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Cadwell C, wid John   James off Monkstown rd
Cadwell Elizabeth, wid James   h 53 South-west,Marsh hill
Cadwell John fisherman Casey's lane
Cadwell Mrs Harriet, wid William washerwoman 48 George
Cadwell Rd laborer 53 South-west, Marsh hill
Cadwell Zacharias joiner h 14 Marsh hill
Cahill Daniel farmer Newtown road
Cahill James laborer h Barnes' lane
Cahill J fisherman h 44 South-west, Marsh hill
Cahill John   h 14 King's road
Cahill John farmer bds 269 Water west
Cahill John farmer Newtown road
Cahill John school teacher h 85 King's road
Cahill Joseph carman 269 Water west
Cahill Michael tailor 246 Water, h do
Cahill Richard fisherman h 97 Monkstown road
Cahill Thomas farmer Newtown road
Cain Andrew laborer 33 Buchanan
Cain Charles fisherman 25 Long's hill
Cain Daniel cabman h 22 South-west, Marsh hill
Cain Daniel mariner Cookstown
Cain James fisherman 237 Gower
Cain John fisherman Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Cain John fisherman 169 New Gower
Cain John fisherman 64 Gower
Cain Mary, wid Thomas   Limekiln hill
Cain Michael fisherman Dreelan's well road
Cain Patrick fisherman Casey's lane
Cain Patrick fisherman 226 Water west
Cain Thomas fisherman 21 Princes
Cain Thomas fisherman 64 Gower
Cain Thomas mariner h Monkstown
Cairns Thomas R merchant 315 Water, h do
Callaghan C master mariner 21 Cathedral hill
Callaghan Dennis mariner h Barnes' lane
Callaghan Mrs Mary, wid William   167 New Gower
Callaghan Michael liquors and grocer 46 Gower
Callanard J storekeeper and grocer 51 Duckworth
Callanen James cooper and grocer 160 Water, west
Calver John laborer 16 Victoria
Calver John storekeeper 1 McBride
Calver William   Newtown road
Campbell Archibald clerk bds 88 Queen's road
Campbell Colin clerk bds 88 Queen's road
Campbell Daniel fisherman 6 Pokeham path
Campbell James nautical academy and chronometers 109 Military road, h do
Campbell J, jun. photographer h 109 Military road
Campbell John fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Campbell Michael laborer South side
Campbell William carpenter 88 Queen's road
Campbell William fisherman Lazybank road
Campen Patrick fisherman 21 Patrick
Camping James footman h 28 Darling
Canning C butcher and victualler 130 Water, h do
Canning Horatio clerk 28 Gower
Canning Horatio salesman h 32 Gower
Canning Johanna, wid Patrick   h Boggan's lane
Canning John assistand collector of customs, Custom House h Binton cottage, Signalhill road
Canning Martin fisherman 1 Princes
Canning Samuel commission merchant h 7 Queen
Canning Samuel clerk h Queen
Canning William sub-collector of customs for Labrador h Signalhill road
Cannon Thomas shoemaker Hutching
Cantwell Florence laborer Barter's hill
Cantwell J grocer and liquors 363 Water, h do
Cantwell James shoemaker bds 363 Water
Cantwell James printer 65 Duckworth
Cantwell J liquors and grocer 252 Water, h do
Cantwell P boot and shoe factory Barter's hill
Carberry Edward cooper h 59 Monkstown road
Carberry J messenger Union Bank h 22 Marsh hill
Carberry Thomas fisherman 118 Gower
Carberry William laborer Georgetown
Carew Clement cooper h Lazybank
Carew Edward cooper 86 New Gower
Carew George cooper h Lazybank
Carew John fisherman 9 Holdsworth
Carew Joseph blacksmith bds 145 New Gower
Carew John fisherman 111 Princes
Carew Philip master cooper James
Carew Stephen laborer 246 New Gower
Carew Thomas clerk h Gower
Carew Thomas storekeeper Forest road
Carey James cooper Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Carey John carpenter Queen
Carey Joseph cooper Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Carey Michael fisherman 294 New Gower
Cark William laborer James
Carnell John wheelwright h 18 Cochrane
Carnell John J carriage and sleigh maker bds 18 Cochrane
Carnell Richard wheelwright 60 George
Carnell S carriage and sleigh manufacturer and undertaker 114 Duckworth, h 18 Cochrane
Carnell Thomas coachman Barter's hill
Carnell William H painter Barter's hill
Carrington George fisherman h Marsh Hill
Carrigan James laborer Dreelan's well road
Carrigan Mary, wid John   Dreelan's well road
Carrigan Patrick fisherman 41 Darling street
Carrigan Walter grocer 128 Duckworth
Carroll Andrew blacksmith 30 Prescott
Carroll Anne, wid Patrick   h Monkstown
Carroll Catherine, wid Joseph   Steven
Carroll Dennis customs officer 28 Cochrane
Carroll James farmer h Freshwater road
Carroll John fisherman Patrick
Carroll John laborer 51 Victoria
Carroll John laborer Lazybank road
Carroll John mariner h Boggan's lane
Carroll Maria, wid James   n Brine
Carroll Michael fisherman Coady's lane
Carroll Michael soapboiler h Cochrane
Carroll Patrick tailor 95 New Gower
Carroll Owen cooper 186 Gower
Carroll Thomas fisherman 182 Gower
Carroll William fisherman h 51 Victoria
Carswell Alexander clerk bds 217 Gower
Carswell Andrew salesman bds Queen's road
Carter Charles salesman bds 70 Cochrane
Carter F.B.T.Q.C. barrister and attorney Duckworth, h Forest
Carter George clerk bds 70 Cochrane
Carter George clerk bds 353 Water
Carter Hugh H student-at-law Duckworth
Carter John cooper 34 Darling, h 30 King's road
Carter John grocer and liquors 30 New Gower
Carter P W stipendiary magistrate Carter's hill
Carter Robert accountant h Cochrane
Carter Captain Robert R.N. 205 New Gower
Carter Robert shipping master 70 Cochrane
Carter Stanley B student-at-law Duckworth
Carvill Matthew salesman bds 235 Water
Cary Martin fisherman Tank lane n Lion square
Casey Edward carriagedriver 283 Water, west
Casey John farmer Flower hill
Casey Patrick butcher 62 Water, west
Casey Martin watchman h 369 Water, west
Casey Maurice farmer Newtown road
Casey Peter fisherman Thomas
Cash Mrs M grocer and liquors 188 Water, h do
Cashin Lawrence fisherman Garrison hill
Cashin Thomas grocer 193 Duckworth
Cashin William carpenter bds 193 Duckworth
Cashing John fisherman 90 Gower
Cashing William   90 Gower
Cashing Thomas fisherman 90 Gower
Cassidy James tailor bds308 Water
Cassidy Patrick tailor 306 Water, h do
Cassidy Michael master mariner Cuddihy's lane
Castigan Michael storekeeper h Gower
Cater Ann, wid John   Cookstown
Caulford Martin mariner George
Cave Thomas fisherman South side
Chafe Abraham carpenter and fisherman n Quide-vidi pond road
Chafe William crockery 376 Water, h do
Chafe William mariner Tank lane n Lion square
Challenge J fisherman Tank lane n Lion square
Chambers J tailor h 42 South-west, Marsh hill
Chamber of Commerce     241 Duckworth
Chambers Thomas J hotel de Paris, grocer, dealer in wines, ales, liquors, &c 103 Water
Chancey George printer bds 8 Victoria
Chancey L T sub-sheriff, Courthouse Duckworth
Chancey Robert salesman bds 353 Water
Chancey Thomas principal clerk Sherrif's office, and keeper of courthouse Cottage, Freshwater road
Chaplin Mark pensioner R N Company h 12 Marsh Hill
Chapter John laborer Duke York
Charles William H storekeeper h 7 Queen's road
Chastey Eliza, wid Richard   h Boggan's lane
Chastey Thomas fisherman h Boggan's lane
Chipman Josiah sailmaker h 54 Marsh hill
Chipman Joshua sailmaker 268 Gower
Chisholm Colin photographer 32 New Gower
Chisholm C & D photographers 4 Beak's cove
Chisholm Duncan photographer 32 New Gower
Chisholm J F book stationer 175 Water, h do
Chislett Henry sailmaker 29 New Gower
Chown F H accountant h 54 Prescott
Christian James master mariner h 55 South-west, Marsh hill
Christian James salesman bds 189 Water
Christopher Garrett fisherman Quidi-vidi
Christopher Garrett printer 236 Duckworth
Christopher John fisherman h 61 Gower
Christopher Robert mariner Carter's hill
Chronicle Daily Morning France Winton publisher 346 Water
Chruchill Edward laborer Rossiter lane
Clair John laborer Tank lane, Limekiln hill
Clair Michael fisherman Tank lane, Limekiln hill
Clance M cab driver and owner 208 Duckworth
Clancey Dennis fisherman Nunnery hill
Clancey James salesman Cookstown
Clancey Johanna, wid James   Cookstown
Clancey William fisherman Nunnery hill
Clancey Margaret, wid James   Dammeril's lane
Clapp Gilward   72 Cochrane
Clark Ambrose blacksmith 109 New Gower
Clark Edward laborer h Monkstown
Clark James fisherman 218 Water, west
Clark Joseph fisherman Brennan's lane
Clark George gardener h King's bridge road
Clarke William blockmaker 4 George
Clatney Daniel laborer h 2 Marsh hill
Clear John fisherman Flower hill
Clear Jeremiah mariner 39 Prescott
Cleary Nicholas fisherman 30 Cochrane
Cleary Patrick laborer 104 Gower
Cleary Patrick fisherman Nunnery hill
Cleary Peter laborer Nunnery hill
Cleary Philip proprietor of st. Ariel, ship-owner h Rennie's mill road
Cleary Philip storekeeper h 83 Gower
Cleary Philip mariner 39 Gower
Cleary Stepehn mariner 39 Prescott
Cleary Thomas fisherman 12 Dalbanty's lane
Cleary William fisherman 40 Cochrane
Cleatney wid James   Signalhill road
Clifford Bridget, wid Thomas   h Henry off Pankin's lane
Clifford Francis shoemaker h Henry off Pankin's lane
Clift Charles bookkeeper bds 119 Gower
Clift Charles N accountant h Gower
Clift Hon James S M.L.C. and M.E.C. merchant Clift's cove r 185 Water, h Rennies mill rd
Clift J S accountant h Rennies mill road
Clift Theodore auctioneer and com. mer. 87 Water, h do
Clift Thomas merchant Clift's cove r 185 Water, h Cochrane
Clift Wood & Co com. Merchants Clift's cove r 188 Water
Clinch Israel fisherman 38 Duckworth
Clinch William fisherman 38 Duckworth
Clooney James cooper 87 New Gower
Clooney John fisherman 224 Water west
Clooney Martin farmer White hills
Clooney Patrick butcher h King's bridge road
Clooney Patrick cooper Casey's lane
Clooney Thomas cooper h Old chapel lane
Clouston John mason 3 Duckworth
Clouston Thomas tinsmith 48 Duckworth
Coady Bridget, wid Edward   Circular road
Coady Catherine, wid James   Nunnery hill
Coady James fisherman 225 New Gower
Coady Joseph mariner Nunnery hill
Coady Joseph planter 183 Duckworth
Coady L manufacturer cod liver oil 36 Hutchings
Coady Matthew printer bds Flavin's lane
Coady Michael bookkeeper 224 Duckworth
Coady Michael fisherman h Boggan's lane
Coady Michael trader h 15 Dick's square
Coady Matthew printer 236 Duckworth
Coady Patrick carpenter Cathedral
Coady Patrick fisherman 185 New Gower
Coady Patrick policeman 12 Chapel
Coady Thomas fisherman 34 Hutchings
Coady Thomas salesman Duckworth
Coady W doorkeeper H. Assemly Pokeham path
Cochran William fisherman Forest road
Codner Henry seaman 167 Gower
Codner Samuel seaman 167 Gower
Coffee John fisherman Carter's hill
Coffee Michael fisherman Carter's hill
Coffin Thomas Customhouse officer h Marsh hill
Colbert Edward shipwright h Old chapel lane
Colbert James butcher 25 New Gower, h Freshwater road
Cole Andrew baker bds 112 Water
Cole Henry fisherman Casey's lane
Cole Mary, wid John   Casey's lane
Cole Mrs   18 Duckworth
Cole Thomas cabinetmaker h 71 Gower
Cole Samuel mariner James
Cole William boardinghouse 302 Water
Cole William fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Cole William master mariner 5 Queen
Coleman Catherine, wid John   Georgetown
Coleman Edward fisherman 4 Dalhanty's lane
Coleman Jne   James
Coleman John carpenter Georgetown
Coleman Patrick carpenter 101 New Gower
Coleman Patrick tailor George
Colfer John fisherman h Boggan's lane
Colfer Thomas cooper Steven
Colford Elizabeth, wid James   17 Holdsworth
Colford Martin cooper James
Collett Thomas storekeeper Pokeham path
Collier Charles sailmaker Forest road
Collier John W painter h 6 Victoria
Collier Samuel carriage trimmer 114 Duckworth
Collings John carpenter Chapel
Collins Andrew fisherman 232 Water west
Collins Catherine, wid William   Limekiln hill
Collins Dennia laborer Pokeham path
Collins Francis P cooper bds 187 Duckworth
Collins G carpenter Chapel n Congregational ch
Collins Isaac tidewaiter bds 187 Duckworth
Collins James pilot Ordnance lane
Collins James R trader 189 Duckworth
Collins John fisherman 171 New Gower
Collins John J accountant bds 189 Duckworth
Collins Joseph fisherman Thomas
Collins Joseph fisherman Ordnance lane
Collins Michael fisherman Ordnance lane
Collins Michael cooper 18 Brine
Collins Patrick farmer 23 Dalhanty's lane
Collins Peter fisherman Brennan's lane
Collins Thomas storekeeper h Military road
Collins William mariner James off Monkstown rd
Collis Arthur   bds 30 Marsh hill
Collis G mariner h 53 South-west, Marsh hill
Collis H porter h 53 South-west, Marsh hill
Collis James clerk h 155 New Gower
Collis J M salesman bds 353 Water
Collis W mariner h 53 South-west, Marsh hill
Colonial Secretarys Office     Colonial building
Colton John clerk h 7 Queen's road
Colton John cooper South side
Colton John hardware salesman h Queen's road
Colton Martha, wid   15 Gower
Colton Samuel cooper South side
Comerford Bridger, wid Richard   Forest road
Comerford C grocer 20 New Gower, h do
Comerford Ellen, wid Michael   15 Holdsworth
Comerford Ellen, wid Richard   55 New Gower
Comerford John cooper Steven, h Cribbage
Comerford Laurence cooper Holloway
Comerford Mary, wid Nicholas   Barnes' lane
Comerford M boot and shoemaker 20 New Gower
Comerford Michael tidewaiter 113 Gower
Comerford Patrick teacher Spanish Nunnery hill
Comerford Richard fisherman Brennan's lane
Comerford William salesman h Duckworth
Commercial Bank of Newfoundland     Duckworth
Commercial Rooms J B Bulley manager 241 Duckworth
Commes M, wid Arthur   Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Condon D shipwright h Beck's cove, Fire Break
Condon James laborer bds 33 Duckworth
Condon John fisherman Brennan's lane
Condon John shoemaker h Monkstown
Condon Kyran mariner Cookstown
Condon Martin carpenter 33 Duckworth
Conery Daniel laborer h Barnes' lane
Congregational Church     Queen's road
Connell Catherine, wid James   Limekiln hill
Connell Miss Ellen School teacher Central school Queen's road
Connell John mariner Ordnance lane
Connell Mary, wid Patrick   Ordnance lane
Connell Maurice fisherman Ordnance lane
Connell Michael fisherman Ordnance lane
Connell P butcher 133 Gower, h King's road
Connell Patrick fisherman Thomas
Connell Patrick mariner Limekiln hill
Connell T fisherman and grocer 115 New Gower
Connolly George fish 185 Gower
Connolly John cooper bds 43 New Gower
Connolly Mary, wid Patrick   Barter's hill
Connolly Michael butcher 195 Duckworth
Connolly Michael cooper 43 New Gower
Connolly Michael fisherman 9 Patrick
Connolly Michael laborer Barter's hill
Connolly Thomas fisherman 9 Patrick
Connolly Thomas laborer 9 Patrick
Connolly Thomas tallyman 1 McBride
Connolly William laborer 9 Patrick
Connors Bartholomew keeper Orphan Asylum, netmaker Queen's road
Connors David C H locker 272 Water west
Connors John fisherman Limekiln hill
Connors Martin fisherman Dammeril's lane n Limekiln hill
Connors Mary, wid John   Casey's lane
Connors Michael butcher 14 Water, h do
Connors Michael fisherman Brennan's lane
Connors Michael printer office 285 Duckworth
Connors Michael saddler 268 Duckworth
Connors Michael fisherman Tank lane n Lion sq
Connors Thomas newmaker bds Orphan Asylum
Connors Thomas fisherman 24 Water west
Connors Timothy cooper Tank lane n Lion sq
Constantine John fisherman 137 New Gower
Convent of Mercy     Military Road
Conway C mason and plasterer 104 Duckworth
Conway Edward seaman h 5 George
Conway J fisherman James off Monkstown rd
Conway John fisherman and grocer 25 Queen's rd
Conway John fisherman 49 Pokeham path
Conway Rev John, R C administrator of St John's parish h Bishop's palace, Military road
Cook Charles cooper Barter's hill
Cook Edward fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Cook Harriet, wid William   h 40 Water
Cook Henry teller, Commercial Bank Duckworth
Cook James clerk h King's bridge road
Cook James fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Cook Jas. salesman h Woodbine cot. King's bridge
Cook John fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Cook John carpenter h 28 Marsh hill
Cook John fisherman South side
Cook Joseph fisherman South side
Cook Robert fisherman South side
Cook William butcher 278 Water, h do
Cook William cooper Barter's hill
Cook William fisherman South side
Cooke Henry teller and accountant Commercial Bank h 23 Monkstown road
Coombes Thomas hostler h King's bridge road
Cooman James baker 63 Gower, bds 112 Water
Coomey M liquors and grocer 42 Water west
Cooman Patrick baker 66 Duckworth
Cooman William baker bds 66 Duckworth
Cooper Henry shoemaker 391 Water, west
Cooper Levi laborer Flavin's lane
Cooper Michael seaman 120 Water, west
Corbett Thomas cooper h 2 Dick's square
Corbett William cooper h 2 Dick's square
Corcoran Elizabeth, wid John   h 22 King's road
Corcoran James doorkeeper House of Assembly 6 Long's lane
Corcoran James fisherman bds 136 New Gower
Corcoran Lawrence fisherman bds 136 New Gower
Corcoran Lawrence laborer 136 New Gower
Corcoran Patrick   Carter's hill
Corcoran Patrick fisherman bds 136 New Gower
Corcoran Philip   6 Long's lane
Corcoran Richard laborer 182 Water, west
Cormack James accountant bds 247 Duckworth
Cormack John accountant bds 247 Duckworth
Cormack Patrick tallyman 161 Gower
Cornick John moulder 192 Gower
Cornick Reuben mason 192 Gower
Cornick Thomas moulder 192 Gower
Cornig Edwin mason h 56 South-west, Marsh hill
Corrigan Peter mariner Flower hill
Corrigan Peter, jun mariner Flower hill
Cosgrove J fisherman h 32 South-west, Marsh hill
Cosgrove T fisherman h 32 South-west, Marsh hill
Cosio Johanna, wid Thomas   Casey's lane
Costello John seaman Dalhanty's lane
Costello William fisherman 79 New Gower
Costigan James fisherman Casey's lane
Costigan Joseph trader 156 Gower
Costigan Mich laborer James off Monkstown rd
Costigan Michael storekeeper 152 New Gower
Costigan Patrick bookkeeper 156 Gower
Costigan William storekeeper h Duckworth
Cotter Patrick tallyman 76 Duckworth
Cotter P truckman James off Monkstown rd
Coughlan Bridget   122 Military road
Coughlan Julia, wid Edward   Ordnance lane
Coughlan Matthew pensioner 162 Water, west
Coughlan Miss Alice milliner h 122 Military road
Coughlan Miss Kate   h 122 Military road
Coughlan Patrick telegraph operator bds 165 Duckworth
Coughlan William, jun   bds 165 Duckworth
Coughlan William mail contractor and boardinghouse 165 Duckworth
Coughlan William constable 174 Gower
Courier, The The Joseph Woods publisher   Courthouse, Duckworth
Courtney Richard butcher 65 New Gower, h do
Cousins Edward master cooper South side
Cousins James S storekeeper h Lazybank road
Cousins Nicholas cooper South side
Cove Samuel carpenter 226 New Gower
Cowan Benjamin commission merchant and rope manufactory 2 Water, h Duckworth
Cowan E, wid William boardinghouse 219 Gower
Cowan Grace, wid Peter   18 Allen square
Cowan John accountant h Allen square
Cox Benjamin seaman 302 Duckworth
Cox James clothing, liquors and grocer 166 and 168 Water, h do
Cox Moses fisherman Garrison hill
Coxon M gunsmith and whitesmith 210 Duckworth
Coyell Ann, wid William   13 New Gower
Coyle Thomas cooper South side
Coyle William D   bds 119 Gower
Coyah William mariner Signalhill road
Coyens James H storekeeper Lazybank road
Craig Charles seaman 139 Gower
Craig William salesman bds 285 Water
Cramp Patrick farmer h Freshwater road
Crane John W salesman h Prescott
Crane Martin fisherman Flower hill
Crane Nicholas cooper 64 George
Crane Patrick fisherman 37 Buchanan
Crawford Henry laborer South side
Crawford Nicholas fisherman South side
Creame John salesman 23 Prescott
Crew Silas accountant h 399 Water
Crimp John laborer Long's hill
Crimp Robert coachman Garrison hill
Crimp William wharfinger h Long's hill
Critch Ambrose laborer Chapel
Critch Joseph fisherman Dreelan's well road
Critch Sarah, wid George   Cookstown
Critch Thomas servantman Flower hill
Croake James fisherman South side
Croake John fisherman Ordnance lane
Croake M carpenter and dealer 60 Water west
Croake Thomas tailor Flower hill
Croaker Edward fisherman pokeham path
Croaker Henry laborer 37 Prescott
Croaker John H printer 37 Prescott
Croaker William fisherman South side
Crocker William printer 6 Brine
Cross William H master mariner h 34 Marsh hill
Crossman Aaron blacksmith 212 Duckworth
Crossman John blacksmith 212 Duckworth
Crossman Miss H bonnetmaker 212 Duckworth
Crossman M plumber and gasfitter 212 Duckworth
Crossman William blacksmith Prescott
Crotter John cooper 32 Prescott
Crotty Daniel storekeeper 128 New Gower
Crotty Maurice carman Monday's pond road
Crotty William fisherman Signalhill road
Croucher Frederick fisherman 296 New Gower
Croucher John fisherman 296 New Gower
Croucher Thomas fisherman 298 New Gower
Crow John laborer h Bulley
Crow William engineer 187 Gower
Crowdel John farmer Freshwater road
Crowdy Charles physician 228 Duckworth
Crowdy Joseph first clerk Colonial Secretary's office Colonial building, h Duckworth
Crowdy & Simms   physicians 228 Duckworth
Crowley Alice, wid John   3 Dalhanty's lane
Crowley Daniel fisherman 11 Garrison hill
Crowley Jeremiah carpenter 11 Garrison hill
Cruikshank A proprietor St John's dyeworks 306 Duckworth
Crute John gardener 13 Gower
Crute Philip   bds 13 Gower
Crute W servant Belvedere cemetery Long pond rd
Cuddihy Ellen washerwoman h 191 New Gower
Cuddihy James farmer River head
Cuddihy John farmer River head
Cuddihy Lawrence storekeeper 62 New Gower
Cuddihy Michael mason Cuddihy's lane
Cuddihy Michael seaman 62 New Gower
Cuddihy Mrs Bridget, wid Matthias   57 New Gower
Cuddihy Richard fisherman 188 Water west
Cuddihy T liquors and grocer 72 Duckworth
Cuddihy Thomas farmer River head
Cuddihy Thomas store 80 Duckworth
Cullen Edward baker Queen's bakery, Military rd
Cullen Patrick moulder 362 Water west
Cullen Patrick tailor 362 Water west, h do
Cullen Thomas cooper 80 New Gower
Cullen Thomas, jun cooper bds 80 New Gower
Cullen William groceries, provisions, and liquors 348 Water, h do
Culleton Charles laborer Dreelan's well road
Culleton David fisherman Limekiln hill
Culleton James baker 122 Duckworth
Culleton James laborer Boggan's lane
Culleton Mary, wid John   122 Duckworth
Culleton Michael mariner Limekiln hill
Culleton Thomas laborer h Boggan's lane
Culleton W cooper and baker bds 122 Duckworth
Cummings Catherine, wid Maurice   64 Cochrane
Cummings John mariner 64 Cochrane
Cummings Peter master mariner 64 Cochrane
Cummins Edward fisherman 315 Water, west
Cummins Edward salesman bds 119 Gower
Cummins John fisherman h 54 King's road
Cummins Mary, wid Patrick   Ordnance lane
Cummins Maurice printer 218 Duckworth
Cunningham John fisherman James
Cunningham Mary, wid John   47 New Gower
Cunningham Michael cooper 86 New Gower
Cunningham Patrick fisherman Dreelan's well road
Cunningham William fisherman Cookstown
Curdon John shoemaker 33 Duckworth
Curran Adam draper h Lazybank
Curran Adam salesman 181 Water
Curran Andrew cooper Carter's hill
Curran John clothier 96 Water, h do
Curran John draper h Lazybank
Curran John fisherman Flower hill
Curran John farmer h Pennywell road
Curran Mrs   h Lazybank
Curran Thomas fisherman Steven
Currigan Henry laborer Casey's lane
Curtin Daniel fisherman h 95 King's road
Curtin James tailor Nunnery hill
Curtin John fisherman 159 Gower
Curtin Michael mariner h Pankins' lane
Curtis Elizabeth, wid James   William's lane n Limekiln hill
Curtis John fisherman Barter's hill
Curtis John fisherman 337 Water, west
Curtis Patrick engineer 180 Water, west
Curtis William fisherman 23 Dalhanty's lane
Custom House     Water

Transcribed by Mary Rawlinson (June 2003)

Page Revised: April - 2003 (Don Tate)

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