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Facey Samuel master mariner 9 Victoria
Facey William carpenter h 9 Victoria
Fagan John fisherman 66 New Gower
Fahey Elizabeth   bds 32 Marsh hill
Fahey Laurence fisherman 290 New Gower
Fanning Edward clerk in post office 43 Prescott
Fanning Patrick seaman William's lane
Fardy James cooper h James
Fardy John cooper h James
Fardy Michael laborer Tank lane, Limekiln hill
Fardy Nicholas fisherman Lazybank road
Fardy P fisherman Limekiln hill n Caddihy's lane
Farrell Edward carpenter 84 Duckworth
Farrell James laborer Flower hill
Farrell John fisherman bds 11 New Gower
Farrell John laborer 8 Rossiter lane
Farrell Maurice cooper bds 11 New Gower
Farrell Michael provisions and groceries wholesale and retail 161 Duckworth
Farrell Mrs Bridget liquors and groceries 10 Queen
Farrell Thomas fisherman 298 New Gower
Farrell T groceries and liquors 190 Water, h do
Feehan Ellen grocer 8 George
Freehan John cooper 6 Buchanan, h 5 Princes
Feehan John trader, liquors and groceries 58 Water west
Feehan Joseph cooper 6 Buchanan
Feehan Patrick grocer 128 Water west
Feehan Patrick cooper 6 Buchanan
Feehan Pierce master mariner h 110 Military road
Feehan Thomas cooper 6 Buchanan
Feely Michael fisherman h Monkstown road
Fenelon Maurice bookseller and stationer 280 Water, h do
Fenelon Patrick laborer h King's bridge
Fennessey Patrick cooper 51 George
Ferris William blacksmith 114 Duckworth
Fetcher James mariner Duke York
Fetcher Mathew fisherman Duke York
Fetcher Robert fisherman Duke York
Fever William blacksmith Darling
Fewer Elizabeth   12 Long's lane
Fidler Henry salesman bds 13 Dick's square
Field Martha, wid Geoge   h 12 Dick's square
Field Right Rev EDWARD DD Lord Bishop of Newfoundland h 192 Gower
Field Thomas fisherman Lion square
Filmore G crockery and earthenware Water, h do
Finance Department     Colonial building
Finlay JN dry goods 181 Water, h do
Finn Anastasis, wid Patrick   h 120 Military road
Finn Ellen groceries 1 Adelaide
Finn James cabdriver Newtown road
Finn James fisherman h Boggan's lane
Finn John baker bds 1 Queen's road
Finn Laurence fisherman 33 Water west
Finn Lawrence mariner Limekiln hill
Finn William fisherman 10 Pokeham path
Finnerty Michael fisherman Brennan's lane
Finnerty Patrick fisherman Brennan's lane
Finnerty Patrick, jun fisherman Brennan's lane
Finnican John tailor Nunnery hill
Finnican Patrick laborer Nunnery hill
Finnie John salesman bds 181 Water
Firth Robert E salesman bds 17 British square
Firth William salesman bds 17 British square
Firth William R salesman h Prescott
Fisher Robert cooper h Pankin's lane
Fitzgerald Andrew cooper 15 Princess
Fitzgerald Andrew fisherman Brennan's lane
Fitzgerald Dennis mason h 17 Flavin's lane
Fitzgerald Edward butcher 36 Cochrane
Fitzgerald Edward fisherman Casey's lane
Fitzgerald Edward watchman h 8 South-west
Fitzgerald Honora, wid David   Duke York
Fitzgerald James butcher 36 Cochrane
Fitzgerald J fisherman James off Monkstown rd
Fitzgerald James fisherman n St Patrick's chapel
Fitzgerald J liquors and groceries 138 New Gower
Fitzgerald John butcher 36 Cochrane
Fitzgerald John fisherman 5 Livingstone
Fitzgerald Maurice farmer Long pond road
Fitzgerald Michael butcher h 29 King's road
Fitzgerald Michael cooper Carter's hill
Fitzgerald Michael fisherman 5 Livingstone
Fitzgerald Patrick fisherman Limekiln hill
Fitzgerald Patrick fisherman 5 Livingstone
Fitzgerald William fisherman Flower hill
Fitzgerald William fisherman Monday's pond rd
Fitzgibbon Edward dry goods 283 Water, h 65 Prescott
Fitzgibbon Gerald G salesman bds Prescott
Fitzhenry James cooper head of James
Fitzhenry Michael cooper head of James
Fitzhenry Michael, jun cooper head of James
Fitzpatrick John dealer bds 67 New Gower
Fitzpatrick John fisherman South side
Fitzpatrick John porter h Pankin's hill
Fitzpatrick John printer h Pankin's lane
Fitzpatrick Joseph fisherman 68 New Gower
Fitzpatrick Margaret, wid Michael   Forest road
Fitzpatrick Patrick laborer 68 New Gower
Fitzpatrick Thomas painter h Barnes' lane
Fitzpatrick William baker 67 New Gower
Fitzpatrick William fisherman South side
Flaherty John salesman bds 291 Water
Flaherty Michael farmer White hills
Flaherty R L Hazen   h Prescott cor Water
Flaherty R boot and shoemaker 244 New Gower
Flannery J groceries and liquors 226 Water, h do
Fleet John mariner 23 Long's lane
Fleet William clerk at Baird's bds 217 Gower
Fleet William fisherman Long's hill
Fleming James laborer h 14 Victoria
Fleming Joseph laborer h 14 Victoria
Felming Patrick laborer 36 Darling
Fleming Thomas fisherman 161 Gower
Fletcher James storekeeper bds 359 Water
Flett John salesman h Gower
Fling Edward laborer 150 Duckworth
Fling John baker 1 Mill lane
Fling John fisherman Flower hill
Fling John farmer h Freshwater road
Fling John laborer h Barnes' lane
Fling Joseph fisherman Flower hill
Fling Patrick fisherman Flower hill
Fling Patrick sawyer James off Monkstown road
Fling Thomas laborer bds 150 Duckworth
Fling William fisherman Casey's lane
Fling William shoemaker Flower hill
Flinn Andrew fisherman 234 New Gower
Flinn Jas assistant storekeeper 84 New Gower
Flinn James boot and shoemaker 10 George
Flinn John boot and shoemaker 28 New line
Flinn John fisherman 234 New Gower
Flinn John, jun fisherman 238 New Gower
Flinn Robert shoemaker bds 28 New line
Flinn William fisherman 236 New Gower
Flood Elizabeth, wid Wm G   h 208 Water
Flood George draper bds 233 Gower
Flood George salesman bds Theatre hill
Flood Patrick Michael blacksmith 3 Princess
Flynn David cooper 84 New Gower
Flynn Edward laborer h 1 King's road
Flynn Edward cooper 218 New Gower
Flynn James bootmaker 14 George
Flynn Thomas laborer h 1 King's road
Fogarthy Jas mariner James off Monkstown road
Fogarty Joseph butcher 3 Adelaide
Foley David fisherman Limekiln hill
Foley John laborer Forest road
Foley John laborer Pokeham path
Foley John fisherman Long's hill
Foley John, jun fisherman Long's hill
Foley Michael laborer Limekiln hill
Foley Margaret, wid John   h 51 Monkstown road
Foley Michael seaman 218 Water west
Foley Patrick laborer 218 Water west
Foley Pierce tailor 157 Gower
Foley William cooper Barnes' lane
Foley William seaman Lazybank
Foot Thomas mason Flower hill
Foot Thomas fisherman Casey's lane
Foot William laborer Casey's lane
Foran Edward seaman South side
Foran John W grocer and liquors 159 Duckworth
Foran Matthew fisherman South side
Foran Michael fisherman 230 Water west
Foran Nicholas laborer h 26 Rennies mill road
Foran Thomas sailmaker South side
Forbes Robert clerk bds 219 Gower
Ford E liquors and groceries South side
Ford William seaman South side
Fordham Benjamin dyer h 200 New Gower
Forrestal Anne, wid John   h Barnes' lane
Forrestal Gregory laborer Long's hill
Forrestal J boot and shoemaker 180 New Gower
Forrestal J fisherman Tank lane n Lion square
Forrestal John laborer Casey's lane
Forrestal Margaret, wid Edward   Lion square
Forristal P butcher 1 and 3 New Gower
Forristal Patrick fisherman 10 George
Forristal William butcher bds 3 New Gower
Forsay Thomas salesman 23 Long's hill
Forward George sailmaker h 8 King's road
Forward John sailmaker h 8 King's road
Foster Henry H plumber and gasfitter 214 Duckworth
Foster James shipwright 33 New Gower
Foster Thomas trader 2 Brine
Foster Thomas trader Pokeham path
Foster Thomas, jun   Pokeham path
Fotridge James blockmaker 224 Duckworth
Fowler John fisherman Cookstown
Fowler William fisherman Cookstown
Fox Charles chemist bds 219 Gower
Fox J general merchant Hunter's wharf, 135 Water, h Prescott
Fox John P builder 57 Cochrane
Frainey Patrick fisherman Casey's lane
Frances Alphonso seaman bds 83 New Gower
Frances Joseph cooper bds 83 New Gower
Franey Patrick laborer Flower hill
Fraser Catherine, wid Rev J   Circular road
Fraser John McI clerk h Duckworth
Fraser James O   h 10 and 12 Queen's road
Fraser W foreman boot and shoe factory bds 64 New Gower
Fraser William master cooper bds 219 Gower
Free Kirk Church     Duckworth
Freeman George wharfuger Forest road
Freeman John post office clerk h 7 Victoria
Freeman Stephen carpenter Victoria
Freeman William bookkeeper bds 21 Prescott
Freize Edward mariner Georgetown
French Henry tidewaiter Signalhill road
French James fisherman h 6 Flavin's lane
French J customhouse boatman bds 67 Gower
French Mrs, wid George   h 67 Gower
French Mrs, wid Thomas   Signalhill road
French Robert bait skiffmaster 7 New Gower
French Robert fisherman 132 Water west
French Stephen culier 16 Allen square
French William laborer Victoria
Frew William salesman bds 219 Gower
Full John mariner h 36 South-west, Marsh hill
Funcheon John laborer h Lazybank
Funnell Richard gunsmith 120 Duckworth
Furlong Alexander shoemaker h Bulley
Furlong Bridget, wid Paul   Cuddihy's lane
Furlong C, wid Peter   h Henry off Pankin's lane
Furlong Edward fisherman Ordinance lane
Furlong Honora, wid William   Morton's lane
Furlong James clerk post office 352 Dckworth
Furlong James fisherman Ordinance lane
Furlong James laborer h 34 Darling
Furlong James P salesman bds 189 Water
Furlong John cabman h 52 Marsh hill
Furlong John carpenter Carter's hill
Furlong John laborer Carter's hill
Furlong John mariner Lazybank
Furlong John salesman bds 291 Water
Furlong John salesman bds 303 Water
Furlong Joseph cooper h Bulley
Furlong Lawrence fancy baker bds 1 Queen's road
Furlong L liquors and groceries 43 Queen's road
Furlong Margaret, wid James   59 Military road
Furlong Martin fisherman Morton's lane
Furlong Martin shoemaker 352 Duckworth
Furlong Mary, wid James   Ordinance lane
Furlong Michael miner 122 Water west
Furlong Mrs   59 Military road
Furlong Patrick   306 Water
Furlong Patrick fisherman Lazybank road
Furlong Patrick boardinghouse 1 Waldegrave
Furlong Peter fisherman Ordinance lane
Furlong Peter mariner Carter's hill
Furlong Thomas cooper h Bulley
Furlong Thomas wheelwright bds 52 Marsh hill
Furlong Richard fisherman Morton's lane
Furlong Simon fisherman Morton's lane
Furlong Sylvester laborer Lazybank road
Furlong Walter carpenter h Bulley
Furmeaux Alice, wid Hugh   21 Prescott
Furmeaux Hugh salesman h Prescott
Furmeaux Maria, wid Joseph   h Prescott
Furse Samuel fisherman h Lazybank road

Transcribed by Lenora Furey (June 2003)

Page Revised: April - 2003 (Don Tate)

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