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Lovell's 1871
Provincial Business Directory
A town of considerable trade on the west side of Placentia Bay, district of Burin. It has perhaps the findest harbor in Newfoundland, with two entrances, one to the south-east and the other to the west. The harbor is divided into three arms, and a ferry plies across it. A packet boat runs once a fortnight to Little Placentia, distant about 50 miles, connecting with the over-land route from St. John's, 86 miles. It is a post town and port of entry. Distant from St. John's, by steamer once a fortnight, 162 miles, fare $6. Mail fortnightly. Population 1850.


Abbott William, fisherman
Adams John, fisherman, Great Burin
Adams Samuel, fisherman, Great Burin
Adams James, fisherman, Great Burin
Allen John, fisherman
Baker George, fisherman
Baker John, fisherman
Banberry, Robert fisherman
Bartlett John, fisherman
Bartlett William, fisherman
Bearnes William, fisherman
Beazley Gabriel, fisherman
Beazley John J., fisherman
Beazley John, planter
Beazley Thomas, fisherman
Beazley Thomas W., fisherman
Berney rev. M., R. catholic
Bertean Francis
Bishop Daniel, trader
Bishop George, trader
Bonnell Richard, fisherman
Bradley George, dealer
Bradley Thomas, dealer
Brenton Samuel, planter
Brenton Samuel, jun., dealer
Brewer Edward jun., fisherman
Brewer Edward, sen., planter
Brinton William, fisherman
Brown James, fisherman
Brown John, jun., fisherman
Brown John, sen., fisherman
Brown Joseph, fisherman
Brown Richard, fisherman
Brown Thomas, jun., fisherman
Brown Thomas, sen., fisherman
Brown Uriah, fisherman
Brown William
Brushett George, fisherman
Brushett Isaac, fisherman
Brushett James, fisherman
Brushett James, planter
Brushett Richard, fisherman
Brushett William, fisherman
Brushett Wilson, fisherman
Brushett Thomas, fisherman
Bryden John, fisherman
Bune John, fisherman
Bungay Charles, fisherman
Bunton Thomas, fisherman
Burbridge Alban, fisherman
Burbridge Cyrus, fisherman
Burfitt Joseph, fisherman
Burfitt Richard, planter
Burfitt William, fisherman
Burfitt William, planter
Burge John, fisherman
Burge William, fisherman
Burke John, fisherman
Butcher Thomas, farmer
Butler Charles, fisherman
Butler George, farmer
Butler George, fisherman
Butler Patrick, fisherman
Butler Walter, fisherman
Butler William, dealer
Butt George, fisherman
Chapman Charles, fisherman
Churchville William
Churchville J. E.
Clarke Robert, fisherman
Cody Unice, seaman
Colford Moses
Collins Edward, sen., fisherman
Collins England, seaman
Collins John, jun., fisherman
Collins William H., fisherman
Collins William, planter
Comerford James, fisherman
Comerford Thomas, fisherman
Comick James
Coombs David, fisherman
Corbal John, fisherman
Corbal Joseph, fisherman
Corbin Wm., fisherman, Great Burin
Cox Joseph
Critch John
Dancy Thomas, fisherman
Darby Geo., fisherman, Great Burin
Darby Samuel, fisherman, Great Burin
Day Nathaniel, planter
Dean Thomas, fisherman
Dear John, farmer
Delahanty Daniel, fisherman
Dibbin Charles, fisherman
Dibbin Cyrus, fisherman
Dibbin James, fisherman
Dibbin John, fisherman
Dibbin Joseph, fisherman
Dibbin Robert, fisherman
Doherty Dennis, farmer
Dowle George, fisherman
Duke rev. J. A., Wesleyan
Dunford Herbert, fisherman
Emberley George, fisherman
Emberley James, fisherman
Emberley Jos., fisherman, Great Burin
Emberley Joseph, fisherman
Emberley Wm., fisherman, Great Burin
Elliott James, fisherman
Elliott Samuel, seaman
Farwell John, fisherman
Farwell Joseph
Farwell Wm., fisherman, Great Burin
Fleming James, ferryman
Fleming William, fisherman
Flynn Patrick
Foley James, fisherman
Foot Joseph, fisherman
Foot Thomas, jun., fisherman
Foot Thomas, sen., planter
Foot William, jun., fisherman
Foot William, sen., planter
Frampton John, fisherman
Francis Edward, fisherman
Gaulton James, dealer
Gaulton Patrick
Gidgeon Simeon, fisherman
Goddard George, trader
Goddard Thomas, planter
Gorman Michael, trader
Gorman Thomas, trader
Gosling John, fisherman
Gowbridge William, fisherman
Green Henry, fisherman, Great Burin
Hallett Charles
Hamilton George, fisherman
Hamlin Geo., fisherman, Great Burin
Hannaford John
Hanton Patrick, fisherman
Harding John, fisherman
Harding William
Harney James, trader
Hartstone John, fisherman
Hearn James, fisherman
Herbert Michael, fisherman
Hoban John, fisherman
Hoban Thomas, fisherman
Hoban William, fisherman
Hobbs Alfred, fisherman, Great Burin
Hodder Charles, fisherman
Hodder Richard, planter
Hollett Benjamin, fisherman
Hollett Edw., fisherman, Great Burin
Hollett George, planter, Great Burin
Hollett Henry, planter, Great Burin
Hollett Isaac, fisherman, Great Burin
Hollett John
Hollett Philip, jun., fisherman, Great Burin
Hollett Philip, sen., planter
Hollett Samuel, fisherman
Hollett Samuel, fisherman
Hollett Thomas, planter, Great Burin
House Abel, fisherman
House Elias, fisherman
Hunt John, planter
Isaac Robert, fisherman
Isaac Thomas, fisherman
Isaac William, fisherman
Inkpen Benj., fisherman, Great Burin
Inkpen George, planter
Inkpen John, planter, Great Burin
Inkpen Ths., fisherman, Great Burin
Keating Michael, jun., fisherman
Keating Michael, sen., fisherman
Keating Thomas, fisherman
Kenny Richard, fisherman
Kelly Thomas, planter
Kirby John, planter
Kirby Joseph, of Benjamin, fisherman
Kirby Joseph, sen., planter
Kirby Matthew, fisherman
Kirby Richard, fisherman
Kirby William, fisherman
Kuch Thomas, trader
Lamb Thomas, fisherman
Legg Joseph, fisherman
Legg Henry, fisherman
Lundrigan John, fisherman
Lundrigan Thomas, fisherman
Lockyer James, planter
McGrath Thomas, fisherman
McKay Thomas
Malay Patrick, fisherman
Marsh David, fisherman
Marshall John, dealer
Marshall Richard, fisherman
Martin Charles, fisherman
Martin George, fisherman
Martin John, fisherman
Mayo Elias, fisherman
Mayo George, fisherman
Mayo Henry, fisherman
Mayo John, fisherman
Mayo John, jun., fisherman
Mayo Peter, fisherman
Mayo William, fisherman
Mills Samuel, fisherman
Mitchell Amos, fisherman
Mitchell George, fisherman
Mitchell John, jun., fisherman
Mitchell John, sen., planter
Mitchell Joseph, fisherman
Mitchell Joseph, planter
Mitchell Richard, fisherman
Mitchell William, fisherman
Moran F., M.D.
Morrissey Lawrence, fisherman
Moulton Benjamin, fisherman
Moulton Geo., fisherman, Great Burin
Moulton James, fisherman
Moulton John S., fisherman
Moulton Joseph, fisherman
Moulton Richard, fisherman, Great Burin
Moulton Samuel, fisherman
Moulton Samuel, jun., fisherman
Moulton Thomas, fisherman
Moulton Ths., fisherman, Great Burin
Moulton William, fisherman
Munden John, fisherman
Murphy John, fisherman
Newport Jas., fisherman, Great Burin
Newport George, fisherman
Newport Samuel, fisherman, Great Burin
O'Donnell rev. R., R. catholic
O'Neil Hugh, fisherman
O'Neil John, trader
Pardy Joseph, planter
Parsons Charles, fisherman
Parsons George, fisherman
Parsons John, fisherman
Parsons William, fisherman
Paul Henry, fisherman
Paul John, dealer
Paul John, fisherman
Paul Richard, planter
Paul Robert, fisherman
Paul, William, farmer
Penny George, fisherman
Penny James, fisherman
Penny John, fisherman
Penny Joseph, dealer
Perham James, fisherman
Pike George, fisherman
Pike Patrick, fisherman
Pike Robert, fisherman
Pike Thomas, fisherman
Pine Owen, fisherman
Pine Philip, fisherman
Pitcher Charles, fisherman
Pitcher James, fisherman
Pitman Samuel, farmer, Great Burin
Poolman William, Great Burin
Power David, fisherman
Power Maurice, fisherman
Power Robert, fisherman
Power Thomas, fisherman
Quinn John, fisherman
Read Thomas, fisherman
Read William, planter
Revels William, fisherman
Rickson John, fisherman
Riddy Richard, fisherman
Ridout Mark, fisherman
Riggs Andrew, planter
Riggs William, fisherman
Riley David, fisherman
Riley Edward, fisherman
Roberts George, planter
Roberts Joseph, fisherman
Rogers Henry, fisherman
Rogers James, fisherman
Rozier rev. W., ch of England
Samson Joseph, fisherman
Saunders Anthony, fisherman
Shea Michael, fisherman
Shepherd Austin, Great Burin
Shock Thomas, fisherman
Short Mark, fisherman
Smith William
Stabridge George, fisherman
Street Abraham, planter
Street Isaac, fisherman
Strong William, fisherman
Stroud William, fisherman
Taylor Job, fisherman
Taylor John, fisherman
Thorn William, fisherman
Vigas Robert, planter
Vincent Philip, fisherman
Wagg Joseph, fisherman
Wagg Thomas, jun., fisherman
Wagg Thomas, sen., planter
Wagg William, fisherman
Walsh James, fisherman
Walsh John, fisherman
Watt William, fisherman, Great Burin
Weare John, planter
Willy Richard, fisherman
Winter Thomas



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1871 Lovell's directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

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Contributed by Hugh L. Williams

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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