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Pack William tailor Lion square
Page Frederick clerk h 69 Rennie's mill road
Page Frederick R land surveyor, auctioneer and estate agent 51 Queen's road
Palfrey John laborer Flower hill
Palfrey Richard master mariner 35 Queen's road
Parker James F salesman bds 237 Water
Parker Johanna, wid Thomas   43 Garrison hill
Parker Lawrence grocer h 25 Garrison hill
Parker Margaret, wid William   25 Garrison hill
Parker William   h 6 Adelaide
Parker W groceries and provisions 331 Water, h Adelaide
Parnell Mrs J T   Seaview Cottage, Cathedral
Parnell Thomas farmer Signalhill road
Parnell W clerk bds Seaview Cottage, Cathedral
Parnell William accountant bds Duckworth
Parroll Michael fisherman h 59 Gower
Parsons Alfred agent South side
Parsons Robert J, sen MHA publisher and proprietor of Patriot 89 Military road
Parsons Robert J, jun MHA barrister & c 89 Military road
Parsons Thomas fisherman h Lazybank
Parsons William T, sen watchmaker h 158 Water
Parsons W T, jun watchmaker 158 Water
Partridge Patrick fisherman George's town
Pasher Charles chinmeysweep Flower hill
Patrick D P buyer for E Duder h 353 Water
Patrick James fisherman h 36 Flavin's lane
Patrick John tailor 53 Victoria
Patten Joseph carpenter h 26 Marsh hill
Patterson J crockeryware store 173 Duckworth
Payne John fisherman Lion square
Payne Thomas mariner Dammeril's lane
Peace R & Co stoves and tinware 199 Water
Peache John fisherman Forest road
Pearce Aubyn agent Equitable Life Assurance Society 195 Water, bds 5 Cathedral hill
Pearce Edmond fisherman Cookstown
Pearce Samuel fisherman Cookstown
Peckham George laborer h 56 Marsh hill
Peckham Harriet, wid James   h 56 Marsh hill
Pedigree Martin laborer 134 New Gower
Pender John laborer h Boggan's lane
Pender John fisherman 8 New line
Pender Nicholas tailor Lion square
Pender William cooper h Boggan's lane
Pennock & Andrews   stoves, tinsmiths, & c 178 Water
Pennock James tinsmith and gasfitter 178 Water, h Forest road
Penny John mariner head of James
Percy Eliza, wid Frederick   14 Allen square
Percy Moses master mariner h n Bulley
Percy Stephen master mariner 49 Queen's road
Percy Thomas messenger 345 Water, west
Pensent Joseph trader 6 George
Pensent Thomas fisherman 6 George
Peters Duchemin Blockmaker 2 George
Peters John E P accountant h 207 Gower
Petten William fisherman Nunnery hill
Peynell Henry storekeeper h 18 King's road
Peynell William fisherman h 18 King's road
Phelan J grocer and liquors 172 Water, h do
Phelan John marble worker 276 Gower
Phelan Timothy provisions and grocer 2 Adelaide
Phelan T liquors and grocer 338 Water, h do
Phelp James salesman bds 285 Water
Phelps Rev Joseph F   Monkstown road
Philips James tailor Garrison hill
Philips John cooper h King's road
Phillips J carpenter h 357 and 359 Water, west
Phillips John carpenter, Vail bakery 1 Mill lane
Picco Robert laborer Barter's hill
Pico Thomas fisherman Carter's hill
Pierce George laborer Long's hill
Pierce James baker, Vail bakery 1 Mill lane
Piercy Thomas porter h Water
Pike Alfred draper h 1 Monkstown road
Pike Richard master mariner 65 Cochrane
Pike Sarah, wid Abijah   Barter's hill
Pike Simeon baker 199 New Gower
Pike Mrs Susannah grocer 425 Water
Pilley John fisherman 1 Livingstone
Pilly Mark master mariner 8 British square
Pilot Rev Wm English college Forest road
Pinsent Chas S clerk Union bank 4 Military road
Pinsent Robert J QC barrister at law, attorney and solicitor, notary public office 239 Duckworth
Pinsent Hon R J ML+C234C, QC Hillsboro' n King's bridge
Pinsent Thomas W collector of water rates 245 Duckworth
Pinsent & Winter   barristers at law, attorneys and solicitors, notaries 239 Duckworth
Pippey Joseph salesman bds 235 Water
Pippy Charles   6 Livingstone
Pippy George trader h 69 Gower
Pippy Henry shipcarpenter bds 10 Adelaide
Pippy John master mariner h 40 South west, Marsh hill
Pippy Joseph salesman h 6 Livingstone
Pittman William fisherman 224 Gower
Pitts James S accountant bds 261 Water
Pitts J & W commission merchants and auctioneers 261 Water
Pitts William merchant 261 Water, h do
Poran William fisherman Dreelan's well road
Potter Henry master mariner 4 Allen square
Pope John blacksmith 47 George
Pope Henry cabinetmaker 59 George
Pope Thomas blacksmith 47 George
Pope William blacksmith 145 New Gower
Potter John carpenter Forest road
Power Bridget, wid John   Nunnery hill
Power Catherine grocery and wine store 2 Beck's cove
Power Catherine washerwoman Carter's hill
Power Catherine, wid David   h Freshwater road
Power Catherine, wid Michael   161 Gower
Power Charles fisherman 346 Duckworth
Power David fisherman h James
Power David servantman bds 48 Marsh hill
Power David cooper Nunnery hill
Power David fisherman h Flavin's lane
Power Edmund clerk bds 290 Water
Power Edward fisherman 198 Gower
Power Edward fisherman 121 New Gower
Power Edward mariner Carter's hilll
Power Edward hardware dealer 220 Water, h do
Power Edward laborer h 26 King's road
Power Edward farmer White hillls
Power Edward, jun fisherman 23 Patrick
Power Edward fisherman 23 Patrick
Power Edward mariner Flower hill
Power Elizabeth, wid Richard   Carter's hill
Power George fisherman 191 New Gower
Power George fisherman h Thomas
Power James cooper h Bulley
Power James laborer h 15 South west, Marsh hill
Power James netmaker Orphan asylum
Power James fisherman h 10 Marsh hill
Power James mariner Carter's hill
Power J trader and shopkeeper 190 New Gower
Power James outdoor agent 221 Gower
Power James fisherman Lazybank road
Power James provisions and groceries 430 Water
Power James fisherman William's lane
Power James laborer 252 Water, west
Power James cooper Pokeham path
Power James fisherman h Brine
Power John cooper h Bulley
Power John fisherman bds 109 New Gower
Power John mariner Carter's hill
Power John fisherman Barter's hill
Power John fisherman Dreelan's well road
Power John fisherman 316 Duckworth
Power John fisherman 346 Duckworth
Power John carpenter Prescott
Power John joiner h Singnalhill road
Power John fisherman Limekiln hill
Power John cooper William's lane
Power John fisherman Martin's lane
Power John fisherman h Thomas
Power John cooper 101 Gower
Power John fisherman Coady's lane
Power John grocer and liquors 335 Water, h do
Power Joseph cooper h Bulley
Power Joseph fisherman Dreelan's well road
Power Joseph cooper Pokeham path
Power Maurice A clerk 2 Beck's cove
Power Martin fisherman 16 Duckworth
Power Martin shopkeeper bds 70 Water, west
Power Matthew fisherman Dreelan's well road
Power Michael liquors 42 Cochrane
Power Michael fisherman 26 Allen square
Power Michael mariner Carter's hill
Power Michael cooper Carter's hill
Power Michael fisherman 346 Duckworth
Power Michael G bookkeeper bds 221 Gower
Power Nicholas storekeeper Prescott
Power Nicholas shipwright Nunnery hill
Power Nicholas fisherman 30 Hutchings
Power Patrick laborer h Bulley
Power Patrick shoemaker bds 64 New Gower
Power Patrick pilot h 2 Cochrane
Power Patrick fisherman 121 New Gower
Power Patrick mariner Carter's hill
Power Patrick baker Barter's hill
Power Patrick boot and shoe factory Barter's hill
Power Patrick stevedore 232 New Gower
Power Patrick joiner Signalhill road
Power Patrick farmer Whitehills
Power Patrick carpenter 49 Victoria
Power Patrick fisherman 8 New line
Power Patrick fisherman Dreelan's well road
Power Patrick shoemaker Flower hill
Power Patrick farmer Long pond road
Power Patrick fisherman 204 Water, west
Power Patrick J cooper bds 221 Gower
Power Peter fisherman 300 New Gower
Power Philip cooper and grocer 70 Water, west
Power Pierce storekeeper h Boggan's lane
Power Richard fisherman 184 Gower
Power Richard fisherman 131 New Gower
Power Richard fisherman 334 Duckworth
Power Richard planter Quidi vidi
Power Richard farmer Whitehills
Power Richard fisherman 226 Water, west
Power Richard fisherman Brennan's lane
Power Robert fisherman Carter's hill
Power Robert fisherman 50 Pokeham path
Power Robert fisherman Coady's lane
Power Roger F blacksmith Water, h Gregory's lane
Power Roger blacksmith and variety store 152 Water, h do
Power Thomas pilot 4 Cochrane
Power Thomas mariner Barnes' lane
Power T customhouse officer h 42 Flavin's lane
Power Thomas mariner h Old chapel lane
Power Thomas fisherman 49 Victoria
Power Thomas fisherman Brennan's lane
Power Thomas fisherman h Brine
Power William pilot Duke York
Power William fisherman Morton's lane
Power William fisherman Ordnance lane
Power William storekeeper h Gower
Power William fisherman h Thomas
Power William fisherman Pokeham path
Power William cooper bds 70 Water, west
Prendergast Mrs Bridget grocer 192 New Gower
Prendergast Garrett fisherman Quidi vidi
Preston John customhouse officer h 54 South west
Price Anne, wid James teacher 32 Cochrane
Price Joseph cabman 92 Duckworth
Price Joseph cabman 115 Duckworth
Prichard Thomas laborer Nunnery hill
Prim John cooper bds 156 Water, west
Prim Matthew cooper and grocer 156 Water, west
Primroy J baker, Terra Nova bakery 1 Queen's rd
Primroy Patrick carpenter Casey's lane
Prowse Daniel W JP judge Central District Court Courthouse of Duckworth
Prowse James laborer George's town
Prowse J hospitalkeeper, grocer 247 Water, west
Prowse Robert H Prussian consul and vice-consul for Norway and Sweden and merchant 227 Water, h do
Prowse Robert & Sons commission merchants 227 Water
Prowse Thomas shipcarpenter Brennan's lane
Pryor Archibald cooper bds 252 Gower
Pryor Edward sealing captain 252 Gower
Pryor Richard seaman bds 252 Gower
Purcell James fisherman Nunnery hill
Purcell Michael mariner h 40 King's road
Pyn Emanuel fisherman h King's bridge
Pyn Levi fisherman h King's bridge
Pyn Richard constable 90 Duckworth
Pyn Thomas sailmaker 29 New Gower
Pyn William fisherman h King's bridge
Pyn William fisherman 261 Gower

Transcribed by Lenora Furey (June 2003)

Page Revised: April - 2003 (Don Tate)

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