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McAlpines Directory


Some Residents of Fermeuse may be found under Ferryland

(40 miles from St. Johns)
Surname Given Name Occupation Transcriber's Notes
Surname Given Name Occupation Notes
Alward John fisherman  
Antle James fisherman  
Aspell Peter    
Barnable James fisherman  
Barnable John fisherman  
Barnable Peter fisherman  
Bolan John fisherman  
Brennan James planter  
Brennan John fisherman  
Brennan Patrick planter  
Brent Peter fisherman  
Brine Mary wid.  
Brine Michael fisherman  
Brine Robert fisherman  
Brine Terence fisherman  
Brotbers Richard fisherman  
Brotbers Robert fisherman  
Brotbers William fisherman  
Canning Michael fisherman  
Carter Arthur    
Carter James    
Carter W. T. S. preventive officer  
Clow Marmaduke fisherman  
Coady Dennis fisherman  
Coady James planter  
Coady Michael fisherman  
Connell Daniel fisherman  
Connell James planter  
Connell John    
Conway Martin fisherman  
Costello John planter  
Croke Patrick fisherman  
Cullerton Martin planter  
Cummins John fisherman  
Curren Martin fisherman  
Delahunty John fisherman  
Delahunty Joseph planter  
Delahunty Patrick fisherman  
Delahunty Peter fisherman  
Deveraux Martin fisherman  
Deveraux John fisherman  
Duggan John planter  
Duggan Timothy planter  
Dwyer William fisherman  
Evans Patrick fisherman  
Fahey Dennis    
Fahey Patrick fisherman  
Fahey Walter fisherman  
Fahey William    
Farrell Thomas fisherman  
Finnelly John fisherman  
Finnelly Thomas planter  
Fitzgerald Edward fisherman  
Fitzgerald John    
Flaherty Edward fisherman  
FORRISTAL Rev. W. Roman Catholic  
Geary Francis    
Grace Thomas fisherman  
Gregory John fisherman  
Hanrahan E. stipendiary magistrate  
Hanington William    
Haynes John fisherman  
Healy Andrew fisherman  
Hefferan Thomas fisherman  
Johnston James fisherman  
Jordan John fisherman  
Jordan Maurice fisherman  
Keane Bridget wid.  
Keefe Daniel fisherman  
Keefe John fisherman  
Keefe Thomas planter  
Keefe Valentine fisherman  
Kelly James planter  
Kelly Peter fisherman  
Kenny Matthew planter  
Kenny William planter  
Keough John fisherman  
Keough Michael planter  
Kerwin James fisherman  
King John fisherman  
Kinsulla Richard    
Kinsulla Thomas    
Kinsulla William fisherman  
Lovett William fisherman  
Lynch Lewis physician  
Lynch William    
Mahon William planter  
McDonald Patrick fisherman  
Mead George planter  
Meany James fisherman  
Meany William fisherman  
Mills Robert fisherman  
Moore James fisherman  
Moran John fisherman  
Morry Arthur    
Morry Henry planter  
Morry John postmaster  
Mountin William fisherman  
Murphy Nicholas fisherman  
Neal Edmund fisherman  
Neal Henry planter  
Neal James planter  
Neal John planter  
Neal Michael    
Neal William fisherman  
Neal William planter  
Oats Andrew fisherman  
Oats Robert fisherman  
O'Neil James planter  
Powells Robert fisherman  
Power Michael mechanic  
Quirk Edward planter  
Reddy Francis fisherman  
Reddy Michael    
Read John    
Reed William fisherman  
Ryan John    
Ryan Mathew fisherman  
Ryan Patrick fisherman  
Shallow Andrew    
Shallow Edward fisherman  
Shallow James fisherman  
Shallow John fisherman  
Shallow Mathew fisherman  
Shallow Samuel fisherman  
Shanahan John fisherman  
Shanahan William fisherman  
Sinnot Edward fisherman Surname ?
Sisk John fisherman  
SKINNER Rev. H. M. Church of England  
Slaney David fisherman  
Slaney Michael fisherman  
Slaney Thomas fisherman  
Slaney Thomas planter  
Stafford Martin planter  
Stephenson J. sheriff southern district  
Sullivan John fisherman  
Sullivan Richard fisherman  
Sweeny John fisherman  
Sweney Solomon sen. planter Sweeny, Sweney
Sweney Solomon jun. fisherman Sweeny, Sweney
Tobin James fisherman  
Tobin Michael fisherman  
Tobin Patrick fisherman  
Trenor Denis fisherman  
Treanor William   Surname ?
Walsh Joseph fisherman  
Walsh Michael planter  
Walsh Nicholas    
Walsh Patrick fisherman  
Walsh Peter planter  
Walsh Thomas planter  
White John J. P,.merchant  
Williams John fisherman  
Williams Thomas fisherman  
Williams William planter  
Winsor Henry farmer  
Yetman Michael fisherman  
Yetman William fisherman  
Yetman William jun. fisherman  

Transcribed by Natalie Hyde (September 2002)

Page Last Modified: Tuesday March 26, 2013 (Don Tate)
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