2003 (Don Tate)

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