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Lovell's 1871
Provincial Business Directory
A picturesque mining village in White Bay, in the district of Twillingate and Fogo. Its settlment was owing to the discovery in that locality of a copper mine, by Smith McKay, Esq., in 1857, who subsequently , in conjunction with C. F. Bennett, Esq., commenced mining operations. The works have been carried on in active operation since 1865, and during this time three shafts have been sunk, 8 feet by 5 feet, to the total depth of 216 feet and levels 7 x 5 driven through the hills (at the base of which, on the border of a picturesque lake, the village is built) for a distance of 4728 feet. The ore has been found in beds or bunchs of three to forty feet thick, not in a regular lode. The quanity extracted has been 20,000 tons, shipped or crushed and ready for shipment , worth $555,810; and 25,000 tuns ready for crushing worth $625,000; total 45.000 tons, worth $1,180,810. A vein of nickel is also being worked in the same locality, averaging 10 inches in thickness ( perhaps the only instance of that metal occuring in a regular lode), and 37 1-10 tons extracted, woth $322.50 per ton, or a total of $11,964. The machinery and plant used in the works is valued at $80,000. Number employed, 227 men, averaging $25 per month, and 71 boys, $9 per month. The harbor is not very good but heavy moorings have been laid down , at which vessels may lie in safety. It is a port of entry and the terminal of the Northern Steam Postal Route. Distance from St John's by steamer, Fortnightly 230 miles. Population 770.


Anthony, henry, mining
Austin, James
Aylward, Robert, mining
Bice, William,  mining
Bishop, Henry, mining
Boden, Edward
Boden, John,  mining
Boyd, Aaron,  mining 
Boyd, Robert,  mining 
Boyd, Thomas,  mining
Byrne, Lawrence, mining
Butt, John, mining
Clare, Moses, mining
Cleary, John, mining
Connors, Michael
Conway, John, mining
Cronan,Michael, mining
Dally, Maurice, mining
Dalton, Michael
Decker, George, mining
Decker, Israel, mining
Dobbin, David, mining
Donohoe, Jeremiah, mining
Donohoe, Michael, mining
Doyle, James, mining
Dunaley, Dennis, mining
Dunaley, John
Dunn, Andrew, mining
Elsely, Henry, mining
Fennesey,William, mining
Furlong, Andy, mining
Gill, Leander, mining
Glasson,Charles, mining
Goss, Jphn, nining
Grace, Thomas, mining
Grey, Richard
Haggett, George, mining
Haggett, Robert,  mining
Hays, William,  mining
Head, Henry,  mining
Head, James,  mining
Heath, Robert
Heddeson, John,  mining
Higgens, William,  mining
Hogan, Patrick,  mining
Heskins, William
Hughes, John,  mining
James,Jacob,  mining
Kennedy, Hugh,  mining
Kennedy, John,  mining
Lane, Cornelius,  mining
Lock, Thomas,  mining
Lock, William
Ludlow, John,  mining
Mackey, John,  mining
Mackey, William,  mining
McKay, Smith,  mining
McManus, John,  mining
Maiford, William,  mining
Martin, John,  mining
Mills, John, mining
Mellowney, Richard
Moors, George, mining
Moors, Daniel, mining
Moyles, John
Murphy, Pierce
Oak, Robert, mining
Osborne, John, mining
Osmond, Thomas, mining
Pardy, Sameul, mining
Parnell. John
Pollard, Ambrose,  mining
Pollard, John,  mining
Randle, Eli,  mining
Reddy, John,  mining
Reddy, William,  mining
Riley, William , mining
Russell, Joseph, mining
Ryan, George, mining
Sacry, Thomas, mining
Saunders, Joseph, mining
Selby, Frank, mining
Skinner, George, mining
Slattery, James, mining
Small, Joseph, mining
Snow, William , mining
Stuckley, Eli
Stuckley, John, mining
Taylor, George, mining
Tilley, Eli, mining
Tilley, John
Tilley, Thomas, mining
Tilley, William, mining
Thomas, John, mining
Tremlett, William, mining
Vickers, John, mining
Walsh, James
Walsh, Richard, mining
Walsh, William, mining
Watckins, Mark, mining
Webber, Andrew, mining
Webster, Henry, mining
Wheeler, John, mining
Winser, Charles, mining
Winser, Isaac, mining
Winser, Solomon



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1871 Lovell's directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

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Trnscribed by John M. Ross

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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