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Lovell's 1871
Provincial Business Directory
This is the most important station on the south side of Trinity Bay, district of Trinity. The Atlantic telegraph cables have their western terminus here, and recently they have erected a fine building for their office and for the accommodation of their employees. The New York, Newfoundland and London Telegraph Co. has an office here. It has a fine harbor, and the scenery around is picturesque. The people for the most part go to Labrador to prosecute the fishery. Farming and ship building are carried on to some extent. Distant from Harbor Grace 15 miles by road, from St. John's by road 79 miles. Mail weekly. Population 880.


Angel Isaac, telegraph operator
Audly Edward, fisherman
Balstock Samuel, fisherman
Bailey Samuel, telegraph operator
Baker Mrs. Ann
Barrett Richard, fisherman
Bartlett James, telegraph operator
Bellamy William, telegraph operator
Bonner Mrs. Alice
Brine John
Bryant Charles, fisherman
Buchanan Arthur, M.D.
Budden John, fisherman
Budden Mrs. Eliza
Budden Richard, fisherman
Budden William, fisherman
Burrow John, fisherman
Carson George, telegraph operator
Charlton George, telegraph operator
Crann James, fisherman
Cumby France, fisherman
Cumby John, fisherman
Cumby William, fisherman
Cumby William, jun., fisherman
Davis F. H., telegraph operator
Dickenson William, telegraph operator
Dunphy Michael, fisherman
Earle Samuel, telegraph operator
Farnam, John
Fitzpatrick Mrs. Mary
Gardner James, school teacher
GARDNER REV. GEORGE, ch of England
George Charles, fisherman
George Francis, fisherman
George George, fisherman
George John, fisherman
George Mrs. Ann
George Philip
George Richard, fisherman
George Robert, fisherman
George Thomas, fisherman
George William, fisherman
Hepburn Frederick, fisherman
Hilliard Richard, fisherman
Hopkins Alfred, fisherman
Hopkins Avon, fisherman
Hopkins Charles, farmer, planter
Hopkins E., fisherman
Hopkins Edward, fisherman
Hopkins Edward, of John, fisherman
Hopkins Edward, jun., fisherman
Hopkins George, fisherman
Hopkins John, fisherman
Hopkins Joseph, farmer, planter
Hopkins Mrs. Ann
Hopkins Mrs. Caroline, wid
Hopkins Richard, fisherman
Hopkins Thomas, fisherman
Hopkins Thomas, sen., fisherman
Hopkins William, planter
House William, fisherman
Howell Nathaniel, fisherman
Hull Uriah, fisherman
James J. W., telegraph operator
James James, fisherman
James Thomas, fisherman
Lahey George, fisherman
Lahey Joseph, fisherman
Lahey Patrick, fisherman
Langer David, fisherman
Langer John, fisherman
Langer Joseph, fisherman
Langer Robert, fisherman
Legg Daniel, fisherman
Legg James, planter
Legg Thomas, fisherman
Legg William, fisherman
Legg William, jun., fisherman
Lever Eve
Mackenzie Henry, telegraph operator
Merchant Valentine, trader
Miles John, fisherman
Moore Edward, telegraph operator
Moore James H., farmer
Moore James, sen., planter
Murphy James, fisherman
Murray Mrs. Mary A.
Murray Patrick, fisherman
Ollahead George, fisherman
Ollahead Henry, fisherman
Ollahead Mrs. Jane
Pugh Edward
Penny Richard
Perry Francis, telegraph operator
Piercey James, fisherman
Piercey Mrs. Mary
Piercy John, fisherman
Piercy Simeon, fisherman
Piercy William, planter
Piers Joseph
Piles Francis, fisherman
Piles William, fisherman
Pitcher Edward
Powell Len, fisherman
Rendle Charles, fisherman
Rendle Giles, fisherman
Rendle John, fisherman
Rendle Mrs. Lydia
Ring John, fisherman
Rockwood Adam, planter
Rockwood Jonas, planter
Rockwood Israel, planter
Rockwood Mark
Rockwood, Richard, planter
Rogers James, fisherman
Ross Walter, telegraph operator
Rowe Adam, fisherman
Rowe Eli, fisherman
Rowe Henry
Rowe Henry, of John, fisherman
Rowe James, of Sheppard, fisherman
Rowe Jeremiah, fisherman
Rowe John, fisherman
Rowe John, of William, fisherman
Rowe Martin
Rowe Martin, jun.
Rowe Nathaniel, fisherman
Rowe Noah, planter
Rowe Obediah, fisherman
Rowe Peter, fisherman
Rowe Solomon, fisherman
Rowe Thomas, fisherman
Rowe William, jun., fisherman
Rowe William, sen.
Saunders Alexander, telegraph operator
Senior James, fisherman
Senior Jonathan, fisherman
Senior Joseph, fisherman
Senior Richard, fisherman
Senior Solomon, fisherman
Senior Thomas, fisherman
Seward Thomas, fisherman
Smith John T. F., telegraph operator
Suley Mrs. Sarah
Sullivan Daniel
Sullivan John, telegraph operator
Trippe Charles, telegraph operator
Tully Jaspar
Unicorne George, Atlantic Telegraph operator
Wadden John, manager Atlantic Telegraph Co.
Weedon Ezra, telegraph operator
Walker John, fisherman
Warren Aaron, fisherman
Warren Danah, fisherman
Warren John
Warren Tucker, fisherman
White Alfred, fisherman
Woodcock William, telegraph operator
Woodford John, fisherman
Wright Mrs. Esther
Young Mathias, fisherman
Young Mrs. Louisa
Young Thomas



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1871 Lovell's directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

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Transcribed by Charles G. Strong

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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