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McAlpines Directory

Petty Harbor
(8 Miles from St. John's)
St. John's West District

Surname Given Name Occupation
ALLEN Richard Mechanic
ANGELL Henry Fisherman
ANGELL John Planter
ANGELL Richard Fisherman
BAILEY Richard Planter
BARRON John Planter
BARTON John Fisherman
BARTON Richard Fisherman
BEARD William Planter
BINGOOD Benjamin Planter
BISHOP Jacob  
BOWDEN William Mechanic
BREEN Anfrew Fisherman
CHAFE Aaron Planter
CHAFE Ambrose Fisherman
CHAFE David Farmer
CHAFE Edmond  
CHAFE Edward Planter
CHAFE George Planter
CHAFE Henry Planter
CHAFE Henry Wm Planter
CHAFE Jacob Farmer
CHAFE Jacob Fisherman
CHAFE John Planter
CHAFE Nathaniel Planter
CHAFE Peter Planter
CHAFE Philip Planter
CHAFE Robert Planter
CHAFE Solomon Planter
CHAFE Thomas Planter
CHAFE William Fisherman
CHAFE William Planter
CLARK Thomas Fisherman
CLARKE David Fisherman
CLARKE Henry Planter
CLARKE Richard Planter
CLARKE Simon Planter
CLEMENTS Richard  
COVE Thomas Fisherman
DALTON Richard  
DONAVIN Michael Planter
DONAVIN Moses Fisherman
DONAVIN Patrick Fisherman
DOYLE Bryan Planter
DOYLE Edward Merchant
DOYLE William Fisherman
DOYLE William Jun Fisherman
EVERARD Edward Planter
EVERARD James Planter
EVERARD Richard Planter
FRENCH Richard Fisherman
FRENCH Samuel Planter
GRADY James Planter
HALEY Henry Fisherman
HAYES Edward  
HEARN Lawrence Fisherman
HEARN Peter Planter
HENNEFORD John Planter
HENNEFORD Richard Fisherman
HENNEFORD Samuel Fisherman
HENNEFORD Stephen Farmer
HISCOTT Richard Fisherman
HOPKINS Henry Fisherman
HOPKINS James Fisherman
HOPKINS John Planter
HOPKINS Richard Fisherman
HOWLETT David Planter
HOWLETT Patrick Planter
HOWLETT Robert Planter
HOWLETT Samuel Farmer
HOWLETT Thomas Planter
JOYCE Matthew Farmer
JOYCE Michael Farmer
KELLY Lawrence Planter
KELLY Patrick Planter
KINNEY John Fisherman
KINNEY Philip Fisherman
KINNEY William Fisherman
KIELLY Laurence Planter
KIELLY Michael  
KIELLY Nicholas Fisherman
LEE James Fisherman
LEE Samuel Planter
LEE Thomas Planter
LYNCH Richard Fisherman
MILES Ralph Planter
MILES Nathaniel Fisherman
MUTTON Thomas Fisherman
PEARCE David  
PEARCE Henry  
PEARCE John Planter
PENNEL William Fisherman
POWER William Fisherman
PRICE Philip Planter
PRIDAW George Fisherman
PRIDAW Richard Fisherman
PRIDAW Thomas Planter
REILLY William Farmer
SATERBY John Farmer
SEARLE Aaron Fisherman
STACK Richard  
STARK James Fisherman
STARK John Planter
STARK Thomas Planter
STOCKMAN William Fisherman
WALL John Fisherman
WALSH James Planter
WALSH John Planter
WALSH Laurence Planter
WALSH Patrick Fisherman
WALSH Thomas Planter
WHITE John Planter
WHITE Richard Planter
WHITTEN Edward Planter
WHITTEN Henry Mehanic
WHITTEN John Planter
WHITTEN Samuel Fisherman
WIER Thomas Fisherman
WILLIAMS Benjamin Fisherman
WILLIAMS Charles Planter
WILLIAMS Jeremiah Fisherman
WILLIAMS John Fisherman
WILLIAMS John Planter
WILLIAMS Philip Planter
WILLIAMS Philip F. Planter
WILLIAMS Richard Fisherman
WILLIAMS Thomas Fisherman
WILLIAMS Thomas Jun Farmer
WILLIAMS Thomas Planter
WILLIAMS Valentine Planter
WITTEN William Fisherman

Transcribed by Don Tate (November 2009)

Page Last Modified: Thursday November 26, 2009 Don Tate
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