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Naftal William fisherman h George
Nangle John tailor bds 84 Queen's road
Nangle Matthew carpenter 90 Queen's road
Nangle Thomas tailor 84 Queen's road
Neaf Anne, wid Patrick   h Old Chapel lane
Neaf James fisherman h Old Chapel lane
Neaf John fisherman h Old Chapel lane
Neal Arthur fisherman h Wigmore gully road
Neal Cath, wid James   h James
Neal Ellen, wid John   Long's hill
Neal George baker h Rennie's mill road
Neal James carman Cookstown
Neal James carman h Freshwater road
Neal John mariner h Henry off Pankin's lane
Neal Michael fisherman h Henry off Pankin's lane
Neal Michael fisherman 322 Duckworth
Neal Moses farmer h Wigmore gully road
Neal Moses shoemaker Long's hill
Neal Patrick fisherman Tank lane n Lion square
Neal Patrick farmer h Wigmore gully road
Neal Thomas fisherman h Henry off Pankin's lane
Neal William baker h Rennie's mill road
Neal William farmer h Wigmore gully road
Neagle James cooper 215 New Gower
Neagle John fisherman 114 Water, west
Neagle John butcher 69 New Gower
Neagle Thomas fisherman bds 215 New Gower
Neary Edward fisherman h 11 Marsh hill
Neil Andrew fisherman h Lazybank
Neil Daniel drayman h Lazybank
Neil John fisherman Lazybank road
Neil Morgan fisherman h Lazybank
Neil Patrick cooper h Lazybank
Neilson John salesman bds 189 Water
Nelder Joseph seaman 140 Water, west
Nelder Thomas mason 142 Water, west
Neligan James shoemaker Dreelan's well road
Neligan James boot and shoe factory Barter's hill
Neligan Michael laborer Dreelan's well road
Neligan Patrick fisherman Dreelan's well road
Neo Thomas fisherman Buchanan
Neville James boot and shoemaker 20 Princes
Neville J T supt of public building and architect office Colonial building, h Rae island, Bay bull's rd
Newell George shipwright 123 Princes
Newell Isaac, sen fisherman Nunnery hill
Newell Isaac, jun fisherman Nunnery hill
Newell John fisherman Nunnery hill
Neyle Rich hardware and fishing tackle 234 Water
Nichol Edward laborer h 11 Dick's square
Nichol Henry laborer h 11 Dick's square
Nicholson James fisherman 137 Gower
Nicholson Peter seaman 78 New Gower
Niel Michael cooper Lazybank road
Nixon Charles carpenter South side
Nixon Thomas carpenter South side
Noftall John fisherman Quidi-vidi
Noonan James MHA 62 Cochrane
Norman William servant bds 230 Duckworth
Normore Henry fisherman 182 Gower
Normore William laborer Darling
Norris Edward cooper 4 Long's lane
Norris Edward fisherman 4 Long's lane
Norris James tinsmith 4 Long's lane
North Edward cooper 130 Water, west
North Edward cooper Carter's hill
North Joseph cooper Cartr's hill
North Patrick cooper Carter's hill
Northworthy Thomas fisherman 66 Pokeham path
Nowlan Bridget, wid Michael   Winter's square
Nowlan Catherine, wid Dennis   Monday's pond road
Nowlan Dennis physician Monday's pond road
Nowlan Edward fisherman Casey's lane
Nowlan James fisherman h 11 Flavin's lane
Nowlan James fisherman 15 Pokeham path
Nowlan Mrs Johanna groceries and liquors 312 Water, h do
Nowlan Michael cooper h Barnes' lane
Nowlan Patrick fisherman 208 Water, west
Nowlan Patrick fisherman Dreelan's well road
Nowlan Thomas fisherman Pokeham path
Nowlan William carpenter Nunnery hill
Noseworthy James carpenter 29 Long's hill
Noseworthy James fisherman South side
Noseworthy John carpenter South side
Noseworthy William fisherman South side
Nugent John baker 30 New line
Nugent John baker 30 George
Nugent J baker, Terra Nova bakery 1 Queen's rd
Nugent J V high sheriff Sea view cottage n Cathedral
Nurse John mariner h n Bulley
Nurse Thomas pilot 17 Cochrane
Nuttall George salesman bds 155 New Gower
Nuttall George W H trader Water, h do

Transcribed by Lenora Furey (June 2003)

Page Revised: April - 2003 (Don Tate)

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