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Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Parish Church - Colliers

History of Immaculate Conception
Roman Catholic Parish Church -



In the year 1948, His Excellency Bishop O'Neill, after many requests from the parishioners of Colliers decided to raise Colliers to the status of a parish. Colliers up to this time, was a mission of the parish of Conception Harbor. Rev. Father Thomas O'Neill came to Colliers August 4, 1948 and immediately set to work to build. First, he built a three-room school on the ridge, to replace the old one, which had long outlived its usefulness as a suitable building for school purposes. Father O'Neill next turned his attention to the building of a spacious hall since the old two-story hall was too small to cater to the many public functions held in order to raise funds to build a rectory and a much needed church. He started work on the new church in April 1954 and on September 12,1954, he celebrated his first Mass in his new church. It can be said that Father O'Neill has left a record in building, which will never be surpassed. One is inclined to ask how he managed to construct a school, a hall, a rectory and a church in such as short time. The answer is this - he had the full cooperation of every man, woman and child in the parish. When Father O'Neill died on April 7, 1956, all bills were paid off and the Parish had $ 700.00 to its credit in the bank.

Information and Records of the Immaculate Conception
Roman Catholic Parish Church -

P.O. Box 10
Colliers, Conception Bay
A0A 1Y0

Telephone and Fax #:
(709) 229-3858
Fax #:(709) 229-3858

e-mail address:

Father Michael Barker

Mrs. Barbara Murphy

This church opened in August 1948 and records prior to that would have been at St. Anne's R.C. Parish, Conception Hr. (1883-1948); Saints Peter and Paul Parish, Hr. Main (1857-1883); St. Patrick's R.C. Parish in Brigus (1824-1857) and prior to that at the Immaculate Conception R.C. Parish in Harbor Grace (1806-1824). All records for St. Patrick's in Brigus burnt in 1936. These records included the years covering the Conception Bay Central parishes from 1824 to 1857.

Anyone researching the areas from Holyrood to Colliers should also look at the St. Paul's Anglican Church in Hr. Grace from 1775 to 1806 for earlier records and you will be surprised to find some entries there, as well they should also check the Basilica of St. John the Baptist in St. John's, as entries have been found there as well.

The records from 1948 onwards are available at the Immaculate Conception Parish Office and all other records are available as recorded above.

There are no Vital Statistics Volumes (DPHW) available for this parish.

Death records were kept from August 1948 onwards.

The following Cemetery is used:
Immaculate Conception Cemetery - located on the Old Road in Colliers.

A list of Priests who have served the parish of the Immaculate Conception:
    1948-1956 		Rev Thomas  O'Neill	(first parish 
						priest of Colliers)
    1956-1957		Rev. Leo Walsh		(a Benedictine Monk)
    1960		Rev. James Raymond Hawco	
    1960-1968 		Rev. Stanislaus St. Croix
    1970's 		Rev. Richard Thomas Woodford
    1968-1974 		Rev. Frederick J.Terry
    1974-1980 		Rev. Phillip J. McCarthy
    1981-1984 		Rev.George B. Pumphery 
    1983		Rev. Frederick J. Terry		(second term)
    1990-1997		Rev. David Heale
1998-present		Rev. Michael Ryan

Since the 1980's the parishes of Avondale, Conception and Colliers have shared the above priests.



I would like to thank Barbara Murphy for sending me the history
of Immaculate Conception Parish as well thanks goes to Dennis Flynn
for allowing me access to the picture of the church on his homepage.

Contributed by Barbara McGrath (July 2000)

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (February 2004)

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