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Salvation Army Church

History of the Salvation Army Corp
Long Pond



In 1908 John & Elizabeth Eason decided to inquire about the possibly of starting a S.A. Corps in Long Pond. They meet with Col. Reese, the head of the S.A. in Newfoundland and was granted permission and given a financial contribution to find land and build a citadel. With land donated from Mr. Abraham Dawe and the hard work of a few dedicated people, the first citadel was built with a seating capacity of approximately 40 people. Services began with the first Corps officer Lieutenant Langmade and John Eason became the Corps first Sergeant Major. In 1925 the citadel was enlarged to accommodate the growing congregation and a day school.

In 1959 under the leadership of Captain and Mrs. Harold Duffett, a new and larger citadel was opened and was the church home for the congregation until its last worship on Oct 13, 1985. On October 19, 1985 a new multi purpose facility was opened by Lieutentant Colonel William Kerr. The church family has grown considerably over the years and has accomplished much.

Information and Records of the
Salvation Army Corps, Conception Bay South

P.O. Box 490 Long Pond, Newfoundland A1W 1N1

Telephone and Fax #:
(Office)(709) 834-2373
Fax #: (709) 834-7469
Minister: (Minister)

e-mail address:
Information and Records of the Conception Bay South Salvation Army Corps - Long Pond

Home page:
Information and Records of the Salvation Army Corps, Conception Bay South

Danny Pinksen
(709) 834-4379


Records available:		Various Districts:
Dedications (1924-1946) Box 1
Dedications (1916-1921) Box 2 (with gaps)
Dedications (1892-1925) Box 3
Dedications (1945-1952) Box 4
Dedications (1886-1925) Box 6
Marriages (1921-1945) Box 7

There are no Vital Statistics Volumes available for this Parish They do have the All Newfoundland Births - Vital Statistics Division microfilm available for this parish at the PANL for the period from 1891 to1926 for baptisms and from 1891 to 1922 for marriages.

There are no death records available for this parish, however, there are microfilms at the PANL from the Vital Statistics Division from 1891 to 1949 for deaths.

The cemetery used is: Salvation Army Cemetery located on Readers Hill Road in Long Pond.

The following is a list of Officers who served the parish of CBS:

1908 Lt. Lanmade 1908 Capt. Welsher 1910 Capt Amos Stickland
1911 Capt. Lillian Ridout 1911 Lt. Baldwin 1912 Adj. Elijah Bowering
1912 Lt. Stafford 1913 Lt. William Payne 1913 Lt. Jenny Pike
1914 Capt. Carrie Peach 1914 Pheobe Peach 1915 Capt. Lillian Hobbs
1916 Ensign Small 1916 Lt. Coates 1917 Capt & Mrs. Sam Windsor
1918 Capt. Ben Chappel 1919 Capt Eliza Pilgrim 1919 Lt. Ruby Fudge
1920 Lt. Mary Bishop 1920 Lt. Mary Bishop 1921 Capt & Mrs. Sweetapple
1922 Capt Bram Jones 1923 Lt. Harvey Legge 1924 Capt. Alex. Camel
1925 Capt. LuLu Kennedy 1926 Capt. Eva Crann 1927 Capt. Gordon Driscoll
1928 Lt. Art Moulton 1928 Capt. H. Elliott 1929 Capt. Netta Peter/Capt. Benson
1930 Capt. Able Rideout 1930 Capt. Downey 1931 Lt. Lillian Gregory
1931 Capt. Lillian Poole 1931 Lt. Lillian Bartlett 1921 Ensign Jacob Snow
1932 Lt. Beatrice Harnum 1932 Ensign Bowring 1933 Capt. & Mrs. Carl Ryan
1934 Capt. Frank Moulton 1935 Adjuntant Parsons 1936 Capt. Ern Batten
1937 Adj. & Mrs. John Kean 1937 Capt. & Mrs. George Earle 1939 Capt. Abraham Churchill
1940 Capt. Selina Peters 1941 Lt. Bertha Cull 1942 Adj. Mable Squires
1942 Lt. Ron Ellsworth 1943 Capt. & Mrs. Pye 1944 Major H.C. Bowring
1945 Capt. Edward Necho 1945 Lt. Paul 1946 Capt. Emma Williams
1947 Capt. Elizabeth Edmunds 1947 Lt. Mildred Clarke 1948 Lt. Ruby Littlejohn
1949 Capt. Aubrey Pike 1950 Adj. Amelia Abbott 1951 Capt. Wm. Stoodley
1953 Capt. William Norman 1954 Capt. Calvin Hillyard 1954 Lt. Gladys Froude
1956 Lt & Mrs. Leonard Monk 1956 Capt. Gladys Stringer 1956 Capt. Hazel Powell
1957 Capt. William Ivany 1958 Capt & Mrs. Harold Duffett 1958 Lt. Ella Tuck
1961 Maj. & Mrs. Alphaeus Russell 1961 Capt. William Loveless 1964 Major Louise Slade
1965 Capt. & Mrs. Edgar Penney 1967 Capt. & Mrs. Stan Anthony 1968 Capt. & Mrs. Bram Thorne
1970 Capt & Mrs. Calvin Abbott 1973 Capt. & Mrs. Steve French 1974 Capt. & Mrs. Ivan Elliott
1976 Captain & Mrs. Cryil Morey 1978 Capt. & Mrs. Don Maye 1980 Capt. & Mrs. Sidney Brace
1983 Capt. & Mrs. Gordon Jarvis 1984 Major & Mrs. James Pardy 1985 Major & Mrs. Leslie Barrow
1990 Lt. & Mrs. Harvey Pritchett 1993 Major & Mrs. Denzel Baggs 1994 Major & Mrs. Alex Anthony (R)
1994 Capt. & Mrs. Smith Rowsell 1996 Capt. & Mrs. Bruce Shirran (still serving)  

I would like to thank Rev. Bruce Shirran as well as the SA Corps Headquarters
for the history and photo on the parish.
Barbara McGrath



Contributed by Barbara McGrath - (July 2000)

Page Revised: July 2002 (Don Tate)

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