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Lovell's 1871
Provincial Business Directory
The capital of the district of Ferryland, is situated on the Strait shore south of St John's being the eastern coast of the peninsula of Avalon. It is one of the oleest, if not the oldest, regularly settled town in the island. It was founded by Sir George Calvert afterwards Lord Baltimore, in 1623, under a patent which gave him the exclusive right over all of what is known as the peninsula of Avalon. Lord Baltimore himself lived for some years in hisnewly established colony, and left it only on account of repeated disturbances from the French. To this the United States owe the settlement of Maryland and the founding of the town of Baltimore. The land about Ferryland is rather low, though undulating and a great deal has been kept under cultivation. The town is very prettily situated, and bears the evidences of its past history in its ruined batteries and in its general tone of respectability. The harbor is a fine and safe one. Ferryland is a port of entry and a post town. The Circuit court holds an annual session in the autumn and a magistrate holds court daily. The sheriff of the southern district resides here. Distant from St John's by road 44 miles, by steamer, fortnightly, 40 miles, fare $2. Mail weekly Population 680.


Antle, James, fisherman
Barnable,James, fisherman
Barnable, John, fishrman
Bolan, John, fisherman
Brien, Terence, fisherman
Brennan, James, fisherman
Brennan, Patrick, planter
Carter, Arthur, farmer
Carter, James, fisherman
Carter, W.T.S., preventive officer
Canning, Michael, fisherman
Clow, M., fisherman
Costello, John, planter
Culletou, Martin, fisherman
Cummins, John, fisherman
Curran, Martin, fisherman
Delahunty, John, fisherman
Delahunty, Joseph, planter
Delahunty, Patrick, fisherman
Devereux, John, fisherman
Devereux, Martin, fisherman
Farrell, Thomas, fisherman
Gregory, John, fisherman
Hanrahan, Edmund
Healy, Andrew, fisherman
Hynes, John, fisherman
Johnston, James, fisherman
Jordan, John, fisherman
Jordan, Maurice, fisherman
Keefe, Daniel, fisherman
Keefe, John, fisherman
Keefe, Thomas, fisherman
Keefe, Val, fisherman
Kelly, James, planter
Kelly, Peter, fisherman
Keough, John, fisherman
Keough, Michael, fisherman
Kerwin, James, fisherman
Kinsella, Richard, fisherman
Kinsella, Thomas, fisherman
Kinsella, William, fisherman
Lovett, William, fisherman
Lynch, William, fisherman
Lynch, Lewis, fisherman
Mahon, William, fisherman
Mead, George, planter
Meany, James, fisherman
Meany, William, fisherman
Mills, Robert, fisherman
Moore, James, fisherman
Morry, Henry, fisherman
Mountain, William, fisherman
Murphy, Nicholas, fishrman
Murphy, Rev. J., R. Catholic
Morry, John, farmer
Powels, Robert, fisherman
Power, Michael, farmer
Pruit, Peter, fisherman
Quirk, Edward, planter
Reid, William, fisherman
Reid, William, fisherman
Ryan, Matthew, fisherman
Ryan, Patrick, fisherman
Shanahan, John, fisherman
Shanahan, William, fisherman
Sisk, John, fisherman
Skinner, Rev II, Ch of England
Slaney, David, fishrman
Slaney, Michael, fisherman
Slaney, Thomas, fishrman
Stafford, Martin, fisherman
Staney, Thomas, planter
Stephenson, John, fisherman
Sullivan, John, fisherman
Sweney, John, fisherman
Sweney, Solomon, jun, fisherman
Sweney, Solomon, sen, fisherman
Tobin, Patrick, fisherman
Walsh, Patrick, fishrman
Walsh, Patrick, fisherman
Walsh, Peter, planter
White, John, farmer
Williams, John, fisherman
Williams, Thomas, fisherman
Williams, William, fisherman
Winser, Henry, farmer
Yetman, William, fisherman
Yetman, William, sen, fisherman



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1871 Lovell's directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

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Contributed and Transcribed by Judy Barker

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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