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Habarlin S tailor and clothier 254 Water, h do
Habbitt Edward mariner Duke Yorke
Habbitt Henry fisherman Tank lane n Lion sq
Habbitt John fisherman Duke York
Habbitt Malcombe hostler h Lazybank
Habbitt William fisherman Duke York
Hacey James butcher 27 New Gower
Hackett Andrew fish inspector h 14 Cochrane
Hackett James laborer 26 Darling
Hackett John laborer Casey's lane
Hackett John vessel owner 187 Gower
Hackett Margaret, wid James   Nunnery hill
Hackett Patrick fisherman h 14 South-west
Hackett Patrick shoemaker h Monkstown road
Hackett William vessel owner 185 Gower
Hadden John inspector of schools h Monkstown
Haffey Edward fisherman h Freshwater road
Haffey Michael laborer South side
Haffey Richard farmer h Freshwater road
Haffey William fisherman h Freshwater road
Hagan Patrick wholesale and retail grocer and provision dealer 197 Water, h do
Hagen John master mariner h 7 Dick's square
Hagerty Bartholomew fisherman Lazybank road
Hagerty Patrick cabinetmaker and upholsterer 15 Queen
Halden William   bds 278 Duckworth
Hale Mary, wid John   Barter's hill
Haley J chief clerk post office h Pennywell road
Hall Cathedral fire brigade Old chapel hill
Hall Daniel fisherman 12 Brine
Hall Francis salesman bds 317 Water
Hall John fisherman Flower hill
Hall Rev T Congreg h 25 Monkstown road
Haliday James clerk 12 British square
Hallett Robert fisherman h Lazybank
Hallett William fisherman h Lazybank
Halloran Daniel laborer Beck's cove
Hally Michael sailmaker h Boggan's lane
Hally Michael sailmaker 29 New Gower
Hally Philip tidewaiter 290 Duckworth
Hally Thomas mariner h Boggan's lane
Halley William D accountant, provisions and goceries 140 New Gower
Hamilton Mathew fisherman Flower hill
Hamilton Patrick laborer h Freshwater road
Hamlin Eliza, wid Richard   Lazybank road
Hamlin Martha school teacher Lazybank road
Hammon A groceries and liquors 100 Military road
Hammond William gatekeeper Ordnance department Duckworth
Hammond W shoemaker 116 Duckworth
Hancee John fisherman h 418 Water
Hand Thomas fisherman h 61 King's road
Hand William cooper 20 Cochrane
Hanley Richard snuff and candlemaker 326 Water
Hanlon John fisherman h Brine
Hanlon Lawrence laborer Cuddihy's lane
Hanlon Mrs, wid Michael   Ordance lane
Hannon Andrew laborer 162 Duckworth
Hannon Patrick laborer h Monkstown
Hannon William laborer Flower hill
Hardey Ellen, wid Robert   Forest road
Harley Francis plasterer 113 New Gower
Harley James plasterer bds 113 New Gower
Harr Thomas grocer and liquors 28 New Gower
Harrington Daniel laborer h Monkstown
Harrington Thomas fisherman 84 Duckworth
Harrington Thomas fisherman Maston's lane
Harris Samuel J master mariner 28 Brine
Harris William builder 72 Prescott
Hart Anne, wid George   Darling
Hart Thomas tailor 138 Water west
Harvey Hon A W MLC merchant 109 Water, h do
Harvey & Co   commission and shipping merchants 109 Water
Harvey James carpenter 58 Pokeham path
Harvey James fisherman 39 Buchanan
Harvey Mrs   1 Duckworth
Harvey Rev M Free Kirk 275 Duckworth
Harvey Richard bookkeeper 204 Gower
Harvey Richard master mariner Signalhill road
Harvey William laborer South side
Hasey James butcher 14 Adelaide
Hasey Patrick butcher bds 14 Adelaide
Hatchett William medical student bds South side
Hatton George lumber surveyor 61 Duckworth
Hawkins Henry fisherman 230 New Gower
Hawkins Henry   h King's bridge road
Hawkins John cooper 108 Gower
Hawkwell Alice, wid William   Dreelan's well road
Hawlett John salesman bds Prescott
Hawley John salesman bds 11 Gower
Hay George stonecutter 50 Patrick
Hay John stonecutter 50 Patrick
Hay William stonecutter 50 Patrick
Hayde Thomas fisherman 186 Duckworth
Hayden Daniel fisherman h Monkstown road
Hayden Daniel laborer h Barnes' lane
Hayden James painter h Barnes' lane
Hayden Richard seaman 47 Queen's road
Hayden Thomas fisherman 149 Duckworth
Hayes Bridget, wid David   29 Cochrane
Hayes Edward shopkeeper 39 New Gower
Hayes James laborer h 50 South-west, Marsh hill
Hayes John laborer h 23 South-west, Marsh hill
Hayes Michael cooper 29 Cochrane
Hayes M fisherman Tank lane n Lion square
Hayes Nicholas cooper 29 Cochrane
Hayes Richard cooper 29 Cochrane
Hayes Thomas butcher and trader 110 New Gower
Haynes W boot and shoemaker 102 New Gower
Hayward Augustus O barrister at law, agent Northern Insurance Co. Fire and Life, general land agent, 262 Duckworth h Sunnyside, Queen's road
Hayward George clerk in Treasury department h Water
Hayward George J shipowner, commission and wine merchant 253 Water, h do
Hayward Henry E accountant h 253 Water
Hayward James S landing and tide surveyor h Military road
Hayward John W bookkeeper Commercial Bank Duckworth
Hayward Robert H law student 239 Duckworth
Heale James coachman h Marsh hill
Heally H shopkeeper 233 New Gower
Heally J boot and shoemaker 186 Water west
Healy Edward fisherman h Lazybank
Healy Elizabeth, wid Michael   Barter's hill
Healy Timothy laborer Cookstown
Heany William fisherman h 68 King's road
Hearder George carriage painter 114 Duckworth
Hearder George fisherman 112 Gower
Hearder James printer 218 Duckworth
Hearn James commission merchant Hunter's cove, h 139 Water
Hearn Margaret, wid Maurice   Circular road
Hearn Michael cooper 52 George
Hearn Patrick baker Circular road
Hearn P & T commission merchants and auctioneers Hunter's cove, r 139 Water
Hearn Thomas laborer Nunnery hill
Hearn T com merchant Hunter's cove, h 139 Water
Hearn Timothy servantman Circular road
Heartrey C, wid John   Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Heartrey Joseph mariner Limekiln hill
Heartrey Marg, wid Thomas   h Freshwater road
Heartrey Michael laborer Cuddihy's lane
Heartrey Thomas butcher h Freshwater road
Heartrey Thomas fisherman Steven
Heath Henry boot and shoemaker 142 Gower
Heavin Lawrence servantman 101 Monkstown rd
Hegarty Hugh school teacher bds 183 Duckworth
Helyer John fisherman 30 Duckworth
Helyer John boot and shoe manufacturer 206 Duckworth
Helyer Richard farmer Chain rock road
Herder Henry G wheelwright 13 Cochrane
Herder Sarah, wid John   13 Cochrane
Herder William J Printer 13 Cochrane
Hennebury James   bds 107 New Gower
Hennebury John fisherman bds 107 New Gower
Hennebury Mark fisherman bds 107 New Gower
Hennebury Michael fisherman 12 New line
Hennebury Richard fisherman bds 107 Gower
Hennebury Thomas farmer h Freshwater road
Henderson D J soap manufacturer 88 Water, h Cuckworth
Henderson Henry salesman bds 359 Water
Henderson John salesman h Prescott
Henderson W J accountant bds Prescott
Henderson William J groceries and ship chandler 129 Water, h Prescott
Henley James fisherman bds 247 Gower
Henley John fisherman bds 247 Gower
Hennessy A, wid James   h Henry off Pankin's lane
Hennessy Dennis coachman h 29 Water
Hennessy Edward blacksmith 261 Water west
Hennessy Mrs Ellen boardinghouse 1 Holdsworth
Hennessy J fisherman h Henry off Pankin's lane
Hennessy J, jun cooper h Henry off Pankin's lane
Hennessy John cooper 55 George
Hennessy John fisherman h Rennie's mill road
Hennessy John fisherman bds 261 Water west
Hennessy Margaret, wid John   h Pankin's lane
Hennessy Margaret, wid Thomas   h Monkstown
Hennessy Michael mariner h Monkstown
Hennessy Patrick fisherman bds 261 Water wet
Hennessy Paul carpenter 42 Victoria
Hennessy Thomas fisherman 107 Gower
Hennessy William   r Rennie's mill road
Heptidge Eliz, wid John   Casey's lane
Herbey Joseph coachman h 3 Marsh hill
Hewerdine William shoemaker 79 Military road
Hewett R fisherman h 20 South-west, Marsh hill
Hibbs Mary, wid John   William n Limekiln hill
Hibbs Thomas fisherman h 87 Monkstown road
Hickey James fisherman Barter's hill
Hickey Jeremiah shipcarpenter 27 Queen's road
Hickey John fisherman Barter's hill
Hickey Joseph cooper 41 New Gower
Hickey Leonard fisherman Limekiln hill
Hickey Michael tailor and clothier 228 Water, h do
Hickey Patrick school teacher bds 13 South-west, Marsh hill
Hickey Patrick fisherman h Lazybank
Hickey William fisherman Barter's hill
Hickey William cooper Steven
Hicks Robert fisherman Forest road
Hide William laborer Long's hill
Higgins John servant h 48 South-west
Higgins Peter messenger House of Assembly h 48 South-west, Marsh hill
Higgins William tanner h 34 Rennie's mill road
Higgins William D foreman tannery 125 Gower
Higgins William P tannery 125 Gower
Hill Col Stephen J CB governor, commander in chief, and vice admiral of Newfoundland h Government house, Military road
Hill James coachman h 28 Marsh hill
Hill John storekeeper 38 Cochrane
Hill John farmer White hills
Hill Nathaniel cooper h 27 Gower
Hill Thomas cooper 103 Gower
Hill William planter Quidi-vidi
Hines James laborer Carter's hill
Hines John fisherman Nunnery hill
Hines John hostler h Lazybank road
Hines Lawrence fireman Dreelan's well road
Hingy William fisherman h 59 Gower
Hinkstone William, jun fisherman South side
Hiscock Arthur salesman bds Chapel
Hiscock James fisherman 244 New Gower
Hiscock James laborer Flower hill
Hiscock Richard shipwright 10 Chapel
Hoar Edmund master cooper South side
Hobbs William laborer Long's hill
Hodder Walter salesman bds 181 Water
Hoffman Charles sailmaker 250 Gower
Hogan Edward fisherman 8 Brine
Hogan John fisherman 8 Brine
Hogan Patrick laborer Barter's hill
Hogan Richard mariner 18 Allen square
Hogan Thomas cooper 8 Brine
Hogan Thomas fisherman 10 Allen square
Hogan T laborer h 11 South-west, Marsh hill
Hogan William saddler 266 Duckworth
Hogan William fisherman 232 Water west
Hogan William lawstudent 249 Duckworth
Holden James fisherman South side
Holden John fisherman South side
Holden Peter farmer h 53 Monkstown road
Holden Richard clerk in Assembly house h 63 Monkstown road
Holden W crier of court Courthouse, Duckworth
Hollahan Daniel fisherman Dreelan's well road
Hollahan James fisherman h 29 Marsh hill
Hollett Robert fisherman Pokeham path
Hollohan Edward fisherman Nunnery hill
Hollohan John fisherman Nunnery hill
Hollow Frederick fisherman 139 Gower
Holly Samuel fisherman Hutchings
Holmes John engineer bds 219 Gower
Holton Mary Anne, wid Thomas   h 21 Marsh hill
Holwell John planter Chain rock road n Water
Holwell Richard fisherman Forest road
Honeywell D master mariner h King's bridge
Hooper John carpenter 116 Water west
Hookey Joseph mariner 1 British square
Hookey Samuel mariner 1 British square
Hope Henry rigger Carter's hill
Hope Henry mariner Cookstown
Hope William laborer Cookstown
Hopkins George mariner h 4 British square
Horwill James salesman bds Water
Horwood Francis fisherman Quidi-vidi
Horwood John confectioner 155 Water
Horwood John laborer Victoria
Horwood Joseph cooper Victoria
Horwood Richard carpenter Quidi-vidi
Horwood Thomas baker h 37 Queen's road
Horwood Thomas confectioner h Newtown road
Hotville George master mariner Garrison hill
Howard James fisherman Forest road
Howe James manager for Stabbrow & Holmwood r 307 Water, h King's road
Howlett E fisherman Tank lane n Lion square
Howlett Matthew cooper 10 Brine
Howley James clerk office 231 Duckworth
Howley Rev R Roman Cath Bishop's palace, Military road
Howley Richard financial clerk, office Colonial building h Mount Cashel villa, Torbay road
Howley T physician MRCS 169 Duckworth
Hoyles Sir Hugh W chief justice Cochrane place, 1 Military road
Hubbart Richard sailmaker h 11 Falvin's lane
Hubbit Martin laborer James
Hudson Anne, wid John   22 Darling
Hudson Edward cooper 20 Victoria
Hudson Frederick mariner h Pankin's lane
Hudson James fisherman Ordnance lane
Hudson William fisherman Forest road
Hughes John R cabinetmaker 37 Darling
Hughes Thomas policeman 37 Darling
Humphries Mary Ann, wid John   h James
Hunt Jane, wid James   Forest road
Hunt George farmer South side
Hunt James & Robert merchants 283 Water
Hunt John fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Hunt Robert   Signalhill road
Hunt Samuel fisherman Dammeril's lane
Hunt Susanna, wid Thomas   Cookstown
Hunter Eliza, wid Geoge   68 Prescott
Hurley James tailor 324 Duckworth
Hurley Johanna, wid William   h King's bridge road
Hurley John fisherman Dulhanty's lane
Hurley Maurice laborer bds 222 Water, west
Hurley Patrick laborer 7 Long's hill
Hurley Robert seaman 222 Water, west
Hussy Charles laborer 24 Darling
Hussy Henry fisherman 17 Gower
Hutchings Charles sailmaker h Newtown road
Hutchings George A accountant bds Water
Hutchings Thomas accountant 252 Water, west
Hutchins Philip general merchant 225 Water, h 223 do
Hutton George groceries and provisions h 9 King's road
Hutton Robert clerk bds 9 King's road
Hyland Thomas laborer Signalhill road
Hynes Edward fisherman 264 Gower
Hynes Johanna   h 125 Military road
Hynes John hostler Lazybank road
Hynes John coachman 442 Water
Hynes Joseph carpeneter 7 Holdworth
Hynes Michael fisherman Tank lane, Limekiln hill
Hynes Patrick fisherman Tank lane, Limekiln hill
Hynes Patrick weighmaster 11 Long's hill

Transcribed by Lenora Furey (June 2003)

Page Revised: April - 2003 (Don Tate)

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