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The capital, commercial emporium and seat of government of Newfoundland. Of the origin of the town of St. John's, little can be said with precision. Its settlement was the natural result of its position, rather than of any direct plan of colonization. Almost immediately after its discovery by Cabot, vessels in great numbers frequented the island for the purpose of prosecuting the cod fishery, which was found to rival the mines of Mexico and Peru as a means of accumulating wealth. The greater advantages which would accrue in the prosecution of the fisheries from an actual residence upon the island, prompted the early settlement of those positions most favorable for the work, such as the headlands of the principal bays, and thus it was that Bay de Verds (sic), Portugal Cove, Trinity, Catalina, Bonavista, Twillingate and other places, came to be permanently inhabited. Among them St. John's would seem from the first to have occupied a foremost position. Its safety as a harbor and capability of defense made it the port of greatest resort, and it was here that Sir Humphrey Gilbert landed as early as 1583 when taking possession of the island by virtue of a patent from Queen Elizabeth. Even at that time there seems to have been no inconsiderable number of quasi-residents both British and Foreign. Sir Humphrey had brought out a large number of emigrants for the settlement of his Government, but his scheme ended most disastrously, and St. John's, left to the chances of a gradual settlement, increased but slowly. Its commanding position, however, made it a point of great interest to nations prosecuting the fisheries, and it was successively occupied by the English and French for a long series of years, and only permanently came into English possession in 1762; since then the English possession has been unbroken. St. John's is situated in North Latitude 47° 33' 06" and West \Longitude 52° 44' 07" being about three miles from Cape Spear, the most easterly land on the American side of the Atlantic. The harbor though rather small is thoroughly safe in all weather, vessels may ride out any gale when once inside the heads. Inside the harbor, which is triangular with its apex to the west, and its base to the east, the entrance, called the "narrows," being at the south east angle, the prospect is very grand and imposing, the hills rising abruptly on each side to a height of about 600 feet, separated at the narrowest part by little more than 200 yards and at the widest by not more than 350 yards. These hills are fortified to a certain extent, but still quite insufficiently for the thorough protection of the town, which with not a large outlay, might be made all but impregnable. On the south point of the narrows is erected the harbor light, burning at an elevation of 114 feet. The rocks on which this beacon are erected are the termination of a high range of hills running east and west, which constitute the south side of the harbor. At the foot of these hills are situated most of the vats used in the manufacture of the seal oil, and most of the mercantile houses have wharves and premises on that side, for the transshipment of articles of export. There is also situated the dry dock, capable of raising vessels of about 600 tons burthen. A causeway and bridge connects the south and north sides. On the north side the hills which are so abrupt at the narrows fall away in a series of gentle undulations sloping towards the harbor. On this slope the town is built; the site being everything that could be wished. The principal thoroughfare is called Water Street, running nearly parallel with the harbor, but rather irregular. This street is about 1½ miles long, well built up on both sides with stone or brick, but not showing much appreciation of street architecture. In the busy seasons it is crowded till late in the night by thousands who come from the outports to buy or sell. The amount of business done in these short periods is almost incredible for the size of the town, amounting to perhaps four or five millions of dollars in three or four weeks. The manufactures of St. John's are as yet few in number and of trifling importance as regards the industry of the country. During the past two or three years, however, a start has been made in that direction, and it is to be expected that in a few years they may assume proportions somewhat commensurate with the requirements of the Colony. The largest and most important are those for the manufacture of biscuit. There are three of them (one worked by a Company) and each bakes up annually about 20,000 barrels of flour; besides these St. John's possesses 2 foundries, 1 brewery, 1 distillery, 2 tanneries, 1 rope manufactory, 1 boot and shoe \factory, 1 block manufactory, 1 cabinet ware factory, 1 sawing and planing factory, and several oil refineries. The machinery is in some cases driven by water power, but in most steam is the motive power. The roads and streets are good, the material for macadamizing being excellent. St. John's boasts of several handsome public buildings. The Church of England Cathedral (early English) by Gilbert Scott, is a very beautiful edifice, though unfinished. It cost about $120,000. The Roman Catholic cathedral and adjacent buildings form a very conspicuous and imposing group, built on high ground, erected at a cost of about $800,000. Besides these, and two other churches of England, there are the Wesleyan, Congregational, Scotch (Established and Free) churches and the Government house (costing $240,000), Colonial building, Court house, penitentiary, lunatic asylum, hospital, poor house and banks. The lunatic asylum is beautifully situated in wooded grounds about three miles out of the town. It is under the medical superintendence of a resident physician (Dr. H.H. Stabb) and is quite a model institution in every respect. The New York, Newfoundland and London Telegraph Co. have an office here. The town is supplied with water from Windsor Lake, a very fine sheet of water, between four and five miles distant, and was introduced at an expense of $360,000. The country around the town is thoroughly picturesque, generally well cultivated and plentifully interspersed with lakes and brooks. The scenery from some of the many points of high land might be counted beautiful in a land more highly favored than Newfoundland. St. John's is distant from Halifax by steamer, fortnightly in summer and monthly in winter, 523 miles, fare $24; from Montreal, 1076 miles, and from New York 1070 miles. The population has not increased any during the past twelve years, owing to continued unsuccessful fishing and consequent emigration. In 1802 the population numbered 3420, and in 1869, 22,553.



Abbott J.,  fisherman,  Pokeham path
Acland Joseph,  clerk,  76 Gower
Acland Mrs. E.,  wid Chas.,  76 Gower
Adams Chas.,  carman,  Pennywell road
Adams Frederick,  master mariner,  26 Livingston
Adams James,  mason,  Signal hill road
Adams Mrs. Caroline,  wid Thomas,  Pennywell road
Adams Thomas,  sailmaker,  Pennywell road
Adams William J.,  master mariner, 21 Prescott
Addison Robert,  fisherman,  James
Agan Patrick,  butcher,  22 New Gower
AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY,  John T. Neville,  president;  F. William Rennie,
        secretary;  Joseph W. Crowdy,  treasurer,  216 Water
Aide John,  master mariner,  Pennywell road
Alexander James,  clerk,  Prescott
Alexander Robert,  of J. & W. Stewart,  357 Water
Alison Mrs. Bridget,  31 Prescott
Allan Charles, master mariner,  17 Cathedral hill
Allan Henry,  tinsmith,  7 Darling
Allan James,  fisherman,  29 North
ALLAN LINE OF STEAMSHIPS,  (under contact with the Government of Canada
        for the conveyance of the Canadian and American mails,)  between
        Montreal, Quebec and Liverpool during summer navigation, and
        between Portland, Me.,  and Liverpool during winter navigation,
        head office,  Montreal ; Ambrose Shea, agent, 80 Water.
        See Adv. page facing first cover.
Allan Mrs. E.,  wid Michael,  school teacher,  281 Water
Allen M.,  farmer,  Long pond road
Allen Miss Catherine,  school teacher,  46 Pokeham path
Allen Mrs. E.,  wid Thos.,  232 Gower
Allen P.,  farmer,  Long pond road
Allen Peter,  fisherman,  4 George
Allen Richard,  laborer,  Carters hill
Allen William,  farmer,  Torbay road
Alliance Assurance Co.,  F.J. Wyatt,  agent,  243 Water
Allworth James,  fisherman, 120 Water west
ALSOP HON. ROBERT,  colonial secretary and chairman of Board of Works,
        Colonial building,  Military road,  h 47 Military road
Amos Mrs. Sarah,  wid John,  25 East
Anderson George,  tavern,  258 Water
Anderson Henry,  seaman,  110 Gower
Anderson John,  watchmaker,  26 George
Anderson Mrs. Bridget,  wid Patrick,  13 Adelaide
Anderson Mrs. Helen,  wid Patrick,  88 Prescott
Andrews John,  fisherman, 16 Flavin's lane
Andrews Mrs. Elizabeth,  wid John,  Quidi Vidi
Andrews Wm.,  fisherman,  40 Water
Andrews William,  of Pennock & Andrews,  29 Queen's road
Angel George,  master mariner,  19 Cathedral hill
Angel James,  manager of St. John's Iron Foundry,  Pokeham path
Angel John, jun.,  Pokeham path
Angel John, sen.,  Pokeham path
Angel Mrs. Bridget,  wid Richard,  28 Water west
Angel J.,  fisherman,  123 New Gower
Angel Joseph,  laborer,  180 Gower
Angel Samuel,  carpenter,  25 Water
Angel Stephen,  fisherman,  169 New Gower
ANGLO AMERICAN TELEGRAPH CO.,  F.J. Wyatt, agent,  243 Water
Answorth Thomas,  fisherman,  41 Darling
Answorth Thos.,  foreman,  49 Patrick
Answorth William,  fisherman,  4 Chapel lane
Antell H.,  stevedore,  Kickham's lane
Anthony A.,  carpenter,  Flower hill
Anthony Geo.,  shoemaker,  42 King's road
Anthony Wm.,  cabinetmaker,  Water west
Antmore J.,  fisherman,  20 George
ARCHIBALD EDWARD M.,  auctioneer and general importer of tobacco and
flour,  319 Water
Arls William,  fisherman,  9 Marsh hill
Armstrong Michael,  fisherman,  Barter's hill
Armstrong William,  sailmaker,  345 Duckworth
Ashley John,  cooper,  59 Patrick
Ashley John, fisherman,  Old Chapel lane
Ashman George,  trader,  249 Gower
Ashman Patrick,  fisherman,  36 Flavin's lane
Ashman Thomas,  trader,  18 British sq
Aspell John,  fisherman,  5 Livingston
Aspell Mrs. Bridget,  wid James,  112 Water west
Aspell Wm.,  cooper,  64 New Gower
Asylum for the Poor,  off Water west
Atkins John,  fisherman,  Lazy bank
Atwell Richard,  farmer,  Freshwater
Atwell R.,  mason,  31 Queen's road
Austin John,  clerk, bds at 223 Water
Austin Samuel,  tidewaiter,  Quidi Vidi
Avalon Skating & Curling rink,  Military road
Aylward John,  seaman,  7 Livingston
Aylward Michael,  fisherman,  42 North
Aylward Miss Margaret,  milliner,  17 New Gower
Aylward William,  mason,  28 Prescott
Aylward William,  tailor,  178 Gower
Ayre Charles R.,  of Ayre & Marshall,  233 Water
Ayre Frederick W.,  clerk,  bds at 237 Water
Ayre George,  baker,  46 New Gower
Ayre Geo. J.,  clerk,  bds at 237 Water
Ayre John B.,  bookkeeper,  bds at 237 Water
Ayre & Marshall,  general importers,  235 Water
Ayre Patrick,  fisherman,  82 Pokeham path
Ayrin Thomas,  miner,  Nunnery hill
Badcock George,  clerk,  bds at 213 New Gower
Baine, Johnston & Co.,  importers and exporters,  205 Water
Baird Bros.,  general importers of dry goods,  187 Water
Baird D. & J.,  grocers,  217 Water
Baird David,  of Baird Bros.,  187 Water
Baird James,  of Baird Bros., 7 Cathedral hill
Baker Mrs. Elizabeth,  wid William,  Dreeling's well road
Baker Richard,  fisherman,  18 Flavin's lane
Baker Samuel,  10 Flavin's lane
Baldwin David,  fisherman,  off 75 Military road
Baldwin John,  cooper,  42 Duckworth
Baldwin John,  tidewaiter,  Duke York
Baldwin Joseph,  clerk,  Prescott
Baldwin Mrs. Elizabeth,  wid David,  8 Long's lane
Bambrick David,  laborer,  South side
Bambrick Michael,  butcher,  30 Water
Bannerman Alexander,  clerk,  bds at 119 Gower
Barnes Andrew,  carpenter,  Lazy bank
Barnes Chs.,  clerk,  bds at 271 Water
Barnes Charles,  clerk,  Barnes' lane
Barnes Ebenezer,  general importer,  163 Water
Barnes Henry,  clerk,  Barnes' lane
BARNES J.B.,  usher of the Black Rod,  House of Assembly,  Barnes' lane
Barnes Mrs. Ellen,  wid William,  29 Pokeham path
Barnes Mrs. Sarah,  wid Silas,  Lazy bank
Barnes Richard,  clerk,  Barnes' lane
Barnes Richard,  fisherman,  Boggan's lane
Barnes Robt.,  fisherman,  Pokeham path
Barnes Thomas,  carpenter,  Flower hill
Barnes W.J.,  clerk,  Barnes' lane
Barnes William,  clerk,  Barnes' lane
Barnes William,  joiner,  22 Livingston
Barnes William,  M.P.P.,  farmer,  Old cove road
Barnes William,  fisherman,  off 100 Monkstown road
Barnes William,  laborer,  15 Monkstown road
Barrett James,  fisherman,  111 Gower
Barrett Joseph,   fisherman,  4 British sq
Barrett Roger,  fisherman,  376 Water
Barrington Mrs. E.,  wid Thomas,  43 Water west
Barrington Mrs. Sarah,  wid Isaac,  7 Dulhanty's lane
Barron Edward,  fisherman,  Thomas
Barron John,  fisherman,  Pilot's hill
Barron John,  laborer,  Gill's hill
Barron Mrs, Catherine,  wid Richard,  Carter's hill
Barron Mrs. Sarah,  wid James,  Boggan's lane
Barron Peter,  fisherman,  Carter's hill
Barron Pierce,  tavern,  142 New Gower
Barrow James,  fisherman,  Thomas
Barry Mrs. Bridget,  wid William,  47 South west
Barry Richard,  fisherman,  Kickham's lane
Barter George,  farmer, Flower hill
Barter John,  plumber,  76 New Gower
Barter Mrs. Ann,  wid John,  Barter's hill
Bartlett George,  fisherman,  214 New Gower
Bartlett George,  sailor,  Barnes' lane
Bartlett Henry,  fisherman,  Brannan sq
Bartlett Henry,  fisherman,  Cuddihy's lane
Bartlett John,  sailmaker,  George
Bartlett William,  fisherman,  17 Patrick
Bascome Mrs. Agnes,  wid Foster,  10 East
Bastow John,  farmer,  21 Garrison hill
Bastow William,  laborer,  Kickham's lane
Bates John,  fisherman,  165 Gower
Bates Thomas,  shipwright,  49 Military road
Bathgate Andrew,  clerk,  105 Military road
Batstone John,  fisherman,  Quidi Vidi
Bavis Thomas,  laborer,  Carter's hill
Bayly James,  marshal Vice admiralty court,  Italian consul,
        43 Military road
Bearns Thomas,  cabinetmaker,  324 Water
Beavores Thomas,  farmer,  126 Military road
Bechard Auguste,  professor of modern languages,
        bds at 5 Cathedral hill
Beck William H.,  clerk,  bds at 173 Water
Beenlen Miss Elizabeth,  215 Gower
Beer & Dodd,  tailors,  27 Prescott
Beer John,  29 Prescott
Beer John,  fisherman,  Henry north
Beer Joseph,  of Beer & Dodd,  Rennie's mill road
Beer Thomas,  carman,  Quidi Vidi
Bell John,  servant,  Long pond road
Bell Mrs.,  wid James,  Long pond road
Bell Thomas,  servant,  Long pond road
Bellingsley William,  shoemaker,  125 New Gower
Bemister Mrs. Elizabeth,  wid John,  Duke York
Bendell Jacob,  clerk,  223 Water
Bennett C.F., & Co.,  importers,  385 Water
Bennett David,  professor of music,  James
Bennett Edward W.,  clerk,  30 George
BENNETT HON. CHARLES FOX, M.P.P.,  premier,  of C.F. Bennett & Co.,
        Colonial building,  Military road,  h 360 Water
Bennett William D.,  superintendent of Ordnance stores,  Duckworth
Bentley David,  fisherman,  Signal hill road
Bentley Wm.,  fisherman,  24 Darling
Benzies William G.,  clerk,  bds at 21 Prescott
Berningham Thos.,  laborer,  6 Princess
Berney & Fitzgibbon,  general importers,  4 Queen
Berney Michael,  of Berney & Fitzgibbon,  4 Queen's road
Berrigan Mrs. Catherine,  Mill lane
Berrigan Patrick,  tailor,  268 Water
Berrigan Peter,  fisherman,  20 King's road
Berrigan Wm.,  carpenter,  255 Gower
Berry John,  fisherman,  20 Victoria
Berwick Mrs. Mary Ann,  wid James,  230 Water west
Bevins Henry,  agent,  20 Cathedral
Bebby James,  watchman,  Henry north
Bidiscombe George,  farmer,  Logy bay road
Biggeldy John,  cooper,  Steven
Billings John,  cooper,  South side
Blackler Edward,  cooper,  Bucley
Blackler John,  watchman,  6 Brine
Blackler William,  master mariner,  4 Brine
Blackley Thomas,  cooper,  South side
Blackley William,  planter,  South side
BLACKWOOD A. & R.,  hairdressers and dealers in fancy goods, toys
        and musical instruments, wholesale and retail, 240 Water
Blackwood Daniel,  of A. & R. Blackwood,  240 Water
Blackwood Robert, jun.,  of A. & R. Blackwood,  240 Water
Blackwood Robert, sen.,  of A. & R. Blackwood,  240 Water
Blair Henry,  clerk,  Prescott
Blake William,  hardware,  236 Water,  h 2 McBride
Blandford Charles,  laborer,  18 George
Blench Edward,  sailor,  Kickham's lane
Blundon Francis E.,  attorney and solicitor,  230 Duckworth,
        bds at 284 Water
Blundon James,  tailor,  McCalman's lane
Blundon Mrs. A.,  wid John,  tavern,  250 Water
Blyde George,  carman,  opp 101 Monkstown road
BOARD OF WORKS,  hon. Robert Alsop, chairman,  Colonial building,
Military road
Bobster James,  baker,  50 North
Boden J.A.,  jeweller,  34 Victoria
Boggan Francis,  cooper,  46 Prescott
Boiland James,  carpenter,  18 Military road
Bolan Mrs. Ann,  wid Maurice,  Cove road
Boland John,  fisherman,  Pilot's hill
Boland Maurice,  fisherman,  94 Duckworth
Bolgan John,  cooper,  251 Gower
Bolger Edward,  cooper,  74 Queen's road
Bolger Nicholas,  cooper,  28 Livingston
Bolt John,  farmer,  Waterford bridge road
Bolt John,  farmer,  Bay Bulls road
Bolt Mrs. Sarah,  wid Christopher,  206 Water
Bolt Mrs. Sarah,  wid Christopher,  11 Cochrane
Bolt Thomas,  laborer,  South side
Bolt William,  cooper,  26 Water west
Bonan Mrs. Mary Ann,  wid Stephen,  Lion sq
Bond John,  general dealer in seines, lines and twines,
        437 Water,  h Cove road
Born Charles,  cooper,  94 New Gower
Born Mrs.,  wid Valentine,  keeper Colonial building and grounds,
Colonial building,  Military road
Boon Ebenezer,  painter,  94 New Gower
Booth Mrs. Leonia,  wid Alexander,  263 Gower
Bore Henry V.,  clerk,  Colonial building,  Military road
Botwood rev. Edward,  ch. of England,  South side
Bovey John,  carpenter,  Lion sq
Bovey John,  carpenter,  38 New Gower
Bow Michael,  laborer,  87 Flavin's lane
Bowden Cornelius,  shoemaker,  12 Water west
Bowden Frederick,  printer,  39 Darling
Bowden George,  ship carpenter,  Cuddihy's lane
Bowden George,  shipwright,  Lion sq
Bowden Solomon,  master mariner,  16 Livingston
Bowden Samuel,  laborer,  101 King's road
Bowell Robert,  laborer,  18 South west
Bowlan Samuel,  laborer,  90 George
Bowler Richard,  fisherman,  174 Water west
Bown George F.,  notary public, auctioneer and commission agent,
        cor Water and McBride,  h 1 James
Bown William,  fisherman,  Barnes' lane
Bowring Brothers,  merchants and agents for Liverpool and London
        and Globe Insurance Co.,  273 Water
Bowring Charles, of Bowring Brothers,  271 Water
Bowter Jas.,  fisherman,  89 King's road
Boyd John,  of J. & W. Boyd.,  Cathedral
Boyd J. & W. ,  commission and lumber merchants,  327 Water
Boyd & McDougall,  merchants,  337 Water
Boyd Thomas,  of  Boyd & McDougall,  337 Water
Boyd William,  of  J. & W. Boyd,  Gregory's cottage,  Rennie's mill road
Boyd William,  tailor,  12 Adelaide
Boyles George,  farmer,  Bay Bulls road
Boyles James,  fisherman,  Barnes' lane
Boyles Thomas,  fisherman,  Barnes' lane
BRACE E., of Dicks & Brace,  agent for the Temperance Journal,
        341 Duckworth
Bradbook William,  fisherman,  25 Water
Bradbery John,  servant,  Torbay road
Bradbury Mrs. Sarah,  wid William,  Nunnery lane
Bradbury Nathaniel,  fisherman,  69 King's road
Bradshaw Henry,  bookkeeper,  6 Military road
Brady Francis,  fisherman,  Flower hill
Bransfield Richard,  fisherman,  42 Gower
Brandsford John,  laborer,  19 North
Brawders Patrick,  laborer,  Long pond road
Brawin James,  shoemaker,  28 Duckworth
Bray Mrs. Alice,  wid Patrick,  12 South west
Brazil Cornelius,  laborer,  Barnes' lane
Brazil Wm.,  farmer,  174 New Gower
Breehan Mrs. Ann,  wid John,  Dreeling's well road
Breen Garrett,  fisherman,  Dulhanty's lane
Breen Martin,  butcher,  218 New Gower
Breen Martin,  butcher,  300 Water
Breen Michael, jun.,  fisherman,  Logy bay road
Breen Michael, sen.,  farmer,  Logy bay road
Breen Mrs. Maria,  wid John,  36 George
Breen Patrick,  fisherman,  Gill's hill
Breen Robert,  seaman,  368 Water
Breen Thomas,  fisherman,  38 Worth
Breen Thomas,  blacksmith,  28 George
Brenmore George,  farmer,  Bay Bulls road
Brennan Edw.,  carter,  50 Water west
Brennan Edward,  tavern,  286 Water
Brennan James,  carter,  31 Patrick
Brennan James,  farmer,  Bay Bulls road
Brennan John,  farmer,  Torbay road
Brennan John,  fisherman,  Logy bay road
Brennan John,  laborer,  Lazy bank
Brennan Michael,  farmer,  Bay Bulls raod
Brennan Mrs. Mary,  wid James,  Lazy bank
Brennan Mrs. Mary,  wid James,  Signal hill road
Brennan Mrs. Mary,  wid Thomas,  31 Patrick
Brennan Mrs. Noah,  wid John,  Limekiln hill
Brennan Peter,  M.P.P.,  56 New Gower
Brennan Thomas,  laborer,  20 East
Brennan Walter,  fisherman,  Lazy bank
Brian John,  carter,  Water west
Bridge Benj.,  seaman,  Limekiln hill
Brien Arthur,  laborer,  Dreeling's well road
Brien Dennis,  butcher,  Cockpit road
Brien Dennis,  sailor,  31 Princess
Brien James,  fisherman,  73 Gower
Brien James,  fisherman,  Quidi Vidi
Brien James,  fisherman,  Flower hill
Brien James,  servant,  Forest road
Brien John,  carman,  Lazy bank
Brien John,  cooper,  Rennie's mill road
Brien John,  laborer,  89 Monkstown road
Brien Michael,  farmer,  Freshwater road
Brien Michael,  fisherman,  Lazy bank
Brien Mrs. Bridget,  wid,   Duke York
Brien Patrick,  farmer,  Freshwater road
Brien Timothy,  carman,  Freshwater road
Brien Thomas,  fisherman,  Flower hill
Brien Thos.,  master mariner,  24 Gower
Brien William,  laborer,  40 North
Brien William,  fisherman,  Flower hill
Bright Wm.,  gardener,  Bannerman road
Brine John,  watchman,  Bulley
Brit Mrs. Margaret,  wid Edward,  Water west
Britt Mrs.,  wid,  Lazy bank
Brocklehurst Charles B.,  accountant,  5 Duckworth
Broderick Thomas,  grocer,  17 Dick's sq
Broderick Thomas,  laborer,  231 Gower
Broderick Thomas,  shoemaker,  118 Military road
Brooks Stephen,  coachmna,  1 Duckworth
Brophy John,  school teacher,  off 35 Monkstown road
Brophy Matthew,  fisherman,  55 George
Brophy Mrs. Catherine,  wid Patrick,  6 Duckworth
Brophy Mrs. Ellen,  wid Patrick,  Signal hill road
Brophy Stephen,  fisherman,  Signal hill road
Brown Edward,  fisherman,  Carter's hill
Brown Henry,  mason,  Carter's hill
Brown James,  fisherman,  Carter's hill
Brown John,  fisherman,  Carter's hill
Browne John,  mason,  Carter's hill
Brown Michael,  fisherman,  Carter's hill
Brown Michael,  laborer,  Carter's hill
Brown Miss Emma, school teacher,  10 Allen sq
Brown Mrs. Anty, wid Nicholas,  Carter's hill
Brown Mrs. E.E.,  seminary for young ladies,  45 Military road
Brown Mrs. Ellen,  wid Michael,  Carter's hill
Brown Patrick,  fisherman,  353 Water west
Brown Philip,  servant,  4 Princess
BROWN ROBERT,  manager Commercial Bank of Newfoundland,  232 Duckworth
Brown Thomas,  bookkeeper,  bds at 232 Duckworth
Brown Thomas,  farmer,  Logy bay road
Brown Thomas,  mason,  Carter's hill
Brown William,  assistant bookkeeper,  101 Water
Browndrick Mrs. Mary,  wid J.,  tavern,  124 Water
Browne Mrs. J.,  wid James,  20 Queen's road
Browning Gilbert,  bakery,  371 Water
Browning James,  tannery,  127 Gower
Brownrick Ths.,  fisherman,  54 George
Bryan Charles,  laborer,  74 King's road
Brigeman Miss Susan,  dressmaker,  75 Gower
Bryant John A.,  clerk,  bds at 223 Water
Bryan Mrs. Mary Ann,  wid John,  2 College lane
Bryan Patrick,  laborer,  Flower hill
Bryan Pierce,  fisherman,  394 Water
Bryan Thos.,  tinsmith,  48 South west
Bryan Mrs. Sarah,  wid John,  278 Duckworth
Bryde Mrs. Mary,  wid Dennis,  10 South west
Bryden James,  importer,  285 Water,  h Freshwater road
Bryne James,  fisherman,  Duke York
Bryne Michael,  fisherman,  Duke York
Bryne James,  fisherman,  Coady's lane
Bryne John,  master mariner,  Long's hill
Bryne Lawrence, bookkeeper,  124 Duckworth
Bryne Lawrence,  farmer,  Bay Bulls road
Bryne Thomas,  butcher,  336 Water
Bryne Thomas,  fisherman,  Pokeham path
Buckler Alfred,  cooper,  7 British sq
Buckler John,  carpenter,  Plank
Buckler John,  fisherman,  120 Gower
Buckler Nathaniel,  fisherman,  5 British sq
Buckley James,  cooper,  Brewery lane
Buckley James,  laborer,  Circular road
Buckley John,  cooper,  Brewery lane
Buckley Mrs. Catherine,  wid William,  Dammerill's lane
Buckley Mrs. Catherine,  wid William,  Branscomb's lane
Buckley Mrs. Mary,  wid Michael,  Circular road
Buckley Patrick,  blacksmith,  William's lane
Buckley Patrick,  fisherman,  376 Water west
Buckley Patrick, jun.,  fisherman,   Waterford bridge road
Buckley Patrick, sen.,  fisherman,   Waterford bridge road
Buckley Thomas,  cooper,  27 Duckworth
Buckley Thomas,  fisherman,  Waterford bridge road
Buckley Thomas,  fisherman,  Limekiln hill
Buckmaster Pat.,  butcher,  246 Water
Bulger Richard,  farmer,  Freshwater road
Bulger William,  fisherman,  Lazy bank
Butler Lawrence,  fisherman,  Adelaide
Bulley Jas.,  porter,  Monkstown road
Bulley John B.,  commissioner of pilots, commissioner of wrecked
        property, insurance broker,  Commercial rooms, 241 Duckworth,
        h Rennie's mill road cor Circular road
Bulley Prescott,  clerk,  bds at Circular road
Bully John,  cooper,  20 Rennie's mill road
Bunn Martin,  fisherman,  260 Gower
Bunting Frederick G.,  M.D.,  district surgeon Western ward,
        267 Duckworth
Burd James,  fisherman,  Pokeham path
Burde John,  fisherman,  Pokeham path
Burden Michael,  fisherman,  95 Gower
Burden Miss Mary,  wid Charles,  Pokeham path
Burford Alexander,  mariner,  Lazy bank
Burford Charles,  master mariner,  Lazy bank
Burford Edward,  master mariner,  Lazy bank
Burford Wm. J.,  mariner,  Lazy bank
Burk Michael,  laborer,  Forest road
Burke John,  fisherman,  Pankin's lane
Burke Lawrence,  fisherman,  24 King's road
Burke Martin,  farmer,  Cove road
Burke Martin,  laborer,  South side
Burke Michael,  cooper,  Steven
Burke Michael,  master mariner,  32 Victoria
Burke Mrs. Ann,  school teacher,  Duckworth
Burke Mrs. Sarah,  wid John,  74 Prescott
Burke Patrick,  bailiff,  39 Gower
Burke Roger,  miner,  50 South west
Burn Mrs. Bridget,  wid Patrick,  Bannerick lane
Burn Thomas,  butcher,  91 New Gower
Burn Wm.,  fisherman,  11 New Gower
Burn William,  cooper,  Cuddihy's lane

Note: These are still missing.
Carter John             to      Cole Thomas
Cole William            to      Cox Peter
Cox Samuel              to      Dearin George
Dearin John             to      Drew Nicholas
Driscoll John           to      Evans Joseph
Evans & LeMessurier     to      Foley Pierce
Foley William           to      Gleeson Jas.
Glen Cornelius          to      Hamlin Miss
Hamlin Mrs. Elizabeth   to      Higgins Michael

The above section was transcribed by Rick Power.

Note: St. John's is being transcribed by various volunteers, thus it will
be added to as sections become avaliable.

This section transcribed by Denise Butler.

Burridge, Thomas, mason, Chain Rock Road
Burton, John Thomas, stationer & proprietor of the Telegraph,
	221 Water Street
Burton, John, ship operator, Lane off 51 Monkstown Road
Burton, Miss Lucinda, school teacher, 81 Gower street
Burton, Thomas, fisherman, Carter's Hill
Bussey, Mrs Ann, widow of John, Nunnery Lane
Butler, James, fisherman, 89 Gower
Butler, Lawrence, fisherman, Dammerill's Lane
Butler, Martin, labourer, 349 Water West
Butler, Matthew, labourer, South Side
Butler, Miss Ellen, Brewery Lane
Butler, Mrs Ellen, widow of Richard, 116 Gower
Butler, Mrs, widow, Carter's Hill
Butler, Pierce, watcheman, Bannerick Lane
Butler, Solomon, sailor, 92 New Gower
Butler, Thomas, farmer, Topsail Road
Butler, Thomas, master mariner, South Side
Butt, Jacob, fisherman, Lion Square
Butt, William, fisherman, Cuddiby's Lane
Byrne, Dennis, cooper, Nunnery Lane
Byrne, Dennis, watchman, South Side
Byrne, Jas, tidewaiter, 280 Duckworth
Byrne, James, fisherman, 58 George
Byrne, John, carpenter, Kickham's Lane
Byrne, John, cooper, 24 Cochrane
Byrne, John, fisherman, Steven
Byrne, Joseph, fisherman, 50 New Gower
Byrne, Michael, cooper, 259 Gower
Byrne, Mrs Ann, widow of John, Barter's Hill
Byrne, Mrs Helen, widow of Patrick, 269 Gower
Byrne, Mrs Julia, widow of Patrick, James
Byrne, Mrs Mary, widow of Jeremiah, Gills Hill
Byrne, Patrick, fisherman, Gills Hill
Byrne, Patrick, fisherman, 60 Gower
Byrne, Patrick, fisherman, 32 Water West
Byrne, Richard, fisherman, 2 Chapel Lane
Byrne, Richard, fisherman, Cuddiby's Lane
Byrne, Richard, policeman, 90 Duckworth
Byrne, William, master mariner, 110 Water
Byrne, William, trader, 64 Prescott
Byrne, Thomas, cooper, 24 Cochrane
Byrnes, James, fisherman, Duke York
Cabner, Fred, cooper, Kickham's Lane
Cabner, John, shoemaker, 17 North
Cabner, Mrs Ellen, widow of Ezekiah, 167 Gower
Cabney, Mark N, pilot, 8 Cochrane
Cabrey, Thomas, fisherman, 118 Gower 
Caddell, Mrs J, widow of John, 186 Gower
Cadwell, Zachariah, joiner, 14 North
Cadwell, Mrs Elizabeth, widow of James, 53 South West
Cahill, James, labourer, Barnes Lane
Cahill, John, fisherman, 14 Kings Road
Cahill, John, shoemaker, Carters Hill
Cahill, Joseph, school teacher, 85 Kings Road
Cahill, Michael, tailor, 248 Water
Cahill, Richard, fisherman, Lazy Bank
Cahill, Richard, fisherman, 97 Monkstown Road
Cairns, Thomas R, of Sillars, Cairns and Co, 317 Water
Calahan, Dennis, sailor, Barnes Lane
Caldwell, Edward, carpenter, 103 New Gower
Cale, Mrs Martha, widow of John, Waldegrave
Callahan, Cornelius, master mariner, 19 Cathedral Hill
Calahan, James, grocer, 51 Duckworth
Calahan, Mrs Mary, widow of William, 167 New Gower
Calahanan, Jeremiah, sailor, 13 Waldegrave
Calahanan, John Jr, sailor, 13 Waldegrave
Calahanan, John Sr, blockmaker, 13 Waldegrave
Calahanan, Michael, tavern, 45 Gower
Calton, John, cooper, South Side
Calver, John, labourer, 16 Victoria
Canna, Patrick, farmer, Bay Bulls Road
Campbell, Colin, clerk, 88 Queens Road
Campbell, Daniel, fisherman, 6 Pokeham Path
Campbell, James, photographer, boards at 109 Military Road
Campbell, James, teacher, Nautical Academy, 109 Military Road
Campbell, John, fisherman, Cuddihey's Lane
Campbell, Michael, fisherman, South Side
Campbell, Mrs J, widow of Charles, Pokeham Path
Campbell, Neil, clerk, Prescott
Campbell, William, carpenter and joiner, 3 Allen Square
Campbell, William, fisherman, Lazy Bank
Campbell, William, saw mill owner, 88 Queen's Road
Campion, Patrick, fisherman, 21 Patrick
CANADA LIFE ASSURANCE CO, John S Simms, agent, 341 Water
Canann, James, fisherman, 160 Water West
Cane, Andrew, fisherman, 35 Buchanan
Cane, Charles, seaman, 25 Longs Lane
Cane, James, servant, Bay Bulls Road
Cane, Thomas, fisherman, 33 Princess
Canna, John, carter, Bay Bulls Road
Canning, C, butcher, 134 Water
Canning, Horatio, clerk, 28 Gower
Canning, John, assistant collector, Custom House, h Binton Cottage,
	Signal Hill Road
Canning, Martin, fisherman, 1 Princess
Canning, Mrs Judith, widow of Patrick, Old Chapel Lane
Canning, Samuel, bookkeeper, 7 Queen
Canning, Thomas, fisherman, Hutchings
Cantwell, Florence, labourer, Barters Hill
Cantwell, Jas, printer, 65 Duckworth
Cantwell, James, tavern, 363 Water
Cantwell, John, grocer, 252 Water
Cantwell, Mrs Mary, widow of William, Cove Road
Carberry, Edward, cooper, 61 Monkstown Road
Carberry, Mrs Johanna, widow of John, off 101 Monkstown Road
Carew, Clement, cooper, Lazy Bank
Carew, Edward, cooper, 80 New Gower
Carew, James, cooper, Nunnery Lane
Carew, John, carpenter, off 75 Military Road
Carew, John, fisherman, 11 Princess
Carew, Joseph, cooper, Nunnery Lane
Carew, Mrs Ann, widow of Edward, 9 Holdsworth
Carew, Mrs Mary, widow of John, 188 Duckworth
Carew, Phillip, master cooper, James
Carew, Thomas, clerk, Forest Road
Carlagan, Patrick, fisherman, 41 Darling
Carmichael, James, clerk, boards at 7 Cathedral Hill
Carnell, Richard, wheelwright, 60 George
Carnell, Samuel, carriage factory, 114 Duckworth, home 18 Cochrane
Carnell, Thomas, labourer, Barters Hill
Carney, Daniel, fisherman, Waterford Bridge Road
Carney, Martin, fisherman, Waterford Bridge Road
Carney, Mrs Mary, widow of James, 2 Princess
Carrell, Owen, cooper, 186 Gower
Carrell, Thos, fisherman, 182 Gower
Carrigan, Walter, tavern, 130 Duckworth
Carrington, Mrs, widow, off 35 Monkstown Road
Carroll, Andrew, blacksmith, 30 Prescott
Carroll, James, farmer, Freshwater Road
Carroll, John, fisherman, Lazy Bank
Carroll, John, fisherman, 71 Patrick
Carroll, John, seaman, Boggans Lane
Carroll, John, porter, 51 Victoria
Carroll, Matthew, clerk, boards at 237 Water
Carroll, Michael, fisherman, Coadys Lane
Carroll, Mrs Catherine, widow of Joseph, Steven
Carter, John, tavern, 32 New Gower
Carroll Mrs. Maria,  wid James,  Brine sq
Carroll Patrick,  tailor,  95 New Gower
Carroll Robert,  baker,  4 Duckworth
Carroll William, fisherman,  51 Victoria
Carter Charles,  clerk,  bds at 74 Duckworth
Carter George,  clerk,  bds at 355 Water
CARTER FREDERICK B. T., Q.C., M.P.P.,  barrister , attorney and
        solicitor,  241 Duckworth, h Avalon cottage,  Forest road
Carter, Peter, Carters Hill
Carter, Robert, ship owner, 205 New Gower
Carter, Robert, superintendant of Mercantile marines, 
Gambier n Water, home at Cochrane
Case, John, fisherman, Lazy Bank
Casey, Edward, carter, 283 Water West
Casey, John, farmer, flowers hill
Casey, John, farmer, Bay Bulls Road
Casey, Martin, labourer, 369 Water West
Casey, Patrick, farmer, Cockpit Road
Casey, Peter, fisherman, Thomas
Cash, Mrs Margaret, widow of James, tavern, 184 Water
Cashin, Michael, Carters Hill
Cashin, Thomas, grocer, 193 Duckworth
Cashin, William, carpenter, 193 Duckworth
Cassidy, Patrick, tailor, 308 Water
Cavana, Edward, labourer, Cuddibys Lane
Cavana, Martin, fisherman, Brewery Lane
Cavana, Martin, fisherman, Cuddibys Lane
Cavana, Michael, baker, Waterford Bridge Road
Cave, Robert, sailor, off 4 Princess
Cave, Thomas, fisherman, South Side
Cemetery, Belevidier, Long Pond Road
Chafe, David, farmer, Bay Bulls Road
Chafe, George W, labourer, off 51 Monkstown Road
Chafe, Jacob, farmer, Bay Bulls Road
Chaulk, John, fisherman, off 69 Military Road
Chambler, John, sailmaker, 23 Prescott
Chambers, John, tailor, 42 South West
Chambers, Thomas J, confectioner, 105 Water
Chancey, George W, carpenter, Chancey's Lane
Chancey, Lionel T, sub sherriff, central district, keeper of Court House, 
     Market House, Duckworth, h 	Freshwater Road
Chancey, Robert, clerk, boards 355 Water
Chancey, Mrs Elizabeth, widow of Lionel, Freshwater Road
Chaplin, Mark, tailor, 12 East
Chapter, John, labourer, Duke York
Charles, William H, clerk, Queen's Road
Cheapman, Joshua, sailmaker, 54 North
Chesty, Mrs Elizabeth, widow of Richard, Old Chapel Lane
Chisholm, Duncan, photographer, 4 Becks Cove
Chisholm, John F, book seller and stationer, 175 Water
Chowlan, Francis H, bookkeeper, Prescott
Christian, James, clerk, boards at 191 Water
Christian Knowledge Societys Depot, Rev, G M Johnson, secretary, 
office 296 Water
Christin, James, master mariner, 55 South West
Christopher, Garrett, fisherman, Quidi Vidi
Christopher, John, fisherman, 61 Gower
Christopher, Thomas, fisherman, 81 Kings Road
Churchill, Edward, watchman, 8 Rossiders Lane
Churchill, James, fisherman, Limekiln Hill
Church of England Academy, Rev Joseph Phelps, head master, 
South West Street, h Military Road
Claitney, Daniel, fisherman, 2 North
Clance, Martin, cabman, 208 Duckworth
Clancey, Dennis, fisherman, Kickhams Lane
Clancey, Mrs Margerat, widow of James, Dammerills Lane
Clancey, Mrs Nancy, widow of James, Carters Hill
Clapp, Gilbert, merchant, 72 Cockrane
Clarke, Ambrose, balcksmith, 109 New Gower
Clarke, Agustus, cooper, James
Clarke, James, fisherman, 218 Water West
Clarke, John, balliff, Carters Hill
Clarke, John, fisherman, Flower Hill
Clarke, Mrs Ann, widow of John, Water West
Clarke, Mrs Elizabeth, widow of John Waterford Bridge Road
Clarke, William, labourer, James
Clarke, William, blockmaker, 9 George
Clarke, William, servant, Kings Bridge Road
Clayton, John, fisherman, 18 North
Cleary, Capt. Phillip, ship owner, 15 Rennies Mill Road
Cleary, Mrs Margaret, widow of Patrick, 41 Gower
Cleary, Nicholas, labourer, 28 Cochrane
Cleary, PAtrick, fisherman, Kickhams Lane
Cleary, Phillip, fisherman, 83 Gower
Cleary, Thomas, fisherman, 10 Dulhantys Lane
Cleary, William, fisherman, 40 Cochrane
Cleatney, Mrs Mary, widow of John, Signal Hill Road
Clendinning, James, clerk, 285 Water
Cliffort, Mrs Bridget, widow of Thomas, Henry North
Clift, C N, bookkeeper, Union Hotel
Clift, Hon. James. S, executive and legislative councillor, Rennies Mill Road
Clift, Theodore, auctioneer and general commission agent, 87 Water
Clift, Theodore W, bookkeeper, 87 Water
Clift, Thomas, of Clift, Wood and Co, 53 Cochrane
Clift, Wood and Co, general commission merchants, Clifts Cove, Water, n Markethouse
Climley, Daniel, cooper, Old Chapel Lane
Cluny, Mrs Catherine, widow of Andrew, 15 North
Clooney, John, farmer, Bay Bulls Road
Clooney, John, fisherman, 224 Water West
Clooney, Patrick, cooper, Flower Hill
Clooney, Thomas,  cooper, Old Chapel Lane
Cluston, John, mason, 3 Duckworth
Clouston, Thomas, tinsmith, 48 Duckworth
Clowney, James, cooper, 87 New Gower
Coady, James, bookkeeper, 222 Duckworth
Coady, James, fisherman, 223 New Gower
Coady, John, labourer, Cuddihys Lane
Coady, John, seaman, Pokeham Path
Coady, Joseph, trader, 183 Duckworth
Coady, Lawrence, 36 Hutching
Coady, Michael, farmer, Bay Bulls Road
Coady, Michael, trader, 15 Dicks Sq
Coady, Mrs Betsey, widow of Thomas, 106 Gower
Coady, Mrs Catherine, widow of James, Kickhams LAne
Coady, Mrs, widow, Cuddihys Lane
Coady, Miss Annie, Plank,
Coady, Patrick, carpenter, 16 Cathedral
Coady, Patrick, constable, 12 Chapel LAne
Coady, Thomas, clerk, Gower
Coady, William, carpenter, 35 Darling
Coady, William Jr, master mariner, Pokeham Path
Coady, William Sr, master mariner, Pokeham Path
Coathell, Samuel, cooper, South Side
Cochrane, Matthew, labouer, 162 Water West
Cochrane, Mrs Elizabeth, widow of John, 22 Kings Road
Codney, Mrs Maria, widow of A, 130 Gower
Cody, James, fisherman, 183 New Gower
Cody, John, sailor, 239 New Gower
Cody, Mrs Bridget, widow of Edward, Circular Road
Cody, Stephen, fisherman, 246 New Gower
Coffee, Jeremiah, fisherman, Carters Hill
Coffee, John, sailor, Carters Hill
Coffee, Michael Jr, sailor, Carters Hill
Coffee, Michael Sr, sailor, Carters Hill
Coffin, Thomas, tidewaitor, 36 North

Corohus, farmer, Freshwater Road
Colbert, James, butcher, Freshwater Road
Colbert, James, butcher, Cookstown
Colbred, Edward, shipwright, Old Chapel Lane
Cole, James, farmer, Torbay
Cole, John, farmer, 49 South West
Cole, John, policeman, 32 Rennies Mill Road
Cole, Michael, fisherman, Dreelings Well Road
Cole, Mrs Rosannah, widow of Humphrey, 18 Duckworth
Cole, Mrs sarah, widow of Henry, Dooling
Cole, Robin, fisherman, Torbay Road
Cole, samuel, fisherman, James
Cole, Thomas, cabinetmaker, 71 Gower
Cole, William, fisherman, Cuddihys Lane
Cole, William, seaman, 302 Water
Coleford, Mrs Elizabeth, widow of James, 7 Holdsworth
Colefort, Martin, cooper, James
Coleman, Mrs Julia, widow of John, off 101 Monkstown Road
Coleman, Patrick, carpenter, 101 New Gower
Coleman, Patrick, tailor, George
Colfer, John, fisherman, Old Chapel Lane
Colfer, Thomas, cooper, Stevens
Collett, William, seaman, 5 Queen
Collier, Charles, sailmaker, Forest Road
Collin, C, fisherman, Thomas
Collins, Issac, hotelkeeper, 187 Duckworth
Collins, John, fisherman, 171 New Gower
Collins, John T, bookkeeper, 189 Duckworth
Collins, Michael, cooper, 18 Brine
Collins, Patrick, labourer, 11 Dulhantys Lane
Collins, Peter, labourer, Brennen Sq
Collins, Miss Sarah F, off 35 Monkstown Road
Collins, Thomas, clerk, 125 Miltary Road
Collins, Thomas, storeman, 101 Water
Collis, James, clerk, 153 New Gower
Collis, James, clerk, boards at 355 Water
Collis, Mrs Sarah, widow of James, 53 Southwest
Colman, Edward, fisherman, 4 Dullhantys Lane
Colman, Mrs Annie, widow of Jeremiah, 7 Dulhantys Lane
Colonial Secretary, Hon R Aslop, Colonial Building, Military Road
Colton, John, clerk, 7 Queens Road
Comerford, Mrs Bridget, widow of Richard, Forest Road
Comerford, John, cooper, Steven
Comerford, Michael, shoemaker, 20 New Gower
Comerford, Lawrence, cooper, Halloway
Comerford, Patrick, musicteacher, Kickhams Lane
Comerford, Richard, fisherman, Codys Lane
Comerford, William, clerk, Duckworth
Comerford, William, draper, 55 New Gower
Comerford, Mrs Mary, widow of James, Barnes Lane
Comfort, Michael, 113 Gower
Conden, Martin, carpenter, 33 Duckworth
Conden, Mrs Helen, wid of David, 7 Mash Hill
Conden, Daniel, shipwright, Becks Cove
Conden, John, fisherman, Hutchings lane
Conley, Michael, 43 New Gower
Connell, Thomas, fisherman, 115 New Gower
Connellay, Michael, fisherman, 9 Patrick
Connelly, Lawrence, 21 Military Road
Connelly, Mrs Anastasia, widow of John, Brewery lane
Connolly, Mrs Mary, widow of Edward, Brewery Lane
Connolly, Maurice, labourer, 24 South West
Connolly, Michael, butcher, 195 Duckworth
Connolly, Michael, fisherman, Barters Hill
Connolly, Patrick, labourer, barnes Lane
Connors, John, sailor, Dammerills Lane
Connors, Martin, fisherman, Barters Hill
Connors, Michael, butcher, 156 Water
Connors, Michael, fisherman, Codys Lane
Connors, Patrick, mason, Brennen Sq
Connors, Thomas, planter, 24 Water West
Constantine, James, fisherman, Steven
Constantine, John, fisherman, 139 New Gower
Conway, Dennis, baker, Cookestown
Conway, Edward, fisherman, 68 George
Conway, John, Labourer, 25 Queens Road
Conway, James, fisherman, off 35 Monkstown Road
Conway, Rev John R, Catholic, Military Road
Cooke, Charles, cooper, Barters Hill
Cooke, Mrs Ann, widow of Robert, 28 North
Cooke, William, cooper, Barters Hill
Cooke, George, farmer, Lazy Bank
Cooke, henry, accountant and teller, 23 Catherine Row, Monkstown Road
Cooke, James, clerk, Woodbine Cottage, Fores Road
Cooke, Jas, fisherman, Cuddihys Lane
Cooke, John A, fisherman, South Side
Cooke, Joseph, farmer, Logy Bay Road
Cooke, Jospeh, fisherman, South Side
Cooke, Robert, fisherman, South Side
Cooke, Thomas, servant, Long Pond Road
Cooke, Thomas, tailor, Flower Hill
Cooke, William, fisherman, South Side
Coombs, Thomas, hatter, Kings Bridge Road
Coonan, James, baker, 63 Gower
Coonan, Patrick, baker, 66 Duckworth
Cooney, Michael, fisherman, Boggans Lane
Cooney, Michael J, tavern, 42 Water West
Cooper, Henry, shoemaker, 391 Water West
Cooke, Richard, farmer, Logy Bay Road
Cooper, Henry, shoemaker, Waterford Bridge Road
Cooper, James, fisherman, Steven
Cooper, Levy, labourer, 6 Flavins Lane
Corbett, James, cooper, Cookstown
Corbett, William, cooper, Carters Hill
Corbett, William, cooper, Dicks Sq
Corcoran, James, clerk, 197 Water
Corcoran, James, messanger and assistant doorkeeper, 6 Longs Lane
Corcoran, Lawrence, fisherman, 136 New Gower
Corcoran, Lawrence, shoemaker, 14 Longs Lane
Corcoran, Patrick, fisherman, Carters Hill
Corcoran, William, fisherman, Forest Road
Cormack, James S, clerk, 247 Duckworth
Cornick, Edward, bricklayer, 56 Southwest
Cornick, John Jr, moulder, off 51 Monkstown Road
Cornick, Reuban Sr, stonemason, lane off 51 Monkstown Road
Cormick, Terrence, farmer, Bay Bulls Road
Corrigan, Peter Jr, sailor, Flowers Hill
Corrigan, Peter Sr, sailor, Flowers Hill
Cornell, Patrick, fisherman, Thomas
Costelue, Edward, seaman, Lion Sq
Costigan, John, farmer, Long Pond Road
Costigan, Michael, labourer, off 35 Monkstown Road
Costigan, Michael, tavern, 152 New Gower
Cosgrove, Thomas, fisherman, 32 South West
Cotner, William, fisherman, Brewery Lane
Cotter, Patrick, carman, off 35 Monkstown Road
Coubrey, James, clerk, 22 East
Coughlan, Mrs Bridget, widow of Patrick, 121 Military Road
Coughlan, William, constable, 174 Gower
Coughlin, Miss Lucy, 212 Water West
Coughlin, William, mail contractor, 175 Duckworth 
Courtney, Richard, butcher, 65 New Gower
Couzens, James, clerk, Lazy Bank
Couzens, Edward, cooper, South Side
Cove, Samuel, fisherman, 226 New Gower
Cove, Samuel, fisherman, Pokeham Path
Cowan, Benjamin, commission merchant, 2 Water
Cowan, Miss, matron of St. John's Hospital, Water West
Cowan, Mrs Elizabeth, widow of William, 219 Gower
Cowan, Mrs Grace, widow of Peter, 18 Allen Sq
Cox, Benjamin, fisherman, 302 Duckworth
Cox, Gedeon, fisherman, Longs Hill
Cox, James, liquor store, 166 Water
Cox, Peter, farmer, Bay Bulls Road

Note: below transcribed by Rick Power.
Cox Samuel,  fisherman,  off  Long's hill
Coxson Mark,  gunsmith,  210 Duckworth
Coyle Thomas,  cooper,  South side
Coyell Mrs. Ann,  wid William,  13 New Gower
Coysh William,  seaman,  Signal hill road
Craig Charles,  seaman,  105 Gower
Craig William,  clerk,  285 Water
Croke Patrick,  fisherman,  Logy bay road
Croke William,  fisherman,  Logy bay road
Cramp Patrick,  farmer,  Freshwater road
Crane James,  fisherman,  90 George
CRANE JOHN W.,  clerk at Job Bros. & Co.,  bds at 353 Water
Crane Miss Mary,  tailoress,  Thomas
Crane Nicholas,  cooper,  67 George
Crane Pat.,  fisherman,  37 Buchanan
Crane Walter,  laborer,  206 Water west
Craneford Nicholas,  fisherman,  South side
Cratty William,  fisherman,  Signal hill road
Crench Mrs. Ann,  wid George,  38 Duckworth
Crickan Thomas,  Kickham's lane
Crimp Robert,  groom,  15 Garrison's hill
Crimp William,  wharf keeper,  Long's hill
Crinin Mrs. M.,  wid William,  7 Long's lane
Critch Ambrose,  fisherman,  8 Chapel lane
Critche Mrs. Sarah,  wid George,  Carter's hill
Croak James,  fisherman,  South side
Croaker Edward,  farmer,  Torbay road
CROCKER A.W.,  printer of the Morning Chronicle,  346 Water
Crocker Henry,  laborer,  37 Prescott
Crocker Mrs. Ann,  wid Nicholas,  Chapel lane
Croke Martin,  tavern,  60 Water west
Cronam John,  fisherman,  Bulley
Crook William,  butcher,  278 Water
Crosbie Mrs. Mary,  milliner,  225 Gower
Cross William,  master mariner,  23 Garrison hill
Crossman Aaron,  blacksmith,  212 Duckworth
Crossman William,  blacksmith,  Prescott
Crotty Daniel,  clerk,  130 New Gower
Crotty James,  carman,  Lazy bank
Crotty John,  cooper,  32 Prescott
Crotty John,  fisherman,  Brewery lane
Crotty Patrick,  farmer,  Monday pond road
Crotty Wm.,  fisherman,  Brewery lane
Croucher Frederick,  fisherman,  294 Job's lane
Croucher John,  fisherman,  294 Job's lane
Croucher Thomas,  fisherman,  300 Job's lane
Crow Andrew,  fisherman,  off 101 Monkstown road
Crowdy Charles, M.D.,  of Crowdy & Simms,  228 Duckworth  r Times office
Crowdy George,  clerk,  228 Duckworth
CROWDY JOSEPH,  1st clerk,  Colonial secretary's office,  228 Duckworth
Crowdy & Simms,  physicians,  228 Duckworth r Times office
Crowley Jeremiah,  carpenter,  11 Garrison hill
Crowley John,  farmer,  Freshwater road
Crowley Mrs. Alice,  wid John,  3 Dulhanty's lane
Cruickshank Alexander,  dyer,  310 Duckworth
Cruite William,  servant,  Long pond road
Crute John,  gardener,  Kings Bridge road
Cuddihy John,  carpenter,  Brewery lane
Cuddihy John,  laborer,  South side
Cuddihy Lawrence,  62 New Gower
Cuddihy Michael,  mason,  Cuddihy lane
Cuddihy Mrs. Bridget,  wid Matthew,   57 New Gower
Cuddihy Mrs. Catherine,  wid John,  189 New Gower
Cuddihy Mrs. Helen,  wid James,  191 New Gower
Cuddhy Richard,  fisherman,  188 Water west
Cuddihy Ths.,  tavern,  72 Duckworth
Cullarton Jas.,  laborer,  Boggan's lane
Cullen John,  mariner, Henry north
Cullen Mrs. Margaret,  wid John,  Penny well road
Cullen Patrick,  moulder,  362 Water west
Cullen Thomas,  cooper,  80 New Gower
Cullen Thomas,  fisherman,  Pankin's lane
Cullen William,  provision store and tavern,  345 and 348 Water
Culleton John,  fisherman,  13 Waldegrave
Culleton Miss Theresa,  teacher,  13 Waldegrave
Culleton Mrs. Mary,  wid John,  bakery,  122 Duckworth
Culleton Wm.,  fisherman,  Limekiln hill
Cullings John,  carpenter,  8 Chapel lane
Cummings Edward,  clerk,  bds at 119 Gower
Cummings John,  fisherman,  54 King's road
Cummings Edward,  clerk,  119 Gower
Cummings Joseph,  fisherman,  off 69 Military road
Cummings Mrs. Ellen,  wid,  Waterford bridge road
Cummins Mrs. Catherine,  wid Maurice,  64 Cochrane
Cunningham John,  fisherman,  James
Cunningham Patrick,  fisherman,  Flower hill
Cunningham William,  fisherman,  Carter's hill
Curran -----, fisherman,  232 Water west  (no first name listed)
Curran Adam,  clerk,  181 Water
Curran Andrew,  cooper,  Carter's hill
Curran Francis,  tailor,  98 Water
Carran John,  clerk,  Lazy bank
Curran John,  farmer,  Penny well road
Curran Michael,  cooper,  Carter's hill
Curren Adam,  clerk,  Lazy bank
Curren Mrs.,  wid Adam,  Lazy bank
Curtain Michael,  fisherman,  Pankin's lane
Curtin Cornelius,  laborer,  off 69 Military road
Curtin James,  fisherman,  lane off 69 Military road
Curtin John,  fisherman,  lane off 69 Military road
Curtin John,  planter,  159 Gower
Curtis John,  fisherman,  Barter's hill
Curtis John,  fisherman,  337 Water west
Curtis Mrs. Elizabeth,  wid James,  Limekiln hill
Curtis Patrick,  engineer,  182 Water west
Curtis William,  fisherman,  13 Dulhanty's lane
Custin William,  fisherman,  92 Gower
Dady Daniel,  seaman,  Lion sq
Dady Mrs. Catherine,  wid Thomas,  242 Gower
Dailey Robert,  fisherman,  Thomas
Dalton John,  bookkeeper,  172 Water west
Dalton John,  bookkeeper,  1 Patrick
Dalton Michael,  fisherman,  Cuddihy's lane
Dalton Mrs.,  wid,  Dammerill's lane
Dalton Mrs. Elizabeth,  wid Edward,  Dammerill's lane
Dalton Mrs. Mary,  wid William,  16 Cochrane
Dalton Thomas,  laborer,  off 35 Monkstown road
Dalton William,  constable,  86 Gower
Daly Joseph,  blacksmith,  192 Duckworth
Daly Mrs. Bridget,  wid Michael,  178 Duckworth
Daly Mrs. Mary,  wid Charles,  188 Duckworth
Daly Patrick,  shoemaker,  270 Duckworth
Daly Patrick,  tailor,  Lazy bank
Daniel Mrs. Ann,  wid William,  51 South west
Dannell Jas.,  farmer,  Freshwater road
Darndy James,  fisherman,  James
Daulton Mrs. J.,  wid B.,  46 Duckworth
Davenport William,  carter,  43 King's road
Davey Edward,  joiner,  183 Gower
Davis John,  teacher,  Torbay road
Davis Richard,  shoemaker,  99 Gower
Dawe John,  fisherman,  South side
Danley Richard,  laborer,  159 Gower
Davis Wm.,  carpenter,  48 Duckworth
Davis Wm.,  fisherman,  Nunnery lane
Day Charles A.,  laborer,  r Cathedral
Day James,  master mariner,  331 Water west
Day Mrs. Helen,  wid,  Kickham's lane
Daymond Samuel,  farmer,  Forest road
Daymond William,  cabinetmaker,  274 Duckworth
Dea Michael,  carman,  Freshwater road
Deady John,  baker and confectioner,  132 New Gower
Deady Thomas,  trader,  52 Prescott
Dean George,  fisherman,  55 Gower
Dearin Charles,  fisherman,  Covel lane
Dearin Fred. S.,  druggist,  343 Water
Dearin George H.,  chemist and druggist,  177 Water
Dearin John J.,  chemist and druggist,  162 Water
De Ciane Philip,  carpenter,  South side
Deegan Patrick,  fisherman,  Nunnery lane
Dehey Daniel,  fisherman,  Barnes' lane
Dehey James,  fisherman,  Barnes' lane
Dehey Stephen,  laborer,  Barnes' lane
Delahanty Lawrence,  laborer,  30 Hutchings
Delahanty Mrs. Margaret,  wid John,  Pankin's lane
DELANEY JOHN,  postmaster general,  post office,
        Water St.,  h 61 Military road
Delaney Lawrence,  laborer,  Kickham's lane
Delaney Marger,  fisherman,  216 Water west
Delaney Mrs. Emily,  boarding house,  280 Water
Delaney Mrs. Mary,  wid John,  23 East
Delaney Mrs. Mary Ann,  wid Edward,  27 King's road
Delaney Patrick,  farmer,  Bay Bulls road
Delany rev. Patrick,  R. catholic,  61 Military road
Dempsey James,  blacksmith,  Dempsey's lane
Dempsey Mrs. Bridget,  wid Garrett,  Carter's hill
Denahy Cornelius,  tailor and clothier,  180 Water
Denahy John,  laborer,   104 New Gower
Deneif Edward,  seaman,  Plank
Denman Frederick,  fisherman,  Chain rock road
Devanna Anthony,  fisherman,  52 North
Devanna Michael,  gunsmith,  176 Duckworth
Devanna Robert,  engineer,  33 Prescott
Devereaux Edward,  clerk,  100 New Gower
Devereaux James,  baker,  Carter's hill
Devereaux Mrs. Bridget,  wid James,  Carter's hill
Devereaux Mrs. Mary,  wid William,  Plank
DEVEREAUX THOMAS,  printer of the Temperance Journal,  341 Duckworth
Devereaux William,  fisherman,  267 Water west
Devine John,  317 Water west
Devlin James,  manager and bookkeeper,  181 Water
Deyer Stewart,  clerk,  bds at 23 Water
Dey Mrs. Catherine,  wid William,  Carter's hill
Diamond Levey,  shipowner,  143 Gower
Dickinson Gustavus, clerk,  Water
Dickinson Henry K.,  notary public,  127 Water
Dicks Geo.,  sailmaker,  29 New Gower
Dicks & Brace,  bookbinders,  202 Water
Dicks Robert,  of McKenney & Dicks and Dicks & Brace,  8 Queen
Diddam Samuel,  carpenter,  9 Darling
Dillon John,  farmer,  Freshwater road
Dillon Patrick,  shipwright,  38 King's road
Dillon Peter,  tinsmith,  54 King's road
Dillon Richard,  fisherman,  Branscomb's lane
Dillon Thomas,  carman,  South side
Discomb Mrs. Patience,  wid Samuel,  Barnes' lane
Dixon Michael,  laborer,  91 King's road

Dobing Patrick,  fisherman,  94 Gower
Dodd Charles,  fisherman,  Brewery lane
Dodd George,  of Beer & Dodd,  27 Prescott
Dodd Mrs. Virtue,  wid Joseph,  Brewery lane
Dodd William,  fisherman,  130 Gower
Doheney Mrs. Catherine,  wid Edward,  117 Gower
Doheney Mrs. Mary,  wid Patrick,  105 Gower
Doheny William,  sailor,  Flower hill
Doherty Edmond,  fisherman,  34 Darling
Doherty James,  fisherman,  Flower hill
Donahue Daniel,  fisherman,  56 King's road
Donahue Miss Elizabeth,  Bulley
Donnell William,  fisherman,  off 51 Monkstown road
Donnelly Jeremiah,  shoemaker,  Flower hill
Donnelly John, jun.,  9 Monkstown road
Donnelly John, sen.,  9 Monkstown road
Donnelly John,  stonecutter,  48 Prescott
Donnelly Richard,  fisherman,  Circular road
Donnelly Richard,  laborer,  lane off 101 Monkstown road
Donnelly William,  fisherman,  20 South west
Donnelly Wm.,   clerk,  bds 63 Prescott
Donnelly William, jun.,  clerk,  9 Monkstown road
Donohue Thomas,  tidewaiter,  31 Duckworth
Donough Dennis,  fisherman,  Flower hill
Donough John,  fisherman,  Lazy bank
Donough Mrs. Mary,  wid Jeremiah,  Lazy bank
Donovan John,  fisherman,  Morton's lane
Donovan Mrs. Mary,  wid William,  98 Gower
Donovan Timothy,  fisherman,  168 Duckworth
Donovan Timothy,  fisherman,  16 Duckworth
Doogan Henry,  tavern,  114 Water
Doolan John,  blacksmith,  233 Water
Doolan John,  liquor store,  160 Water
Dooley -----,  fisherman,  James   (first name not recorded)
Dooley Dennis,  butcher,  108 Water
Dooley Garrett,  shipwright,  67 Cochrane
Dooley James,  tavern,  74 Water
Dooley Miss Bridget,  hotel,  Water
Dooley Mrs. Alice,  wid William,  121 Duckworth
Dooley Mrs. Mary, wid Daniel,  1 College lane
Dooley Mrs. Mary,  wid Patrick,  Freshwater road
Dooley Mrs. Sarah,  wid Garrett,  225 Gower
Dooley Patrick,  butcher,  Cove road
Dooley Patrick,  butcher,  170 Duckworth
Dooley Patrick,  master mariner,  Pankin's lane
Dooley Thomas,  coaster,  414 New Gower
Dooley William,  carpenter,  63 Prescott
Doolin Peter,  farmer,  Bay Bulls road
Doran James,  fisherman,  Lazy bank
Doran Mrs. Ellen,  wid Patrick,  26 Victoria
Doran Owen,  butcher,  13 Buchanan
Doran Patrick,  Brewery lane
Dorney Mrs. Anastasia,  wid John,  99 King's road
Dorsey Michael,  cooper,  Cuddihy's lane
Dorsey Kiven,  farmer,  Bay Bulls road
Dougherty Bernard,  engineer,  Limekiln hill
Doutney William,  first clerk and warehouse keeper,
        Custom house,  h 245 Gower
DOVE REV. JAMES,  Wesleyan,  196 Gower st.
Dowden Thomas,  fisherman,  Brewery lane
Dowden Wm.,  farmer,  Logy bay road
Dowden William, fisherman,   56 Monkstown road
Down Robert,  shoemaker,  60 New Gower
Down Roger,  shoemaker,  26 New Gower
Down William,  laborer,  29 Duckworth
Downey James,  master mariner,  59 New Gower
Downey James,  servant,  Brewery lane
Downey John,  cooper,  258 Water west
Downey Joseph,  clerk,  Dempsey's lane
Downey Michael,  fisherman,  Long's mill road
Downey Mrs.,  wid John,  keeper St. John's Poor house
Downey Mrs. Anastasia,  wid John,  Dempsey's lane
Downey Thomas,  fisherman,  James
Downs John,  farmer,  Freshwater road
Downs John,  tailor,  Nunnery lane ad
Downs William,  laborer,  167 Gower
Dowsley George,  71 Prescott
Doyle Edward,  laborer,  Stevens
Doyle Edw.,  laborer,  26 Rennie's mill
Doyle Francis,  school teacher,  144 Gower
Doyle James,  fisherman,  Barter's hill
Doyle John,  farmer,  Torbay road
Doyle John,  fisherman,  Nunnery lane
Doyle John,  sailor,  36 Victoria
Doyle Lawrence,  fisherman,  2 Dulhanty's lane
Doyle Matthew,  farmer,  Topsail road
Doyle Matthew,  fisherman,  14 North
Doyle Michael,  farmer,  Torbay road
Doyle Mrs. Ellen,  wid Michael,  160 Gower
Doyle Mrs. Sarah,  wid William,  Carter's hill
Doyle Nicholas,  clerk,  Queen
Doyle Nicholas,  clerk,  9 Queen
Doyle Patrick,  cooper,  22 George
Doyle Patrick,  fisherman,  212 Water west
Doyle Peter,  carpenter,  246 Gower
Doyle Peter,  farmer,  Torbay road
Doyle Peter,  under doorkeeper,  House of Assembly,
        off 51 Monkstown road
Doyle Thomas,  cooper,  27 Darling
Doyle Thomas,  fisherman,  13 East
Drew Nicholas,  farmer,  122 New Gower
Driscoll John,  ship owner,  157 New Gower
Driscoll William,  fisherman,  5 Rossider's
Dryer & Greene,  auctioneers and commission merchants,
        Market house,  Water
Dryer Henry B.,  of  Dryer & Greene,  102 Military road
Dryer William B.,  accountant,  102 Military road
Duchemin James L.,  pump manufacturer,  366 Water
DUCHEMIN PETER, proprietor of the Newfoundland pump and block
        manufactory ; pumps, deadeyes and mast hoops,
        366 Water,  h 5 George
Duder Charles,  M.P.P.,  ship chandler,  Water
Duder Edwin,  general importer,  355 Water,  h Circular road
Duder Henry,  butcher,  350 Water
Dudley John,  carpenter,  13 Monkstown road
Duff Edward,  farmer,  Freshwater road
Duff Patrick,  farmer,  Freshwater road
Duffett Charles,  Long's hill
Duffy Andrew,  clerk,  Carter's hill
Duggan John,  fisherman,  120 New Gower
Duggan Mrs. Catherine,  wid,  Dreeling's well road
Duggan Walter,  fisherman,  23 New Gower
Dull Luke,  fisherman,  130 Water west
Dunfy John,  cooper,  237 New Gower
Dunham John,  shoemaker,  47 King's road
Dunn Arthur,  laborer,  Freshwater road
Dunn Dennis,  fisherman,  off 35 Monkstown road
Dunn Ed.,  carpenter,  79 New Gower
Dunn Edward,  farmer,  Logy bay road
Dunn James,  farmer,  Logy bay road
Dunn James,  fisherman,  62 King's road
Dunn Jeremiah,  shoemaker,  66 King's road
Dunn John,  baker,  48 Victoria
Dunn John,  carter,  James
Dunn John,  fisherman,  63 Gower
Dunn John,  farmer,  Logy bay road
Dunn Matthew,  master mariner,  Long's lane
Dunn Michael,  porter,  King's road
Dunn Miss Jemima,  off 69 Military road
Dunn Mrs.,  wid John,  Monday pond road
Dunn Mrs. Alice,  wid Thomas,  Cuddihy's lane
Dunn Mrs. Anastasia,  wid Michael,  18 Rennie's mill road
Dunn Mrs. Ann,  wid Jeremiah,  7 College lane
Dunn Mrs. Catherine,  wid Michael,  2 Buchanan
Dunn Mrs. Margaret,  wid John,  3 Dulhanty's lane
Dunn Mrs. Margaret,  wid Michael,  9 Patrick
Dunn Mrs. Mary,  wid James,  Pokeham path
Dunn Patrick,  fisherman,  Lazy bank
Dunn Robt.,  fisherman,  78 King's road
Dunphy James,  messenger Colonial Secretary's office,
        Rennie's mill road
Dunphy John,  inspector of the poor,  17 Allen sq
Dunphy Martin,  laborer,  Dammerill's lane
Dunphy Michael,  cooper,  Thomas
Dutton Mrs. Margaret,  wid Charles,  Pankin's lane
Dutton Thomas,  fisherman,  97 New Gower
Dwyer Henry,  fisherman,  97 New Gower
Dwyer George,  clerk,  bds at 72 Duckworth
Dwyer James,  farmer,  Freshwater road
Dwyer James,  shoemaker,  Long's lane
Dwyer John,  farmer,  200 Duckworth
Dwyer John, jun.,  fisherman,  off 35 Monkstown road
Dwyer Martin,  farmer,  Freshwater road
Dwyer Maurice, jun.,  laborer,  Duke York
Dwyer Maurice, sen.,  laborer,  Duke York
Dwyer Michael,  farmer,  Logy bay road
Dwyer Michael,  laborer,  Duke York
Dwyer Michael,  shipwright,  82 New Gower
Dwyer Miss Elizabeth,  43 Gower
Dwyer Miss Margaret,  dressmaker,  Brewery lane
Dwyer Mrs. Mary,  wid Michael,  64 Gower
Dwyer Patrick,  farmer,  Logy bay road
Dwyer Philip, jun.,  fisherman,  off 35 Monkstown road
Dwyer Richard,  fisherman,  70 Gower
Dwyer Robert,  fisherman,  Cuddihy's lane
Dwyer Thomas,  laborer,  Cuddihy's lane
Dwyer Thomas, sen.,  fisherman,  off 35 Monkstown road
DWYER THOMAS S.,  superintendent of Post office money order
        department,  426 Water
Dwyer William,  farmer,  Logy bay road
Dwyer William, sen., farmer,  Logy bay road
Eagan Daniel,  fisherman,  Job's lane
Eagan John,  grocer,  Cove road
Eagan Mrs. Margaret,  wid William,  Carter's hill
Eales John,  butcher,  429 Water
Eales Samuel,  butcher,  196 New Gower
Earle George,  fisherman,  37 Buchanan
Earle Geo.,  fisherman,  Kickham's lane
Earle Heber,  watchmaker,  7 Military road
Earle Henry,  joiner,  14 British sq
Earle John,  sailor,  37 Buchanan
Earle Joseph,  shipwright,  South side
Earle Mrs. Sarah,  wid John,  Beck's cove
Earle Mrs. Sarah,  wid John,  338 Duckworth
EARLE REGINALD H., watchmaker, jeweller, and importer of fancy goods,
         pictures, looking glasses, &c.,  216 Water,  h Duckworth
Earle Samuel,  laborer,  Flower hill
Earle Thomas,  sailmaker,  357 Duckworth
Earle William C.,  clerk,  Duckworth
Eastman Michael,  seaman,  45 Queen's road
Ebsary John,  cooper,  South side
Ebsary Mark,  butcher,  14 Cathedral
Ebsary Mrs. Charlotte,  wid Henry,  South side
Ebsary Mrs. L.,  wid William,  South side
Ebsary Mrs. Mary,  wid Thomas,  South side
Edens John A.,  Groceries,  153 Water
Edgar Joseph,  clerk,  bds at 355 Water
Edney Samuel,  mason,  61 Monkstown road
Edward Ths.,  shipwright,  265 Gower
Edfford George,  fisherman,  24 Darling
Elger John,  sailor,  Signal hill road
Ellard Michael,  cooper,  254 Gower
Elliott James,  tinsmith,  370 Water
Elliott John,  fisherman,  30 Duckworth
Elliott Michael,  porter,  bds at 233 Water
Elliot Thomas,  master mariner,  27 Patrick
Ellis Charles,  maltster,  Brine
Ellis Charles,  engineer,  292 Water
Ellis David,  mason, 182 New Gower
Ellis Edward,  sailor,  46 North
Ellis Henry,  clerk,  Brine sq
Ellis James,  clerk,  bds 355 Water
Ellis James,  sailor,  South side
Ellward Michael,  shoemaker,  404 Water
Elms James,  laborer,  Carter's hill
Elmsley & Thompson,  wholesale and retail merchants,  193 Water
Elmsley George,  of  Elmsley & Thompson,  193 Water
Elvert James,  sailor,  South side
Elward Matthew,  farmer,  Bay Bulls road
Elward Nicholas,  farmer,  Bay Bulls road
Elward Redmond,  farmer,  Bay Bulls road
Elward Rich.,  fisherman,  Lazy bank
EMERSON HON. GEORGE H.,  Q.C.,  clerk and master in chancery,
        Legislative Council,  Colonial building, Military road,
        h Virginia water
EMERSON PRESCOTT,  M.P.P.,  barrister at law,  attorney and solicitor,
        notary public,  226 Duckworth
Enas Mrs. Mary,  wid John,  Henry north
England George,  laborer,  Barnes' lane
England George,  laborer,  Long pond road
English Edward, jun.,  sailor,  lane off 101 Monkstown road
English Edward, sen.,  trader,  lane off 101 Monkstown road
English John,  shoemaker,  268 Water
English Joseph,  printer,  285 Duckworth
English Joseph,  tailor,  128 Water
English Mrs. E.,  wid James,  330 Duckworth
English Mrs. Margaret,  wid John,  24 South west
English Patrick,  fisherman,  272 Duckworth
English Richard,  fisherman,  Nunnery lane
English Thomas,  fisherman,  Barnes' lane
Esbray Richard,  fisherman,  174 Gower
Esbray Mark,  butcher,  393 Water
Evans John,  fisherman,  12 North
Evans John,  sailmaker,  Lion sq
Evans Joseph,  sailor,  177 New Gower
Evans & LeMessurier,  commission merchants,  159 Water
Evans Thomas,  fisherman,  87 King's road
Evans Thomas P.,  of  Evans & LeMessurier, bds at 173 Water
Evans William,  seaman,  439 Water
Everett George,  sailor,  off 51 Monkstown road
Everett Mrs.,  wid James,  off 51 Monkstown road
Everett Mrs. Elizabeth,  wid Patrick,  25 Pokeham path
Evoy Andrew,  fisherman,  90 King's road
Evoy John,  fisherman,  off 101 Monkstown road
Evoy Martin,  fisherman,  lane off 101 Monkstown road
Ewen Alexander,  clerk,  Logy bank
EXPRESS (THE),  annual subscription to semi-weekly $4 ; to weekly $2 ;
        James Seaton,  editor, proprietor and printer,  1 Beeks' cove
Facey James,  sailor,  40 Victoria
Facey Samuel,  master mariner,  11 Victoria
Fadell Nicholas,  fisherman,  15 Allen sq
Fagan Peter,  farmer,  Cockpit road
Fagan John,  fisherman,  66 New Gower
Fahy Lawrence,  fisherman,  Job's lane
Faan Patrick,  carter,  128 Water west
Fannarty Matthew,  fisherman,  Coady's lane
Fannell Richard,  fisherman,  Steven
Fanning Edward,  post office clerk,  43 Prescott
Fanning Mrs. Margaret,  wid Michael,  William's lane
Fardy Nicholas,  fisherman,  Lazy bank
Fardy Patrick,  fisherman,  Cuddihy's lane
Farrell Edward,  carpenter, 84 Duckworth
Farrell James,  farmer,  Topsail road
Farrell James,  grocer,  10 Queen
Farrell James,  laborer,  Flower hill
Farrell John,  watchman,  8 Rossider's lane
Farrell Michael,  fisherman,  61 Gower
Farrell Michael,  grocer,  161 Duckworth
Farrell Michael,  grocer,  Old Cove road
Farrell Mrs. Catherine,  wid Maurice,  9 New Gower
Farrell Thomas,  tavern,  190 Water
Farrister Mrs. Margaret,  wid Edward,  Lion sq
Faver William,  blacksmith,  38 Darling
Feehan John,  cooper,  Princess
Feehan John,  fisherman,  Brennan sq
Feehan John,  tavern,  58 Water west
Feehan Joseph,  cooper,  5 Princess
Feehan Michael,  cooper,  5 Princess
Feehan Mrs.,  librarian,  House of Assembly
Feehan Patrick,  cooper,  5 Princess
Feehan Patrick,  farmer,  Cove road
Feehan Pierce,  master mariner,  110 Military road
Feehan Thomas,  cooper,  5 Princess
Feelehy Mrs. Mary,  wid Anthony, 95 Monkstown road
FEILD RIGHT REV. EDWARD, D.D., Lord Bishop of Newfoundland, 192 Gower
Fenelon Maurice,  bookseller and stationer,  280 Water
Fenley John,  farmer,  Waterford bridge road
Fennessey John,  cooper,  55 George
Fennessey Patrick,  cooper,  51 George
Field Mrs. Martha,  wid George,  12 Dick's sq
Field Thomas,  fisherman,  Cuddihy's lane
Field William,  farmer,  Torbay road
Filmore Mrs. E.,  wid George,  crockery,  298 Water
Finlay J.N., importer of dry goods,  181 Water
Finlay John,  farmer,  Bay Bulls road
Finn James,  laborer,  Flower hill
Finn Lawrence,  fisherman,  33 Water west
Finn Patrick,  laborer,  120 Military road
Finn William,  fisherman,  10 Pokeham path
Finnican John,  tailor,  Kickham's lane
Finnie John,  clerk,  181 Water
Finnikan Michael,  tailor,  Mash hill
Firth Mrs. Margaret,  wid William,  17 British sq
Firth Robert,  clerk, 17 British sq
Firth William,  clerk, 17 British sq
Fisher Robert,  cooper,  Pankin's lane
FISHWICK'S COLONIAL EXPRESS,  W.D. Morrison,  agent,  301 Water
Fitzgerald Andrew,  cooper,  14 Princess
Fitzgerald Andrew,  fisherman,  Brennan sq
Fitzgerald David,  cooper,  14 Princess
Fitzgerald Dennis,  laborer,  Dulhanty's lane
Fitzgerald Edward,  watchman,  8 South west
Fitzgerald James,  fisherman,  Flower hill
Fitzgerald James,  fisherman,  Pokeham path
Fitzgerald James,  tavern,  138 New Gower
Fitzgerald John,  butcher,  36 Cochrane
Fitzgerald John,  cooper,  Steven
Fitzgerald John,  fisherman,  off 35 Monkstown road
Fitzgerald John,  fisherman,  5 Livingston
Fitzgerald Michael,  butcher,  29 King's road
Fitzgerald Michael,  cooper,  Carter's hill
Fitzgerald Michael,  farmer,  Topsail road
Fitzgerald Mrs. A.,  wid John,  Steven
Fitzgerald Patrick, jun.,  fisherman,  Flower hill
Fitzgerald Patrick, sen.,  fisherman,  Flower hill
Fitzgibbon Edward,  of Berney & Fitzgibbon,  283 Water
Fitzgibbon Edmond,  of Berney & Fitzgibbon, 65 Prescott
FitzGibbon Gerald G.,  clerk,  Prescott
Fitzhenry Miles,  laborer,  James
Fitzpatrick Daniel,  seaman,  54 George
Fitzpatrick James,  fisherman,  38 Flavin's lane
Fitzpatrick John,  fisherman,  South side
Fitzpatrick John,  porter,  James
Fitzpatrick Mrs. Mary,  wid Daniel,  339 Water west
Fitzpatrick Mrs. Mary,  wid Michael,  Forest road
Fitzpatrick Patrick,  carpenter, 68 New Gower
Fitzpatrick Thomas,  painter,  Barnes lane
Fitzpatrick William,  baker,  67 New Gower
Fitzpatrick William,  fisherman,  South side
Flannery James,  tavern,  226 Water
Flannery Patrick,  clerk,  27 Garrison hill
Flannigan Mrs. Margaret,  wid John,  336 Duckworth
Flanning Matthew,  shoemaker,  4 Prescott
Flanning Matthew,  36 Darling
Flanning Patrick,  fisherman,  36 Darling
Flavin David,  laborer,  off  Long's hill
Fleet John,  fisherman,  23 Long's lane
Fleet William,  fisherman,  Long's hill
Fleming Jos.,  shoemaker,  14 Victoria
Fleming Mrs. Helen,  wid Patrick,  Branscomb's lane
Fleming Mrs. Mary,  wid Thomas,  161 Gower
Fletcher James,  clerk,  7 Water
Fletcher John,  clerk,  219 New Gower
Fling John,  baker,  Waterford bridge road
Fling John,  farmer,  Freshwater road
Fling Mrs. Mary,  wid Michael,  Brewery lane
Fling Patrick,  fisherman,  off 35 Monkstown road
Flinn Andrew,  fisherman,  234 New Gower
Flinn Edw.,  cooper,  218 New Gower
Flinn Edward,  water officer,  2 King's road
Flinn James,  fisherman,  6 George
Flinn James,  shoemaker,  14 George
Flinn William,  fisherman,  236 New Gower
Flood Geo. C.,  clerk,  bds at 353 Water
Flood Michael,  blacksmith,  3 Princess
Fluncheon John,  farmer,  Bay Bulls road
Flynn James,  clerk, 84 New Gower
Flynn John,  fisherman,  r 238 New Gower
Flynn John A.,  baker,  Water west
Flynn Maurice,  tavern,  372 Water
Fogarty James,  laborer,  off 35 Monkstown road
Fogarty Joseph,  butcher,  3 Adelaide
Foley James,  farmer,  Cove road
Foley John,  fisherman,  Bannerick lane
Foley John,  fisherman,  Long's hill
Foley John, jun.,  fisherman,  23 Pokeham path
Foley John,  laborer,  Forest road
Foley Michael,  fisherman,  218 Water west
Foley Michael, jun.,  fisherman,  Limekiln hill
Foley Michael, sen.,  Limekiln hill
Foley Mrs. Elizabeth,  wid John,  51 Monkstown road
Foley Patrick,  fisherman,  15 Waldegrave
Foley Pierce,  tailor,  157 Gower
Foley William,  cooper,  Barnes' lane
Foley William,  fisherman,  Lazy bank
Foran Edward,   Forest road
Foran John William,  baker and confectioner,  159 Duckworth
Foran Richard,  fisherman,  230 Water west
Forbes Robert,  chemist,  bds at 219 Gower
Ford Mrs. Elizabeth,  wid John,  South side
Forristal John,  fisherman,  Lion sq
Forristal James,  shoemaker,  180 New Gower
Forristal John,  laborer,  Flower hill
Forristal Mrs. Honora,  wid Garrett,  Barnes' lane
Forristal Mrs. Margaret,  wid John,  Cuddihy's lane
Forristal Patrick,  fisherman,  14 George
Forrister William,  butcher,  3 New Gower
Forsell Gregory,  laborer,  Long's hill
Forward George,  sailmaker,  8 King's road
Foster Henry,  plumber,  214 Duckworth
Foster James,  shipwright,  33 New Gower
Foster Mrs. Honora,  wid John,  65 Military road
Foster Robert,  plumber,  65 Military road
Foster Thomas,  master mariner,  2 Brine
Fowler William, jun.,  fisherman,  Carter's hill
Fowler William, sen.,  fisherman,  Carter's hill
Fox James,  merchant,  60 Prescott
Fox John P.,  carpenter,  57 Cochrane
Francis Joseph,  cooper,  83 New Gower
Francis William,  wharfkeeper,  Queen's wharf,  Water
FRASER JAMES O., general commission merchant,  12 Queen's road
Fraser John McN.,  commercial traveller,  bds at 265 Duckworth
Fraser Michael,  fisherman,  Flower hill
Fraser Mrs. Catherine,  wid rev. Donald,  Circular road
Fraser Mrs. Hanna,  wid John,  Flower hill
Fraser Wm.,  cooper,  bds at 219 Gower
Frazer Wm.,  foreman,  bds New Gower
Freeman Geo.,  lumberer,  Forest road
Freeman John,  second clerk and assorter,  post office department,
        7 Victoria
Freeman Stephen,  carpenter,  9 Victoria
French Henry,  tidewaiter,  Signal hill road
French Mrs. Ann,  wid James,  6 Flavin's lane
French Mrs. Johanna,  wid Patrick,  Signal hill road
French Mrs. Mary,  wid George,  67 Gower
French Mrs. Mary,  wid Stephen,  16 Allen sq
French Robert, culler of fish,  132 Water west
French William,  fisherman,  9 Victoria
Frew William,  clerk,  bds at 119 New Gower
Frize Frank,  fisherman,  off 101 Monkstown road
Full John,  seaman,  36 South west
Funchin John,  farmer,  Lazy bank
Funchin John,  fisherman,  Lazy bank
Funnell Richard,  gunsmith,  120 Duckworth
Furlong Alexander,  shoemaker,  Bulley
Furlong James, clerk post office,  252 Duckworth
Furlong James,  fisherman,  Carter's hill
Furlong James,  clerk,  bds at 91 water
Furlong James,  fisherman,  34 Darling
Furlong James P.,  clerk,  92 Military road
Furlong John,  carter,  52 South weat
Furlong John,  clerk,  59 Military road
Furlong John,  clerk,  bds at 30 Water
Furlong John,  carpenter,  Carter's hill
Furlong John,  jun.,  fisherman,  Carter's hill
Furlong John,  fisherman,  Carter's hill
Furlong John,  sailor,  Lazy bank
Furlong John J.,  wheelwright,  54 South west
Furlong Joseph,  cooper,  Bulley
Furlong Lawrence,  tavern,  43 Queen's road
Furlong Michael,  laborer,  122 Water west
Furlong Mrs. Bridget,  wid Paul,  Cuddihy's lane
Furlong Mrs. Catherine,  wid Peter,  Henry north
Furlong Mrs. Margaret,  wid James,  92 Military road
Furlong Mrs. Honora,  wid William,  Morton's lane
Furlong Patrick,  fisherman,  Carter's hill
Furlong Patrick,  grocer,  306 Water
Furlong Patrick,  stevedore,  44 Prescott
Furlong Patrick,  Victoria house,  Walde grave
Furlong Peter,  fisherman,  Carter's hill
Furlong Sylvester,  fisherman,  Lazy bank
Furlong Thomas,  cooper,  Bulley
Furlong Walter,  carpenter,  Bulley
Furness Miss Catherine,  2 Livingstone
Furneaux John,  clerk,  21 Prescott
Furze Mrs. Martha,  wid Samuel,  Lazy bank
Fynn Mrs. Helen,  wid John,  77 George
Fynn Mrs. Helen,  wid Patrick,  1 Adelaide
Fynn Mrs. Helen,  wid Johu,  77 George
        (Note: seems to be a repeat in the book)
Fynn Mrs. M.,  wid James,  342 Water west
Gaden George,  letter carrier, and messenger post office
        department,  29 Prescott
Gaden Thomas E.,  landing waiter,  Custom house,  45 Gower
Gaden George,  seaman,  112 Gower
Gaden Thomas W.,  clerk,  bds 208 New Gower
Gairy Mrs. Mary,  wid John,  31 Garrison hill
Gale Henry,  merchant,  138 Duckworth
Gale Mrs. Providence,  wid Thomas,  Lazy bank
Gale Edward,  farmer,  Topsail road
Gale John,  fisherman,  Barnes' lane
Gale Mrs. Rose,  wid Michael,  Barnes' lane
Gale Richard,  fisherman,  Topsail road
Galgay Nicholas,  fisherman,  228 Water west
Galgay William,  fisherman,  235 New Gower
Gallagher Michael,  fisherman,  Coady's lane
Gallasher Abraham,  pilot,  20 Cochrane
Gallishaw John,  pilot,  110 Duckworth
Gallishaw Philip,  pilot,  38 Gower
Gallishaw William,  pilot,  19 Cochrane
Gallivan Michael,  cooper,  7 Cochrane
Gallivan Mrs. Mary,  wid James,  Carter's hill
Gallivan Thomas,  fisherman,  Quidi Vidi road
Gallivan Thomas,  laborer,  Flower hill
Gallivan Wm.,  cooper,  26 Duckworth
Galton Derestes,  sailmaker,  59 Monkstown road
Galton Mrs. Mary,  wid John,  35 Buchanan
Galway Dennis,  tailor,  332 Water
Galway Mrs. Helen,  wid William,  380 Water
Galway Nicholas,  cooper,  4 Pokeham path
Games James,  laborer,  77 Gower
Gamberg Chs.,  painter,  21 Long's hill
Gardner James,  fisherman,  Beck's cove
Gardner Mrs. Mary,  wid Richard,  188 Gower
Garland Augustus,  cooper,   South side
Garland Chs.,  cooper,  75 New Gower
Garland Mrs. Elizabeth,  wid John,  77 King's road
Garland Mrs. Martha,  wid John,  3 Livingston
Garland Mrs. Mary,  wid George,  59 Prescott
Garrett John,  mason,  12 East
Garrett Samuel,  mason,  2 Duckworth
Garry George,  cooper,  50 Prescott
Gas Light Co.,  Charles Bowring, president;  William F. Rennie,
        secretary,  office 216 Water,  works 17 Water west
Gas Works,  Andrew Thomson, manager,  River Head
Gas Robert,  fisherman,  south side
Gaul John,  cooper,  157 Gower
GAZETTE, ROYAL,  weekly,  annual subscription $4.20 ;
        John Collier Withers,  editor, proprietor and printer,
        r 249 Duckworth
Gear George,  hardware,  203 and 351 Water,  h  Monkstown road
Geary Maurice,  fisherman,  Dulhanty's lane
Geary Mrs. Bridget,  wid Michael,  Forest road
Geddes George G.,   clerk,  177 Water
Gent Charles,  cooper,  20 King's road
Geran Thomas,  master mariner,  2 New Gower
Gibbons Edw.,  laborer,  Nunnery lane
Gibbons John,  fisherman,  63 New Gower
Gibbs John,  cooper,  161 New Gower
Gibson John,  clerk,  Duckworth
Gill Frederick,  farmer,  Torbay road
Gills Michael E.,  policeman,  112 Duckworth
Gill William,  third clerk,  Custom house,  h 59 Cochrane
Gilmor William,  6 Queen's road
Gingell Wm.,  farmer,  Bay Bulls road
Glasgow John,  butcher,  396 Water
Glaven Jas.,  master mariner,  9 Princess
Gleeson Jas.,  ironmonger,  107 Water
Glen Cornelius,  ship carpenter,  17 Waldeg road
GLEN HON. THOMAS,  M.P.P.,  receiver general, president of board of
        revenue, comptroller of customs, and registrar of shipping
        for Newfoundland and its dependencies, custom house,  Water,
        bds 447 Cochrane
Glen Martin,  fisherman,  Lazy bank
Glynn Thomas,  fisherman,  South side
Gobey James,  fisherman,  37 Prescott
Goby Barnett,  fisherman,  114 Gower
Godley Wm., steward,  Nunnery lane
Goff Maurice,  fisherman,  Dreeling's well road
Goff Richard,  cabinetmaker,  n 21 Prescott
Goff William,  fisherman,  Carter's hill
Goodall John,  fisherman,  Hutchings' lane
Goodfellow & Co.,  general importers,  241 Water
Goodfellow James,  of  Goodfellow & Co.,  241 Water
Goodhughes Francis,  tinsmith,  56 Gower
Goodlend John,  fisherman,  Kickham's lane
Goodridge Allan,  of Allan Goodridge & Sons,  325 Water
Goodridge Allan,  & Sons,  commission merchants,  325 Water
Goodridge Henry C.,  of  Allan Goodridge & Sons, 325 Water
Goodridge John,  broker,  Long pond road
Goodridge John F.,  accountant,  bds at 353 Water
Goodridge John R.,  of  Allan Goodridge & Sons, 325 Water
Gordon James,  clerk,  bds at 1 New Gower
Gorman Miss Alice,  Carter's hill
Gorman Mrs. Helen,  wid Michael,  r 320 Water west
Gossman Patrick,  fisherman,  Job's lane
Goss David,  clerk,  230 Water
Goss John,  tailor,  218 Water
Goss Solomon,  cooper,  Kickham's lane
Gosse Peter,  planter,  69 Military road
Gosse Samuel,  planter,  69 Military road
Gosse Wm.,  planter,  69 Military road
GOVERNMENT HOUSE,  Military road
Gowdy Elias,  tinsmith,  26 Darling
Grace Miss Catherine,  tailoress,  15 Princess
Grace Jas.,  farmer,  Freshwater road
Grace John,  farmer,  Freshwater road
Grace Mrs.,  214 Water west
Grace Mrs. Bridget,  wid Patrick,  220 Gower
Grace Mrs. Catherine,  wid Pierce,  3 Queen
Grace Patrick,  cooper,  Boggan's lane
Grace Patrick,  hostler,  Signal hill road
Grace Patrick,  shoemaker,  194 Duckworth
Grace Patrick,  shoemaker,  Freshwater road
Grady Dennis,  laborer,  28 Duckworth
Graham Alexander,  master mariner,  312 Duckworth
Graham James,  painter and glazier,  114 Gower
Graham John,  master mariner,  Lazy bank
Graham Robert,  shoemaker,  34 King's road
Grenfell Mrs. Ellen,  wid John,  Carter's hill
Grant Allan L.,  clerk,  Prescott
Grant Mrs. Johanna,  wid Thomas,  Buchanan
Grant Mrs. Mary,  wid John,  6 Rossider's lane
Grant Richard,  constable,  8 Livingston
Grant Wm.,  fisherman,  Branscombe's lane
Gray John,  fisherman,  off 35 Monkstown road
Gray Joseph,  sawyer,  55 South west
Gray Thomas,  laborer,  Waterford bridge road
Gray Thomas,  laborer,  371 Water west
Green James,  seaman,  25 Long's lane
Green Nicholas,  trader,  Cathedral
Greene Chs.,  clerk,  bds at 381 Water
Greene Daniel J.,  student at law,  Queen's road
Greene Edw.,  fisherman,  Barter's hill
Greene Edw.,  fisherman,  Cuddihy's lane
Greene Eli,  fisherman,  13 North
Greene Elias,  fisherman,  Chancey's lane
Greene John,  master mariner,  10 British sq
Greene Mrs. Catherine,  wid Maurice,  Military road
Greene Randel,  accountant and teller Union Bank of Newfoundland,  11
Queen's road
Greene Thomas J.,  clerk,  Military road
Greenslett Michael,  fisherman,  Coady's lane
Greenway John,  accountant,  Battery road
Greenway Elias,  carpenter,  Chain rock road
GRIEVE ROBERT,  of Baine, Johnston & Co.,  205 Water,  h Cove road
Grieve James,  of Baine, Johnston & Co.,  resides in Greenock, Scotland
Grieve Walter, & Co.,  general importers,  179 Water
Griffin Gregory,  farmer,  Bay Bulls road
Griffin James,  fisherman,  Duke York
Griffin James,  laborer,  Duke York
Griffin John,  cooper,  Dreeling's well road
Griffin John,  fisherman,  Carter's hill
Griffin John,  fisherman,  Duke York
Griffin John,  trader,  7 George
Griffin Matthew,  laborer,  Duke York
Griffin Maurice, jun.,  Carter's hill
Griffin Maurice, sen.,  fisherman,  Carter's hill
Griffin Mrs. Ann,  wid,  35 Buchanan
Griffin Mrs. Margaret,  wid Lawrence,  Lazy bank
Griffin Patrick,  fisherman,  Carter's hill
Griffin Patrick,  sailor,  Duke York
Griffith John,  fisherman,  Lazy bank
Griffith Lawrence,  fisherman,  Lazy bank
Grimstead Wm.,  painter and glazier,  141 Gower
Grushie Joseph,  fisherman,  Cuddihy's lane
Grushie Francis,  fisherman,  Signal hill road
Gribble John,  cooper,  357 Duckworth
Gribble Mrs. Mary Ann,  wid Joseph,  355 Duckworth
Guishey James,  seaman,  Kickham's road
Guishey Philip,  watchman,  Kickham's road
Guizell Jeremiah,  farmer,  Bay Bulls road
Gullivor James,  fisherman,  Quidi Vidi
Gunn Alex.,  shipwright,  131 Gower
Goscott Samuel,  farmer,  Waterford bridge road
Gushey Elias,  fisherman,  63 King's road
Guyner Francis,  tailor,  19 North
Haberlin Patrick,  shipwright,  Nunnery lane
Haberlin Stephen,  tailor,  254 Water
Habbitt M.,  fisherman,  Lazy Bank
Habbitt Wm.,  fisherman,  Duke York
Hackett Andrew,  inspector of fish,  14 Cochrane
Hackett James,  fisherman,  26 Darling
Hackett John,  fisherman,  Dreeling's well road
Hackett John,  master mariner,  187 Gower
Hackett John,  teacher,  Topsail road
Hackett Michael,  shoemaker,  95 Monkstown road
Hackett Patrick,  laborer,  14 South west
Hackett William,  seaman,  185 Gower
Haden Daniel,  fisherman,  99 Monkstown road
Haden Thos.,  laborer,  149 Duckworth
Hafey Michael,  sailor,  South side
Hafey Mrs. Mary,  wid Patrick,  South side
Hagerty Patrick,  cabinetmaker,  15 Queen
Hagerty Mrs. Mary,  wid Bartholemew,  Lazy bank
Haines John,  fisherman,  169 New Gower
Hale Mrs. Mary,  wid Thomas,  Barter's hill
Haleran James,  mate,  34 Victoria
Hall Daniel,  fisherman,  12 Brine
Hall rev. Thomas, Congregationalist,  25 Catherine row, Monkstown road
Hall William,  fisherman,  Job's lane
Halladay James,  clerk,  12 British sq
HALLERAN JAMES,  printer,  Pankin's lane
Halleren Terence,  21 Catherine row,  Monkstown road
Hallett Robert,  fisherman,  Lazy bank
Hallett William,  laborer,  Lazy bank
Hally Michael,  farmer,  Topsail road
Halley Mrs. Bridget, wid Thomas,  Brewery lane
Halley William,  fisherman,  Brewery lane
Hally Philip,  tide waiter,  296 Duckworth
Hally Wm. D.,  grocer,  140 New Gower
Haly John,  fisherman,  50 North
Haly Mrs. Elizabeth,  wid Michael,  Barter's hill
Hambleton Mathias,  fisherman,  Gower hill
Hamblin Chs.,  farmer,  Topsail road
Hamblin William,  engineer,  Topsail road
Hamilton Michael,  laborer,  10 Pokeham path
Hamlin Miss,  teacher,  Lazy bank
Hamlin Mrs. Elizabeth,  wid Richard,  Lazy bank
Hammond Mrs. Ann,  groceries,  100 Military road
Hand William,  cooper,  20 Cochrane
Handland John,  fisherman,  Brine
Handlin James,  laborer,  4 North
Hanlan Lawrence,  laborer,  Cuddihy's lane
Hanley Richard,  cigar store, 334 Water
Hanlin Mrs.,  Brewery lane
Hanlon Thomas,  fisherman,  Gill's hill
Hanmer Llewelyn,  clerk,  Torbay road
Hanmer William,  farmer,  Cove road
Hann Thomas,  fisherman,  61 King's road
Hannaberry Mark,  planter,  107 New Gower
Hannan William,  laborer,  Flower hill
Hapditch Mrs. Susannah,  wid Richard,  10 Chapel lane
Haran Walter,  fisherman,  8 Flavin's lane
Hardie Mrs. Ellen,  wid Robert,  Forest road
Harding John,  farmer,  Cove road
Hardy George,  fisherman,  Dreeling's well road
Hardy James,  laborer,  Dreeling's well road
Hardy John,  fisherman,  Dreeling's well road
Hardy Richard,  Dreeling's well road
Harley Francis,  plasterer,  113 New Gower
Harrigan, Mrs. Helen,  wid Edward,  171 New Gower
Harris Charles,  fisherman,  South side
Harris John,  fisherman,  Coady's lane
Harris Samuel,  master mariner,  28 Brine
Harris William,  carpenter,  72 Prescott
Hart Mrs. Ann,  wid George,  40 Darling
Hart Thomas,  laborer,  138 Water west
Hartery John,  farmer,  Cookstown
Hartery Joseph,  seaman,  Limekiln hill
Hartery Michael,  fisherman,  Cuddihy's lane
Hartery Mrs. Margaret,  wid Thomas,  Cookstown
Hartery Mrs. Margaret,  wid Thomas,  Freshwater road
Hartery Thomas,  butcher,  Freshwater road
Hartery Thos.,  butcher,  Cookstown
Hartery Thomas,  fisherman,  Steven
Harvey & Co.,  general importers and commission merchants,  115 Water
Harvey hon. Augustus W.,  L.C.,  of  Harvey & Co.,  119 Water
Harvey James,  builder,  58 Pokeham path
Harvey Mrs. C.,  wid William,  1 Duckworth
Harvey rev. Moses,  Presbyterian,  275 Duckworth
Harvey Richard,  clerk,  204 Gower
Harvey Richard,  master mariner,  Signal hill road
Harvey William,  laborer,  South side
Harvey Wm.,  fisherman,  35 Buchanan
Hatchett Richard,  farmer,  Logy bay road
Hatchett William,  druggist,  South side
Hatchett William,  farmer,  Logy bay road
Hatton George,  culler of fish,  61 Duckworth
Haven Lawrence,  laborer,  101 Monkstown road
Haw Thomas,  mason,  28 New Gower
Hawcock John,  sailor,  441 Water
Hawkins Henry,  fisherman,  228 New Gower
Hawkins John,  fisherman,  Pilot's hill
Hawkins John T.,  cooper,  108 Gower
Hawley Mrs. Catherine,  wid John,  Cockpit road
Hay William,  stonecutter,  50 Patrick
Hayden Daniel,  fisherman,  Barnes' lane
Hayden James,  fisherman,  Plank
Hayden Mrs. Mary,  wid Pat.,  Plank
Hayden Richard,  fisherman,  47 Queen's road
Hayes Edward, 30 New Gower
Hayes James, laborer,  50 South west
Hayes Jeremiah,  fisherman,  60 King's road
Hayes John,  fisherman,  Freshwater road
Hayes John,  laborer,  23 South west
Hayes Mrs. Bridget,  wid David,  29 Cochrane
Hayes Mrs. Mary,  wid Michael,  318 Duckworth
Hayes Richard,  cooper,  29 Cochrane
Hayes Thomas,  butcher,  h 120 New Gower
Hayes Thomas,  fisherman,  Nunnery lane
Hayesmant John,  sailor,  Limekiln hill
Haynes William,  shoemaker,  102 New Gower
Hayward Augustus O.,  barrister,  agent Northern Assurance Co.,
        262 Duckworth,  h Sunny side,  14 Queen's road
Hayward George F.,  clerk treasury department,  bds at 253 Water
Hayward George J.,  importer,  255 Water
Hayward Henry,  bds at 253 Water
Hayward hon. John,  assistant judge Supreme court,
        Retreat cottage,  Torbay road
Hayward James S.,  landing and tide surveyor,  custom house,
        5 Military road
Hayward John W.,  clerk,  Commercial Bank of Newfoundland,  69 Prescott
Hayward Mrs. Elizabeth,  wid James,  Cove road
Hayward Robert H.,  student at law,  Retreat cottage,  Torbay road
Healey Edward,  fisherman,  Lazy bank
Healey John,  shoemaker,  186 Water west
Healey Miss Betsey,  Carter's hill
Healey Thomas,  fisherman,  South side
Heardon Mrs. Mary,  wid John,  Lion sq
Hearn James,  of P. & T. Hearn,  139 Water
Hearn John, jun.,  laborer,  Circular road
Hearn Mrs. Margaret, wid Maurice, Circular road
HEARN P. & T.,  general agents and commission merchants,
        wholesale dealers in wines and spirits,  139 Water
Hearn Patrick,  laborer,  Circular road
Hearn Thomas,  of P. & T. Hearn,  139 Water
Hearn Timothy, jun.,  laborer,  Circular road
Heath Henry,  shoemaker,  142 Gower
Hegan James,  farmer,  Freshwater road
Hellyer John,  shoemaker,  206 Duckworth
Hellyer Richard,  planter,  Chain rock road
Henchy William,  fisherman,  59 Gower
Henderson D.J.,  soap manufacturer,  Duckworth
Henderson Henry,  clerk,  bds at 387 Water
Henderson John,  clerk,  54 Prescott
Henderson W.J.,  general importer and dealer in groceries,
        provisions, fruits, &c.,  129 Water
Hendley Charles,  seaman,  282 Duckworth
Henebery John,  fisherman,  Quidi Vidi
Henebery Thomas,  carman,  Freshwater road
Henebery Thomas,  farmer,  White hills
Heney William,  fisherman,  68 King's road
Hennessey Edward,  blacksmith,  261 Water west
Hennessey James,  fisherman,  Carter's hill
Hennessey James,  livery stables,  29 Water
Hennessey John,  fisherman,  Pankin's lane
Hennessey Mrs. Ann,  wid James,  Pankin's lane
Hennessey Mrs. Ellen,  wid Patrick,  Carter's hill
Hennessey Mrs. Ellen,  wid Thomas,  1 Holdsworth
Hennessey Paul,  carpenter,  42 Victoria
Hennessey Thomas,  fisherman,  107 Gower
Hennessey Thomas,  laborer,  Carter's hill
Herbery Joseph,  servant Union bank,  off 69 Military road
Herry Michael,  fisherman,  294 Job's lane
Hewerdine William, jun., 79 Military road
Hewerdine William, sen.,  messenger,  79 Military road
Hewett Robert,  fisherman,  20 South west
Hibbs Mrs. Mary,  wid John,  Limekiln hill
Hibbs Thomas,  fisherman,  3 Flavin's lane
Hibbs Thomas,  fisherman,   87 Monkstown road
Hickey James,  fisherman,  Barter's hill
Hickey Jeremiah,  shipwright,  27 Queen's road
Hickey Joseph,  cooper,  41 New Gower
HICKEY MICHAEL,  tailor and clothier;  all kinds of plain and fancy
        suits made to order;  282 Water
Hickey Patrick,  cooper,  Lazy bank
Hickey Robert,  shipwright,  200 New Gower
Hickey William,  cooper,  Steven
Hicks Robert,  fisherman,  Forest road
Hiellier John,  fisherman,  Flower hill
Higgin Thomas,  fisherman,  10 Allen st.
Higgins John,  overseer,  50 South west
Higgins Michael,  laborer,  South side

This section transcribed by Don and Ruby Tate

Higgins W. D., tanner, 34 Rennie's Mill road
Higington Mrs. Mary, Barnes' lane
  of the most honorable military order of the bath, governor, commander
  in chief and vice admiral, Government house, Military road
Hill James, coachman, 28 North
Hill John, clerk, 38 Cochrane
Hill John, farmer, White hills
Hill Thomas, cooper, 103 Gower
Hill William, planter, Quidi Vidi
Hinds Joseph, carpenter, 9 Holdsworth
Hines James, clerk, Carter's hill
Hines John, sailor, Flower hill
Hines John, servant, Lazy bank
Hingston William, fisherman, South side
Hiscott John, fisherman, Dammerill's lane
Hitchcock Richard, shipwright, 10 Chapel lane
Hobbs William, laborer, Long's hill
Hockey Joseph, seaman, 1 British sq
Hockey Mrs. Alice, wid William, Dreeling's well road
Hockey Samuel, master mariner, 1 British sq
Hoddson Frederick, seaman, Paukin's  lane
Hoffman Mrs. Catherine, 250 Gower
Hogan John, master mariner, 7 Dick's sq
Hogan Mrs. Ann, wid Patrick, Topsail road
Hogan Mrs. Ann, wid Henry, Water west
Hogan Patrick, grocer, 197 Water
Hogan Patrick, laborer, Barter's hill
Hogan Patrick, wholesale dealer in groceries and provisions, 197 Water
Hogan Richard, seaman, 18 Livingston
Hogan William, fisherman, 232 Water west
Hogan William, saddler, 266 Duckworth
Hoitchery Mrs. Catherine, wid John, Nunnery lane
Holden James, fisherman, South side
Holden John, farmer, Topsail road
Holden John, fisherman, South side
Holden Mrs. Elizabeth, wid Richard, Prescott
Holden Peter, clerk, 53 Monkstown road
Holden Peter, farmer, Old Cove road
Holden Richard, clerk, 63 Monkstown road
Holden Richard sen., assistant clerk house of Assembly, Old cove road
Holland John, fisherman, Kickham's lane
Holland John, shoemaker, 47 New Gower
Hollerain Daniel, laborer, Flower hill
Holley John, clerk, bds at 119 Gower
Holmes John, engineer, bds at 219 Gower
Holmes Thomas, laborer, Limekiln hill
Holmwood Charles, of Stabb, Row & Holmwood, resides in London, England
Hotson James, fisherman, 22 Darling
Hotson Mrs. Ann, wid Clement, 22 Darling
Holton Mrs. Mary Ann, wid Thomas R., 21 North
Holwell Henry, fisherman, 23 East
Holwell John, planter, Chain Rock road
Holwell Richard, fisherman, Forest road
Honeywell George, master mariner, Cove road
Hook James, fisherman, 25 Prescott
Hooper Charles, ship carpenter, 116 Water west
Hope Henry, jun., laborer, Carter's hill
Hope Henry, sen., sailor, Carter's hill
Hope William, laborer, Carter's hill
Hopkins Geo., fisherman, 4 British sq
Horan Samuel, fisherman, Hutchings
Horwood Francis, fisherman, Quidi Vidi
Horwood John, laborer, off 2 Victoria
Horwood John F., baker and confectioner, 155 Water
Horwood Richard, carpenter, Quidi Vidi
Horwood Thomas, confectioner, 37 Queen's road
Hoskins David, laborer, Gill's hill
Hoskins John, fisherman, Gill's hill
Hotville George, master mariner, Garrison hill
Howard James, fisherman, Forest road
Howe James, agent, King's road
Howlett Edward, sailor, Lion sq
Howlett John, clerk, bds at 63 Prescott
Howlett Matthew, cooper, 10 Brine
Howlett Mrs. Ann, wid, South side
Howley Alexander, Torbay road
Howley James, clerk, Torbay road
Howley, John, reporter, Torbay road
Howley Mrs. Elizabeth, wid John, Topsail road
Howley Richard, financial clerk, colonial secretary's office, Torbay road
Howley Thomas, M. D., physician and surgeon 117 Duckworth
Hoyles Edward, fisherman, 264 Gower
HOYLES HON. SIR HUGH W., knight, chief justice of Supreme and
  judge Vice Admiralty courts, 1 Cochrane place, Military road
Hubert Richard, fisherman, 13 Flavin's lane
Hudson George, jun., trader, off 51 Monkstown road
Hudson John sen., fisherman, off 51 Monkstown road
Hudson Michael, jun., trader, off 51 Monkstown road
Hudson Philip, jun., fisherman, off 51 Monkstown road
Hudson Wm., fisherman, Forest road
Hugh Thomas, fisherman, 20 Buchanan
Hughes David, clerk, 41 Prescott
Hughes John, cabinetmaker, 37 Darling
Hughes, Thomas, constable, 37 Darling
Humphrey Mrs. Mary Ann, wid John, James
Hunt John, cashier, 9 Queen
Hunt John, fisherman, Cuddihy's lane
Hunt Levi, sailor, Carter's hill
Hunt Mark, fisherman, Carter's hill
Hunt Mrs. Jane, wid James, Forest road
Hunt Mrs. Susanna, wid Thomas, Carter's hill
Hunt Robert, Signal hill road
Hunt Samuel, fisherman, Dammerill's lane
Hunter Charles P., of Baine, Johnston & Co., resides in Greenock, Scotland
Hunter Mrs. Elizabeth, wid George, 68 Prescott
Hurder George, fisherman, 112 Gower
Hurder Mrs. Sarah, wid John, 13 Cochrane
Hurdley Mrs. Catherine, wid, 16 North
Hurdley Robert, tailor, 222 Water west
Hurley James, fisherman, Pokeham path
Hurley James, tailor, 324 Duckworth
Hurley Joseph, groom, 3 College lane
Hurley Mrs. Ann, wid John, 6 Dulhanty's lane
Hurley Patrick, seaman, 7 Long's hill
Hussey William, fisherman, 24 Darling
Hutchings Charles, sail manufacturer, George
Hutchings Geo., A., clerk, 385 Water
Hutchings Monier, farmer, Topsail road
Hutchings Thomas, clerk, Dempsey's lane
Hutchins Philip, general importer, 225 Water
Hutton George, grocer, 9 King's road
Hyde William, fisherman, Long's hill
Hyland Thomas, laborer, Signal hill road
Hynes Miss Johanna, 129 Military road
Hynes Patrick, fisherman, 11 Long's hill
Imperial Fire Insurance Co., J & W Stewart, agents, 357 Water
INMAN LINE OF STEAMSHIPS, F.J. Wyatt, agent, 243 Water
  general inspector, office Colonial building, Military road
  office Colonial building, Military road
Ireland Joseph, seaman, 13 Victoria
Irving William, clerk, 278 Gower
Irwin Walter, jun., farmer, Circular road
Irwin Walter, sen., farmer, Circular road
Irwin Wm., farmer, Long pond road
Ivey Mrs. Mary, wid Benjamin, Nunnery hill
Ivory Richard, grocer, 94 Prescott
Jack Alexander, clerk, Prescott
Jack James, draper, 49 Prescott
Jackman Arthur, fisherman, Cuddihy's lane
Jackman Arthur, master mariner, 15 New Gower
JACKMAN EDWARD, boot and shoe maker; 
  all orders promptly executed at moderate prices; 14 New Gower
Jackman Edward, master mariner, 10 New Gower
Jackman Edward, sailor, 15 Holdsworth
Jackman James, fisherman, 8 Princess
Jackman Michael, fisherman, 15 Holdsworth
Jackman Michael, fisherman, 10 New Gower
Jackman Mrs. Mary Ann, wid Thomas, 208 Gower
Jackman Thomas, master mariner, r 36 Brine
Jackman William, master mariner, 34 Brine
Jackman William, master mariner, 107 Military road
Jackson John, seaman, 38 George
Jalliff James, cooper, Nunnery lane
James Mrs. Jane, wid Thomas, 279 Duckworth
James Jonathan, fisherman, 9 Holdsworth
Jane John P., blockmaker, 4 McBride
Janes Peter, fisherman, Flower hill
Jardine James, clerk, Patrick
Jardine Robert, clerk, Patrick
JARVIS E. L., colonial aide de camp, Government house, Military road
Jarvis Edward, L., agent Fire and Life Association of Scotland, 63 Cochrane
Jenkins John, master mariner, 149 New Gower
Jillard John, clerk, bds at 381 Water
Job Brothers & Co., importers and exporters, and agents for Royal
  Insurance Co., 143 Water
Job Thomas B., of Job Brothers & Co., resides in Liverpool, England
Job Thomas R., of Job Brothers & Co., resides in Liverpool, England
Jocelyn John, farmer, White hills
Johnson Adam, clerk, 18 Dick's sq
Johnson John, seaman, 191 New Gower
Johnson rev. George M., ch of England, 209 Gower
Johnson rev R. Malcolm, ch of England, Circular road
Johnson Walter, cooper, Barter's hill
Johnstone John, fisherman, Flower hill
Johnstone Patrick, fisherman, Cuddihy's lane
Jones Mrs. Bridget, wid James, 190 Water west
Jones William, laborer, Pokeham path
Jordan Andrew, of P. Jordan & sons, 228 Water
Jordan James, M.P.P., of P. Jordan & Sons, 222 Water
Jordan P., & sons, general importers, 222 Water
Jordan William G., of P. Jordan & sons, 222 Water
Joy John, laborer, 27 King's road
Joy John, sailor, off 2 Princess
Joy Miss Mary, 184 New Gower
Joy Mrs. Jane, wid William, off 8 Princess
Joy Thomas, fisherman, 8 Princess
Joyce Matthew, farmer, Bay Bulls road
Judge Peter, fisherman, 4 Princess
Kana John, carter, Nunnery hill
Kane Daniel, carter, 22 South west
Kane James, fisherman, 267 Gower
Kane Maurice, fisherman, 64 Gower
Kane Owen, tailor, 3 Holdsworth
Kane Pat., laborer, 226 Water west
Kanna James, farmer, Torbay road
Karl Mrs. F., wid Jeremiah, 42 Gower
Kains Joseph, shipwright, 253 Gower
Karwan Michael, blacksmith, 68 George
Kater Mrs. Ann, wid John, Carter's hill
Kates Solomon, fisherman, Cuddihy's lane
Kating Mrs. Catherine, wid Thomas, Flower hill
Kating Patrick, laborer, Long's hill
Kavanagh Simon, fisherman, Forest road
Kavanagh Jas., carpenter, 32 Darling
Kavanagh Jeremiah, pilot, 118 Duckworth
Kavanagh John, clerk, 23 South west
Kavanagh John, fisherman, 34 Water west
Kavanagh John, sailor, off 8 Victoria
Kavanagh John, road inspector, 56 Cochrane
Kavanagh Michael, baker, 385 Water west
Kavanagh Mrs. Bridget, wid Arthur, 70 Prescott
Kavanagh Patrick, carpenter, 16 Dulhanty's lane
Kay Mrs. Mary, wid Edward, 4 Dulhanty's lane
Kearney John, fisherman, 49 Pokeham path
Kearney Michael, constable, 14 Flavin's lane
Kearney Michael, sailmaker, 314 Duckworth
Kearney, Miss. Mary, 10 Flavin's lane
Kearney Mrs. Catherine, wid Ewen, Henry north
Kearny Maurice, fisherman, Prescott
Kearny Mrs. Mary, wid John, Plank
Kearny Samuel, sailmaker, Boggan's lane
Keary Patrick, fireman, Limekiln hill
Keefe Andrew, laborer, Cuddihy's lane
Keefe Daniel, laborer, Waldegrave
Keefe Edward, fisherman, 24 New Gower
Keefe John, laborer, Barnes' lane
Keefe John, fisherman, 128 Gower
Keefe Thomas, engineer, 248 Gower
Keefe Thomas, laborer, 10 North
Keenan Andrew, cabman, Nunnery hill
Keenan Mrs. Mary, wid John, Nunnery hill
Keenan Patrick, Nunnery hill
Keith Mrs. Jane, wid John, 21 New Gower
Kelabar Philip, shoemaker, 11 North
Kellegrew Wm., importer, 341 Water
Keley Thomas, fisherman, 18 Water
Kelley Edw., fisherman, Carter's hill
Kelley James, fisherman, Flower hill
Kelley Jas., fisherman, 302 Job's lane
Kelley John, cooper, Lazy bank
Kelley John, cooper, 50 Victoria
Kelley John, fisherman, Thomas
Kelley Michael, fisherman, Waterford bridge road
Kelley Michael, fisherman, Flower hill
Kelley Michael, fisherman, South side
Kelley Michael, sen., fisherman, off 35 Monkstown road
Kelley Mrs. Mary, wid Michael, Topsail road
Kelley Mrs. Mary, wid Richard, Bay Bulls road
Kelley Patrick, fisherman, Penny well road
Kelley Patrick, fisherman, Flower hill
Kelley Patrick, laborer, Carters hill
Kelley Patrick, clerk, Rennie's mill road
Kelley Samuel, farmer, Freshwater road
Kelley Thomas, jun., fisherman, off 35 Monkstown road
Kelly Christopher, laborer, Cuddihy's lane
Kelly Dennis, laborer, r Dulhanty's lane
Kelly Edward, clerk, Long's hill
Kelly James, cooper, Boggan's lane
Kelly James, cooper, 258 Gower
Kelly Jas., fisherman, Chancey's lane
Kelly James, fisherman, Limekiln hill
Kelly James, laborer, Carter's hill
Kelly James, laborer, 20 Water west
Kelly John, Rennie's mill road
Kelly John, blacksmith, 20 North
Kelly Mark, fisherman, Long's lane
Kelly Michael, fisherman, Steven
Kelly Michael, laborer, 38 Topsail road
Kelly Mrs. Leonora, wid John, 50 Victoria
Kelly Mrs. Margaret, wid William, Rennie's mill road
Kelly Patrick, laborer, James
Kelly Patrick, tailor, 284 Water
KELLY RIGHT REV. JAMES B., D.D. coadjutorBishop of Newfoundland,
  190 Gower
Kelly Thos., butcher, 157 New Gower
Kelly Thos., tidewaiter, 14 South west
Kelly William, fisherman, 34 Cochrane
Kelly William, fisherman, Cuddihy's lane
Kelly William, fisherman, 14 East
Kelly William, laborer, 21 South west
Kelly William, mason, 150 Gower
Kelly William, mason, 30 Victoria
Kemp Joseph, sailor, Dreeling's well road
Kenna James, fisherman, Torbay road
Kenna James, police sergeant, 20 Flavin's lane
Kenna Thomas, farmer, Torbay road
Kennedy Charles, plasterer, Boggan's lane
Kennedy Edw., fisherman, 264 Gower
Kennedy James, fisherman, 81 King's road
Kennedy James, fisherman, 89 King's road
Kennedy John, messenger, 8 George
Kennedy John, jun., fisherman, Carter's hill
Kennedy John, sen., fisherman, Carter's hill
Kennedy John, fisherman, 25 Princess
Kennedy Michael, fisherman, 6 Rossider's lane
Kennedy Michael, fisherman, Hutchins lane
Kennedy Mrs. Bridget, wid John, Flower hill
Kennedy Mrs. Bridget, wid Thomas 11 Dulhanty's lane
Kennedy Mrs. Catherine, wid George, Carter's hill
Kennedy Mrs. Catherine, wid. Hugh, Cuddihy's lane
Kennedy Mrs. Helen, wid William, 181 New Gower
Kennedy Miss Mary, 85 Gower
Kennedy Mrs. Mary, wid Michael, Brennen sq
Kennedy Patrick, farmer, Freshwater road
Kennedy Patrick, tailor, 276 Water
Kennedy Thomas, fisherman, Carter's hill
Kennedy William, farmer, Freshwater road
Kenney James, cooper, Thomas
Kenney James, cooper, Williams' lane
Kenney John, cooper, Duke York
Kenney James fisherman, Waterford' bridge road
Kenney John, fisherman, Thomas
Kenney John, laborer, Flower hill
Kenney Mrs. Elizabeth, wid Philip, 37 New Gower
Kenny Mrs. Margaret, wid Mark, Water west
Kenny Mrs. Margaret, wid James, Waterford bridge road
Kenny Patrick, farmer, Cove road
Kenny Patrick, fisherman, Steven
Kenny Patrick, fisherman, Waterford bridge road
Kenny Patrick, tailor, James
Kenny Thomas, cooper, Duke York
Kent Mrs. Charlotte, wid William, 2 Cochrane place, Military road
Kent hon. Robert, M..L.C., of J. & R. Kent, 283 Water
Kent James, of J. & R. Kent, resides at Waterford Ireland
Kent J. & R., coal importers, 283 Water
Kent John, 2 Gower
Kent John, farmer, Cove road
Kent Peter, fisherman, off 6 Princess
Kent Robert J., of Little & Kent, 249 Duckworth
Kent Thos., farmer, Quidi Vidi road
Kent William, laborer, 38 South west
Kenwidge Mrs. Bridget, wid Luke, 22 Water
Keough George I., clerk, Duckworth
Keough Michael, sailor, 77 Gower
Keough Patrick, cooper, 47 Prescott
Keough Peter, carpenter, 73 Gower
Keough Thomas, advocate, 24 Queen's road
Kerr capt. James II, royal navy surveying service, N. A. station, 31
  Monkstown road
Kerry John, carpenter, 13 Queen
Kerry Michael, fisherman, Limekiln hill
Kerting James, clerk, 26 Gower
Keyley Mrs. Helen, wid James, Bulley
Kickham Chas., builder, Nunnery lane
Kickham Mrs. Helen, wid John, Kickham's lane
Kidney Daniel, fisherman, Branscomb's lane
Kidney Daniel, fisherman, Dammerill's lane
Kieley Mrs. Helen, wid Michael, Barter's hill
Killbride's church, R. Catholic, Bay Bull's road
King David, fisherman, South side
King Edw., fisherman, 89 New Gower
King Henry, laborer, Nunnery lane
King James, fisherman, Boggan's lane
King James, fisherman, 65 Pokeham path
King John, fisherman, 67 Monkstown road
King John, cooper, 215 N w Gower
*King John, fisherman, 98 New Gower
King John, fisherman, Nunnery road
King John, fisherman, 188 Water west
King John, fisherman, South side
*King Mrs. Ann, wid George, 65 Military road
King Mrs. Julia, wid James, Limekiln hill
King William, carpenter, 10 Dulhanty's lane
King William, fisherman, Forest road
Kingsley Mrs. Jane, wid John, 12 Livingston
King John, sen., laborer, 31 Garrison hill
Kinseller Michael, fisherman, 15 New Gower
Kinsela John, blacksmith, Beck's cove
Kinsela John, blacksmith, 19 Allen sq
Kinsley John, fisherman, 102 Gower
Kirk Alexander, clerk, New Gower
Kirkland, Mrs, Ann, wid George, 65 Military road
Kitchin William, general store, 238 Water
Kitchin William, grocer, 408 Water
Kneef Mrs. Ann, wid Patrick, Old Chaple lane 
Knight Edward, shipwright, off 79 Military road
Knight Edward, shoemaker, 42 George
Knight Ewen, printer, off 79 Military road
Knight Geo, shipwright, Forest road
KNIGHTS HOME, Samuel Knight proprietor, 173 Water
Knight James, fireman, Mill lane
Knight James, carpenter, 11 British sq
Knight James C., bookkeeper, 147 Gower
Knight James R., accountant, Cathedral hill
Knight John, fisherman, Pokeham path
Knight Michael, collector Labrador, Rennie's mill road
Knight Mrs. Mary Ann, wid Nathaniel, 1 Long's hill
KNIGHT SAMUEL, proprietor of Knight's home, lumber 
   and commission merchant, 173 Water
Knight Samuel, confectioner, 214water
Knight Stephen, master mariner, 39 Queen's road
Knight Thomas, merchant, 24 Victoria
Knight William, ship owner, 238 Gower
Knox Johanna Mrs. Wid Thomas, Cuddihy's lane
Kough Andrew, fisherman, Duke York
Kough James, farmer, White hills
Kough James, fisherman, Duke York
Kough James, laborer, Cuddihy's lane
Kough James, laborer, Lion Sq
Kough James, tailor, 8 Adelaide
Kough Martin, fisherman, Quidi Vidi
Kough Mrs. Ann, wid Thomas 26 George
Kough Thomas J., barrister at law, 237 Duckworth
Kough Valentine, fisherman, Duke York
Kulekhy Michael, porter, 101 King's road
Kyle William, clerk, bds at 110 Gower
Lacey James, fisherman, Carter's hill
Lacey Miss Johnson, William, 355 Water west
Lacey Nicholas, sailor, Beck's cove
Lacey Patrick, fisherman, Morton's lane
Lacey Philip, laborer, 22 Gower
Lacey Richard, fisherman, Cuddihy's lane
Lahy Daniel, laborer, 4 North
Lahy Martin, constable, 26 South west
Lahy Michael, constable, 8 East
Laird, Mrs. Jannett, wid James, 11 Cathedral hill
Laisy Richard, fisherman, Barter's hill
Laior Patrick, fisherman, Dreeling's well road
Lamb Michael, fisherman, 9 North
Lamb Mrs. Grace, wid Richard, Bulley
Lambell William, mason, Flower hill
Lamberth William, cabinet maker, Lazy bank
Lamberth Richard, carpenter, South side
Lanneray Richard, tidewaiter, 108 Gower
Lamey Michael, boarding house, Water
Lamont Daniel, clerk, bds at 241 Water
Lampard William, farmer, Logy bay road
Landy Edward, fisherman, Plank
Langsbora Henry, clerk, 241 Gower
Lane James, cooper, 5 Long's lane
Lane Jeremiah, clerk, Long's lane
Lane Mrs. Anastasia, wid Michael, 62 George
Lang Charles, cabman, Torbay road
Lang Walter, fisherman, Brewery lane
Langer William, fisherman, Morton's lane
Langinead George, watchmaker, 304 Water
Lannigan John, cooper, South side
Laracy James, tavern, 328 Water
Larkin Dennis, fisherman, Kickham's lane
Larkin Mrs. Mary, wid Martin, Brewery lane
Larkin Mrs. Rebecca, wid Richard, 381 Water west
Larkin Mrs. Rebecca, wid Richard, Waterford bridge road
Larkin Peter, cooper, Kickham's lane
Larkyn James, fisherman, Pokeham path
Larrisey Mrs. Ellen, wid Richard, 22 Rennie's mill road
Lash Jeffrey, of J. & G. Lash, 303 Water
Lash J. & G., confectioners, 303 Water
Lash John, clerk, bds at 357 Water
Lash Mrs. Bridget, wid Frederick, 14 Cochrane
Lash Mrs. Margaret, wid William J., 11 King's road
Lawrie Robert, clerk, 4 Rennie's mill road
Lavian Mrs. Bridget, wid Richard, 30 King's road
Lawler James, fisherman, Barnes' lane
Lawler Lawrence, farmer, Logy bay road
Lawler James, cooper, South side
Lawler John, fisherman, Plank
Lawler Mrs. Johanna, wid James, 174 Water
Lawrence Robert, seaman, 7 British sq
Lay Richard, seaman, 9 British sq
Lea John, fisherman, Cookstown
Leakey Mrs. Catherine, wid Michael, Carter's hill
Leary Edward, farmer, Freshwater road
Leary James, carter, 30 Gower
Leary John, fisherman, 315 Water west
Leary Matthew, fisherman, 12 Cochrane
Leary Michael, fisherman, Duke York
Leary Mrs. Mary wid Patrick, Freshwater road
Leary Patrick, laborer, Carter's hill
Leary Patrick, laborer, 194 Water west
Leary Patrick, jun., cabman, Torbay road
Leary Patrick, sen., cabman, Torbay road
Leary Peter, cabman, Torbay road
Leask A. R., engineer, manager of Vulcan foundry, 91 Water
Leckie Peter, fisherman, 226 New Gower
Ledrew Isaac, fisherman, 8 Allen sq
Leeming James, master mariner, 54 Victoria
Leg Mrs. Elizabeth, wid William, Gills hill
Legallais (The) Misses, ladies academy, King's bridge road
Legallais Mrs. Fanny, wid rev William, 277 Duckworth
Lely Mrs. Priscilla, wid Robert, 2 Cochrane place, Military road 
Lemessurier Jas., King's bridge road
Lemessurier George, first clerk and general accountant, post office
  department, Water
Lemessurier Charles, clerk, bds at 355 Water
Lemessurier Henry, of Evans & Lemessurier, Riverside  n  Queens Bridge
Lemessurier J. F., clerk, bds at 282 Gower
LEMESSURIER PETER, accountant New York, Newfoundland, 
   and London Telegraph Co., 282 Gower
Leo Mrs. Mary, wid Michael, 53 Duckworth
Lescomb Mrs. Mary, wid Edward, r 42 George
Lewis Charles, pilot, 98 Duckworth
Lewis Patrick, sailor, 10 Princess
Lewis Stephen, fisherman, Nunnery lane
Lewis William, pilot, 16 Gower
Life Association of Scotland, Edward L. Jarvis, agent, 63 Cochrane
Liddy Patrick, 270 Gower
Lilly Robert, R. W., barrister at law, clerk District court,
	3 Cochrane place, Military road
Lilly George R., assistant, post office department, 3 Cochrane place,
  Military road
Lilly William, surveyor of lumber, 75 King's road
LINDBERG CHARLES J., watchmaker, jeweller and chronometer; 
  all kinds of work neatly done, 282 Water
Lindberg J., watchmaker and jeweller, 171 Water
Linegar Michael, cooper, 72 Queen's road
Linegar Mrs. Catherine, wid Patrick, Freshwater road
Linegar Mrs. Helen wid James, 20 George
Liscombe Philip, farmer, Lazy bank
Liscombe Thomas, keeper English cemetery, Forest road
LITTLE HON. JOSEPH J., M.P.P., attorney general, of Little & Kent, 
  Colonial buildings, Military road, h Waterford bridge road
LITTLE & KENT, barristers at law and solicitors, 249 Duckworth
Lloyd Michael, fisherman, 16 Flavin's lane
  Bowning Brothers, agents, 273 Water, See Adv facing general index
Lock John, cooper, 8 Pokeham path
Logan Mrs. Jane wid Humphrey, 4 Livingston
London William, clerk, Dick's sq
Long John, laborer, Kickham's lane
Long John, shoemaker, 27 Long's lane
Long Mrs. Helen, wid James, 4 Flavin's lane
Long Mrs. Mary, wid John, Kickham's lane
Longan James, laborer, 64 Pokeham path
Loughlan Charles, grocer, 96 Water
Loughlan Charles, grocer, Cove road
Love William, engineer, 61 Prescott
Lovejoy George, W., M.D., dentist, 9 Cathedral hill
LOVELL JOHN, printer and publisher of the Newfoundland Directory, 
  general book and job printer and blank book manufacturer, 
  23 and 25 St Nicholas street, Montreal, Que.
Lovett Wm., fisherman, off Long's hill
Lucas Mrs. Mary, wid George R., 16 Allen sq
Lunergan Edward, laborer, Flower hill
Lunergan Mrs. Helen, wid Nicholas, 124 Duckworth
Lunergan Patrick, jun., farmer, Bay Bull's road
Luscombe Geo., cooper, 9 British sq
Lunergan Patrick, sen., farmer, Bay Bull's road
Lush Austin, servant, Long pond road
Lynch James, mariner, South side
Lynch John, laborer, 35 Prescott
Lynch Joseph, laborer, 65 George
Lynch Michael, clerk, bds at 5 British sq
Lynch Mrs. Ann, wid James, South side
Lynch Mrs. Catherine, wid Thomas, 7 Long's lane
Lynch Richard, mariner, South side
Lynch Thos., blacksmith, 109 Gower
Maan Patrick, tavern, 367 water
Macaulay John, bookkeeper, New Gower
MACKAY ALEXANDER M., superintendent and manager New York,
  Newfoundland and London Telegraph Co., Market house, Water, h 3
  Musgrave terrace, 23 Gower
Mackey Edward, sailor, lane off 101 Monkstown road
Mackey Stephen, fisherman, South side
Mackey William, fisherman, Duckworth
MACKEY WILLIAM, general dealer in groceries, 
  wholesale and retail dealer in wines and spirits, 275 Water west
Mackim Robert A., marble cutter, Gower cor New Gower, h 5 Dick's sq
McArdell Francis, farmer, Freshwater road
McArdell James, tavern, 318 Water
McArdell Mrs. Ann, wid James, Williams' lane
McBride John, trader, 13 Dick's sq
McCONNAN THOMAS, bookseller and stationer, 
  201 Water h Summerville, Waterford bridge road
McCarthy Chas., S., clerk, 162 Water
McCarthy George, farmer, Carter's hill
McCarthy James, sawyer, 13 East
McCarthy James, seaman, Steven
McCarthy John, tavern, 428 Water
McCarthy Michael, cooper, Dammerill's lane
McCarthy Michael, laborer, Branscomb's lane
McCarthy Michael, laborer, Henry north
McCarthy Mrs. Bridget, wid South side
McCarthy William, tavern, 438 Water
McCarty Mrs. Catherine, wid John, Flower hill
McCoubrey A. E., clerk
McCOUBREY JOHN WILLIAMS, editor proprietor and 
  printer of the Times, and stationer, 148 Water
McCoubrey J. W., printer, Times office
McCoubrey R. A., printer, Times office
McCourt Philip, trader, 6 New Gower
McCourt Philip, trader, Limekiln hill
McCruden John, policeman, 88 Duckworth
McDonald Alexander, sailor, 85 New Gower
McDonald Andrew, farmer, Bay Bull's road
McDonald James, farmer, Torbay road
McDonald John, clerk, New Gower
McDonald John, cooper, r 238 New Gower
McDonald John, fisherman, Brennan sq
McDonald John, fisherman, Thomas
McDonald Michael, fisherman, Long's hill
McDonald Neil, master mariner, 26 North
McDonald Patrick, farmer, Bay Bull's road
McDonald Patrick, farmer, Cove road
McDonald Peter, seaman, 36 South west
McDougall Alexander, clerk, bds at 241 Water
McDougall Francis of Boyd & McDougall, 337 Water
McDougall John, bookkeeper, bds at Water
McDougall John, clerk, Monkstown road
McDougall Neil, oil cloth manufacturer, 33 Monkstown road
McDougall Neil, jun., clerk, Barnes' lane
McDougall William, clerk, 181 Water
McFee John, fisherman, Limekiln hill
McGee John, seaman, 8 Brine
McGilvray Thomas, cooper, Bulley
McGrath Hugh, tailor, 45 New Gower
McGrath, James, cooper, 117 New Gower
McGrath John, fisherman, Barter's hill
McGrath John, fisherman, Mill lane
McGrath John, tailor, 6 George
McGrath John, tailor, 237 Gower
McGrath John, tailor, Henry north
McGrath Michael, carpenter, 258 Gower
MaGrath Michael, tailor, 186 Duckworth
McGrath Michael, tailor, 198 Duckworth
McGrath Mrs. Ann, wid Michael, Kickham's lane
McGrath Mrs. Ann, wid Michael, Lazy bank
McGrath Mrs. Catherine, wid William, 20 Princess
McGrath Mrs. Margaret, wid Thomas, 57 Monkstown road
McGrath Nicholas, cooper, 93 New Gower
McGrath Patrick, 152 Duckworth
McGrath Patrick, cooper, Lazy bank
McGrath Patrick, fisherman, Carter's hill
McGrath Patrick, miner, Brine
McGrath Roger, shipwright, 86 Pokeham path
McGrath Thomas, carriagemaker, 10 Cochrane
McGrath Thos. Fisherman, 40 Gower 
McGrath Thomas, fisherman, Kickham's lane
McGrath Timothy, fisherman, lane off 101 Monkstown road
McGrath William, blacksmith, 46 Water
McGrath William, cooper, Bulley
McGrath William, saddler, 208 Duckworth
McGuire John, fisherman, Water west
McGuire John, laborer, 220 Water west
McGuire Matthew, seaman, 210 Water west
McGuire Mrs. Johanna, wid Thomas, Waterford bridge road
McKay James, tavern, Prescott
McKay John, constable, 38 South west
McKay Michael, cooper, 3 Cochrane
McKay Michael, fisherman, Barter's hill
McKay, Patrick, carpenter, 8 Livingston
McKen Adam, M.D., 6 Queen
McKenney & Dicks, photographers, 206 Water
McKenney S. T., of McKenney & Dicks, 206 water
McKenney William, clerk, bds at 241 Water
McKenzie John, trunk and harnessmaker, 148 Water
McKowen Robert, school teacher, 88 Pokeham path
McLachlan James, Water west
McLaren Duncan A., clerk, bds at American house, Duckworth
McLarthy Mrs. Maria, wid James, dressmaker, 2 Holdsworth
McLarthy & sons, blacksmiths, 2 Holdsworth
McLarthy William, of McLarthy & Sons, 2 Holdsworth
McLoughlan Mrs. Margaret, wid, South side
McManus Lawrence, engineer, 18 Water west
McManus Mrs. Mary, wid John, Pokeham path
McMillan John, general importer, 125 Water
McMurdo Thomas, of T. McMurdo & Co., Waterford bridge road
McMurdo Thomas & Co., chemists, 210 Water
McNamera John, fisherman, 73 King's road
McNamera Martin, fisherman, Brine
McNamera Patrick, laborer, Lazy bank
McNeil John, of T. McMurdo & Co., 210 Water
McNeilly Alexander J. W., barrister at law, 259 Duckworth,
	bds at Whiteford, Water
McPherson Campbell, importer, 279 Water, h Lazy bank
McPherson Mrs. Susanna, wid Peter, Lazy bank
McPherson William, moulder, 343 Water west
McQuiston Edward, clerk, New Gower
Madden James, fisherman, 116 Water west
Madden John, fisherman, Steven
Madden Michael, fisherman, Pokeham path
Madden Thomas, laborer, 6 British sq
Maddick Henry, engineer, Dammerill's lane
Maddick Henry, engineer, Limekiln hill
Maddigan Edward, laborer, Williams' lane
Maddigan Mrs. Elizabeth, wid William, Job's lane
Maddigan Mrs. Mary, wid William, Water west
Magill William, keeper of St John's Penitentiary Forest road
Maher Edward, liquor store, 198 Water
Maher John, fisherman, 9 Long's hill
Maher John, fisherman, Signal hill road
Maher John, land surveyor, 47 Cochrane
Maher Michael, carter, 147 New Gower
Maher Michael, laborer, off 35 Monkstown road
Maher Mrs. Alice, wid John, Gower
Maher Mrs. Catherine, wid John, 78 Water
Maher Patrick, laborer, Covel lane
Maher Richard, laborer, Forest road
Maher Thomas, carpenter, off 75 Military road
Maher William, blacksmith, 78 Water
Maher William, fisherman, Flower hill
Maher David, fisherman, James
Maher Michael, farmer, Old Cove road
Mahoney Charles, laborer, Barnes' lane
Mahoney John, fisherman, 17 Long's hill
Mails George, gatekeeper Western cemetery, Topsail road
Mainwarring Richard, shoemaker, 174 Water
Mainwarring Richard, shoemaker, 88 New Gower
Mairns Andrew, master mariner, 51 Patrick
Major John, farmer, Cookstown
Major John, farmer, Freshwater road
Malcolm James, carpenter, Steven
Malcolm Mrs. Mary, wid Wm., Steven
Malcolm William, tinsmith, Steven
Mallard Dennis, fisherman, 38 Flavin's lane
Mallard James, fisherman, 11 Darling
Mallard Richard, fisherman, Quidi Vidi
Mallard William, fisherman, Quidi Vidi
Mallom Mrs. Emma, wid George, 16 Dick's sq
Malloy Edward, blacksmith, 3 McBride
Malone, Martin, fisherman, Nunnery lane
Malone Michael, farmer, 65 King's road
Malone Mrs. Catherine, wid John, Garrison hill
Maloney Francis, carpenter, 216 Water west
Maloney Joseph, blacksmith, Water west
Maloney William, painter, 5 New Gower
Maloy Michael, fisherman, 264 Job's lane
Maly Mrs. Bridget, wid James, 339 Water west
Maning Mrs. Mary, wid Maurice, Forest road
Mann Michael, clerk, 10 Livingston
Manning Daniel, laborer, James
Manning James, fisherman, 36 King's road
Manning Michael, tavern, 330 Water
Manning Mrs. Catherine, wid William, Brewery lane
Mannrich William, cooper, James
Manny Cornelius, fisherman, South side
Manny Dennis, mason, Covel lane
Manny Mrs. Ann, wid Richard, Boggan's lane
Mansfield Thomas, fisherman, 83 King's road
March Nathaniel, of S. March & son, 89 Water
MARCH S., & SON, general dealers in all kinds of steam and household
  coals, 89 Water
March Stephen, fisherman, Bulley
March Stephen of S. March & Son, Circular road
March Stephen R., bookkeeper, 89 Water
Mare William H., auctioneer, broker and commission merchant, 183 Water
  h 16 Queen's road
Marnell Andrew, customs tidewaiter, 33 Princess
Marnell John, clerk, 298 Duckworth
Marnell John, fisherman, 169 New Gower
Marone James, shoemaker, 332 Duckworth
Marriott J. W., superintendent and inspector of schools, 70 Queen's road
Marriet, Miss Ann, 36 King's road
Marshall Alexander, of Ayre & Marshall, 233 water
Marshall Mrs. Charlotte, wid John, Forest road
Marshall George, fisherman, Gill's hill
Marshall George, fisherman, 74 Gower
Marshall George, trader, Pilot's hill
Marshall John, laborer, Brewery lane
Marshall John, laborer, r 10 Dulhanty's lane
Marshall Miss Ann, Milliner and dressmaker, Brewery lane
Marshall Philip, fisherman, Gill's hill
Marshall Philip, fisherman, Pilot's hill
Marshall Thomas, clerk, 207 New Gower
Marshall William, laborer, Forest road
Martin Abraham, sailor, 15 British sq
Martin Adam, shipwright, 28 George
Martin Charles, fisherman, 49 George
Martin Edward, farmer, White hills
Martin Edward, sailor, Carter's hill
Martin Geo., Laborer, Cuddihy's lane
Martin Isaac, fisherman, Forest road
Martin James, clerk, Military road
Martin James, crockery, 100 water
Martin James, tailor, 42 New Gower
Martin John, engineer, 104 Military road
Martin John, farmer, Torbay road
Martin John, fisherman, Long's lane
Martin John, sailor, Carter's hill
Martin John, sailor, 44 North
Martin John D., clerk, George
Martin Jos., fisherman, Nunnery lane
Martin Mrs. wid Henry, Forest road
Martin Mrs. Catherine, wid John, Carter's hill
Martin Mrs. Grace, wid Henry, Forest road
Martin Mrs. Helen, wid Edward, Branscomb's lane
Martin Mrs. Mary, wid James, Dammerill's lane
Martin Patrick, fisherman, Lion sq
Martin Robert, clerk, bds at 355 Water
Martin Thomas, laborer, Carter's hill
Martin Thomas, jun., farmer, White hills
Martin Thomas, sen., farmer, White hills
Martin William, farmer, White hills
Martin Wm., fisherman, 15 British sq
Mather rev Herbert, M.A., chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Newfoundland
MATTHEWS CHARLES S., general importer and wholesale and 
  retail dealer in groceries and provisions, 305 Water, h 185 Duckworth
Matthews Mrs. Mary Ann, wid William, Covel lane
Matthews Robert, accountant, 185 Duckworth
Matthews Robert, bookkeeper, Duckworth
Matthew Richard, general store, 102 Water
Mayo Samuel, fisherman, Long's hill
Mayo James, fisherman, Long's hill
Mayo William, laborer, Barnes' lane
Meady Michael, seaman, 26 South west
Meagher Richard, clerk, 54 Cochrane 
Meagher Thomas, clerk, 54 Cochrane
Meaney John, fisherman, Carter's hill
Meaney Robert, planter, Steven
Medlaud Mrs. Sarah, wid Richard, Barnes' lane
Medland Richard, laborer, Barnes' lane
Meehan Alfred, merchant, 8 Queen's road
Meehan Charles E., clerk, bds at 237 Water
Meehan Edward, general importer, 151 Water
Meehan Francis, clerk, 13 Queen's road
Meehan John, of Harvey & Co., 13 Queen's road
Meehan Patrick, farmer, Bay Bulls road
Meehan Patrick, farmer, Waterford bridge road
Megimby Thomas, fisherman, Gill's hill
Mellee William, fisherman, Flower hill
Mellis James, tailor, 208 Water
Mellis Robert, clerk, bds at 241 Water
Melville George, fisherman, 25 Darling
Melvin Mrs. Mary, wid Thomas, Carter's hill
Melvin Mrs. Mary Ann, wid Henry, 12 Flavin's lane
Melvin Thomas, carpenter, 11 Flavin's lane
Memmory Nicholas, blacksmith, Waldegrave
Memory George, blacksmith, 179 New Gower
Mercer George, fisherman, off 69 Military road
Mercer William J., off 69 Military road
Merchant Mrs. Barbara, wid Valentine, McCalman's lane
Merigan James, farmer, Lazy bank
Merigan James, farmer, Pokeham path
Merner Denis, farmer, Bay Bulls road
Merry John, fisherman, Job's lane
Merry Michael, laborer, 264 Job's lane
Meser George, farmer, Lazy bank
Mews William, clerk, 13 British sq
Millay John, laborer, Dreeding's well road
Miller John, fisherman, Cuddihy's lane
Miller Mark, sailor, 52 Monkstown road
Miller Thomas, shipwright, 29 Garrison road
Milley Charles, fisherman, 412 Water
Milley Dennis, master mariner, 342 Water west
Milley Solomon, fisherman, 78 Gower
Mills George, fisherman, Nunnery lane
Mills Mrs. Elizabeth, wid William, 343 Duckworth
Milmore Mrs. Catherine, wid Robert, 85 Monkstown road
Milor William, cooper, Paukin's lane
Milroy Samuel, 45 Cochrane
Minchin William, fisherman, 190 Water west
Minigan Michael, laborer, 17 Garrison hill
Minnite Joseph, fisherman, Flower hill
Mitchell captain Arthur, R. C. rifles, Carter's hill
Mitchell Joseph, carpenter, 59 King's road
Mitchell Robert, cooper, 2 Livingston
Mitchell Timothy, general superintendent of police, 80 Prescott
Mitchell Thos., baker, 1 Queen's road
Moas Solomon, seaman, Limekiln hill
Mocklar Edmond, laborer, 42 North
Mocklar John, cooper, 105 New Gower
Mocklar William, fisherman, 90 New Gower
Modesto Blanco Jose, Spanish vice consul and advocate, bds at 16 Cochrane
Mogaridge John, farmer, Bay Bulls road
Moist Mrs. Emma, wid William, 20 British sq
Mollowney John, cooper, Barnes' lane
Molloy James, jun., blacksmith, 3 McBride
Molloy James, sen., blacksmith, 3 McBride
Molloy James, laborer, Bulley
Molloy James, laborer, Bulley
Molloy James, shoemaker, 2 George
Molloy John, fisherman, Coady's lane
Molloy Joseph, fisherman, 14 Brine
Molloy Michael, fisherman, Brennan sq
Molloy Michael, fisherman, 383 Water west
Molloy Michael, fisherman, Waterford bridge road
Molloy Mrs. Bridget, wid William, 14 Brine
Molloy Mrs. Catherine, wid William, 158 Gower
Molloy Mrs. Margaret, wid James, Quidi Vidi road
Molloy Patrick, blacksmith, 3 McBride
Molloy Peter, fisherman, 13 Dulhanty's lane
Molloy Thomas, fisherman, 47 Gower
Molloy Thomas, N., U. S. Consul, auctioneer and commission merchant, 
  149 Water, h Signal Hill road
Molmito James, 15 North
Molony Mrs. Mary Ann, wid John, 74 Queen's road
Moloy Mrs. Bridget, wid James, 32 Pokeham path
Monckton William, sailmaker, Boggan's lane
Money Mrs. Margaret, wid David, Carter's hill
Montgomery Mrs. Catherine, wid, Thomas, George
Moore Edward L., landing waiter Custom house, and surveyor of shipping, 
  46 Rennie's mill road
Moore Isaac, coaster, 38 Victoria
Moore James, butcher, Signal hill road
Moore James, laborer, 2 Duckworth
Moore James, sailmaker, Waldegrave
Moore James P., clerk, Dempsey's lane
Moore John, laborer, Signal hill road
Moore Joseph, cooper, James
Moore Joseph, wheelwright, 22 Cochrane
Moore Matthew, fisherman, Nunnery lane
Moore Mrs. Catherine, wid David, 14 Duckworth
Moore Mrs. Catherine, wid Edward, 40 Duckworth
Moore Mrs. Elizabeth, wid John, Lion sq
Moore Mrs. Helen, wid Thomas, Nunnery lane
Moore Mrs. Mary, wid Michael, 21 Water
Moore Mrs. Mary, wid Charles, Lazy bank
Moore Philip, fisherman, 23 Water
Moore Richard, fisherman, 21 Water
Moore Thomas, assistant keeper of the light house, South side
Moore Thomas, fisherman, 23 Water
Moore William, fisherman, Cuddihy's lane
Moore William, fisherman, South side
Moore William, sailor, Nunnery lane
Moran Miss Mary Ann, teacher, 40 New Gower
Moran Mrs. J., wid James, New Gower
Moray Joseph, sexton, 32 Long's hill
Morey John, fisherman, Cuddihy's lane
Moriarty Patrick, sen., fisherman, off 35 Monkstown road
Moriarty Thomas jun., fisherman, off 35 Monkstown road
Morison William, D., commission merchant, 201 Water h 268 Gower
Morissey John, butcher, 217 New Gower
Morissey Mrs. Mary, wid John, 132 Duckworth
MORNING CHRONICLE, annual subscription to daily $5; to semi-
  weekly $2.50;   Francis Winton, M.P.P. editor; T. R. Smith proprietor; 
  A. W. Crocker, printer, 346 Water
Morry Thomas G., broker, 202 Gower
Morris Benjamin, sailmaker, 72 George
Morris Charles, shipowner, 160 Gower
Morris David, fisherman, 5 Waldegrave
Morris Edward, cooper, 6 Allen sq
Morris Edw., fisherman, 5 Waldegrave
MORRIS HON. EDWARD., president Legislative Council, 
  cashier Savings bank, Colonial building, Military road, h 51 Cochrane
Morris Jacob, seaman, 29 Long's lane
Morris Jeremiah, fisherman, lane off 101 Monkstown road
Morris Stephen, plasterer, 14 Gower
Morris Ths., messenger, Forest road
Morris William, fisherman, 46 George
Morris William, fisherman, 5 Waldegrave
Morisey James, cooper, 9 Darling
Morisy James, fisherman, Barnes' lane
Morrisey James, master mariner, Rennie's mill road
Morrisey Jas., sailor, Dempsey's lane
Morrisey John, cooper, Old Chapel lane
Morrisey Joseph, fisherman, 216 New Gower
Morrisey Matthew, fisherman, Barnes' lane
Morrisey Michael, laborer, 53 Gower
Morrisey Mrs. Honora, wid Patrick, Flower hill
Morrison Mrs. J., wid Robert, 44 Water west
MORRISON W. D., agent Fishwick's Colonial Express, 301 Water
Morrisey Mrs. Margaret, wid William, 9 Garrison hill
Morrisey Walter, laborer, Long pond road
Morrisey William, tailor, 4 Victoria
Mosedale James, draper, 285 Water, h 230 Gower
Moses Stephen, master mariner, Long's hill
Mountain Mrs. Johanna, wid John, Carter's hill
Mowatt John, porter, New Gower
Muir John M., grocer, 16 New Gower
Mughes Thomas, pilot, 17 Cochrane
Mulcahy And., fisherman, Lazy bank
Mulcahy Edward, fisherman, Pokeham path
Mulcahy Mrs. Ellen, wid Andrew, Duke York
Mulcahy Mrs. Mary, wid John, Carter's hill
Mulcahy William, master mariner, 27 Queen's road
Mullally Michael, cooper, 45 Queen's road
Mullally Patrick, carpenter, 190 Water west
Mullally Wm., laborer, Brewery lane
Mullins Mrs. Elizabeth, wid Joseph, 48 Prescott
Mullins Mrs. J., wid James, 170 Gower
Mullins Barney, shipwright, 40 Victoria
Mullins Edward, farmer, Lazy bank
Mullins Philip, farmer, Lazy bank
Mullins Thomas, wharf keeper, South side
Mullins William, farmer, Lazy bank
Mullins William, laborer, 383 Water west
Mullins William, laborer, 36 Victoria
Mullock Thomas, professor of music, 2 Queen's road
Mullowney James, cooper, 58 King's road
Mullowney John, fisherman, Barter's hill
Mullowney Mrs. Ellen, wid Patrick 251 Water
Mullowney Mrs. Mary, wid Patrick, 183 New Gower
Mundy Robert, provision store, 422 Water
Munroe Moses, of Goodfellow & Co., bds at 241 Water
Murne Robert, fisherman, Logy bay road
Murne Thomas, farmer, Logy bay road
Murphy Andrew, farmer, Bay Bulls road
Murphy Anthony, farmer, Bay Bulls road
Murphy Benjamin, cooper, 7 Patrick
Murphy Dennis, cooper, 307 Water west
Murphy Daniel, fisherman, 40 Flavin's lane
Murphy Daniel, fisherman, 1 College lane
Murphy Edward, clerk, bds at 191 Water
Murphy James, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Murphy James, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Murphy James, farmer, Lazy bank
Murphy James, farmer, Waterford bridge road
Murphy James, fisherman, South side
Murphy James, fisherman, 118 Water west
Murphy James, inspector of pickled fish, 12 New Gower
Murphy James, laborer, 10 Dick's sq
Murphy James, planter, South side
Murphy John, cooper, James
Murphy John, farmer, Pokeham path
Murphy John, fisherman, Covel lane
Murphy John, fisherman, Pokeham path
Murphy John, laborer, Waterford bridge road
Murphy John, shoemaker, Barnes' lane
Murphy John, shoemaker, 29 Water
Murphy Joseph, laborer, Carter's hill
Murphy Joseph, laborer, Carter's hill
Murphy Jos., master mariner, Flower hill
Murphy Lawrence, seaman, 50 King's road
Murphy Luke, cooper, 279 Duckworth
Murphy Martin, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Murphy Martin, laborer, Water west
Murphy Martin, servant, Waterford bridge road
Murphy Matthew, fisherman, Lion sq
Murphy Matthew, sen., inspector, off 35 Monkstown road
Murphy Matthew, laborer, 10 Flavin's lane
Murphy Michael, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Murphy Michael, fisherman, Limekiln hill
Murphy Michael, fisherman, 7 Mash hill
Murphy Michael, laborer, Carter's hill
Murphy Michael, sailor, Barnes' lane
Murphy Michael, tavern, 341 Water west
Murphy Miss Catherine, dressmaker, 9 Long's hill
Murphy Miss Elizabeth , 19 Patrick
Murphy Mrs., wid, Waterford bridge road
Murphy Mrs. Ann, wid Richard, 64 Water west
Murphy Mrs. Dora, wid John, Kickham's lane
Murphy Mrs. E., wid Lawrence, 28 Darling
Murphy Mrs. Jane, wid Thomas, Gill's hill
Murphy Mrs. W., wid Joseph, Carter's hill
Murphy Mrs. Mary, wid James, Dammerill's lane
Murphy Nicholas, fisherman, Boggan's lane
Murphy Nicholas, fisherman, 196 Water west
Murphy Patrick, farmer, Freshwater road
Murphy Patrick, farmer, Topsail road
Murphy Patrick, fisherman, 17 Waldegrave
Murphy Patrick, fisherman, 194 Water west
Murphy Patrick, tavern, 392 Water
Murphy Peter, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Murphy Philip, fisherman, 53 George
Murphy Richard, grocer, 170 Water west
Murphy Sylvester, foreman, South side
Murphy Thomas, carpenter, Limekiln 
Murphy Thomas, cooper, Dreeling's well road
Murphy Thomas, cooper, 138 Gower
Murphy Thomas, fisherman, Flower hill
Murphy Thomas, general grocer, 55 Duckworth
Murphy William, clerk, 285 Water
Murphy William, farmer, Cove road
Murphy William, servant, King's bridge road
Murray Abraham, fisherman, off 75 Military road
Murray David, fisherman, 5 Livingston
Murray Edward, tailor, Brennan sq
Murray Israel, fisherman, off 75 Military road
Murray James, baker, Rennie's mill road
Murray James, laborer, 163 Gower
Murray James, laborer, Kickham's lane
Murray John, farmer, Freshwater road
Murray John, painter, Kickham's lane
Murray Martin, sen., fisherman, Freshwater road
Murray Michael, tailor, 23 Water west
Murray Mrs. Catherine, wid Michael, 98 Gower
Murray Robert, laborer, Carter's hill
Murray Thomas, jun., fisherman, Freshwater road
Murray Thomas, tailor, 196 Water
Murray William, constable, 50 Pokeham path
Murray William, grocer, 49 Water west
Murray William C., clerk, Freshwater road
Myrick John, sen., carpenter, off 34 Monkstown
Myrick Michael, jun., off 35 Monkstown road
Myrick Patrick, fisherman, Water east
Myler Thomas, blockmaker, Adelaide
Myler Thomas, blockmaker, 340 Water
Noftal, John, fisherman, Quidi Vidi
Nofty Abraham, trader, 50 Monkstown road
Nofty William, fisherman, Hutching's lane
Nangle Matthew, joiner, 94 Queen's road
Nangle Thomas, tailor, 84 Queen's road
Neagle John, butcher, 69 New Gower
Neagle John, fisherman, 114 Water west
Neal James, cabman, Cookstown
Neal Michael, cooper, Lazy bank
Neil Arthur, jun., farmer, Freshwater road
Neil George, baker, Rennie's mill road
Neil James, cabman, Freshwater road
Neil James, carman, Freshwater road
Neil James, jun., farmer, Freshwater road
Neil James, sen., farmer, Freshwater road
Neil John, fisherman, Lazy bank
Neil John, sailor, Henry north
Neil Michael, fisherman, 322 Duckworth
Neil Mrs. Catherine, Carter's hill
Neil Mrs. Catherine, wid James S., off 35 Monkstown road
Neil Mrs. Helen, wid John, Long's hill
Neil Mrs. Mary, school teacher, 137 New Gower
Neil Morgan, planter, Lazy bank
Neil Moses, shoemaker, Long's hill
Neil Moses, jun., farmer, Freshwater road
Neil Moses, sen., farmer, Freshwater road
Neil Patrick, fisherman, Cuddihy's lane
Neil Patrick, fisherman, Lion sq
Neil Patrick, jun., farmer, Freshwater road
Neil Samuel, laborer, Lazy bank
Neil Thomas, jun., farmer, Freshwater road
Neil William, farmer, Torbay road
Neil William, jun., farmer, Freshwater road
Neil William, sen., farmer, Freshwater road
Neilder Joseph, sailor, 140 Water west
Neill Edward, farmer, Topsail lane
Neilson John, clerk, bds at 191 Water
Neligan Michael, brickman, Flower hill
Neligan Patrick, fisherman, Flower hill
Nevil James, shoemaker, 31 Princess
Nevil John, farmer, Topsail road
Nevil Peter, farmer, Topsail road
NEVILLE JOHN T., superintendent public buildings, 
  Colonial building, Military road, h Waterford Bridge road
Newell George, shipwright, off 4 Princess
NEWFOUNDLAND SAVINGS BANK hon. Edward Morris, cashier, 
  Colonial building, Military road
NEWFOUNDLANDER (THE) semi-weekly, annual subscriptions $4.20; 
  hon. Edward Dalton Shea, editor, proprietor and printer, 234 Duckworth
Neale Isaac, fisherman, Nunnery lane
Neylan James, shoemaker, 219 New Gower
  A. M. Mackay, general agent; D. Stott, operator, Market house, Water
NEWS (THE), tri-weekly, annual subscriptions $5; Robert Winton, editor,
  proprietor and printer, Duckworth
Neyle Richard, hardware and fishing tackle, 234 Water
Neyle William, laborer, 13 Garrison hill
Nichol Edward, laborer, 11 Dick's sq
Nicholl John, clerk, South side
Nickson Charles, carpenter, South side
Nickson Thomas, carpenter, South side
Nofftall William, laborer, 26 George
Nolan Patrick, fisherman, Flower hill
Noonan James, L., M.P.P., commissioner for the protection of the fisheries,
  62 Cochrane
Noonan John H., cashier, bds at 223 
Normore Wm., fisherman, 7 Darling
Norris Edward, fisherman, Long's lane
North Patrick, cooper, Carter's hill
Northern Fire and Life Insurance Co., A. O. Hayward agent, 262 Duckworth
Northworthy James, fisherman, 31 Long's hill
Noseworthy James, fisherman, South side
Noseworthy James, ship carpenter, South side
Nowlan Dennis, farmer, Lazy bank
Nowlan Dennis, Lazy bank
Nowlan James, fisherman, 13 Flavin's lane
Nowlan Dennis, farmer, Pokeham path
Nowlan John, cooper, Barnes' lane
Nowlan John, fisherman, 298 Water west
Nowlan Michael, cooper, Waldegrave
Nowlan Mrs. Bridget, wid Michael, Branscomb's lane
Nowlan Mrs. Bridget, wid Michael, Dammerill's lane
Nowlan Mrs. Catherine, wid John, 11 Waldegrave
Nowlan Mrs. J., wid Michael, tavern, 316 Water
Nowlan Mrs. Mary, wid Monday pond road
Nowlan Mrs. Rebecca, wid James Waldegrave
Nowlan Thomas, shoemaker, Pokeham path
Nowlan William, carpenter, Nunnery lane
Nowling George, clerk, 233 Gower
Nugent John V., sheriff central district, Court house, Market hill,
	h r Duckworth
Nurse John, fisherman, Bulley
Oakley Mrs. Sarah, wid James, Coady's lane
O'Brien Edward, fisherman, 194 New Gower
O'Brien John, butcher, 95 Prescott
O'Brien Lawrence, & Co., general importers, 103 Water
O'Brien Mrs. Augusta, wid Sylvester, Gower n British sq
O'Brien Mrs. B., wid John, tavern, 116 Water
O'Brien Mrs. Margaret, wid Lawrence, Rennie's mill road
O'Brien Mrs. Mary, wid Charles, 173 New Gower
O'Brien Patrick, fisherman, 148 new Gower
O'Connell Mrs. Jane, wid John, 50 King's road
O'Connor Andrew, shoemaker, 2 Victoria
O'Connor David, 272 Water west
O'Connor Mrs. Eleanor, wid Patrick, 101 Gower
O'Connor Mrs. Virtue, wid Edward, 49 Gower
O'Connor Patrick, butcher, 76 King's road
O'Connor Patrick, shoemaker, Branscomb's lane
O'Connor Timothy, culler of fish, Lion sq
O'Connor Wm., fisherman, 97 Gower
O'Donnell Edw., sailor, Limekiln hill
O'Donnell John, butcher, 216 Duckworth
O'Donnell Miss Catherine, Freshwater road
O'Donnell Mrs. Mary, wid John, Cookstown
O'Donnell Thomas, grocer, 290 Water
O'Donnell Thomas, seaman, 14 Dulhanty's lane
O'Dougherty Bernard, engineer, 4 New Gower
O'Dwyer John, importer, 297 Water
O'Dwyer, John, tavern, 166 Duckworth
O'Dwyer Richard, importer, 297 Water, resides in Liverpool, England
O'Dwyer William, fisherman, 96 Duckworth
O'Flaherty Edward, baker, 19 New Gower
O'Flaherty John, clerk, bds at New Gower
O'Flaherty Richard, fisherman, 244 New Gower
O'Hearn Patrick, shoemaker, 90 Duckworth
O'Keefe John, mason, Long's hill
O'Keefe Andrew, mason, Cookstown
O'Keefe Michael, fisherman, 11 East
O'Keefe Michael, tailor, 412 Water
O'Keefe Mrs. Ann, wid James, Paukin's lane
O'Keefe Owen, fisherman, Kickham's lane
O'Keefe Patrick, fisherman, 49 South west
O'Keefe Patrick, sailor, 44 South west
O'Keefe Robert, cooper, Long's hill
OKE ROBERT, general inspector of light houses, Rennie's mill road
Oldridge Henry, tavern, 170 Water
O'Leary Michael, fisherman, Barnes' lane
Oliver James, sailor, Barter's hill
Oliver John, fisherman, 54 North
Oliver Ths., fisherman, Hutching's lane
Olsen Henry, seaman, Bulley
O'Mara Michael J., chief clerk Southern circuit court and 
   barrister Supreme court, Circular road
O'Meara Miss Catherine, Kickham's lane
O'Meara Mrs. Mary, wid Dennis, Coady's lane
O'Meara Mrs. Mary Ann, wid Patrick, 88 George
O'Meara Thomas, tavern, 368 Water
O'Neil James, cooper, Cuddihy's lane
O'Neil Thomas, tavern, 140 Water
Ore Edmond, cooper, South side
Organ James, fisherman, 93 Gower
Osburn Thomas, planter, Chain rock road
O'Toole James, tailor, 174 Duckworth
Outerbridge Joseph, of Harvey & Co., Gower n Cathedral
Owens Mrs. Sarah, wid Patrick, 12 Duckworth
Pack William, tailor, Cuddihy's lane
Pack William, tailor, Lion sq
Page Frederick, clerk, 69 Rennie's mill road
Page Mrs. Emma, wid Frederick, 51 Queen's road
Palfrey Richard, master mariner, 35 Queen's road
Parker James F., clerk, bds 241 Water
Parker Lawrence, clerk, 25 Garrison hill
Parker Mrs. Johanna, wid Thomas, 43 Garrison hill
Parker Thomas, clerk, 25 Garrison hill
Parker William, grocer, 6 Adelaide
Parker William, grocer, 331 Water
Parnell Ths., farmer, Signal hill road
Parnell Thomas, fisherman, Chain rock road
Parrell Patrick, fisherman, 90 Gower
Parsons Alfred, wharf keeper, South side
PARSONS R. J., jun., M.P.P., barrister at law, 231 Duckworth, bds 89
  Military road
PARSONS ROBERT JOHN, M.P.P., editor, proprietor and 
  printer of the Patriot and Terra Nova Herald, 89 Military road
Parsons Thomas, fisherman, Lazy bank
Parsons Wm. J., jeweller, 158 Water
Partridge Mrs. Sarah, wid lane off 101 Monkstown road
Patrick David, foreman, bds 355 Water
PATRICK JOHN, tailor and clothier; all kinds of suits made to order,
	32 Victoria
PATRIOT AND TERRA NOVA HERALD, weekly, annual subscription $4; 
  R. J. Parsons, M.P.P., editor, proprietor and printer, 89 Military road
Patterson John, master mariner, 175 Duckworth
Paulke John, farmer, Topsail road
Payne John, fisherman, Lion sq
Peace R., & Co., stoves and tinware, 199 Water
Peache John, fisherman, Forest road
Pearce Aubyn, agent Equitable Life Assurance Society, 195 Water, bds at
  5 Cathedral hill
Pearce Edmond, fisherman, Carter's hill
Pearce George, laborer, Long's hill
Pearle Mrs. Johanna, wid Michael, Carter's hill
Pearcey Ths., laborer, 345 Water west
Peckham Mrs., 56 North
Pedigrew Christopher, fireman, Henry north
Pedigrew Martin, fisherman, 134 New Gower
Peel Thomas, fisherman, Lion sq
Pelican Life Insurance Co. of London, W. & G. Rendell agents, 82 Water
Pellen John, fisherman, 1 Livingston
Pelley John, fisherman, Livingston
Pendergrast Mrs. B., wid Thomas, 192 New Gower
Pennell Henry, clerk, 18 King's road
Pennock & Andrews, tinsmiths, 178 Water
Penney John, sailor, James
Pennock James, of Pennock & Andrews, Forest road
Percey Moses, master mariner, Bulley
Percey Mrs. Elizabeth, wid Frederick, 14 Livingston
Percey Mrs. Jane, wid John, 39 Prescott
Percey Stephen, master mariner, 49 Queen's road
Percey Wm., fisherman, Limekiln hill
Perchard Frederick, clerk, 181 Water
Peters John E., accountant, 207 Gower
Phelan David, jun., farmer, Freshwater road
Phelan James, spirits and groceries, 172 Water
Phelan Matthew, sen., farmer, Freshwater road
Phelan Mrs. Ann, Barnes' lane
Phelan Thomas, laborer, Barnes' lane
Phelan Timothy, groceries and provisions, Adelaide
Phelps James, 285 Water
PHELPS REV JOSEPH F., head master Church of England academy, 
  South West st., h Military road
Phillips Chs., laborer, 357 Water west
Phillips James, tailor, 5 Garrison hill
Phillips John, cooper, 46 King's road
Phillips William, sailor, 46 King's road
Phoenix Fire Assurance Co. of London, W & G. Rendell agents, 82 Water
Picco Robt., laborer, Freshwater road
Picco Thomas, fisherman, Barter's hill
Picker William G., cabinetmaker, Long's lane
Pickford James, fisherman, 12 Dulhanty's lane
Pike Alfred, clerk, Monkstown road
Pike Alfred, planter, Long pond road
Pike Chas., vessel owner, 65 Cochrane
Pike Mrs. Sarah, wid Obediah, Barter's hill
Pike Mrs. Susan, wid Jordan, 425 Water
Pilley Mark, master mariner, 8 British sq
Pilot rev. Wm., vice principal college, ch of England, Forest road
Pinn Matthew, cooper, 156 Water west
Pinsett Charles S., clerk Union Bank of Newfoundland, 4 Cochrane place,
  Military road
Pinsent hon. Robert J., L.C., Q.C., master in chancery, of Pinsent & Winter, 
  229 Duckworth, h King's bridge road
Pinsent Robert John, sen., judge court of civil and criminal jurisdiction 
  for Labrador, 4 Cochrane place, Military road
Pinsent Thomas, clerk, Water Co., 4 Cochrane place, Military road
Pinsent & Winter, barristers at law, solicitors and notaries, 239 Duckworth
Pinsent William, seaman, 1 Duckworth
Pippy George, fisherman, 200 Gower
Pippy George, seaman, 69 Gower
Pippy John, master mariner, 40 South west
Pippy Joseph, carpenter, 6 Livingston
Pippy Mrs. Ann, wid Joseph, 178 Gower
Pippy Nathaniel, fisherman, 200 Gower
Pippy William, carpenter, 200 Gower
Pittman Wm., fisherman, 224 Gower
Pitts Misses, 66 Cochrane
Pitts J. & W., general importers and auctioneers, 267 Water
Pitts William, Board of Revenue, of J. & W. Pitts, 267 Water
Plansbury George, n 21 Prescott
Poland Wm., fisherman, Flower hill
POLICE OFFICE, St John's central district, Court house, Duckworth
Pope Henry, cabinetmaker, 52 George
Pope John & Thomas, blacksmiths, 3 Waldegrave
Pope John, of T. & J. Pope, 47 George
Pope Thomas, of T. & J. Pope, 45 George
Pope William, blacksmith, 145 New Gower
POSTMASTER GENERAL, John Delaney, Water h Military road.
POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT, John Delaney, postmaster general, Market
  house, Water
Potter Henry, master mariner, 4 Allen sq
Potter John, carpenter, Forest road
Poucher Mrs. Ellen, wid Thomas, 40 Flavin's lane
Poucher Mrs. Margaret, wid John, 7 Dulhanty's lane
Power David, clerk 48 North
Power David, clerk, 285 Water
Power David, cooper, Kickham's lane
Power David, fisherman, 6 Flavin's lane
Power David, fisherman, James
Power David, sailor, 29 Patrick
Power Edward, fisherman, 23 Patrick
Power Edward, grocer, 335 Water
Power Edward, hardware, 220 Water
Power Edw, laborer, 26 King's road
Power James, agent, 221 Gower
Power James, brewer, Plank
Power James, cooper, 431 Water
Power James, farmer, Waterford bridge road
Power James, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Power James, fisherman, 15 Mash hill
Power James, trader, 190 New Gower
Power John, carpenter, 26 Prescott
Power John, carpenter, Signal hill road
Power John, cooper, 126 Gower
Power John, cooper, 44 Pokeham path
Power John, cooper, William's lane
Power John, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Power John, fisherman, Barter's hill
Power John, fisherman, Coady's lane
Power John, fisherman, 316 Duckworth
Power John, fisherman, Flower hill
Power John, fisherman, Flower hill
Power John, fisherman, Morton's lane
Power John, fisherman, Quidi Vidi
Power John, fisherman, Thomas
Power Joseph, cooper, Bulley
Power Joseph, fisherman, Flower hill
Power Martin, fisherman, Carter's hill
Power Martin, fisherman, 87 King's road
Power Michael, cooper, Carter's hill
Power Michael, fisherman, 28 Livingston
Power Michael, tavern, 42 Cochrane
Power Mrs. Alice, wid Michael, 61 King's road
Power Mrs. Bridget, wid Walter, Nunnery hill
Power Mrs. Catherine, wid David, Freshwater road
Power Mrs. Catherine, wid John, 67 King's road
Power Mrs. Catherine, wid Martin, Carter's hill
Power Mrs. Catherine, wid Michael, 161 Gower
Power Mrs. Catherine, wid Patrick, liquors, 2 Beck's cove
Power Mrs. Catherine, wid William, 191 New Gower
Power Mrs. Charlotte, wid John, Carter's hill
Power Mrs. Elizabeth, wid Richard, Carter's hill
Power Mrs. Johanna, wid Pierce, Lazy bank
Power Mrs. Mary wid Edward, 30 Hutching's 
Power Mrs. Margaret, wid Nicholas, 27 Pokeham path
Power Mrs. Martha, wid William, near 21 Prescott
Power Mrs. Mary, wid Jeremiah, Lion sq
Power Mrs. Mary, wid Martin, 48 North
Power Mrs. Mary, wid Patrick, 29 Patrick
Power Mrs. Mary, wid William, Chancey's lane
Power Mrs. Mary Ann, wid Richard, 104 Gower
Power Mrs. Sarah, wid Patrick, Morton's lane
Power Nicholas, shipwright, Kickham's lane
Power Patrick, carpenter, Signal hill road
Power Patrick, cooper, 81 George
Power Patrick, sen., farmer, White hills
Power Patrick, fisherman, Bulley
Power Patrick, fisherman, Flower hill
Power Patrick, fisherman, 49 Victoria
Power Patrick, laborer, Long pond road
Power Patrick, fisherman, 121 New Gower
Power Patrick, laborer, 304 Water west
Power Patrick, jun., fisherman, White hills
Power Patrick, pilot, 3 Cochrane
Power Patrick, sailor, Carter's hill
Power Patrick, shoemaker, Flower hill
Power Patrick, stevedore, 229 New Gower
Power Peter, fisherman, 304 Job's lane
Power Philip, cooper, 70 Water west
Power Pierce, clerk, Old Chapel lane
Power Richard., policeman, 334 Duckworth
Power Richard, fisherman, 131 New Gower
Power Robert, fisherman, 52 Pokeham path
Power Richard, fisherman, 226 Water west
Power Richard, planter, Quidi Vidi
Power Richard, seaman, 284 Gower
Power right rev. Thomas Joseph, D. D., R. catholic, bishop of St John's
Power Robert, fisherman, Coady's lane
Power Robin, laborer, Carter's hill
Power Roger, blacksmith, 154 water
Power Thomas, carpenter, 49 Victoria
Power Thomas, fisherman, Barnes' lane
Power Thomas, pilot, 3 Cochrane
Power Ths., sailor, Old Chapel lane
Power William, cooper, Flower hill
Power William, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Power William, fisherman, Thomas
Power William, pilot, Duke York
Pox John, farmer, Water west
Prender Mrs. Ellen, wid Nicholas, Cuddihy's lane
Prender Nicholas, sailor, Cuddihy's lane
Prendergast Dennis, fisherman, Plank
Prendergast Edward, fisherman, off 101 Monkstown road
Prendergast Garrett, fisherman, Quidi Vidi
Prendergast John, laborer, Boggan's lane
Prendergast Patrick, farmer, Logy bay road
Prendergast Richard, farmer, Logy bay road
Prendergast Ths., fisherman, Carter's hill
Preston John, cockswain, 54 South west
Price Joseph, laborer, 92 Duckworth
Price Mrs. Ann, wid James, 32 Cochrane
Pridester James, fisherman, Brewery lane
Primroy Pat, carpenter, Flower hill
Prior Edward, seaman, 252 Gower
Protestant School Board, rev. George M. Johnson, chairman, 
  Thomas Woods, teacher, rev. Moses Harvey, secretary, New Gower
Prowse Daniel Woodley, judge district court, Torbay road
PROWSE JOHN, keeper St John's hospital, Water west
Prowse John, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Prowse Patrick, laborer, lane off 101 Monkstown road
Prowse Robert H., of R. Prowse & Sons, North German Consul, notary,
  227 Water
Prowse Robert, & Sons, merchants, 227 Water
PUBLIC LEDGER, semi-weekly, annual subscriptions. $6; 
  Adam Scott, editor, F. W. Bowden, printer; 
  trustees late Mrs. H. Winston's estate Proprietors, 285 Duckworth
Purcell George, master mariner, 365 Water
Purcell James, fisherman, Kickham's lane
Purcell Michael, mariner, 40 King's road
Purchase Jonas, bailiff court of civil and criminal jurisdiction
	for Labrador, Pilot's hill
Pyn Eli, fisherman, Cove road
Pyn William, fisherman, Cove road
Pyne William, stevedore 259 Gower
Pynn Joseph, fisherman, Steven
Pynn Thomas, sailmaker, 5 Holdsworth
Pynn John, fisherman, 41 Water west
QUEEN FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE CO., John Henry - Tobin, agent,
  247 Duckworth
QUEEN'S PRINTER, John Collice Withers, r 249 Duckworth
Quirk John, farmer, 65 Monkstown road
Quick, Mrs. Ann, wid George, 302 Duckworth
Quick Mrs. Bridget, wid William, Limekiln hill
Quick Mrs. Catherine, wid John 16 Duckworth
Quick Mrs. Elizabeth, wid William, 271 Gower
Quick Patrick, fisherman, 16 Duckworth
Quick Philip, cooper, Boggan's lane
Quick William, carter, 34 George
Quigley Michael, fisherman, Pilot's hill
Quigley Michael, fisherman, Gill's hill
Quigley Patrick, cooper, Flower hill
Quigley William, farmer, Long pond road
Quigley Wm., fisherman, Barnes' lane

The following section transcribed by Sue Osborne

QUINN JOHN, tidewater off 2 Victoria
Quinn Michael, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Quinn Mrs. Ellen, wid Edward, Lazy bank
Quirck Mrs. Ellen, milliner, 156 New Gower
Quirck Mrs. Mary, wid William, off 35 Monkstown road
Radford Andrew, carpenter, 37 Water west
Radford Charles, carpenter, 39 Water west
Radford Miss Lydia, 37 Water west
Radix Mrs. J., wid Thomas, Topsail road
Raftis Colborne, tavern, 323 Water west
Raftis James, shoemaker, 164 Duckworth
Raftis Mrs. Anastasia, wid D., 186 New Gower
Raftis Pierce, fisherman, Lazy bank
Raftis Thomas, planter, 43 Water west
Ragan James, shoemaker, 182 Water
Rall Michael, fisherman, 99 King's road
Ramsay Adam, baker, 74 Prescott
Ramsay Andrew, baker, 29 Garrison hill
Ramsay Chs., fisherman, 50 King's road
Ramsay John, fisherman, 2 Livingston
Ramsay Frs., fisherman, 259 Gower
Range Mrs. Catherine, wid John, 93 King's road
Rankin Charles B, grocer, 361 Water
Rankin Charles, grocer, 288 Water, h 62 Prescott
Rankin Richard R., clerk, Dempsey's lane
Rawlins Mrs. Ellen, wid Edward, 108 Military road
Read Moses, fisherman, 34 Prescott
Reader Robert, Brewery, lane
Ready John, fisherman, 8 British sq
Ready John, laborer, 79 King's road
Ready Michael, cooper, 416 Water
Ready Mrs. Ellen, wid John, off 101 Monkstown road
Ready Patrick, laborer, Forest road
Reardon Daniel, fisherman, 13 Long's hill
Reardon George, fisherman, Livingston
Reardon Michael, fisherman, Dammerill's lane
Reardon Michael, fisherman, Branscomb's lane
Reardon Mrs., wid Dennis, tavern, 131 Water
Reardon Vincent, tidewaiter, Kickham's lane
Reardon Patrick, tidewaiter, 19 Long's lane
Reddin William, clerk, customs, 75 Military road
Redditt Mrs. E., wid John, 222 Gower
Reddix John, fisherman, Waterford bridge road
Reddix Mrs. Johanna, wid Thomas, Waterford bridge road
Reddix Patrick, sailor, Waterford bridge road
Reddix Stephen, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Reddigan James, fisherman, 27 North
Reddigan John, shoemaker, 16 North
Reddy Matthew, seaman, 12 Duckworth
Redison James, constable, off 69 Military road
Redmond James, carter, Coady's lane
Redmond John, fisherman, 5 Darling
Redmond John, fisherman, Flower hill
Redmond John, watchman, 58 Gower
Redmond Mrs. Ellen, wid William, Forest road
Redmond Mrs. Mary, wid Patrick, Flower hill
Redmond Mrs. Mary, wid Patrick, 23 New Gower
Redmond Patrick, servant, Lazy bank
Redmond Thomas, sailmaker, 58 South west
Redmond William, labourer, 4 College lane
Redout Samuel, servant, Carter's hill
Redstone William, carpenter, 30 North 
Reed George, jun., laborer, South side
Reed George, sen., laborer, South side
Reed John, sailor, Lazy bank
Reed Joseph, fisherman, 122 Gower
Reed Mrs. Catherine, wid James, 93 Monkstown road
Reed Moses, fisherman, South side
Reedey Thomas, laborer, South side
Reid Alexander, principal Wesleyan academy, Long's hill
Reid George, clerk, 13 Holdsworth
Reid John, fisherman, South side
Reid John, mason, 344 Water
Reid Mrs. Norah, wid John, 18 North
Reid Mrs. Sarah, wid Michael, boarding house, 119 Gower
Reid Stephen, fisherman, 20 South west
Reid William, fisherman, South sides
Reiley James, fisherman, 12 South west
Reiley Patrick, fisherman, Coady's lane
Reins James, fisherman, off 69 Military road
Reins William, sailor, off 69 Military road
Rendell George, bookkeeper, 45 Prescott
Rendell George T., of W. & G. Rendell, 82 Water
Rendell James, fisherman, 41 Gower
Rendell John, tidewaiter, 41 Gower
Rendell John Norris, clerk, bds at 143 Water
Rendell Mrs. P., wid William, 137 Gower
Rendell Stephen, M.P.P., of Job, Brothers & Co., 
manager Royal Fire and Life Insurance Co., 143 Water,
h North bank cottage, Long pond road
Rendell W. & G., general commission merchants, land, 
property and insurance agents, 82 Water
Rendell William, of W. & G. Rendell, resides in Teignmouth, England
Renison Patrick, tailor, off 69 Military road
Rennie Frederick, clerk, Rennie mill road
RENNIE FREDERICK W, usher of the black rod, 
Legislative Council secretary St John's Gas works, 
Water st, h Rennie's mill road
Rennie John, carpenter, 47 Duckworth
Renouf Charles, M.D., physician and surgeon, 1 Cathedral hill
Renouf Edward, carpenter, 121 Gower 
RENOUF HON. MAJOR HENRY, M.P.P., deputy adjutant 
general of volunteers, surveyor general, 
Colonial building, Military road, h 201 Gower
Rewst Thomas, watchman, Barter's hill
Rewst William, fisherman, Barter's hill
Rewst William, laborer, Barter's hill
Reynolds Mrs. Helen, wid James, 320 Water west
Rex Joseph, master mariner, 182 Duckworth
Rhodes Richard, master mariner, Flower hill
Rhodes Richard, master mariner, 154 New Gower
Rhuby George, farmer, Bay Bulls road
Rhuby Samuel, farmer, Bay Bulls road
Rice Ths., fisherman, Fresh water road
Richard William, fisherman, Quidi Vidi
Richard Francis, fisherman, 15 Allen sq
Richardson Joseph, fisherman, Water east
Richmond Mrs. Ellen, wid Eugene, 51 Gower
Rickets James, laborer, Carter's hill
Rieley Mrs. Elizabeth, wid William, Forest road
Rielley Charles, farmer, Cockpit road
Rielley Edward, cooper, Old Chapel lane
Rielley James, farmer, Bay Bulls road
Rielley John, farmer, Bay Bulls road
Rielley Mrs. Margaret, wid John, Dempsey's lane
Rielley Patrick, fisherman, Dempsey's lane
Rigs Andrew, fisherman, Lazy bank
Rimmer Frederick, batter, Lion sq
Ring William, cooper, Bulley
Roache Edward, inspector Government grounds, Military road
Roache James, tailor, 5 Dulhanty's lane
Roache John, school teacher, Freshwater road
Roache Luke, tailor, 5 Dulhanty's lane
Roache Mrs. Ann, wid James, Mill lane
Roache Thomas, fisherman, Flower hill
Roache Richard, fisherman, Thomas
Roache Thomas, fisherman, Thomas
Roberts Charles, fisherman, South side
Roberts Mrs. Jane, wid Nathaniel, South side
Roberts Mrs. Margaret, wid George, South side
Roberts Robert, trader, 193 Gower
Roberts William, laborer, 198 Gower
Roberts William, laborer, South side
Roberts William J., master mariner, 13 Cathedral hill
Robertson James, clerk, 18 Dick's sq
Robertson John, tailor, 296 Water
Robertson Thomas, clerk, Prescott
Robins Caleb, fisherman, 3 Livingston
Robins Mrs. Johanna, wid William, 3 Livingston
Robinson George, Royal navy, 40 Rennies mill road
Robinson hon. Bryan, assistant judge supreme court, King's bridge road
Rocheford John, 35 Monkstown road
Rodgers David, fisherman, Dreellings well road
Rodgers Edward, gunsmith, Cuddihy's lane
Rodgers Henry, fisherman, Brewery lane
Rodgers Mrs. Alice, wid Edward, Flower hill
Rogers Henry, miner, 241 Gower
Rogers James, fisherman, 2 Steven
Rogers John, fisherman, 76 Water west
Rogers Philip, fisherman, Steven
Rogers Thomas, fisherman, 31 Water west
Rogerson James J., M.P.P., of P. Rogerson & Son, 
Waterford bridge road and 2 Queen road
Rogerson Peter, & Son, importers, 399 Water
Rood Mrs. Wid, Thomas, Duke York
Rood Robert, fisherman, Duke York
Rorke James, sailor, 136 Gower
Rorke Joseph, waymaster, 22 Darling
Rose Alfred, fisherman, 63 King's road
Rossiter Patrick, fisherman, 66 Water west
Rotch Mrs. Mary, wid Lawrence, 14 Long's lane
Rotch Patrick, fisherman, 319 Water west
Rotchford Mrs. Catherine, wid Thos., 124 Gower
Rotchford Mrs. Elizabeth, wid Patrick, Kickham's lane
Rothwell Edward, bookkeeper, New Gower
Rourke Michael, fisherman, Mill lane
Rourke Mrs. Johanna, wid Patrick, Signal hill road
Roust William, fisherman, Cuddihy's lane
Rouster Mrs. Ellen, wid William, 26 Gower
Row George, schoolteacher, 39 Garrison hill
Row Mrs. Anastasia, wid' John, Pankin's lane
Row Thomas, of Stabb, Row and Holmwood, resides in London, England
Row William, cooper, Pankin's lane
Rowe John, dyer, Dammerill's lane
Rowe John, dye works, Adelaide
Rowell Thomas, mariner, Signal hill road
Rowland George, bookkeeper, 211 Gower
Rowse Mrs. Maria, wid rev. Oliver, book depositary of 
society for promotion of Christian 
knowledge, 296 Water
Rowse William, bookkeeper, bds at 299 Water
Roy John, laborer, 214 Water west
Roy Mrs. Margaret, wid Patrick, 8 Water west
ROYAL GAZETTE, weekly, annual subscription $4.20; 
 John Collier Withers, editor, proprietor
and printer, r 239 Duckworth
Royella Thomas, fisherman, 40 Duckworth
Russell Nathaniel, fisherman, Old Chappel lane
Rutledge George, shipwright, Chain rock road
Ryal James, jun., farmer, Freshwater road
Ryal James, sen., farmer, Freshwater road
Ryall Thomas, tailor, 180 Duckworth
Ryall William, jun., fisherman, Carter's hill
Ryall William, sen., fisherman, Carter's hill
Ryan Alexander D., clerk, 127 Military road
Ryan Alexander W., clerk, bds at 125 Military road
Ryan Andrew, fisherman, Brewery lane
Ryan Dennis, fisherman, South side
Ryan Dennis, fisherman, Topsail road
Ryan Edward, fisherman, Carter's hill
Ryan Frederick M., cooper, 127 Military road
Ryan James, clerk, 101 Water
Ryan James, cooper, 262 Gower
Ryan James, fisherman, Flower hill
Ryan James, fisherman, Steven
Ryan John, carpenter, 3 Rossider's lane
Ryan John, culler of fish, 11 Queen
Ryan John, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Ryan John, fisherman, Plank
Ryan John, laborer, Carter's hill
Ryan John, sailor, Barter's hill
Ryan John, tailor, Pankin's lane
Ryan John, tavern, 204 Water
Ryan Martin, farmer, Waterford bridge road
Ryan Maurice, tailor, 242 Gower
Ryan Michael, fisherman, 107 Gower
Ryan Michael, fisherman, Plank
Ryan Michael, tailor, 266 Gower
Ryan Michael, tavern, 322 Duckworth
Ryan Mrs. Alice, wid David, Flower hill
Ryan Mrs. Ann, wid Michael, Military road
Ryan Mrs. Bridget, wid Patrick, Military road
Ryan Mrs. Elizabeth, wid John, 98 Duckworth
Ryan Miss Catherine, school teacher, 13 Holdsworth
Ryan Mrs. Ellen, wid Patrick, Flower hill
Ryan Mrs. Christiana, wid Israel, Nunnery lane
Ryan Mrs. Margaret, wid Patrick Thomas
Ryan Mrs. Mary, wid, lane off 101 Monkstown road
Ryan Mrs. Mary, wid Michael, 56 George
Ryan Mrs. Mary, wid Thomas, Dammerill's lane
Ryan Mrs. Mary, wid William, Bay Bull's road
Ryan Miss Sarah, 100 Gower
Ryan Patrick, fisherman, Lion sq
Ryan Patrick, laborer, Cuddihy's lane
Ryan Patrick, master mariner, Water west
Ryan Patrick, sailor, 52 New Gower
Ryan Richard, fisherman, 87 Gower
Ryan Richard, fisherman, Nunnery lane
Ryan Samuel, pilot, 100 Duckworth
Ryan Thomas, farmer, Freshwater road
Ryan Thomas, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Ryan Thomas, fisherman, Chancey's lane
Ryan Thomas, fisherman, 52 King's road
Ryan Thomas, pilot, 15 Cochrane
Ryan William, cooper, Flower hill
Ryan William, cooper, Bulley
Ryan William, cooper, Flower hill
Ryan William, farmer, Freshwater road
Ryan William, fisherman, 38 Flavin's lane
Ryan William, fisherman, Limkiln hill
Ryan William, grocer, 294 Water
Ryland Charles T., clerk, 201 Water, h 277 Duckworth
Ryley John, fisherman, 10 Duckworth
Sage Charles, blacksmith, 34 South west
Sage Charles, sailor, Thomas
Sage John, constable, 56 South west
Salter William T., dealer in provisions and groceries, 291 Water
Samon John, farmer, Logy bay road
Samson Thomas, farmer, Logy bay road
Samson Andrew, cooper, 127 New Gower
Sargeant Mrs. A., wid A., 22 Cochrane
Satley John, fisherman, South side
Sanders Mrs. Mary, wid John, 18 Cathedral
Saunders Peter, shipwright, Carter's hill
Saunders William, carpenter, 239 Gower
Saviour Richard, fisherman, 32 East
Scandlan Daniel, master mariner, 110 Gower
Scanlan Mrs. Catherine, store, Scanlan's lane
Scanlan Mrs. Mary, wid Karl, James
Scaplin Miss Elizabeth C., Forest road
Scalter Nathaniel, fisherman, Flower hill
Sclater David, general importer, 161 Water, h 264 Duckworth
Sclater David H., accountant, 264 Duckworth
Sclater W.A.B., clerk, 264 Duckworth
SCOTT ADAM, 285 Duckworth, h Monkstown road
Scott Edward, planter, Chain rock road
Scott George, planter, China rock road
Scott James, clerk, bds at 357 Water
Scott James, farmer, Old cove road
Scott James, jun., 29 Monkstown road
Scott John, fisherman, Branscomb's lane
Scott Joseph, fisherman, 97 Monkstown road
Scott Mrs. Helen, wid Edward, 69 King's road
Scott Mrs. Jane, wid John, Kickham's lane
Scott Nicholas, fisherman, Hutching's lane
Scott William, grocer, 320 Water
Scott William, grocer, 427 Water
Scott William, grocer, William's lane
Sculley Michael, coachman, Boggan's lane
Sculley Michael, sailor, 72 New Gower
Sculley Mrs. Jane, wid John, Carter's hill
Sear James, fisherman, Cuddihy's lane
Searles, ? master mariner, Logy bay road
SEATON JAMES, editor, proprietor and printer of the 
Express, and job printer, 1 Beck's 	cove
Seers George, fisherman, Henry north
Seers William, laborer, 14 Cathedral 
Selby Mrs. Mary Ann, wid Thomas, 179 Gower
Senex James, fisherman, off Long's hill
Sinnott David, clerk, 197 Water
Sevell James, laborer, South side
Serge John, fisherman, 6 North
Sevier John, fisherman, Morton's lane
Sevier Mrs. Ann, wid Joseph, Rennie's mill road
Sevier Thomas, fisherman, 9 Waldegrave
Seymour George, laborer, Gower  n British sq
Seymour H. W., provisions, 349 Water, h 223 Gower
Sharp John, foreman, 179 Water
Shaw Charles, fisherman, 70 Duckworth
Shaw Samuel, turnkey, 23 Long's lane
Shaw William, fisherman, 208 Water west
SHEA AMBROSE, general commission merchant, agent for 
North British and Mercantile Insurance 
Co.,and Allan Line of Steamship, 80 Water, h 4 Musgrave terrace, 25 Gower
SHEA, CAPTAIN HENRY J.T., R.A., private secretary to Governor, 
Government house, Military road
Shea Daniel, fisherman, 66 King's road
Shea Dennis, fisherman, Job's lane
Shea Edmond, laborer, 270 Water west
Shea Edward, tavern, 120 Water
Shea Henry, M.D., district surgeon, eastern ward, 263 Duckworth
SHEA HON. EDWARD DALTON, M.L.C., editor, proprietor and 
printer of the Newfoundlander, 
Shea John, fisherman, Forest road
Shea Joseph, M.D., commissioner of poor, coroner, 284 Duckworth, h 261 Duckworth
Shea Michael, farmer, Logy Bay road
Shea Miss Catherine, 197 Gower
Shea Miss Elizabeth, storekeeper, 34 Gower
Shea Miss Elizabeth, tavern, 44 Cochrane
Shea Miss Mary, Flower hill
Shea Mrs. Elizabeth, wid Patrick, Barnes' lane
Shea Thomas, fisherman, Carter's hill
Shean John, fisherman, 4 North
Sheena Lawrence, fisherman, Mill lane
Sheehan John, tinsmith, 342 Water
Sheehan Michael, laborer, Dempsey's lane
Sheehan Michael, master mariner, 9 Cochrane
Shepherd Esau, fisherman, 8 Long's lane
Shepherd John, trader, 13 Queen's road
Shepherd Mrs. Mary, wid George, Branscombs lane
Sheppard Mrs. Mary, wid John, Dammerill's lane
Sherdin Alex., clerk, 33 Queen's road
Sherry Pierce, porter, 181 Water
Shoghrew Timothy, farmer, Long pond road
Shown Francis, accountant, 54 Prescott
Short Peter, farmer, Bay Bulls road
Shortell James, cooper, 95 New Gower
Shortell Mrs. Ann, wid John, 13 Mash hill
Shortell Richard, cabman, Waterford bridge road
Shortell Robert, fisherman, 66 Pokeham path
Shortell Thomas, cabman, Waterford bridge road
Shortell Thomas, drayman, 372 Water west
Shorthill Peter, seaman, 20 Brine
Shorthill Thomas, laborer, 22 Brine
Shuran Alexander, clerk, Queen's road
Sillars Archibald, of Sillars, Cairns & Co., 317 Water
SILLARS, CAIRNS & CO., general importers of dry goods, 
also millinery, drapery and mantle 
establishment, 315 and 317 Water
Simerman Christian, farmer, Waterford bridge road
Simmons Joseph, fisherman, Nunnery lane
Simms Henry, sailor, 146 New Gower
Simms William C., M.D., of Crowdy & Simms, district surgeon 
eastern ward, Duckworth,  
h Commercial bank
Simpson Thomas, clerk, Dick's sq
SIMMS JOHN S., commission agent, auctioneer and importer of 
flour, and general agent for 
Canada Life Assurance Co., 341 Water, h 60 Cochrane
Simms Mrs. Catherine, wid George, boarding house, 353 Water
Singer Luke, fisherman, Boggan's lane
Sinnott John, cooper, Lion sq
Sinnott Wm., farmer, Bay bulls road
Skahan John, farmer, Bay Bulls road
Skanes Thomas, laborer, Carter's hill
Skehan Michael, fisherman, Forest road
Skeoch John, of Peace & Co., bds at 119 Gower
Skiffington Edward, laborer, Kickham's lane
Skiffington John, fisherman, 93 King's road
Skinner Edward, cabinetmaker, Long's lane
Skinner George, sailor, Lazy bank
Skinner Mrs. E., wid Thomas, 54 New Gower
Skinner Wm., carpenter, Lazy bank
Skinner William, carpenter, 9 Long's lane
Skivington John, clerk, Lazy bank
Slahedy James, clerk, 198 Gower
Slattery John, fisherman, South side bridge road
Slattery Michael, fisherman, Lazy bank
Slattrey Edward, carpenter, 184 Duckworth
Slone Edward, fisherman, Flower hill
Smail William, shoemaker, 181 New Gower
Smallcomb Patrick, fisherman, James
Smart James, clerk, Allen sq
Smeddick Michael, fisherman, Quidi Vidi road
Smith Alexander, marble works, 276 Gower
Smith Alfred G., clerk Union Bank of Newfoundland, 253 Duckworth
Smith Dennis, fisherman, 80 Water west
Smith E., & Co., general importers, 179 Water
Smith Edward, of E. Smith & Co., 179 Water
Smith George, tidewaiter, 16 South west
Smith Jacob, shipwright, 3 Long's hill
Smith James, sailor, Signal hill road
Smith John, farmer, Rennie's mill road
Smith John W., manager Union Bank of Newfoundland, 253 Duckworth
Smith John, trader, 23 Long's hill
Smith Michael, fisherman, 25 Water
Smith Miss Jane, teacher, Beck's cove
Smith Mrs. Johanua, wid Henry, 71 King's road
Smith Patrick, accountant, Long's hill
Smith Patrick, cooper, 80 Water west
Smith Patrick pilot, Pilot's hill
Smith Thomas, clerk, 62 Gower
SMITH THOMAS R., of C.F. Bennett & Co., proprietor of the 
Morning Chronicle, 346 Water, 
h 360 Water
Smith Wm., fisherman, Nunnery lane
Smith William, mason, Lazy bank
Smyth Patrick, pilot, Gill's hill
Smyth Robert, boot, shoe and leather dealer, 118 Water
Snow John, sailor, off 69 Military road
Snow Mrs. Elizabeth, wid Joseph, off 69 Military road
Snow Mrs. P., wid William, 4 Duckworth
Solomon E., assistant clerk post office, Prescott
SONS OF TEMPERANCE, proprietors of the Temperance Journal, 341 Duckworth
Soper Thomas, master mariner, 21 Allen sq
Southcott Jas. T., of J. & J.T. Southcott, 56 Prescott
Southcott John, of J. & J. T. Southcott, 58 Prescott
Southcott J. & J.T., architects and builders, 56 Prescott
Sparnoushot Chs., tailor, Flower hill
Spence Robert W., clerk, bds at 357 Water
Sperell Moses, servant, Waterford bridge road
Spratt Ths, farmer, Freshwater road 
Spry Edward, laborer, Flower hill
Spry John W., clerk, 55 Monkstown road
SPRY T.W., wholesale and retail dealer in provisions, groceries, 
furniture, glassware, & c., 
137 Water, 16 British sq
Spry Mrs. Mary Ann, wid Richard, 66 George
Squire Thomas, fisherman, 49 Gower
Squires John, fisherman, Quidi Vidi
Squires William, fisherman, off 35 Monkstown road
St George Edward, school teacher, 75 Military road
St John John, fisherman, 16 Water west
St John Mrs. A., wid Edward, bakery 112 Water
St John Philip, farmer, South side
St John Thomas, carpenter, 56 King's road
ST JOHN'S HOSPITAL, John Prowse, keeper, Water west
St John's Iron Foundry Co., James Angel, manager, Pokeham path
St John's Lunatic asylum, Henry Stabb, M.D., physician, Waterford bridge road
St John's Poor house, John Downey, keeper
Stabb Ewen, importer, 443 Water, h Cathedral hill
Stabb henry H., M.D., resident physician St John's Lunatic 
asylum, Waterford bridge road
Stabb hon. Nicholas, L.C., of N. Stabb & Sons, King's bridge road
Stabb N., & Sons, general importers, 113 Water
Stabb Nicholas S., of N. Stabb & Sons, 1 Musgrave terrace, 19 Gower
Stabb, Row & Holmwood, importers, r 315 Water
Stabb Thomas W., of N. Stabb & Sons, 2 Musgrave terrace, 21 Gower
Stacey John, master mariner, 17 Cathedral hill
Stacklum Robert, cooper, 6 South west
Stafford Edw., fisherman, Brennen's sq
Stafford James, farmer, 14 Dulhanty's lane
Stafford James, master mariner, 47 Victoria
Stafford John, laborer, 47 Victoria
Stafford John, shoemaker, 14 Dulhanty's lane
Stafford Michael, of Lawrence O'Brien & Co., 101 Water
Stafford Mrs. Henen, wid John, 14 Dulhanty's lane
Stafford Matthew, fisherman, South side
Stafford Thomas, fisherman, South side
Stamp John, fisherman, Lion sq
Stamp Mrs. Margaret, wid John, Dulhanty's lane
Stamp Patrick, fisherman, 8 Duckworth
Stamp Thomas, carter, Steven
Stamp Thomas, fisherman, 8 Duckworth
Standard Life Assurance Co., F.J. Wyatt, agent, 243 Water
Standard Mrs. Mary, wid Stephen, 267 Water west
Stansbery James, sailor, 52 Monkstown road
Stansbury John, fisherman, r Dulhanty's lane
Stansbury Mrs. Margaret, wid George, Dulhanty's lane
Stapleton John, fisherman, 146 Gower
Staunton William, master mariner, 152 Water
Steer George J., clerk, bds 191 Water
Steer John, general importer, 189 Water
Stevens John, farmer, off Water west
Stevens John S., barrister, Riverhead
Stephens Mrs. Catherine, wid Richard, 12 Victoria
Stephens Mrs. Mary Ann, Nunnery lane
Stephenson Joseph, fisherman, r Dulhanty's lane
Stevenson Henry, fisherman, Chancey's lane
Stevenson Patrick, fisherman, 72 Gower
Stevenson Alexander, clerk, 7 Princess
Stevenson John, fisherman, Barter's hill
Stevenson Mrs. Mary, wid Alexander, 7 Princess
Stewart John G., agent, 357 Water
Stewart J. & W., importers, 357 Water
Stewart William, of J. & W. Stewart, resides at Greenock, Scotland
Stirling William R., bookkeeper, bds at 207 Gower
Stittson John, painter, 9 Dick's sq
Stittson John, painter, 54 Victoria
Stoneman Mrs. Catherine, wid william, 13 Cochrane
Stone Henry, farmer, Cockpit road
Stoneman Charles, seaman, 14 North
Stoneman John, seaman, 12 Gower
STOTT D., operator, New York Newfoundland, and London 
Telegraph Co., Market h Water
Stratford James, clerk, bds at Fort Townsend
Stringer Joseph, laborer, Flower hill
Stuart John, secretary Board of works, Colonial buildings, 
Military road, h Torbay road
Sullivan Cornelius, fisherman, Barter's hill
Sullivan David, pilot, 96 Gower
Sullivan Daniel, tavern, 390 Water
Sullivan, Dennis, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Sullivan Garrett, fisherman, George
Sullivan James, cooper, Pankin's lane
Sullivan James, fisherman, 329 Water west
Sullivan James, laborer, James
Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, James
Sullivan John, fisherman, Branscomb's lane
Sullivan John, fisherman, 1 Darling
Sullivan John, fisherman, Forest road
Sullivan John, master mariner, 20 Livingston
Sullivan Matthew, fisherman, 96 Gower
Sullivan Mrs. Ann, wid Florence, Water west
Sullivan Mrs. Margaret, wid John, 185 King's road
Sullivan Mrs. Margaret, wid Martin, Nunnery hill
Sullivan Mrs. Margaret, wid Patrick, 95 Gower
Sullivan Mrs. Mary, wid Patrick, Dammerill's lane
Sullivan Patrick, sailor, 21 South west
Sullivan William, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Sullivan William, fisherman, Lazy bank
Summers Edward, cooper 24 George
Summers Patrick, butcher, 92 Prescott
Summers Thomas, butcher, 322 Water
SURVEYOR GENERAL'S OFFICE, major Henry Renouf, surveyor 
genral, Colonial buildings, 
Military road, h 203 Gower
Sutton James, shoemaker, 40 New Gower
Sutton Mrs. Catherine, wid James, off 35 Monkstown road
Sutton Thomas, fisherman, Lazy bank
Swan Thomas, bds 119 Gower
Swatridge Hugh, carter, James
Sweet Thomas, sailor, 47 Queen's road
Sweetman John, laborer, Flower
Swift William, fisherman, Flower hill
Tabner Andrew, clerk, 32 Victoria
Taggart Malcolm, engineer, 16 King's road
Tailor Edmond, carpenter, South side
Tailor Richard, fisherman, Bannerick lane
Taky Patrick, fisherman, Coady's lane
Talbot hon. Thomas, professor St Bonaventure college
Talbot Mrs. Mary, wid charles, 46 King's road
Tallor Thomas, cooper, 240 New Gower
Tapson Mrs. Jane, wid Walter, 4 East
Tarehin John, grocer, 93 Water
Taylor Alexander, of Peace & Co., Scotland row
Taylor Charles, asylum keeper, 4 British sq
Taylor Jonathan, fisherman, South side
Taylor Levi, fisherman, South side
Taylor Mrs. E., wid Jonathan, r 331 Water west
Taylor Robert, fisherman, Old Chapel lane
Taylor Samuel, fisherman, 322 Duckworth
Taylor William, master mariner, 199 New Gower
Teed rev. Stephen, Wesleyan, 199 Gower
TELEGRAPH (THE), weekly, annual subscription  $2.50; John T. Burton, 
editor, proprietor 
and printer, 221 Water
TEMPERANCE JOURNAL, semi-monthly, annual subscription $1.20; 
Sons of Temperance, 
proprietors; E. Prace, agent; T. Devereaux printer, 341 Duckworth
Temperance hall, Philip Hally, keeper, 296 Duckworth
Templeton Robert, clerk, 285 Water
Tessier hon. P.G., L.C., P. & L. Tessier, Weston cottage, Water west
Tessier James, clerk, 209 New Gower
Tessier John, clerk, 61 Rennies mill road
Tessier Lewis, M.P.P., of P. & L. Tessier, 442 Water
Tessier P. & L., merchants, general importers, 309 Water
Thistle John, clerk, 10 Flavin's lane
Thomas Edward, carpenter, 21 Queen's road
Thomas Joseph, cooper, South side
Thomas Matthew, farmer, Freshwater road
Thomas Nathaniel, barber, 157 Water
Thomas Nicholas, farmer, Logy Bay road
Thomas Robert, seaman, 304 Duckworth
Thomas Robert, fisherman, 29 Long's lane
Thompson Benjamin, clerk, bds at 19 Duckworth
Thompson Charles, lumber surveyor, 9 Queen's road
Thompson George F., clerk, 42 Prescott
Thompson James W., 45 Monkstown road
Thompson William, clerk, bds at 171 Water west
Thompson William, clerk, beds at 381 Water
Thompson William, of Elmsley & Thompson, bds at Union hotel
Thompson William, laborer, 70 New Gower
Thomson Andrew, Manager Gas works, 171 Water west
Thorp Benjamin, cooper, 25 Darling
Thorburn Michael, clerk, bds at 179 Water
Thorburn hon. Robert. L. C. of Walter Grieve & Co., Rennie's mill road
THORBURN WILLIAM, brewer and distiller, wholesale and retail 
dealer in all kinds of liquors and 
groceries, 362 Water, h 1 Queen
Tibb John, fisherman, 227 New Gower
Tibbs William, fisherman, Breunen sq
Tilley John, fisherman, Mill lane
Tillman Mrs. Mary, wid Henry, 14 Cochrane
Tillman William, bookkeeper
Tilly David, fisherman, Mill lane
Tilly George, fisherman, Brewery lane
Tilly James, fisherman, Brewery lane
Tilly James, jun., fisherman, Brewery lane
Tilly John, fisherman, Brewery lane
Tilly John, sailor, Brewery lane
TIMES, (THE), semi-weekly, annual subscription $4.20.  J.W. McCoubrey, 
editor, proprietor 
and printer, 148 Water
Tissell John, laborer, 57 Gower
TOBIN JOHN HENRY, agent Queen Fire and Life Insurance Co., 247 Duckworth
Tobin John, hotel, 3 Beck's cove
Tobin Mrs. Bridget, wid Michael, Dammerill's lane
Tobin Michael, South side
Tobin Michael, grocer, 172 Duckworth
Tobin Michael, grocer, 382 Water
Tobin Michael, sailor, Dammerill's lane
Tobin Michael, sailor, Dammerill's lane
Tobin Mrs. Ellen, wid John, 3 Patrick 
Tobin Mrs. Mary, wid Patrick, 27 Water
Tobin Patrick, fisherman, Dammerill's lane
Tobin Thomas, boatman, 102 Duckworth
Tobin Thomas, cooper, 12 Gower
Todridge James, blockmaker, 224 Duckworth
Tompson Mrs. Catherine, wid Tobias, Lazy bank
Tomson John, fisherman, Lazy bank
Toole James, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Toole Jeremiah, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Toole John, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Toole John, fisherman, Branscomb's lane
Toole Michael, fisherman, Thomas
Toomy Mrs. Mary, wid John, Signal hill road
Toopy Denis, carter, 356 Water west
TOUSSAINT JOHN C., French consul Signal hill road
Townsell Michael, laborer, Flower hill
Townsend James, fisherman, 12 Long's lane
Tracey Mrs. Ellen, wid Andrew, 10 Rossider's lane
Traplin George, baker, 21 East
Trasey James, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Trasey Patrick, fisherman, Brewery lane
Treasey Michael, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Treasey James, servant, Torbay road
Treasey Michael, laborer, Torbay road
Treaves John, laborer, 40 South west
Trelegan John, shoemaker, 34 New Gower
Trelegan Mrs. Elizabeth, wid Richard, Branscomb's lane
Trelegan Mrs. Elizabeth, wid Richard, Dammerill's lane
Trelegan Richard, spirit dealer, 12 Queen
Trible John, sailor, Chain rock road
Tritle Miss Mary, tavern, 76 Water
Tucker James, fisherman, 36 Pokeham path
Tadhope James, clerk, bds 119 Gower
Tuffin John, cooper, Old chapel lane
Tutlin William, laborer, Gill's hill
Tuffin William, messenger, Pilot's hill
Turnbull George W., moulder, Dempsey's lane
Turner William, cooper, 6 East
Tutcher Matthew, laborer, Duke York
Tynamme John, shoemaker, 314 Water
Udle John, painter, 175 Gower
Undry James, laborer, Long pond road
Undry Mrs. Maselia, wid Samuel, Brewery lane
UNION BANK OF NEWFOUNDLAND, John W. Smith, manager, 253 Duckworth n Market hill
Upsey Mrs. Sally, wid John, 206 Water west
Upson Edward F., dentist, 171 Water
Urquhart Mrs. Sarah, wid Charles, 211 Gower
USHER PATRICK, tailor and clothier, general dealer in all kinds of 
ready made clothes, suits 
made to order, 244 Gower
Vail Mrs. Amelia wid Nicholas, groceries, 101 Military road
Vaisey John, farmer, White hills
Vale Waiter, draper, 151 Duckworth
Vanavor Mrs. Elizabeth, wid James, Lazy bank
Vasey John, tailor, 55 Gower
Vay Christopher, carpenter, 27 Long's lane
Vay Samuel, carpenter, 38 Victoria
Verge Mrs. Ellen, wid Thomas, 45 Prescott
Vett William, seaman, 3 Holdsworth
Vey Robert, tinsmith, 20 Gower
Vickars William, farmer, Logy bay road
Victoria Skating rink, Military road
Vidler Henry, clerk, Dick's sq
Vigears Francis, baker, 43 Gower
Vincomb Jas., shipwright, 115 Gower
Vincomb Miss Amelia, milliner, 27 Cochrane
Vincomb Mrs. Sarah, wid John, 115 Gower
Vincomb Richard, pilot, 26 Cochrane
Vincomb William, pilot, 25 Cochrane
VINICOMB JOHN, pilot, 40 Gower
Vinney Michael, tailor, Bulley
Voisey John, farmer, Quidi Vidi road
Voisey Richard, fisherman, Quidi Vidi
Volunteer Drill shed, Military road
Vulcan Foundry Co., iron and brass founders, engineers, boiler 
makers, & c., A.R. Leask, 
manager, Vulcan foundry, Water
Vye William, printer, 18 Victoria
Way Edward, baker, 30 Brine
Wadden Mrs. Mary Ann, wid John, 34 Buchanan
Wadden James, cooper, 34 Buchanan
Wadden John, shoemaker, 256 Water
Wadden Miss Ellen, tavern, 410 Water
Wadden Nicholas, shoemaker, 414 Water
Wadden Patrick, cooper, 34 Buchanan
Wadden Patrick, fisherman, 158 Water west
Waddland Mrs. Henriette, wid William, 49 Duckworth
Waddleton John, fisherman, Chancey's lane
Waddleton William, fisherman, 150 New Gower
Waiscott Alexander, fisherman, 141 New Gower
Wakeman Henry, laborer, Flower hill
Walbank Matthew W., barrister, registrar, and clerk of Supreme and 
Central Circuit courts, 
Waterford bridge road
Walkins Henry, cooper, 8 North
Walkins Martin, fisherman, 52 Prescott
Wall Edward, cooper, 19 Garrison hill
Wall James, seaman, Covel lane
Wall John, fisherman, James
Wall Michael, carpenter, 175 New Gower
Wall Michael, fisherman, Kleckham's hill
Wall Michael, fisherman, 158 Water west
Wall Nicholas, seaman, Covel Lane
Wall Patrick, fisherman, 13 Water west
Wall Peter, fisherman, 115 Gower
Wall Philip, fisherman, 162 Water west
Wall Robert, fisherman, James
Wallace John, laborer
Wallace Samuel, fisherman, 66 George
Wallis William, fisherman, 11 Livingston
Walsh Albert, blacksmith, 77 King's road
Walsh Cairn, cooper, James
Walsh Cornelius, fisherman, Bulley
Walsh Dennis, farmer, Cove road
Walsh Dennis, sailor, Waterford bridge road
Walsh Edward, farmer, Old cove road
Walsh Edward, fisherman, Barnes' lane
Walsh Edward, fisherman, Covel lane
Walsh Henry, fisherman, Carter's hill
Walsh Ismael, carpenter, 77 King's raod
Walsh James, jun., clerk, White hill
Walsh James, cooper, 27 Long's hill
Walsh James, sen., doorkeeper, Legislative Council, White hills
Walsh James, fisherman, Chain rock road
Walsh James, fisherman, Long's hill
Walsh James, fisherman, 214 New Gower
Walsh James, fisherman, 213 New Gower
Walsh James, fisherman, South side
Walsh James, fisherman, Waterford bridge road
Walsh James, grocer, 185 New Gower
Walsh James, sailor, Carters hill
Walsh John, carpenter, 8 Dick's sq
Walsh John, farmer, Old cove road
Walsh John, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Walsh John, fisherman, Barnes' lane
Walsh John, fisherman, Carter's hill
Walsh John, fisherman, Chain rock raod
Walsh John, fisherman, 94 King's road
Walsh John, fisherman, Nunnery lane
Walsh John, fisherman, 321 Water west
Walsh John, laborer, Limekiln hill
Walsh John, master mariner, 268 Duckworth
Walsh John, shipwright, 77 New Gower
WALSH JOHN J., general importer and wholesale and retail dealer 
in provisions and groceries, 63 Duckworth
Walsh Martin, laborer, 228 Water west
Walsh Martin, tidewaiter, Signal hill road
Walsh Matthew, fisherman, Waterford bridge road
Walsh Matthew, shoemaker, 14 Water west
Walsh Maurice, fisherman, 34 Buchanan
Walsh Maurice, fisherman, 109 Gower
Walsh Michael, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Walsh Michael, fisherman, Barnes' lane
Walsh Michael, fisherman, Lazy bank
Walsh Michael, laborer, 294 Job's lane
Walsh Michael, laborer, Lazy bank
Walsh Michael, seaman, 48 South west
Walsh Michael, shoemaker, 13 North
Walsh Miss Ann, dressmaker, 304 Duckworth
Walsh Miss Ann, milliner, 257 Gower
Walsh Mrs. Alice, wid Bartholemew, Waterford bridge road
Walsh Mrs. Alice, wid Michael, Nunnery lane
Walsh Mrs. Anastasia, wid Thomas, Lion sq
Walsh Mrs. Ann, wid H., tavern, 386 Water
Walsh Mrs. Bridget, wid Jeffrey, Quidi Vidi road
Walsh Mrs. Bridget, wid Jeremiah, Forest road
Walsh Mrs. Bridget, wid Lawrence, 29 Garrison hill
Walsh Mrs. Bridget, wid Patrick, 231 Duckworth
Walsh Mrs. Catherine, wid James, Lazy bank
Walsh Mrs. Catherine, wid William, 156 duckworth
Walsh Mrs. Elizabeth, wid John, Carter's hill
Walsh Mrs. Elizabeth, wid Thomas, r Dulhanty's lane
Walsh Mrs. Ellen, wid John, off 69 Military road
Walsh Mrs. Henriette, wid Edward, 8 Victoria
Walsh Mrs. Margaret, wid James, off 35 Monkstown road
Walsh Mrs. Mary, wid Michael, Carter's hill
Walsh Mrs. Mary, wid Michael, 51South west
Walsh Mrs. Mary, wid Patrick, tavern, 232 Water
Walsh Mrs. Mary, wid Thomas, Dammerill's lane
Walsh Mrs. Mary, wid William, 71 Patrick
Walsh Mrs. Mary Ann, wid Martin, Long's hill
Walsh Mrs. Mary, wid Edward, Henry north
Walsh Mrs. S., wid James, 56 North
Walsh Patrick, cooper, Cuddihy's lane
Walsh Patrick, cooper, Lion sq
Walsh Patrick, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Walsh Patrick, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Walsh Patrick, laborer, 9 Dulhanty's lane
Walsh Patrick, mason, Duke York
Walsh Patrick, shoemaker, 52 George
Walsh Patrick, seaman, 17 Mash hill
Walsh Peter, fisherman, Lazy bank
Walsh Peter, fisherman, South side
Walsh Philip, fisherman, Plank
Walsh Richard, farmer, Old cove road
Walsh Richard, fisherman, 296 Job's lane
Walsh Richard, fisherman, Quidi Vidi road
Walsh Robert, clerk, bds at 232 Water
Walsh Samuel, shipwright, 17 Water west
Walsh Stephen, carpenter, 24 Darling
Walsh Ths., cooper, Kickham's lane
Walsh Ths., farmer, Long pond road
Walsh Thomas, fisherman, Barnes' lane
Walsh Thomas, fisherman, 11 Darling
Walsh Ths, fisherman, 17 King's road
Walsh Thomas, fisherman, 222 Water west
Walsh Walter, farmer, Bay Bull's road
Walsh William, Carter's hill
Walsh William, fisherman, Cookstown
Walsh William, farmer, Old cove road
Walsh William, farmer, Old cove road
Walsh Wm, fisherman, Coady's lane
Walsh William, fisherman, Flower hill
Walsh William, laborer, 333 Water
Walsh Wm., pilot, Old chapel lane
Walsh William, school teacher, 31 Long's hill
Walsh William, ship carpenter, Cuddihy's lane
Walsh William, tavern, 96 Prescott
Walsh Wm., tavern, 180 Water west
Walsh William L., tavern, 119 Duckworth
Walsh William P., M.P.P., provisions, 145 Water
Watson David, clerk, 31 New Gower
Walters John, fisherman, Carter's hill
Walters Thomas, master mariner, Long pond road
Walters Thomas H., ship owner, 8 Cathedral
Ward Mrs. Maria, wid William, 15 Queen's road
Warren Egbert, clerk, South side
Warren Edward, cooper, South side
Warren James, clerk, Duckworth
Warren James, clerk, 40 New Gower
Warren John H., M.P.P., Forest road
Warren Jos., wharf keeper, South side
Warren Miss Ann, Long pond road
Warren Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding house, 5 Cathedral hill
Warren Mrs. Sarah, wid George, South side
Warren William M. H., assistant and draughtsman Surveyor 
general's department, Forest 	road
Warrington Mrs. Mary, proprietress Union hotel, 381 Water
Watkins Abel, shipwright, 10 Adelaide
Way Mrs. Johanna, wid John, 13 Queen
Waymouth John, shoemaker, 116 Duckworth
Waymouth Thomas, shoemaker, 10 King's road
Wear Allen, engineer, 92 Queen's road
Webber Mrs. Elizabeth, wid Richard, 35 Monkstown road
Weber George, tailor, 90 New Gower
Weber John, clerk, 177 Gower
Webey James, fisherman, 129 New Gower
Weilder Wm., mason, 142 Water west
Weir Robert, carpenter, 226 Gower
Weir William, clerk, 38 Darling
West Richard, clerk, 355 Water
Wesleyan academy, Alexander Reed, principal, Long's hill
Westcock Geo., fisherman, Lazy bank
Westwater David, seaman, Kickham's lane
Wescott Wm, fisherman, Lazy bank
Whealan William E., clerk, Queen's 
Wheatley William, manager Vail's Joint Stock Co., 1 Water, h Mill lane
Wheeler Jas., jun., farmer, Torbay road
Wheeler Jas., sen., farmer, Torbay road
Wheeler Mrs., wid Wm, Torbay road
Wheeler Philip, farmer, Torbay road
Wheelan Andrew, laborer, Flower hill
Whelan James, fisherman, Brewery lane
Whelan James, fisherman, Flower hill
Whelan James, laborer, James
Whelan John, carpenter, 15 Long's hill
Whelan John, farmer, Penny well road
Whelan Joseph, fisherman, James
Whelan John, clerk, 1 Darling
Whelan John, shoemaker, 119 New Gower
Whelan Michael, fisherman, James
Whelan Mrs. Bridget, wid Pierce, 32 Hutching
Whelan Mrs. Catherine, wid Thomas, 90 Prescott
Whelan Mrs. Ellen, wid Wm., Flower hill
Whelan Mrs. Mary, wid John, tavern 274 Water
Whelan Pierce, seaman, 281 Duckworth
Whelan Stephen, fisherman, 84 Pokeham path
Whelan Thomas, carpenter, Dick's sq
Whelan Timothy, grocer, 338 Water
Whelan Timothy, fisherman, 17 Mash hill
Whelan William, clerk, 11 Queen's road
Whelan William, shoemaker, 97 King's road
Whelan William, watchman, 6 British sq
White E., & Sons, general importers, 360 Water
White Edward, of E. White & Sons, South side west
White Edmond, fisherman, 353 Water west
White ?, laborer, Cuddihy's lane
White George, blacksmith, 52 Victoria
White hon Ed. L. C., South side west
White Joseph, fisherman, 18 Flavin's lane
White Lawrence, clerk, 41 Garrison hill
White Michael J., laborer, Carter's hill
White Mrs. Alice, wid, 91 King's road
White Mrs. Catherine, wid Thomas, 18 Livingston
White Mrs. Margaret, wid Patrick, tavern, 402 Water
White Mrs. Margaret, wid Thomas, 420 Water
White Mrs. Mary, wid James, 103 King's road
White Mrs. Mary, wid John, Branscomb's lane
White Mrs. Mary, wid John, Dammerill's lane
White Mrs. Mary, wid Stephen, 32 Flavin's lane
White Richard, of E. White & Sons, South side west
White William, master mariner, 423 Water
White William, shoemaker, Beck's cove
White William, of E. White & Sons, South side west
Whiteford James A., chronometer and watchmaker, 224 Water
Whiteway Samuel, fisherman, Covel lane
Whiteway William, cabinetmaker, 13 Queen
WHITEWAY WILLIAM VALLANCE, Q.C., barrister at law, and solicitor, 
treasurer of the law society,Duckworth near Market hill, h Rive view
Whiting George, hotel, 153 Duckworth
Whittle David, sailor, 9 Buchanan
Whittle Michael, sailor, 9 Buchanan
Whittle Mrs. Rosanna wid John, James
Whittle Peter, fisherman, 9 Buchanan
Whittle Peter, fisherman, Thomas
Whittle Richard, fisherman, 9 Buchanan
Whitten Charles, cooper, Rennie's mill road
Whitton Fred., fisherman, South side
Whitton George, laborer, South side
Whitton George, jun., fisherman, South side
Whitton George, sen., fisherman, South side
Whitton Henry, fisherman, South side
Whitton John, fisherman, 62 George
Whitton John, fisherman, South side
Whitton Joseph, carpenter, 7 Darling
Whitton Mrs. Mary Ann, wid George, 280 Gower
Whitton Nathaniel, fisherman, South side
Whitton Robert, fisherman, South side
Whitton William, carpenter, Queen's road
Whitton William, fisherman, South side
Whitton William, fisherman, South side
Whitton William, master mariner, Barter's hill
Wichool John, constable, 34 East
Wickan Mrs., wid James, Freshwater road
Widicomb Mrs. Elizabeth, wid Joseph, Forest road
Widdicomb Thomas, wharf keeper, South side
Wilcox Edwin, sailor, Limekiln hill
Wilkie Thomas, gunsmith, 140 Duckworth
Wilkinson John, pensioner, Kickham's lane
Williams Frederick, fisherman, 8 East
Wilkinson William, shipwright, 78 New Gower
Williams George, laborer, Forest road
Williams George, tinsmith, 32 South west
Williams John, clerk, 235 New Gower
Williams Jonas, fisherman, 326 Duckworth
Williams Mrs. Elizabeth, wid John, 28 King's road
Williams Richard, laborer, Gill's hill
Williams Thomas, fisherman, Cuddihy's lane
Williams Thomas, baker, 93 Monkstown road
Williams Walter, laborer, 152 Gower
Williams Walter, storeman, Victoria
Williams William, seaman, 336 Duckworth 
Wills Henry, carpenter, 21 Long's lane
Wills Henry, fisherman, 1 Long's lane
Wills John, gas fitter and plumber, 398 Water
Wills Richard R., printer, 146 Gower
Wills Samuel, clerk, 16 Dick's sq
Wills Samuel, foreman, Dick's sq
Wills Pasco, carpenter, 21 New Gower
Willshire George, pilot, 1 Cochrane
Wilson Mrs. Mary, wid John, Lazy bank
Wilson Wm., engineer, 338 Duckworth
Wilson William, seaman, 8 South west
Winsborrow James, baker, 333 Water west
Winsborrow William, clerk, bds at 338 Water west
Winsor Washington, clerk, Lazy bank
Winsor Daniel, tinsmith, lane off 79 Military road
Winsor Ford, jun, sailor, Carter's hill
Winsor Ford, sen., sailor, Carter's hill
Winsor Frederick, carpenter, lane off 79 Military road
Winsor John, master mariner, lane off 89 Military road
Winter hon. John, L.C., King's bridge road
WINTER JAMES S., barrister at law, and insurance 
       agent, of Pinsent & Winter, 239 Duckworth.
See Adv
Winter James, second clerk Custom house, 239 Duckworth
Winter Thomas, accountant, 239 Duckworth
WINTON FRANCIS, M.P.P., 346 Water, h Waterford bridge road
Winton Miss Lydia, 41 Queen's road
WINTON ROBERT, editor, proprietor and printer of the News, 
       Duckworth, h Long pond road
Wiseman Jas., fisherman, Duke York
Wiseman James, sailmaker, 4 Livingston
Wiseman John, clerk, Long's hill
Wiseman John, fisherman, James
Wiseman Robert, laborer, Cuddihy's lane
WITHERS JOHN COLLIER, Queen's printer, r 249 Duckworth, h Harvey place, 
Circular road
WITHERS JOHN W., clerk Colonial secretary's office, h Harvey place, 
Circular road
Wood Henry T.B., registrar Southern Circuit court, and barrister 
Supreme court, 205 Gower
Wood James B., M.P.P. of Clift, Wood & Co., 53 Cochrane
Wood J.P., photographer, 178 Water, h 5 Cathedral hill
Wood rev. A.C.F., M.A. ch of England, 110 Military road
Wood rev. Thomas M., ch of England, 61 Cochrane
Woodford John, sailor, Lion sq
Woodford William, master mariner, 198 New Gower
Woodley Alexander, jun., 49 Monkstown road
Woodley William, sen., 49 Monkstown road
Woods Henry J.B., commission merchant and auctioneer, 3 Water, h 22 Queen's road
Woods James, shipwright, James
Woods John, shipowner, 5 Water
Woods Joseph, jun., printer, Freshwater road
WOODS JOSEPH, editor, proprietor, and printer of the Courier, 218 Duckworth,
 h Freshwater road
Woods Mrs. Louise, wid Henry, 124 Gower
Woods Sidney, clerk, bds at 237 Water
Woods Thomas, school teacher, 60 Pokeham path
Woods William, shipwright, Chain rock road
Woodsworth A. W., teacher, 2 Rennie's mill road
Worwell James F., foreman, Water
WYATT F. J., agent Inman line of steamships, and for Anglo-American Telegraph Co., 
243 Water
Wright Robert, clerk, bds at 237 Water
Wyse Joseph, laborer, Military road
Wyley Robert, tailor, 247 Gower
Yebsey Richard, laborer, 7 Long's lane
Young Caleb, foreman, 20 Flavin's lane
Young James, fisherman, Nunnery lane
Young James, servant, Kickham's lane
Young Mrs. Helen, wid William, tavern, 106 Water







His Excellency Colonel Stephen John Hill, companion of the most honorable military order of the Bath. Captain Henry J. F. Shea, R.A., private secretary.
Edward L. Jarvis, colonial aide-de-camp.
Major Henry renouf, deputy adjutant general of volunteers.


Hon. Charles Fox Bonnett, premier; hon. Robert Alsop, colonial secretary; hon. Major Renouf, surveyor general, and chairman of board of works; hon. Thomas Glen, receiver general; hon. Joseph I. Little, attorney general; hon. Thomas Talbot, hon. James S. Clift.
Hon. Robert Alsop, clerk of the council


Hon. Edward Morris, president; hon. Nicholas Stabb, hon. Robert Kent, hon. James J. Clift, hon. Edward White, hon. Peter G. Tessier, hon. John Winter, hon. Edward D. Shea, hon. Wm. J.S. Donnelly, hon. Robert J. Pinsent, Q.C., hon. Augustus W. Harvey, hon. Robert Thorburn, hon. Thomas Talbot.

Hon. George Emerson, Q.C., clerk and master in chancery, holding by Her Majesty's patent the rank and precedence of an Executive Councillor. Frederick W. Rennie, usher of the black rod. James Walsh, doorkeeper. James Corcoran, messenger and assistant doorkeeper.


District of St. John's East - William P. Walsh, James Jordan, R.J. Parsons.
District of St. John's West - Thomas Talbot (one of the members for St. John's district appointed to the Legislative Council, thus making a vacancy in the representation of that district,) Peter Brennan, Louis Tessier.
District of Habor Grace - John Munn, William S. Green.
District of Carbonear - John Rorke.
District of Harbor Main - Joseph I. Little, John Kennedy.
District of Port de Grave - James B. Wood.
District of Bay de Verds - James J. Rogerson.
District of Trinity - Stephen Rendell, Thomas H. Ridley, John H. Warren.
District of Bonavista - James L. Noonan, Francis Winton, William M. Barnes.
District of Twillingate and Fogo - Smith McKay, Chas. Duder.
District of Ferryland - Thomas Glen, Thomas Battcock.
Distrct of Placentia and St. Mary's - Charles F. Bennett, Henry Renouf, Robert J. Parsons, jun.
District of Burin - Hon. F. B. T. Carter, Edward Evans.
District of Fortune Bay - Thomas R. Bennett, speaker.
District of Burgeo and La Poile - Prescott Emerson.

John Stuart, clerk; Richard Holden, clerk assistant; Augustus O. Hayward, solicitor; John B. Barnes, sergeant at arms; John Hally, doorkeeper; John Kennedy and Peter Higgins, messengers; Philip Brown and Peter Doyle, under doorkeepers; John Higgins, fireman; Mrs. Feehan, librarian.


Hon. Joseph I. Little, attorney general; hon. Robert Alsop, colonial secretary; hon. Thomas Glen, receiver general; hon. Major Henry Renouf, surveyor general, and chairman of board of works.


Hon. Robert Alsop, colonial secretary; Joseph Crowdy, first clerk; John W. Withers, second clerk; R. Howley, financial clerk; James Dunphy, office keeper and messenger.



Hon. Thomas Glen, receiver general, president; Robert Grieve, Edwin Duder, Louis Tessier, William Pitts.



Hon. Thomas Glen, receiver general; John Canning, assistant collector; James S. Hayward, landing and tide surveyor; Edward L. Moore and Thomas E. Gaden, landing waiters; Wm. Doutney, first clerk and warehouse keeper; James Winter, second clerk; Wm. Gill, third clerk; Wm. Reddin, fourth clerk and locker.


Fogo, John G. Lucas; Greenspond, William Lang; Trinity, Robert Bayly; Carbonear, John McCarthy; Harbor Grace, Henry T. Moore; Johnstone, F. Burrows, clerk and landing waiter; Brigus, John C. Nuttall, Burin, Ths. Winter; Lamaline, Henry Benning,; Harbor Breton, Ths. Barkett; Gaultois, Richard Bradshaw; La Poile, Thomas Read; Twillingate, Joseph J. Pearce, Oderin, Richard McGrath.


Bonavista and Catalina, John Mifflen; Bay Bulls, Martin Williams; Ferryland, William S. Carter; St. Mary's, Jas. Murphy; Little Placentia, Thomas Freeman; Channell (Port-aux-Basque), John Hooper; St Lawrence, Hugh Vavasor; English Harbor, (Fortune Bay), Albert Stirling; Bay Roberts, George W. Hierlihy; Pushthrough, (Fortune Bay), Henry Camp; Hants Harbor, James L. Mews; Burgeo, Francis A. Parsons; Great Placentia, William G. Bradshaw; Grand Bank and Fortune (Fortune Bay), Jos. G. Haddock; Trepassey, Augustus Simms; Tilt Cove, Samuel W. Baird; Renews, Arthur J. Jackman; Rose Blanche, John Furneaux.



Michael T. Knight, collector, Blanc Sablon; William S. Canning, sub-collector.

This revenue is collected on the Labrador by means of a Revenue Cruiser, under the control of the collector, leaving St. John's about the first of June, and remaining on the Labrador coast about four months. The sub-collector is resident at Blanc Sablon, but only for the same period.

By the 12th section, 27th Victoria, cap 2: Masters are bound to report their vessels immediately on arrival, under a penalty of four hundred dollars.

By the 29th Section of the said Act, "every importer of any goods at the Labrador, under the jurisdiction of Newfoundland, shall, within two days after importation, make due entry of such goods, and pay the duties thereon; and if required by the collector or sub-collector, land the said goods; and in default of such entry and payment of duties it shall be lawful for the collector of sub-collector to seize and sell the said goods, or so much as may be necessary for the payment of all duties on such importation; paying over the surplus of the proceeds, after payment of such duties and expenses of seizure and sale, to the proprietor of such goods, or to any person authorized to receive the same."

It is provided by customs regulation that orders on persons out of Newfoundland will not be received in payment of duties, unless accompanied by the most satisfactory references. "To prevent trouble it would be better for all concerned if the masters were provided with sufficient cash to pay such duties."


Hon. Thomas Glen, comptroller of customs and registrar of shipping for Newfoundland and its dependencies.


St. John's, Edward L. Moore; Harbor Grace, Henry T. Moore; Trinity, Robert Bayly; English Harbor, Albert Stirling; Cape Bonavista to Salvage, David Murphy; Salvage to Cape Freels, William Lang; Grand Bank and Fortune, Dr. J. G. Haddock; Catalina to Ragged Harbor, John Mifflen; Twilingate to Change Islands, Joseph J. Pearce.


Hon. Thomas Glen, receiver general; George F. Hayward, clerk. Robert Carter, superintendent of mercantile marine. This is an Imperial appointment, all emoluments being derived from fees for the issue of shipping papers, & c.

James L. Noonan, general superintendent of fisheries.


Appointed under Act of the Local Legislature, 23 Vict., cap. 5; "An Act to provide for the protection of property wrecked on the coast of Newfoundland." This statute was passed in order to give greater security to owners of property wrecked, and if possible to put a stop to a system of wrecking very prevalent on certain parts of the coast; - Placentia and St. Mary's, George Simms, jun.; district of Burin, George Bishop; Channel, John Hooper; La Poile, Thomas Read; Burgeo, Francis Parsons; Placentia, James E. Croucher; St. Mary's, James Murphy; Ferryland, Martin Williams and W.W. Carter; Bay de Verds, John Lewis; Trinity South, James L. Mews; Trinity North, John Mifflen; Greenspond, John T. Oakley; Fogo, James Fitzgerald; Twillingate, Thomas Peyton; Fortune Bay, Thomas Birkett; Conception Bay, G.W.R. Hierlihy; St. John's, John B. Bulley; Labrador, Robert H. Ellis; Point May to Garnish, Joseph G. Haddock; Point May to Lawn Point, Henry Benning; Cape Race to St. Peter's River, Augustus Simms; Cape Bonavista to Salvage, Michael Murphy.


John B. Bulley.


Major Henry Renouf, surveyor general; William M. H. Warren, assistant and draughtsman.


Northern District - Benjamin Sweetland, Trinity; Chas. E. Thompson, Bonavista; Daniel Murphy, King's Cove; Robert Strathie, Musgrave Town; John T. Oakely, Greenspond; Henry Miles, Open Hall; Thomas Payton, Twillingate; Robert G. Knight, North Shore of Notre Dame Bay; William Cassy, Carbonear; Geo. W.R. Hierlihy, Bay Roberts; John Hearn, Brigus; William Christian, Trinity Bay South; Moses Tilley, Random Sound; Pierce Hanrahan, North Shore Conception Bay; George Carter, South Shore Conception Bay.

Southern District - John W. English, St. Mary's; Henry Camp, Fortune Bay; Albert Stirling, Fortune Bay; James Harney, Burin; - Grand Bank; Michael Kelly, Cape Broyle; Thomas Driscol, Bay Bulls.


Having the management of all public buildings and works, lighthouses, buoys and beacons, the construction, and supervision of all main roads, and of all roads in the district of St. John's


Hon major Henry Renouf, chairman; hon. Robert Alsop, James B. Wood, John Woods, James McLaughlin; John Stuart, secretary; John T. Neville, superintendent of public buildings; Robert Oke, general inspector of light houses; John Kavanagh, road surveyor.


Appointed under Acts 18 and 19 Vict. cap. 7, and 28 Vict cap. 15. With these Commissioners rests the expenditure of the sums of money annually voted for the construction and repairs of roads in the respective settlements of the Province call Local, the roads called Main are under the direct management of the Board of Works.

Harbor Grace District - Daniel Green, Alexander Clift, James L. Prendergast, Hugh W. Trapnell, William Butt.

Upper Island Cove, Bishop's Cove and Bryant's Cove - John Young, John McLean, John Barrett, Bishops Cove; Richard Coughlan, James Crane, Bryant's Cove; William Earle, Thomas Whelan, Robert Gosse, John Calahan, Jonathan Gosse, Spaniards Bay.

Bay Roberts - W.S. Green, James Culleton, Isaac Bartlett, John McStravie, Robert Daw, Stephen Parsons, Samuel Daw, jun., Richard Delaney, and Mark Delaney.

Indian Pond to Topsail, both inclusive - George Carter, Patrick Daly, John Nugent, John Haddon, and Wm. Tilley.

Brigus to Port de Grave, both places inclusive - James Tarahan, very rev. E. O'Keefe, John Wilcox, J.P., John Bartlett, Robert J.C. Leamon, W.A. Green, captain J. Walsh, and B. G. Gardner.

Port de Grave northern side of Northern Gut Bridge - Dr. Brown, - Kenney, John Butler, - Sand, John M. Maddock, John Andrew, Isaac Richards, Thomas Batten, James Moores, and Robert Hampton.

Carbonear - Michael Bolger, Henry Forward, Richard McCarthy, George Best, Simon McCarthy, Francis Taylor, and Geoffrey W. Taylor.

Bay de Verds, upper division from Freshwater, inclusive, to Northern Bay, exclusive - Rev. E Comben, Black Head; Levi Garland, Mulley's Cove; Stephen Parsons, Freshwater, James Evans, Adams Cove; William Boyce, Western Bay; Thomas Forrestali, Gusset's Cove.

Central Division, from Northern Bay, inclusive, to Low Point, exclusive - Azariah Garland, William Garland, Henry Garland, Lower Island Cove; rev. Bernard Duffy, Simeon March, Northern Bay.

Lower Divison, from Low Point to Red Head Cove, both places inclusive - Rev. G.S. Chamberlain, Henry Blundon, James Moores, and Stephens, Bay de Verds; Thomas Hyde, Red Head Cove.

Trinity north side to Ragged Harbor - Benjamin Sweetland, Robert Bayly, Alexander W. Bremner, Gilbert H. Cole, and Patrick Murphy.

Trinity north side, Random - Moses Tilley, Aaron Tilley, Joseph Tilley, David Palmer, and James Summers.

Trinity south side, from Grates Cove to Hants Harbor -James L. Mews, John Sheehan, William Meadus, William March, Levi March, Thomas Avery, Benjamin Benson, jun., Grates Cove; James March, Old Perlican.

New Harbor - Charles Newhook, William Miller, Joseph Pretty, Edgar March, and Smith, Chance Cove.

Hants Harbor to the head of the Bay - Rev. George Gardner, Reuben Bemister, William Sooley, and John Ryall.

Ragged Harbor to Bird Island - Alexander Bremner, William Ashford, William Walsh, Robert Tilley, John Cameron, John Jeynes, Benjamin Snelgrove, James Murphy, and John Mifflen, Catalina.

Bonavista - Joseph R. Mifflen, James Saint, J.P., Edward Mifflen, James R. Mifflen, Joseph Abbott, John Fitzgerald, and George Brown, Canaille.

King's Cove - Rev. W. Kirby, rev. James Cummins, John Devine, Michael Ryan, Stephen Ryan, Broad Cove; John Coffin, James Brown, jun, George Brown, Philip Mathews, Broad Cove; and Philip Handcock, Knight's Cove.

Keels and Tickle Cove - John Murphy, James Eagan, Andrew Mullowary, John Taylor, Tickle Cove; and William Quinton, Red Cliff Island.

Open Hall to Indian Arm - Frederick Shears, Andrew Kough, and Nicholas Cheevers, Plate Cove; John Cheevers and Thomas Holahan, Indian Arm.

Salvage - William Brown, sen., James Barden, J.P., Salvage; Moses Davis, Flat Island; Joseph Brown, Bishop's Harbor; and James Handcock, jun, Little Harbor.

Brooklyn - William Stares, John Handcock, Thomas Greening, John Oldford, John Handcock, sen., William Handcock, B. Handcock, Joseph Greening, and Charles Handcock.

Greenspond, & c - J. S. Lockyer, Dr. Skelton, J.P., Darius Blandford, rev. Walter Smith, Robert K. Oakley, Michael Curren, William Tough, Pinchard's Island; William Knee, Pool's Island; Edward Bishop, Swain's Island.

Twillingate - Dr. Stirling, Thomas Payton, John Spence, Richard Hodder, William Curtis, William Lethbridge, and Francis Roberts.

Fogo - John Banks, Nicholas Fitzgerald, Robert Scott, Thomas Humphries, Richard Power, Hay Findlater, and Kenneth Carter.

Barr'd Islands and Joe Batt's Arm - James Rolls, Joseph Camden, James Primmer, Miles Burke, Thomas Dealy, Thomas Brown, Joseph Jacobs.

Herring Neck - William Boag, Joseph Blandford, Richard Phillpots, Henry Miles, William Richards, Robert Lewis, and William Tracey.

Moreton's Harbor and Tizzard's Harbor - William Osmond, Wm. J. Holwell, John Cantwell, Emanuel Small, Thomas French, Richard Doull, and Robert Woolfreys.

Ward's Harbor to Jackett's Arm - J. Campbell, Little Bay Islands; John Rousell, Ward's Harbor; James King, King's Cove; William Marsell, Little Bay Islands; John B. Wills, and James Norris, Three Arms.

North West Arm to Shoe Cove - Frederick Thomas, William Noble, Charles Collins, Joseph Mills, James Grey, Jacob Toms, and James White.

Bay Bulls - Martin Williams, J. P., Cornelius Bryan, and Joseph Williams.

Witless Bay and Baleen - Very rev. dean Cleary, James Murphy, Thomas Driscoll, James Carey, Samuel Driscoll, and Thomas Gatherall.

Cape Broyle and Brigus - Martin Cashin, Thomas Carew, and Green, Cape Broyle; Nicholas Power and Thomas Battcock, Brigus.

Ferryland, Caplin Bay and Aquaforte - John White, and William Carter, Ferryland; Michael Power, Benjamin Morey, and Joseph Sullivan, Caplin Bay; Henry Winsor, and Edward Condon, Aquaforte.

Renews and Fermews - Rev. W. Forrestal, Patrick Leary, and William Johnson, Renews; --- Lawler, Broad Cove; John Connell, and Henry O'Neil, Fermews.

Trepassey - Rev. T. Hennebury, Henry Curtis, James Waddleton, George Devereux, and Thomas Sutton.

Salmonier - John J. Cormack, Garret Curtis, and Jeremiah Linehan, John's Pond; Andrew Nowlan and John Dinn.

St. Mary's - Rev. John Ryan, jun., Patrick Walsh, John Whelan, Thomas Walsh, John Devine, Patrick Mooney, and Patrick Nowlan.

Saint Kyrans - Rev. James Walsh and Thomas Sullivan, Olivers Cove; William Tibbo, Presque; Michael E. Dwyer, Isle Valen; and William Ryan, Paradise.

Little Placentia - Rev. Richard Dunphy, Thomas S. Keates, William Phoren, Robert Ledwell and John Rielley.

Great Placentia - Rev. Michael Walsh, Dr. Bradshaw, J. P., James E. Croucher, John Collins, Thomas Collins and Patrick Rielly.

Branch and Point Lance - John W. English, J. P., Stephen Roach, Richard Curren, Patrick Power, and Joseph English.

Harbor Buffett - Rev. W. Kingswll, C. D. Chambers, John Miller, Thomas E. Collett, J.P., Thomas Hand, and Patrick Murphy.

Burin - Rev. Richard O'Donnell, John Paul, Michael Gorman, J.P., James Inkpen, Samuel Bennett, John Marshall, and Samuel Brenton.

Harbor Breton - Thomas Birkett, J.P., Philip Hubert, James Hardy, F. Luce, rev. W. K. White, and W. J. Gallop, J.P.

Bellorem - John Cluett, John Grandy, Thomas Rose, John Rowkey, rev. John Bishop, and Mr. William Cluett.

Burgeo - Rev. John Cunningham, Dr. Hunt, captain Small, and Mr. Filiers.

La Poile - James LeGros, John Cox, Frederick P. Cox, John Hooper, Plante; Thomas Hooper, Henry Jeffries.

Rose Blanche and Harbor Le Cou - Rev T. Netten, T. Ridout, John Hanhan, Thomas Robbett.

Channel - Rev Mr. Goode, John Keating, Chs. Shears, Aaron Forsey, Edward Genge, John Furneux.


Fortune - Elias Major, John Lake, John Spence, sen., Thomas Rogers, sen., John Forsey, sen., and Edward Bennett.

Grand Bank - Robert Forsey, William Barfitt, Henry Hickman, Wilson Lovell, Henry Nicholle, George Tibbo, George Forsey.

Twillingate - John Peyton, John W. Owen, John M. Hurse.

Great Burin - Owen Pine, James Inkpen, and Henry Hollett.


James Tarahan, B. G. Gardner, W. A. Green, John Sullivan, and John Wilcox



Sir Hugh W. Hoyles, knight, chief justice; hon Bryan Robinson and hon. John Hayward, assistant judges; hon. Joseph I. Little, attorney general. Solicitor general - The duties of this office, mostly those of Crown prosecutor on the Court circuits, are performed so far as that is concerned by R.J. Parsons, jun., hon. George H. Emerson, Frederick B. T. Carter, William Whiteway, and hon. R.J. Pinsent, jun; Queen's counsel, Matthew W. Walbank, chief clerk and registrar Supreme Court, and clerk of Central Circuit Court; Lewis W. Emerson, chief clerk and registrar Northern Circuit Court; Michael J. O'Mara, chief clerk Southern Circuit Court, acting; Henry J. B. Wood, registrar.

Barristers and Attorneys of the Supreme Court at St. John's according to seniority, exclusive of the Attorney General and Queen's Counsel -John S. Stevens, Robert R. W. Lilly, Thomas J. Kough, Matthew W. Walbank, Augustus O. Hayward, Joseph I. Little, Michael J. O'Mara, Prescott Emerson, Robert J. Kent, Henry T. B. Wood, Robert J. Parsons, jun., James S. Winter, Alexander J. N. McNeily.

Barristers and Attorneys, Northern District - Henry A. Clift, William O. Wood, Harbor Grace.

Attorneys at Law (St. John's) - Robert R. Holden, Francis E. Blundon, Richard Rafters, John H. Boone.



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