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Lovell's 1871
Provincial Business Directory
An island on the south side of Conception Bay district of St. John's east. It is about nine miles long and three broad, and is remarkable for the fertility of its soil. Geologically it is most interesting, being of the Lower Silurian age, whilst the rocks of the main land quite adjacent are of the Huronian age. The strata lie almost horizontally, which enables one of the lofty coast line to obtain complete sections of the formation. The cliffs near the sea are remarkably grand and imposing, some of them being over four hundred feet high and overhanging, worn in some places into most fantastic shapes and gorges. There are two settlements or villages on the island, one at the west end called Lance Cove and one on the south side name the Bench. Farming is engaged in to a considerable extent, in conjunction with the cod and herring fishery and Belle Isle butter is noted for its good quality. It is distant to Lance Cove from Topsail by ferry three times a week 5 miles, and to the Beach from Portugal Cove by ferry tri-weekly, 3 miles. Population 500.


Beckford Henry, fisherman
Bennett Edward, fisherman
Bennett Francis, fisherman
Bennett John, fisherman
Bowdran John, fisherman
Bowdran Medolph, fisherman
Bowdran Patrick, fisherman
Brown Patrick, fisherman
Brown Thomas, fisherman
Clement William, fisherman
Conners John, farmer
Cooper James, fisherman
Cummins Anthony, fisherman
Cummins James, farmer
Cummins John, fisherman
Doyle James, farmer
Dwyer Dennis, fisherman
Dwyer Edward, fisherman
Dwyer John, fisherman
Dwyer John, fisherman
Dwyer Martin, fisherman
Dwyer Martin, fisherman
Dwyer William, fisherman
Fitzgerald John, farmer*1
Fitzgerald Matthew, fisherman*1
Fitzgerald Patrick, fisherman
Fitzgerald Thomas, fisherman
Foley Francis, fisherman
Hammond James, fisherman
Hammond Michael, fisherman
Hammond Thomas, fisherman
Harvey William, school teacher
Harrigan John, fisherman
Hiscock George, fisherman
Jackman Matthew, farmer
Jackman Peter, fisherman
Kavanaugh Edward, fisherman
Kavanaugh Robert, fisherman
Kavanaugh Thomas, fisherman
Kelly Patrick, farmer
Kennedy William, fisherman
Kent Edward, fisherman
Kent George, fisherman
Kent Peter, fisherman
Kent Terence, fisherman
Kent William, fisherman
Kent William, fisherman
Leahy Thomas, fisherman
Murphy Edward, fisherman
Murphy Patrick, fisherman
Murphy Patrick, fisherman
Murphy Peter, farmer
Normore Edward, fisherman
Normore James, fisherman
Normore Solomon, fisherman
Normore Thomas, fisherman
Parsons Edward, fisherman
Parsons John, fisherman
Parsons Joseph, fisherman
Penril Thomas, fisherman
Pitts John, farmer
Power Edward, fisherman
Power John, farmer
Power, Michael, fisherman
Power Thomas, farmer
Quigley Peter, farmer
Redmond Patrick, fisherman
Reece Alfred, fisherman
Reece George, jun, fisherman
Reece John, fisherman
Reece Solomon, fisherman
Reece William, fisherman
Reece William, jun., fisherman
Rice George, fisherman
Rice Thomas, fisherman
Roberts Nathaniel, fisherman
Rough John, farmer
Searel James, farmer
Skehan Henry, fisherman
Skehan Thomas, fisherman
Skehan Thomas, fisherman
Sparks William, fisherman
Stiles William, fisherman
Whelan John, fisherman



The entries have been transcribed as they appear in the 1871 Lovell's directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become colloquialized or spelled differently.

* See the following errata

Fitzgerald *1 The correct surname for John & Matthew should be Fitzpatrick, not Fitzgerald as reported in the original document. Bern Fitzpatrick

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Contributed and Transcribed by: Laura Russell

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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