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Lovell's 1871
Provincial Business Directory
The capital of the district of Twillingate and Fogo. It is a town of considerable trade and is situated on two islands of the same name connected by a bridge. It is a post town and a port of entry. The Circuit court holds a sitting here in September of each year. The harbor is not very good, being open to the north-east. Agricultural operations are carried on to a considerable extent, and mining licenses taken up for land adjacent. Distant from St. John's 190 miles and from Fogo 22 miles by steamer. Mail fortnightly. Population 2790.


Andrews, John, fisherman
Andrews, William, fisherman
Arney, John
Ashburn, Thomas, planter
Austey, John, planter
Austey, James, fisherman
Austey, James Jun., fisherman
Austey, John, planter
Austey, John jun., fisherman
Austey, Richard, fisherman
Austey, Samuel, fisherman
Austey, Samuel, fisherman
Austey, Thomas, planter
Austey, William, fisherman
Baggs, John, fisherman
Baird,, William
Barnes, Elias
Barnes, George, fisherman
Barnes, W. d. 
Bath, Thomas, fisherman
Blackmore, Reuben, fisherman
Blackler, Amos, fishermanBlackler, James, jun., fisherman
Blandford, J. B. fisherman
Boone, rev., J., ch. of England
Bourden, Joseph, planter
Bourden, John, fisherman
Boyde, James, fisherman
Bioyde, John, planter
Bramby, James
Brett, Edward, planter
Bridger, Robert, fisherman
Bridger, William, fisherman
Brown, William, fisherman
Browne, George, fisherman
Brushfield, Samuel, fisherman
Bulgin, Abraham, fisherman
Bulgin, Adam, fisherman
Bulgin, James, fisherman
Bulgin, Samuel, fisherman
Burt, James, fisherman
Burt, Jonathan, fisherman
Burt, silas, fisherman
Burton, James, fisherman
Burton, John. fisherman
Burton, Thomas, fisherman
Burton, William, fisherman
Butcher, John, fisherman
Byrae, William, Merchant
Chappel, Thomas, fisherman
Churchill, Philip, fisherman
Clarke, Andrew, fisherman
Clarke, John, fisherman
Clarke, Joseph, fisherman
Clarke, Reuben, planter
Clarke, Richard, fisherman
Clarke, Samuel, planter
Colbourne, Josiah, fisherman
Colbourne, Thomas, fisherman
Compton, George, fisherman
Cook, George, fisherman
Cooper, George, fisherman
Cooper, Samuel, fisherman
Cooper, Stephen, fisherman
Crosby, James, fisherman
Curtis, Joseph, fisherman
Curtis, William, planter
Dally, Elias, fisherman
Dally, James, fisherman
Dally, Robert, planter
Dally, Thomas, fisherman
Dove, Michael, fisherman
Dove, Robert, fisherman
Dowland, Jasper, fisherman
Duder, John C.
Earle, Elias, planter
Earle, Henry, trader
Earle, James, fisherman
Earle, William, fisherman
Elliott, Benjamin, fisherman
Elliott, Isaac, fisherman
Elliott, John, planter
Fifield, John, fisherman
Fifield, James, fisherman
Fifield, Thomas, fisherman
Fitzsimmons, James
Flynn, William, fisherman
Fox, John. fisherman
Fox, Samuel, fisherman
Freeman, John, fisherman
Froud, James, fisherman
Geade, Thomas, fisherman
Geage, George, fisherman
Gaege, John, fisherman
Gibbs, John, planter
Gillard, John, planter
Gillett, George, fisherman
Gillett, John, filsherman
Gillett, Robert, planter
Gleeson, Nicholas, fisherman
Goodison rev., J., Wesleyan
Grant, Robert
Greenham, Henry, fisherman
Greenham, Richard, planter
Guy, Frederick, fisherman 
Guy, Frederick, fisherman
Guy, Joseph, fisherman
Guy, Thomas, fisherman
Guy, Thomas, fisherman
Hallett, Thomas, fisherman
Hamelin, Job, planter
Harbin, Henry, fisherman
Harwood, Henry, fisherman
Hawkins, Henry, fisherman
Hawkins, William, fisherman
Haydon, Joseph, planter
Hayward, Matthew
Hellier, James, fisherman
Hellier, John, fisherman
Hellier, John jun., fisherman
Hicks, Thomas, fisherman
Hicks, Thomas, fisherman
Hodder, James, planter
Hodder, Richard, merchant 
Hopkins, Robert, fisherman
House, George, planter
House, Robert, fisherman
Hudder, William
Hull, George
Hyles, George, fisherman
Jeans, George, fisherman
Jeans, Joseph, planter
Jenkins, Andrew, fisherman
Jenkins, Henry, fisherman
Jenkins, Jacob, fisherman
Jenkins, James, fisherman
Jenkins, James, jun., fisherman
Jenkins, Peter, fisherman
Jenkins, Thomas, fisherman
Jennings, J. fisherman
Jennings, Martin, fisherman
Jugs, Edwards, fisherman
Jugs, Reuben, fisherman
Keefe, John, planter
Keefe, Samuel, fisherman
Keefe, Thomas, planter
Keith, Thomas
Lacey, Thomas, planter
Legg, Andrew, fisherman
Leigh, George, fisherman
Lemesurier, George, merchant
Lethbridge, William, merchant
Linfield, Alfred, fisherman
Linfield, Alfred, fisherman
Linfield, George & Sons, planters
Linfield, John, planter
Loveridge, Henry, fisherman
Lunnem, William. fisherman
Luther, Job, constable
Maidment, Samuel,fisherman
Maidment, Stephen, fisherman
Maxham, Charles, fisherman
May, James, fisherman
May, william, fisherman
Minty, George, fisherman
Minty, Joseph, planter, Mitchell, James, fisherman
Mitchell, Jonathan, planter
Moores, Isaac, planter
Moores, John, planter
Moores, Joseph, fisherman
Moores, Thomas, fisherman
Moss, John, planter
Mudford, John, fisherman
Mudford, Thomas, jun., fisherman
Mudford, Thomas, sen., fisherman
Munden, Joseph, fisherman
Murray, Esau, fisherman
Newman, Charles, fisherman
Newman, John, school teacher
Newman, Samuel, fisherman
Nurse, John, trader
Osmond, Horatio, fisherman
Oxford, John, fisherman
Oxford, John, fisherman
Oxford, Thomas
Paine, George, fisherman
Paine, Samuel, planter
Pardy, James, fisherman
Pardy, John, fisherman
Pardy, William, planter
Parsons, Benjamin, fisherman
Pearce, A. A. , clerk of the peace
Pearce, J. J. , fisherman
Pelly, Charles, fisherman
Peyton, Elias, planter
Peyton, John, stipendiary magistrate
Peyton, Thomas, deputy land surveyor
Phillips, Francis, fisherman
Phillips, George, planter
Phillips, James, planter
Phillips, John, fisherman
Pond, Adam, fisherman
Pond, George, fisherman
Preston, Joseph, trader
Pride, Phillip, fisherman
Pride, Thomas, fisherman
Primmot, Henry, fisherman
Purchase, Absalom, fisherman
Purchase, John, fisherman
Randall, William  & A.. planters
Reed, Stephen, fisherman
Rice, Geroge, fisherman
Rice, James, deputy sheriff
Rice, John, fisherman
Rice, Richard, merchant
Ridout, George, planter
Ridout, James & J., planters
Ridout, John, fisherman
Ridout, Thomas, fisherman
Ridout, William, fisherman
Ridout,William, planter
Roberts, Andrew, fisherman
Roberts, Elais, planter
Roberts, Francis, planter
Roberts, George & William, planters
Roberts, James, fisherman
Roberts, John, fisherman
Roberts, John, fisherman
Roberts,  John, planter
Roberts, Josiah, Planter
Roberts, Samuel, planter
Roberts, Stephen, fisherman
Roberts, Thomas, fisherman
Rogers, James, fisherman
Rogers, Samuel, fisherman
Rogers, William, fisherman
Rolfe, Andrew, sub-collector customs
Rossiter, Benjamin, planter
Russell, James, fisherman
Shane, Henry, planter
Sharpe, James, fisherman
Sharpe, Thomas & Solomon
Sheppard, Charles, Fisherman
Sheppard, John, fisherman
Sibley, Henry, Fisherman
Simms, George planter
Simms, Thomas, fisherman
Skinner, John, planter
Slade, Edward, planter
Slade, William, planter
Smith, George, planter
Smith, James, fisherman
Smith, Robert, fisherman
Snow, George, fisherman
Spencer, Albert, fisherman
Spencer, Eliakim, fisherman
Spencer, John, planter
Spencer, Thomas, fisherman
Spencer, William, fisherman
Stirling, William, M.D.
Stowe, Hannibal
Strickland, John, fisherman
Stiven, Benjamin, fisherman
Strong,George, fisherman
Stuckless,  Alexander, planter
Stuckless,Benjamin, fisherman
Stuckless,  David, fisherman
Stuckless, James, fisherman
Stuckless,  John, planter
Stuckless,Joseph, fisherman
Tizzard, John, fisherman
Tobin, Joseph, B., merchant
Traverse, James
Troke, James, fisherman
Vatcher,Eli, fisherman
Vatcher, George, fisherman
Vatcher, John, fisherman
Verge, John, fisherman
Verge, William, farmer
Ware, Charles, planter
Warr, Francis, fisherman
Warr, George & Bros., planters
Warr, James, fisherman
Warr, Soloman, fisherman
Waterman & Co., Merchants
Waterman, John, fisherman
Waterman, William, fisherman
Watkins, Henry, fisherman
Wells, Philip, fisherman
Wells, William, fisherman
Whellor, J.,fisherman
Whellor, John, fisherman
Whellor, Noah, fisherman
Whellor, william, fisherman
White, Edward, fisherman
White, James, planter
White, Thomas, fisherman
Whitehorn, James, fisherman
Wills, John
Sitchard, Thomas, planter
Witt, Thomas, fisherman
Wyatt, Thomas, fisherman
Wyatt, William, fisherman
Wyles, James, planter
Yates, Arthur, fisherman
Yater, Francis, fisherman
Yates, William, fisherman
Young, David, fisherman
Young, George, fisherman
Young, John, fisherman
Young, Samuel, planter
Young, Stephen, fisherman
Young, William, fisherman



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1871 Lovell's directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

[Project Lovell's ]

Trnscribed by John M. Ross

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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