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History of St. John the Evangelists Anglican Church - Topsail

St. Peter (new Church)

History of St. John the Evangelists Anglican Church - Topsail

St. Peter (old Church)



History of St. Peter's Anglican Church
Upper Gullies

In the early 19th century, Church of England congregations in the out ports were served by visiting clergy from St. John's who regarded them as missions. Records name Thomas Martin Wood as being made a Deacon by the Bishop in September 1832, and added that he was appointed in charge of the St. John's Out ports. These out ports included Topsail and other communities on the south side of Conception Bay. At that time Hopewell was included in the mission of Topsail. Hopewell continued to be served by visiting clergy till 1846, when the Rev. Benjamin Fleet Began to live and work in Foxtrap. In those days a clergyman had no parsonage, but boarded with local families. Rev. Fleet for most of his time boarded with the Butler family on what is now called Lodge Road, opposite All Saints Church. This was the site that the rectory was built on and in 1909 burned down loosing all belongings as well as number of Church records. The Foxtrap/Hopewell Mission would hold teas and house to house collections in order to re-build the parsonage and at the same time, funds were being collected to complete the building of St. Peter's Church. It was during Rev. Fleet's time that the people of Foxtrap built their first Chapel. The Rev. Fleet served in Topsail until his death in 1876 and was buried in the cemetery of the church at Hopewell. The surviving records of Births, Confirmations, Marriages and Deaths for the church are at Hopewell, which date back to 1876. By 1897, the mission of Topsail had split and Hopewell became was part of the new Mission of Foxtrap and Hopewell. In 1905, at a meeting it was decided that the new Church be dedicated to St. Peter while leaving the sister church at Foxtrap with the name "All Saints". This church was built under the guidance of Rev. Edward Colley, but didn't live to see the Church finished as he died at Topsail on December 28, 1904. On Tuesday, November 16, 1909 the new church of St. Peter's was consecrated. People from Seal Cove, Indian Pond, Hopewell and Upper Gullies, Middle Bight, Kelligrews, Foxtrap and Long Pond wended their way to the new church. Changes such as electric light in 1922 and in 1928 the mission was raised to the status of a Parish. The incumbent at the time of this was Rev. H.V. Whitehouse.

Information and Records for St. Peters Anglican Church
Upper Gullies

Parish Office
1219 Conception Bay Highway
Conception Bay South, NL

3 Robert's Road North
Conception Bay South, NL
A1X 6K3

Telephone #:
Office - (709) 744-2648
Home - (709) 744-2813

Fax #:
None Available

e-mail address:

The Rev'd Gregory Mercer
Home 3 Robert's Road North
Conception Bay South, NL
A1X 6K3

Pat Woolgar


Records available:

Records start in 1876 and are available at the Parish Office. These records are not available at the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador (PANL). For records prior to 1876 see below.

These are the Vital Statistics (DPHW) that are available at PANL only:

Parish:Foxtrap/Long Pond/Kelligrews/Seal Cove/Upper
Place:Gullies/Middle Bight/Lance
Religion:Church of England
Baptisms:1876-1891Vol 33Reel No. C

These are the All Newfoundland Births - Vital Statistics Division microfilm available for this parish at the PANL for the period from 1891 to1926 for baptisms and from 1891 to 1922 for marriages.

The death records for this Parish start from 1876 onwards. There are also microfilms at the PANL from the Vital Statistics Division from 1891 to 1949 for deaths.

Church used prior to this one was All Saints Parish in Foxtrap, St. John the Evangelist Church, Topsail and the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in St. John's.

Cemetery used:

St. Peter's Anglican Cemetery located on the church property on the back of the church.

A list of Pastors who served St. Peter's Parish:

From early 1800's to 1845 - visiting Clergy from St. John's
Rev. Benjamin Fleet(1845-1876)
Rev. Edward Colley(1876-1896)
Rev. Henry Petley(1897-1903)
Rev. E.K.H. Caldwell(1903-1913)
Rev. Francis Colley(1913-1917)
Rev. Hugh W. Facey(1919-1927)
1928 - Foxtrap raised to status of Parish
Rev. H.V. Whitehouse(1928-1936)
Rev. Heber Gosse(1936-1947)
Rev. Gordon Elliott(1947-1959)
Rev. Mark Genge(1959-1964) assisted by Rev. E. Hobbs
Rev. David Genge(1964-1970) assisted by Rev. Everett Hobbs and Rev. Benjamin Burry
Rev. Benjamin Burry(1968-1969) Priest in charge while Rev. David Genge was on leave, assisted by Capt. Wm. Rice
Rev. Emmanuel Willis(1970-1978) assisted by Rev. Michael Fisher
Rev. Frederick Rowsell(1976-1990)
Rev. E.R. Kearley(1989-1990) priest in charge
Rev. Allan E. Brake(1990- present) assisted by Rev. Shirley Gosse (1992-1994)

I would like to thank Pat Woolgar for sending me the anniversary
booklet that contained the history and photo of St. Peter's Parish and
to Rev. Munden Waye for his confirmation on the list of rectors who
served the parish.



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