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Sage C blacksmith h 34 South west, Marsh hill
Sage Charles seaman h Thomas
Sage John policeman h 56 South west, Marsh hill
Sage Richard printer 56 South west
Saint John's Masonic Lodge     579 British square
Saint Mary's Church     South side
Salter Nathaniel fisherman Dreelan's well road
Salter Thomas W salesman h Duckworth
Salter William J clerk 342 Duckworth
Salter William T groceries and provisions 291 Water, h do
Samuelson Andrew cooper 127 Gower
Satin William telegraph operator h Darling
Saturday George fisherman South side
Saturday John fisherman South side
Saunders Hannah, wid Charles   Dreelan's well road
Saunders Peter shipwright Carter's hill
Saunders William shipcarpenter 239 Gower
Saunders Mrs, wid John   18 Cathedral
Savings Bank of St. Johns     Colonial building
Sayers G fisherman h Henry off Pankin's lane
Sayers James fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Sayers William blacksmith Cathedral
Scanlan Daniel master mariner 108 Gower
Scanlan Mary, wid Callahan   h James
Scanlan Michael groceries and liquors Scanlan's lane r 164 Water, h do
Scaplin Eliza C   Forest road
Scarlett George sergeant RA 27 Duckworth
Schoolroom Prot T Wood teacher 210 New Gower
Scinor Catherine, wid Thomas   Limekiln hill
Sclater David dry goods and com merchant 161 Water, h 264 Duckworth
Sclater David H accountant bds Duckworth
Sclater Hunter clerk bds 264 Duckworth
Sclater William B salesman bds Duckworth
Scott Adam editor Public Ledger 285 Duckworth
Scott Adam school teacher h 29 Monkstown road
Scott Edward mariner 69 King's road
Scott Edward planter Chain rock road n Water
Scott George planter Chain rock road n Water
Scott Rev J RC h Patrick
Scott James storekeeper bds 359 Water
Scott John mariner 23 Cochrane
Scott Margaret, wid Richard   h 68 King's road
Scott Malcolm boot and shoe factory Barter's hill
Scott Patrick law student 249 Duckworth
Scott William grocer 318 Water, h do
Scott William provisions and grocery store William's lane
Scott William J grocer 427 Water, h do
Scully Michael seaman 72 New Gower
Scurry John fisherman 30 Hutchings
Scurry Michael coachman h Boggan's
Seaton James editor, proprietor and publisher of Express 1 Beck's cove
Searle James fisherman South side
Searle Richard master mariner 143 Gower
Searle Thomas laborer Newtown road
Selby Mary Ann, wid Thomas   179 Gower
Sevier John fisherman 88 Duckworth
Sevier John fisherman Morton's lane n Duckworth
Sevier Richard fisherman h 32 Marsh hill
Sevier Stephen carpenter Flower hill
Sewell William shoemaker 179 New Gower
Seymour George mariner Flavin's lane
Seymour Henry W groceries and provisions 347 Water, h 223 Gower
Shallow John fisherman 10 Rossiter lane
Shannon Alexander clerk 33 Queen's road
Shannon Mary, wid Michael   Casey's lane
Sharp John clerk bds 208 Gower
Shaw Charles shopkeeper 70 Duckworth
Shaw Henry moulder foundry Pokeham path
Shaw William fisherman 208 Water, west
Shea Hon Ambrose merchant 82 Water, h 4 Musgrave terrace
Shea Captain Henry J F RA governor's private secretary h Glenbrook cottage, Torbay road
Shea Miss Catherine   197 Gower
Shea Daniel mariner h 66 King's road
Shea Dennis fisherman 286 New Gower
Shea Edward carman 270 Water, west
Shea Edward coachman 252 Water, west
Shea Elizabeth grocer 36 Gower
Shea E Dalton editor and proprietor of the Newofundland News 237 Duckworth
Shea Elizabeth, wid Richard   Barnes' lane
Shea George accountant bds 237 Dcukworth
Shea Henry physician 265 Duckworth
Shea John fisherman Quidi vidi road
Shea Joseph fisherman 255 Gower
Shea Patrick hostler h King's bridge road
Sheehan Edward fisherman h 120 Water
Sheehan Mrs E liquors and groceries 120 Water
Sheehan James fisherman Tank lane, Limekiln hill
Sheehan James fisherman 311 Water, west
Sheehan John fisherman Casey's lane
Sheehan John mariner 9 Cochrane
Sheehan John tin and sheet iron worker 342 Water, h do
Sheehan Lawrence fisherman 4 Mill lane
Sheehan Michael laborer 252 Water, west
Sheehan Michael fisherman 9 Cochrane
Sheehan Terence servant h Wigmore gully road
Shelby James fisherman Martin's lane
Shelby William seaman 326 Duckworth
Shepherd William accountant bds King's road
Sheppard Esau laborer 8 Long's lane
Sheppard George fisherman Dammeril's lane
Sheppard Henry W clerk h King's road
Sheppard John trader h 17 Queen's road
Sheppard John keeper Fort Amhurst light South side
Sheppard Joseph mariner Dammeril's lane
Sheppard Mary, wid George   Dammeril's lane
Sheppard William laborer Dammeril's lane
Shirran Alexander F salesman bds 33 Queen's rd
Shockarew Thomas laborer Newtown road
Shortall Richard carriagedriver 372 Water, west
Shortall Robert fisherman 66 Pokeham
Shortall Thomas farmer 372 Water, west
Shortell A, wid John   h 13 South west, Marsh hill
Shortell Peter laborer 20 Brine
Shortell Thomas laborer 26 Brine
Sibley Robert shoemaker 32 Hutchings
Sillars Archibald merchant 315 Water, h do
Sillars Cairns & Co   general importers 315 and 317 Water
Simmons George farmer Pokeham path
Simms Henry seaman 144 New Gower
Simms John fisherman Tank lane n Lion square
Simms John S commission merchant and insurance agent 341 Water, h 60 Cochrane
Simms W C physician 228 Duckworth, h 230 do
Simpson Thomas salesman bds 13 Dick's square
Sinnott John cooper Lion square
Skeans James fisherman 5 Holdsworth
Skeans William fisherman Dammeril's lane
Skeffington John salesman h Lazybank road
Skehan Michael fisherman Forest road
Skehan Thomas laborer Cookstown
Skeoch John of R Peace & Co stores and tinware 199 Water, bds 119 Gower
Skiffin John fisherman h 92 King's road
Skinner George sailmaker 29 New Gower
Skinner George carpenter Lazybank road
Skinner William carpenter Lazybank road
Skinner William carpenter Long's lane
Slattery Edward carpenter 184 Duckworth
Slattery James laborer 198 Gower
Slattery Michael fisherman Lazybank road
Smeddock Michael fisherman Quidi vidi road
Smith Alexander marbleworker 276 Gower, h 353 Duckworth
Smith Alfred G clerk Union Bank bds Bank building, Duckworth
Smith David salesman bds 317 Water
Smith D fisherman and grocer 80 Water, west
Smith Edward merchant 147 Water, h do
Smith E & Co general merchants 147 Water
Smith Frederick clerk bds 23 Long's hill
Smith George customhouse officer h 16 Southwest, Marsh hill
Smith George fisherman Limekiln hill
Smith George master mariner 21 George
Smith J shoemaker h 16 South west, Marsh hill
Smith Jacob shipcarpenter 3 Long's hill
Smith James fisherman Tank lane n Lion square
Smith James mariner h Signalhill road
Smith James salesman bds 317 Water
Smith James T clerk Union bank bds Bank building, Duckworth
Smith John carpenter 23 Long's hill
Smith John laborer h 71 King's road
Smith John W manager Union bank h Bank building, Duckworth
Smith Michael fisherman h 25 Water
Smith Thomas cooper, variety store 62 Gower
Smith Thomas salesman h Marsh hill
Smith Thos R merchant 385 Water, h 356 do
Smith William stonemason Lazybank road
Smokham Partrick fisherman head of James
Smyth Robert boot and shoemaker 118 Water, h do
Snow Edward CH boatman 4 Duckworth
Snow John fisherman Quidi vidi
Snow Mary Anne, wid Samuel   Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Snow William cooper South side
Snow William mariner Cookstown
Sommers James   92 Prescott
Soper Samuel shipcarpenter 21 Allen square
Soper Thomas shipcarpenter 21 Allen square
Southcott James T builder 58 Prescott
Southcott John builder 56 Prescott
Southcott J & J T builders 58 Prescott
Spence Robert W salesman bds 359 Water
Sprat Thomas servantman h Freshwater road
Spry John W salesman h 55 Monkstown road
Spry Thomas W provisions and groceries 139 Water, h 18 British square
Spry William fisherman Flower hill
Squires George fisherman 329 Water, west
Squires George fisherman h 49 Gower
Squires Israel shoemaker h 73 King's road
Squires James mariner h James off Monkstown rd
Squires John fisherman Quidi vidi
Squires John fisherman 329 Water, west
Squires Thomas fisherman 329 Water, west
Squires W fisherman h James off Monkstown rd
Stabb Ewen general merchant 443 Water, h Cathedral hill
Stabb Henry J broker of HM Customs and major of volunteers h Cathedral hill
Stabb Hon Nicholas MLC merchant 113 Water, 2 Devon place
Stabb Nicholas S merchant 113 Water, h 1 Musgrave place, Gower
Stabb Nicholas & Sons com merchants 113 Water
Stabb Row & Holmwood general importers Water
Stabb Thomas W merchant 113 Water, h 2 Musgrave place, Gower
St. Andrew's Church     Queen's road
St. Bonaventure College     r Cathedral
St George Edw school teacher 75 Military rd
St John Mrs Anastasia baker 112 Water, h do
St John's Gas Light Co     office 216 Water
St John John fisherman 16 Water, west
St John John J carpenter h 56 King's road
St John Thomas joiner h 56 King's road
St John William butcher 15 Water, west
St John's Dry Dock Co     docks Southside, office 143 Water, S Rendell president
St Patrick's Chapel   RC Patrick's
St Thomas' Church     Military road
Stacy Charles   17 Cathedral hill
Stafford E school teacher 348 Duckworth
Stafford Edward fisherman Brennan's lane
Stafford Edward, jun fisherman Brennan's lane
Stafford James carman 14 Dalhanty's lane
Stafford James mariner 47 Victoria
Stafford John laborer 47 Victoria
Stafford Michael merchant 101 Water, h do
Stafford Patrick blacksmith South side
Stafford Thomas fisherman South side
Stamp John fisherman Tank lane n Lion square
Stamp Patrick fisherman 8 Duckworth
Stamp Thomas laborer Steven
Stamp Thomas fisherman 8 Duckworth
Stanford Thomas seaman 267 Water, west
Stansbury James mariner h Monkstown road
Stansbury John fisherman Dalhanty's lane
Stansbury Mary, wid Edward   h 52 Monkstown rd
Stanton Johanna   h Boggan's lane
Stapleton John fisherman 146 Gower
Stapleton John laborer 58 South west, Marsh hill
Stapleton Thomas plasterer h 58 South west, Marsh hill n Colonial building
Staunton William master mariner h 150 Water
Steaplon Robert cooper h 6 South west
Steer George J salesman bds 189 Water
Steer John general merchant 189 and 191 Water, h Hope cottage, Upper Long Pond rd
Stephens Catherine, wid Richard   h 12 Victoria
Stephens Joseph fisherman Dalhanty's lane
Stephenson Patrick fisherman 72 Gower
Stevens John fisherman Barter's hill
Stevens John, jun fisherman Barter's hill
Stevens Peter mariner Nunnery hill
Stevenson Alexander accountant h 7 Princes
Stevenson Mrs Mary board and lodging 7 Princes
Stewart Allan seaman 28 George
Stewart James merchant 359 Water
Stewart J & W general merchants 359 Water
Stewart William merchant 359 Water
Stirling William accountant h Queen's road
Stirling William bookkeeper bds 207 Gower
Stitson Charles painter 54 Victoria
Stitson John painter h 9 Dick's square
Stott D telegraph operator bds n Wesleyan church
Stott James salesman h Queen's road
Stott Robert school teacher n Queen's road
Stranger W A salesman bds 33 Duckworth
Stuart Henry seaman 28 New line
Stuart John secretary Board of Works and clerk of House of Assembly office Colonial building, h Glenbrook cottage, Torbay road
Sullivan Catherine, wid John   h George
Sullivan Cornelius fisherman Barter's hill
Sullivan Daniel fisherman Dammeril's lane
Sullivan Daniel storekeeper h 390 Water
Sullivan David fisherman 96 Gower
Sullivan Mrs Ellen washerwoman 66 George
Sullivan James cooper h Pankin's lane
Sullivan James fisherman 329 Water, west
Sullivan James laborer h James
Sullivan John baker 342 Water, west
Sullivan John baker 356 Water, west
Sullivan John fisherman Forest road
Sullivan John master mariner 20 Allen square
Sullivan John wheelwright bds 114 Duckworth
Sullivan Margaret, wid John   h 103 King's road
Sullivan Mary, wid Michael   h James
Sullivan Michael fisherman 356 Water, west
Sullivan Patrick fisherman Ordnance lane
Sullivan Patrick fisherman 10 New line
Sullivan P mariner h 21 South west, Marsh hill
Sullivan Richard cooper h Bulley
Sullivan William fisherman Lazybank road
Summers Edward cooper 15 George
Summers M blacksmith Holloway
Summers Thomas butcher 320 Water, h do
Supple Catherine, wid   h 87 Gower
Sutton Catherine, wid James   James off Monkstown road
Sutton James netmaker Orphan asylum
Sutton J boot and shoemaker 42 New Gower
Sutton Thomas hostler Lazybank road
Swan Thomas   bds 119 Gower
Sweat Thomas seaman 47 Queen's road
Sweepman John laborer Dreelan's well road
Swift William laborer Flower hill
Sylvey William fisherman 106 Duckworth
Symonds J fisherman Covell lane, Nunnery hill

Transcribed by Lenora Furey (June 2003)

Page Revised: April - 2003 (Don Tate)

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