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1864 - 1865
Hutchinson's Directory

St. John's F and G

Fairy, Mary Ann, wid of Samuel
Facey, Samuel, master marnier
Fagan, John, fisherman
Fagan, John, wharfinger
Fagan, Miss Ellen, ?
Fagan, Peter, fisherman
Fahey, James, fisherman
Fahey, Jeremiah, fisherman
Fahey, Lawrence, fisherman
Fallance, F.J., bookkeeper
Fanning, Edward, bookkeeper
Fardy, James, cooper
Fardy, John, cooper
Fardy, Joseph, cooper
Fardy, Nicholas, fisherman
Fardy, Patrick, fisherman
Fardy, Patrick, fisherman
Farrell, Catherine, wid of Maurice
Farrell, Edward, carpenter
Farrell, Ellen, wid of Patrick
Farrell, James, farmer
Farrell, James, snuff & candle manufacturer
Farrell, James, groceries & liquors
Farrell, John, clerk
Farrell, Michael, groceries & liquors
Farrell, Miss Bridget, boarding house
Farrell, Philip, farmer
Farrell, Thomas, liquors
Feehan, John, cooper
Feehan, John, fisherman
Feehan, Patrick, servant man
Feehan, Pierce, shipmaster
Feeley, Ellen, wid of Anthony
Feild Right Rev. Edward	Lord Bishop of Nfld
Fenlon, John, porter
Fenlon, M, professor of Science/St. Bon's College
Fenlea, Patrick, fisherman
Fennessey, John, clerk
Fennessey, Patrick, cooper
Fennessey, William, seaman
Ferrer, Miguel C., spanish interpreter
Ferguson, John, clerk
Ferguson, William, sergeant of police
Ferris, John, blacksmith
Ferris, William, blacksmith
Fidelle, Nicholas, fisherman
Field, George, marnier
Field, Margaret, wid of Richard
Filmore, George, china, glass & c
Financial Secretary's Office, Colonial Bldg
Finlay, J.N., dry goods
Finlay, James, superintendent Mercantile Marine & Emigration Office
Finaly, John, farmer
Finn, Ellen, wid of Patrick
Finn, James, farmer
Finn, James, watchman
Finn, James, watchman
Finn, Lawrence, ?
Finn, Lawrence, fisherman
Finn, Patrick, laborer
Finniken, Michael, tailor
Firth, Margaret, wid of William
Firth, Robert, clerk
Firth, Robert, draper
Firth, William, clerk
Fisher, Robert, storekeeper
Fisherman's Hall, 14 Queen's
Fitzgerald, Andrew, cooper
Fitzgerald, Andrew, fisherman
Fitzgerald, Dennis, laborer
Fitzgerald, Edmund, laborer
Fitzgerald, Edward, fisherman
Fitzgerald, James, farmer
Fitzgerald, James, fisherman
Fitzgerald, James, fisherman
Fitzgerald, John, butcher
Fitzgerald, John, clerk
Fitzgerald, John, fisherman
Fitzgerald, John, laborer
Fitzgerald, Michael, cooper
Fitzgerald, Michael, farmer
Fitzgerald, Michael, fisherman
Fitzgerald, Patrick, fisherman
Fitzgerald, Patrick, fisherman
Fitzgerald, Patrick, fisherman
Fitzgerald, William, laborer
Fitzgibbon, Edmund, clerk
Fitzgibbon, William, fisherman
Fitzhenry, Maurice, cooper
Fitzhenry, Miles, cooper
Fitzpatrick, Bridget, wid of Michael
Fitzpatrick, John, fisherman
Fitzpatrick, Joseph, laborer
Fitzpatrick, Michael, cooper
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, seaman
Fitzpatrick, Thomas, painter
Fitzpatrick, William, baker
Flaherty, Richard, boot & shoe maker
Flanery, James, liquors
Flanery, Timothy, ?
Flavin, Ann, wid of Roger
Fleming, Richard, saddle & harness maker
Flemming, Matthew, printer
Flemming, Matthew, shoemaker
Flemming, Michael, servant
Flemming, Patrick, laborer
Flett, Peter, clerk
Flett, William, clerk
Flett, William, fisherman
Fletcher, James, storekeeper
Fling, James, porter
Flinn, Andrew, fisherman
Flinn, Edward, cooper
Flinn, James, fisherman
Flinn, James, shoemaker
Flinn, John, baker
Flinn, John, fisherman
Flinn, John, shoemaker
Flinn, Mary, wid of Patrick
Flinn, Maurice, liquors
Flinn, Patrick, ?
Flinn, William, fisherman
Flinn, William, liquors
Floating Dry Dock, Southside
Flood, James, fisherman
Flood, Patrick, blacksmith
Flower, George, plasterer
Flynn, Edward, laborer
Flynn, William, fisherman
Fogarty, John, laborer
Fogarty, Joseph, butcher
Fogarty, Mary, wid of James
Folan, Mrs. Ellen, washerwoman
Foley, Augustine, carpenter
Foley, Ellen, groceries
Foley, James, carpenter
Foley, John, baker
Foley, John, fisherman
Foley, John, fisherman
Foley, John, fisherman
Foley, John, fisherman
Foley, John, laborer
Foley, John, watchman
Foley, Margaret, wid of William
Foley, Michael, fisherman
Foley, Michael, fisherman
Foley, Nicholas, blacksmith
Foley, Patrick, porter
Foley, Patrick, shipcarpenter
Foley, Pierce, tailor
Foley, William, fisherman
Foley, William, cooper
Foote, William, ?
Foran, Richard, fisherman
Foran, Thomas, rigger
Forbes, Alexander, clerk
Ford, John, liquors
Ford, John P., fisherman and culler
Fordham, Benjamin, bookkeeper
Forristol, Edward, cooper
Forristol, James, groceries & spirits
Forristol, James, fisherman
Forristol, John, cooper
Forristol, John, fisherman
Forristol, John, laborer
Forristol, Patrick, butcher
Forristol, Patrick, fisherman
Forristol, Robert, seaman
Forristol, Thomas, fisherman
Forristol, William, butcher
Forsay, Richard, clerk
Forsay, Richard, clerk
Forsay, Thomas, clerk
Fortune, John, laborer
Forward, George, sailmaker
Foster, James, shipcarpenter
Foster, Thomas, groceries
Foster, Thomas, plumber
Fowler, William, fisherman
Fox, Charles, cod liver oil & blacking manufacturer
Fox, Charles J, cigar manufacturer
Fox, James, commission merchant
Fox, John P., carpenter & builder
Fox, Thomas H., clerk
Frampton, William, sexton, Cemetery
Francis, Henry W., clerk
Francis, William, wharfinger
Francy, Bridget, wid of Thomas
Fraser, Hector, clerk
Fraser, Hector Mc, "Torosay"
Fraser, Henry, bookkeeper
Fraser, Henry Mc, "Torosay"
Fraser, Hon. James O, merchant
Fraser, James N, physician
Fraser, James McL, clerk
Fraser, Mary, wid of James
Fraser, William, cooper
Freeman, John, clerk
Freeman, Stephen, carpenter
Freeman, William T., bookkeeper
French, George, shipmaster
French, Henry, boatman
French, James, laborer
French, Mary, wid of Robert
French, Robert, culler of fish
French, Robert, bait skiff master
French, Stephen, storekeeper
French, William, fisherman
Freshwater Mills, Rennie's Mill Road
Frew, William, clerk
Fry, Francis, seaman
Fuirs, Samuel, fisherman
Fuirs, William, fisherman
Funnell, Richard, gunsmith
Fure, Mary, wid of William
Furlong, Alexander, shoemaker
Furlong, Bridget, widow
Furlong, John J., carriagemaker
Furlong, James, clerk
Furlong, James, fisherman
Furlong, James P.W., clerk
Furlong, John, clerk
Furlong, John, fisherman
Furlong, John, laborer
Furlong, John, watchman
Furlong, Joseph, cooper
Furlong, Larence, liquors
Furlong, Margaret, wid of James
Furlong, Patrick, fisherman
Furlong, Patrick, laborer
Furlong, Patrick, liquors
Furlong, Sylvester, ?
Furlong, Thomas, farmer
Furlong, Walter, carpenter
Furneaux, Joseph, sergeant at arms, H.A.
Furniss, James, house joiner
Furze, Richard, cooper
Furze, Richard, storekeeper
Futcher, Ferdiuand, carpenter


Gaden, George II, letter carrier
Gaden, Thoms E., landing waiter
Gale, J, wid
Galgay, Ellen, wid of Francis
Gallagy, William, fisherman
Gallihar, Patrick, fisherman
Gallishaw, Abram, pilot
Gallishaw, Abraham, pilot
Gallishaw, John, pilot
Gallishaw, Philip, pilot
Gallishaw, William, pilot
Gallivan, Ellen, wid of John
Gallivan, James, fisherman
Gallivan, James, fisherman
Gallivan, James, pensioner
Gallivan, Martin, cooper
Gallivan, Mary, milliner
Gallivan, Michael, cooper
Gallivan, Nicholas, fisherman
Gallivan, Peter, fisherman
Gallivan, Thomas, planter
Gallivan, William, cooper
Gallivan, William, fisherman
Galway, Dennis, tailor
Galway, Nicholas, liquors
Gamberg, Charles, painter
Game, James, laborer
Gardner, Thomas, master marnier
Gardner, William, steward
Garland, Augustus, cooper
Garland, George, storekeeper
Garland, James, blacksmith
Garland, John, carpenter
Garrett, James, tinsmith
Garrett, John, tinsmith
Garrison Hosptial, Forest Road
Gary, George, cooper
Gas Light Company Office, 134 Water St
Gas Works, Water West, Riverhead
Gaul, Patrick, cooper
Gazette, The Royal, 249 Duckworth St
Gear, George, stoves, ranges & tinware
Gearan, Lawrence J, grocer
Gearin, Thomas, master marnier
Geary, Maurice, laborer
Geddes, George, storekeeper
Geddes, Thomas, clerk
Gent, Charles, cooper
Gent, George W., shipmaster
General Water Co. Office, 245 Duckworth
Gethral, Henry, fisherman
Gibbons, John, fisherman
Gibbs, John, blockmaker
Gibbs, John, cooper
Gibbs, Jonathan, ?
Gibson, Captian A, Royal Cdn Rifles
Gibson, James, farmer
Gibson, John, clerk
Gifford, Henry, laborer
Gill, Frederick, farmer
Gill, Henry, ?
Gill, Leander, bookkeeper
Gill, Mary A, wid of Richard
Gill, William, 3rd clerk Custom House
Gillard, John T, bookkeeper
Gillespie, Thomas, storekeeper
Gilligan, M, garrison sargt-major
Gilmer, Lieut W., Royal Cdn Rifles
Giory, Margaret wid of John
Giovannini, Oratio, looking glasses & picture frames
Gisbourne, Reginald, clerk
Gladlay, James, butcher
Gladlay, Richard, butcher
Gladney, Martin, tailor
Glasco, Peter, ?
Glascott, Peter, shoemaker
Gleeson, Catherine, boarding house
Gleeson, James, hardware
Gleeson, John, bookkeeper
Glen, Cornelius, shipcarpenter
Glen, Martin, fisherman
Glendon, James, shipmaster
Goby, Bernard, laborer
Goff, Maurice, fisherman
Goff, Richard, cabinetmaker
Goff, Samuel, ?
Goldsworthy, James, master marnier
Golloway, John, cooper
Golloway, William, liquors
Goodall, John, fisherman
Goodfellow, James, manager
Goodland, James, fisherman
Goodland, James, laborer
Goodbridge, Alan & Sons, merchants
Goodridge, Augustus F, merchant
Goodridge, Henry C., merchant
Goodrisge, John F., cashier
Goodrisge, John R., accountant
Goodridge, William, bookkeeper
Goodridge, William, clerk
Gordon, James, clerk
Gorman, Patrick, fisherman
Gorman, Richard, sailmaker
Gormon, Michael, drayman
Gosling, George clerk
Goss, David ?
Goss, John, tailor
Goss, Mary wid of William
Goss, Mrs. Mary milliner
Goss, Peter, seaman
Goss, Samuel, shipmaster
Goudie, Elias, tinsmith
Goudie, George, fisherman
Gould, James, clerk
Gould, Thomas, fisherman
Government House, Military Road
Gowans, Jacob, cab driver
Grace, Francis, teacher/Orphan Asylum school
Grace, James, fisherman
Grace, James J., grocer
Grace, John, tailor
Grace, Michael, butcher
Grace, Michael, carpenter
Grace, Michael, cooper
Grace, Mrs. Pierce, ?
Grace, Patrick, boot & shoe maker
Grace, Patrick, cooper
Grace, Patrick, servant
Grace, Patrick, tailor
Grace, Patrick, tailor
Grace, Thomas, clothier
Grace, Thomas, fisherman
Graham, Alexander, master marnier
Graham, James J., booksellar & stationer
Graham, James, painter
Graham, Robert, shoemaker
Grant, Alexander, clerk
Grant, John, cooper
Grant, Mary, wid of Thomas
Grant, Mrs Mary, nurse
Grant, Patrick, laborer
Grant, Patrick, moulder
Grant, Richard, policeman
Grant, Simon, steward
Grant, Thomas, fisherman
Grant, Thomas, liquors
Grant, William, fisherman
Grantville, John, fisherman
Grantville, Patrick, cooper
Gray, Andrew, clerk
Gray, George, bookkeeper
Gray, Joseph, fisherman
Gray, Thomas, laborer
Gready, Dennis, fisherman
Green, Charles, cashier
Green, James, fisherman
Green, John, cooper
Green, John, shipmaster
Green, John H, accountant
Green, Maurice, boot & shoe maker
Green, Maurice, master marnier
Green, Nicholas, fisherman
Green, Thomas, fisherman
Greene, Randall, accounant & teller
Greening, George, Albert Hotel
Greenway, Elias, carpenter & builder
Greenway, John, clerk
Gribble, Mary A, wid of Joseph
Grieve, James G, merchant
Grieve, Robert, merchant
Grieve, Walter & Co, merchants
Griffin, Alice, wid of James
Griffin, James, Duke York
Griffin, Lawrence, fisherman
Griffin, Maurice, fisherman
Griffin, Mary, wid of John
Griffin, Thomas, sea captain
Griffis, John, fisherman
Griffis, William, fisherman
Griffis, Ellen, wid of Charles
Grimstead, William, painter
Grinslet, Matthew, fisherman
Grinslet, Michael, fisherman
Grishey, Elias, fisherman
Grishey, William, fisherman
Guinan, Francis, tailor
Gunn, Alexander, shipcarpenter
Gunn, Joseph, carpenter
Guscott, Samuel, farmer & cab driver
Gushue, Francis, tinsmith
Gushue, Mrs Stephen, ?
Gymnasium, 125 Gower St



Transcribed by Barbara McGrath

Page Revised June 2003 (Don Tate)

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