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Lovell's 1871
Provincial Business Directory


Ackerman, Rev. Samuel R. Wesleyan 
Addey, Henry fisherman
Addey, John fisherman 
Addy, Stephen fisherman
Addey, William fisherman 
Ashford, William fisherman 
Avery, Newman fisherman 
Baker, Simon fisherman 
Blundon, John planter 
Blundon, Robert planter 
Bremner, Alexander 
Bremner, John merchant 
Bright, Charles 
Brine, James 
Brown, Thomas fisherman 
Brushett, Francis fisherman 
Brushett, George fisherman
Brushett, John fisherman 
Brushett, William fisherman 
Bursey, John fisherman
Bursey, Robert fisherman 
Bursey, William fisherman 
Butt, John fisherman 
Butt, Nathaniel fisherman 
Carpenter, George 
Clark, James fisherman 
Clouter, George, jun. planter 
Clouter, George, sen planter 
Clouter, Stephen planter
Clouter, William planter
Coleridge, William fisherman 
Collins, James planter 
Collins, John fisherman 
Comers, Timothy 
Courage, John planter 
Courage, Joseph planter
Courage, Solomon fisherman 
Courage, Thomas fisherman 
Drake, John fisherman 
Day, William fisherman 
Deans, John fisherman 
Diamond, Esau fisherman 
Diamond, John 
Diamond, Peter fisherman 
Diamond, Robert 
Diamond, Robert, sen. fisherman 
Duffett, Charles fisherman 
Duffett, John fisherman 
Duffett, William fisherman 
Edgecombe, James fisherman 
Edgecombe, John fisherman 
Edmunds, samuel planter 
Facey, Nicholas planter 
Facey, William planter 
Flood, Charles
Gibbs, Joseph fisherman 
Gould, James fisherman 
Gould, William fisherman 
Granger, Charles 
Grant, William fisherman 
Gullage, George fisherman 
Gullage, James fisherman 
Gullage, John fisherman 
Guy, Edward 
Hart, Benjamin fisherman 
Haynes, John fisherman 
Haynes, Thomas fisherman 
Hicks, John planter 
Higgins, George fisherman 
Higgins, Samuel fisherman 
Hilster, Nathaniel fisherman 
Hiscock, Edward fisherman 
Hiscock, Frederick planter 
Hiscock, John, jun. 
Hiscock, John, sen. fisherman 
House, George planter 
House, James planter 
House, John planter 
House, Josiah fisherman 
House, Robert planter 
House, William planter 
Howell, William fisherman 
Hunt, Ebenezer fisherman 
Hunt, James planter 
Hunt, John fisherman 
Humphries, George planter 
Jeans, Stephen trader/planter 
Joy, Joseph fisherman 
Keel, Moses fisherman 
Keel, William fisherman 
Lane, John fisherman 
Lodge, James planter 
Lodge, Richard planter 
Leg, Thomas fisherman 
Lethbridge, Andrew fisherman 
Lethbridge, Thomas fisherman 
Lethbridge, James fisherman 
McCormick, Thomas 
McLoughlan James planter
McLoughlan, Patrick fisherman 
Manuel, George
Manuel, John fisherman 
Manuel, John, sen. planter 
Manuel, Joseph planter 
Manuel, Thomas fisherman 
Martin, Peter planter 
Martin, Thomas planter 
Mason, Elias fisherman
Mason, John, jun. planter 
Mason, John, sen. fisherman 
Mason, Matthew, jun. fisherman 
Mason, Matthew, sen. fisherman 
Mason, William fisherman 
Matthew, George 
Mifflin, John fisherman 
Murphy, Edward planter 
Murphy, James merchant 
Murphy, John planter 
Murphy, Patrick 
Netten, rev. William C of E 
Newhook, Charles shipwright 
Newhook, William shipwright 
Norman, Benniah (sic) fisherman
Norman, William, jun. fisherman 
Norman, William, sen. fisherman 
Nowlan, John 
Nowlan, John, jun.
Nowlan, Michael planter 
Nowlan, Thomas fisherman 
Nowlan, Thomas fisherman 
Nowlan, William planter 
Nowlan, William planter 
Pardy, Henry fisherman 
Pardy, Selina 
Pearce,Robert fisherman 
Perry, Isaac J. master mariner 
Perry, Joseph planter 
Perry, Moses fisherman 
Pomroy, George planter 
Powell, Henry fisherman 
Prye, Samuel fisherman
Prye, Thomas fisherman
Raymond, George planter 
Rennie, David trader 
Rowe, William fisherman 
Rogers, Joseph fisherman 
Rober, Henry lighthouse keeper 
Russell, George, jun. fisherman 
Russell, George, sen. fisherman 
Russell, John fisherman 
Russell, Thomas fisherman 
Shepherd, George fisherman 
Shepherd, James fisherman 
Shepherd, Joseph fisherman 
Smart, George fisherman 
Snelgrove, Benjamin planter/trader 
Snelgrove, Peter fisherman 
Stickley, Stephen fisherman 
Stone, Thomas planter 
Strathie, James fisherman 
Sutton, Patrick planter 
Sutton, Thomas planter 
Sweet, John fisherman 
Sweet, Philip fisherman 
Walsh, Lawrence fisherman 
Walsh, Nicholas fisherman 
Wells, Henry T. fisherman 
Wells, Theophilus planter 
White, Alexander fisherman 
White, Levi fisherman 
White, Stephen planter 
Willis, Elias fisherman 
Wiltshire, Henry  fisherman 
Wiltshire, Thomas fisherman 
Wood, Peter asst. light keeper 



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1871 Lovell's directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

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Contributed and Transcribed by Michael Cooper

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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