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Lovell's 1871
Provincial Business Directory
A large fishing settlement on the Strait shore south of St.John's, district of Ferryland. This is one of the oldest settlements in the land. The harbor is fine and safe, having good anchorage. Salmon fishing and farming are both prosecuted to some extent in conjunction with the cod fishery. Distant from St John's by road 51 miles, from Ferryland by road 7 miles. Mail weekly. Population 578.


Aylward, John, fisherman
Bothers, Robert, fisherman
Brine, Michael, fisherman
Brine, Robert, fisherman
Brophy, John, fisherman
Brophy, Matthew, fisherman
Brothers, Richard, fisherman
Brothers, William, fisherman
Coady, Dennis, fisherman
Coady, James, fisherman
Coady, Michael, fisherman
Connell, Daniel, fisherman
Connell, James, planter
Connell, John, 
Croke, Patrick, farmer
Dutton, James, fisherman
Duggan, James, planter
Duggan, Timothy, planter and general storekeeper
Dwyer, William, fisherman
Fahey, Dennis
Fahey, Patrick, fisherman
Fahey, Walter, fisherman
Fahey, William, fisherman
Finn, Patrick, planter
Fennelly, John, fisherman
Fennelly, Thomas, fisherman
Fitzgerald, James
Flaherty, Edward, fisherman
Forristal Rev., William  R Catholic
Grace, Thomas, fisherman
Hart, Edward, fisherman
Harrington, William
Hefferan, Thomas, fisherman
Kenny, Andrew, fisherman
Kenny, Matthew, planter
Kenny, Michael, planter
Kenny, Richard, fisherman
Kenny, William, planter
King, John, fisherman
McDonald, Patrick, fisherman
Meany, John, planter
Moran, John, fisherman
Murphy, Dennis, fisherman
Murphy, John, fisherman
Neil, Edmond, fishrman
Neil, Henry, planter
Neil, James, planter
Neil, John, fisherman
Neil, John, planter
Neil, Michael
Nei, William, fisherman
O'Neil, James, fisherman
Oates, Andrew, fisherman
Oates, Robert, fisherman
Reddy, Michael, fisherman
Reddy, Thomas, fisherman
Ryan, James, fisherman
Ryan, John
Shallow, Andrew,
Shallow, Edward, fisherman
Shallow, James, fisherman
Shallow, John, fisherman
Shallow, Matthew, fisherman
Shallow, Matthew,jun, fisherman
Shallow, Samuel, fisherman
Shaughnessy, John, fisherman
Tobin, James, fisherman
Tobin, Michael, fisherman
Treanor, Dennis, fisherman
Treanor, William, fisherman
Walsh, James, fisherman
Walsh, Joseph, fisherman
Walsh, Martin, fisherman
Walsh, Michael, planter
Walsh, Nicholas, 
Walsh, Nicholas, planter
Walsh, Patrick, 
Walsh, Patrick, fisherman
Walsh, Richard, fisherman



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1871 Lovell's directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

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Contributed and Transcribed by Freeman Fry

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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