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Lovell's 1871
Provincial Business Directory
A large fishing settlement on the South Side of Fortune Bay, district of Burin. It is a post town and port of entry. It does a good deal of business with St. Pierre. Distance from Fortune by road 4 miles. Mail fortnightly. Population 740.


Belbin, James; fisherman
Belbin, William; fisherman
Bennett, Robert; fisherman
Blackburn, Josiah; fisherman
Bredley, Samuel; planter
Bond, William; fisherman
Buffett, Benjamin; fisherman
Buffett, Thomas; planter
Buffett, William, jun; fisherman
Buffett, William, sen.; planter
Bull, John; fisherman
Butt, George; fisherman
Christian, George F.; merchant
Clement, William; fisherman
Cox, Daniel; planter
Cox, Philip; fisherman
Courtrey, Robert; planter
Deer, Samuel; fisherman
Emberley, Samuel; fisherman
Evans, Edward; planter
Evans, Henry; fisherman
Evans, Jonathan; fisherman
Evans, Joseph, jun.; planter
Evans, Joseph, sen.; fisherman
Evans, William G.; planter
Foot, Morgan; planter
Forsey, Aaron; fisherman
Forsey, George; fisherman
Forsey, George E.; fisherman
Forsey, John; fisherman
Forsey, Robert; planter
Forsey, Robert C.; planter
Forward, Ambrose; planter
Forward, Edward; fisherman
Forward, John; fisherman
Fosey, John; fisherman
Francis, Benjamin; fisherman
Francis, Joseph; fisherman
French, John; fisherman
Grandy, Thomas; fisherman
Grant, John; fisherman
Grantly, Aaron; fisherman
Green, William; fisherman
Hanrahan, Michael; fisherman
Keating, George; blacksmith
Kendell, Francis; fisherman
Hickman, Charles; fisherman
Hickman, George; fisherman
Hickman, Henry; planter
Hickman, Jabez; fisherman
Hickman, James; fisherman
Hickman, John H.; planter
Hickman, Jonathan; planter
Hickman, Morgan; fisherman
Hickman, Robert; fisherman
Hickman, Thomas; planter
Hickman, Wilson; fisherman
Hiscock, Josiah, jun.; fisherman
Hiscock, Josiah, sen.; fisherman
Hawkins, Jonathan; fisherman
Hyde, Ambrose; planter
Lawarence, Benjamin; planter
Lovell, Benjamin; fisherman
Lovell, Wilson; planter
McGregor, Edwin; M.D.
Matthews, Morgan; fisherman
Matthews, Joseph; fisherman
Matthews, William; fisherman
Matthews, William; fisherman
Morgan, James; fisherman
Nicolle, Edward; fisherman
Nicolle, Henry; fisherman
Nicolle, Philip; fisherman
Osment, George; fisherman
Pardy, John; fisherman
Pardy, William; fisherman
Parsons, John; fisherman
Patten, Charles; planter
Patten, Edward; planter
Patten, John; planter
Patten, Simeon; fisherman
Penwill, William, jun.; planter
Penwill, William, sen.; planter
Pibbo, George; planter
Pibbo, Jonathan; fisherman
Pibbo, Wilson; planter
Power, Mark; fisherman
Prim, Henry
Ramsey, Thomas; fisherman
Riggs, George; fisherman
Riggs, Henry; fisherman
Riggs, Richard; fisherman
Riggs, Robert; fisherman
Riggs, William; fisherman
Rogers, Lake; fisherman
Rose, George; fisherman
Rose, Jonathan; fisherman
Rose, Robert; fisherman
Rose, Robert; planter
Scott, John; dealer
Short, William; fisherman
Stagman, Fredrick; carpenter
Stoodley, George; planter
Stoodley, Robert; fisherman
Symmes, George; planter
Symmes, Thoams; fisherman
Thornall, George; fisherman
Thornall, James; fisherman
Teed rev., S.T.; Wesleyan
Tibbo, Thomas; planter
Walsh, James; fisherman
Walsh, John; fisherman
Warren, Aaron; fisherman
Weymouth, William; fisherman
Williams, Charles; fisherman
Wood, Benjamin; fisherman



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1871 Lovell's directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

[Lovell's Directories]

Transcribed by Bill Crant

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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