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Lovell's 1871
Provincial Business Directory
The chief town of the district of Bonavista. This is one of the oldest settlements in the colony and was formerly of more importance than at present, it is however a place of considerable and increasing business. It is a port of entry and the northern circuit court holds a session here every autumn. The harbour is not good, but might be made quite safe by a breakwater, for the construction of which considerable facilities are offered. The only feature of mark in the town is the English church, early English style, perhaps the finest wooden building on the island. The climate of Bonavista is more genial and less foggy than at St. John's though farther north. The land is much cultivated around the town. Distant from St. John's by boat 73 miles. By postal route partly over land weekly, about 100 miles, and from Catalina (port of call for steamer) 10 miles by road. Population 2600.


Abbott, Abraham, sen, fisherman
Abbott, Charles, of Joseph, fisherman
Abbott, George, of Richard, fisherman
Abbott, George, se, lumbering
Abbott, Henry, of Henry, fisherman
Abbott, Jacob, Fisherman
Abbott, James, of Hugh, fisherman
Abbott, James of James, sen, fisherman
Abbott, James, of Joseph, lumbering
Abbott, James of Samuel
Abbott, James, sen
Abbott, John, of Joseph, fisherman
Abbott Jonathan, planter and farmer
Abbott, Jonathan of Benjamin, fisherman
Abbott, Joseph, of Hugh. Planter
Abbott, Joseph, of Joseph, sen, Fisherman
Abbott Joseph, sen fisherman
Abbott, Philip, lumbering
Abbott, Richard, fisherman,
Abbott, Robert, fisherman
Abbott, Samson, farmer
Abbott, Samson, fisherman
Abbott, Samson, of Yepporah, farmer
Abbott, Samuel, planter
Abbott, Stephen, trader
Abbott, Thomas, of Joseph, fisherman
Abbott, William, of George, fisherman
Abbott, William, of Roger, fisherman
Ayles, George, fisherman
Ayles, Henry, fisherman
Ayles, John, fisherman
Bayly, rev. A.E.C., ch of England
Bishop, George, fisherman
Bradley, Richard, fisherman
Brown, George, fisherman
Brown, George, of Francis
Brown, James, trader
Brown, John, fisherman
Brown, Joseph, planter
Brown, Robert, planter
Brown, William, of Francis, mechanic
Brown William. Trader and farmer
Bundle, William, fisherman
Burge, George, fisherman
Burge, James, fisherman
Burge, John, fisherman
Butler, John, fisherman
Butler, William, fisherman
Candow, David
Carpenter, Joseph, farmer
Carroll, Dillon, fisherman
Carroll, James, sen., fisherman
Carroll, James, jun., fisherman
Carroll, Michael, farmer and trader
Carroll, Samuel, fisherman
Carroll, Thomas, fisherman
Carroll, William, fisherman
Chard, George, farmer
Chard, William, fisherman
Clark, Robert, Jun., fisherman
Clark, William, fisherman
Clark, William, fisherman
Cole, John, fisherman
Connell, John, farmer
Coll, Henry, fisherman
Cool, John, fisherman
Cooper, John, fisherman
Cox, James, fisherman
Cuff, George, fisherman
Cuff, James, of John, fisherman
Cuff, James, sen., fisherman
Cuff, John, fisherman
Cuff, Joseph, fisherman
Cuff, William, fisherman
Cuff, William, sen., fisherman
Davis, John, fisherman
Downey, William, fisherman
Downey, Thomas, fisherman
Dunn, John, fisherman
Dunn, Samuel, fisherman
Dunn, William, fisherman
Durdle, George, fisherman
Durdle, Joseph, sen., planter
Durdle, William, fisherman
Dyke, George, fisherman
Dyke, Richard, jun., fisherman
Dyke, Richard, sen., planter
Edmonds, Henry, fisherman
Edmonds, John, fisherman
Edmonds, John, fisherman
Elliott, John, fisherman
Etsell, Henry, fisherman
Etsell, John, fisherman
Etsell, Thomas, sen.
Etsell, William, farmer and planter
Falkner, Hugh, fisherman
Falkner, William, fisherman
Fennell, Anastatia, fisherman
Fennell, Michael, planter
Fifield, Esau, fisherman
Fifield, James, fisherman
Fifield, John, jun.,fisherman
Fifield, John, sen., fisherman
Fifield, William, fisherman
Filly, Joseph, fisherman
Fisher, Charles, fisherman
Fisher, Henry, sen., fisherman
Fisher, James, fisherman
Fisher, John of Henry, fisherman
Fisher, John, sen., farmer and planter
Fisher, Joseph, sen., fisherman
Fisher, Thomas, sen., planter
Fitzgerald, Charles, fisherman
Fitzgerald, John, farmer
Fitzgerald, John, jun., fisherman
Fitzgerald, Thomas, fisherman
Fitzgerald, William, fisherman
Fitzgerald, William of John, fisherman
Fleming, Patrick, jun., fisherman
Fleming, Patrick, sen.,
Ford, John, fisherman
Garris, Giles, fisherman
Gibbs, Esau, fisherman
Gibbs, Richard, fisherman
Goodland, Edward, fisherman
Goodland, John, fisherman
Goodland, Joseph, fisherman
Goodland, William, fisherman
Gosling, Charles, fisherman
Gosling, John, fisherman
Green, James, fisherman
Groves, Henry, jun., fisherman
Groves, Henry, sen., farmer
Groves, James, fisherman
Groves, Richard, planter
Groves, Thomas, fisherman
Guy, Thomas, planter
Hampton, George, fisherman
Hampton, James, jun., fisherman
Hampton, James, sen., fisherman
Hampton, William, fisherman
Harris, James, planter
Harris, John, fisherman
Harris, Roger, planter
Harris, Thomas, trader
Harris, William, planter
Hay, James, fisherman
Hay, Philip, lumbering and trader
Hay, William of Henry, fisherman
Hayley, John, fisherman
Hayward, George, fisherman
Hayward, James, fisherman
Hayward, James of cove, fisherman
Hayward, Joseph, fisherman
Hayward, Thomas, fisherman
Hayward, Samson, fisherman
Hearn, Michael, fisherman
Hebbard, William, fisherman
Hicks, Bernard, fisherman
Hicks, Charles, fisherman
Hicks, Henry, fisherman
Hicks, Hugh, fisherman
Hicks, James, fisherman
Hicks, Richard, fisherman
Hicks, Thomas, fisherman
Hicks, Thomas, fisherman Church road
Hicks, Thomas, of James, fisherman
House, Henry, fisherman
House, Thomas, fisherman
Humley, Richard, fisherman
Hunt, George, fisherman
Hunt, James
Hunt, William
Keates, John, fisherman
Keates, William, fisherman
Keel, George, fisherman
Keel, James, fisherman
Keel, John, fisherman
Keel. Lawrence, planter
Keel, Lawrence, planter
Keel, Mark, fisherman
Keel, Samuel, fisherman
Keel, Stephen, fisherman
Kough, Patrick, trader
Lander, john, sen., planter
Lander, Stephen, jun., fisherman
Lander, Stephen, sen., fisherman
Lawrence, Alexander, clerk
Lawrence, John, clerk of the peace
Long, William, fisherman
Lwyer, John, trader
Lwyer, Joseph, fisherman
Little, George, fisherman
Little, Henry, fisherman
Little, James, fisherman
Little, John, of James, fisherman
Little, John, jun., fisherman
Little, John, sen. Planter
Little, William, of James, fisherman
Little, William, jun., fisherman
Little, William, sen., planter
Lintern, Benjamin
Lintern, George, sen., fisherman
Lintern, John, fisherman
Lintern, Samuel, jun., fisherman
Lynch, William, fisherman
McEachin, Angus, fisherman
Marshfield, William, jun., fisherman
Marshfield, William, sen., fisherman
Mesh, Charles, fisherman
Mesh, Joseph, planter
Mifflen, Edward, planter
Mifflen, George, jun., fisherman
Mifflen, George, sen., fisherman
Mifflen, John, fisherman
Mifflen, Joseph, sen., fisherman
Mifflen, Samuel, jun., fisherman
Mifflen, Samuel, sen., trader
Miles, George, fisherman
Miles, James, fisherman
Miles, John, fisherman
Miles, Thomas, fisherman
Miles, William, fisherman
Morey, Edward, fisherman
Morey, John, fisherman
Moreland, Hugh, fisherman
Moreland, John, planter
Moreland, Richard, jun., fisherman
Moreland, Samson, fisherman
Moreland, Stephen, planter
Moreland, Thomas, fisherman
Moreland, William, fisherman
Moreland, William, of Stephen, planter
Niffen, William, jun., fisherman
Niffen, William, sen., fisherman
Oldford, William, fisherman
Pardy, George, fisherman
Pardy, John, of William, fisherman
Pardy, Thomas, of Thomas, fisherman
Pardy, William, of Thomas
Pardy, William, of William, fisherman
Paul William, fisherman
Philips, John, fisherman
Philips, Richard, fisherman
Philips, Stephen, fisherman
Phinney, rev. John S., Wesleyan
Powell, Edward, fisherman
Powell, James, fisherman
Powell, John, fisherman
Powell, Joseph, fisherman
Power, Robert, planter
Power, Samuel, fisherman
Randell, George, fisherman
Randell, Samuel, fisherman
Randell, William, fisherman
Reader, George, planter
Robins, John, sen., fisherman
Rolls, George, fisherman
Rolls, John, fisherman
Rolls, Joseph, fisherman
Rolls, Joseph, sen., fisherman
Rolls, Richard, fisherman
Rolls, Samuel, fisherman
Rolls, Thomas, of Richard, fisherman
Rolls, Thomas, sen., fisherman
Rolls, William fisherman
Rowe, Thomas
Russell, Edward, planter
Russell, Joseph
Russell, Robert, fisherman
Ryan, John, sen., fisherman
Ryan, John, of William, lumbering
Ryan, James, sen., fisherman
Ryan, Michael, trader and farmer
Ryder, Allan, carpenter
Saint, Charles, fisherman
Saint, James, merchant,
Saint, James, jun., farmer
Saint, Jabez, farmer and trader
Scanlan, rev. Matthew, r. Catholic
Sellar, William, planter
Sexton, Stephen, fisherman
Sexton, William, fisherman
Shearn, Samuel, fisherman
Sharp, Abraham, fisherman
Sharp, James, fisherman
Sharp, William, fisherman
Short, George, fisherman
Sharp, Thomas, fisherman
Short, James, fisherman
Shelton, John, M.D., physician
Skiffington, Abraham, fisherman
Skiffington, James, fisherman
Skiffington, John, fisherman
Soaper, Thomas, fisherman
Squire, Abraham, sen., fisherman
Squire, Simon, fisherman
Stagg, Thomas, fisherman
Sweetland, William, jun., fisherman
Sweeny, John, fisherman
Sweeney, Thomas
Sweetland, James, fisherman
Sweetland, John, sen., fisherman
Sweetland, John, of William, fisherman
Sweeetland, Joseph, jun., fisherman
Sweetland, Joseph, sen., fisherman
Sweetland, Samuel, fisherman
Sweetland, William, sen., fisherman
Templeman, James, fisherman
Templeman, John, of Thomas, fisherman
Templeman, John, sen., farmer, planter
Templeman, Richard, fisherman
Templeman, Samuel, trader, farmer
Templeman, William, of Thomas, fisherman
Templeton, William, sen., planter
Thompson, Charles, E.
Tilly, George, fisherman
Tilly, John, fisherman
Tilly, Thomas, sen., fisherman
Tilly, William, fisherman
Tremblett, John, fisherman
Tremblett, Joseph, fisherman
Tremblett, Samuel, fisherman
Tremblett, Thomas, fisherman
tucker, James fisherman
Walsh, Dennis, fisherman
Wells, Henry
Wells, James, fisherman
Wells, John,
Wells, Thomas, fisherman
Wells, William, fisherman
White, James, fisherman
White, Martin, of Thomas, fisherman
White, Matthew



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1871 Lovell's directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

[Project Lovell's ]

Contributed and Transcribed by Cyndi Alcock

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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