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Jack Alexander salesman bds Prescott
Jack Edward salesman bds 21 Prescott
Jack James salesman 49 Prescott
Jackman Arthur fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Jackman Arthur master mariner 15 New Gower
Jackman E boot and shoemaker 14 New Gower
Jackman Edward seaman 10 New Gower
Jackman James fisherman 8 Princess
Jackman Michael fisherman 10 New Gower
Jackman Mrs boardinghosue 208 Gower
Jackman Thomas master mariner 38 Brine
Jackman W master mariner 107 Military road
Jackson Frank penman bds 119 Gower
Jackson John seaman 21 George
James Jane, wid T C   279 Duckworth
Janes John P block and pump maker 4 McBride's hill
Janes Jonathan fisherman 9 Holdsworth
Jardine James salesman bds n Patrick
Jardine Robert salesman bds n Patrick
Jardine R foreman at Bennett's distillery n Patrick
Jardine Robert brewer 252 Water, west
Jardine W maltster Hawthorn cottage n Patrick
Jarvis E L agent insurance company Exchange buildings, h 243 Duckworth
Jeans Mary, wid William   h Bulley
Jeans Moses fisherman Limekiln hill
Jenkins John master mariner 151 New Gower
Jenkins William trader Pokeham path
Job Thomas B merchant 143 Water, h Liverpool, England
Job Thomas R merchant 143 Water, h Liverpool, England
Job Brothers   merchants, agents Royal Insurance Co. of Liverpool 143 Water
Jocelyn John farmer, Cottage farm Quidi-vidi
Johnson Ann, wid John   Cuddihy's lane
Johnson Rev G M Episcop 209 Gower
Johnson John mariner Casey's lane
Johnson Rev Malcolm Episcop, school teacher Circular road
Johnson Robert laborer Limekiln hill
Johnson Walter cooper Cuddihy's lane
Johnston Adam storekeeper h 18 Dick's square
Johnston John seaman 189 New Gower
Joliff Thomas fisherman 88 Gower
Joloff James fisherman Nunnery hill
Jones Hugh farmer h King's bridge
Jones Maria, wid William   h King's bridge
Jordan Andrew clothier & c 222 Water, h do
Jordan J A MHA, clothier & c 222 Water, h do
Jordan P & Sons tailors and clothiers 222 Water
Jordan William J clothier & c 222 Water, h do
Joy Harriet, wid Benjamin   Nunnery hill
Joy John fisherman 22 Princess
Joy Joseph laborer Nunnery hill
Joy Mary, wid Benjamin   Nunnery hill
Joy Miss Mary dressmaker 184 New Gower
Joy Michael fisherman 188 New Gower
Joy Thomas fisherman 22 Princess
Judge James hostler h King's bridge road
Judge Peter carpenter 4 Princess
Judhope James   bds 219 Gower

Transcribed by Lenora Furey (June 2003)

Page Revised: April - 2003 (Don Tate)

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