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Abbot John fisherman n St. Patrick's chapel
Abbott John fisherman Pokeham path
Adams Charles farmer h Pennywell road
Adams Drucilla, wid Abram   Long's hill
Adams James stonemason h Signalhill road
Adams John J manager 359 Water
Adams Frederick mariner 26 Allen square
Adams Joseph sailmaker 29 New Gower
Adams Thomas porter Long's hill
Adams Thomas farmer Long's hill
Adams Thomas sailmaker 345 Duckworth
Adams Thomas sailmaker h Pennywell road
Adams William fisherman Long's hill
Adams William J master mariner h Prescott
Adas John fisherman Flower hill
Adlam Thomas fisherman Nunnery hill
Aide John master mariner White cottage, Pennywell road
Ainsworth William fisherman Chapel
Alexander James salesman bds 21 Prescott
Alexander James salesman bds Gower
Alexander P merchant 359 Water, h do
Allan Charles master mariner 17 Cathedral hill
Allan Henry tinsmith 27 Darling
Allan Thomas oil-cloths manufacturer 232 Gower
Allen Michael farmer Allen dale, Long pond road
Allen Patrick farmer Allen dale, Long pond road
Allen Peter fisherman 7 George
Allen William fisherman George
Allison Robert fisherman James
Alsop Hon. Robert colonial secretary office Colonial building, h Military road
Anderson Bridget boardinghouse 13 Adelaide
Anderson Ellen, wid Thomas   Flavin's lane
Anderson Miss Emma school teacher Central school Queen's road
Anderson G variety store and liquors 256 Water
Anderson John seaman 110 Gower
Andrews Elizabeth, wid John   Quidi-vidi
Andrews George fisherman h. 40 Water
Andrews John fisherman h. 16 Flavin's lane
Andrews William fisherman h. 40 Water
Andrews William tinsmith 178 Water, h. Queen's road
Andrews William tinsmith 29 Queen's road
Angel George master mariner 21 Cathedral hill
Angel John cooper 27 Water, west
Angel Margaret, wid Samuel   Dammeril's lane
Angel Samuel fisherman 25 Water, west
Angell James engineer Foundry Pokeham path
Angell John fisherman 123 New Gower
Angell J modelmaker Foundry Pokeham path
Angell Stephen fisherman 167 New Gower
Anthony Abram fisherman Dreelan's well road
Anthony George tallyman h 42 King's road
Anthony Innocence fisherman 20 George
Antle Henry laborer Nunnery hill
Antle William trader 348 Duckworth
Archibald Edward M. shipping and commission merchant 319 Water, h do
Arid Steamboat Office Philip Cleavy proprietor   129 Water
Armstrong Michael fisherman Barter's hill
Armstrong William sailmaker 345 Duckworth
Ashley Daniel fisherman bds 59 Patrick
Ashley John cooper 59 Patrick
Ashley John mariner h Beggan's lane
Ashley Thomas fisherman bds 59 Patrick
Ashman George trader 249 Gowr
Ashman Margaret, wid William   Flavin's ane
Ashman Patrick fisherman Flavin's lane
Ashman Thomas clerk bds 249 Gower
Ashman Thomas planter h 18 British square
Asman John fisherman William's lane n. Limekiln hill
Aspell Anna, wid Richard   Nunnery hill
Aspell Bridget grocer 112 Water, west
Aspell John fisherman 5 Livingstone
Aspell Mary boardinghouse 64 New Gower
Aspell William   64 New Gower
Athenaeum Reading room & library Charles Barnes Librarian 219 Water
Atkins John fisherman Lazybank road
Atwell Frederick mason h 65 Gower
Atwell Richard mason h Freshwater road
Atwill Richard mason 31 Queen's road
Auchinlack James R mariner h Steven
Austin John salesman bds 223 Water
Austin Samuel tidewaiter Quidi-vidi road
Avalon Skating rink     Military road
Avery Adam fisherman Barter's hill
Avery Ebenezer fisherman h Lazybank road
Avery John fisherman h Lazybank road
Avery William fisherman h 22 Flavin's lane
Aylward Miss Bridget dressmaker 17 New Gower
Aylward James fisherman 120 Water, west
Aylward Patrick planter 200 Water, west
Aylward Thomas shipcarpenter 245 Gower
Aylward William tailor 176 Gower
Ayr Patrick fisherman 82 Pokeham path
Ayre Charles R merchant 235 Water, h 231 do
Ayre F W salesman bds 235 Water
Ayre G baker and confectioner 46 New Gower
Ayre George J. salesman bds 235 Water
Ayre Jane bonnetmaker 46 New Gower
Ayre John R accountant bds 231 Water
Ayre & Marshall   general merchants 231 to 235 Water

Transcribed by Lenora Furey (June 2003)

Page Revised: April - 2003 (Don Tate)

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