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Dahey Daniel mariner h Barnes' lane
Dahey James fisherman h Barnes' lane
Dahey Stephen laborer h Barnes' lane
Daily James saddler 266 Duckworth
Daily Lawrence shoemaker bds 270 Duckworth
Daily News R Winton publisher 236 Duckworth
Dakins John trader and grocer 271 Gower
Daley Dennis butcher 108 Water, h do
Daley James saddler bds 270 Duckworth
Daley Jas shipcarpenter and grocer 74 Water, h do
Daley Michael fisherman bds 200 New Gower
Daley Pat. boot and shoemaker 270 Duckworth
Dalton James fisherman bds 46 Duckworth
Dalton J accountant and grocer 172 Water west, h do
Dalton Matthew fisherman bds 46 Duckworth
Dalton Mary, wid William   h 16 Cochrane
Dalton Michael fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Dalton Michael fisherman bds 45 Duckworth
Dalton T laborer James off Monkstown road
Dalton Thomas cooper h Georgetown
Dalton Walter farmer Georgetown
Dalton William constable 86 Gower
Dalton William laborer h King's bridge
Daly Joseph blacksmith 192 Duckworth
Daly Michael laborer 352 Prescott
Daly Mrs, wid Michael   178 Duckworth
Daly Patrick tailor h Lazybank
Daly Robert fisherman Thomas
Danahy Cornelius clothier 182 Water, h do
Danay Jane, wid Joseph   Limekiln hill
Daniels A, wid William   h 51 South-west, Marsh hill
Daniels Wm mariner h 51 South-west, Marsh hill
Darmedy James fisherman h James
Darr John laborer South side
Davidson William clerk 4 Adelaide
Davis Richard shoemaker 99 Gower
Davis William carpenter 45 Duckworth
Davis William fisherman Nunnery hill
Davy Edward joiner 183 Gower
Davidson W H buyer h Adelaide
Daw John fisherman 28 Allen square
Daw Moses fisherman 28 Allen square
Dawley Richard wharfinger 159 Gower
Dawley William mariner Casey's lane
Dawson John carpenter 321 Water west
Day Ellen, wid John   Nunnery hill
Day James master mariner 331 Water west
Day John cooper Nunnery hill
Day Michael farmer h Freshwater
Day Samuel laborer Nunnery hill
Day Thomas mariner Nunnery hill
Day Thomas fisherman 17 Gower
Daymond w cabinetmaker 274 & 276 Duckworth
Deacon Pat fisherman Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Deady John baker 132 New Gower
Deady John fisherman 188 Duckworth
Deady Michael fisherman h Rennie's mill road
Deady William baker 1 Mill lane
Deady William T   52 Prescott
Dearin Frederick druggist 343 Water, h do
Dearin George mariner Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Dearin George H druggist and chemist 177 Water, h do
Dearin J J druggist and chemist 162 Water, h do
Deally Patrick tailor Pokeham path
DeBerke Richard cabinetmaker 84 Duckworth
Delaney J Postmaster-general h 61 Military rd
Delaney Lawrence butcher Nunnery hill
Delaney Margaret dressmaker h 27 King's road
Delaney Mary, wid John   h 23 Marsh hill
Delaney Mary Anne, wid Edward   h 27 King's road
Delaney Miss Mary boardinghouse 280 Water
Delaney Murdoch fisherman 216 Water west
Delhanty Lawrence laborer 30 Hutchings
Dempsey Bridget, wid Garrett   h Monkstown
Deneth Edward fisherman h Brine
Denman Frederick fisherman Chain rock road
Dermody John storekeeper h Princess
Devanna Anthony messenger h 52 Marsh hill
Devanna Michael A gunsmith bds 52 Marsh hill
Devanna Michael gunsmith 176 Duckworth
Devanna Richard printer 218 Duckworth
Devanna Richard printer bds 52 Marsh hill
Devanna William J printer r 249 Duckworth
Devanny John barrack-sergeant Ordnance department Duckworth
Devereaux Edward salesman h 100 New Gower
Devereaux James baker bds 112 Water
Devereux David fisherman 267 Water west
Devereux James baker Carter's hill
Devereux James mariner Carter's hill
Devereux John laborer Carter's hill
Devereux Mary, wid James   Carter's hill
Devereux Michael mariner Carter's hill
Devereux Thomas printer 341 Duckworth
Devereux William laborer 267 Water west
Devine James   317 Water west
Devlin James salesman bds 181 Water
Dewar Stewart salesman bds 235 Water
Diamond Levi master mariner 143 Gower
Dickinson Henry K commission merchant and broker 127 Water, h do
Dicks George sailmaker 29 New Gower
Dicks Robert photographer 206 Water, h Queen
Dickson Michael laborer h 91 King's road
Dillon John carman South side
Dillon John farmer h Wigmore gully road
Dillon Patrick shipcarpenter h 38 King's road
Dillon Peter tinsmith h 54 King's road
Dillon Thomas carman South side
Dillon William J printer r 249 Duckworth
Din Matthew fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Dobbin James shoemaker bds 34 King's road
Dobbin Margaret, wid Michael   Ordnance lane
Dobbin Patrick fisherman 94 Gower
Dobbin Patrick fisherman Ordnance lane
Dodd George tailor 27 Prescott
Dodd William laborer 128 Prescott
Doheny Catherine shopkeeper 117 Gower
Doherty Edward butcher Nunnery hill
Doherty Edmond fisherman h 34 Darling
Doherty Hugh machinist Foundry, Pokeham path
Donoghue John fisherman Lazybank road
Donoghue Mary, wid Jeremiah   Lazybank road
Donohoe Thomas tidewaiter 31 Duckworth
Donnelly Jeremiah shoemaker Casey's lane
Donnelly John master mariner h 9 Monkstown rd
Donnelly John stonecutter 49 Prescott
Donnelly Richard fisherman Georgetown
Donnelly W laborer h 20 South-west, Marsh hill
Donnelly William salesman h Prescott
Donovan John fisherman Morton's lane
Donovan Timothy fisherman 16 Duckworth
Donovan T liquor and groceries 168 Duckworth
Dooley Edward butcher bds 121 Duckworth
Dooley Garret shipwright 67 Cochrane
Dooley John laborer h 1 Marsh hill
Dooley Mary, wid Daniel   h 1 Marsh hill
Dooley Michael butcher bds 121 Duckworth
Dooley Sarah, wid Garret   227 Gower
Dooley Patrick butcher 170 Duckworth
Dooley Thomas fisherman 111 New Gower
Dooley William butcher 121 Duckworth
Dooley William A shipwright 63 Prescott
Dooling J liquor and groceries 160 Water, h do
Dooling Mary, wid Michael   h Freshwater road
Dooling Patrick mariner h Pankin's lane
Dooling Richard fisherman bds 91 New Gower
Dooling W blacksmith, groceries 233 Water west
Doran Edward fisherman bds 29 Duckworth
Doran James fisherman Lazybank road
Doran John carpenter 29 Duckworth
Doran Owen butcher 13 Buchanan
Doran Patrick fisherman h 26 Victoria
Doran Robert fisherman h Monkstown
Doran William fisherman 29 Duckworth
Dorsay Michael cooper Cuddihy's lane
Dougherty B groceries and liquors 4 New Gower
Dougherty James mariner Dreelan's well road
Doutney Edward blacksmith 17 Allen square
Doutney William clerk h Duckworth
Doutney Joseph clerk bds 245 Gower
Dove Rev James (Wesleyan) 196 Gower
Dowden William fisherman h Monkstown road
Down Robert boot and shoemaker 60 New Gower
Down Roger boot and shoe manuf 26 New Gower
Downey Daniel fisherman Cookstown
Downey James master mariner 59 New Gower
Downey John fisherman James
Downey John cooper 252 Water west
Downey Michael fisherman Long's hill
Downs John tailor Nunnery hill
Downs William blacksmith 167 Gower
Dowsley George shipowner Monkstown road
Doyle Edward laborer h 20 Rennie's mill road
Doyle Elizabeth, wid Patrick   h king's bridge road
Doyle Francis teacher navigation 144 Gower
Doyle Rev George (R C) h Patrick
Doyle Henrietta milliner 344 Duckworth
Doyle James cutler and tallyman 344 Duckworth
Doyle James laborer Barter's hill
Doyle John fisherman 176 Water west
Doyle John fisherman Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Doyle Laurence fisherman 2 Dulhanty's lane
Doyle mathew mariner h 16 Marsh hill
Doyle Michael cooper 225 Gower
Doyle Nathaniel salesman h Queen
Doyle Nicholas clerk 9 Qieem
Doyle Patrick blacksmith William's lane
Doyle Patrick cooper 14 George
Doyle Patrick fisherman 212 Water west
Doyle Peter accountant h Gower
Doyle Peter storekeeper 246 Gower
Doyle Thomas cooper 127 Darling
Doyle Thomas fisherman Casey's lane
Doyle Thomas fisherman h 13 Marsh hill
Dreelan John mariner 28 Darling
Dreelan Michael mariner Flower hill
Drew I boot and shoe factory Barter's hill
Drew Nicholas farmer 122 New Gower
Drewin James fisherman 4 Delhanty's lane
Dribble John storekeeper h Duckworth
Drill Room     Military road
Driscoll Mary variety store 76 Water
Driscoll William fisherman 5 Rossiter lane
Dryer & Green   auctioneers and com mer Market house, Water
Dryer Henry auctioneer Water, h 102 Military rd
Dryer Henry B commission merchant Market house, h Military road
Dryer William B clerk and messenger Commercial Bank h 102 Military road
Duchemin James blockmaker 1 George
Duchemin James L blockmaker h 5 George
Duchemin Peter blockmaker 2 George
Duchemin Peter block and pump manufactory 306 Water, h 5 George
Duder Charles M H A groceries, provisions, and ship chandlery 389 Water, h do
Duder Edwin general merchant 353 Water, h Circular road
Duder Henry butcher 350 Water, h do
Dudley John carpenter h 13 Monkstown road
Duff Edward farmer h Freshwater road
Duff Patrick farmer h Freshwater road
duff Thomas planter 45 Patrick
Duffy A storekeeper Cookstown, Carter's hill
Duffy John mariner Cookstown, Carter's hill
Duffy James fisherman Cookstown, Carter's hill
Duffy Pat fisherman Cookstown, Carter's hill
Duggan Hen groceries and liquors 114 Water, h do
Duggan James fisherman Casey's lane
Duggan John fisherman 120 New Gower
Duggan Michael laborer Duke York
Duggan Walter fisherman 221 New Gower
Dunahoe Patrick cooper h Bulley
Duncan Charles K clerk bds 280 Gower
Dunham John shoemaker King's road
Dunn Alice, wid Thomas   Cuddihy's lane
Dunn Anastasia, wid Michael   Rennie's mill road
Dunn Anne, wid Jeremiah   h 7 Marsh hill
Dunn Bartholomew laborer James
Dunn Dennis laborer James off Monkstown road
Dunn Edward shipwright 81 New Gower
Dunn James fisherman h 60 King's road
Dunn James mariner Newtown road
Dunn Jeremiah laborer h 66 King's road
Dunn John baker bds 112 Water
Dunn John baker 48 Victoria
Dunn Luke fisherman 130 Water west
Dunn Margaret, wid John   Monday's pond road
Dunn Margaret, wid Michael   9 Patrick
Dunn Michael fisherman 9 Patrick
Dunn Michael messenger h King's road
Dunn Patrick fisherman Lazybank road
Dunn Richard baker bds 132 New Gower
Dunn Richard baker h James
Dunn Robert fisherman h 88 King's road
Dunn Thomas cooper 130 Water west
Dunn Thomas fisherman 28 Water west
Dunn William laborer h 66 King's road
Dunphy Francis mariner Limekiln hill
Dunphy Jas fisherman James off Monkstown road
Dunphy James messenger House of Assembly h 6 Monkstown road
Dunphy James messenger h Military road
Dunphy John cooper 235 New Gower
Dunphy John inspector of poor 15 Allen square
Dunphy Martin laborer Dammeril's lane
Dunphy Michael cooper 16 New line
Dunphy Michael cooper h Thomas
Dunphy Thomas clerk bds 189 Duckworth
Dunphy Thomas cooper Flower hill
Dunphy William clerk 15 Allen square
Durney Anastasie, wid John   h 99 King's road
Dutton Margaret, wid Charles   h Pankin's lane
Dutton Thomas seaman 99 New Gower
Dwyer Ambrose fisherman bds 96 Duckworth
Dwyer Eli fisherman bds 82 New Gower
Dwyer George salesman bds 72 Duckworth
Dwyer Henry fisherman 97 New Gower
Dwyer James farmer h Leary's road
Dwyer James fisherman bds 96 Duckworth
Dwyer James shoemaker Long's hill
Dwyer Johanna, wid J washerwoman 42 George
Dwyer John commissary serjeant,(sic) ordnance department Duckworth
Dwyer John farmer 200 Duckworth
Dwyer J farmer h Leary's road off Freshwater rd
Dwyer John fisherman bds 96 Duckworth
Dwyer John laborer James off Monkstown road
Dwyer John Planter bds 82 New Gower
Dwyer M farmer h Leary's road off Freshwater rd
Dwyer Mary, wid Michael   Limekiln hill
Dwyer Mary variety store 64 Gower
Dwyer Maurice laborer Duke York
Dwyer Michael shipwright 82 New Gower
Dwyer Michael laborer Duke York
Dwyer Philip laborer James off Monkstown road
Dwyer Richard tailor bds 100 New Gower
Dwyer Robert mariner Cuddihy's lane
Dwyer Thomas laborer Cuddihy's lane
Dwyer T fisherman James off Monkstown road
Dwyer Thomas fisherman bds 96 Duckworth
Dwyer Thos S supt money-order office, &c post-office h 426 Water
Dwyer William fisherman bds 96 Duckworth
Dyer Richard fisherman 70 Gower
Dyeworks John Rowe proprietor head of Adelaide
Dymond Samuel farmer Quidi-vidi road

Transcribed by Mary Rawlinson (June 2003)

Page Revised: April - 2003 (Don Tate)

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