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1864 - 1865
Hutchinson's Directory

St. John's W - Y

Waddell, John, telegraph operator
Waddelton, John, fisherman
Waddelton, William, fisherman
Wadden, Anne, wid of John
Wadden, John, cooper
Wadden, Patrick, fisherman
Wadden, Nicholas, boot & shoe maker
Wakeham, Edward, mason
Wakeham, Elizabeth, wid of Robert
Walbank, Matthew W., chief clerk and registrar, Supreme Court
Walker, Charles, fisherman
Walker, John, clerk
Walker, Miss, ?
Wall, Edward, cooper
Wall, Edward, cooper
Wall, Michael, bait skiff master
Wall, Michael, carpenter
Wall, Michael, fisherman
Wall, Michael, planter
Wall, Peter, fisherman
Wallace, Edward, laborer
Wallace, James, blacksmith
Wallace, John, fisherman
Wallace, Thomas, fisherman
Wallace, William, fisherman
Walsh, Ann, grocer
Walsh, Bridget, wid of Jeffrey
Walsh, Brisget, wid of Lawrence
Walsh, Catherine, wid of Richard
Walsh, Catherine, wid of William
Walsh, Cornelius, fisherman
Walsh, Edward, maser revenue boat
Walsh, Elizabeth, ?
Walsh, Elizabeth, wid of John
Walsh, George, farmer
Walsh, James, doorkeeper Legislative Council
Walsh, James, fisherman
Walsh, James, fisherman
Walsh, James, fisherman
Walsh, James, fisherman
Walsh, James, fisherman
Walsh, James, master marnier
Walsh, James, spirits & groceries
Walsh, John, carpenter
Walsh, John, carpenter
Walsh, John, clerk
Walsh, John, fisherman
Walsh, John, fisherman
Walsh, John, fisherman
Walsh, John, fisherman
Walsh, John, fisherman
Walsh, John, fisherman
Walsh, John, laborer
Walsh, John, musician
Walsh, John, sailmaker
Walsh, John, sea captain
Walsh, John, ship carpenter
Walsh, John, carpenter
Walsh, John, tidewaiter
Walsh, Joseph, fisherman
Walsh, Lawrence, ?
Walsh, Martin, fisherman
Walsh, Martin, fisherman
Walsh, Martin, tidewaiter
Walsh, Mark, boot & shoe maker
Walsh, Mary, ?
Walsh, M., wid of John
Walsh, Mary, wid of John
Walsh, John, wid of John
Walsh, Mary, wid of Michael
Walsh, Matthew, fisherman
Walsh, Maurice, laborer
Walsh, Michael, fisherman
Walsh, Michael, fisherman
Walsh, Michael, fisherman
Walsh, Michael, groceries
Walsh, Michael, seaman
Walsh, Michael, shoemaker
Walsh, Patrick, fisherman
Walsh, Patrick, fisherman
Walsh, Patrick, shoemaker
Walsh, Patrick, storekeeper
Walsh, Patrick, teacher
Walsh, Patrick, truckman
Walsh, Patrick H., cooper
Walsh, Peter, fisherman
Walsh, Philip, seaman
Walsh, Rev. Michael, principal, St. Bon's College
Walsh, Rev. William, St. Patrick's Cathedal
Walsh, Richard, groceries & liquors
Walsh, Richard, cooper
Walsh, Richard, fisherman
Walsh, Richard, shipcarpenter
Walsh, Samuel, shipcarpenter
Walsh, Thomas, carpenter
Walsh, Thomas, cooper
Walsh, Thomas, fisherman
Walsh, Thomas, groceries & spirits
Walsh, Thomas, farm servant
Walsh, Thomas, laborer
Walsh, Thomas, laborer
Walsh, Thomas, laborer
Walsh, Thomas, mason
Walsh, Walter, cabman
Walsh, Walter, liquors & groceries
Waslh, William, cab driver
Walsh, William, clerk in Commerical Bank
Walsh, William, cooper
Walsh, William, cooper
Walsh, William, groceries & liquors
Walsh, William, fisherman
Walsh, William, fisherman
Walsh, William, fisherman
Walsh, William, fisherman
Walsh, William, master marnier
Walsh, William, rigger
Walsh, William, shipcarpenter
Walsh, William P., liquors
Walters, Henry, master marnier
Ward, John, ?
Ward, Mrs. W.J., ?
Ward, William, fisherman
Warfar, Peter, storekeeper
Warren, Elizabeth, wid of Edward
Warren, James, clerk
Warren, John H., surveyor general & chairman Board of Works
Warren, Joseph, fisherman
Warren, Matthew H., broker
Warren, Mrs. Jane, china, glass & earthenware
Warren, Sarah, wid of George
Warren, William, commission agent
Waters, Edward H., foreman
Waters, John, carpenter
Watkins, Abel, shipwright
Watkins, Henry, cooper
Watson, David, storekeeper
Way, Johanna, ?
Way, Thomas, cabinetmaker
Waymouth, John, shoemaker
Weatherdon, William, storekeeper
Weaver, William G., watchmaker
Webber, Elizabeth, wid of Richard
Webber, George G., clerk
Webber, George T., tailor
Webber, John, clerk
Webber, Mary, wid of William
Webster, Godfrey, clerk
Weir, Duncan, grocer
Weir, Richard, shipmaster
Weir, Robert, joiner
Weir, Thomas, marnier
Welcher, George, pilot
Welsh, Catherine, wid of Peter
Welsh, Edward, fisherman
Welsh, Edward, fisherman
Welsh, David, clerk
Welsh, James, farmer
Welsh, John, farmer
Welsh, John, laborer
Welsh, John, shoemaker
Welsh, Kerran, cooper
Welsh, Margaret, wid of John
Welsh, Patrick, clerk
Welsh, Patrick, fisherman
Welsh, Patrick, fisherman
Welsh, Patrick, laborer
Welsh, Patrick, servant
Welsh, Robert, cooper
Welsh, Stephen, carpenter
Welsh, Thomas, fisherman
Welsh, Thomas, fisherman
Welsh, Thomas, fisherman
West, Bickford, accountant
Westcott, George, fisherman
Westcott, Leonard, seaman
Westcott, Mrs. S., wid of Thomas
Westcott, Thomas, tinsmith
Westcott, William, fisherman
Westcott, William, fisherman
Westwater, David, marnier
Wetherdon, William, laborer
Weymouth, Elizabeth, wid of Richard
Whalen, Edward, boot & shoe maker
Whalen, James, fisherman
Whalen, James, truckman
Whalen, John, carpenter
Whalen, John, fisherman
Whalen, Mrs. Ann, ?
Whalen, Thomas, fisherman
Whalen, Thomas, grocer
Whalen, Thomas, laborer
Whalen, William, blacksmith
Whalen, William, clerk
Whalen, William, laborer
Whealan, Andrew, fisherman
Whealan, Edward, fisherman
Whealan, James, seaman
Whealan, John, carpenter
Whealan, John, tailor
Whealan, Michael, butcher
Whealan, Michael, fisherman
Whealan, Nicholas, fisherman
Whealan, Pierce, fisherman
Whealan, Stephen, fisherman
Whealan, William, clerk
Wheatley, Wm., manager Vail's Bakery
Whelan, James, liquors
Whidden, Joseph, carpenter
White, Catherine, milliner
White, Catherine, wid of Samuel
White, Edward, fisherman
White, Edward, laborer
White, Edward, shipmaster
White, George, accountant
White, George, blacksmith
White, James, cooper
White, John, carpenter
White, John, fisherman
White, John, fisherman
White, John, fisherman
White, John, fisherman
White, John, laborer
White, Lawrence, storekeeper
White, Patrick, fisherman
White, Patrick, ?
White, Philip, accountant
White, Thomas B., sea captain
White, William, china, glass & c.
White, William, laborer
White, William, salesman
White, William, shoemaker
Whiteford, James A., watchmaker
Whiteford, John, fisherman
Whitford, Miss Isabella, dry goods
Whiteway, Richard, fisherman
Whiteway, William V. MHA, barrister
Whitten, George, fisherman
Whitten, George, snr, fisherman
Whitten, Henry, fisherman
Whitten, John, fisherman
Whitten, Robert, fisherman
Whitten, Robert, fisherman
Whitten, William, ?
Whitten, William, master marnier
Whitten, William G., fisherman
Whitten, William J., fisherman
Whitten, William R., fisherman
Whittle, David, seaman
Whittle, George, cooper
Whittle, Nicholas, fisherman
Whittle, Rose, wid of John
Whittle, William J., printer
Whitty, Edward, wharf builder
Whitty, James, fisherman
Whitty, John, laborer
Whitty, Patrick, bookkeeper
Widdecomb, Elizabeth, wid of Joseph
Widdycomb, Peter, cooper
Wier, Robert, carpenter
Wier, William, laborer
Wilcox, Edward, seaman
Wiley, Robert, tailor
Wilkie, Thomas, gunsmith
Wilkins, Martin, fisherman
Wilkinson, John, pensioner
Wilkinson, William, carpenter
Wilkinson, William, shipcarpenter
Willer, George, sailmaker
Williams, Frederick B., laborer
Williams, George, tinsmith
Williams, Henry, laborer
Williams, Jonas, seaman
Williams, John, clerk
Williams, Martin, fisherman
Williams, Robert, tinsmith
Williams, Walter, storekeeper
Wills, Charles, bookkeeper
Wills, Henry, carpenter
Wills, Henry, seaman
Wills, John, tinsmith
Wills, Pasco, joiner
Wills, Robert, baker
Wills, Richard, clerk
Wills, Richard, teacher
Wills, Richard R., printer
Wills, Samuel, clerk
Wilmer, Robert, shoemaker
Wilson & Co., merchants
Wilson, James, porter
Wilson, John, fisherman
Wilson, John, laborer
Wilson, John, seaman
Wilson, Michael, seaman
Wilson, Patrick, fisherman
Wilson, William F., merchant
Wiltshire, Alfred, blacksmith
Winsborrow, James, baker
Winsborrow, Mrs. Susan, ?
Winsborrow, Thomas, accountant
Winsbarrow, William, clerk
Winser, Ford I., seaman
Winser, James, sea captain
Winser, John, shipmaster
Winser, Thomas, cooper
Winter, Dr. John MHA, ?
Winter, James, clerk
Winter, Mrs. James M., ?
Winter, John, cooper
Winton, Francis, editor, publisher & prop. "Day Book"
Winton, Henry, editor, publisher & prop "Public Ledger"
Winton, Robert, editor, publisher & prop "Daily News"
Wise, Michael, shipwright
Wiseman, James, fisherman
Wiseman, John, laborer
Wiseman, Thomas, fisherman
Withell, Charles P, clerk, Commission Dept
Withers, John C., queens printer
Witherspoon, John, clerk
Withycomb, Gilbert, ?
Witten, Charles, cooper
Witten, George, clerk
Woduy, Thomas, carpenter
Wood, Henry T.B., clerk "Registrar's Office"
Wood, James B., commission merchant
Wood, Rev. Thomas M., Cochrane St
Wood, Thomas, boarding house
Woodford, William, master marnier
Woodley, Elizabeth, wid of Nathaniel
Woodley, John, seaman
Woodley, Margaret, wid of Isaac
Woodley, Samuel, seaman
Woodley, William, farmer
Woods, Elizabeth, wid of James
Woods, George, fisherman
Woods, George, stevedore
Woods, George H., servant
Woods, Henry J.B., bookkeeper
Woods, James, accountant
Woods, James, shipcarpenter
Woods, John, clerk
Woods, John, marine railway
Woods, John, shipwright
Woods, Joseph, editor, publisher & prop. "Courier"
Woods, Julia, wid of Thomas
Woods, Louise, boarding house
Woods, Miss Mary, straw bonnetmaker
Woods, Thomas, clerk
Woods, Thomas, teacher
Woods, William, seaman
Woodworth, William, seaman
Wright, Edward, fisherman
Wyatt, Frederick J., general importer


Yebsley, Richard, laborer
Young, Claeb, carpenter
Young, Ellen, liquors
Young, James, porter

St. John's Complete.



Transcribed by Barbara McGrath

Page Revised June 2003 (Don Tate)

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