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Gaden George lettercarrier h Cochrane
Gaden Thomas clerk bds 208 Gower
Gaden Thomas F landing walter h 45 Gower
Gale George printer h Lazybank road
Gale Providence, wid Thomas   Lazybank road
Gale Thomas baker h 17 Queen's road
Gall John cooper 157 Gower
Gallagher Nicholas fisherman 228 Water west
Gallagher William fisherman 233 New Gower
Gallishaw Abraham pilot 38 Gower
Gallishaw John pilot 108 and 110 Duckworth
Gallishaw Philip pilot 46 Gower
Gallishaw William pilot 19 Cochrane
Gallivan John cooper bds 26 Duckworth
Gallivan Margaret, wid Martin   Nunnery hill
Gallivan Michael cooper bds 26 Duckworth
Gallivan Peter cooper 32 Prescott
Gallivan Thomas laborer Flower hill
Gallivan William cooper 24 Duckworth, h 26 do
Gallivan William fisherman 86 Gower
Galton Orestes sailmaker 345 Duckworth
Galway Dennis clothier 332 Water
Galway Nicholas cooper, liquors 4 Pokeham path
Gamberg Charles painter Long's hill
Gamberg Charles, jun painter Long's hill
Gamberg John painter Long's hill
Gane James laborer 77 Gower
Gardiner Jas fisherman h Beck's cove, Fire break
Garland Charles cooper George
Garland Charles cooper 75 New Gower
Garland Mary, wid George   59 Prescott
Garrett John pensioner RN Co bds 12 Marsh hill
Garrett Samuel mason 2 Duckworth
Gary George cooper 50 Prescott
Geaden Thomas salesman h Gower
Gear George stoves and tinware 349 Water
Gear George general ironmongery 213 Water, h Monkstown road
Geary Bridget, wid Michael   Forest road
Geary Mary, wid John   31 Garrison hill
Geary Maurice fisherman Dulhanty's lane
Geary Maurice fisherman h 17 Flavin's lane
Geary Redmond laborer Casey's lane
Geddes George G head storekeeper 185 Water
Geehan Martin servant South side
Gent G W master mariner 23 Garrison hill
Geran Thomas sea captain 2 New Gower
Geran James fisherman bds 2 New Gower
Geran James fisherman Steven
Geran Lawrence   35 New line
Geran Thomas fisherman Steven
Gibent Charles cooper h 20 King's road
Gibbons Edward laborer Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Gibbons John seaman 63 New Gower
Gibbs John cooper 159 New Gower
Gibson John salesman bds Duckworth
Gill Henry merchant 138 Duckworth
Gill William clerk in Custom house 59 Cochrane
Gilland John F accountant bds Union hotel
Gilmour Lieut W Canadian rifles 6 Queen's road
Gladney John fisherman Limekiln hill
Gladney Patrick fisherman Limekiln hill
Glasgow John butcher h 396 Water
Glavene Bridget, wid Richard   h 30 King's road
Glavene James seaman 9 Princes
Gleeson Catherine boarding 124 Water
Gleeson James hardware and irondealer 105 and 107 Water, h do
Glenn Hon Thomas receiver general, office Customhouse h Cochrane
Glen Martin fisherman h Lazybank road
Glynn Richard laborer South side
Glynn Thomas laborer South side
Goff John fisherman Dreelan's well road
Goff Maurice fisherman Dreelan's well road
Goff Richard cabinetmaker 210 Duckworth
Goff Richard cabinetmaker Prescott
Godley William mariner Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Golway Ellen groceries and liquors 378 Water, h do
Gonbie Barnet fisherman 114 Gower
Gonby James fisherman 226 Duckworth
Gondse George fisherman 112 Gower
Goodfellow & Co   general merchants 241 Water
Goodfellow James merchant 237 Water, h do
Goodland James fisherman h Rennie's mill road
Goodland John fisherman Barnes' lane
Goodridge Allan merchant 325 Water, h do
Goodridge A Fred merchant 325 Water, h do
Goodridge Allan & Sons commission merchants and shipbrokers 325 Water
Goodridge Henry C merchant 325 Water, h do
Goodridge John commission merchant and broker 325 Water, h Long pond road
Goodridge John R merchant 325 Water, h do
Goodridge John F accountant h Cochrane
Gordon James clerk bds 280 Gower
Gorman Alice   Carter's hill
Gorman Debora   Carter's hill
Gorman Patrick fisherman 292 New Gower
Goss David millinery, dressmaking 230 Water, h do
Goss John clothier and tailor 218 Water, h do
Goss Mary, wid William   Nunnery hill
Goss Joseph mariner Nunnery hill
Goss Samuel planter 69 Military road
Goss Solomon cooper Nunnery hill
Goss William planter 69 Military road
Goubie B fisherman 114 Gower
Gould Thomas laborer Dammeril's lane
Government House     Military road
Gowdy Elias tinsmith 26 Darling
Grace Francis school teacher Orphan asylum
Grace James carpenter Flower hill
Grace James fisherman 214 Water west
Grace James farmer h Freshwater road
Grace James, jun farmer h Freshwater road
Grace John farmer h Freshwater road
Grace Mrs Catherine, wid Pearce   3 Queen
Grace N boot and shoemaker bds 194 Duckworth
Grace Parick shoemaker 194 Duckworth
Grace Parick cooper Boggan's lane
Grace Patrick shoemaker h Wigmore gully road
Grace Patrick laborer Signalhill road
Grace Patrick farmer h Freshwater road
Grady Dennis fisherman 28 Duckworth
Graham Alexander master mariner 308 Duckworth
Graham James painter 116 Gower
Graham John master mariner Lazybank road
Graham Robert shoemaker h 34 King's road
Grant Allen salesman bds 21 Prescott
Grant Daniel telegraph employe bds 290 Water
Grant John fisherman 311 Water, west
Grant Mary, wid John   6 Rossiter lane
Grant Mary, wid Thomas   h 10 Dick's square
Grant Richard policeman 8 Livingstone
Grant Richard mariner h 25 Victoria
Grath Michael John tailor 13 Princess
Gray George bookkeeper h 307 Water
Green Catherine, wid Maurice   h Military road
Green Charles W accountant bds Union hotel
Green Eli mason h 13 Marsh hill
Green Edward fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Green James fisherman 25 Long's lane
Green James fisherman 187 New Gower
Green John master mariner 10 British square
Green John mariner h James
Green D Joseph student at law 239 Duckworth
Green Michael D   h Military road
Green Rendall clerk bds 107 Water
Green T fisherman Tank lane, Limekiln hill
Green Thomas J clerk h Military road
Greene Joseph J   bds 11 Queen's road
Greene Michael K com mercant, Market house h 11 Queen's road
Greene Randal accountant and teller Union Bank h Queen's road
Greenway John accountant bds Battery road
Grey J sawyer h 55 South-west, Marsh hill
Grey Thomas laborer 1 Mill lane
Grey Thomas fisherman 371 Water west
Gribble J storekeeper and cooper 357 Duckworth
Gribble Mrs, wid Joseph   355 Duckworth
Grieve Robert merchant 205 Water, h do
Grieve Walter merchant 185 Water, h Greenock, Scotland
Grieve Walter & Co general merchants 185 Water
Griffin James fisherman 41 Buchanan
Griffin James shoemaker Duke York
Griffin James fisherman Duke York
Griffin John cooper Dreelan's well road
Griffin John fisherman Barnes' lane
Griffin John fisherman bds 95 King's road
Griffin John fisherman Duke York
Griffin John trader 3 George
Griffin Mary   h King's Bridge road
Griffin Matthew fisherman Duke York
Griffin Margaret, wid Lawrence   h Lazybank
Griffin Maurice laborer Carter's hill
Griffin Parick seaman h Lazybank
Griffin Patrick laborer Duke York
Griffin William fisherman h Lazybank
Grill Mary Ann dressmaker 112 Duckworth
Grimstead William painter and glazier 141 Gower
Grimin Patrick fisherman Thomas
Grinslett Matthew fisherman Casey's lane
Grinslett Thomas fisherman Casey's lane
Grishey Augustin laborer Nunnery hill
Grishey Elias laborer h 63 King's road
Grishey James fisherman Nunnery hill
Grishey Philip fisherman Nunnery hill
Grishey Philip watchman Nunnery hill
Groves J sexton English church 27 Long's hill
Guinen James printer 218 Duckworth
Gunn Alexander shipcarpenter 181 Gower
Gushus Francis tinsmith 56 Gower

Transcribed by Lenora Furey (June 2003)

Page Revised: April - 2003 (Don Tate)

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