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Kane Owen tailor 3 Holdsworth
Karwick B, wid Luke groceries 20 Water, west
Kavanagh Mrs Arthur   70 Prescott
Kavanagh Ellen, wid Luke   Cuddihy's lane
Kavanagh Frederick cooper Nunnery hill
Kavanagh Garrett fisherman Casey's lane
Kavanagh James carpenter Darling
Kavanagh Jeremiah pilot 118 Duckworth
Kavanagh John storekeeper h 23 South-west Marsh hill
Kavanagh John   56 Cochrane
Kavanagh John fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Kavanagh John fisherman h Lazybank road
Kavanagh John fisherman 208 Water, west
Kavanagh John fisherman 34 Water, west
Kavanagh John mariner Victoria
Kavanagh Martin mariner Cuddihy's lane
Kavanagh Michael baker 67 New Gower
Kavanagh Michael baker 385 Water, west
Kavanagh Morgan pilot h 8 Cochrane
Kavanagh P, jun carpenter bds Dulhanty's lane
Kavanagh Patrick fisherman Casey's lane
Kavanagh Simon fisherman Forest road
Kearney Andrew fisherman Tank lane n Lion sq
Kearney James chandler Princess
Kearney John clerk bds 105 Water
Kearney Mary, wid Andrew   Tank lane n Lion sq
Kearney Maurice mariner Tank lane n Lion sq
Kearney M B clerk in Water Co's office h 32 Marsh hill
Kearney Michael sailmaker 308 Duckworth
Kearney Michael   h 14 Flavin's lane
Kearney MB accountant office, 245 Duckworth
Kearney Samuel sailmaker h Boggan's lane
Keating James waterman 26 Gower
Keating Patrick watchman Long's hill
Keats Solomon fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Keefe Andrew fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Keefe Edmond fisherman Lion square
Keefe John fisherman 126 Gower
Keefe John laborer Barnes' lane
Keefe Mary, wid Thomas   h 2 Marsh hill
Keefe Michael shoemaker Casey's lane
Keefe Michael master mariner h Pankin's lane
Keefe Michael fisherman h 11 Marsh hill
Keefe Owen fisherman Nunnery hill
Keefe Owen, jun fisherman Nunnery hill
Keefe P fisherman h 49 South-west, Marsh hill
Keefe Patrick fisherman h 2 Marsh hill
Keefe Robert cooper Long's hill
Keeffe Thomas seaman 248 Gower
Keenan Patrick cabman Nunnery hill
Keenan Andrew cabman Nunnery hill
Keenan Mary, wid John   Nunnery hill
Keleher John mariner h 11 Marsh hill
Keleher Philip shoemaker h 11 Marsh hill
Kelly Bishop   190 Gower
Kelly Christopher laborer Cuddihy's lane
Kelly Dennis fisherman Dulhanty's lane
Kelly Dennis fisherman h 11 Flavin's lane
Kelly Right Rev James B+B84 DD coadjutor Bishop, Church of England h Rectory, Gower
Kelly Edmund salesman h Long' s hill
Kelly Honora, wid John   50 Victoria
Kelly James cooper 148 New Gower
Kelly James fisherman Limekiln hill
Kelly James cooper h Boggan's lane
Kelly John blacksmith h 20 Marsh hill
Kelly John tailor Carter's hill
Kelly John laborer Nunnery hill
Kelly John blacksmith h South-west
Kelly John fisherman h Thomas
Kelly John cooper h 50 Victoria
Kelly John laborer Lazybank road
Kelly Michael coachman Long's hill
Kelly Michael fisherman James off Monkstown rd
Kelly Michael fisherman Dreelan's well road
Kelly Nicholas cooper h Thomas
Kelly Patrick customhouse officer h James
Kelly Patrick W buyer for P Hutchins h 1 Rennie's mill road
Kelly Samuel farmer h Freshwater road
Kelly Thomas customhouse officer h South-west, Marsh hill
Kelly Thomas butcher 157 New Gower
Kelly Thomas seaman h King's bridge
Kelly Thomas cooper h Thomas
Kelly William laborer h 21 South-west, Marsh hill
Kelly William fisherman 34 Cochrane
Kelly William fisherman h 14 Marsh hill
Kelly William fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Kelly William fisherman Barter's hill
Kelly William P draper h 1 Rennie's mill road
Kelly William liquors h 30 Victoria
Kenna James sergeant of police h Flavin's lane
Kenny James servant 20 Water, west
Kenny James cooper William's lane
Kenny James baker bds 112 Water
Kenny James cooper h Thomas
Kenny James W fisherman 407 Water, west
Kenny John carpenter 47 Duckworth
Kenny Michael sailmaker bds 37 New Gower
Kenny Patrick tailor h James
Kenny Thomas laborer h Thomas
Kenny William cooper 47 Pokeham path
Kent James merchant Beck's cove r 283 Water, h Waterford, Ireland
Kent John   2 Gower
Kent Peter fisherman 24 Princes
Kent Hon Robert MLC merchant, Coal yard wharf & c Beck's cove
Kent Robert barrister office 249 Duckworth
Kent Thomas farmer Quidi-vidi road
Keough George J salesman bds Gower
Keough James farmer h White hills
Keough Michael fisherman h 77 Gower
Keough Patrick cooper 47 Prescott
Keough Peter carpenter h 73 Gower
Keough Thomas J attorney and solictor & c h 24 Queen's road
Kerkland Anne   65 Military road
Kerr Capt James E RN 31 Monkstown road
Kevin John baker bds 67 New Gower
Kennedy Bridet, wid John   Flower hill
Kennedy Catherine, wid Edward   8 George
Kennedy Catherine, wid Hugh   Lion square
Kennedy Catherine, wid John   h Freshwater road
Kennedy Edward fisherman 264 Gower
Kennedy George fisherman Brennan's lane
Kennedy James basketmaker Nunnery hill
Kennedy James fisherman Brennan's lane
Kennedy James fisherman bds 222 Water west
Kennedy James fisherman h 89 King's road
Kennedy James fisherman 17 Princess
Kennedy John cooper h George
Kennedy John plasterer h Boggan's lane
Kennedy J messenger House of Assembly 8 George
Kennedy John fisherman Brennan's lane
Kennedy John fisherman 17 Princess
Kennedy John fisherman Cookstown
Kennedy Michael fisherman Brennan's lane
Kennedy P tailor and clothier 276 Water, h do
Kennedy Patrick farmer h Freshwater road
Kennedy Patrick fisherman 181 New Gower
Kennedy Thomas mariner Flower hill
Kennedy Thomas fisherman Rossiter lane
Kennedy Thomas fisherman Carter's hill
Kennedy Thomas fisherman h 81 King's road
Kennedy Thomas P laborer Lion square
Kennedy William cooper h 85 Gower
Kennedy William farmer h Freshwater road
Kennedy William fisherman Pokeham path
Kenney John laborer Casey's lane
Kenney John cooper Duke York
Kenney Thomas cooper Duke York
Kickham Charles carpenter Nunnery hill
Kickham Ellen, wid John   Nunnery hill
Kieley Elizabeth, wid William   Forest road
Kieley James fisherman h 10 Water
Kieley James fisherman h 73 Gower
Kielsey Thomas fisherman h 8 Water
Kielly John fisherman h Thomas
Kielly John fisherman h 73 Gower
Kielly John fisherman 10 Duckworth
Kiely Ellen, wid James   h Bulley
Kiely James storekeepr h Bulley
Killegrew William merchant, Warren's cove Water, h 341 do
Kilpatrick William pensioner 25 Duckworth
Kilty John cooper h Old chapel lane
Kilty Edward cooper h Old chapel lane
Kimp Joseph mariner Dreelan's well road
King Alfred fisherman 23 Princess
King Charles fisherman bds 98 New Gower
King David fisherman South side
King Daniel fisherman bds 89 New Gower
King Edward fisherman 89 New Gower
King George fisherman bds 98 New Gower
King Henry carpenter Nunnery hill
King James planter 65 Pokeham path
King James fisherman h Boggan's lane
King John shipwright 98 New Gower
King John tallyman 31 Garrison hill
King John, jun fisherman South side
King John fisherman h Monkstown road
King John laborer h Barnes' lane
King John servantman h Monkstown
King Joseph fisherman 184 Water west
King Julia, wid William   Limekiln hill
King Moses mariner Nunnery hill
King William carpenter 10 Dulhanty's lane
King William fisherman n Brine
King William fisherman Forest road
Kinshella Daniel fisherman 102 Gower
Kinshella John fisherman 102 Gower
Kinshella John blacksmith 17 Allen square
Kinshella John blacksmith 6 Beck's cove
Kinshella Nicholas cooper 12 Livingstone
Kinshella William fisherman 102 Gower
Kitchin William dry goods and clothing 238 Water, h do
Kitchin William P law student 249 Duckworth
Knight Anne, wid Nathan   h 1 British square
Knight Allan joiner 238 Gower
Knight Archibald   h 238 Gower
Knight Archibald carpenter, steam sawing and joinery works  
Knight Edward shipwright 23 George
Knight Edwin clerk h 238 Gower
Knight Francis shoemaker 116 Duckworth
Knight George shipwright Dammeril's lane
Knight George shipcarpenter Forest road
Knight James R accountant h Gower
Knight James fireman 6 Mill road
Knight James L carpenter 11 British square
Knight James R bookkeeper 147 Gower
Knight John fisherman Pokeham path
Knight Michael J collector of customs, Labrador h Rennie's mill road
Knight Samuel general merchant and proprietor Knight's home 173 Waterside, h do
Knight Stephen trader 39 Queen's road
Knight Thomas collector of customs for Labrador h Rennie's mill road
Knight Thomas   h 24 Victoria
Knight William master mariner 238 Gower
Knight William shoemaker 116 Duckworth
Knofty Archibald laborer h Monkstown road
Knowling George draper 233 Gower
Knowling George salesman h Theatre hill
Knox J, wid Thomas   Tanklane n Lion square
Kough Andrew fisherman Duke York
Kough James laborer Lion square
Kough James fisherman Duke York
Kough Martin fisherman Quidi-vidi road
Kough Mary Ann, wid Thomas   h George
Kough Owen fisherman Ordance lane
Kough Peter mariner h George
Kough Thomas seaman Lazybank road
Kough Thomas J barrister, attorney and solicitor 237 Duckworth, h Freshwater road
Kough Valentine fisherman Duke York
Kyle William D accountant bds Gower

Transcribed by Lenora Furey (June 2003)

Page Revised: April - 2003 (Don Tate)

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