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United Church <br>Brigus

History of the United Church



History records the beginning before the dawn of the 19th century with two visits by Rev. William Thornsby in 1796. Methodism has a pioneer, John Percey, who took the initiative to lay the foundation of a Methodists Church. Preaching on Sundays and teaching during the week, he was recognized for his work, going to London, England, in 1803 to be ordained at the hands of the Rev. Dr. Thomas Coke. Tradition says that he was the first Newfoundlander to be ordained. He was minister in Brigus from 1803 - 1820. While there is some indication that services were held in the homes of parishioners, records indicate that a Wesleyan chapel was built and used up to 1875.

The present day Church was built and opened on Sunday, May 23, 1875 by Rev. G.S. Milligan, President of the Newfoundland Conference. Installed in the church in 1875 was a Bevington pipe organ which is still in use today. It is known to be the oldest one in use today in Newfoundland. It contains 437 pipes and is in excellent condition after it many years of use.

Information and Records for United Church

P.O. Box 219
Brigus, Newfoundland
A0A 1K0

Telephone and Fax #:
(709) 528-4523 (Church
(709) 528-7591 (Rectory)
Fax #: none

E-Mail Address:

Rev. Graham Cooke

Tel # (709) 528-3391

Records Available:

     Baptisms	(1822-1982)	Box 1
     Marriages	(1823-1849)	Box 1
     Marriages	(1837-1984)	Box 2
     Burials	(1824-1981)	Box 2	Reel # 05 (1852-1892)
     Miscellaneous	 (1804-1820)	Box 1	Reel # 10 (1804-1820) 
	 Parson John Percey's Records
     Parish Inventory	(1821-1854)	Box 2	Reel # 10 (1821-1854)

The United Church has no congregation from Marysvale and English Cove 
as of present day stats, however, years ago they were people in the 
Turk's Gut/English Cove area who were part of the Brigus congregation.

The following are the  Vital Statistics Volumes (DPHW) available at 
PANL only.  Parish records can also be found at the United Church 

Place:			Brigus
Parish:			North River
Religion:		Reformed Episcopal Church

Baptisms:		1884-1891	Vol 37	Reel No. C
Marriages:		1884-1891	Vol 37	Reel No. C


Place:			Brigus
Parish:			Brigus and Cupids
Religion:		Methodist

Baptisms:		1804-1855	Vol 34	Reel No. C
			1855-1879	Vol 35	Reel No. C
			1871-1891	Vol 36	Reel No. C
Marriages:		1813		Vol 36A	Reel No. C
			1837-1892	Vol 36A	Reel No. C

These are the All Newfoundland Births - Vital Statistics Division 
microfilm available for this parish at the PANL for the period from 
1891 to1926 for baptisms and from 1891 to 1922 for marriages.

The death records for this Parish start from 1824 onwards. There are 
also microfilms at the PANL from the Vital Statistics division from 
1891 to 1949 for deaths.	

Cemetery used:
United Church Cemetery - located on English Town Road, Brigus The following is a list of Ministers who serviced the Brigus United Church from its opening to present: Rev. John Percey 1804-1819 Rev. Thomas Hickson 1819-1822 Rev. John Haigh 1822-1824 Rev. Richard Knight 1824-1827 Rev. William Ellis 1827-1829 Rev. John Boyd 1829-1831 Rev John Haigh 1831-1832 Rev. Geo Ellidge 1832-1834 Rev. John Pickavant 1834-1837 Rev. Ingham Sutcliffe 1837-1838 Rev. Jamed Hennigar 1838-1839 Rev. John McMurray 1839-1842 Rev. John Pickavant 1842-1843 Rev. William Faulkner 1843-1846 Rev. John S. Addy 1846-1849 Rev. John Snowball 1849-1852 Rev. W.E. Shenstone 1852-1855 Rev. John S. Phinney 1855-1856 Rev. Samuel W. Sprague 1856-1858 Rev. Thomas Smith 1858-1861 Rev. Adam Nightingale 1861-1862 Rev. Thomas Harris 1862-1865 Rev. W.E. Shenstone 1865-1868 Rev. John Waterhouse 1868-1871 Rev. John S. Peach 1871-1872 Rev. Thomas Harris 1872-1875 Rev. Charles Ladner 1875-1878 Rev. Joseph Pascoe 1878-1881 Rev. Charles Ladner 1881-1882 Rev. John Goodison 1882-1885 Rev. James Dove 1885-1888 Rev. Henry Lewis 1888-1891 Rev. John Pratt 1891-1892 Rev. W.T.D. Dunn 1892-1895 Rev. James Wilson 1895-1898 Rev. George Paine 1898-1903 Rev. Jabez Hill 1903-1904 Rev. James Nurse 1904-1908 Rev. Samuel Snowden 1908-1912 Rev. R.H. Maddock 1912-1916 Rev. C.A. Whitemarsh 1916-1917 Rev. William Swan 1917-1918 Rev. Oliver Jackson 1918-1923 Rev. Charles Lench 1923-1930 Rev. E. Broughton 1930-1940 Rev. L.A.D. Curtis 1940-1943 Rev. F.H. Guy 1943-1945 Rev. S.R. Cooper 1945-1948 Rev. R.N. Rowsell 1948-1958 Rev. Roland Wells 1958-1981 Rev. Russell L. Small 1981-1987 Rev. R. N. Newbury 1987-1991 Rev. Bernice Spracklin 1991-1996 Rev. Harvey Harris 1996-1997 Rev. Graham Cooke 1997-present

Thanks to Rev. Cooke for all his information and to Ralph Roberts
sending me the history and photo of the parish.



Contributed by: Barbara McGrath (July 2000)

Page Revised: July 2002 (Don Tate)

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