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Lacey James coastmaster Cookstown
Lacey John mariner Carter's hill
Lacey Michael mariner h Beck's cove, Fire break
Lacey Michael fisherman Morton's lane
Lacey Philip saddler 114 Duckworth
Lacey Philip, jun fisherman bds 22 Gower
Lacey Richard fisherman Barter's hill
Lacey Richard fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Lahey Daniel laborer h 4 Marsh hill
Lahey Michael constable h 8 Marsh hill
Lahey Patrick fisherman Brennan's lane
Lahey Patrick, jun fisherman Brennan's lane
Laird Mrs, wid James   11 Cadred hill
Lakeman William fisherman Ordnance lane
Lakey Peter seaman 226 New Gower
Lamb Grace, wid Richard   h Bulley
Lamb Michael fisherman h 9 Marsh hill
Lamball William laborer Flower hill
Lambert John sailmaker South side
Lamey Michael boarding 200 Water
Lamey Thomas clerk bds 161 Duckworth
Lamont Daniel salesman bds 237 Water
Lane James cooper 5 Long's hill
Lane Jeremiah storekeeper Long's lane
Lane Thomas fisherman 4 Duckworth
Lane Walter fisherman 4 Duckworth
Lang John shoemaker Long's lane
Langer William laborer Morton's lane
Langmead George watchmaker and jeweller 304 Water, h do
Langston Hen storekeeper 241 Gower, h Theatre hill
Langston James carpenter bds 241 Gower
Lanley Edward fisherman n Brine
Lannan James laborer 64 Pokeham path
Lannergan John agent South side
Lannigan E, wid John   Tank lane, Limekiln hill
Larkin Dennis fisherman Nunnery hill
Larkin Peter cooper Nunnery hill
Larracy Bridget, wid Thomas   h 22 Rennie's mill rd
Larracy Jas groceries and liquor 324 Water, h do
Larracy William fisherman h Rennie's mill road
Lash Geoff confectioner and baker 303 Water, h do
Lash John clerk bds 16 Cochrane
Lash John clerk bds 359 Water
Lash J & G bakers and confection 303 Water
Laurie Robert salesman h Rennie's mill road
Laurie Robert salesman h 4 Monkstown road
Lawlor Arthur cooper South side
Lawlor Edward cooper South side
Lawlor John fisherman n Brine
Lawlor John cooper South side
Lawlor James laborer Barnes' lane
Lawlor Jas groceries and liquors 176 Water, h do
Lawlor Nicholas cooper South side
Lawlor Patrick fisherman Dreelan's well road
Lawrence Robert mariner 7 British square
Lay Catherine, wid William   h King's bridge
Lay Samuel porter h British square
Layman Alexander master mariner h 54 Victoria
Layman William mariner Nunnery hill
Leach Edward servant bds 228 Duckworth
Leahy M policeman h 26 South-west, Marsh hill
Leary Daniel laborer James off Monkstown road
Leary Dennis shoemaker 263 Gower
Leary Edward farmer h Leary's road
Leary Francis mariner Duke York
Leary James blacksmith h King's bridge road
Leary James groceries and liquors 32 Gower
Leary John fisherman 313 Water west
Leary Mary, wid Patrick   h Freshwater road
Leary Matthew mariner h 12 Cochrane
Leary Michael fisherman Barnes' lane
Leary Michael fisherman Duke York
Leary Patrick coachman 194 Water west
Leask A R engineer, manager Vulcan foundry h 91 Water east
LeDrew Henry shipwright Dammeril's lane
LeDrew Isaac fisherman 8 Allen square
LeDrew William fisherman 14 Allen square
Lee Edward fisherman Flower hill
Lee Samuel porter 5 British square
LeGallaise Mrs F, wid Rev W W   277 Duckworth
LeGallaise Miss S Ladies' Academy h King's bridge road
LeMessurier George chief clerk and accountant post office h post office
LeMessurier G D accountant bds 353 Water
LeMessurier Henry merchant h King's bridge rd
LeMessurier Henry C merchant 159 Water, h Portland cove road
LeMessurier Henry W clerk Commissariat office h King's bridge road
LeMessurier Peter salesman h 96 Water
LeMessurier Peter bookkeeper 282 Gower
LeMessurier Peter F salesman bds 235 Water
LeMessurier Peter P accountant h New Gower
Lennox James carpenter King's road
Leo John baker bds 53 Duckworth
Leo Mrs Mary liquors and grocer 53 Duckworth
Leslie William P   bds 119 Gower
Lewis Charles pilot 98 Duckworth
Lewis Patrick fisherman 10 Princess
Lewis William pilot 16 Gower
Ley Richard mariner h 9 British square
Leyden James fisherman Casey's lane
Liddy Mrs E groceries and provisions 274 Gower
Lilly George carpenter h 75 King's road
Lilly George R post office clerk h Military road
Lilly Robert barrister and clerk of court 3 Military road
Lindberg Charles W watchmaker and jeweller 282 Water, h do
Lindberg John watchmaker and jeweller 171 Water, h do
Linegar Catherine, wid Patrick   h Freshwater road
Linegar Ellen milliner and dressmaker 13 George
Linegar Luke fisherman h Boggan's lane
Linegar Michael storekeeper 235 Water
Liscomb Philip farmer h Lazybank road
Liscomb Thomas gatekeeper cemetery Forest road
Little & Kent   barristers 249 Duckworth
Locke John cooper 8 Pokeham path
Lofty William mariner h George
Logan William sailmaker 4 Livingstone
Long Ellen, wid Michael   Limekiln hill
Long Jeremiah laborer Limekiln hill
Long John laborer Nunnery hill
Long Mary, wid Thomas   h Flavin's lane
Long Thomas sup CF Bennett's mill & c h Sudbury hall off 252 Duckworth
Loudon William salesman bds 13 Dick's square
Loughnan Charles groceries and liquors 92 and 96 Water, h Portugal cove road
Loughnan John clerk bds 92 Water
Louis J fisherman bds 34 South-west, Marsh hill
Louis Stephen fisherman Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Love William engineer 61 Prescott
Lovejoy G W physician, dental surgeon 9 Cathedral hill
Loyd James netmaker Orphan asylum
Lucas Mark seaman 11 Gower
Lucas Mary, wid George   16 Allen square
Lundrigan Edward laborer Flower hill
Lunderigan John laborer bds 1 King's road
Lunderigan William fisherman Casey's lane
Luscombe George cooper h 9 British square
Luscomb Mrs Mary seamstress 22 George
Lusk John fisherman 8 New line
Lusk Margaret, wid William   h 21 King's road
Lynch James seaman South side
Lynch John laborer 35 Prescott
Lynch Joseph clerk h Princess
Lynch Kate, wid Thomas   7 Long's lane
Lynch Michael salesman bds 5 British square
Lynch Thomas blacksmith 109 Gower
Lyon H R watchmaker 272 Water, h do
Lyons J fireman gasworks 171 Water, west
Lyons John, jun fireman gasworks 171 Water, west
Lyons William fisherman Cookstown

Transcribed by Lenora Furey (June 2003)

Page Revised: April - 2003 (Don Tate)

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