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Lovell's 1871
Provincial Business directory
An important town on the north side of Conception Bay, the capital of the district of Brigus. The town has of late years decreased in its amount of business, but still there are about 30 vessels owned and trading from it. The cod fishery is prosecuted vigorously, 829 boats being so engaged. The cultivation of the land has received considerable attention, and Brigus consequently can boast of some fine farms. The town is situated in a rocky hollow, with high barren hills on two sides. The harbor is small but safe. It is a port of entry and post town. The northern circuit court holds a session here every autumn and a magistrate holds court daily. New York, Newfoundland and London Telegraph Co. has an office here. Distant from Portugal Cove by steamer 18 miles, fare $1.40; by road from St. John's 46 miles, from St. John's by steamer and stage 28 miles. Mail weekly. Population 2000.


Andrews Robert, fisherman
Andrews William, fisherman
Anderson William, M. D.
Antle Stephen, master mariner
Antle Thomas, fisherman
Antle William, fisherman
Barnes John, No occupation entered
Bartlett Abraham, master mariner, planter
Bartlett Captain John
Bartlett Isaac, fisherman
Bartlett John, master mariner, planter
Bartlett Moses, fisherman
Bartlett Mrs. Elizabeth, wid Abraham
Bartlett Mrs. Mary, wid Moses
Braker Charles, fisherman
Braker James, fisherman
Braker Samuel, fisherman
Bride Thomas, fisherman
Burn James, fisherman
Burn John, fisherman
Burn Robert, fisherman
Butler Thomas, high constable
Cole Mrs. Margaret, wid James
Critch Henry, blacksmith
Critch William, laborer
Crosbie George G, general dealer in dry goods, groceries, provisions,
  crockery, boots and shoes
Daly James, storekeeper
Dermody John, tavern
Donovan John, shoemaker
Fardy Patrick, carpenter
Freeman Michael, druggist
Freeman Mrs. Mary, wid Michael, store
French William, planter
French William, planter
Gall Patrick, shoemaker
Gall William, fisherman
Gardner Benjamin, operator New York, Newfoundland and London
  Telegraph Co
Garland Mrs. Mary Ann, wid E.
Green William P, storekeeper
Green William, sen, school teacher
Gushue George, clerk
Heckett Tobias, constable
Harvey Job, fisherman
Harwood William, accountant
Haussey Patrick, ship owner
Haussey Patrick, ship owner
Hearn John, deputy crown lands surveyor
Heutle John, fisherman
Heutle Thomas, fisherman
Heutle Thomas, jun, fisherman
Hickey Nicholas, carpenter
Hunt William, tinsmith
Janes John, blacksmith
Jerrett George C, general dealer in dry goods, groceries, provisions,
  hardware, boots and shoes & c.
Jerrett William, carpenter
Jones Edward, fisherman
Kehoe Michael, fisherman
Kehoe Thomas, fisherman
Kelly James, fisherman
Kelly Thomas, general store
Kierly John, fisherman
King Henry, fisherman
King John, fisherman
Lawrence Robert, school teacher
Leamon Mrs. Susannah, wid John
Leamon Robert J C, general importer and dealer in British and foreign
  goods, provisions & c.
Ledrou Charles, fisherman
Loveys Mrs. E, wid  Anthony
Maiden William, fisherman
Markham James, tailor
Molly James, sailor
Mosdell James, fisherman
Munden Azariah, general importer and ship builder
Munden Mrs. Susannah, wid Nathaniel
Munden Thomas, fisherman
Munden Ambrose, shoemaker
Gardner B, operator, Newfoundland, New York and London Telegraph Co.,
Norman Mrs. E, wid Christopher
Norman Nathan, ship owner
Norman Robert, ship owner
Noseworthy John, fisherman
Nowlan John, storekeeper
Nowlan Mrs. Mary, wid John
Nowlan Patrick, general dealer in dry goods, groceries, provisions,
  hardware, boots and shoes, crockery, & c., also in lumber and coal
Nuttall John C, clerk of peace, sub collector of customs
O'Keeffe Very Rev. Edward, R. catholic, vicar general
Sister Mary of the Angels, superioress, Order of Mercy Convent
Peedle William, fisherman
Percey George, fisherman
Percey Henry, fisherman
Percey Captain Esau
Percey Miss Eliza, school teacher
Percey Nathan, fisherman
Ploughman John, fisherman
Ploughman Philip, fisherman
Pomery William, fisherman
Power Patrick J, school teacher, planter
Pritchard William, fisherman
Quinlan James, fisherman
Quinlan Peter, fisherman
Rabbitts Nathaniel, master mariner, planter
Ridgeway Joseph D, cooper
Ringwood John, policeman
Roberts Charles, fisherman
Roberts George, fisherman
Roberts Henry, store keeper
Roberts Israel, fisherman
Roberts James, laborer
Roberts John, fisherman
Roberts Moses, fisherman
Roberts Mrs. Jane, wid John
Roberts Noah, carpenter
Roberts Noah, trader
Roberts Stephen, fisherman
Roberts William, fisherman
Rose William, fisherman
Sanders Henry, fisherman
Sanders James, fisherman
Shean Mrs. Bridget, wid Richard
Shenston rev. William E, Wesleyan
Smith John, storekeeper
Smith Mrs. Lilia, wid William
Smith Nicholas, shipwright
Spooner John, fisherman
Spracklin Anais, fisherman
Spracklin Charles, fisherman
Spracklin Mrs. Mary, wid Thomas
Spracklin Richard, fisherman
Spracklin Samuel, fisherman
Spracklin Thomas, storekeeper
St. George's Church, rev R H Taylor
Stantaford Mrs. Sarah, postmistress
Strickland William, blacksmith
Sullivan John, hotelkeeper
Sullivan John, hotelkeeper
Summers John, butcher and cattle dealer
Sweetland Mrs. Charlotte, wid Henry
TarahanJames, storekeeper
Taylor rev Robert Holland, ch of England
Walker William, fisherman
Walsh James, saloon
Walsh John, fisherman
Walsh Richard, fisherman
Washer Henry, fisherman
Washer William, fisherman
Waterhouse Rev John, Wesleyan
Watts Henry, fisherman
Whalen James
Whelan Mrs. Mary Ann, wid Caleb
Wilcox John, fisherman
Wilcox John, magistrate and commissioner of pilots
Wilcox Mrs. E, wid James
Wilcox Thomas, master mariner
Wilcox William, fisherman
Woodmason Gabriel, joiner
Wright William, carpenter



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1871 Lovell's directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

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Contributed and Transcribed by Glynn Hewlett

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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