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Macaulay John accountant h Theatre hill
MacDonald Henry tinsmith Water
MacDonald Peter master mariner Gower
MacDonald William C tinsmith Water
MacFarlane James cooper Casey's lane
MacIntyre James stonecutter 16 George
Mackay Alexander M gen supt NYNF and London Telegraph Co Market house, h Gower n Cochrane
Mackay John fisherman Georgetown
Mackay Patrick fisherman South side
Mackay Stephen fisherman South side
Mackay Thomas fisherman Limekiln hill
Mackay W groceries and liquors 275 Water, west
Mackay William fisherman Limekiln hill
Mackay William fisherman 6 Duckworth
Mackim Robert A marbleworkers h 5 Dick's square
Mackim Robert A photographer 273 Gower
MacNamara Julia, wid James   h 73 King's road
MacNamara Martin fisherman n Brine
MacPherson Peter commission merchant, furniture and general dealer 279 Water
MacPherson Campbell accountant 279 Water, h Lazybank road
Madden John fisherman h Steven
Madden Luke fisherman 118 Water, west
Madden Michael laborer Pokeham path
Madden Thomas tanner h 6 British square
Maddigan Michael fisherman Limekiln hill
Madigan William fisherman 306 Water, west
Magee Michael cooper h 3 Cochrane
Maher Edward groceries and liquors 198 Water, h do
Maher Edward fisherman Tank lane, Limekiln hill
Maher Ellen, wid Thomas   h Freshwater road
Maher John inspector of roads & c h 78 Water
Maher John fisherman h Signalhill road
Maher John fisherman h Steven
Maher John fisherman 9 Long's hill
Maher John land surveyor 33 Cochrane
Maher Michael carman 147 New Gower
Maher Michael fisherman h Monkstown
Maher Michael laborer James off Monkstown road
Maher Peter laborer h James
Maher Richard laborer Forest road
Maher Stephen fisherman h James
Maher Thomas mariner Tank lane n Lion square
Maher William laborer Limekiln hill
Maher William fisherman Flower hill
Maher William blacksmith 80 Water
Maher William fisherman h James
Maher William blacksmith 83 Cochrane
Mahon Richard cooper 10 Livingstone
Mahon Michael salesman h 10 Livingstone
Mahoney Anne, wid Richard   h Boggan's lane
Mahoney Cornelius quarryman South side
Mahoney Dennis mason Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Mahony Charles laborer Barnes' lane
Mahony John fisherman 17 Long's hill
Mainwarring Richard leather and shoedealer 174 Water, h do
Major John farmer h Freshwater road
Malay David fisherman h James
Malay John fisherman Carter's hill
Malcolm Mary, wid William   h Steven
Malcolm James shipwright h Steven
Mallard Dennis fisherman Flavin's lane
Mallard Richard fisherman Quidi-vidi road
Mallard William fisherman Quidi-vidi road
Malone Catherine, wid Richard   Covell lane
Malone John fisherman h 63 King's road
Malone Michael laborer h 63 King's road
Malone Michael, jun fisherman h 63 King's road
Malone Patrick truckman Georgetown
Malone James shoemaker 332 Duckworth
Malone Thomas baker 242 Gower
Mallowney Francis carpenter 216 Water, west
Maning Daniel mariner head of James
Maning Daniel laborer head of James
Maning James mariner head of James
Maning John mariner head of James
Manning Mary, wid Maurice   Forest road
Manning M groceries and liquors 330 Water, h do
Manning Patrick master mariner 26 Cochrane
Manning James seaman 54 New Gower
Manning Patrick seaman 54 New Gower
Mansfield Thomas planter h King's road
March Nathaniel merchant 89 Water, h do
March Stephen merchant 89 Water, h Circular rd
March Stephen fisherman h Bulley
March Stephen P clerk h 89 Water
Mare William H broker and commission agent h 16 Queen's road
Marland Margaret, wid Joseph   Limekiln hill
Marlin Andrew customhouse officer 21 Princess
Marnell John clerk 292 Duckworth
Marnell John fisherman 169 New Gower
Marriott Joseph W school teacher 70 Queen's rd
Marshall Alexander merchant 235 Water, h 233 do
Marshall Charlotte, wid John   Forest road
Marshall F fisherman Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Marshall George fisherman 74 Gower
Marshall John rigger 10 Dulhanty's lane
Marshall Pat fisherman Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Marshall Robert laborer h George
Marshall Thomas clerk 207 New Gower
Marshall William laborer Forest road
Martin Abraham F mariner h 15 British square
Martin Adams shipwright 16 George
Martin Charles fisherman, trader 49 George
Martin Edward fisherman 39 Patrick
Martin Edward mariner Carter's hill
Martin Edward farmer White hills
Martin Grace, wid Henry   Forest road
Martin Isaac fisherman Forest road
Martin James tailor 44 New Gower
Martin James H crockeryware 100 Water, h do
Martin John watchman Cuddihy's lane
Martin John J fisherman Tank lane n Lion sq
Martin John fisherman Brennan's lane
Martin John R salesman bds Duckworth
Martin John mariner h 44 Marsh hill
Martin John fisherman 3 Long's lane
Martin John mariner Carter's hill
Martin J inspector of waterworks h 104 Military rd
Martin Jonathan assist turnkey Penitentiary h Monkstown
Martin Mary, wid Henry   Forest road
Martin Patrick fisherman Tank lane n Lion square
Martin Patrick baker bds 119 Water
Martin Rebecca, wid William   h Bulley
Martin Richard farmer White hills
Martin Robert salesman bds 333 Water
Martin Thomas farmer White hills
Martin Thomas fisherman 39 Patrick
Martin W boot & shoemaker bds 206 Duckworth
Martin William baker bds 112 Water
Martin William fisherman 39 Patrick
Martin William farmer White hills
Martin William sen fisherman 15 British square
Martin William fisherman 15 British square
Matthew Chas S groceries 305 Water, h Prescott
Matthews Richard variety store 102 Water, h do
Matthews Robert bookkeeper 185 Duckworth
Maunder Levi shoemaker bds 206 Duckworth
May Harold dentist bds 189 Duckworth
Mayo James fisherman Long's hill
Mayo Samuel fisherman Long's hill
Mayo William fisherman Long's hill
McArdle A groceries and liquors 312 Water, h do
McArdell Francis farmer h Freshwater road
McBride John boardinghouse 13 Dick's square
McCarthy Charles clerk bds 162 Water
McCarthy George carman Cookstown
McCarthy James barrister h 13 Marsh hill
McCarthy James cooper h Steven
McCarthy John grocer and liquors 428 Water
McCarthy Michael cooper Dammeril's lane
McCarthy M fisherman h Henry off Pankin's lane
McCarthy William cooper Cookstown
McCarthy W liquors and groceries 438 Water
McCarthy William fisherman bds 438 Water
McCaubrey Miss Annie   bds 208 Water
McCaubrey Miss Elizabeth   bds 208 Water
McCaubrey Mary, wid George   h 208 Water
McCaubrey John W, jun printer h 148 Water
McConnan Thomas bookseller and stationer 201 Water, h do
McCormack William laborer Nunnery hill
McCoubrey Mary, wid George   11 Cochrane
McCourt Philip grocer and com merchant 6 New Gower
McCrudden John constable 88 Duckworth
McDaggart Malcolm engineer h 16 King's road
McDonald Alexander seaman 85 New Gower
McDonald James CH boatman Gambier
McDonald John clerk bds 217 Gower
McDonald John salesman bds 359 Gower
McDonald John fisherman Brennan's lane
McDonald John fisherman h Thomas
McDonald Mary, wid Edward   Ordnance lane
McDonald Michael fisherman Long's hill
McDonald Neil master mariner h 26 Marsh hill
McDougall Alexander salesman bds 237 Water
McDougall Edwin B clerk bds 337 Water
McDougall Francis merchant 337 Water, h do
McDougall Francis A clerk bds 337 Water
McDougall John accountant bds 337 Water
McDougall Neil oilcloth manufacturer h 33 Monkstown road
McDougall William salesman bds 181 Water
McFarlane James agent South side
McGibberry Thomas cooper h Bulley
McGrath Anne, wid Michael   Nunnery hill
McGrath Anne, wid William   Lazybank road
McGrath Brien carpenter h 46 Water
McGrath Catherine seamstress 19 Princess
McGrath Miss Ellen   h 46 Water
McGrath Hugh tailor 45 New Gower
McGrath James cooper 117 New Gower
McGrath John tailor h Henry off Pankin's lane
McGrath John fisherman South side
McGrath John tailor h George
McGrath John tailor bds 198 Duckworth
McGrath John fisherman Barter's hill
McGrath Margaret, wid John   h Bulley
McGrath M, wid Thomas   h Monkstown road
McGrath Michael tailor 198 Duckworth
McGrath Michael joiner 258 Gower
McGrath Nicholas cooper 93 New Gower
McGrath Patrick shopkeeper 152 Duckworth
McGrath Patrick cooper Lazybank road
McGrath Patrick laborer h Bulley
McGrath Patrick master cooper h Lazybank road
McGrath Patrick fisherman n Brine
McGrath R joiner and grocer 86 Pokeham path
McGrath Thomas fisherman Nunnery hill
McGrath Thomas carriage and sleigh manufactory and undertakers 115 Duckworth, h 10 Cochrane
McGrath Thomas fisherman 140 Gower
McGrath Thomas mariner 36 Darling
McGrath Timothy carpenter Georgetown
McGrath William harnessmaker 208 Duckworth
McGrath W ship and blacksmith 46 Water, h do
McGuire James sailmaker 438 Water
McGuire John sailmaker 29 New Gower
McGuire John, jun fisherman 220 Water west
McGuire Matthew trader 210 Water west
McIntyre James marbleworkers bds 276 Gower
McKay James liquors Prescott
McKay J policeman h 38 South-west, Marsh hill
McKay Mrs Mary Ann boardinghouse 122 Water
McKay Michael fisherman Barter's hill
McKen Adam physician 8 Queen
McKenney & Dicks   photographers 206 Water
McKenney S T photographer 206 Water, h do
McKenzie William salesman bds 237 Water
McKeown Robert school teacher 88 Pokeham path
McLarty James & Son blacksmiths 2 Holdsworth
McLarty Joseph   bds 208 Water
McLarty Peter blacksmith 2 Holdsworth
McLaughlin Alexander engineer bds 217 Gower
McLaughlin James merchant h 84 Water, west
McLaughlin J wharf and store 15 Water, west
McManus Lawrence fisherman 18 Water, west
McMillan John groceries and provisions 121, 123 and 125 Water
McMurdo Thomas druggist 210 and 212 Water, h do, and Grove hill
McMurdo Thomas & Co druggists 210 and 212 Water
McNamara William printer 235 Duckworth
McNeil John druggist 210 Water, h do
McNeil Samuel seaman 9 Princes
McNeily Alexander J W attorney, solicitor and notary public 261 Duckworth
McNeily A J W attorney and solicitor 261 Duckworth
McNeily J R student at law Duckworth
McPherson J moulder, foundry Pokeham path
McPherson Susan, wid Peter   h Lazybank
McPherson William moulder 343 Water, west
McQuistin Edward clerk bds 280 Gower
McRae Rev Donald Established Church of Scotland n Queen's road
Meagher R A clerk bds 54 Cochrane
Meagher T accountant bds 54 Cochrane
Meagher T F accountant bds 54 Cochrane
Mealey Dennis master mariner 344 Water, west
Mealey Thomas fireman 339 Water, west
Meany James fisherman 11 Patrick
Mearns Andrew master mariner 51 Patrick
Mechanics' Hall     Gambier
Meehan Charles clerk bds 13 Queen's road
Meehan Edward merchant Water, Meehan's wharf, n 153 Water, h Queen's road
Meehan Frank clerk bds 13 Queen's road
Meehan J F merchant 109 Water, h Queen's
Meehan John F merchant h 13 Queen's road
Meehan P constable and hotelkeeper 367 Water
Meehan Richard groceries and liquors h 3 Rennie's mill road
Meek Leonard clerk 33 Prescott
Melee William fisherman Dreelan's well road
Melington Ann, wid John   Barnes' lane
Mellis Robert salesman bds 237 Water
Melvin George boot and shoe factory Barter's hill
Melvin George fisherman 25 Darling
Melvin George shoemaker 25 Darling
Melvin George printer bds Flavin's lane
Melvin James clerk bds 25 Darling
Melvin Reuben printer bds Flavin's lane
Melvin Stephen cooper bds 259 Gower
Melvin Thomas carpenter h 13 Flavin's lane
Memory George blacksmith 2 Holdworth
Menchew William fisherman 190 Water, west
Merchant Barbara, wid Valentine   h 208 Water
Merchant Miss Katie   208 Water
Merrels Anthony ostler h King's bridge
Merrigan James farmer Monday's pond road
Merry John fisherman 288 New Gower
Merry Michael fisherman 364 New Gower
Mews George W accountant h 41 Prescott
Mews Stephen accountant bds 208 Gower
Mews Stephen J accountant bds 235 Gower
Mews William accountant bds 353 Water
Miller John laborer Cuddihy's lane
Miller Mark mariner h Monkstown road
Miller Thomas blacksmith 2 Holdsworth
Milly Edward fisherman Dreeling's well road
Milly James boot and shoemaker 5 George
Milly James fisherman Dreeling's well road
Milly John fisherman Dreeling's well road
Milly Jonathan fisherman h 412 Water
Milly Solomon fisherman King's road, 78 Gower
Mills Mrs Elizabeth grocer 343 Duckworth
Mills George fisherman Nunnery hill
Milroy Samuel S clerk bds 31 Cochrane
Minnett Joseph laborer Dreelan's well road
Miron James fisherman Limekiln hill
Miron Patrick fisherman Limekiln hill
Mitchell Bryan baker 1 Queen's road
Mitchell James cooper 2 Livingstone
Mitchell John cooper 2 Livingstone
Mitchell Josiah carpenter h 59 Military road
Mitchell Thomas baker 1 Queen's road
Mitchell T inspector of police h 80 Prescott
Moist Emma, wid William   20 British square
Moist Joseph mariner 20 British square
Moist William tanner 20 British square
Moist William J workman tannery 125 Gower
Molloy Edward blacksmith bds 3 McBride's
Molloy Edward cooper h Bulley
Molloy James blacksmith 3 McBride's
Molloy James laborer h Bulley
Molloy John fisherman Coady's lane
Molloy Joseph fisherman 14 Brine
Molloy Margaret, wid James   Quidi-vidi road
Molloy Patrick blacksmith bds 3 McBride's
Molloy Thomas N merchant, United States consul 149 Water, h Victoria cottage, Signallhill rd
Molloy Thomas N & C merchants 149 Water
Maloney John cooper Barnes' lane
Molony Miss C A music teacher 74 Queen's road
Molony Mary Ann, wid John P   74 Queen's road
Mockler John cooper 105 New Gower
Mockler William carpenter 90 New Gower
Mokelar Edmund mariner h 41 Marsh hill
Monahan Edward laborer South side
Monahan Michael laborer South side
Mongan Michael laborer Garrison hill
Monkton William sailmaker h Boggan's lane
Monroe Moses salesman bds 237 Water
Monuto James repairer Telegraph Company h 15 Marsh hill
Montgomery Catherine, wid Thomas   George
Moore Catherine, wid David   14 Duckworth
Moore Edward L landing waiter Customs h 46 Rennie's mill road
Moore Ellen, wid Thos   Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Moore Isaac trader 38 Victoria
Moore James butcher signal hill road
Moore James fisherman 2 Duckworth
Moore James sailmaker 29 New Gower
Moore James P accountant 252 Water, west
Moore John fisherman Tank lane n Lion square
Moore John cooper h James
Moore John seaman bds South side
Moore John laborer Signalhill road
Moore Joseph fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Moore Joseph wheelwright 22 Cochrane
Moore Joseph cooper h James
Moore Matt fisherman Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Moore Michael fisherman h 21 Water
Moore Philip planter 10 Duckworth
Moore Philip fish curer h 23 Water
Moore Robert cooper 132 Water, west
Moore Richard fisherman h 21 Water
Moore Robert cooper h James
Moore Thomas assist keeper Fort Amherst light South side
Moore William fisherman South side
Moore William sailmaker 29 New Gower
Moore William fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Moran Ann shopkeeper 244 Water
Moran Johannah, wid James grocer 8 New Gower
Morarty Patrick laborer James, off Monkstown rd
Morey David mariner 7 Livingstone
Morey John mariner Cuddihy's lane
Morrigan Edward tailor William's lane
Morris Hon Edward president Legislative Council and cashier Savings bank Col buildings, h 51 Cochrane
Morris Edward cooper 6 Allen square
Morris Geoffery laborer Georgetown
Morris Jacob master mariner 29 Long's lane
Morris Stephen mason 49 Military road
Morris Stephen master mariner Long's hill
Morris Thos messenger Board Works Forest road
Morris William grocer h George
Morrisey Honora, wid Patrick   Dreelan's well road
Morrisey James fisherman h Barnes' lane
Morrisey James cooper 9 Darling
Morrisey James fisherman bds 216 New Gower
Morrisey John cooper h Old chapel lane
Morrisey John, jun cooper h Old chapel lane
Morrisey Joseph fisherman 216 New Gower
Morrisey Mrs Margaret superintendent St. John's factory Queen's road
Morrisey M, wid John grocer 132 Duckworth
Morrisey Matthew fisherman Barnes' lane
Morrisey Patrick cooper 132 Duckworth
Morrisey Thomas mariner Nunnery hill
Morrisey Walter truckman Georgetown
Morrisey William tailor h 4 Victoria
Morrison Robert master mariner 44 Water, west
Morrison W boot and shoemaker 164 Water, h do
Morrison W D grocer and commission merchant 301 Water, h 92 Gower
Morry Thomas G general broker 209 Gower
Morton Jos fisherman Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Mosedale James salesman Water, h Duckworth
Mosedale John clerk 232 Gower
Motty Philip sailmaker Tank lane, Limekiln hill
Mountain William mariner Dammeril's lane
Mowatt John salesman bds Gower
Muir J Mel provisions and groceries 16 New Gower
Mulcahy Andrew fisherman Lazybank
Mulcahy Catherine, wid John   Carter's hill
Mulcahy Ellen, wid Andrew   Duke York
Mulcahy James fisherman h Monkstown
Mulcahy James cooper 147 New Gower
Mulcahy John laborer Brennan's lane
Mulcahy Michael porter h 101 King's road
Mulcahy Richard laborer Carter's hill
Mulcahy Thomas fisherman Carter's hill
Mulcahy William master mariner 27 Queen's rd
Mullally James fisherman 11 Patrick
Mullally Michael cooper 45 Queen's road
Mullally P carpenter, liquors and groceries 192 Water, west
Mullard James fisherman 13 Darling
Mullins Elizabeth, wid Thomas   James
Mullins Cornelius laborer 177 Gower
Mullins Philip farmer h Lazybank
Mullins Robert laborer 176 Gower
Mullins Thomas agent South side
Mullins William laborer 36 Victoria
Mullins William farmer h Lazybank
Mullock T professor of music 2 Queen's road
Mullowney Ellen groceries and provisions 241 Water, h do
Mullowney Ellen, wid Patrick   183 New Gower
Mullowney James cooper h 53 King's road
Mullowney John fisherman Barter's hill
Mullowney Joseph blacksmith 358 Water, west
Mullowney Michael fisherman 227 New Gower
Mullowney Thomas laborer Cookstown
Mullowney W painter and glazier 5 New Gower
Mulloy Mary milliner 344 Duckworth
Mulloy Mrs S   31 Cochrane
Mulloy Michael fisherman 383 Water, west
Mulloy Peter fisherman 23 Dulhanty's lane
Mulloy William laborer 30 Pokeham path
Murdy R provisions and groceries 422 Water
Murphy Ann, wid James   h 46 Water
Murphy A shopkeeper 64 Water, west
Murphy Cathrine, wid John   9 Long's hill
Murphy Cathrine, wid Thomas   Limekiln hill
Murphy Cornelius laborer Dulhanty's lane
Murphy Daniel fisherman 40 Flavin's lane
Murphy Daniel laborer Flower hill
Murphy D carpenter h 1 Marsh hill
Murphy Dennis cooper 307 Water, west
Murphy Dora, wid John   Nunnery hill
Murphy F clerk of Roman cathedral h Chapel hill
Murphy Felix fisherman bds 29 Water, west
Murphy Florence fisherman South side
Murphy Garrett fisherman 126 Water, west
Murphy James fisherman bds 29 Water, west
Murphy James fisherman 118 Water, west
Murphy James inspector of salmon 12 New Gower
Murphy James fisherman 11 Livingstone
Murphy James laborer h 10 Dick's square
Murphy James roomkeeper South side
Murphy James salesman bds 271 Water
Murphy Jane, wid Thomas   Cookstown
Murphy John cooper bds 279 Duckworth
Murphy John cooper head of James
Murphy John fisherman Casey's lane
Murphy John fisherman Cookstown
Murphy John fisherman 29 Water, west
Murphy John fisherman bds 95 King's road
Murphy John fisherman Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Murphy John fisherman 6 Duckworth
Murphy John fisherman Pokeham path
Murphy John fisherman bds 29 Water, west
Murphy John fisherman 11 Livingstone
Murphy John laborer Flower hill
Murphy John laborer South side
Murphy John shoemaker bds 174 Water
Murphy Joseph laborer Cookstown
Murphy J master mariner Dreelan's well road
Murphy Lawrence fisherman h 50 King's road
Murphy Luke cooper 279 Duckworth
Murphy Martin laborer 341 Water, west
Murphy Matthew carpenter George's town
Murphy M fisherman Tank lane n Lion square
Murphy Matthew laborer h Monkstown
Murphy Michael fisherman bds 29 Water, west
Murphy Michael fisherman 11 Livingstone
Murphy Michael fisherman Cookstown
Murphy M fisherman h 7 South west, Marsh hill
Murphy Michael mariner Barnes' lane
Murphy Michael mariner Dammeril's lane
Murphy Nicholas fisherman 196 Water, west
Murphy Nicholas fisherman h Boggan's lane
Murphy Patrick farmer h Freshwater road
Murphy Patrick fisherman 11 Livingstone
Murphy Patrick fisherman 194 Water, west
Murphy Patrick fisherman 7 Patrick
Murphy Patrick laborer Tank lane n Lion square
Murphy P grocer and liquors 392 Water, h do
Murphy Philip fisherman 53 George
Murphy R liquors and groceries 168 Water, west
Murphy Sylvester agent South side
Murphy Thomas cooper Casey's lane
Murphy Thomas fisherman South side
Murphy Thomas dealer in liquors and groceries 57 Duckworth
Murphy Thomas shoemaker h 6 Marsh hill
Murphy Thomas storekeeper 138 Gower
Murphy Thomas fisherman Cookstown
Murphy Thomas fisherman Dreelan's well road
Murphy William baker bds 112 Water
Murphy Wm messenger courthouse Duckworth
Murphy Willliam salesman bds 285 Water
Murphy William   h King's bridge road
Murray Alexander geologist 231 Duckworth, h King's bridge road
Murray Edward tailor 23 Water, west
Murray Garret fisherman 112 Gower
Murray James fisherman Nunnery hill
Murray James shopkeeper 163 Gower
Murray John   bds 233 Water, west
Murray John farmer h Freshwater road
Murray John painter Nunnery hill
Murray Martin fisherman h Freshwater road
Murray Michael blacksmith h Freshwater road
Murray Michael fisherman Brennan's lane
Murray Michael fisherman 23 Water, west
Murray Michael fisherman 96 Gower
Murray Michael tailor 23 Water, west
Murray Patrick supt rope factory h Water
Murray Patrick servantman Limekiln hill
Murray Thomas mariner h Freshwater road
Murray Thomas laborer Carter's hill
Murray Thos clothier and tailor 196 Water, h do
Murray W bacon and ham curer 49 Water, west
Murray Wm police constable 52 Pokeham path
Murray William C accountant h Freshwater road
Myler James cooper h Pankin's lane
Myler T block and pump maker 340 Water, h do
Myrick John carpenter James off Monkstown rd
Myrick Patrick fisherman h 52 Water

Transcribed by Lenora Furey (June 2003)

Page Revised: April - 2003 (Don Tate)

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