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Rabbitts W master mariner 13 Cathedral hill
Radford Charles carpenter 39 Water, west
Radford Henry carpenter 37 Water, west
Radford Thomas cooper 36 Water, west
Raftis C liquors and grocer 323 Water, west
Raftis James boot and shoemaker 164 Duckworth
Raftis Anastatia shopkeeper 186 New Gower
Raftis Pearce laborer Lazybank road
Raftis Thomas planter 41 Water, west
Rahill James printer bds 99 King's road
Ramsay Francis fisherman 261 Gower
Ramsay Richard baker 161 Gower
Rankin Alexander clerk bds 62 Prescott
Rankin Charles groceries, liquors, and provisions 288 Water, h 62 Prescott
Rankin C B provisions and groceries 361 Water, west
Rankin Richard accountant h Dempsey's lane
Rascoe John accountant h Signalhill road
Rawlins Mary, wid Edward   h Military road
Raynes Bridget, wid Patrick   h 93 King's road
Read George fisherman South side
Read George, jun fisherman South side
Read George fisherman 13 Holdsworth
Read John laborer South side
Read Joseph laborer 122 Gower
Read Moses fisherman South side
Read William fisherman South side
Readigan James fisherman h 27 Marsh hill
Ready Johanna, wid William   George's town
Ready John mariner 8 British square
Ready John laborer h 79 King's road
Ready Matthias fisherman 12 Duckworth
Ready Michael blacksmith William's lane
Ready Michael cooper h 416 Water
Ready Patrick laborer Forest road
Ready Thomas laborer South side
Reardon Daniel fisherman 13 Long's hill
Reardon Mrs D V groceries and liquors 136 Water, h do
Reardon George fisherman 1 Livingstone
Reardon James fisherman 6 Duckworth
Reardon Joseph fisherman Dammeril's lane
Reardon Michael fisherman Dammeril's lane
Reardon P customhouse officer 17 Long's hill
Reardon V customhouse officer Nunnery hill
Reardon Vincent F ecclesiastical student bds 136 Water
Reddin William fourth clerk customs h 73 Military road
Reddison William storekeeper h 30 Marsh hill
Redmond Ellen, wid William   Forest road
Redmond James coachman Brennan's lane
Redmond James mariner Cookstown
Redmond John laborer 58 Gower
Redmond John fisherman Darling
Redmond John fisherman Flower hill
Redmond John mariner h 22 Marsh hill
Redmond Lawrence laborer Cookstown
Redmond Mark laborer Cookstown
Redmond Martin fisherman Casey's lane
Redmond Mary, wid Owen   Cookstown
Redmond Patrick cooper 23 New Gower
Redmond Patrick laborer Lazybank road
Redmond Thomas sailmaker h 58 South west
Redmond William laborer h 4 Marsh hill
Redmond William tailor 242 Gower
Reed Honora, wid John   h 18 Marsh hill
Reed John fisherman Lazybank road
Reed Moses fisherman 34 Prescott
Reed Sarah boarding 119 Gower
Reed S mariner h 18 South west, Marsh hill
Regan James boot and shoemaker 184 Water, h do
Regan John butcher 204 Water, h do
Reid John carpenter 344 Water
Reilly T laborer h 12 South west, Marsh hill
Reins John shipcarpenter bds 253 Gower
Reins Joseph shipcarpenter 253 Gower
Rendell George accountant h 45 Prescott
Rendell George T merchant 82 Water, h do
Rendell John N accountant h 143 Water
Rendell Patience, wid William   135 Gower
Rendell Stephen MHA merchant 143 Water, h North bank
Rendell William merchant 82 Water, residence Teignmouth, England
Rendell W & G com merchants, insurance and general agents 82 Water
Renier Frederick hatter Lion square
Renison James constable h 5 Marsh hill
Renison P tailor h 5 Marsh hill n English academy
Rennie Fred accountant bds Rennie's mill road
Rennie William F secretary to Gas Co 216 Water, h Rennie's mill road
Renouf Charles Hugh physician h Cathedral hill
Renouf Edward carpenter 121 Gower
Renouf Hon Major Henry surveyor general and chairman Board of Works office Colonial building, h Gower
Renouf H J clerk bds 201 Gower
Rex Joseph master mariner 182 Duckworth
Rex William master mariner 182 Duckworth
Reynolds James fisherman 320 Water, west
Reynolds James fisherman bds 41 Gower
Reynolds John customs officer h 41 Gower
Rhodes Captain master mariner 154 New Gower
Rhodes William H clerk bds 154 New Gower
Rice John fisherman Cookstown
Rice John fisherman h Freshwater road
Rice Michael grocer Limekiln hill
Rice Thomas fisherman h Freshwater road
Richards Francis fisherman 13 Allen square
Richards Joseph laborer h 35 Water
Richards William fisherman Quidi vidi
Richardson John fisherman h King's bridge road
Rielley Miss Ellen boarding 269 Duckworth
Riggs Andrew fisherman h Lazybank road
Ring Thomas cooper h Bulley
Ring William cooper h Bulley
Rissiter Patrick fisherman 66 Water, west
Roach Edward gatekeeper Government house, Military road
Roach James cooper Casey's lane
Roach James tailor 5 Dulhanty's land
Roach Jeremiah tailor 198 Duckworth
Roach John storekeeper bds 19 Cochrane
Roach John school teacher h Freshwater road
Roach Luke tailor bds 5 Dulhanty's lane
Roach Patrick laborer h 97 King's road
Roach Patrick fisherman 319 Water, west
Roach Richard fisherman h Thomas
Roach Richard cooper Flower hill
Roach Thomas fisherman Dreelan's well road
Roach Thomas cooper Flower hill
Robbins Caleb mariner 3 Livingstone
Roberts Charles laborer South side
Roberts Ebenezer laborer South side
Roberts James fisherman South side
Roberts Nathaniel laborer South side
Roberts Robert fisherman 103 Gower
Roberts Robert fisherman South side
Roberts William fisherman South side
Roberts William laborer 198 Gower
Robertson James clerk h 18 Dick's square
Robertson J clothier and tailor 296 Water, h do
Robertson Thomas salesman bds 21 Prescott
Robinson Hon asst judge Supreme Court h King's bridge road
Robinson Lieut George RN h 40 Rennie's mill rd
Rochford Eliza, wid Patrick   Nunnery hill
Rochford Ellen milliner Nunnery hill
Rochford J A official reporter h 35 Monkstown rd
Rochford Thomas fisherman 124 Gower
Rodgers Mary, wid Stephen   Tank lane n Lion sq
Rogers Alice, wid Edward   Dreelan's well road
Rogers Henry miner 241 Gower
Rogers James fisherman h Steven
Rogers James fisherman h 32 Hutching
Rogers John fisherman 76 Water, west
Rogers John seaman 31 Water, west
Rogers John, jun fisherman 76 Water, west
Rogers Philip fisherman h Steven
Rogers Stephen fisherman 106 Gower
Rogers Thomas fisherman 31 Water, west
Rogers William cooper 76 Water, west
Rogerson James C accountant bds 2 Queen
Rogerson James J MHA merchant 399 Water, h Queen
Rogerson Peter & Son commission and general merchants 399 Water
Rogerson William accountant bds 2 Queen
Roil James farmer h Freshwater road
Rolls James police constable 350 Duckworth
Rolls Thomas laborer 350 Duckworth
Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. John's     Military road
Roman Catholic Chapel (old)     Chapel hill
Rooney J gasfitter gashouse 171 Water, west
Rossiter John tailor Limekiln hill
Rossiter Thomas porter bds Carter's hill
Rothwell Edward accountant bds 208 Gower
Rourke Ann, wid Patrick   Signalhill road
Rourke Catherine, wid Patrick   22 Darling
Rourke James fisherman 136 Gower
Rourke Miles I laborer 22 Darling
Rourke M shoemaker h Beck's cove, Firebreak
Rourke Thomas laborer 22 Darling
Rourke William cooper Tank lane, Limekiln hill
Rouse William O accountant h Water
Roust William laborer Barter's hill
Roust William fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Roust William, jun fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Rowe Frederick D   Tank lane, limekiln hill
Rowe George I school teacher 39 Garrison hill
Rowe John cooper Tank lane, Limekiln
Rowe John dyer Tank lane, Limekiln hill
Rowe John, jun dyer head of Adelaide
Rowe William cooper Dammeril's lane
Rowell George H salesman bds 235 Water
Rowell Thomas mariner Signalhill road
Rowland George accountant h 211 Gower
Rowls Thomas fisherman 38 Duckworth
Royal Gazette     office, Scanlan's lane
Royal William cabinetmaker 274 Duckworth
Rumsey John fisherman 2 Livingstone
Russell Edward fisherman h Boggan's lane
Russell Joseph farmer Whitehills
Russell Patrick baker bds 19 New Gower
Rutledge Lewis boatbuilder Chain rock road n Water
Ryall C F accountant h 180 Duckworth
Ryall Joseph laborer h Rennie's mill road
Ryall Richard storekeeper Long's hill
Ryall Thomas tailor 180 Duckworth
Ryall William cabinetmaker Long's hill
Ryall William sailmaker 268 Gower
Ryan Alexander salesman bds 291 Water
Ryan Alice, wid David   Dreelan's well road
Ryan Cath, Miss school teacher 13 Holdsworth
Ryan Charles planter h 15 King's road
Ryan Christina, wid Israel   Nunnery hill
Ryan Dennis fisherman South side
Ryan Dennis laborer h King's road
Ryan Edward fisherman Carter's hill
Ryan Edward fisherman 315 Water, west
Ryan Edward laborer Cookstown
Ryan Ellen teacher Dreelan's well road
Ryan James clerk bds 101 Water
Ryan James cooper 262 Gower
Ryan James cooper 11 Queen
Ryan James fisherman Tank lane n Lion square
Ryan James fisherman bds 186 Water, west
Ryan James fisherman Flavin's lane
Ryan James fisherman bds 10 Water, west
Ryan James mariner Flower hill
Ryan J carpenter William's lane n Limekiln hill
Ryan John clerk bds 220 Water
Ryan John clerk h Newtown road
Ryan John fireman gasworks 171 Water, west
Ryan John fisherman h Brine
Ryan John fisherman Barter's hill
Ryan John fisherman h 52 King's road
Ryan John laborer 214 Water, west
Ryan John salesman 15 Cochrane
Ryan John seaman 52 New Gower
Ryan Kate Mrs teacher 56 George
Ryan Maurice tailor 242 Gower
Ryan Michael farmer Newtown road
Ryan Michael fisherman h 52 King's road
Ryan Michael fisherman 107 Gower
Ryan Michael fisherman h Brine
Ryan Michael fisherman Casey's lane
Ryan Michael laborer Newtown road
Ryan Michael tailor 256 Gower
Ryan Michael F cooper h 127 Military road
Ryan Patrick fisherman h Thomas
Ryan Patrick fisherman Tank lane n Lion square
Ryan Patrick fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Ryan Patrick laborer h King's bridge road
Ryan Patrick seaman 52 New Gower
Ryan Pierce fisherman h 52 King's road
Ryan Richard fisherman Nunnery hill
Ryan Richard fisherman h King's bridge road
Ryan Samuel pilot 109 Duckworth
Ryan Thomas cooper Flower hill
Ryan Thomas farmer h Freshwater road
Ryan Thomas fisherman bds 10 Water, west
Ryan Thomas fisherman h 52 King's road
Ryan Thomas pilot 15 Cochrane
Ryan Thomas, jun pilot 15 Cochrane
Ryan Thomas sailmaker 5 Holdsworth
Ryan Thomas storekeeper h Limekiln hill
Ryan William fisherman h Freshwater road
Ryan William cooper h Bulley

Transcribed by Lenora Furey (June 2003)

Page Revised: April - 2003 (Don Tate)

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