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Lovell's 1871
Provincial Business Directory
An island on the north of Bonavista Bay, district of Bonavista. The island is so thoroughly barren that soil for house gardens had to be brought from the main land. This is a good fishing station and a large business is done here. The harbor is safe but small. During the time of the spring seal fishery great numbers of seals are often washed upon the shore. It is a post town and port of entry. Distant from St. John's by overland route, weekly 183 miles, and by steamer fortnightly 100 miles. Fare $6.00. Mail fortnightly. Population 1073.


Allen George, sen., fisherman
Arnold John, fisherman
Barrow Benjamin, fisherman
Barrow Edward, fisherman
Barrow John, planter
Bishop Richard, fisherman
Blackmore Ebenezer, fisherman
Blandford Darius, fisherman
Bridle George, fisherman
Brockway Eners, fisherman
Burgess Thomas, fisherman
Burrage Thomas, fisherman
Burrey Benjamin, sen., fisherman
Burrey David, fisherman
Burrey Giles, fisherman
Burrey John, sen., fisherman
Burrey Joseph, planter
Burrey Thomas, planter
Butler George, jun., fisherman
Butler George, sen., fisherman
Carnes Joseph, fisherman
Carroll Patrick, fisherman
Cheatin Mrs. Elizabeth, wid.
Coose William, fisherman
Crockar Aubrey G., clerk
Crocker Joseph, fisherman
Crocker Mrs. Mary, wid.
Curran Michael, ,
Davidson Robert, fisherman
Daw Mrs. Margaret, wid.
Deney James, fisherman
Deney Joseph, fisherman
Deney Thomas, fisherman
Dick Richard, fisherman
Dowden Alfred, fisherman
Dowden George, fisherman
Easing Abraham, fisherman
Easing Richard, fisherman
Edgar Benjamin, fisherman
Evans Samuel, fisherman
Feltham Benjamin, fisherman
Feltham John, fisherman
Gange George, fisherman
Gower John, fisherman
Green Mrs. Sarah, wid
Gunter Jacob, fisherman
Gunter Nathaniel, fisherman
Gunter Philip, fisherman
Gunter Robert, fisherman
Gunter Thomas, fisherman
Gunter Thomas, planter
Harding Benjamin, fisherman
Harding Edward, fisherman
Harding Joseph, fisherman
Harding Joseph, fisherman
Harding Samuel, fisherman
Harding Susan, ,
Hawkins William, fisherman
Hiscock John, fisherman
Hoddinott George, fisherman
Hookins John, fisherman
Humphrey George, trader
Humphrey Robert, fisherman
Humphrey Robert, jun., fisherman
Hunt John, fisherman
Hunt Thomas, fisherman
Hutchings Samuel, fisherman
King Nathaniel, fisherman
Lind Henry, school teacher
Lockyer John S., trader
Loveless William, fisherman
Lush Henry, fisherman
Lush Mrs. Mary, wid
Lush Thomas, fisherman
Lush William, ,
Meadows Edmond, fisherman
Meadows Malachie, fisherman
Noonan James L., M.P.
Norman Joseph, fisherman
Mullins Mrs. Susan, wid
Mullins Thomas, fisherman
Oakley J.T., sen., fisherman
Oakley Robert, sen., fisherman
Oldford James, fisherman
Osmond Alfred, fisherman
Osmond George, fisherman
Osmond John, fisherman
Osmond Joseph, fisherman
Osmond Richard, fisherman
Osmond Richard, fisherman
Parsons Edward, fisherman
Parsons George, fisherman
Parsons George, fisherman
Parsons James, fisherman
Parsons Thomas, fisherman
Peckford Thomas, fisherman
Pitt James, ,
Pittman James, fisherman
Pond Jacob, fisherman
Pond Mrs. Elizabeth, wid
Pond William, fisherman
Rogers Charles, fisherman
Samsbury Silas, planter
Sargeant Dennis, ,
Saunders George, fisherman
Saunders James, jun., fisherman
Saunders James, sen., planter
Saunders John fisherman
Senett Francis, fisherman
Skelton George, fisherman
Sparks William, fisherman
Squires Thomas, fisherman
Stockley William, fisherman
Stratton George, fisherman
Stratton James, fisherman
Stratton Susan, ,
Stratton William, fisherman
Walsh Maurice, fisherman
Way Nathaniel, fisherman
Whealon George, ,
Whealon Richard, fisherman
Whellon John, fisherman
Whellon Richard, fisherman
White Edward, fisherman
White Frederick, trader
White George, fisherman
White John, jun., fisherman
White John, sen., planter
White Samuel, fisherman
White Samuel, fisherman
White Stephen, fisherman
White William, fisherman
Whitemarsh Charles, fisherman
Wicks William, fisherman
Wicks John, fisherman
Woodlane Mrs. Isabella, wid
Wornall Charles, fisherman
Wright Allen, fisherman
Wright George, fisherman
Young George, fisherman
Young James, fisherman
Young John, fisherman
Young William, fisherman



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1871 Lovell's directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

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Transcribed by Carla Woodworth-Lynas

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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