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Lovell's 1871
Provincial Business Directory
A large fishing settlement on the straight shore north of St John's districk of St John's. The settlement is built on a flat country lying between two high headlands, with a fine beach. There is no harbor and the anchorage is too open for safety. The inhabitants are engaged to some extent in farming. The town of St John's is partly supplied with salmon caught in this vicinity. Distant from St. John's by road 7 miles. St. John's is its post town. Population 1,270.


Bradberry, George, farmer
Bradberry, Jacob, farmer
Bradberry, John, farmer
Bradberry, Johathan, farmer
Brine, James, farmer
Brown, John, fisherman
Byrne, Dennis, farmer
Bulger, John, farmer
Bulter, John, farmer
Bryn, Michael, farmer
Cantwell, James, farmer
Cantwell, Pierce, farmer
Carew, Thomas, farmer
Chucks. William, farmer
Clements, Richard, farmer
Clements, William, farmer
Codner, George, farmer
Codner, John, fisherman
Codner, Nicholas, fisherman
Codner, Samuel, fisherman
Codner, Uriah, fisherman
Codner, William, farmer
Cody, Garrett, farmer
Cody, William, farmer
Cole, Philip, fisherman
Cole, Thomas, farmer
Cole, Uriah, fisherman
Condon, Thomas, fisherman
Crow, James, farmer
Crow, Thomas, farmer
Cuddihy, Richard, farmer
Cullen, Matthew, fisherman
Cullen, Michael, farmer
Cullen, Michael, fisherman
Dodd, Thomas, farmer
Dodd, William, farmer
Donavan, James, farmer
Donavan, John, farmer
Doody, David, farmer
Downs, Thomas, farmer
Doyle, John, fisherman
Doyle, Nicholas,farmer
Doyle, Patrick, farmer
Doyle, Peter, farmer
Doyle, William, farmer
Dreehan, Patrick, farmen
Dunphy, Edmond, farmer
Dunphy, Patrick, farmer
Dunphy, Pierce, farmer
Ellerd, John, farmer
Ellerd, John, farmer
Ellerd, Peter, farmer
Eustace, James, farmer
Field, George, farmer
Field, John, fisherman
Field, Samuel
Field, William, farmer
Finn, Robert, farmer
Fitzpatrick, Frederick, farmer
Fitzpatrick, William, Farmer
Flemming, Samuel, fisherman
Gibbons, Simon, fisherman
Gosse, Alfred, farmer
Gosse, James, farmer
Gosse, John, farmer
Gosse, Peter, farmer
Gosse, Philip,farmer
Gosse, Samuel, planter
Gosse, Thomas, planter
Gosse, William, farmer
Gosse, William, planter
Grace, Philip, farmer
Grace, Simon, fisherman
Hicky, David, farmer
Kelly, Edmond, farmer
Kelly, James, farmer
Kelly, Richard,farmer
Kelly, Terrence, fisherman
Kelly, William, fisherman
Kinsela, Patrick, farmer
Lacey,James, farmer
Langdon, Charles, farmer
Lapper, Charles, farmer
Larkin, James, farmer
Larkin, Patrick, farmer
Lee, John, farmer
McDonald, Thomas, planter
McGrath, Dennis, farmer
McGrath, James, fisherman
McGrath, John, farmer
McGrath, Thomas, farmer
McGrath, William, fisherman
Maguire, James, farmer
McGuire, James, farmer
McGuire,John, farmer
Maguire, Martin, farmer
Mahen, Michael, fisherman
Malone, John, farmer
Malone, Philip, farmer
Malone, Robert, farmer
Manning, John, farmer
Manning, John, planter
Manning, Patrick, farmer
Manning, Patrick, fisherman
Manning, Thomas, farmer
Manning, William. farmer
Martin, Isaac, farmer
Martin, John, farmer
Martin, John, farmer
Martin, Jonathan, farmer
Martin, Richard, farmer
Martin, Robert, farmer
Martin, Thomas, farmer
Martin, William, farmer
Martin, William, planter
Molay, Patrick, farmer
Money,John, farmer
Mory, James, farmer
Mory, Roberts, farmer
Murphy, John, farmer
Murphy, John, farmer
Neal, James, farmer
Neal, Martin, farmer
Nowlen,James, farmer
O'Connell, Thomas, fisherman
Power, Lawrence, farmer
Power, James, planter
Pounden, John, farmer
Power, John, fisherman
Power, McGue. farmer
Power, McGue. planter
Quigby, John, farmer
Quigby, Thomas, farmer
Reddy, Michael, farmer
Reddy, Patrick, farmer
Roach, John, farmer
Roach,Simon, farmer
Roach, Thomas, farmer
Ryan, James, farmer
Ryan, Martin, farmer
Ryan, Patrick, farmer
Ryan, Patrick, planter
Ryan, Richard, farmer
Ryan, William, farmer
Shea, James, fisherman
Shea, Michael, farmer
Sinnett, Thomas, farmer
Snelgrove, Thomas, fisherman
Topper, George, farmer
Topper, William, farmer
Thom, Henry, fisherman
Thom, James, farmer
Thom, John, fisherman
Thom, William, farmer
Thom, William. farmer
Thom, William, fisherman
Tool, Michael, farmer
Trecco. Joseph, farmer
Troy, rev. Edward, R. Catholic
Tupper, Samuel,  farmer
Warington, John, fisherman
Wheeler, James, farmer
Wheeler, Philip, farmer
Whalen, James, farmer
Whelan, James, fisherman
Whelan, James, fisherman
Whelan, John
Whelan, John, fisherman
Whelan, Keyrom, farmer
Whelan, Lawrence, farmer
White, christopher, fisherman
White, William, farmer
White, Hoseph, farmer
Whitly, Michael, farmer
Woodfine, John , farmer
Yones, Philip fisherman



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1871 Lovell's directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

[Project Lovell's ]

Trnscribed by John M. Ross

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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