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Lovell's 1871
Provincial Business Directory
A large fishing settlement on the Strait shore from St. John's to Cape Race, in the district of Ferryland. It has a very fine harbor which is much frequented by vessels unable from stormy weather to make St. John's. The cod fishing is carried on here mostly in large boats and by means of nets and seines. The number of boats employed is close upon 100, and of nets and seines about 150. Most of the inhabitants have some cultivated land which occupies their time in conjunction with the fisheries and which supplies them with potatoes and bay, the only crops cultivated to any extent. It is a port of entry and port town, and has a resident magistrate. Distant from St. John's bay by road, 19 miles. Mail weekly. Population 734.


Armstrong Andrew
Armstrong George , fisherman
Brown Cornelius, fisherman
Brown Cornelius, planter
Brown George, planter
Brown Jeremiah, fisherman
Brown John, fisherman
Brown Michael, fisherman
Brown Michael, planter
Brown Miles, fisherman
Brown Patrick, fisherman
Brown Christopher
Burke Martin, planter
Burke Richard, fisherman
Coady John, fisherman
Coady Michael, fisherman
Coady Nicholas, fisherman
Coleman Edwin, fisherman
Coleman Michael, fisherman
Crockwell James, fisherman
Crockwell William, planter
Dea Patrick, planter
Deagin Michael, fisherman
Delany John, fisherman
Driscoll Henry, fisherman
Driscoll Jeremiah, fisherman
Driscoll John, fisherman
Driscoll Martin, planter
Drew Edward, Fisherman
Drew George, fisherman
Drew James, fisherman
Drew John, fisherman
Drew Lawrence, fisherman
Drew Peter, fisherman
Drew Samuel, fisherman
Furlong John, fisherman
Furlong Thomas, fisherman
Gatheral James, fisherman
Gatheral John, planter
Gatheral Thomas, fisherman
Glyn George, fisherman
Glyn George, fisherman
Glyn James, fisherman
Glyn James, fisherman
Glyn John, fisherman
Glyn Mrs. Patience, wid
Glyn William, fisherman
Hall John, planter
Hearne Jeremiah, fisherman
Hyde John, fisherman
Hyde Thomas, fisherman
Kehoe Edward, fisherman
Kelly Patrick, fisherman
Lambrg Martin, farmer
Lonergan Robert, fisherman
Loughnan Thomas, fisherman
Loughnan, Jeremiah, fisherman
McKie L.L., M.D.
Madocks Patrick, fisherman
Mara John, fisherman
Miller James, fisherman
Mokler Charles, fisherman
Mokler Richard, planter
Mokler Thomas, fisherman
Mokler William, planter
Morissy Terence, school teacher
Mulcahy John, fisherman
Mulcahy Michael, fisherman
Mullowney Joseph, fisherman
Mullowney Patrick, fisherman
Pack George, fisherman
Pack Thomas, fisherman
Power Edward, fisherman
Power Martin, fisherman
Podister George, fisherman
Quirk William, fisherman
Ryan John, fisherman
Ryan Patrick, fisherman
Ryan Thomas, fisherman
Scott James, fisherman
Scott Michael, fisherman
Scott Patrick, planter
Scott Philip, fisherman
Somerville John, trader
Stone James, fisherman
Stone William, fisherman
Walsh John, fisherman
Walsh John, fisherman
Walsh Michael, fisherman
Walsh Thomas, fisherman
Walsh Walter, fisherman
Walsh William, fisherman
White Martin, fisherman
Williams Andy, fisherman
Williams Edward, fisherman
Williams George, fisherman
Williams Henry, fisherman
Williams James, fisherman
Williams James E., planter
Williams John, fisherman
Williams Joseph, fisherman
Williams Joseph, fisherman
Williams Martin, stipendiay magistrate
Williams Michael, fisherman
Williams Philip, planter
Williams Richard, fisherman
Williams Thomas, fisherman
Williams Thomas, planter
Williams William,  fisherman
Williams William, fisherman
Williams William, planter
Williams William, planter
Williams William G.



The entries have been transcribed as
they appear in the 1871 Lovell's directory.
Over the years, many of the names have become
colloquialized or spelled differently.

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Contributed and Transcribed by: Laura Russell

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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