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Badcock George E salesman h 213 Gower
Badcock Thomas laborer 244 New Gower
Badell Nicholas fisherman 13 Allen square
Baine Johnston & Co   general merchants 205 Water
Baird Brothers   general drapers 187 Water
Baird David merchant 187 Water, h do
Baird D & J grocers and wine merchants 217 Water
Baird JAM salesman bds 187 Water
Baird James merchant h Wigmore gully road off Freshwater road
Baird J merchant 187 Water, h Cathedral hill
Baker Elizabeth, wid John   Dreelan's well road
Baker Richard fisherman h 16 Flavin's lane
Baker Thomas fisherman Droclan's well road
Baldwin John cooper 42 Duckworth
Baldwin John tidewaiter Duke York
Bambrick Michael baker 30 Water, west
Banington John shipcarpenter 48 Water, west
Bannerman Alexander salesman bds 119 Gower
Banon Mrs Johanna liquors, grocer, and crockeryware 142 New Gower
Barnes Andrew carpenter Lazybank road
Barnes Arthur J fisherman Lazybank road
Barnes Charles librarian at Athenaeum readingroom 219 Water, h Barnes' lane
Barnes Charles trader Water, h do
Barnes Charles, jun salesman bds Barnes' lane
Barnes E commission merchant 169 Water, h do
Barnes Edward farmer bds Barnes' lane
Barnes Ellen, wid Patrick   269 Gower
Barnes Henry farmer bds Barnes' lane
Barnes John sergeant-at-arms House of Assembly h Barnes' lane
Barnes & Nuttall   general traders Water
Barnes Richard accountant h Barnes' lane
Barnes Richard fisherman h Boggan's lane
Barnes Robert fisherman Pokeham path
Barnes Sarah, wid Silas   h Lazybank path
Barnes Silas J tinsmith h Lazybank path
Barnes Thomas fisherman Georgetown
Barnes William carpenter 24 Allen square
Barnes William salesman h. Barnes' lane
Barnes William MHA h. Rennie's mill road
Barnes William, jun mariner h. Rennie's mill road
Barrett James fisherman 111 Gower
Barrett Joseph laborer 4 British square
Barrett Robert laborer 376 Water
Barrington John fisherman 5 Dalhanty's lane
Barron Catherine, wid Richard   Cookstown
Barron Edward fisherman Thomas
Barron James fisherman Thomas
Barron John fisherman Thomas
Barron Laurence accountant 122 Duckworth
Barron Patrick fisherman Cookstown
Barron Pierce M bookkeeper 142 New Gower
Barron Sarah, wid James   h Beggan's lane
Barry John fisherman 250 New Gower
Barry Martin fisherman Dammeril's lane
Barry Richard fisherman Nunnery hill
Barter Anne, wid John   Barter's hill
Barter George farmer Flower hill
Barter Richard steamsawing and joinery works  
Barter Samuel clerk bds 303 Water
Barter William carpenter Barter's hill
Barters John surveyor of lumber 74 New Gower
Bartlett George mariner Barnes' lane
Bartlett George fisherman 214 New Gower
Bartlett Henry fisherman Brennan's lane
Bartlett Henry fisherman bds 214 New Gower
Bartlett Henry J sailmaker Cuddihy's lane
Bartlett William fisherman 19 Patrick
Bascombe Bridget A, wid Foster   h 10 Marsh hill
Bastow John farmer h 21 Garrison hill
Bates James clerk bds 140 Water
Bates John fisherman 165 Gower
Bates Miss Margaret   h 130 Water
Bathgate Andrew storekeeper 103 Military road
Batson William coachman Nunnery hill
Batston John fisherman Quidi-vidi
Baurrick James fisherman 230 Water west
Baves Thomas mariner Carter's hill
Bayly James Prussian and Italian counsul 43 Military road
Bearns Thomas   furniture and cabinetmaker 324 Water, h do
Bearns Thomas   195 Military road
Bearns William M clerk h 126 Miliary road
Beck William H 1st salesman bds Knight's home
Becket Hester shopkeeper 93 Gower
Beckford James fisherman h 59 King's road
Beckford William mariner h 59 King's road
Beenlan Miss school teacher 215 Gower
Beer John fisherman h Henry off Pankin's lane
Beer John farmer 29 Prescott
Beer Joseph tailor 27 Prescott
Beer Thomas laborer Quidi-vidi
Bemister Anne, wid John   Duke York
Bendle Jacob salesman bds 223 Water
Bennett WD military storekeeper ordinance department Duckworth
Bennett C F & Co   general merchants 385 Water
Bennett Hon CF MEC merchant 385 Water, h 356 do
Bennett David bandmaster James
Bennett Edward W storekeeper h George
Bennett Thomas JP Courthouse Duckworth
Bennett Thomas M bandmaster James
Benries William G salesman h 21 Prescott
Beeney & Fitzgibbon   drygood merchants 283 Water
Berney Michael dry goods merchants 283 Water, h 4 Queen's road
Berney Richard fisherman Barter's hill
Berrigan James mariner George
Berrigan Margaret   h 20 King's road
Berrigan Patrick tailor 268 Water, h do
Berrigan William shipcarpenter 255 Gower
Berry John laborer h Monkstown
Beveridge Samuel laborer Flower hill
Bevey J fisherman h Henry off Pankin's lane
Bevina Henry salesman h 20 Cathedral
Bibbings James fisherman South side
Bibbings John cooper South side
Bigeldy John cooper Steven
Billingsley William boot and shoe factory Barter's hill, h 125 New Gower
Billingsley William, jun boot and shoe factory Barter's hill, h 125 New Gower
Bintley David fisherman Signalhill road
Bird John fisherman Pokeham path
Birmingham Thomas cutler h Princes
Biswick David laborer South side
Blackler Edward cooper h Bulley
Blackler John fisherman 6 Brine
Blackler Thomas cooper South side
Blackler William planter Pokeham path
Blackler William planter South side
Blackwood Andrew barber 240 Water
Blackwood Andrew, jun   Pokeham path
Blackwood A & R hairdressers and fancy goods 240 Water
Blackwood Robert barber 240 Water, h do
Blackwood Robert, jun barber 240 Water, h do
Blair Henry salesman bds 21 Prescott
Blake William M hardware 236 Water, h do
Blanch Edward fisherman Nunnery hill
Blanco Jose Spanish consul 16 Cochrane, h do
Blandford Catherine, wid Edward   16 George
Blandford Charles tailor h George
Blundon Mrs Anastasia boarding 248 Water
Blundon James tailor McAllman's lane
Blyde George laborer Georgetown
Board of Works Office     Colonial building, Military rd
Boden Jonas A jeweller h 34 Victoria
Boden Samuel sailmaker 16 Allen square
Boden Solomon master mariner 16 Allen square
Bogden Benjamin shipcarpenter h Monkstown
Boggan Francis cooper 46 Prescott
Boggan James cooper bds 251 Gower
Boggan John cooper 251 Gower
Boggan Richard cooper bds 251 Gower
Boland David fisherman Casey's lane
Boland James carpenter 78 Military road
Boland Maurice laborer 94 Duckworth
Boland Richard master mariner 34 Gower
Bolt John servant bds 265 Duckworth
Bolt Mrs Sarah crockery, glassware, seeds & c 208 Water, h 16 Cochrane
Bolt Thomas fisherman South side
Bolt William cooper 22 Water, west
Bolt William cooper Brennan's lane
Bond James fisherman h Boggan's lane
Bond John general merchant 437 Water, h 435 do
Bond William J accountant bds 435 Water
Boone Charles H cooper 94 New Gower
Bonne Ebenezer painter 94 New Gower
Boone John H attorney-at-law h Duckworth
Boone Samuel salesman h 18 Cathedral
Booth Jacob fisherman Lion square
Bootwood Rev EDW (Episcop) South side
Borne Henry V salesman bds Colonial building, Military road
Borne Mrs Mary keeper Colonial building h do, Military road
Bovey John joiner and dealer 38 New Gower
Bow Michael fisherman Flavin's lane
Bowden Cornelius shoemaker 12 Water, west
Bowden Frederick W proprietor and publisher Public Ledger 285 Duckworth
Bowden George shipcarpenter 1 Lion square
Bowden Samuel laborer 101 King's road
Bowdrige Martin laborer h Monkstown
Bowell R servant h 18 South-west Marsh hill
Bowen Elizabeth, wid David   8 Long's lane
Bowlan Samuel laborer 17 Pokeham path
Bowler Richard fisherman 174 Water, west
Bown Frederick S accountant h off James
Bown George F auctioneer, com Merchant, notary public, broker 1 McBride cor Water, h James
Bowring Brothers   general merchants 271, 273 and 275 Water
Bowring Charles merchant 271 Water, h do
Boyd John merchant 327 Water, h Cathedral hill
Boyd J & W commission merchants and lumber dealers 327 Water
Boyd & McDougall   commission and general merchants 337 Water
Boyd Thomas merchant 337 Water, h do
Boyd William merchant 327 Water, h Gregory's cottage 38 Rennie's mill road
Boyd William tailor 12 Adelaide
Boyd William laborer James
Boyles John laborer Barnes' lane
Brace Ebenezer bookbinder 202 Water, h do
Brace Nathan cooper 126 Gower
Bradbrook William fisherman h 25 Water
Bradbury John laborer h King's bridge
Bradbury Nathaniel laborer h 68 King's road
Bradshaw Henry bookkeeper 41 Military road
Brady Francis laborer Dreelan's well road
Bragg James fisherman h Monkstown
Bragg Stephen fisherman h Monkstown
Bransfield John fisherman 42 Gower
Bray Alice, wid P   h 12 South-west, Marsh hill
Bray John fisherman James off Monkstown road
Brazil Cornelius laborer Barnes' lane
Brazil Patrick   bds 174 New Gower
Brazil William farmer and cooper 174 New Gower
Breen Patrick laborer George
Breen Garret fisherman h 15 Flavin's lane
Breen Garret fisherman Dalhanty's lane
Breen James seaman h 73 Gower
Breen John blacksmith bds 267 Gowen
Breen Margaret grocer, provisions Boggan's lane
Breen Mrs Maria, wid John seamstress 20 George
Breen M butcher 300 Water, h 218 New Gower
Breen Patrick fisherman h Lazybank
Breen Robert seaman h 388 Water
Breen Thomas blacksmith George
Breman wid John   Signalhill road
Brennan Edward carriagedriver 50 Water, west
Brennan E groceries and liquors 282 Water, h do
Brennan James carriagedriver 31 Patrick
Brennan John fisherman h Lazybank
Brennan Mary, wid James   h Lazybank
Brennan Mathew fisherman Flower hill
Brennan Peter MHA 56 New Gower
Brennan Thomas laborer h 20 Marsh hill
Brennan Walter fisherman Lazybank
Brennan William fisherman 188 Water west
Brewin James shoemaker 28 Duckworth
Bride John fisherman 15 New Gower
Bridgeman Ellen, wid James   Limekiln hill
Bridgeman Miss Fanny dressmaker h 75 Gower
Bridgeman Mrs Susan dressmaker 75 Gower
Brien Bridget, wid Thomas   Duke York
Brien Christopher fisherman 173 New Gower
Brien Dennis fisherman 20 Princes
Brien Edward laborer 194 New Gower
Brien James cooper South side
Brien James fisherman Duke York
Brien James fisherman Brennan's lane
Brien James cooper Tank lane n Lion square
Brien James hostler Forest road
Brien James fisherman 48 George
Bien John carman 304 Water West
Brien Lawrence laborer Tank lane n Lion square
Brien Michael laborer Duke York
Brien Patrick grocer 146 New Gower
Brien Redmond victualler 190 Water
Brien Simon shoemaker 12 Water west
Brien Thomas blacksmith 2 Holdsworth
Brien Thomas butcher 338 Water, h do
Brien Thomas fisherman Pokeham path
Brine Arthur laborer Casey's lane
Brine Catherine, wid Denis   h Bulley
Brine Charles gardener h 80 King's road
Brine Henry laborer Flower hill
Brine James fisherman h 38 Marsh hill
Brine James fisherman Limekiln hill
Brine James fisherman Coady's lane
Brine John tailor h Pankin's lane
Brine John cooper h Rennie's mill road
Brine John watchman h Bulley
Brine John fisherman h 89 Monkstown road
Brine John carpenter 3 Rossiter lane
Brine John laborer h 38 Marsh hill
Brine John master mariner Long's hill
Brine John seaman bds 24 Gower
Brine Luke carpenter Limekiln hill
Brine Mary, wid Denis   h 10 South-west, Marsh hill
Brine Michael farmer h Leary's road off Freshwater road
Brine Michael laborer Monday's pond road
Brine Patrick boot and shoe factory Barter's hill
Brine Patrick farmer h Wigmore gully road off Freshwater road
Brine Patrick laborer Casey's lane
Brine T tinsmith h 46 South-west, Marsh hill
Brine Thomas fisherman near St. Patrick's chapel
Brine Thomas fisherman Casey's lane
Brine Thomas fisherman h 38 Marsh hill
Brine Thomas master mariner 24 Gower
Brine Timothy carman h Freshwater road
Brine Wiliam fisherman h 38 Marsh hill
Brinicombe TJ wheelwright 114 Duckworth
Brit P fisherman h Henry off Pankin's lane
Britt Catherine, wid Patrick   Lazybank road
Brocklehurst Charles accountant and cod oil manufacturer 15 Duckworth
Brocklehurst CF storekeeper bds 15 Duckworth
Brocklehurst George chemist bds 15 Duckworth
Broderick Thomas shoemaker h 118 Military road
Broderick Thomas groceries 231 Gowen
Broders Edward cooper Georgetown
Broders Michael fisherman Nunnery hill
Broders Patrick laborer Georgetown
Broders William fisherman Dreelan's well road
Brooking Thomas laborer Carter's hill
Brooks S coachman and grocer 1 Duckworth
Brophey Mary, wid Michael   Singalhill road
Brophey Stephen fisherman Signalhill road
Brophy Edward fisherman 6 Duckworth
Brophy John teacher 104 Gower
Brophy John fisherman 4 Duckworth
Brophy Matthew fisherman 55 George
Brophy Michael fisherman 104 Gower
Brophy Patrick fisherman 6 Duckworth
Brown Bryan baker bds 1 Queen's road, Terra Nova battery
Brown Emma school teacher 10 Allen square
Brown George fisherman Limekiln hill
Brown John mason Carter's hill
Brown John fisherman George
Brown John fisherman h Monkstown
Brown John laborer h Barnes' lane
Brown John mason Cookstown
Brown John fisherman Tank lane n Lion square
Brown John fisherman George
Brown Mary, wid John   10 Long's lane
Brown Michael fisherman Cookstown
Brown Patrick fisherman 355 Water, west
Brown Patrick fisherman George
Brown Patrick laborer h Barnes' lane
Brown Philip doorkeeper HA 4 Princes
Brown Robert manager Commerical Bank h Bank building Duckworth
Brown Thomas baker bds 112 Water
Brown Thomas laborer South side
Brown Thomas mason Cookstown
Brown Thomas J accountant h Commercial Bank building, Duckworth
Brown William fisherman George
Brown William farmer Newtown road
Brown William G fisherman Limekiln hill
Brown William accountant bds 101 Water
Browning Gilbert biscuit manufacturer 371 Water, h do
Browning James boot and shoe manufacturer and tanner 371 Water, h do
Browning J & Co tannery and boot and shoe manufactory office 371 Water
Brownrig Mary boarding 126 Water
Brownrig Patrick fisherman 57 George
Brownrig Thomas fisherman 54 George
Bryan Catherine variety store 394 Water
Bryan Pierce fisherman bds 394 Water
Bryden James general merchant 285 Water
Bryden James merchant Cottage, Freshwater road
Bryden William salesman bds 285 Water
Bryant John salesman bds 223 Water
Buckingham J limeburner h Monkstown road
Buckler Alfred cooper 7 British square
Buckler Nathaniel fisherman 6 British square
Buckler William cooper 4 Brine
Buckley Elizabeth, wid John   h Boggan's lane
Buckley John fisherman 120 Gower
Buckley John laborer 25 Duckworth
Buckley Patrick blacksmith William's lane
Buckley Patrick fisherman 384 Water, west
Buckley Thomas cooper 25 Duckworth
Buckmaster Patrick butcher 242 Water, h do
Bulger Edward cooper 76 Queen's road
Bulger Ellen, wid Patrick   Nunnery hill
Bulger James fisherman Lazybank
Bulger Miss Lucy   270 Gower
Bulger Nicholas cooper 28 Allen square
Bulger Richard farmer h Wigmore gully road off Freshwater road
Bulger Thomas mariner Nunnery hill
Bulger William fisherman Ordinance lane
Bulger William laborer h Lazybank
Bulley James porter h Monkstown road
Bulley John B notary public and insurance broker commercial rooms, 241 Duckworth, h Harvey place, Rennie's mill road
Bulley Prescott clerk bds Rennie's mill road
Bunting Frederick G psysician 267 Duckworth
Burcey John fisherman 36 Flavin's lane
Burcey William R fisherman 36 Flavin's lane
Burford Alexander mariner Lazybank road
Burford Charles master mariner Lazybank road
Burford Edward master mariner Lazybank road
Burford William seaman Lazybank road
Burke Miss Ann school teacher 196 Duckworth
Burke Edward clerk bds 39 Gower
Burke Ellen, wid William   h Monkstown
Burke James seaman bds 39 Gower
Burke John cooper h Pankin's lane
Burke John fisherman South side
Burke John fisherman Carter's hill
Burke John fisherman 14 Long's lane
Burke John balliff bds 39 Gower
Burke Lawrence   h 22 King's road
Burke Michael fisherman Forest road
Burke Michael master mariner 32 Victoria
Burke Patrick crown officer h 39 Gower
Burke Rodger laborer h 50 South-west, Marsh hill
Burke Sarah, wid John   74 Prescott
Burke Thomas mariner h Pankin's lane
Burn Denis cooper Nunnery hill
Burn Edward fisherman Barter's hill
Burn Fanny, wid John   Casey's lane
Burn Frances, wid John   Cuddihy's lane
Burn James fisherman Casey's lane
Burn John fisherman Steven
Burn John cooper Nunnery hill
Burn John cooper 24 Cochrane
Burn Julia, wid Patrick   James
Burn Margaret   Limekiln hill
Burn M fisherman Chapel n Congregational church
Burn Michael T cooper bds 110 Water
Burn Patrick cooper Cuddihy's lane
Burn Richard fisherman Cuddihy's lane
Burn Thomas cooper 38 Cochrane
Burn Timothy laborer h Flower hill
Burn William master mariner h 110 Water
Burn William cooper Cuddihy's lane
Burn William planter 64 Prescott
Burridge Thomas stonemason and manufactuer of lime Chain rock road n Water
Burton Miss Lucinda school teacher 79 Gower
Burton Thomas fisherman Carter's hill
Bursell George earthenware and variety store 365 Water, h do
Bursell Geo Jun master mariner bds 365 Water
Bussy Anne, wid John   Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Bussy Isaac fisherman Covell lane, Nunnery hill
Butler Ellen, wid Edward   Barter's hill
Butler James laborer Flower hill
Butler John fisherman Long's hill
Butler John, jun fisherman Long's hill
Butler Lawrence fisherman Dammeril's lane
Butler Martin grocer 348 Water, west
Butler Matthew fisherman South side
Butler Patrick laborer Tank lane n Lion square
Butler Richard laborer Flower hill
Butler Solomon customs' boat 92 New Gower
Butler Thomas master mariner South side
Butler William fisherman h King's bridge road
Butt Alfred fisherman Barter's hill
Butt George fisherman Steven
Byrne Dennis agent and master cooper South side
Byrne Dennis fisherman bds 186 Duckworth
Byrne James fisherman 56 George
Bryne James tidewaiter h 280 Duckworth
Byrne James fisherman Duke York
Byrne John seaman bds 11 New Gower
Byrne Joseph laborer 50 New Gower
Byrne Martin fisherman 260 Gower
Byrne Michael cooper 257 Gower, h Playhosue hill
Byrne Patrick fisherman New line
Byrne Patrick laborer 58 Gower
Byrne Thomas butcher 91 New Gower, h do
Byrne William fisherman 11 New Gower

Transcribed by Lenora Furey (June 2003)

Page Revised: April - 2003 (Don Tate)

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