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McAlpines Directory

(To Cape Race)

(51 miles from St. Johns)
Surname Given Name Occupation Transcriber's Notes
Barron Stephen fisherman  
Bevis James fisherman aka Bavis
Bevis John fisherman aka Bavis
Bulger Patrick fisherman  
Burn James fisherman aka Byrne?
Cahill Patrick fisherman  
Chidley Charles fisherman  
Chidley John fisherman  
Chidley Joseph fisherman  
Coady James fisherman  
Coady John fisherman  
Coady Richard fisherman  
Coady Thomas fisherman  
Coady William fisherman  
Conway Anthony fisherman  
Conway Edward fisherman  
Conway Laurence fisherman  
Davis Joseph fisherman  
Divine Margaret wid  
Devine Patrick fisherman  
Dinn Richard fisherman  
Doyle Edmond fisherman  
Dunphy John fisherman  
Dunphy Michael fisherman  
Dunphy William fisherman  
Dutton James fisherman  
Finney James fisherman  
Flemming Edward fisherman  
Flemming Nicholas fisherman  
Flinn Patrick fisherman  
Foley David fisherman  
Foley Michael fisherman  
Fowler Edward fisherman  
Fowler John fisherman  
Fowler Thomas fisherman  
Gardner Thomas fisherman  
Gatherall William fisherman  
Gearan James fisherman  
Geran Edward fisherman  
Geran Francis fisherman  
Goodridge Allan & Sons merchants  
Halley M. J. keeper, Cape Race light  
Hearn Nicholas fisherman  
Hoffman John fisherman  
Jackman Arthur fisherman  
Jackman Arthur planter  
Jackman Garrett fisherman  
Jackman George fisherman  
Jackman James fisherman  
Jackman John fisherman  
Jackman Margaret wid  
Jackman Michael fisherman  
Jackman Michael planter  
Jackman Tobias fisherman  
Jackman Tobias (2d) fisherman  
Johnston Christopher planter  
Johnston Edward fisherman  
Johnston George planter  
Johnston Samuel fisherman  
Kane Edward fisherman  
Kane Martin planter  
Kane Michael fisherman  
Kane Patrick fisherman  
Kane Thomas fisherman  
Kane Thomas planter  
Keating Walter fisherman  
Killigrew John merchant  
King Thomas fisherman  
Lawlor Dennis fisherman  
Lawlor John planter  
Lawlor Laurence fisherman  
Lawlor Michael fisherman  
Leary Patrick planter  
Lovett Richard fisherman  
Maher John planter  
Maher Thomas fisherman  
Mahoney Michael fisherman  
Mahoney Thomas fisherman  
McCarthy Charles fisherman  
McCarthy Dennis fisherman  
McCarthy James fisherman  
McCarthy Julia wid  
McCarthy Martin fisherman  
McCarthy Thomas fisherman  
McCarthy William fisherman  
McGrath John fisherman  
McKay John fisherman  
Merrigan Thomas planter aka Berrigan
Merrigan William planter aka Berrigan
Mullowney James fisherman  
Mullowney Patrick fisherman  
Murphy Elizabeth wid  
Murphy John fisherman  
Neal Lawrence fisherman  
Neal Martin fisherman  
Neal William fisherman  
Paris William fisherman  
Power Catherine wid  
Power Stephen fisherman  
Power James fisherman  
Power Martin fisherman  
Power Maurice fisherman  
Power Thomas fisherman  
Quinlan Edward planter  
Quinlan Richard fisherman  
Roach Garrett fisherman  
Roach John fisherman  
Roach Patrick fisherman  
Roach Thomas fisherman  
Robinson Andrew fisherman  
Rose Thomas fisherman  
Ryan Charles fisherman  
Sheehan Richard fisherman  
Shallow Andrew fisherman  
Shallow Richard fisherman  
Shanahan James fisherman  
Shanahan John fisherman  
Shanahan Mathew planter  
Simms George assistant keeper, Cape
Race lighthouse
Sullivan John fisherman  
Tobin John fisherman  
Tobin William fisherman  
Toole Michael fisherman  
Walsh Richard fisherman  
Whelan Nicholas fisherman  
Wilcox Benjamin fisherman  
Yarn William fisherman Yarden in earlier records

Transcribed and Contributed by Kevin Redigan (March 2006)

Page Last Modified: Sunday August 06, 2006 (Don Tate)
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