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Lovell's 1871 Directory - General Information




All applications to be addressed to the office of the Colonial Secretary,
St. John's, where all documents are fyled and models deposited.

The Act of the Colonial Legislature, 19 Vic., cap. 19, provides that
Patents of Invention may be granted for the Island of Newfoundland and
its dependencies for a term of fourteen years, and of seven additional,
at the option of the Governor, to any one who shall apply for the same,
alleging that he has discovered some new and useful art, machine,
manufacture or composition of matter not heretofore known or used.

Every application for a patent must be accompanied by a declaration
made before one of the judges of the Supreme Court, that the applicant
believes himself to be the true Inventor of the discovery for which
he solicits a patent, and that it has not been heretofore used in
Newfoundland or elsewhere.

In the granting of Patents no distinction is made as regards the nationality
of the inventor, but in the case of foreigners, the necessary declaration must
be made before a British Consul or Vice-Consul, and certified by his seal of office.

Together with petition for Patent, every applicant shall deliver an exact
and precise description of his invention or improvement, specifying the method
of using, a process of compounding in such manner as to distinguish the same from
all other things before known, and to enable any person skilled in the art or
science of which it is a branch, or with which it is most nearly connected, to
compound the same, and in case of any machine shall deliver his model thereof into
\the office of the Colonial Secretary, and shall explain the principle and several
modes in which he has contemplated the application of the principle or character which
distinguishes it from other inventions; the whole to be accompanied by drawings, or
with specimens of the ingredients, and of the composition of matter, sufficient for
the purposes of experiment.

Any Patent granted for an invention previously patented outside the colony ceases
on the expiry of the original patent.

Any assignee of a partly or parties obtaining a Patent in other countries may obtain
Letters Patent in Newfoundland provided the discovery shall not have come into common
use prior to the application for Patent.

The cost of obtaining a Patent in Newfoundland including the necessary advertising
of intention to ask for Patent in the Royal Gazette and one other paper would be $45.

The following form answers to the requirements of the Statute:


To His Excellency (A.B.), governor and commander-in-chief of the Island of Newfoundland, &c., &c.

The Petitioner (name of Inventor) of (residence) in (county and country) trade or profession).


That your Petitioner hath lately invented and discovered (name of Invention);

That your Petitioner has described his said Invention and the manner of using the same in full, clear and exact terms in the description of specification which accompanies this Petition;

That your Petitioner believes the said Invention is of great public utility, and that the same hath not, to the best of his knowledge or belief, been known or used in the Island of Newfoundland, or in any other county;

That your Petitioner is desirous of obtaining an exclusive property in the said Invention, in the Island of Newfoundland;

Your Petitioner therefore prays that your Excellency will be pleased to issue Letters Patent granting to your Petitioner the full and exclusive right and
liberty of using the said Invention for the term of fourteen years, and for the
further term of seven years, if your Excellency shall deem it expedient.

(Signature of Inventor.)

(Place and Date)

Form of Oath or (in the case of a Quaker) affirmation.

In the matter of the application under an Act of the Legislature of Newfoundland, passed in the 19th year of the Reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria (Cap. 19) of (name of Petitioner, residence and occupation) for the issue of Letters of Patent for and in respect of an invention of (nature of Invention.)

I (name of applicant) do hereby make oath and say (or in the case of a Quaker - affirm) that I verily believe that I am the true Inventor and discoverer of the said invention of (nature of Invention) and that such Invention has not, to the best of my knowledge and belief, been known or used in the said Island of Newfoundland, or in any other country.

(Signature of Inventor.)

Sworn (or affirmed) before me at }

(name of place, county and country.)}

(Signature of Judge, Mayor, Consul or Vice-Consul, as the case may be.)


Form of Specification

In the matter of the Application, &c., as in oath or affirmation.

The following is a description or specification of the said Invention, and of the manner of using the same, (here insert a full and exact description of the Invention.)

(Signature of Inventor.)

(Place, County and Date.)

Signed in presence of (names of two witnesses.)



Samuel G. Archibald - Tank used with steam for manufacture of cod, seal and other animal oils. June 18, 1851.

Abraham Gesner - Manufacture of illuminating gas from bitumen, asphaltum or mineral pitch. 1851.

Thomas Robson - Improved fog bell or gong, and pneumatic machine for working the same. Oct. 5, 1852.

Peter Cowan - Machine for compressing fish or thin articles of a like character. July 25, 1853. (This is the press generally used now in packing fish for exportation to Brazil.)

Samuel G. Archibald - New process for rendering and manufacturing cod liver and other animal oils. July 25, 1853.

Charles Fox - A new and improved way of deodorizing oils for the purpose of lubrication. July 25, 1853.

Samuel G. Archibald - Improved and rapid mode of extracting seal oil in cold drawn state. July 1, 1854.

Charles G. Fox - Improvement in manufacture of whale, seal and cod oils, with improved machinery for such manufacture. July 1, 1854.

Robert G. Frazer - New mode of manufacturing oil from whale, seal and other fish and of separating the fibrous matter from the oil. Aug. 8, 1854.

Charles H. Waterous - Machine for making nuts and washers from bars of heated metal. April 14, 1856.

Robert G. Frazer - New method for preventing the soakage and leakage or coloring of oils in casks or other wooden vessels. July 26, 1856.

William J. Williams - The shaping of staves, by passing them through curved rollers, also for jointing, crozing and cramfering staves. Sept. 17, 1856.

Moses G. Farmer and Asa F. Woodman - Improvements in electric telegraphs. March 4, 1857.

Christopher N. Nixon - Method of attaching rudders to floating vessels. April 20, 1857.

Nathan R. Vail - Machinery for manufacture of dough for hard bread or crackers. Nov. 12, 1857. Cancelled.

James Murray - Machine for mixing flour and water for manufacture of biscuits. Jan. 23, 1857.

William Jenkins - Manufacture, production and purification of seal and cod oils. Sep. 14, 1858.

Richard Neyle - Manufacture of pin-jiggers for catching squids. Feb. 1, 1859.

Richard Neyle - Machine for ginging or securing the line to fish-hooks. April 4, 1859.

Richard Neyle - Improvement in god-jiggers. March 9, 1860.

Charles Fox - Improvement in the manufacture of cod oil by extracting the stearine, and thus producing a new Materia Medica. Aug. 18, 1860.

Charles Fox - Manufacture of manure from fish offal. Aug. 28, 1860.

Benjamin Maillefert - Diving-bell. Aug. 28, 1860.

Charles Fox - Manufacture of manure from fish, fish refuse, fish bones, &c. March 7, 1863.

Charles Fox - Obtaining oil from the blubber of commerce. July 20, 1863.

Robert Davis - Improved machine and composition of matter for manufacture of brick. Sep. 2, 1863.

Charles Fox - Improvement in manufacture of manures from seal refuse, fish refuse, ground bones, &c. July 8, 1864.

Francis J. Bolton - Employment of written code of signals for telegraphing. Oct. 19, 1866.

William Thomson - For a telegraphic mirror galvanometer. Oct. 19, 1866.

William Thomson and Cromwell Fleetwood Varley - Transmission of signals of short duration through long lines of submarine cable. Oct. 19, 1866.

Gilbert Browning - The use of the farino of potato with wheat flour in manufacture of biscuit.

James Dewar - Improvement in preservation of articles for food, by submitting them to an aqueous solution of sulphuric acid. May 8, 1868.

Cromwell Fleetwood Varley - Improvements in telegraphing, cutting off disturbance caused by earth currents, obtaining a high speed of signalling through long circuits, and preservation of exposed condition by electro-lythic action. Aug. 31, 1868.

James Douglas and Thomas Sterry Hunt - Improvement in the extraction of copper from its ore. April 23, 1869.

Charles Fox - Improvement in the art of refining and deodorizing cod liver or medicinal oil, seal oil, &c. Oct. 29, 1869.



John Delaney, postmaster general; George LeMesurier, first clerk, and general accountant; Thomas S. Dwyer, superintendent of the money order department; John Freeman, second clerk and assorter; James Furlong, third clerk and assorter; E. Solomon and George R. Lilly, assistants; George Gaden, letter carrier and messenger. Office open from 9 o'clock, a.m., to 4 p.m., Sundays excepted, and after the arrival of the Halifax steamer, fortnightly in summer, and monthly in winter, for the delivery of the mails.


Harbor Grace, Andrew T. Drysdale;

Carbonear, Nicholas Nicholle;

Brigus, Sarah Stentaford, post mistress;

Trinity, Anne Cross, postmistress;

Bonavista, John Lawrence;

Greenspond, William Lang;

Fogo, James Fitzgerald;

Twillingate, Joseph J. Pearce;

Bay Bulls, Martin Williams;

Ferryland, John Morry; Placentia, Mary Morris, post mistress;

Burin, Thomas Winter;

Harbor Breton, Thomas Birkett;

Burgeo, Francis A. Parsons;

Little Placentia, Alexander Burke;

New Perlican, Francis Howell;

La Poile, Thomas Read;

Channel, John Hooper.


Port de Grave, Matthew O'Rielly;

Bay Roberts, James Fitzgerald;

Black Head, Matthew Hudson;

King's Cove, Michael Murphy;

Old Perlican, William Christian;

Portugal Cove, Mrs. Dooley, way mistress;

St. Mary's, James Murphy;

Oderin, James Murphy;

Paradise, William Ryan;

Salmonier, John Hurley;

Harbor Maine, Mrs. Brick, way mistress;

Hermitage, M. Frances;

Catalina, John Jeans;

Garnish, George Snelgrove;

Bay de Verds, Charles Blundon;

Lamaline, James Pitman;

Grand Bank, Jonathan Hickman;

Fortune, Dr. Haddock; Holyrood, John Veitch;

Topsail, James Moise;

Hant's Harbor, Thomas Smith;

Cat's Cove, T. O'Brien;

Island Cove, John Crane;

Trepassey, E. Devereaux, way mistress;

English Harbor, Albert Stirling;

New Harbor, C. Newhook;

La Manche, A.B. Cohu;

Freshwater, __ Pritchett;

Salvage, Thomas, Oldford;

St. Lawrence, Hugh Vavasor;

Rose Blanche, Philip Sorsoliel;

Western Bay, Pierce Hanrahan;

Tilt Cove, L. N. Gill;

Nippers Harbor, F.A. Thomas;

South side Salmonier, P. Cormack.


Summer. - Between St. John's and Portugal Cove, every day, except Sunday and Friday, by waggon for conveyance of mails for the northward, 91/2 miles. Between Portugal Cove, Brigus, Harbor Grace, and Carbonear by steamer tri-weekly; Bay Roberts weekly. The summer routes above are used from the 1st of April until the last of December. Distance across Conception Bay from 15 miles at Brigus to 21 Carbonear.

Winter. - Overland, by waggon around Conception Bay, for Carbonear via Topsail, Kelligrews, Holyrood, Harbor Main, Brigus, Port de Grave, Bay Roberts, Spaniards Bay, and Harbor Grace, semi-weekly, Mondays and Thursdays, except on the week of the arrival of the Halifax mail steamer and then six hours after her arrival in port. Distance 67 miles.

Summer. - Between St. John's and Harbor Main, via Topsail, Kelligrews, and Holyrood, weekly. Distance 34 miles. Between Carbonear and Grates Cove, via Hearts Content, New Perlican, Hants Harbor and Old Perlican, weekly by messengers. Distance to Hearts Content 12 miles and from Hearts Content to Grates Cove 35 miles.

Winter. - The same.

Summer. - Between Carbonear and Bay de Verds calling at intermediate places, Freshwater, Northern Bay, Western Bay Island Cove, &c. Distance 373/4 miles.

Winter. - The same.

Summer. - Between New Perlican and Trinity, weekly by boat - Distance 28 miles.

Winter. - The same.

Summer. - Between Trinity and Bonavista, weekly by messenger via Catalina. Distance 32 miles.

Winter. - The same.

Summer. - Between Trinity and Kings Cove, weekly by messenger. Distance 13 miles.

Winter. - The same.

Summer. - Between Bonavista and Greenspond, fortnightly by boat touching at Salvage. Distance 30 miles.

Summer. - Between St. John's and Tilt Cove, fortnightly by steamer after arrival of Halifax mail, calling at Trinity, Catalina, Kings Cove, Greenspond, Fogo, Twillingate and Nippers Harbor. Distance 240 miles

Winter. - Between St. John's and Tilt Cove overland via Harbor Grace, Spaniards Bay, New Harbor, Come-by-Chance, Random, Freshwater, Twillingate, on the Thursday after arrival of Halifax mail steamer. Distance about 220 miles.

Summer. - Between St. John's and Ferryland via Bay Bulls, Witless Bay and Toads Cove, weekly by waggon. Distance 45 miles.

Winter. - Fortnightly.

Summer. - Between Ferryland and Trepassey via Aquaforte and Renews fortnightly by messenger.

Winter. - Monthly. Distance 36 miles.

Summer. - Between St. John's and Placentia via Salmonier by waggon. Mails leaving St. John's 4 o'clock p.m. on Tuesday after the arrival of the fortnightly Halifax steamer. Distance 90 miles.

Winter. - Monthly. This waggon awaits the arrival of the packet boat from Burin with the Western mails.

Summer. - Between Salmonier and St. Mary's by messenger, fortnightly.

Winter. - Monthly. Distance 28 miles.

Summer. - Between Great and Little Placentia by messenger fortnightly.

Winter. - Monthly.

Summer. - Between Great Placentia, La Manche, Sound Island, Harbor Buffet, Red Island, Merasheen and Burgio (Placentia Bay) by boat, fortnightly.

Winter. - Monthly.

Summer. - Between Great Placentia and Burin by boat touching at Paradise and Oderin, fortnightly.

Winter. - Monthly.

Summer. - Between Burin and Garnish by messenger, fortnightly.

Winter. - Monthly.

Summer. - Between Burin, Corban, Little and Great St. Lawrence, Lamaline, Fortune and Grand Bank by messenger, fortnightly.

Winter. - Monthly.

Summer. - Between Garnish and Harbor Briton, calling at English Harbor by boat.

Winter. - Monthly.

Summer. - Between Harbor Briton, Burgeo, and La Poile by boat, fortnightly.

Winter. - Monthly.

Summer. - Between St. John's and Channel fortnightly by steamer calling at Ferryland and Renews alternately, Trepassey, Burin, St. Pierre, Lamaline, Harbor Brtion, Burgeo, La Poile, and Rose Blanche.

Once, or twice if considered necessary, in the summer a steamer is employed by the Government on a postal voyage to the Labrador, calling at such harbors as the Government may direct.

Table of Postage Rates on Letters posted in Newfoundland for the following Countries via England, viz.:

Africa, Ascension, Borneo, Brazil, Buenos Ayres, Belize, (Honduras), Ceylon, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Cape of Good Hope, Graytown, Guatemala, Hayti, Laboa, Mexico, Montevideo, Natal, New Granada, Penang, West Indies, St. Helena, Surinam, Singapore, per 1/2 oz. 34 cents.

Aden, Austria, Australia, Baden, Bavaria, Belgrade, Bremen, Bourbon, (Isle of,) Brunswick, Egypt, Falkland Island, Fernando Po, Frankfort, Gambia, Gibraltar, Gold Coast, Hamburg, Hanover, Hesse, Liberia, Lubeck, Malta via Southhampton, Mauritius, Mecklinburg, New South Wales, New Zealand, Oldenburg, Prussia, Saxony, Sierra Leone, Sweden, Tasmania, per 1/2 oz. 22 cents.

Azores, Canary Islands, Italy, Malta via France, Naples, Papal States, Portugal, Sardinia, Sicily, Smyrna, Spain, Switzerland, Maderia, Cape de Verds, per 1/4 oz. 22 cents.

Belgium, France, Algeria, Holland, per 1/4 oz. 16 cents.

Bolivia, Chili, Ecuador, Peru, and places on the West Coast of America, per 1/2 oz. 58 cents.

Lanarca, Seres, Tehesme, Tenedos via England, South America, (East and West Coast of) via Bermuda, per 1/2 oz. 34 cents.

Constantinople, Dardanelles, Galainz, Gallipoli, Moldavia, Myteleue, Rhodes, Samsonn, Salonica, Scutari, Syria, Trebizond, Tulcha, Tunis, Varna, per 1/4 oz. 22 cents.

Greece, per 1/2 oz. 26 cents, via Belgium.

Denmark, per 1/2 oz. 18 cents.

India and the Lounian Islands, per 1/2 oz. 30 cents.

Heligoland 26 cents.

Norway, per 1/2 oz. 24 cents.

Launberg, per 1/2 oz. 24 cents.

Papal States via Belgium, per 1/4 oz. 22 cents.

Poland and Russia, per 1/2 oz. 30 cents.

United Kingdom, 12 cents, single rate.

Table of Rates of Postage on Letters for the Dominion of Canada, Prince Edward Island, United States and West Indies, viz.: -

Dominion of Canada, (except Halifax), 13 cents per 1/2 oz., Prince Edward Island, Halifax, N.S., United States, West Indies, via Bermuda, 10 cents per 1/2 oz. posted at St. John's; 13 cents per 1/2 oz. posted at Outports.

Rule of Rating Letters by British Packet.

For the United Kingdom, West Indies, Dominion of Canada, Prince Edward Island, and United States, under 1/2 oz one rate; under 1 oz. two rates; under 11/2 oz. three rates, and so on, adding one rate for every 1/2 oz.

Letters posted in Newfoundland for the delivery at any place within the Island, are charged 3 cents for every 1/2 oz., if prepaid, and 6 cents unpaid.

By the Act 28 Vic., cap. 2., all letters sent from this Colony, and all local letters deposited in any post office in the Colony for delivery or transmission within it, shall be prepaid by stamps or otherwise.

Newspapers posted in this country when addressed to any place in the Dominion of Canada, (except Halifax), P.E. Island, Bermuda or the United States or elsewhere, (except Great Britain and Ireland) must be stamped or else they cannot be forwarded.

Foreign newspapers reported for transmission to the outports are charged one cent, to be prepaid by stamp.

All correspondence to the United States must be prepaid or it cannot be forwarded.


For letters under 1/2 oz. 3 cents; under 1 oz. 6 cents; 6 cents; 3 cents for every additional 1/2 oz. prepaid by stamp.

Book packets, pamphlets, magazines and periodicals, not exceeding three pounds in weight, transmitted by post within the Island are charged five cents for every quarter pound of their weight.


Parcels closed at the ends and sides may be posted at any Post Office in Newfoundland for conveyance to any other Post Office (not Way Office) in the Island, at a rate of postage subject to the following conditions: -

  • 1. - No letter or letters shall be concealed.
  • 2. - The parcel shall not contain any explosive substance, glass, liquid, or other matter, likely to injure the ordinary contents of the mail; under penalty of the forfeiture of the parcel.
  • 3. - The weight of the parcel shall not exceed 3 lbs. nor the size exceed one foot in length or breadth, or six inches in thickness.
  • 4. - Parcels must be prepaid at the following rates: - Under 1/4 lb. 5 cents. Over 1/4 lb. and not exceeding 1/2 lb. 10 cents. Over 1/2 lb. and not exceeding 3/4 lb. 15 cents.

    And so on, adding 5 cents for every 1/4 lb., or fraction thereof.

  • 5. - The parcel may be registered on payment of a fee of five cents in addition to the postage.
  • 6. - If the name and address of the sender be written on the parcel, it will, if delivery should fail from any cause, be returned unopened to the sender on payment of an additional rate of 20 cents for the return conveyance.
  • 7. - The parcel should have the words "by Parcel Post," plainly written over the address. It should be well and strongly put up and be legibly addressed to the Post Office address of the intended receiver, including the name of the district in which the Post Office is situated. The following is an example of the mode of address recommended: -


    To __________

    __________ Post Office

    District of __________

    Sent by: __________

    District of __________


    No written communication shall be enclosed in any circular, periodical, pamphlet, book, book parcel, or parcel for the Parcel Post; and no communication shall be written upon any circular, periodical, pamphlet, book, book package, or parcel.

    No letter, or any writing, or any marks to serve the purpose of a letter, shall be written upon or enclosed in any newspaper posted to pass as a newspaper.

    Prepaid books, pamphlets and magazines, for Great Britain, are charged the following rates, when exceeding 2 oz. in weight: -

    For a packet above 2 ozs. and not exceeding	4 ozs.	 6 cts.
    				not exceeding 	8 ozs.	12 cts.
    		Over 8 ozs. and not exceeding 	1 lb.	24 cts.

    And so on, adding 6 cents for every additional 4 ozs., or fraction thereof, when the packet exceeds 2 ozs. in weight.

    Books, trade patterns, or samples, and all printed papers, other than newspapers, not exceeding Two Ounces in weight, are forwarded to the United Kingdom, at the reduced rate of -

    For a packet not exceeding 1 oz. 2 cts.

    Above 1 oz. and not exceeding 2 ozs. 4 cts.

    Unpaid books for the United Kingdom, are forwarded, charged with double the prepaid rates of postage.

    Letters for Officers serving in H.M.S. service abroad, are chargeable with the ordinary rates of postage.


    Thomas S. Dwyer, superintendent.

    Office hours from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    Money Orders are now interchanged with the United Kingdom, Dominion of Canada, and Prince Edward Island, at the following rates of commission:

    Scale for the United Kingdom - Orders up £2 stg. 1s. stg; from £2, up to £5, 2s.; from £5, up to £7, 3s.; from £7, up to £10, 4s. over which sum no order can be issued.

    Scale for the Provinces - Orders up to £5, 1s; from £5, to £10, 2s.; from £10 to £15, 3s.; and from £15 to £20, 4.s. No single Order can be granted for more than £20. No half-pence to be introduced in the Orders.


    Those marked thus * are Money Order Offices.
    Name of Office.		District.			Name of Officer.
    *Bay Bulls		Ferryland			Martin Williams
    Bay de Verde		Bay de Verds			Charles Blundon
    Bay Roberts		Port de Grave			James Fitzgerald
    Blackhead		Bay de Verds			Matthew Hudson
    *Bonavista		Bonavista			John Lawrence
    *Brigus			Port de Grave			Mrs. Stentaford
    *Burgeo			Burgeo and La Poile		Francis A. Parsons
    *Burin			Burin				Thomas Winter
    *Carbonear		Carbonear			Nicholas Nicholle
    Catalina		Trinity				John Jeans
    Cats Cove		Harbor Main			Timothy O'Brien
    Channel			Burgeo and La Poile		John Hooper
    Come by chance		Placentia Bay			A. Blackadar
    English Harbor		Fortune Bay			Albert Stirling
    Ferryland		Ferryland			John Morry
    *Fogo			Fogo and Twillingate		James Fitzgerald
    Fortune			Burin				Dr. Haddock
    Freshwater		Bonavista Bay			__ Pritchett
    Garnish			Burin				George Snelgrove
    Grand Bank		Burin				Jonathan Hickman
    *Greenspond		Bonavista			William Lang
    Hants Harbor		Trinity				Mrs. Husse
    *Harbor Breton		Fortune Bay			Thomas Birkett
    *Harbor Grace		Harbor Grace			Andrew Drysdale
    Harbor Main		Harbor Main			Mrs. Brick
    Hermitage		Fortune Bay			M. Frances
    Holyrood		Harbor Main			John Veitch
    Island Cove		Harbor Grace			John Crane
    King's Cove		Bonavista			Michael Murphy
    Lamaline		Burin				James Pitman
    La Manche		Placentia and St. Mary's	A.B. Cohn
    La Poile		Burgeo and La Poile		Thomas Read
    Little Placentia	Placentia and St. Mary's	Alexander Burke
    New Harbor		Trinity				C. Newhook
    New Perlican		Trinity				Francis Howell
    Nippers Harbor		Fogo and Twillingate		F.A. Thomas
    Oderin			Placentia and St. Mary's	James Murphy
    Old Perlican		Trinity				William Christian
    Paradise		Placentia and St. Mary's	William Ryan
    *Placentia		Placentia and St. Mary's	Miss Morris
    Port de Grave		Port de Grave			Matthew O'Rielly
    Portugal Cove		St. John's East			Margaret Dooley
    Random			Trinity Bay			J. Tilley
    Rose Blanche		Burgeo and La Poile		P. Sorsoliel
    Salmonier		St. Mary's and Placentia	John Hurly	
    Salmonier South side	Placentia and St. Mary's	P. Cormack
    Salvage			Bonavista			Thomas Oldford
    St. Lawrence		Burin				Hugh Vavasor
    St. Mary's		Placentia and St. Mary's	James Murphy
    Tilt Cove		Fogo and Twillingate		L.N. Gill
    Topsail			Harbor Main			John Moise
    Trepassey		St. Mary's			Ellen Devereaux
    *Trinity		Trinity				Anne Crosse
    *Twillingate		Fogo and Twillingate		Joseph J. Pearce
    Western Bay		Bay de Verds			James Hanrahan
    Western Bay		Bay de Verds			P. Hanrahan


    The Governor in Council has power to appoint five commissioners with whom shall rest the examination and licensing of pilots. No one shall be licensed as a pilot except on due examination he be found competent to act in that capacity, and no greater number shall be licensed than twelve, except such persons as are apprenticed to licensed pilots, prior to 13th April, 1864. The following is the form of pilots certificate:

    					Port of St. John's, Newfoundland.
    I. C. D., Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, appointed by Law to
    examine and select pilots for the said port, do hereby certify that
    E. F., having been examined by us, was deemed a fit person to undertake
    the pilotage of vessels of every description into and out of said port,
    and on the                  day of              A.D. 18		was by
    us licensed to act in that capacity.
    					(Signed)	C.D. Chairman
    Entered in the register of Pilots' Licenses this
    	day of                    A.D. 18
    This license cannot be lent or transferred.


    The rates of pilotage payable by vessels entering or leaving the Port of St. John's, shall be as follows, when such vessels are boarded by a licensed pilot to the southward or eastward of Cape Spear, or to the northward of Sugar Loaf, and five-sixths of the said rates when boarded inside Cape Spear and to the southward of Sugar Loaf, and before coming to anchor. When the present number of licensed pilots is reduced to eighteen, three-fourths only of these rates to be charged: and when reduced to twelve half only of the present rate to be charged and payable: and no vessel returning to the said port within twenty-four hours of her departure therefrom shall be compellable to take a pilot on her said return to the said port, nor on her second departure therefrom.

    Any pilot exacting a larger sum for his services, or taking a less sum than is allowed by said rates, shall forfeit for such offense the sum of eight dollars, and when he has exacted more, shall refund the excess received by him.

    On vessels under eighty tons new measurement                           $ 8.00
    On vessels from eighty to one hundred tons new measurement              10.00	   
    On vessels from one hundred to one hundred and twenty tons              11.00
    On vessels from one hundred and twenty to one hundred and sixty tons	12.00
    On vessels from one hundred and sixty to two hundred tons               13.00
    On vessels from two hundred to two hundred and forty tons               14.00
    On vessels from two hundred and forty to two hundred and eighty tons	15.00  
    On vessels from two hundred and eighty to three hundred tons            16.00
    On vessels from three hundred to three hundred and fifty tons           20.00
    On vessels from three hundred and fifty to four hundred tons            24.00
    On vessels from four hundred to five hundred tons                       28.00
    On vessels from five hundred to six hundred tons                        32.00
    On vessels from six hundred to seven hundred tons                       36.00
    On vessels from seven hundred to eight hundred tons                     40.00
    Over that size for every one hundred tons additional                     2.00
    And on no one vessel is the pilotage to exceed forty-eight dollars.

    Steamers of less than one hundred and fifty horse power shall pay pilotage on their net tonnage, as in the case of sailing vessels.

    Steamers above the said power shall pay at the rate of ten cents for each horse power, without reference to tonnage .

    Steamers employed in the fisheries of the colony shall be exempt, except on Foreign voyages, and then at the rate of ten cents for each horse power.

    Coastal steamers shall also be exempt.

    Subsided Mail steamers in connection with the colony shall pay on this horse power, at the rate of ten cents for each horse power.

    No steamer shall pay more than forty-eight dollars at one time.

    All coasting vessels which may take pilots to pay one half the above rates of pilotage in proportion to their tonnage. The above scale of pilotage shall be payable on the Register Tonnage of all such vessels as ascertained before going out of the harbor.

    Her Majesty's vessels under sixth rate			      	  $ 14.00
    Her Majesty's vessels of the fourth, fifth and sixth rate	26.00
    Her Majesty's vessels of first, second and third rate	   	34.00


    For the protection of property wrecked on the coast of Newfoundland an act was passed 23 Vict. Cap. 5. By this act the Governor is authorized to appoint in every district of the Island one or more commissioners of wrecked property, whose duty shall be to take charge of any wrecked property above the value of twenty-five pounds, which may be within the limits of his district, if the same should not be in the custody of the owner, or agent or being in such custody, if requested to take charge thereof.

    The Commissioner has power to compel the discovery of any wrecked goods in the possession of parties other than the owner thereof or his agent, and should there be disagreement relative to the amount of salvage the claims shall be submitted to the decision of two arbitrators, in addition to the commissioner, who shall be appointed one by the owner as his agent and the other by the claimant, all property to remain in the hands of the commissioner until all claims for salvage are disposed of. Provided that in case the property saved shall amount to $4,000 in value an appeal may be made within one month from the decision of the arbitrators to any Superior Count of Record or judge of such court; which appeal shall be heard and determined in a summary way by such court or judge either upon evidence as taken before the arbitrators and commissioner, or otherwise as the court or judge may direct, and the commissioner is authorized to pay all awards either by money or the property saved.

    Any person secreting property other than the owner or agent and refusing to make it known or give it up to the commissioner, shall upon discovery forfeit double the value thereof, and pay for each offence a penalty of one hundred pounds to Her Majesty and shall forfeit all claims for salvage.

    The commissioner may employ parties to secure and preserve property, and any persons disobeying the lawful orders of the commissioner in relation thereto shall for every such offence forfeit and pay the sum of ten pounds.

    The commissioner shall make an inventory of all property which shall come into his possession, and shall verify the same by affidavit, and deliver a copy thereof, together with the said property, to the person entitled thereto after having satisfied salvage or other services, on being first paid his commission and all reasonable and necessary charges that he may have been put to for the care and custody of such property.

    Any person intermeddling with property after arrival of commissioner other than the owner or his agent shall forfeit a sum of fifty pounds.

    If no owner or persons interested in such property be present where the same may be, the commissioner, as soon as practical, shall publish in a newspaper of the colony the particulars of the shipwreck and other information relating to the property, on neglect of which he shall forfeit one hundred pounds. Within thirty days after salvage claims have been satisfied commissioner may sell property to pay duties, and charges thereon, first giving fourteen days notice of such sale in one of the newspapers of the colony and by hand-bills posted up in three of the principal settlements of the district in the vicinity of the place appointed for such sale.

    If property be under the value of twenty-five pounds, or of such a nature that it cannot advantageously be kept, the commissioner may sell the same before the expiration of thirty days, and the money so raised shall be held for the same purpose and subject to the same claims as if it had remained unsold.

    Should no person interested in such property establish his claims thereto within three months after the publication of particulars relating thereto, the commissioner shall at the expiration of such time (or as soon thereafter as all salvage and other claims have been liquidated) deposit with receiver general of the colony a sworn copy of the inventory of such property, or if the same be sold, an account of the sales, and monies paid for charges, duties, expenses and shall thereon pay over the balance of the pounds, or the property remaining on hand to the receiver general, deducting therefrom a sum not exceeding five per cent, exclusive of disbursements and reasonable charges, to satisfy the said commissioner for all claims he may have for his services or otherwise. Any disagreement between the commissioner and the receiver general to be decided by arbitration. Should the commissioner refuse to make return to the receiver general within thirty days after the expiration of three months (all claims to salvage being liquidated) Her Majesty's attorney general shall, at the instance of the receiver general, prosecute such commissioner, and recover from him the balance of such pounds, or the value thereof.

    If the property deposited with the receiver general be not claimed within twelve months, it shall be paid over to the treasury, therein to remain until the same shall be claimed by the owner, who, on proof before a judge of the Supreme Court, shall upon order of such judge receive the same.

    Should any one refuse, on demand, to deliver to the commissioner property liable to his charge, it shall be lawful for a justice of peace, upon affidavit made before him, to command a constable of the district to seize and safely keep the same until such time as the justice shall decide upon the merits of the case, and the decision may be appealed against to any Superior Court of Record in the colony or to a judge thereof.

    Any proceedings that may be appealed against to any Superior Court of Record or a judge of such court, if in accordance with justice, shall be confirmed notwithstanding any want of legal form therein, or may be corrected, or amended, and wholly revised only for wilful error, excessive or insufficient award.

    Any person being a defaulter in the payment of any fine, &c., imposed on him, with no property on which the same may be levied, shall be committed to gaol for a period not exceeding six months, with or without hard labor.

    In case of the absence of the owner or his agent, if he be a foreigner, the consul, vice consul or consular agent of his country shall be deemed the agent of such owner.



    Incorporated by act of the Legislature, with a capital of £50,000. In the year ending 31st May, 1868, this bank circulated notes to the extent of £42,130.

    Directors - Stephen Rendell, Frederick J. Wyatt, James Goodfellow, Edwin Duder, hon. J. Winter.

    Robert Brown, manager; Henry Cooke, accountant and teller; John W. Hayward, clerk; William B. Dryer, clerk and manager; hon. F. B. T. Carter, Q.C., standing counsel and solicitor.

    Discount Days - Tuesdays and Fridays, from 12 1/2 to 11/2 o'clock.

    Hours of Business - From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


    Incorporated by act of the Legislature, 18 Vic., cap. 4, with a capital of £50,000. All government business is done through this institution. In the year ending 31st May, 1868, this bank circulated notes to the extent of £104,287. The shares of this bank are at a high premium.

    Directors - Robert Grieve, Robert Alexander, hon. R. Thorburn, Hon. A. W. Harvey, John Munn.

    John W. Smith, manager; Randel Greene, accountant and teller; Charles S. Pinsent, Alfred G. Smith, clerks; R. J. Pinsent, Q.C., standing counsel and solicitor.

    Days of Discount - Mondays and Thursdays, from 21/2 to 11/2 o'clock

    Open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


    Governors - Appointed under Acts 18 and 19 Vic., cap. 11, sec. 2: Five members of the House of Assembly and three members of the Legislative Council.

    Members of House of Assembly. - Hon. Charles F. Bennett, hon. Thomas Glen, major Renouf, Charles Duder, hon. The Speaker.

    Members of the Legislative Council - Hon. James S. Clift, hon. William J.S. Donnelly, hon. Edward White.

    Hon. Edward Morris, cashier.


    Joseph Peters, cashier.

    The Savings bank is a thoroughly Government Institution; the Government being responsible for its deposits, and having control of its expenditure. The profits, after payment of interest to depositors, are added to the general revenue.

    Any deposit is received of a shilling and upwards, and interest is reckoned on sums amounting to one pound and upwards at the rate of three per cent per annum.

    Amount deposited in 1860, $123,991; total amount of deposits to 31st December, 1869: $640,152; total number of depositors, 1,413; total number of depositors in Harbor Grace Branch, 150.


    Stephen Rendell, president; Robert Grieve and hon. P. G. Tessier, vice-presidents; J. Goodfellow, secretary and treasurer; hon. A. W. Harvey, hon. Robert Thorburn, hon. J. J. Clift, Robert Alexander, Robert Grieve, W. H. Mare, Thos. W. Stabb, Charles Bowring, Robert H. Prowse.



    His Excellency the Governor, patron; Wm. Boyd, president; Robert Grieve, president Curling Club; A. M. McKay, D. Watson, A. Thomson, vice-presidents; James R. Knight, secretary.


    Capt. W.M. Warren, president; F.J. Brown, vice-president; J. S. Winter, secretary-treasurer; A. Rankin, A. O. Hayward, S. Hutchings, T. Winter, committee.


    Capt. Thomas F. Walsh, president; D. J. Green, secretary; W. R. Ferth, treasurer; R. Hayward, M. K. Greene, T. J. Hearn, R. J. Hutton, James Walsh, committee.

    Edwin Duder, president; A. Shea, vice-president; J. S. winter, secretary; A. E. Outerbridge, treasurer; Henry E. Hayward, hon. A. Harvey, R. Kent, W. H. Mare, C. Bowring, H. J. Stabb and F. J. Wyatt, directors.




    S. Rendell, president; Lewis Tessier, P. Feehan, J. Goodfellow,

    J. McLaughlan, R. Grieve, Charles Bowring, directors.



    Wm. McGrath, first director; Thomas Brine, second director; Wm. Row, treasurer, John Donnelly, secretary.


    Michael Hartery, first director; John Strathie, second director;

    Patrick Walsh, treasurer; Patrick Rowan, secretary.


    Francis Boggan, first director; Philip Quirk, second director;

    Jeremiah Hickey, treasurer, James Ryan, secretary.



    Directors - Charles Bowring, president; David Sclater, vice-president, J. B. Wood, Richard Harvey, James Baird, Robert H. Prowse, Robert Hunt.


    Directors - John Munn, T. H. Ridley, W. J. S. Donnelly, G. C. Rutherford, R. S. Munn, J. Patterson, P. Devereaux; G. Watts, secretary and treasurer; J. Strathie, manager.


    UNION MARINE INSURANCE CO. of Newfoundland.

    Directors - Allan Goodridge, president; John Kent, hon. P. G. Tessier, John Bowring, Stephen Rendell, E. Duder, Charles Bowring, Alexander Graham, T. H. Walters, Edward Smith, Gilbert Browning; E. L. Jarvis, secretary.



    Directors - John H. Warren, president; Charles Bowring, Richard Harvey, W. M. H. Warren, Robert G. Knight, Charles J. Pinsent, H. G. H. Gill; E. L. Jarvis, secretary.



    S. Rendell, president; R. Thorburn, E. Duder, A. W. Harvey, Charles Bowring, Wm. Wheatley, directors.



    Robert Alexander, John Bowring, T. H. Walters, James Goodfellow,

    Robert Grieve, Stephen Rendell, A. W. Harvey, directors; T. H. Walters, manager.


    GENERAL WATER CO. OF ST. JOHN'S. Incorporated 1859.

    Under Government guarantee and control.

    Directors - Hon. James S. Clift, president; Ewen Stabb, secretary; F. B. T. Carter, Q.C., solicitor; John T. Neville, assessor of property; Thomas W. Pinsent, collector of rates and assessments; John Martin, engineer.


    Directors - Thomas H. Ridley, president; hon. W. J. S. Donnelly, treasurer; John Munn, Daniel Green, G. C. Rutherford, Nathaniel Davis, C. Watts, secretary.



    Walter Grieve, Thomas McMurdo, John B. Bulley, James O. Fraser, hon. P. G. Tessier, William Boyd; Adam Scott, master.


    Incorporated 1862. Instituted originally as the Newfoundland School Society, 1823.

    Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen, patron; His Grace the Archbishop of Cantebury, His Grace the Archbishop of Armagh, vice patrons; the most hon. the marquis of Cholmondsley, president, and 72 vice-presidents, consisting of Peers of the United Kingdom, English and Colonial Bishops, Deans, Colonial Governors, (including the governor of Newfoundland) members of Parliament, &c., &c.

    Corresponding Committee in Newfoundland - F. B. T. Carter, Q.C., president, hon. R. J. Pinsent, Q.C., vice-president; J. B. Wood, M.H.A., treasurer; James Bayly, secretary; J. W. Marriott, inspector and organiser of schools; rev. T. M. Wood, W. V. Whiteway, Q.C., hon. J. Winter, Nicholas Stabb, jun., hon. J. S. Clift, Theodore Clift, E. L. Jarvis; Union Bank, bankers.

    School Teachers - St. John's (Central school) Mr. Rowe, boys; Miss Connell, girls; training pupil teachers of the Society, Misses Pippy, Wiseman, Potter; infants school, Miss Anderson; Belleoram, Miss Saunders; Petty Harbor, Mr. And Mrs. Bishop; Portugal cove, Mr. Ward; Brigus, R. C. Lawrence; Porte de Grave, Mr. And Mrs. Maddock and Miss Andrews; Spaniard's Bay, Mr. And Mrs. Earle; Bishop's Cove, Miss Pack; Harbor Grace, Mr. And Mrs. Bell; Heart's content, Mr. And Miss Gardner; Trinity, Edwin Collis and Miss Lockyer; Bonavista, Mr. And Mrs. Lawrence; Salvage, Miss Mills; Greenspond, Mr. and Mrs. H. Lind; Swain's Island, Edward Bishop; Twillingate, Mr. Crosby; Fogo, Mrs. Plomer; Great St. Lawrence, Mr. And Mrs. Kelligrew.


    Directors - Right Rev. the Lord Bishop, Robert Carter, hon. Sir Hugh Hoyles, chief justice, hon. Judge Robinson; head master, rev. Joseph F. Phelps; second master, Elias Marett.


    Visitor, the right rev. the Lord Bishop; rev. William Pilot, vice principal; Charles Warren, Arthur Winsor, George Bishop, - Wilson, students.


    Directors - Rev. John S. Peach, James J. Rogerson, hon. Nicholas Stabb, Joseph Woods, Stephen Rendell; Alexander Simpson Reid, M.A, head master; R.W. Woodworth, assistant.



    Charles Crowdy, M.D., and Charles H. Renouf, M.D., medical attendants; Miss Cowan, matron; John Prowse, keeper.


    Charles Crowdy, M.D., and Charles H. Renouf, M.D., medical attendants; Mrs. Downer, keeper.



    Henry H. Tabb, M.D., resident physician.


    St. John's, Eastern Ward - William C. Simms, M.D., Henry Shea, M.D. Western Ward - Frederick Bunting, M.D.

    Conception Bay - William Allan, M.D.


    Committee - John Boyd, secretary; Gilbert Browning, Alexander M. McKay, Andrew Thompson; Robert Stott, teacher.


    Right rev. Dr. Power, president, very rev. John B. Lovejoy, vice-president, rev. Daniel Lynch, Thomas Talbot, Fitzpatrick, and O'Regan, professors; - Bennett, professor of music.



    John McCarthy, president; John F. Apsey, secretary; Robert R. Balmen, treasurer.


    Rev. R. V. Howley, D.D., president; R. Greene, vice-president; R. Hutton, secretary; Michael Berney, treasurer; James Furlong, librarian. W. P. Walsh, T. R. Walsh, Wm. Doutney, Wm. Donnelly, Edward Fitzgibbon, T. Farrell, Wm. Jordan, John Howley, M. Fenlon, Wm. Ferth, T. S. Dwyer, Michael Stafford, John Howlett and Henry Borne, council.


    Hon. W. J. Donnelly, president; L. W. Emerson, R.S. Munn, vice-presidents.

    Committee - W. O. Wood, R. Brown, W.V. Munn, Stewart Munn, John Syme, W. H. Thomson, Robert Walsh.


    Hon. Nicholas Stabb, president; William Boyd, hon. R. Kent, vice-presidents; J. S. Winter, secretary; James Murray, and A. McKew, curators. Committee - Rev. M. Harvey, James Baird, C. J. Ryland, James Fox, William Pitt, Henry LeMessurier, M. Monroe, T. McCannon and Judge Prowse; C. Barnes, librarian and superintendent of rooms.


    S. Rendell, president; C. R. Ayre, first vice-president; James Whiteford, 2nd vice-president; H. J. B. Woods, secretary; A.S. Reid, treasurer; H. W. Woodworth, librarian.

    Committee - Officers ex-officio, rev. James Dove, rev. S. T. Teed, and Messrs. G. W. Mews, R. Blackwood, sen., and John B. Ayre.


    (Under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of England) Hon. James S. Clift, D.P.G.M.; Henry T. B. Wood, D.G.S.

    ST. JOHN'S LODGE, NO. 579.

    M. Monroe, W.M.; J. Skeoch, S.W.; C. S. Pinsent, J.W.; H. Cook, treasurer; J. R. Goodridge, secretary; rev. D. McRae, chaplain, S. Wills, S.D.; A. J. W. McNeilly, J.D.; W. Irving and A. O. Hayward, stewards; C. W. Parker, I.G.; W. Smith, tyler.

    Meetings on the first Friday in every month, at Masonic hall, British square.


    George Rendell, W.M.; George A. Hutchings, S.W.: James Fletcher, J.S.; Thomas Withycombe, treasurer; Joseph Wilson, secretary; J. L. Duchemin, S.D.; Robert Spence, J.D; Henry Ellis, James Alexander, stewards; Henry Langston, I.G.; William Smith, tyler.

    Meetings on second Thursday in every month, at Masonic hall, British square.

    (Under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.)

    Alexander M. McKay, P.G.M.; W. T. Parsons, D.P.G.M.; T. H. Ridley, S.G.M.; J. N. Finlay, S.G.M.; Robert Dicks, J.G.W.; Alexander Graham, G.T.; Prescott Emerson, G.S.; William P. Munn, G.C.; rev. John Prince, G.C.; E.L. Moore, S.G.D.; W. D. Morris, J.G.D.; John P. Fox, G.A.; David Watson, A. Mearns, G.S.; H. Canning, A. Martin, G.M.; G. Cooke, G.I.G.; William Smith, G. tyler.

    The Provincial Grand Lodge holds quarterly communications.

    TASKER LODGE, NO. 404?, R.S.

    Alexander Smith, R.W.M.; Adam Martin, W.S.W.; John T. Carnell, W.J.W.; Robert Scott, treasurer; John McL. Muir, secretary; John Hughes, S.D.; Adam Johnston, J.D.; J. W. Spry, W. Thorburn, stewards; H. H. Foster, J.G.; William Smith, tyler.

    Meetings third Wednesday in each month at Masonic hall, British square.


    J. S. Clift, P.E.P.Z.; N. S. Stobb, M.E.P.Z.; R. T. Rankin, P.H.; J. F. Chisholm, P.J.; M. Monroe, P.S.; J. S. Hayward, S.S.; H. J. Stabb, J.S.; Aubyn Pearce, S.E.; George G. Geddes, S.N. and treasurer; Wm. Smith, janitor.

    HARBOR GRACE, No. 476.

    G. C. Rutherford, P.M.; John Syme, R.W.M.; Thomas Wills, W.S.W.; Stewart Munn, W.J.W.; John Paterson, treasurer; Selby G. Alan, secretary; Robert Badcock, S.D.; Samuel Congdon, J.D.; rev. A. Ross, chaplain; Robert T. Squarey, William Ford, stewards; Joseph Russell, I.G.; Fritz Grimm, tyler; Robert Ross, bible bearer.

    BURIN LODGE, No. 1281.

    G. Bishop, W.M.; J. Winter, S.W.; Gabriel Goddard, J.S.; J. Bradley, treasurer; D. Bishop, secretary; J. Weare, S.D.; George Goddard, J.D.; E. Hollett, I.G.; R. Hodder, tyler.


    Charles F. Bennett, consul-general for Newfoundland. Vice Consuls - Thomas R. Smith, St. John's; John Munn, Harbor Grace; William Junott, Burin; W. J. Gallop, Harbor Breton and Gaultois; Gilbert Humphrey Cole, Trinity; Philip John Gruchy, La Poile; Charles Middleton, Burgeo; George Messervy, Jersey Harbor; James Philip LeGray, Little Harbor.

    Jose Blanche Modeste, vice consul, St. John's; T. Harrison Ridley, Harbor Grace. Consular Agents - John E. Duder, Twillingate; James L. Noonan, Greenspond; Dr. Hay Findlater, Fogo; Gilbert Humphrey Cole, Trinity; Philip Sorsoliel, Rose Blanche; Pilip Hubert, Harbor Breton; Henry F. Holman, Gaultois.

    North German Confederation
    Robert H. Prowse, consul for Newfoundland.

    J. G. Toussaint, vice-consul for Newfoundland.

    John Kent, consul for Newfoundland; Robert J. Kent, acting consul.

    James Bayly, consular agent for Newfoundland.

    United States of America
    Thomas N. Molloy, consul for Newfoundland. Consular agent, Charles Wills, Harbor Grace.

    Sweden and Norway
    Robert H. Prowse, vice-consul for Newfoundland.


    For the maintenance of this force an annual vote of $1200 has been granted by the Legislature. Uniforms and accoutrements for non commissioned officers and privates are provided out of this sum, but commissioned officers have to provide their own. Each man receiving the government uniform is bound to attend twelve drills per annum.

    Commander-in-Chief - His Excellency the Governor.

    Deputy-Adjutant-General - Major Henry Renouf.


    (Uniform - Scarlet, blue facings.)

    Commanding - Henry J. Stabb.

    Adjutant - Capt. Robert Dicks.

    No. 1 Company, (Prince of Wales) - Captain, Charles S. Binsent; lieutenant, John E. Roach; ensign, Thomas Prown.

    No. 3 Company, (Victoria) - Captain, Thomas W. Stabb; lieutenant, Nicholas S. Stabb; ensign, Charles Bowring.

    No. 4 Company, (Terra Nova) Captain, Robert J. Parsons, jun.; lieutenant, Henry Dryer.

    Avalon Company - Captain, Richard T. Rankin, lieutenant, James S. Winter; ensign, James Browning.


    (Uniform - Blue, red facings.)

    Major, hon. John Hayward; captain, Henry T. Moor; lieutenant, Robert S. Munn; ensign, William P. Munn.





    His Excellency the Governor, patron; John T. Neville, president; William V. Whiteway, Q.C., hon. Judge Robinson, Stephen Rendell, J. C. Withers, vice-presidents; Joseph Crowdy, treasurer, W. F. Rennie, secretary.


    Robert Walsh, president; Charles Ross and G. Makinson, vice-presidents; G. C. Rutherford, treasurer, Claudius Watts, secretary.


    R. J. Pinsent, president; s. Rendell and J. J. Rogerson, vice-presidents; J. J. Dearin, secretary and treasurer.



    Founded 1806.

    Hon. Edward Morris, president; John Casey, vice-president; Thomas S. Dwyer, first assistant; R. J. Kent, second assistant; William P. Walsh, treasurer; Henry V. Burne, secretary; William Doutney, chairman Orphan Asylum school; Michael Rice, chairman of charity; John Callanan, chairman review and correspondence; Michael Berney, secretary Orphan Asylum school.


    Founded 1814.

    John Fitzgerald, president; Patrick Devereaux, vice-president; Patrick Walsh, first assistant; Maurice Connell, second assistant; Robert Walsh, treasurer; James Bolger, secretary; John Barry, chairman of committee of charity; John Grubert, chairman of review and correspondence.


    His Excellency the Governor, patron; visitor and president, the right rev. the Lord Bishop; vice-president, the Incumbent of the cathedral church and rev. T. M. wood, incumbent of St. Thomas' church; trustees, the right rev. the visitor and president, ex-officio, Henry K. Dickinson, hon. J. Winter, M.D.; treasurer hon. James Clift; secretary, rev. G. M. Johnson; physician, Charles Crowdy. Committee - Edwin Duder, Philip Hutchins, G. J. Hayward, rev. E. Botwood, hon. Judge Robinson, hon. A. W. Harvey, F. B. T. Carter, W. H. Mare, W. J. White, C. Bowring.


    Mrs. J. W. Smith, president and treasurer; Mrs. McRae, secretary; Mrs. Rendell, Mrs. J. W. Smith, Mrs. Macpherson, Mrs. Reid, collectors; Mrs. J. Baird, Mrs. J. Sclater, Mrs. Smith, dispensers.


    Lady Hoyles, president; Mrs. Godfellow, vice-president; Mrs. George Robinson, treasuer; Mrs. A. C. F. Wood, secretary.

    Committee - Mrs. J. Prowse, Mrs. Lash, Mrs. Boyd, Mrs J. W. Hayward, Mrs. March, Mrs. Cooke, Mrs. Bond, Mrs. Holden, Mrs J. B. Wood, Mrs. Milroy, Mrs. Harvey, Mrs. Winser, Miss McMurdo, Mrs J. Baird, Miss Whiteford, Mrs Pitts, Miss Arnott, Miss James, Miss Bulley.


    Rev. G. Gardner, president; W. Rowe and Charles Rendell, vice-presidents; John Farnbam, Secretary; Charles Hopkins, assistant-secretary ; Richard Penny, treasurer; R. Hopkins, assistant-treasurer.


    Joseph L. Little, president; T. S. Dwyer,vice-president; Captain Wm. Coady, assistant-vice-president; William Kitchen, treasurer, Wm. Doutney, secretary.



    Henry W. Seymore, president; Richard Atwell, vice-president; Charles B. Rankin, Treasurer; James Pennock, Secretary.

    Committee- Robert Woir, R. J. Gear, J W. Collier, Charles Stitson, Henry French, Thomas Coffin, John Baldwin, Abel Watkins, Thomas Clouston.


    H.K. Dickenson, president; C.R. Ayre and C. S. Pinsent, vice-presidents; H. T. B. Wood, treasurer; Henry Cooke, secretary.

    Committee of Charity- The Above officers ex-officio, and Rev. T. M. Wood, rev. G. M. Johnson, rev. E. Botwood, hon. J.S. Clift, John C. Withers, George F. Bown, G. T. Rendell, R. H.Prowse, T. R. Smith, W. H. Mare, Joseph Crowdy.


    Robert Grieve, president; John Boyud, vice-president; James Baird, treasurer; R. Stott, M. A., secretary. Commettee of Charity-Charles Rankin, Robert Blackwood, and Gilbert Browning.



    Patron, His Excellency the Governor: president, The right rev. the Lord Bishop;vice-presidents, the very rev. the Rural Deans; Wm. H. Mare, treasurer; rev G. M.Johnson, secretary.

    Committee- J. C. Withers, W. v Whitewqy,Q.C.,E. Duder, Ewen Stabb, F. B. C. Carter, Q.C., C. Crowdy, M. D., H. Le Messurier, Joseph Crowdy, hon. James F.Clift, Thomas Clift, A. O. Hayward, H. K. Dicklenson, hon. Judge Robinson, G. J.Hayword.



    James Murray G. P. W. ; John Freeman G. W. A ;Ebenezer Brace, G. Scribe; James S. Winter, G. Treasurer; John English, G. Chaplain; John Patrick, G. con; Robert Weir, G. sentinel.


    Ebenezer Boone, W. P.; James Scott, recording-secretary; Meets Thursdays.


    John Haddon, W. P.; Henry Le Messurier, R.S. meets Fridays.


    Rev. M. Harvey, president.


    James Furlong, president; Robert Smith, vice-president; Thomas Cody, first assistant; William Harris, second assistant; Phillip Hally, first treasurer; James Heynes, second treasurer; Michael J. Ellard,secretary; John Carroll, Marshal.


    Patrick Namell, president; Nicholas T. McGrath, secretary.


    David Rogers, deputy G. W. P.; Joseph Russel, W. P. ; Thomas Rogers, R. S. meets Wednesdays.


    A. T. Drysdale, president ; John Barry, vice-president; Nicholas Hartery, first assistant; James Graham, second assistant; John Cody, treasurer; Stanislaus Fitzgerald, financial secretary; Patrick Walsh, secretary.


    Henry Shortis, president;Frederick Hartery, vice-president; Peter Goff, first assistant; John Murphy, second assistant; John Foley, treasurer; Michael Graham,Financial Secretary; Bernard Fitzgerald, secretary.


    Richard H. Taylor, W. C. J. ; Alfred Penny, secretary; William Babcock, treasurer.


    Samuel Bartlett, W. P. , John N. Leamon, recording scribe. Meets Tuesdays.


    G.W.R. Hierlihy, W. P. ; G. W. Payne, R. S. Meets Mondays.


    William Thomas Boone, W. P.; John Butler. R. S.


    Robert White, W. P.; Richard Grant, R. S. Meets Mondays.


    John Snelgrove, W. P.; James B. O'Donnell, R. S.


    John Duder, W. P.; William Polk , R. S. Meets Thursdays.


    Samuel Darby, W. G.; Edward Hollett, R. S. William harding, D. G. W. P.


    William H. Pyne,W. P.; William Moulton, R. S.; Richard Paul, D.G. W.P. Meets Mondays.


    John Bennett, W. P. ;James M. haddor, R.S.; John Lake, D. G. W. P. Meets Saturdays.


    Benjimin Level, W. P. ; George A. Hickman, R. S. ; George F. Christian, D. G. W.P. Meets Thursdays.


    George Ivey, R. S.; rev. J. Reay, D. G. W. P.


    Jonathan Ford, W. P. ; Joseph Dennis, R. S. ; Edmund George, D. W. G. P.,



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