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1864 - 1865
Hutchinson's Directory

St. John's M - Q

McArthur, Alexander, laborer
McArdell, James, ?
McBride, James, merchant
McBride, John, storekeeper
McBride & Kerr, merchants
McBride, Peter, merchant
McBride, Robert, merchant
McCardle, John, clerk
McCarthy, Charles, farmer
McCarthy, Daniel, fisherman
McCarthy, Dennis, fisherman
McCarthy, Eugene, tidewaiter
McCarthy, George, clerk
McCarthy, James, fisherman
McCarthy, James, fisherman
McCarthy, James, laborer
McCarthy, Jane, wid of William
McCarthy, John, fisherman
McCarthy, John, fisherman
McCarthy, John, fisherman
McCarthy, John, shoemaker
McCarthy, Martin, fisherman
McCarthy, Michael, laborer
McCarthy, Michael, tailor
McCarthy, William, clerk
McCarthy William, fisherman
McCarthy, William, jnr, fisherman
McCarthy, William, liquors
McCarthy, William, planter
McClure, Andrew, clerk
McConnan, Thomas, bookseller & stationer
McCormack, John, fisherman
McCormack, Thomas, fisherman
McCoubrey, John W., ediitor & proprietor
McCoubrey, John W, jnr, printer
McCoubrey, Richard A., ?
McCouliff, Michael, fisherman
McCourt, Philip, draper
McCruden, John, policeman
McDaniel, James, laborer
McDonald, Alexander, seaman
McDonald, Elizabeth, nurse
McDonald, James, bookkeeper
McDonald, James, head clerk
McDonald, James, fisherman
McDonald, James, revenue boatman
McDonald, James, tailor
McDonald, John, fisherman
McDonald, Joseph, clerk
McDonald, Josiah, carpenter
McDonald, Michael, fisherman
McDonald, Michael, tailor
McDonald, Neil, sea captain
McDonald, Peter, seaman
McDonald, William, tailor
McDonald, William, tailor
McDougall, Alexander, clerk
McDougall, Francis, merchant
McDougall, Francis A., clerk
McDougall, Henry C., clerk
McDougall, Neil, oil cloth manufacturer
McDougall, William, clerk
McElvennie, Hugh, tailor
McFarlane, Charles, clerk
McFarlane, James, cooper
McFarlane, James, cooper
McGee, John, seaman
McGeorge, James, shipmaster
McGillivray, Thomas, cooper
McGinn, William, laborer
McGlyn, John, ?
McGrath, Bryan, carpenter
McGrath, Catherine, ?
McGrath, Elizabeth, wid of Thomas
McGrath, Ellen, wid of Thomas
McGrath, Hugh, tailor
McGrath, James, laborer
McGrath, John, fisherman
McGrath, John, fisherman
McGrath, John, laborer
McGrath, John, tailor
McGrath, John, tailor
McGrath, Johanna, wid of John
McGrath, Margaret, wid of Thomas
McGrath, Matthew, fisherman
McGrath, Michael, carpenter
McGrath, Michael, seaman
McGrath, Mrs. Thomas, ?
McGrath, Nicholas, cooper
McGrath, Nicholas, storekeeper
McGrath, Patrick, ?
McGrath, Patrick, coachman
McGrath, Patrick, liquors & groceries
McGrath, Richard, fisherman
McGrath, Roger, fisherman
McGrath, Thomas, blacksmith
McGrath, Thomas, carriagebuilder
McGrath, Thomas, fisherman
McGrath, Thomas, fisherman
McGrath, Thomas, shipcarpenter
McGrath, Thomas, teacher
McGrath, William, ship and blacksmith
McGrath, William, fisherman
McGuire, David, fisherman
McGuire, James, clerk
McGuire, James, fisherman
McGuire, James, laborer
McGuire, John, laborer
McGuire, John, sailmaker
McGuire, Matthew, fisherman
McGuire, Thomas, cooper & fisherman
McIldowie, Lewis, clerk
McInnes, Angus, storekeeper
McKay, James, steward
McKay, John, house & ship joiner
McKay, John, policeman
McKay, Mary, ?
McKen, Thomas, MD, supt, St. John's Hospital
McKenney, Sherburn T, photographer
McKenzie, Thomas, louse, ship & sign painter
McKenzie, Walter, clerk
McKenzie, Walter J., storekeeper
McKeown, Charles, stonecutter
McKeown, Robert, commerical school
McKew, John, fisherman
McLarty, James, blacksmith
McLarty, William, blacksmith
McLaughlin, James, fisherman
McLaughlin, John, seaman
McLaughlin, Patrick, cooper
McLea, John B, merchant
McLea, Robert P, merchant
McLee, John, laborer
McLellan, John P, clerk
McLennan, John, clerk
McLeod, Thomas, seaman
McLoughlan, James, master marnier
McLuckie, John, moulder
McManus, Mary, wid of John
McMillan, John, grocer
McMurdo, Thomas & Co, druggists
McNamara, Austin, cooper
Mcnamara, Fanny, wid of Michael
McNamara, James, mason
McNamara, John, printer
Mcnamara, Joseph, ?
McNamara, Martin, ?
McNeil, John, bookkeeper
McNeil, Roderick, clerk
McNeily, Alexander J.W., law student
McNeily, Robert, clerk
McPherson, Ellen, wid of James
McPherson, George, clerk
McPherson, Walter, cooper
McPherson, William, moulder
McRae, Rev. Donald, priest
Mabin, John R, accountant
Macaulay, John, accountant
Maccassey, Lawrence, liquors
MacCoubrey, Mary, wid of George
Macdonald, Hugh, liquors
Macdougall, John, bookkeeper
Macgregor, John, merchant
Macintyre, John D., cashier
Mackay, Alexander M., supt & local manager
Mackay, James, fisherman
Mackay, John, clerk
Mackey, John, fisherman
Mackey, John, fisherman
Mackey, Mrs. Honorah, boarding house
Mackey, Patrick, carpenter
MacKey, Richard, laborer
Mackey, Stephen, fisherman
Mackim, Robert A., marble worker
Mac Lea, Kenneth, merchant
Maclarty, Joseph, ?
Macpherson, Peter, commission merchant
Maney, John, fisherman
Madigan, Edward, tailor
Madigan, Michael, marnier
Maddock, Bartholemew, ?
Maddock, Henry, fireman
Maddon, James, fisherman
Maddon, John, fisherman
Maddon, Luke, fisherman
Maddon, Michael, fisherman
Madoon, Thomas, laborer
Magee, Michael, cooper
Magill, William, insp of poor
Magor, Francis, clerk
Magor, John, merchant
Maher, Ann, groceries
Maher, Edward, clothier
Maher, James, fisherman
Maher, John, blacksmith
Maher, John, fisherman
Maher, John, fisherman
Maher, John, fisherman
Maher, John, fisherman
Maher, Margaret, wid of Patrick
Maher, Michael, laborer
Maher, Michael, laborer
Maher, Mrs. Elizabeth, milliner
Maher, Thomas, carpenter
Maher, Thomas, tidewaiter
Maher, William, blacksmith
Mahon, Michael, clerk
Mahon, Richard, cooper
Mahon, Thomas, blockmaker
Mahoney, Charles, truckman
Mahoney, Dennis, laborer
Mahoney, William, fisherman
Mails, George, gardener
Mails, Thomas, grocer & boarding house
Major, John, fisherman
Malcolm, William, shipcarpenter
Mallard, Dennis, cooper
Marrard, James, fisherman
Mallard, Richard, planter
Mallard, William, planter
Malone, Bridget, wid of James
Malone, Catherine, wid of Richard
Malone, James, boot & shoe maker
Malone, Johanna, wid of John
Malone, Michael, farmer
Malone, Michael, fisherman
Malone, Patrick, cooper
Maloney, James, cooper
Maloney, James, fisherman
Maloney, Patrick, fisherman
Manning, Daniel, laborer
Manning, James, laborer
Manning, Michael, liquors
Manning, Patrick, laborer
Manning, Thomas, fisherman
Manwaring, James, boot & shoe maker
Manwaring, Michael, boot & shoe maker
Manwaring, Richard, boot & shoe maker
Manwaring, Richard, boot & shoe maker
Mansfield, Patrick, fisherman
Mansfield, Thomas, fisherman
Mara, John, fisherman
Mara, Patrick, fisherman
March, Nathaniel, bookkeeper
March, Stephen, merchant
Mare, William H., broker & commission merchant
Marine Railway, John Woods - proprietor
Marlin, John, tailor
Marnell, Margaret, wid of Joseph
Marnell, Andrew, tidewaiter
Marrett, Albert, clerk
Marriott, Joseph W., school inspector
Martin, Adam, shipcarpenter
Martin, John, engineer
Martin, George, fisherman
Martin, Grace, wid of Henry
Martin, Henry, fisherman
Martin, Henry, laborer
Martin, James, tailor
Martin, James H., china, glass & earthenware
Martin, John, fisherman
Martin, John, laborer
Martin, John, laborer
Martin, John, laborer
Martin, John, seaman
Martin, Jonathan, fisherman
Martin, Joseph, fisherman
Martin, Margaret, wid of William
Martin, Nathaniel, seaman
Martin, Rebecca, wid of William
Martin, Richard, tailor
Martin, Robert, clerk
Martin, Robert, servant
Martin, Thomas, farmer
Martin, Thomas, fisherman
Martin, Thomas, planter
Martin, William, farmer
Marshall, Alexander, fisherman
Marshall, George, fisherman
Marshall, Mrs. Maria, ?
Marshall, Philip, laborer
Marshall, Robert, fisherman
Marshall, Thomas, clerk
Marshall, William, laborer
Masonic Hall, British Square
Matthews, Charles, clerk
Matthew, Charles, clerk
Matthew, John, clerk
Matthew, Robert, bookkeeper
Matthews, Ellen, wid of Henry
Matthews, John, laborer
Matthews, John, shipwright
Matthews, Richard, proprietor Temperance Hotel
Mattifes, William, sailmaker
Maxwell, Robert, tailor
Mayo, James, fisherman
Mayo, Samuel, fisherman
Meade, Michael, shoemaker
Meagher, Edward, fisherman
Meagher, James, bookkeeper
Meagher, James, fisherman
Meagher, Richard, tidewaiter
Meagher, Stephen, fisherman
Meagher, Thomas, clerk
Meagher, Thomas, clerk
Meagher, Thomas, clerk
Meagher, William, attendant Lunatic Asylum
Mealy, John, fisherman
Mealy, Margaret, wid of Dennis
Meaney, Daniel, shipmaster
Meaney, John, fisherman
Meaney, Mary, ?
Meaney, Michael, fisherman
Meaney, Robert, fisherman
Meaney, William, fisherman
Meaney, William, seaman
Mearns, Andrew, master marnier
Medlend, Richard, master marnier
Medley, Rev. Charles, minister
Meehan, Edward, commission merchant
Meehan, John F., clerk
Meehan, Patrick, policeman
Meloy & Doyle, milliners
Meloy, Miss Mary, milliner
Melville, Thomas, carpenter
Melvin, George, fisherman
Melvin, Henry, laborer
Memory, Nicholas, blacksmith
Menchinton, Mary Anne, Berlin Wool Depot
Menchinton, William, ?
Mercantile Marine & Emigration Office Gambier near Water
Mercer, George, laborer
Mercer, James, shipmaster
Merchant, James, merchant
Merchant, John F., tailor
Merchant, Valentine, clothier
Merrels, Anthoney, coachman
Merrigan, Michael, fisherman
Merrigan, William, fisherman
Merry, John, fisherman
Merry, Michale, fisherman
Mews, George W., bookkeeper
Military Store Yard, 64 Duckworth
Miller, John, fisherman
Miller, John, fisherman
Miller, Mark, fisherman
Miller, Nathaniel, laborer
Miller, Patrick, fisherman
Miller, Thomas, blockmaker
Mill, William, musician
Mills, George, fisherman
Mills, WIlliam, blacksmith
Milly, Benjamin, clerk
Milly, James, shoemaker
Milly, John, fisherman
Milly, John, laborer
Milly, William, fisherman
Minnist, Joseph, fisherman
Minto, Mrs. Sarah, matron Orphan Asylum
Minuto, James, fisherman
Miron, James, fisherman
Mitchell, Alexander, auctioneer & commission merchant
Mitchell, David, clerk
Mitchell, Josiah, carpenter
Mitchell, Thomas, groccer & baker
Mitchell, Robert, cooper
Mitchell, Timothy, general supt of police
Mitchilmore, Margaret, ?
Mockler, Bridget, groceries
Mockler, John, cooper
Moffatt, Lieut Col R.M.	Royal Cdn Rifles
Moist, Emma, wid of William
Mollony, Mary A., wid of John P.
Molloy, James, blacksmith
Molloy, John, fisherman
Molloy, Michael, fisherman
Molloy, Mrs., ?
Molloy, Peter, fisherman
Molloy, Thomas N, commission merchant
Molony, Miss Charlotte A, teacher of vocal & instrumental music
Monaghan, Ann, wid of John
Monoghan, Edward, fisherman
Monckton, Robert L, shipmaster
Mongan, Michael, laborer
Monroo, Moses, clerk
Moody, John, clerk
Moody, Robert W, clerk
Mooney, Joseph, fisherman
Moore, Catherine, wid of David
Moore, Charles, fisherman
Moore, Ellen, wid of Thomas
Moore, Edward B, supertindent/St.John's Athenseum
Moore, Edward J, landing waiter & surveyor of shipping
Moore, Frances, wid of John
Moore, Henry, assistant commissary general
Moore, James, butcher
Moore, James, fisherman
Moore, James, laborer
Moore, James, sailmaker
Moore, John, fisherman
Moore, John, fisherman
Moore, John, laborer
Moore, Joshua, cooper
Moore, Mary, wid of Charles 
Moore, Michael, fisherman
Moore, Philip, fisherman
Moore, Thomas, fisherman
Moore, Thomas, seaman
Moran, Catherine, ?
Moran, Miss Ann, glassware
Moran, Johanna, ?
Morey, Joseph, laborer
Morey, Richard, fisherman
Morey, William, fisherman
Morgan, Eliza, wid of George
Moriarty, Patrick, fisherman
Morison, William D., commission merchant
Morrie, David, fisherman
Morrie, David, fisherman
Morris, Edward, cooper
Morris, Hon. Edward, cashier Savings Bank/Colonial Bldg
Morris, James, cooper
Morris, Jeffery, fisherman
Morris, John, fisherman
Morris, Solomon, seaman
Morris, Stephen, coaster
Morris, Stephen, plasterer
Morris, Thomas, messenger
Morris, William, fisherman
Morrisey, Honorah, wid of Patrick
Morrisey, James, fisherman
Morrisey, John, cooper
Morrisey, John, master marnier
Morrisey, Joseph, fisherman
Morrisey, Margaret, wid of William
Morrisey, Mary, boarding house
Morrisey, Michael, sawyer
Morrisey, Robert, ?
Morrisey, Walter, laborer
Morrisey, William, laborer
Morrisey, William, tailor
Morrison, William, shoemaker
Morrison, William D., grocer
Morrow, William, fisherman
Morry, Thomas G., merchant & insurance agent
Morry, William, master marnier
Morton, Thomas, ?
Morton, William, fisherman
Mosedale, James, clerk
Motty, Philip, sailmaker
Mountain, Edward, fisherman
Mountain, Mrs. Jacob G., ?
Mountain, Thomas, master marnier
Mountain, William, printer
Mourne, Thomas, farmer
Mudge, Edward, clerk
Mudge, Henry, clerk
Mudge, Nicholas, merchant
Mudge, Nicholas R., merchant
Mudge & Co., merchants
Muir & Duder, merchants
Muir, Emeline, ?
Muir, John McL, storekeeper
Muir, Robert L., merchant
Mulcahy, Catherine, wid of Michael
Mulcahy, Edward, fisherman
Mulcahy, Edward, fisherman
Mulcahy, James, fisherman
Mulcahy, Margaret, wid of John
Mulcahy, Mary, wid of James
Mulcoy, Daniel, marnier
Mullally, Andrew, fisherman
Mullally, John, porter
Mullally, Michael, cooper
Mullally, Michael, fisherman
Mullally, Patrick, carpenter
Mullally, Pierce, shoemaker
Mullings, Joseph R., custom house broker
Mullins, Sarah, wid of William
Mullins, Thomas, foreman
Mullins, William, laborer
Mullock, Right Rev John Thomas, DD, Lord Bishop of St.John's
Mullock, Thomas, professor of music
Mullowney, Dennis, boardinghouse
Mullowney, John, fisherman
Mullowney, John, groceries and spirits
Mullowney, Joseph, blacksmith
Mullowney, Mrs. E, grocer
Mullowney, Patrick, tailor
Mullowney, Peter, tailor
Mullowney, Thomas, fisherman
Mullowney, William, painter
Mulloy, Bridget, ?
Mulloy, Dennis, cooper
Mulloy, James, carpenter
Mulloy, James, jnr, carpenter
Mulloy, John, groceries
Mulloy, Michael, fisherman
Mulloy, Richard, fisherman
Mulloy, William, fisherman
Mulrooney, Michael, fisherman
Munn, Mary, ?
Murphy, Andrew, tailor
Murphy, Anne, wid of Richard
Murphy, Benjamin, cooper
Murphy, Catherine, bonnetmaker
Murphy, Catherine, wid of Michael
Murphy, Catherine, wid of Philip
Murphy, Daniel, farmer
Murphy, Dora, wid of John
Murphy, Edward, carpenter
Murphy, Edward, fisherman
Murphy, Edward, seaman
Murphy, Edward, tailor
Murphy, Edward J., carpenter
Murphy, Elizabeth, wid of Lawrence
Murphy, Ellen, cook/St.John's Hosptial
Murphy, Ellen, wid of Nicholas
Murphy, Felix, fisherman
Murphy, James, fisherman
Murphy, James, fisherman
Murphy, James, fisherman
Murphy, James, fisherman
Murphy, Jane, wid of James
Murphy, Johanna, nurse/St. John's Hospital
Murphy, John, cooper
Murphy, John, fisherman
Murphy, John, fisherman
Murphy, John, fisherman
Murphy, John, fisherman
Murphy, John, fisherman
Murphy, John, fisherman
Murphy, John, laborer
Murphy, John, shoemaker
Murphy, Joseph, seaman
Murphy, Luke, cooper
Murphy, Martin, farmer
Murphy, Martin, porter
Murphy, Mary, ?
Murphy, Mary, wid of John
Murphy, Matthew, fisherman
Murphy, Matthew, laborer
Murphy, Maurice, laborer
Murphy, Michael, farmer
Murphy, Michael, fisherman
Murphy, Michael ,fisherman
Murphy, Michael, fisherman
Murphy, Michael, fisherman
Murphy, Michael, laborer
Murphy, Michael, seaman
Murphy, Mrs. Catherine, ?
Murphy, Nicholas, fisherman
Murphy, Patrick, carpenter
Murphy, Patrick, cooper
Murphy, Patrick, liquors
Murphy, Patrick, shipcarpenter
Murphy, Philip, ?
Murphy, Philip, baker
Murphy, Philip, fisherman
Murphy, Richard, spirits & groceries
Murphy, Simon, baker
Murphy, Simon, fisherman
Murphy, Sylvester, agent
Murphy, Thomas, bookkeeper
Murphy, Thomas, carpenter
Murphy, Thomas, cooper
Murphy, Thomas, farmer
Murphy, Thomas, groceries
Murphy, Thomas, groceries & liquors
Murphy, Thomas, shoemaker
Murphy, Thomas, storekeeper
Murphy, Thomas, jnr, shoemaker
Murrain, John, fisherman
Murray, Benjamin, clerk
Murray, Capt. T.A.L., commanding Royal Engineers
Murray, Garret, fisherman
Murray, Israel, seaman
Murray, James, biscuit manufactory
Murray, James, fisherman
Murray, James, jnr, bookkeeper
Murray, James, laborer
Murray, John, printer
Murray, John B, cutter
Murray, Michael, cabdriver
Murray, Michael, fisherman
Murray, Michael, tailor
Murray, Owen, fisherman
Murray, Patrick, ?
Murray, Thomas, tailor
Murray, William, policeman
Murray, William C., accountant
Murray, William, groceries
Musgrave, Anthoney, Governor & Commander in chief
Myrick, John, carpenter
Myrick, Patrick, fisherman


Nangle, Matthew, carpenter
Nangle, Thomas, tailor
Neal, Ellen, wid of John
Neal, George, baker
Neal, James, laborer
Neal, Michael, laborer
Neagle, James, cooper
Neagle, John, fisherman
Neagle, Mary, wid of Francis
Neary, James, ?
Neefe, Patrick, laborer
Negal, John, butcher
Neil, Andrew, farmer
Neil, Arthur, cabman
Neil, Edward, fisherman
Neil, James, cabdriver
Neil, John, fisherman
Neil, John, fisherman
Neil, John, fisherman
Neil, Patrick, farmer
Nelder, William, mason
Neville, J.T., inspector public works & buildings
Neville, James, shoemaker
Neville, John, farmer
Neville, Peter, farmer
Newell, George, shipcarpenter
Newfoundland Marine Ins. Co/E.L.Jarvis/Agent
Newfoundland Savings Bank/Colonial Bldg
Newfoundland Wesleyan Academy - Freshwater Road
Newfoundlander, The, Edward D. Shea/publisher
Newman & Co, merchants
Neyle, Richard, harware & fishing tackle
Nichol, Edward, roomkeeper
Nicholas, Rev. George D., MA/Vice Principal Queen's College
Nicol, John, attendant
Nightingale, John, bookkeeper
Nightingale, Rev. Adam, 73 Military Road
Nixon, Charles, carpenter
Nixon, Thomas, carpenter
Noftel, Edward, fisherman
Noonan, Richard, teacher Catholic School
Norman, William, fisherman
Normore, Henry, fisherman
North British & Mercantile Ins. Co
North, Patrick, cooper
Northern Fire & Life Assurance Co/A.O.Hayward
Northworthy, Jacob, fisherman
Northworthy, John, carpenter
Norris, Edward, fisherman
Nowlan, Edward, ?
Nowlan, Henry, fisherman
Nowlan, John, cooper
Nowlan, John, cooper
Nowlan, John, fisherman
Nowlan, Mary, wid of Andrew
Nowlan, Michael, carpenter
Nowlan, Michael, grocer
Nowlan, Patrick, baker
Nowlan, Rebecca, wid of James
Nowlan, Thomas, shoemaker
Nowlan, Tobias, carpenter
Nowlan, William, carpenter
Nugent, John, baker
Nugent, John V., high sheriff Central Dist/Cout House
Nugent, Joseph L., civil engineer
Nurse, Bernard, seaman
Nurse, John, fisherman
Nurse, Thomas, pilot


O'Brien, Christopher, fisherman
O'Brien, Laurence & Co, merchants
O'Brien, Maurice, liquors
O'Brien, Sylvester, cooper
O'Brien, Thomas, butcher
O'Brine, Timothy, liquors
O'Bryne, Mrs. Bridget, liquors
O'Connell, John, tailor
O'Connell, Patrick, butcher
O'Connor, Michael, groceries & liquors
O'Connor, Patrick, barrack sergeant
O'Connor, Patrick, mason
O'Connor, Patrick, printer
O'Conor, John, hardware
O'Donnell, Cornelius, ?
O'Donnell, Cornelius, laborer
O'Donnell, Edward, fisherman
O'Donnell, James, bookkeeper
O'Donnell, John, butcher
O'Donnell, John, fisherman
O'Donnell, Joseph, cooper
O'Donnell, Patrick, barkeeper
O'Donnell, Patrick, clerk
O'Donnell, Patrick, clerk
O'Donnell, Rev. Jeremiah, Cathedral
O'Donnell, Rev. Richard	director St. Bons. College
O'Donnell, Thomas, liquors
O'Donnell, William, blockmaker
O'Donnell, William, tailor
O'Dwyer, Richard, merchant
O'Flaherty, Edward, baker
O'Flavin, David, laborer
O'Grady, William, carpenter and builder
Oke, Robert, inspector of light houses/Col.Bldg.
O'Keefe, Andrew, liquors
O'Keefe, Michael, shoemaker
Oldridge, Henry, liquors
O'Leary, Matthew, baker
Oliver, John, fisherman
Oliver, John, seaman
O'Mara, Dennis, shoemaker
O'Mara, John, grocer
O'Mara, Michael, J., barrister
O'Mara, Patrick, clerk repairer
O'Mara, Robert D., agent
O'Mara, Thomas, liquors
Ondray, James, fisherman
Ondray, Marcelia, wid of Samuel
O'Neill, Catherine, wid of James
O'Neill, Daniel, liquors
O'Neill, James, trader
O'Neill, Thomas, liquors
Orgun, James, fisherman
Orphan Asylum School, Queen's Road
Osborne, Mary, wid of Alexander
O'Sullivan, Mrs. Dennis, groceries
O'Toole, James, tailor
Outerbridge, Joseph, bookkeeper
Owens, Patrick, storekeeper


Pack, Susan, wid of Peter
Pack, William, tailor
Page, Frederick, clerk
Page, Frederick R., land surveyor & auctioneer
Palfrey, Richard, master marnier
Palfrey, Samuel, shipcarpenter
Palk, Johanna, wid of George
Panton, George, clerk
Parker, James, clerk
Parker, Johanna, wid of Thomas
Parker, Lawrence, clerk
Parker, Margaret, wid of William
Parker, William, grocer & furniture dealer
Pernell, John K., manager
Parrell, Elizabeth, wid of Richard
Parrell, Michael, fisherman
Parrell, Patrick, fisherman
Parsons, Alfred, agent/Job Bros.
Parsons, Jonathan, watchmaker
Parsons, Mrs. James, ?
Parsons, Mrs. Jane, milliner
Parsons, Robert J., publisher & proprietor
Parsons, Stephen, clerk
Parsons, Thomas, fisherman
Parsons, William T., watchmaker & jeweller
Pusher, John, fisherman
Patrick, John, tailor
Patriot, The, R.J.Parsons, publisher
Patterson, John, shipmaster
Patterson, L.O., Garrison Hospital
Pattle, William R., shipmaster
Payne, Richard, sailmaker
Payne, Thomas, seaman
Peace, Andrew G., tinsmith
Peace, james G, tinsmith
Peace, Robert, stoves & tinware
Peace, George, watchman
Peckham, James, fisherman
Pierson, Bridget, wid of John
Pendergast, George, cooper
Pendergast, John, laborer
Pendergast, Maurice, grocer
Pendergast, Patrick, tailor
Pendergast, Richard, fisherman
Pendergast, Sarah, ?
Pendergast, Thomas, fisherman
Pendergast, Thomas, fisherman
Pendergast, Thomas, spirits & groceries
Pendergast, William, porter
Pendergrass, Anastasica	wid of Thomas
Pendergrass, John, laborer
Pendergrass, Richard, shipmaster
Penitentiary, Forrest Road
Pennicuick, James G, groceries & liquors
Pennock, Alfred, carpenter
Pennock, George, pensioner
Penny, John, marnier
Penston, Henry, attendant Lunatic Asylum
Percy, Eliza, wid of Frederick
Percy, Moses, master marnier
Percy, Patrick, fisherman
Percy, Robert, shipmaster
Percy, Stephen, shipmaster
Percy, Thomas, porter
Percy, William, master marnier
Percy, William J., fisherman
Perfect, Samuel, mason
Peters, John E., bookkeeper
Pettigrey, Martin, fisherman
Phalen, Pierce, trader
Phalen, William, baker
Phelan, James, clerk
Phelan, James, hairdresser
Phelan, Patrick, baker
Phelan, Timothy, liquors
Phelan, William, baker
Phillips, James, tailor
Phillips, John, clerk
Phillips, John, storekeeper
Phillips, Robert, fisherman
Phoenix Fire & Life Assur, W&G Rendell/agents
Phoran, Richard, fisherman
Pickard, Henry, storekeeper
Pickard, William G., cabinetmaker
Pickard, William H, clerk
Picks, Henry, fisherman
Pierce, Thomas, fisherman
Pike, Abijah, marnier
Pike, Alfred, clerk
Pike, Capt., shipmaster
Pike, Edward, seaman
Pike, Richard, master marnier
Pike, William, master marnier
Pilley, Mark, shipmaster
Pine, Levi, fisherman
Pine, Richard, fisherman
Pine, William, laborer
Pine, William, fisherman
Pinsent, Charles S, clerk/Union Bank
Pinsent & Emerson, barristers
Pinsent, Hon. R.J., barrister & attorney at law
Pinsent, Robert J, collector water assessments
Pinkham, William, farmer
Pippy, George, shipwright
Pippy, Joseph, clerk
Pippy, Joseph, seaman
Pippy, Joseph, shipwright
Pippy, Nathaniel, fisherman
Pitcher, Alexander, teacher
Pitts, James & Wm., auctioneers & commission merchants
Pitts, James, merchant
Pitts, James S., accountant
Pitts, William, merchant
Police Office, St.John's Central Dist/Market house
Pool, Thomas, pilot
Pook, Samuel, clerk
Poor Office, 57 South West
Pope, John, blacksmith
Pope, Matthew, blacksmith
Pope, Thomas, blacksmith
Pope, William S., ship & blacksmith
Post Office, Market House
Potter, Henry, master marnier
Potter, John, carpenter
Powells, John, fisherman
Power, Alexander, fisherman
Power, Catherine, ?
Power, Catherine, wid of Edward
Power, Charles, master marnier
Power, Charlotte, wid of John
Power, David, cooper
Power, David, fisherman
Power, David, fisherman
Power, David, fisherman
Power, David, laborer
Power, David, laborer
Power, David, porter
Power, Edmund, clerk
Power, Edmund, fisherman
Power, Edmund, fisherman
Power, Edward, laborer
Power, Edward, hardware
Power, Edward, sailmaker
Power, Edward, tailor
Power, Ellen, wid of James
Power, James, carpenter
Power, James, cooper
Power, James, cooper
Power, James, farmer
Power, James, fisherman
Power, James, grocer
Power, James, groceries & liquor
Power, James, laborer
Power, James, liquors
Power, James, printer
Power, James J., cooper
Power, Jeffrey, fisherman
Power, Miss Johanna, housekeeper
Power, John, blacksmith
Power, John, carpenter
Power, John, carpenter & undertaker
Power, John, cooper
Power, John, cooper & salter
Power, John, fisherman
Power, John, fisherman
Power, John, fisherman
Power, John, fisherman
Power, John, fisherman
Power, John, fisherman
Power, John, fisherman
Power, John, fisherman
Power, John, liquor
Power, John, seaman
Power, John F., cooper
Power, Joseph, planter
Power, Martin, clerk
Power, Martin, fisherman
Power, Martin, storekeeper
Power, Mary, wid of Martin
Power, Mary, wid of William
Power, Matthew, carpenter
Power, Michael, cooper
Power, Michael, fisherman
Power, Michael, fisherman
Power, Michael, fisherman
Power, Michael, fisherman
Power, Michael, fisherman
Power, Michael, laborer
Power, Michael, liquors
Power, Michael G., draper
Power, Mrs. P.L., liquors
Power, Nicholas, cooper
Power, Nicholas, fisherman
Power, Nicholas, fisherman
Power, Nicholas, fisherman
Power, Nicholas, fisherman
Power, Nicholas, fisherman
Power, Patrick, carpenter
Power, Patrick, farmer
Power, Patrick, fisherman
Power, Patrick, fisherman
Power, Patrick, fisherman
Power, Patrick, fisherman
Power, Patrick, fisherman
Power, Patrick, pilot
Power, Patrick, shoemaker
Power, Patrick, shoemaker
Power, Patrick, seaman
Power, Patrick, stevedore
Power, Peter, fisherman
Power, Peter, seaman
Power, Philip, cooper
Power, Philip, liquors
Power, Philip, liquors
Power, Pierce, storekeeper
Power, Pierce, fisherman
Power, Redmon, fisherman
Power, Richard, fisherman
Power, Richard, clerk
Power, Richard, fisherman
Power, Richard, fisherman
Power, Richard, laborer
Power, Richard, laborer
Power, Richard, planter & farmer
Power, Richard, roomkeeper
Power, Richard, seaman
Power, Richard, storekeeper
Power, Robert, fisherman
Power, Robert, fisherman
Power, Robert, fisherman
Power, Robert, laborer
Power, Thomas, bait boat
Power, Thomas, carpenter
Power, Thomas, carpenter
Power, Thomas, fisherman
Power, Thomas, fisherman
Power, Thomas, fisherman
Power, Thomas, fisherman
Power, Thomas, fisherman
Power, Thomas, pedlar
Power, Thomas, pilot
Power, Thomas, tidewaiter
Power, Thomas, tinsmith
Power, William, fisherman
Power, William, fisherman
Power, William, fisherman
Power, William, shipcarpenter
Presentation Convent, St. Patrick's Church
Presentation Convent School, St. Patrick's Church
Preston, Bridget, wid of John
Preston, John, boatman
Prestwood, Rev. Paul, 196 Gower
Price, Joseph, laborer
Price, Mrs,. Ann, teacher
Prim, Matthew, cooper
Primroy, Patrick, shipcarpenter
Prowse, Daniel W.MHA, carrister and ins agent
Prowse, James, laborer
Prowse, John, keeper St. John's Hospital
Prowse, Mrs. Samuel, boarding house
Prowse, Robert & Sons, commission merchants
Prowse, Robert H, commission merchant
Prowse, Samuel, apothecary
Prowse, Thomas, farmer
Prowse, William, tinsmith
Pryor, Edward, shipmaster
Public Ledger, The, Henry Winton, publisher
Puddicombe, Richard, storekeeper
Purcell, Edward, laborer
Purcell, John, house joiner
Purcell, Michael, seaman
Purcell, Winnifred, milliner & bonnetmaker
Pyn, Levi, fisherman
Pyn, Richard, planter
Pyn, Thomas, sailmaker
Pyn, William, planter


Queen's Bakery, 2 Cochrane St
Queen's College, Forrest Road
Queen Fire & Life Ins Co., D.W.Prowse, agent
Queen's Wharf, about 83 Water
Quick, George, seaman
Quick, William, seaman
Quigley, Patrick, fisherman
Quigley, William, fisherman
Quill, Capt.A.S., Royal Cdn Rifles
Quill, John, shoemaker
Quinn, Edward, boot & shoe maker
Quinn, Ellen, wid of Edward
Quinn, John, tidewaiter
Quinn, Michael, blacksmith
Quinn, Richard, baker
Quinn, Richard, butcher
Quinlan, Michael, fisherman
Quinlan, Thomas, fisherman
Quirk, Ellen, bonnetmaker
Quirk, James, cooper
Quirk, John, fisherman
Quirk, John, truckman
Quirk, Michael, fisherman
Quirk, Philip, cooper



Transcribed by Barbara McGrath

Page Revised June 2003 (Don Tate)

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