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1864 - 1865
Hutchinson's Directory

St. John's H - L

Habberlin; Patrick, clerk
Habberlin; Patrick, shipcarpenter
Habberlin; Thomas, fisherman
Habbet; William, fisherman
Hacket; Andrew, inspector of pickled fish
Hackett; James, laborer
Hackett; Johanna, wid of John
Hackett; John, fisherman
Hackett; John, master marnier
Hackett; John, teacher
Hackett; Margaret, ?
Hackett; Patrick, fisherman
Hackett; Patrick, laborer
Hackett; William, master marnier
Hadden; Thomas, clerk
Haffey; Ann, wid of John
Haffey; Patrick, fisherman
Hagan; John, shipmaster
Hagerty; Bartholemew, fisherman
Hagerty; John, fisherman
Hagerty; Patrick, cabinetmaker
Hagerty; William, laborer
Hale; Mary, wid of Thomas
Halern; Terrence, shipmaster & owner
Haley; James, chief clerk; Post Office
Haley; John, fisherman
Haley; M, wid of John
Haley; Mary M., dressmaker
Hall; William, fisherman
Hally; William D, bookkeeper
Hallehan; Edward, fisherman
Halleran; Daniel, fisherman
Halleran; Daniel, wharfinger
Halleran; Lawrence, trader
Halliday; James, storekeeper
Hally; Philip, tidewaiter
Hally; Richard, blockmaker
Hally; Thomas, master marnier
Hamilton; John, fisherman
Hamilton; Michael, musician
Hammond; William, warder; military store dept.
Hamlin; Hugh, ?
Hamlin; Martin, teacher
Hamlin; Martin, planter
Hamlin; William, engineer
Handrick; Thomas, waymaster
Hancy; William, fisherman
Hanley; Richard, snuff & candle manufacturer
Hanlon; James, liquors
Hanlon; John, fisherman
Hanlon; John, fisherman
Hanlon; Lawrence, laborer
Hanlon; Michael fisherman
Hanmar; Llewellyn, clerk
Hanmar; Noel, dept asst supt of stores
Hannigan; Patrick, laborer
Hanning; Catherine, teacher
Hannon; William, fisherman
Hanrahan; Edmond M., attorney
Hanrahan; James, fisherman
Hansen; Peter, master marnier
Harder; James, printer
Hardey; Mary, wid of John
Harding; John, farmer
Harding; Patrick, farmer
Hare; Patrick, fisherman
Harley; Francis, plasterer
Harney; Thomas, clerk
Harrigan; Ellen, wid of Edward
Harris; Mary A., wid of Nicholas G
Harris; Rev George P, principal
Harris; Robert, seaman
Harris; Samuel, master marnier
Harris; William, carpenter
Hart; George, shipmaster
Hart; Thomas, tailor
Hartery; Cornelius, fisherman
Hartery; John, fisherman
Hartery; John C., sea captain
Hartery; Joseph, policeman
Hartewell; George, fisherman
Hartley; Michael, seaman
Harvey; Augustus W., commission merchant
Harvey; Eugenius, commission merchant
Harvey; John, fisherman
Harvey; Rev Moses, minister
Harvey; Richard, bookkeeper
Hasey; James, butcher
Hass; Frederick, master cooper
Hatchett; William E., medical student
Hatton; George, lumber surveyor
Haw; Thomas, groceries & liquors
Hawe; William, cooper
Hawe; William, fisherman
Hawkins; Elizabeth, wid of Mattias
Hawkins; Henry, barrack sergeant
Hawkins; John T., cooper
Hay; John A, clerk
Hay; John, stonecutter
Hayden; Bridget, wid of Michael
Hayden; Daniel, laborer
Hayden; Patrick, fisherman
Hayden; Richard, fisherman
Hayden; Thomas, fisherman
Hayes; Bridget, wid of David
Hayes; Catherine, ?
Hayes; Jeremiah, fisherman
Hayes; John, fisherman
Hayes; John, laborer
Hayes; Martin, clerk
Hayes; Martin, clerk
Hayes; Mary, wid of Edmund
Hayes; Michael, clerk to Poor Commissioners
Hayes; Nicholas, clerk
Hayes; Thomas, butcher
Hayes; Thomas, clerk
Hayes; Timothy, tailor
Hayward; Augustus, barrister & insurance agent
Hayward; George F, clerk Receiver General Office
Hayward; George J, merchant
Hayward; Henry E., accountant
Hayward; James S, landing surveyor of customs
Hayward; John W., clerk
Hayward; Rebecca, wid of William
Heale; James, fisherman
Heale; William, planter
Healey; Edward, clerk
Healey; Edward, fisherman
Healey; Mrs. Honorah, ?
Healey; Martin, trader
Healey; Michael, fisherman
Healey; Nicholas, fisherman
Hearn; Catherine, wid of Patrick
Hearn; James, bookkeeper
Hearn; James, fisherman
Hearn; James, fisherman
Hearn; James, laborer
Hearn; James, laborer
Hearn; John, ?
Hearn; John, fisherman
Hearn; Mary, groceries
Hearn; P & T, auctioneers & commission merchants
Hearn; Patrick, auctioneer & commisssion merchant
Hearn; Patrick, boot & shoe maker
Hearn; T, auctioneer & commission merchant
Hearn; Thomas, fisherman
Heath; Henry, shoemaker
Heath; John P., confectioner
Heavin; Lawrence, laborer
Hedgman; Edward B, clerk
Hedgman; Walter, clerk
Hellyer; John, boot & shoe maker
Hellyer; John, fisherman
Henderson; Daniel J, commission agent
Henderson; Henry, clerk
Henderson; Henry, seaman
Henderson; William, storekeeper
Henderson; William, jnr., clerk
Hendrick; Michael, shoemaker
Hennebury; John, farmer
Hennebury; John, planter
Hennebury; Michael, fisherman
Hennebury; Michael,,laborer
Hennebury; Patrick, laborer
Hennebury; Patrick, laborer
Hennebury; Thomas, farmer
Hennebury; Thomas, planter
Hennessy; Ann, wid of James
Hennessy; Daniel, fisherman
Hennessy; Edward, blacksmith
Hennessy; Edward, groceries & spirits
Hennessy; James, carpenter
Hennessy; James, tailor
Hennessy; James, tailor
Hennessy; John, fisherman
Hennessy; Mary, ?
Hennessy; Margaret, wid of Robert
Hennessy; Patrick, clerk
Hennessy; Thomas, cooper
Hennessy; Thomas, fisherman
Hennessy; Thomas, fisherman
Hennessy; Thomas, laborer
Heweardine; William, shoemaker
Hewett; Amelia, wid of Henry
Hickey; James, fisherman
Hickey; Jeremiah, shipcarpenter
Hickey; John, Custom House locker
Hickey; John, fisherman
Hickey; Joseph, fisherman
Hickey; Leonard, fisherman
Hickey; Michael, cooper
Hickey; Michael, tailor
Hickey; Patrick, fisherman
Hickey; Robert, shipcarpenter
Hicks; Robert, seaman
Higgins; John, foreman
Higgins; Maurice, fisherman
Hill; George, cooper
Hill; John, farmer
Hill; John, storekeeper
Hill; Nathaniel, cooper
Hinchy; William, fisherman
Hines; James, storekeeper
Hines; Mary, milliner
Hiscock; Frederick, clerk
Hiscock; Richard, fisherman
Hiscock; Richard, shipcarpenter
Hiscock; Roger, fisherman
Hiscott; Henry, cooper
Hear; Edwin, cooper
Hear; Mary, servant
Hodder; David, tinsmith
Hodder; William, painter
Hodson; John, fisherman
Hodson; Oliver, fisherman
Hodson; Philip, fisherman
Hogan; Edward, cooper
Hogan; Patrick, fisherman
Hogan; Patrick, groceries & liquors
Hogan; Thomas, fisherman
Hogan; William, saddler
Hogsett; George J, barriester
Holden; James, fisherman
Holden; John, carpenter
Holden; Mrs. Elizabeth	matron, St. John's Hospital
Holden; Miss Kate, ?
Holden; Richard B., notary public
Holden; Richard K, assistant clerk
Holland; Daniel, cooper
Hollett; John, fisherman
Hollett; Robert, fisherman
Hollett; William, fisherman
Holly; Bridget, wid of Thomas
Holly; John, seaman
Holmes; John, soldier
Holmes; Thomas, coachman
Holmwood; Charles, merchant
Holten; Thomas Randell, seaman
Hook; William, policeman
Hooper; Charles, shipcarpenter
Hope; Henry, seaman
Horwill; James, clerk
Horwood; Eliza, wid of John
Horwood; J & T, conffectioners
Horwood; John, confectioner
Horwood; John, laborer
Horwood; John, planter
Horwood; Mary A., wid of William
Horwood; Richard, planter
Horwood; Robert, fisherman
Horwood; Thomas, confectioner
Horwood; William, attendant Lunatic Asylum
Hosken; John, laborer
Houlahan; Joseph, master marnier
Hounsell; Thomas C., merchant
Hounsell; William & Co, merchants
House; Mary, wid of Frank
Howatt; Mary, wid of Thomas
Howard; James, fisherman
Howard; Mary A, teacher
Howe; James, manager
Howlett; John, storekeeper
Howlett; Patrick, fisherman
Howlett; Patrick, fisherman
Howlett; Thomas, fisherman
Howley; Eliza, wid of John
Howley; Michael, fisherman
Howley; Rev. Richard, Cathedral
Howley; Richard, financial secretary-Colonial Bldg
Howson; John, carpenter
Hoyles; Hon Hugh W, attorney general
Hubbard; Richard, sailmaker
Hudson; George, porter
Hudson; Michael, clerk
Hudson; Ruth, ?
Hudson; William, master marnier
Hughes; John, joiner
Hughes; Thomas, policeman
Hutchan; Cornelius, fisherman
Humphry; Edward, teacher; Gen.Protestant School
Hunneywell; Daniel, shipmaster
Hunt; Levi, marnier
Hunt; Martin, fisherman
Hunt; Robert, ?
Hunt; William, marnier
Hunter; Charles P, merchant
Hurley; Daniel, fisherman
Hurley; John, laborer
Hurley; James, tailor
Hurley; John, cooper
Hurley; Mary, ?
Hurley; Mary, wid of James
Hurley; Morris, porter
Hurley; Patrick, fisherman
Hurley; Patrick, liquors & groceries
Hurley; Richard, tailor
Hurley; Robert, seaman
Hutchings; Charles, sailmaker
Hutchings; George A, clerk
Hutchings; John, fisherman
Hutchings; John & Son, sailmakers
Hutchigs; Philip, merchant
Hutton; George, grocer
Hyde; Joseph, fisherman
Hyde; William, fisherman
Hyland; Thomas, policeman
Hynes;________, shoemaker
Hynes; Edward, planter
Hynes; Mcihael, fisherman
Hynes; Patrick, tallyman


Imlach; John, clerk
Imperial Fire Insurance Co/Thomas G. Morry, agent
Ingraham; George, clerk
Inspector of Lighthouses, Colonial Building
Inspector of Public Works & Buildings/Colonial Building
Ireland; Joseph, marnier
Irvine; Bartholemew, laborer
Irvine; Thomas, clerk
Irving; William, clerk
Irwin; Walter, farmer
Irwin; William, farmer
Iveney; Thomas, laborer
Ivory; Richard, groceries


Jack; James, clerk
Jackman; Anne, wid of Michael
Jackman; Arthur, fisherman
Jackman; Arthur, fisherman
Jackman; Edward, shoemaker
Jackman; James, ?
Jackman; James, marnier
Jackman; Mary Ann, wid of Thomas
Jackman; Thomas, trader
Jackman; William, marnier
Jackman; William A., shipmaster
Jackson; John, seaman
Jackson; John W., watchmaker
Jagg; Rev. Charles E, Old Cove Road
James; George, clerk
James; Jane C., wid of Thomas C
James; John G, bookkeeper
James; Jonathan, fisherman
Jardine; James, clerk
Jardine; Robert, distriller
Jarvis; C.E.L., accountant/Nfld Marine Assur. Co
Jarvis; E.L., agent
Jean; Thomas, fisherman
Jeans; Henry, fisherman
Jeans; John, blockmaker
Jeans; John R, principal clerk/Sheriff's Office
Jeans; Mrs. Samuel, ?
Jeans; Stephen, blacksmith
Jeans; Thomas, blacksmith
Jenkins; John, master marnier
Jenkins; William, trader
Jewer; William, shipwright
Job Brothers & Co, merchants & insurance agents
Job; Samuel, merchant
Job; Thomas, merchant
Job; Thomas B., merchant
Job; Thomas R., merchant
Jocelyn; James, carter
Jocelyn; John, farmer
Jocelyn; John; jnr, farmer
Johnson; Catherine, Gratiana
Johnston; Adam, storekeeper
Johnston; Charlotte, ?
Johnston; Henry A, clerk
Johnston; John, ?
Johnston; John, fisherman
Johnston; Maguire, shipcarpenter
Johnston; Rev. George M., Kings Bridge Rd
Johnston; Robert, laborer
Johnston; William, seaman
Johnstone; Mrs. Octavius, ?
Jollif; James, fisherman
Jones; Clara H., ?
Jones; George, seaman
Jones; Hugh, carpenter
Jones; James, baker
Jones; Joseph R., seaman
Jones; Richard, seaman
Jones; Thomas, tailor
Jordan; Andrew P., clothier
Jordan; James A., clothier
Jordan; John, brewer
Jordan; Patrick & Sons, clothiers
Jordan; William J., clothier
Joslyn; Homer, sewing machines
Joy; Mary, milliner
Joy; Walter, fisherman
Joy; William, fisherman
Judge; Peter, fisherman
Judge; William, laborer
Justice; Mary, wid of Edward


Kane; Daniel, cabman
Kane; Daniel, cabdriver
Kane; Daniel, seaman
Kane; Edward, fisherman
Kane; James, fisherman
Kane; John, seaman
Kane; Maurice, fisherman
Kane; Owen, tailor
Kane; Patrick, fisherman
Kane; Patrick, laborer
Kavanagh; Ann, wid of Patrick
Kavanagh; Alexander, fisherman
Kavanagh; Catherine, wid of Matthew
Kavanagh; Catherine, wid of Edwin
Kavanagh; Darby, pilot
Kavanagh; Frederick, cooper
Kavanagh; Garret, fisherman
Kavanagh; James, carpenter
Kavanagh; James, clerk
Kavanagh; James, fisherman
Kavanagh; James, fisherman
Kavanagh; James, porter
Kavanagh; John; MHA, merchant
Kavanagh; John, ?
Kavanagh; John, cooper
Kavanagh; John, laborer
Kavanagh; John, shoemaker
Kavanagh; John, storekeeper
Kavanagh; John, storekeeper
Kavanagh; Luke, fisherman
Kavanagh; Michael, baker
Kavanagh; Martin, carpenter
Kavanagh; Patrick, carpenter
Kavanagh; Patrick, fisherman
Kavanagh; Patrick, fisherman
Kavanagh; Simon, fisherman
Keats; John, fisherman
Keay; Mary, wid of Edward
Keay; Michael, fisherman
Kearney; Andrew, laborer
Kearney; James, snuff & candle manufacturers
Kearney; John, clerk
Kearney; Michael, fisherman
Kearney; Michael, sailmaker
Kearney; Michael; jnr, clerk
Kearney; Richard, master marnier
Keating; John, ?
Keating; John, fisherman
Keating; Michael, fisherman
Keating; Patrick, fisherman
Keating; Thomas, fisherman
Keating; Thomas, marnier
Kedney; Daniel, fisherman
Keeley; Moses, fisherman
Keeley; Patrick, fisherman
Keenan; Andrew, cab driver
Keenan; Margaret, wid of Thomas
Keenan; Patrick, cab driver
Keefe; Andrew, laborer
Keefe; Daniel, fisherman
Keefe; James, liquors
Keefe; John, carpenter
Keefe; John, fisherman
Keefe; John, fisherman
Keefe; Michael, fisherman
Keefe; Michael, tailor
Keefe; Robert, cooper
Keefe; Thomas, cooper
Keefe; Thomas, laborer
Keefe; Thomas, seaman
Kehoe; Michael, seaman
Kehoe; Patrick, cooper
Keith; John, printer
Keith; Joseph A, accountant
Kelcher; Philip, shoemaker
Kelley; John, blacksmith
Kelley; John, tailor
Kelley; Michael, tailor
Kelly; Catherine, wid of Thomas
Kelly; Christopher, fisherman
Kelly; Dennis, seaman
Kelly; Edmund, clerk
Kelly; Edward, fisherman
Kelly; Edward, fisherman
Kelly; Ellen, ?
Kelly; Honorah, wid of John
Kelly; James, cooper
Kelly; James, fisherman
Kelly; James, fisherman
Kelly; James, sailmaker
Kelly; Johanna, wid of Nicholas
Kelly; John, fisherman
Kelly; John, laborer
Kelly; John, porter
Kelly; John, seaman
Kelly; Lawrence, fisherman
Kelly; Mary, wid of John
Kelly; Michael, fisherman
Kelly; Michael, laborer
Kelly; Michael, laborer
Kelly; Patrick, clerk
Kelly; Patrick, fisherman
Kelly; Peter, laborer
Kelly; Patrick, laborer
Kelly; Patrick, tailor
Kelly; Patrick, night boatman
Kelly; Rev. James B., MA, rectory-192 Gower
Kelly; Samuel, laborer
Kelly; Thomas, butcher
Kelly; Thomas, clerk
Kelly; Thomas, tidewaiter
Kelly; Thomas, fisherman
Kelly; Thomas, fisherman
Kelly; William, fisherman
Kelly; William, fisherman
Kelly; William, groceries & liquors
Kelly; William, victualler
Kendall; Richard, wheelwright
Kenewiche; Bridget, wid of Luke
Kenna; James, sergeant police
Kenna; Margaret, ?
Kenna; Thomas, ?
Kennedy; Martin, seaman
Kennedy; Bridget, wid of Thomas
Kennedy; Edward, cooper
Kennedy; Ellen, ?
Kennedy; George, fisherman
Kennedy; Hugh, blacksmith
Kennedy; James, fisherman
Kennedy; James, fisherman
Kennedy; James, laborer
Kennedy; John, fisherman
Kennedy; John, fisherman
Kennedy; John, fisherman
Kennedy; John, mason
Kennedy; Mary, ?
Kennedy; Miss Mary, ?
Kennedy; Mrs. Mary, ?
Kennedy; Michael, fisherman
Kennedy; Michael, fisherman
Kennedy; Michael, fisherman
Kennedy; Patrick, fisherman
Kennedy; Patrick, tailor
Kennedy; Robert, fisherman
Kennedy; Thomas, fisherman
Kennedy; William, fisherman
Kenny; David, laborer
Kenny; Elizabeth, wid of Philip
Kenny; Frederick & Michael, sailmakers
Kenny; James, cooper
Kenny; John, ?
Kenny; John, laborer
Kenny; John, liquors
Kenny; Margaret, wid of James
Kenny; Patrick, fisherman
Kenny; Patrick, fisherman
Kenny; Patrick, tailor
Kenny; Thomas, cooper
Kenny; Thomas, fisherman
Kenny; Thomas, fisherman
Kenny; William, fireman
Kent J & R, commission merchants
Kent; James, commission merchant
Kent; James, liquors
Kent; John; MHA, MHA
Kent; Michael A, clerk Colonial Secretary's Office
Kent; Peter, fisherman
Kent; Robert, commission merchant
Kent; Thomas, farmer
Kent; William, laborer
Kent; William, storekeeper
Keough; Anne, wid of Thomas
Keough; James, farmer
Keough; James, fisherman
Keough; Martin, fisherman
Keough; Martin, planter
Keough; Owen, fisherman
Kerr; Robert, merchant
Kerry; James, fisherman
Kester; Christian, seaman
Kickham; Charles, carpenter
Kickham; Ellen, wid of John
Kielty; John, cooper
Kiely; Edward, clerk
Kiely; Edward, cooper
Kiely; Elizabeth, wid of William
Kiely; Ellen, wid of James
Kiely; John, fisherman
Kiely; John, printer
Kiely; Michael, fisherman
Kiely; Thomas, laborer
Kiely; Thomas, seaman
Killegrew; William, merchant
King; Bridget, wid of Thomas
King; David, fisherman
King; Henry, laborer
King; Henry, laborer
King; James, fisherman
King; James; jnr, fisherman
King; John, fisherman
King; John, fisherman
King; John, fisherman
King; John, fisherman
King; John, fisherman
King; John, fisherman
King; John, storekeeper
King; John A, printer
King; William, carpenter
King; William, fisherman
Kinsella; Ann, wid of Martin
Knisella; Jane, wid of John
Kinsella; John, blacksmith
Kinsella; John, fisherman
Kinsella; Patrick, servant
Kinsella; Peter, blacksmith
Kinsmaen; Richard, tailor
Kirby; John, wheelwright
Kirkland; George, clerk
Kirvan; Mary, wid of John
Kitchen; John J, bookkeeper
Kitchen; William, clothier
Kitchen; William, grocer
Knight; Alfred, printer
Knight; Ann, wid of Nathaniel
Knight; Edward, shipwright
Knight; George, shipwright
Knight; Henry, shipmaster
Knight; James, fisherman
Knight; James L., house joiner
Knight; James L., clerk
Knight; Robert G., shipmaster
Knight; Samuel, hardware & C./proprietor
Knight; James R., grocer
Knight; John, fisherman
Knight; Michael T, bookkeeper
Knight; Stephen H., accountant
Knight; Thomas, MHA
Knight; William, boot & shoe maker
Knox; Johanna, wid of Thomas
Knox; Robert, laborer
Kough; Edward, tailor
Kough; James ,merchant tailor
Kough; Thomas J, barrister
Kyle; William, clerk


Lachure; Giles, carpenter
Lacey; James, fisherman
Lacey; John, laborer
Lacey; Mrs. Johanna, ?
Lacey; Michael, fisherman
Lacey; Philip, policeman
Lacey; Richard, fisherman
Lahey; Martin, policeman
Lahey; Michael, policeman
Laing; Michael, liquors
Laird; Janet, wid of James
Lakeman; William, fisherman
Lakey; Peter, fisherman
Lamb; Grace, wid of Richard
Lamb; Michael, fisherman
Lambell; William, blacksmith
Lambert; John, shipcarpenter
Lamzed; Elizabeth, wid of John
Landregan; Mary, washer woman
Landry; Elias, storekeeper
Landry; Richard, tidewaiter
Landy; Patrick, tailor
Landy; Patrick, tailor
Landy; Richard, laborer
Lane; James, cooper
Lane; Jeremiah, clerk
Lang; Elizabeth, wid of Charles
Lang; Frederick, blockmaker
Lang; John, cabinetmaker
Lang; John, collector
Langmead; George, watchermaker & jeweller
Langston; Frederick, clerk
Langston; Henry, storekeeper
Lannigan; David, fisherman
Lannigan; Ellen, wid of John
Lannon; Thomas, fisherman
Laracy; Ellen, wid of Richard
Laracy; James, boarding house
Larkin; Dennis, fisherman
Larkin; John, cooper
Larkin; Mary, wid of Martin
Larkin; Michael, tailor
Larkin; Peter, cooper
Larkin; Richard, fisherman
Larkin; Thomas, blacksmith
Larkin; Thomas, master marnier
Larrissey; John, tailor
Lash; George, baker
Lash; J & G, bakers & confectioners
Lash; Jeffry, baker
Lauder; Charles R., clerk
Laundry; Elias, wharfinger
Lawlor; James, laborer
Lawlor; James, liquors
Lawlor; John, cooper
Lawlor; John, fisherman
Lawlor; Martin, cooper
Lawrence; Robert, seaman
Lay; Richard, seaman
Lay; William, sailamker
Laydon; John, fisherman
Layman; George, seaman
Layman; Susan wid of William
Leach Convers O, American Consul
Leahy; Mary, wid of Jeremiah
Leane; Jeremiah, clerk
Leary; Ann, wid of Michael
Leary; Dennis, shoemaker
Leary; Elizabeth, ?
Leary; James, blacksmith
Leary; James, blacksmith
Leary; James, shipcarpenter
Leary; John, fisherman
Leary; Michael, fisherman
Leary; Patrick, fisherman
Ledrow; Henry, shipwright
Lee; Catherine, wid of William
Lee; John, porter
Lee; Laurence, fisherman
Le Gallias; Miss S., ?
Legg; William, fisherman
Legislative Library, Colonial Building
Leitch; John, servant
Leitch; Mrs. B, liquors
Le Messurier; George, storekeeper
Le Messurier; George, wharfinger
Le Messurier; Henry, clerk
Le Messurier; Henry, commission merchant
Le Messurier; Peter P., accountant; Commerical Bank
Le Messurier; William, cashier
Le Messurier; William W., clerk
Leo; John, baker
Leo; James J, printer
Leo; Mrs. Mary, groceries & liquors
Leonard; John, fisherman
Le Strange; Peter, laborer
Levine; Richard, fisherman
Lewis; David, ?
Lewis; George, tug boat "Diamond"
Lewis; James, clerk
Lewis; John, fisherman
Lewis; Patrick, laborer
Lewis; Robert, fisherman
Lewis; Stephen, laborer
Lewis; William, pilot
Liddy; Mrs. Ellen, grocer
Liddy; Patrick, groceries & spirits
Liddy; Thomas, bookkeeper
Lidston; Thomas, laborer
Life Assurance of Scotland/E.L.Jarvis/agent
Lilly; George A., carpenter & lumber surveyor
Lilly; George R., assorter; Post Office
Lilly; Robert R.W., clerk of the peace/Central Dist.
Lilly; William, surveyor of lumber
Lindberg; John, watchmaker & jeweller
Linden; Margaret, ?
Linegar; Ellen, bonnetmaker
Linegar; Luke, fisherman
Linegar; Michael, cooper
Liscomb; Philip, cabdriver
Liscomb; Thomas, servant
Little; John, barrister
Little; Philip F., asst.Judge of Supreme Court of Nfld.
Lyoyds Agents, Brooking & Co.
Lloyd; Charles, tailor
Lofty; Peter, fisherman
Logan; Humphry, bookkeeper
Lonergan; John, servant
Lonergan; Nicholas, liquors
Lonergan; William, laborer
Long; Ellen, wid
Long; James, liquors
Long; Jeremiah, fisherman
Long; John, laborer
Long; Michael, fisherman
Long; Thomas, accountant
Longdon; James, laborer
Looby; Ellen, wid of James
Loughman; Charles, grocer
Lovejoy; W.H., dentist
Lowrie; Robert, clerk
Luby; Jeremiah, laborer
Lucas; James, clerk
Lucas; James, shipmaster
Lucas; Josiah, foreman
Lucas; Margaret, wid of Michael
Lucas; Mary, wid of George
Lucas; William J., cooper
Lundrigan; Edward, farmer
Luscombe; George, cooper
Luscombe; John, miner
Lush; Margaret, wid of William J
Lynch; Eliza, wid of Joseph
Lynch; James, shipmaster
Lynch; John, laborer
Lynch; John, tailor
Lynch; Michael, porter
Lynch; Thomas, blacksmith
Lynch; Thomas, groceries
Lynch; Thomas, seaman
Lyon; Edward W., clerk
Lyon; John, watchmaker
Lyon; Michael, storekeeper
Lyons; Enos, fisherman
Lyons; John, fisherman
Lyons; John, laborer
Lyons; Michael, servant
Lyons; William, fisherman



Transcribed by Barbara McGrath

Page Revised June 2003 (Don Tate)

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