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Lovell's 1871
Provincial Business Directory
A large bay on the western coast of the island, forming part of what is called the French shore. The resources of this portion of the island are quite sufficient to support a much larger population than at present reside here. Indeed, both in the way of agriculture and the fisheries, no section of the country offers greater inducements to settlers than does this section. The herring fishery forms the staple industry of the people, and is prosecuted with great success. Herrings are taken during the months of January, February, March, May, June, October, and November. In the winter months nets are used, which are let through holes and channels cut in the ice, but in summer the herrings are mostly handled in seines. The average quantity of herring annually taken may be stated at 30,000 barrels, most of which find a market in the adjacent provinces. On the banks of the Humber river, which flows into this bay, large quantities of fine timber are produced suitable for lumbering, which is, however, as yet availed of but to a small extent together with large beds of limestone, and marbles of beautiful variety, and masses of gypsum almost exhaustless in quantity. The land around is level and is capable of each cultivation, but is available of merely as an accessory to the herring and cod fishery. The bay is studded with island and the scenery remarkably tame. Distant from the north head of St. George's Bay 55 miles. Population 947.


Allen John, fisherman
Antle Barney, fisherman
Ausell George, fisherman
Bailey John, fisherman
Balem John, fisherman
Balem Joseph, fisherman
Barrett John, fisherman
Barry John, planter
Bashvoan John, fisherman
Batten James, fisherman
Bego William, fisherman
Bennett Stephen, fisherman
Bennett David, fisherman
Bennett Simeon, fisherman
Black William, fisherman
Black Ambrose, fisherman
Blanchard John, fisherman
Blanchard Thomas, fisherman
Blandford Joseph, fisherman
Belan Edward, fisherman
Bolan Moses, fisherman
Brake Abraham, fisherman
Brake Benjamin, fisherman
Brake Edward, fisherman
Brke Edward, fisherman
Bake Joseph, fisherman
Brake William, fisherman
Brake William, fisherman
Brine Thomas, fisherman
Brooking Augustus, fisherman
Brown John, fisherman
Bute John, planter
Callahan Patrick, fisherman
Calm John, fisherman
Clarke Frederick, fisherman
Cleary William, planter
Cheeld Michael, fisherman
Chiles Solomon, fisherman
Christopher Patrick, fisherman
Christopher William, fisherman
Cole James, fisherman
Coles James, fisherman
Condon Aaron, fisherman
Connell Moses, fisherman
Conway Thomas, fisherman
Cooke John, fisherman
Argan Maurice, fisherman
Delaney Alen, fisherman
Dennis Burridge, fisherman
Dunn Joseph, fisherman
Doodey John, fisherman
Dorroty Edward, fisherman
Drake John, fisherman
Duggan Patrick, fisherman
Durke James, fisherman
Evans John, fisherman
Farrell Charles, fisherman
Foran James, fisherman
French Thomas, fisherman
Gullivan Richard, fisherman
Gerry William, fisherman
George Stephen, fisherman
Giles Joseph, fisherman
Gosher Michael, fisherman
Grgory Thomas, fisherman
Gregory William, planter
Green John, planter
Haines William, planter
Hallahan Joseph, fisherman
Hallahan Joseph, fisherman
Hand James, fisherman
Hayes John, fisherman
House William, fisherman
Hurley Joseph, fisherman
Jayers John, fisherman
Jesso Daniel, fisherman
Jesso William, fisherman
Johnston George, planter
Kelly Michael, planter
Kennedy Jeremiah, fisherman
Kenney William, fisherman
Keough James, fisherman
Keough James, fisherman
Keough James, fisherman
Keough William, fisherman
Leader William, planter
Lewis John, fisherman
Ligo Robert, planter
Londer, John, planter
Lovell Thomas, fisherman
McCarthy John, planter
McCarthy William, planter
McCasell James, fisherman
McCoyah John, fisherman
Mc Donald Alexander, fisherman
McDonald Alexander, fisherman
McDonald Alexander, fisherman
McGinnon Robert, fisherman
Mareson John, fisherman
Marshall Joseph, fisherman
Marshall William, fisherman
Martin William, fisherman
Martin William, fisherman
Matthews Samuel, fisherman
Mean James, fisherman
Mearnes Edward, fisherman
Michael James, fisherman
Michael James, fisherman
Moran Edward, fisherman
Moren Joseph, fisherman
Murphy Michael, fisherman
Nucks James, fisherman
Norget William, fisherman
Pales John, fisherman
Pans George, fisherman
Paressay Patrick, fisherman
Parritts Nathanial, planter
Parritts William, planter
Park James, fisherman
Park Robert, fisherman
Park Thomas, fisherman
Park Thomas, fisherman
Parke Samuel, fisherman
Parker William, fisherman
Parry John, fisherman
Parry Thomas, fisherman
Parsons Charles, planter
Parsons John, fisherman
Parsons Richard, fisherman
Penny Samuel, fisherman
Power Henry, fisherman
Power Michael, planter
Prosper James, fisherman
Quinning James, fisherman
Quissen Jean, fisherman
Rier Reuben, fisherman
Robie Juan, fisherman
Rose Alexander, fisherman
Rose William, planter
Rude William, fisherman
Rule rev U.Z., ch of England
Sears rev - , R. catholic
Silver James, merchant
Silver Alexander, fisherman
Waller John, fisherman
Weir Richard, planter
Whelan Thomas, fisherman
Wills James, fisherman
Wills James, fisherman
Wills Richard, fisherman
Wills Richard, fisherman
Wills William, fisherman
Snook John, fisherman
Sterling James, fisherman
Stricklin James, fisherman
Stricklin William, fisherman
Sweet George, fisherman 
Thistle Thomas, fisherman
Verge George, fisherman



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1871 Lovell's directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

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Contributed and Transcribed by: Laura Russell

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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