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1864 - 1865
Hutchinson's Directory

St. John's R - V

Radford, Charles, carpenter
Radford, Elizabeth, wid of Henry
Radford, Patrick, fisherman
Radford, Thomas, cooper
Raftis, Coleman, fisherman
Raftis, James, shoemaker
Raftis, Peter, laborer
Raftis, Thomas, planter
Rains, James, fisherman
Rall, Michael, fisherman
Ramar, Frederick, hatter
Ramsay, Andrew, baker
Randle, John, tidewaiter
Rankin, Alexander, clerk
Rankin, Charles, clerk
Rankin, Charles, grocer
Rankin & McMillan, grocers
Rankin, Richard T, accountant
Ratchford, Thomas, seaman
Rattrey, Janet, wid of William
Rawlins, John, grocer & liquor dealer
Rawlins, Mrs. Ellen, groceries & liquors
Read, Henry, carpenter
Read, Mrs. Sarah, boarding House
Readigan, James, fisherman
Ready, John, carman
Rean, Joseph, planter
Rean, William, planter
Reans, Joseph, shipcarpenter
Reardon, Dennis V., liquors
Reardon, Vincent, tidewaiter
Reardon, Vincent F., student
Reddy, James, baker
Reddy, John, fisherman
Reddy, John, laborer
Reddy, Matthew, fisherman
Reddy, Michael, fisherman
Reddy, Thomas, fisherman
Reddy, Thomas, fisherman
Reddy, William, drayman
Reddy, William, farmer
Reddin, Thomas, fisherman
Reddin, William, 4th clerk Customs House
Redmond, Edward, fisherman
Redmond, James, cabdriver
Redmond, John, fisherman
Redmond, John, fisherman
Redmond, John, marnier
Redmond, John, seaman
Redmond, Patrick, farmer
Redmond, Patrick, laborer
Redmond, Patrick, jnr, fisherman
Redmond, William, fisherman
Redmond, William, policeman
Redsten, William, carpenter
Reed, George, fisherman
Reed, Henry, seaman
Reed, John, fisherman
Reed, Joseph, seaman
Reed, William, fisherman
Regan, James, shoemaker
Reid, Alexander S. MA, headmaster NF Wesleyan Academy
Reid, John, clerk
Reid, John, builder
Reid, Michael, servant
Reid, Thomas, clerk
Reilly, Patrick, tailor
Rendell, Eli, shipcarpenter
Rendell, George, bookkeeper
Rendell, George, merchant
Rendell, George M, bookkeeper
Rendell, John, 2nd tidewaiter
Rendell, Mrs. Elias, ?
Rendell, Patience, wid of William
Rendell, Stephen, Pres	St. John's Floating Dry Dock Co
Rendell, Thomas W., seaman
Rendell, William, merchant
Rendell, W & G, commission merchants & insurance agents
Renison, James, policeman
Rennie, Frederick, clerk
Rennie, William F., Sect/Agricultural Society
Renouf, Charles U., physician
Renouf, Edward, carpenter
Renouf, Henry, clerk
Renouf, Henry, MHA, teacher
Renouf, Johanna, wid of John
Reynolds & Co, dry goods
Reynolds, Ellen, groceries
Reynolds, James, clerk
Reynolds, James F., clerk
Reynolds, Mrs M.A., dry goods
Rhodes, Richard, master marnier
Richards, Francis, fisherman
Richardson, Joseph, fisherman
Rice, Michael, grocer
Rice, Thomas, fisherman
Rickards, A.K., asst. surgeon, Rifle Artillery
Rickots, James, fisherman
Rielly, Miss Ellen, ?
Riley, John, fisherman
Riley, Margaret, wid of John
Riley, Patrick, fisherman
Riley, Bridget, wid of Edmund
Reliey, Charles, farmer
Ring, William, ?
Riordon, Daniel, fisherman
Riordan, George, fisherman
Riordan, James, fisherman
Riordan, Patrick, fisherman
Roach, Bridget, ?
Roach, Henry, mason
Roach, James, fisherman
Roach, James, tailor
Roach, James, tailor
Roach, Jeremiah, tailor
Roach, John, clerk
Roach, John E., clerk
Roach, Lawrence, fisherman
Roach, Michael, seaman
Roach, Richard, fisherman
Robbins, Benjamin, cabinetmaker
Robbins, William, fisherman
Roberts, Charles, fisherman
Roberts, Edward, fisherman
Roberts, George, laborer
Roberts, Jane, wid of Nathan
Roberts, Mark, fisherman
Roberts, Nathan, fisherman
Roberts, William, fisherman
Roberts, William, foreman
Roberts, William, seaman
Robertson, Alexander, tailor
Robertson, James, clerk
Robertson, James, grocer
Robertson, John, tailor & clothier
Robinson, Bryan, asst. Judge Supreme Court
Robinson, John F, tailor & clothier
Rochfort, Hon John, physician
Rodgers, William, fisherman
Rogers, Catherine, ?
Rogers, David, fisherman
Rogers, Edward, fisherman
Rogers, John, fisherman
Rogers, Robert, fisherman
Rogers, Thomas, seaman
Rogerson, Amelia, wid of Peter
Rogerson, James J., merchant
Rogerson, Peter & Son, merchants
Rohan, John, laborer
Roil, James, ?
Ronayne, Ambrose, doorkeeper Legislative Council
Roper, John J., clerk
Roper, Robert, master marnier
Roscoe, John, accountant
Rossiter, Alexander, fisherman
Rossiter, John, tailor
Rossiter, Patrick, master marnier
Rossiter, William, laborer
Roston, William, pensioner
Rothwell, Edward, bookkeeper
Rourke, Michael, fisherman
Rourke, Miles, laborer
Rouse, William, clerk
Roust, Martin, fisherman
Roust, Thomas, fisherman
Roust, William, fisherman
Row, Thomas, merchant
Rowe, Anastasia, wid of John
Rowe, John, carpenter
Rowe, John, cooper
Rowe, Thomas, fisherman
Rowell, Richard, accountant
Rowell, Thomas, seaman
Rowland, George, cashier
Rowls, Thomas, laborer
Royal Engineer Dept., King's Bridge Road
Royal Gazette, The, John C. Withers, publisher
Royal, Thomas, foreman
Ruby, Samuel, storekeeper
Ruby, William, farmer
Ruddock, Stephen, farmer
Rumsey, John, fisherman
Rumsey, Thomas, fisherman
Rusk, Alexander, gardener
Russell, Joseph, farmer
Ryall, Richard, storekeeper
Ryall, Thomas, tailor
Ryall, Thomas, wharfinger
Ryall, William, wharfinger
Ryan, Alexander W., clerk
Ryan, Bridget, wid of James
Ryan, Charles, fisherman
Ryan, Daniel, fisherman
Ryan, Edward, clerk
Ryan, Edward, fisherman
Ryan, James, butcher
Ryan, James, butcher
Ryan, James, cooper
Ryan, James, fisherman
Ryan, James, fisherman
Ryan, James, fisherman
Ryan, Jeremiah, fisherman
Ryan, John, cooper
Ryan, John, drayman
Ryan, John, fisherman
Ryan, John, fisherman
Ryan, John, fisherman
Ryan, John, fisherman
Ryan, John, laborer
Ryan, John, seaman
Ryan, Lawrence, laborer
Ryan, Martin, farmer
Ryan, Martin, fisherman
Ryan, Mary, ?
Ryan, Mary, wid of Edward
Ryan, Mary, wid of Michael
Ryan, Miss Ann, bonnetmaker
Ryan, Maurice, tailor
Ryan, Michael, cooper
Ryan, Michael, fisherman
Ryan, Michael, fisherman
Ryan, Michael, fisherman
Ryan, Michael, laborer
Ryan, Michael, tailor
Ryan, Nicholas, tailor
Ryan, Nicholas, tailor
Ryan, Patrick, cooper
Ryan, Patrick, fisherman
Ryan, Patrick, fisherman
Ryan, Patrick, fisherman
Ryan, Patrick, fisherman
Ryan, Patrick, fisherman
Ryan, Patrick, laborer
Ryan, Patrick, laborer
Ryan, Patrick, marnier
Ryan, Patrick, tailor
Ryan, Richard, messenger
Ryan, Thomas, fisherman
Ryan, Timothy, fisherman
Ryan, Thomas, laborer
Ryan, Thomas, pilot
Ryan, Thomas, shoemaker
Ryan, Thomas, tailor
Ryan, William, cooper
Ryan, William, master marnier
Ryland, Charles T., accountant
Ryland, John D., ?


Sage, John, policeman
Salter, Nathaniel, fisherman
Sampson, John P., shipmaster
Samuelson, Andrew, cooper
Sanfey, Patrick, laborer
Sankey, John, boarding house
Satterly, George, fisherman
Satterly, Thomas, fisherman
Saunders, Mary, wid of Henry J.
Saunders, Peter, shipcarpenter
Saunders, William, sailor
Saunders, William, shipcarpenter
Sayers, John, fisherman
Sayers, William, laborer
Scamell, John, fisherman
Scanlan, Ellen, liquors
Scanlan, John, fisherman
Scanlan, Michael, ?
Scanlan,  Thomas, fisherman
Scanlan, Thomas D., telegraph operator
Scantlan, Daniel, shipmaster
Scantlan, John, fisherman
Scaplen, Edward, clerk
Scaplen, James L, auctioneer & Comm. merchant
Sclater, David & Co., commission merchants
Score, Joseph, assistant keeper
Scott, Adam, teacher
Scott, Charles, seaman
Scott, Edward, fisherman
Scott, Edward, fisherman
Scott, Edward, storekeeper
Scott, Ellen, wid of Edward
Scott, Francis, storehouseman, military store dept.
Scott, James, clerk
Scott, James, dry goods
Scott, Michael, fisherman
Scott, Patrick, clerk
Scott, WIlliam, liquors
Scott, William J., grocer
Scrymgeour, Samuel, clerk
Scully, Michael, servant
Seaton, James, editor, publisher & prop. NF Express
Selby, Miss Sarah, teacher
Sevier, John, fisherman
Seward, James, fisherman
Seymour, George, marnier
Seymour, Henry W., commission merchant
Shamler, Ann, wid of Samuel
Shamler, John, sailmaker
Shana, William, fisherman
Shanahan, Bridget, wid of Daniel
Sharp, John, head clerk
Shaw, Alexander, gardener
Shaw, Ann, wid of John
Shaw, Charles, fisherman
Shaw, Henry, carpenter
Shaw, James, merchant
Shaw, Robert, fisherman
Shaw, Samuel, turnkey - Penitentiary
Shaw, William, fisherman
Shea, Ambrose, MHA, insurance agent
Shea, Alice, wid of Luke
Shea, Catherine, groceries
Shea, Dennis, fisherman
Shea, Edward, drayman
Shea, Edward D., editor, publisher & prop. Newfoundlander
Shea, Elizabeth, wid of Richard
Shea, Henry, physician
Shea, James, fisherman
Shea, John, fisherman
Shea, Joseph, physician
Shea, Michael, farmer
Shea, Michael, fisherman
Shea, Patrick, coachman
Shea, Thomas, fisherman
Shea, William, planter
Shean, Bridget, wid of John
Shean, Martin, shipcarpenter
Shean, Michael, fisherman
Sheehan, Edward	, grocer & sea captain
Sheehan, James, laborer
Sheehan, John, ?
Sheehan, John, cooper
Sheehan, John, tin & sheet iron worker
Shelley, Edward, tailor
Shelley, James, liquors
Shelley, Joseph, master marnier
Shelley, Patrick, seaman
Shelley, Timothy, fisherman
Shenstone, Corbett W., teacher
Shepherd, Esau, fisherman
Sheppard, Austin, assistant keeper Port Amherst Lighthouse
Sheppard, John, keeper
Sheppard, John, storekeeper
Sheridan, Margaret, ?
Sherry, William, seaman
Shirran, Alexander F., clerk
Shortell, James, cooper
Shortell, Peter, laborer
Shortell, Thomas, drayman
Shortell, Thomas, fisherman
Shourtley, John, clerk
Show, Thomas, fisherman
Shuechrew, Timothy, fisherman
Sillars, Archibald, head clerk
Silvey, Honorah, wid of John
Silvey, William, shipmaster
Simmons, William, attendant
Simms, John, fisherman
Simms, John S., storekeeper
Simms, William C., physician
Sinclair, James, cabinetmaker
Sinnott, John, cooper
Sivcour, Stephen, carpenter
Skanes, John, farmer
Skanes, Thomas, farmer
Skeffington, John, clerk
Skeffington, John, fisherman
Skehan, Alice, wid of James
Skeoch, John, clerk
Skimington, Edward, fisherman
Skimington, Patrick, fisherman
Skinner, Captain, 5 Queen's
Skinner, John, marnier
Skinner, Mary, grocer
Skinner, Samuel, seaman
Skinner, William, carpenter
Skinner, William, carpenter
Slattery, Edward, carpenter
Slattery, Elizabeth, bonnetmaker
Slattery, James, tallyman
Slattery, John, fisherman
Sloan, James, tailor
Sloane, William, fisherman
Smales, John, laborer
Smallwood, David, carpenter
Smart, Catherine, ?
Smeardon, Thomas, fisherman
Smedick, Michael, fisherman
Smith, Alexander, marble worker
Smith, Alfred G., clerk
Smith, Alice, wid of Henry
Smith & Chisholm, photographers
Smith, Dennis, liquors
Smith, Edward & Co., merchants
Smith, George, master marnier
Smith, George, tidewaiter
Smith, Henry T., tailor
Smith, J.D., photographer
Smith, Jacob, shipcarpenter
Smith, James, fisherman
Smith, Johanna, wid of George H.
Smith, John, carpenter
Smith, John T, bookkeeper
Smith, John W., manager, Union Bank
Smith, Joseph, tailor
Smith, Michael, messenger
Smith, Patrick, pilot
Smith, Robert, boot & shoe maker
Smith, Robert, fisherman
Smith, Thomas R., merchant
Smokan, Patrick, fisherman
Smyth, C.C., ensign Royal Cdn Rifles
Smythe, Alexander, music teacher
Snooks, Mrs. Mary, teacher
Snow, Henry, cod liver oil manufacturer
Snow, John, planter
Snow, Joseph, fisherman
Snow, Samuel, seaman
Snow, Solomon, carpenter
Snow, William, cooper
Snow, William, fisherman
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, John T Burton, agent
Solomon, Miss E., assorter, Post Office
Somers, Patrick, butcher
Somers, William, laborer
Soper, Thomas, shipcarpenter
Southcott, James T., builder
Southcott, John, builder
Southcott, J & J.T., architects and builders
Spanish Consulate Office, 231 Duckworth
Sparshatt, Charles, seaman
Spence, Robert W., clerk
Spencer, Aubrey J., clerk
Spirrell, Levi, fisherman
Spracklin, James, fisherman
Spraggon, William, clerk
Sprague, Junia, teacher, NF Wesleyan Academy
Sprat, Thomas, fisherman
Spry, John, fisherman
Spry, John W., clerk
Spry, Richard, fisherman
Spry, Thomas W., clerk
Spurrinn, William, sailmaker
Squires, James, fisherman
Squires, John, fisherman
Squires, John, fisherman
Squires, John, fisherman & farmer
Squires, John, fisherman
Squires, Joseph J., carpenter
Squires, Patience, wid of John
Stabb, Ewen, merchant
Stabb, Henry H. MD, supt. Lunatic Asylum
Stabb, Henry J., broker, Customs House
Stabb, N & Sons, commission merchants
Stabb, Nicholas, commission merchant
Stabb, Nicholas S., commission merchant
Stabb, Rowe & Holmwood, merchants
Stabb, Thomas W., commission merchant
Stabb, William, master marnier
Stabb, William B, ?
Stacy, Charles, ?
Stacy, William, professor of music
Stafford, Anthony, laborer
Stafford, Edward, fisherman
Stafford, Ellen, wid of John
Stafford, John, laborer
Stafford, Michael, clerk
Stafford, Michael, merchant
Stafford, Terrance, merchant
Stafford, William, clerk
Stagman, Frederick, joiner
Stalker, Duncan, accountant
Stamp, John, fisherman
Stanard, Maria, wid of Stephen
Stanard, Thomas, fisherman
Stansbury, Edward, fisherman
Stansbury, George, fisherman
Stansbury, John, fisherman
Stansbury, John, seaman
Stanford, Sarah, wid of James
Stanton, Andrew, tailor
Stanton, Richard, tailor
Stapleton, Michael, plasterer
Stapleton, Margaret, wid of Thomas
Stapleton, Richard, printer
Stares, M.D., watchmaker
Stares, William, farmer
Stares, William, watchmaker
Staunton, William, shipmaster
St. Bonaventure College	near R.C.Cathedral
Stidson, William H., carpenter
Steele, Charles, fisherman
Steer, John, dry goods & c.
Stephenson, Andrew, fisherman
Stephenson, Mary Ann, ?
Stephenson, Patrick, fisherman
Stevens, George, cooper
Stevens, Henry, fisherman
Stevens, John, attorney
Stevens, John, fisherman
Stevens, Mrs. Richard, ?
Stevenson, Alexander, clerk
Stevenson, Catherine, wid of Thomas
Stevenson, Charles, fisherman
Steveson, Eldred, clerk
Stewart, James, merchant
Stewart J & W, merchants
Stewart, W., merchant
Stirling, Edgar, commission merchant, grocer & provision dealer
St. John, Edward, baker
St. John, James, laborer
St. John, Philip, farmer
St. John, Thomas, carpenter
St. John, William, butcher
St. Johns, Athenaeum, 219 Water
St. Johns Gas Works, 171 Water
St. Johns Hospital, Water, west
St. Johns Iron Foundry	James Angel, proprietor
St. Johns Oil Cloth Manufactory, Neil McDougall, manager
St. Johns Penitentiary, Forrest Road
St. Johns Poor House, Water, west
Stone, Henry, farmer
Stoneman, George T., seaman
Stoneman, John, seaman
Stoneman, John, seaman
Stott, James, clerk
Stott, James, manager
Stott, Robert, MA, teacher
Stoyle, Alfred, fisherman
Stranger, William A., clerk
Stuart, James, clerk
Stuart, John, chief clerk/House of Assembly
Sullivan, Bartholemew, dog fancier
Sullivan, Daniel, ?
Sullivan, Daniel, baker
Sullivan, David, fisherman
Sullivan, Florence, fisherman
Sullivan, Florence, fisherman
Sullivan, James, cooper
Sullivan, James, fisherman
Sullivan, James, fisherman
Sullivan, Jeremiah, fisherman
Sullivan, Jeremiah, fisherman
Sullivan, John, fisherman
Sullivan, John, fisherman
Sullivan, John, marnier
Sullivan, Mary, ?
Sullivan, Mary, wid of James
Sullivan, Mary, wid of Michael
Sullivan, Michael, fisherman
Sullivan, Patrick, carpenter & builder
Sullivan, Patrick, fisherman
Sullivan, Patrick, seaman
Sullivan, Thomas, cooper
Sullivan, Thomas, farmer
Sullivan, Thomas, fisherman
Sullivan, William, fisherman
Summers, Edward, cooper
Summers, John, butcher
Summers, Michael, blacksmith
Summers, Patrick, butcher
Summers, Thomas, butcher
Summons, Everett, shipmaster
Supple, Catherine, wid of Henry
Supple, Honorah, wid of Garret
Supple, John, fisherman
Surveyor General's Office, Colonial Building
Suter, James, seaman
Sutherland, William, clerk
Sutton, James, boot & shoe maker
Swan, Thomas, head clerk
Swateridge, Hugh, laborer
Swateridge, Uriah, fisherman
Sweet, Thomas, seaman
Sweetland, George, fisherman
Sweetland, John, fisherman
Swift, James, fisherman
Syme, John, bookkeeper
Synix, James, fisherman


Tadine, Anthony, picture frames
Talbot, Mary, wid of Charles
Talbot, Thomas, MHA, professor, St. Bon's College
Tapper, John, fisherman
Tapson, Jane, wid of George
Tarehin, John, groceries & provisions
Tarchin, Patrick, grocer
Taylor, Alexander, master marnier
Taylor, Augustus, clerk
Taylor, Charles, fisherman
Taylor, Edmund, shipcarpenter
Taylor, Jonathan, fisherman
Taylor, John, fisherman
Taylor, Levi, fisherman
Taylor, Richard, fisherman
Taylor, William, marnier
Taylor, William, porter
Telegraph Office, Water 
Telegraph, The, John T. Burton, publisher
Temperance Hall, 5 Victoria
Templeton, Robert, clerk
Terrant, John, fisherman
Tessier, James, storekeeper
Tessier, John, bookkeeper
Tessier, Lewis, commission merchant
Tessier, P & L, commission merchants
Tessier, Hon Peter G.MLC, commission merchant
Tetcher, William, fisherman
Thirston, James, laborer
Thomas, Edward, carpenter
Thomas, George, blockmaker
Thomas, Henry, boot & shoe maker
Thomas, Henry, farmer
Thomas, Henry C.B., merchant
Thomas, Joseph, cooper
Thomas, Matthew, truckman
Thomas, Nathaniel, hairdresser & dealer in jewellery & fancy goods
Thomas, Robert F., shipmaster
Thomas, Temple P., merchant
Thomas, William & Co, merchants
Thomas, William P.S., merchant
Thompson, Andrew H, manager, St. Johns Gas Works
Thompson, Anthony, watchman
Thompson, George T, storekeeper
Thompson, James, laborer
Thompson, Mary, wid of Tobias
Thompson, Mrs. Eliza, ?
Thompson, Richard, accountant
Thomson, Robert G., clerk
Thomson, Wm, merchant
Thorborn, William, distiller
Thorburn, Robert, merchant
Thorburn, Walter, cashier
Thorne, Ann, wid of James
Thorne, Martin, fisherman
Thorne, William, servant
Tibbs, John, fisherman
Tibbs, William, fisherman
Tilley, David, fisherman
Tillman, Mary, variety store
Times, The, John W.McCoubrey, publisher
Tipp, Benjamin, cooper
Tobin,_____, 18 Queens Road
Tobin, Anastasia, wid of James
Tobin, Anthony, cooper
Tobin, Bridget, wid of Michael
Tobin, Catherine, nurse
Tobin, James, fisherman
Tobin, John, fisherman
Tobin, Michael, clerk
Tobin, Mary, wid of Patrick
Tobin, Miss Ellen, ?
Tobin, Patrick, laborer
Tobin, Richard, cooper
Tobin, Thomas, boatman
Tobin, Thomas, boot & shoe maker
Tobin, William, carter
Tobin, William, fisherman
Todridge, James, blockmaker
Tollis, Garret, cooper
Toole, John, fisherman
Toomey, Bridget, wid of John
Topey, Dennis, laborer
Toussaint's Hotel, Water Street
Toussaint, John C., French Consul
Townshend, Michael, fisherman
Tracy, Edward, fisherman
Tracy, Martin, fisherman
Tracy, Michael, fisherman
Trapnell, Mary J., wid of George
Travers, John, messenger
Travis, John, servant
Treble, John, seaman
Trelegan, Francis, clerk
Trelegan, John, shoemaker
Trelegan, Richard, grocer
Trelegan, Richard, jnr, cooper
Trenear, Jessie, wid of William G.
Trim, Joseph, storekeeper
Trout, Christopher, clerk
Tucker, Edward D., commission merchant
Tucker, Harvey & Co., commission merchants
Tucker, James, cab driver
Tucker, John, fisherman
Tucker, Margaret, wid of John
Tucker, William, fisherman
Tuffen, Charles, sawyer
Tuffen, John, cooper
Tuffen, Robert, tinsmith
Tuffen, William, laborer
Tunbridge, John, asst. supt of stores & acting barrack master
Turvey, Patrick, fisherman
Tutcher, Michael, laborer
Tynan, John, liquors
Tyncs, Louisa, wid of Nathaniel


Udle, John, painter
Union Bank of Nfld, Duckworth
U.S. Consulate Office, Cathedral
Usher, Patrick, tailor
Urquhart, Sarah C., boarding house


Vail, Walter, clerk
Vail's Joint Stock Co., bakery
Valley, Thomas, fisherman
Vasey, John, farmer
Vasey, John, tailor
Vasey, Richard, farmer
Vasey, Thomas, farmer
Vavasor, Catherine, wid of Thomas
Vavasor, Elizabeth, wid of James
Vavasor, John, cooper
Veail, Nicholas, storekeeper
Vicary, John, blacksmith
Vickers, John, laborer
Victoria House, Waldegrave St
Vinnicombe, Catherine, wid of John
Vinnicombe, John, pilot
Vinnicombe, John, tailor
Vinnicombe, Nicholas, ?
Vinnicombe, Richard, pilot
Vinnicombe, William, pilot
Vereker, Rev. John, Cathedral
Verge, Thomas, shipmaster
Vett, William, seaman
Vey, Christopher, joiner
Vey, Robert, foreman
Vey, Robert, tinsmith
Vey, Samuel, laborer



Transcribed by Barbara McGrath

Page Revised June 2003 (Don Tate)

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