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Eadie Maria, wid Jamesh 208 Water    
Eagan Catherine bonnetmaker 98 Duckworth
Eagan James fisherman h Freshwater road
Eagan John porter h Gower
Eagan John baker h Freshwater road
Eagan John liquors and grocery King's bridge
Eagan Margaret, wid John   h Freshwater road
Eagan P butcher 22 Gower, h Freshwater road
Eagan Thomas carman h Freshwater road
Eales John butcher 429 Water, h do
Eales Samuel victualler 196 New Gower
Eales William farmer and butcher bds 429 Water
Ealward James fisherman Lazybank road
Ealward John fisherman Lazybank road
Ealward Michael fisherman Lazybank road
Ealward Richard fisherman Lazybank road
Ealward Thomas fisherman Lazybank road
Earle George seaman 37 Buchanan
Earle George fisherman Nunnery hill
Earle Heber watchmaker Military road
Earle Henry carpenter 14 British Square
Earle Henry tailor 158 Duckworth
Earle John seaman 37 Buchanan
Earle John, jun seaman 37 Buchanan
Earle Mary, wid Edward   Ordnance lane
Earle Reginald H watchmaker and jeweller 216 Water, h Military road
Earle Richard mariner Limekiln hill
Earle Robert baker 44 Duckworth
Earle Samuel fisherman South side
Earle Sarah, wid John   h Beck's cove, Fire break
Earle Thomas sailmaker 357 Duckworth
Earle W fisherman h 9 South-west, Marsh hill
Earle William C salesman bds Gower
Earls Benjamin fisherman South side
Earls Joseph agent South side
Ebbs Thomas laborer h 34 Flavin's lane
Ebsary Allan cooper South side
Ebsary John storekeeper South side
Ebsary Richard fisherman 174 Gower
Edens John groceries and provisions 153 and 155 Water, h do
Effert George fisherman 24 Darling
Egan John pilot 98 Duckworth
Elger John mariner Signalhill road
Ellard Michael cooper 254 Gower
Ellard Thomas cooper bds 254 Gower
Ellert John fisherman Casey's lane
Elliot Thomas master mariner 27 Patrick
Elliott James stoves, tin and sheet-iron ware 370 Water, h do
Elliott Michael porter bds Water
Ellis C plumber and coppersmith 292 Water, h do
Ellis Charles maltster h Brine's cottage
Ellis David mason 182 New Gower
Ellis Edward fisherman h 46 Marsh hill
Ellis Henry salesman h Patrick
Ellis Henry salesman Brine's cottage
Ellis James fisherman South side
Ellis Patrick laborer h 44 Marsh hill
Elmsley George merchant 193 and 195 Water, h do
Elmsley & Thomson   general importers 193 and 195 Water
Elson Bridget school teacher 31 Prescott
Elvert James fisherman h 43 Marsh hill
Elvert Mary, wid William   Flavin's lane
Elvert Michael fisherman h 43 Marsh hill
Elward John mariner 9 Livingstone
Elward William mason 28 Prescott
Elwell M boot and shoemaker 404 Water, h do
Emerson Hon George H clerk of Legislative Council, office Colonial building h Virginia cottage, Virginia water, Tonbay road
Emerson Prescott, M H A barrister-at-law, attorney and solicitor, notary public 248 Duckworth, h Rennie's mill road
Emmet John mariner h 25 Marsh hill
Emmet Sarah, wid John   h 25 Marsh hill
Emmet William laborer h 25 Marsh hill
England Charles farmer Long pond road
England George servantman h Barnes' lane
England William servantman Flower hill
English Edward mariner Georgetown
English John boot and shoemaker 266 Water, h do
English Joseph clothier and tailor 128 Water, h do
English Joseph printer h Duckworth
English M, wid John   h 24 South-west, Marsh hill
English Patrick fisherman 272 Duckworth
English R fisherman Covell lane, Nunnery hill
English Thomas mariner h Barnes' lane
English William watchmaker h 266 Water
Ennis Mary, wid John   h Henry off Pankin's lane
Eshary James fisherman South side
Esmond Michael seaman 45 Queens road
Evans George sailmaker 308 Duckworth
Evans Henry sailmaker 308 Duckworth
Evans John sailmaker h 12 Marsh hill
Evans Joseph seaman 175 New Gower
Evans T P merchant 159 Water, bds King's bridge
Evans & LeMessurier   commission merchants 159 Water
Evans William   bds 308 Duckworth
Evans William mariner 439 Water
Evi Andrew fisherman h 90 King's road
Ewing James storekeeper 33 New line

Transcribed by Mary Rawlinson (June 2003)

Page Revised: April - 2003 (Don Tate)

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