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1864 - 1865
Hutchinson's Directory

St. John's C through E

Cadwell, Catherine, wid of John
Cadwell, Elizabeth, ?
Cadwell, Zachariah, joiner
Cahill, Edward, tailor
Cahill, Ellen, wid of John
Cahill, James, laborer
Cahill, John, carpenter
Cahill, John, farmer
Cahill, John, fisherman
Cahill, John, laborer
Cahill, John, shoemaker
Cahill, Joseph, groceries
Cahill, Margaret, wid of Michael
Cahill, Michael, tailor
Cahill, Richard, laborer
Cahill, Thomas, fisherman
Cain, James, fisherman
Cain, Owen, tailor
Cairns, Thomas M., clerk
Cairns, Thomas R., clerk
Caldwell, Clara, wid of George
Caldwell, John, fisherman
Caldwell, William, printer
Callahan, Corneluis, shipmaster
Callahan, Dennis, seaman
Callahan, Edward, fisherman
Callahan, Jeffery, ?
Callahan, John, blockmaker
Callahan, Michael, storekeeper
Callahan, Patrick, laborer
Callahan, William, fisherman
Callanan, James, grocer
Callanan, John, laborer
Callanan, Michael, storekeeper
Cameron, Allan, shipmaster
Cameron, Catherine, ?
Cameron, Daniel, mason
Campbell, Charles, pensioner
Campbell, James, clerk
Campbell, James, teacher of navigation
Campbell, Michael, fisherman
Campbell, Neil, cashier
Campbell, William, builder & machinist
Campion, Patrick, fisherman
Canada Life
Assurance Co/ , James Bayly, agent
Candow, Alexander, ?
Cane, Charles, seaman
Cane, John, clerk
Cane, Patrick, porter
Canning, A, mason
Canning, Horatio O., clerk
Canning, John, asst. collector customs
Canning, John C., bookkeeper
Canning, Martin, fisherman
Canning, Samuel, bookkeeper
Canning, Samuel, bookkeeper
Canning, Thomas, shoemaker
Cantwell, Florence, laborer
Cantwell, James, clerk
Cantwell, James, illegible
Cantwell, John, illegible
Cantwell, William, pilot
Carbary, John, laborer
Carbary, William, laborer
Carew, George, cooper
Carew, John, carpenter
Carew, Mary, widow
Carew, Thomas, clerk
Carcy, Clement, cooper
Carey, Edward, cooper
Carey, James, cooper
Carey, John, fisherman
Carey, John, fisherman
Carey, John, fisherman
Carey, Joseph, cooper
Carey, Martin, storekeeper
Carey, Michael, fisherman
Carnell, John, wheelwright
Carnell, John T, carriage maker
Carnell, Richard, wheelwright
Carnell, Samuel G., carriage builder
Carnell, William, joiner
Carrigan, Mary, wid of John
Carrigan, Patrick, fisherman
Carrigan, Walter, liquors
Carrington, Henry, fisherman
Carrington, Patience, wid of Charles
Carroll, Andrew, blacksmith
Carroll, Dennis, grocer
Carroll, Dennis, revenue boatman
Carroll, Daniel, fisherman
Carroll, Edward, farmer
Carroll, Eugene, cooper
Carroll, James, laborer
Carroll, Johanna, wid of John
Carroll, John, fisherman
Carroll, John, messenger
Carroll, John, porter
Carroll, John, tailor
Carroll, Joseph, fisherman
Carroll, Margaret, wid of Jeremiah
Carroll, Maria, wid of James
Carroll, Michael, fisherman
Carroll, Michael, fisherman
Carroll, Michael, fisherman
Carroll, Michael, seaman
Carroll, Patrick, fisherman
Carroll, Patrick, tailor
Carroll, Thomas, clerk
Carroll, Thomas, fisherman
Carroll, Thomas, fisherman
Carroll, Thomas, laborer
Carter & Cozens, merchants
Carter, Frederick B.T., barrister and speaker.House of Assembly
Carter, George, clerk
Carter, Hon. Robert, R.N., acting Colonial Secretary
Carter, John, cooper
Carter, John, groceries & liquors
Carter, Michael, cooper
Carter, Monier W., clerk
Carter, Peter W., chief stipendiary magistrate/St.John's Court
Carter, Rev. George, 205 Gower
Carter, Robert, merchant
Carter, Robert, clerk
Carter, Susannah, ?
Carter, Weston, law student
Carter, William, brewer
Carter, William, storekeeper
Carey, Thomas, seaman
Cash, James, liquors
Casey, Edward, liquors & groceries
Casey, John, MHA, farmer
Casey, Martin, fisherman
Casey, Michael, fisherman
Casey, Patrick, farmer
Casey, Thomas, drayman
Cashin, James, laborer
Cashin, Michael, liquors
Cashin, Thomas, grocer
Cashin, William, joiner
Cassidy, James, tailor
Cassidy, Michael, master marnier
Cassidy, Patrick, clothier
Catholic Literary Institute, 264 Duckworth
Cavanagh, Lieut. W., Royal Cdn. Rifles
Central Training School, 68 Queens Rd.
Chafe, Abraham, carpenter & fisherman
Chafe, Henry, fisherman
Chafe, William, seaman
Chambers, John, tailor
Chambers, Thomas J., clerk
Champion, James, porter
Chancey, Elizabeth, wid of Lionel
Chancey, George, carpenter
Chancey & Heath, bakers & confectioners
Chancey, John, shipwright
Chancey, Lionel Thos., confectioner
Chancey, Sarah, wid of Lionel
Chancey, Robert, printer
Chaplin, Mark, tailor
Chapter, John, laborer
Charles, Thomas, clerk
Charles, William H., wharfinger
Charlton, Edward, soldier
Childs, Henry, foreman
Chisholm John F., bookseller & stationer
Chisholm, Colin, photographer
Chown, Francis, clerk
Christian, George, shoemaker
Christian, George F., clerk
Christian, William, bookkeeper
Christopher, Garrett, planter
Christopher, John, fisherman
Christopher, John, fisherman
Christopher, Patrick, fisherman
Christopher, Thomas, fisherman
Christy, John, clerk
Church of England Academy, South, west
Church of England Orphan Asylum/188 Gower
Church of England School/Mr.Wood, teacher
Clance, James, fisherman
Clance, Martin, cabdriver
Clancy, Dennis, fisherman
Clancy, Johanna, wid of James
Clancy, Thomas, fisherman
Clancy, William, gardener
Clapp, Gilward, ?
Clare, John, fisherman
Clare, Lawrence, fisherman
Clare, Michael, fisherman
Clare, Moses, fisherman
Clark, Edward, laborer
Clark, James, fisherman
Clark, James, seaman
Clark, John, fisherman
Clark, Joseph, fisherman
Clark, Joseph, seaman
Clark, William, laborer
Clarke, George, messenger
Clarke, John, fisherman
Clatley, Daniel, fisherman
Clausen, Philip, seaman
Clayton, Thomas, clerk
Clayton, Richard, clerk
Cleary, Michael, printer
Cleary, Nicholas, fisherman
Cleary, Patrick, fisherman
Cleary, Patrick, fisherman
Cleary, Philip, master marnier
Cleary, Philip, storekeeper
Cleary, Stephen, fisherman
Cleary, Thomas, fisherman
Cleary, William, fisherman
Clerk of the Assembly's Office/Colonial Bldg.
Clifford, Bridget, wid of Thomas
Clifford, Michael, cooper
Clift, Charles N., bookkeeper
Clift, Hon. James S., commission merchant
Clift, Thoodore, auctioneer & commission merchant
Clift, Thomas, commission merchant
Clift, Wood & Co, commission merhcants
Clooney, James, cooper
Clooney, John, fisherman
Clooney, John, fisherman
Clooney, Patrick, butcher
Clouston, John, mason
Clouston, Thomas, tinsmith
Clow, Edmund, printer
Cluney, Thomas, cooper
Coady, Elizabeth, wid of Thomas
Coady, John, porter
Coady, Michael, merchant
Coady, Michael, laborer
Coady, Mrs. Mary A., bonnetmaker
Coady, Patrick, carpenter
Coady, Patrick, fisherman
Coady, Patrick, policeman
Coady, Stephen, tide waiter
Coady, Thomas, clerk
Coady, William, carpenter
Coaker, William, fisherman
Cockeram, Robert, manager
Codahey, Robert, mason
Codner, Ezekiah, fisherman
Cody, Edward, fisherman
Cody, James, bookkeeper
Cody, James, ?
Cody, James, bookkeeper
Cody, Joseph, fisherman
Cody, Lawrence, fisherman
Cody, Michael, fisherman
Cody, Nicholas, fisherman
Cody, Peter, shoemaker
Cody, Priscilla, ?
Cody, Stephen, fisherman
Cody, William, captain
Coe, Samuel, carpenter
Coen, Capt. William J., Deputy asst.adjt-gen volunteers
Coffee, Michael, fisherman
Coffin, Thomas, carpenter
Coffin, Thomas, tidewaiter
Colbert, Edward, shipcarpenter
Colbert, James, butcher
Cole, Henry, master marnier
Cole, James, farmer
Cole, John, laborer
Cole, John, policeman
Cole, Michael, fisherman
Cole, Samuel, fisherman
Cole, Stephen, asst. keeper asylum
Cole, Thomas H., cabinetmaker
Cole, William, fisherman
Cole, William, master marnier
Cole, William, printer
Cole, William, seaman
Cole, William, shipowner
Coleman, Edward, fisherman
Coleman, Jeremiah, laborer
Coleman, John, carpenter
Coleman, Patrick, carpenter
Coleman, Patrick, tailor
Coles, Stephen, attendant Lunatic Asylum
Colford, Eliza, wid of James
Colford, John, ?
Colford, Thomas, cooper
Collett, James, cod liver oil manufacturer
Collins, Catherine, wid of James
Collins, Catherine, wid of Richard
Collins, Dennis, laborer
Collins, Isaac, boarding house
Collins, James R., merchant
Collins, John, laborer
Collins, John T., clerk
Collins, Michael, cooper
Collins, Patrick, laborer
Collins, Patrick, tailor
Collins, Peter, laborer
Collins, Richard, clerk
Collins, Thomas D., storekeeper
Collins, William, laborer
Collins, William, seaman
Collis, James, clerk
Collis, William, fisherman
Colonial Building, Military Road
Colonial Secreary's Office Colonial Building
Colonial Life Assurance Co/Brooking & Co, agents
Colton, John, clerk
Colton, John, cooper
Colton, John, cooper
Colton, John, draper
Colton, Samuel, cooper
Comerford, Ellen, wid of Michael
Comerford, Ellen, wid of Richard
Comerford, John, cooper
Comerford, Lawrence, cooper & grocer
Comerford, Mary, wid of Michael
Comerford, Mary, wid of Richard
Comerford, Michael, fisherman
Comerford, Michael, tidewaiter
Comerford, P, professor, St. Bon's College
Comerford, Patrick, teacher of Spanish
Comerford, William, clerk
Commerical Bank of NFLD, Duckworth
Commerical Rooms, Duckworth
Commissariat Office, Kings Bridge
Condon, Ann, wid of John
Condon, Daniel, shipcarpenter
Condon, David, fisherman
Condon, John, fisherman
Condon, Martin, carpenter
Condon, Martin, carpenter
Condon, Michael, fisherman
Condon, William, fisherman
Connell, Edward, fisherman
Connell, Jane, wid of John
Connell, John, fisherman
Connell, Maurice, fisherman
Connell, Mary, wid of Patrick
Connell, Patrick, shoemaker
Connell, Thomas, fisherman
Connolly, Edward, fisherman
Connolly, Johanna, wid of Patrick
Connolly, Mary, wid of Patrick
Connolly, Michael, cooper
Connolly, Michael, butcher
Connolly, Patrick, fisherman
Connolly, Thomas, fisherman
Connor, Thomas, butcher
Connors, Bartholemew, teacher Orphan Asylum school
Connors, David, Custom House broker
Connors, Francis, fisherman
Connors, James, gardener
Connors, James, fisherman
Connors, Martin, fisherman
Connors, Mary, wid of Michael
Connors, Michael, butcher
Connors, Michael, fisherman
Connors, Patrick, butcher
Connors, Patrick, butcher
Connors, Patrick, fisherman
Connors, Patrick, laborer
Connors, Sarah, ?
Connors, Thomas, fisherman
Connors, Thomas, fisherman
Connors, Timothy, fisherman
Connors, William, fisherman
Constantine, James, fisherman
Constantine, John, fisherman
Convent of Mercy, Military Road
Conway, Bridget, wid of James
Conway, Charles, plasterer & slater
Conway, James, fisherman
Conway, John, fisherman
Conway, John, laborer
Conway, John, laborer
Conway, Michael, fisherman
Conway, Rev. John, Patrick St. Church
Coonan, Patrick, baker
Cooney, John, fisherman
Cooney, John, fisherman
Cooney, Michael, grocer
Cooney, Michael, laborer
Cook, Ann, wid of Robert
Cook, Charles, cooper
Cook, George, farmer
Cook, Hannah, wid of John
Cook, James, fisherman
Cook, John A., fisherman
Cook, John Alfred, sea captain
Cook, Joseph, fisherman
Cook, Martha, wid of Richard
Cook, Robert, fisherman
Cook, Thomas, cooper
Cook, William, butcher
Cook, William, fisherman
Cook, William, mason
Cooke, Henry, bookkeeper
Cooke, Richard, clerk
Coombs, Thomas, servant
Coonan, James, baker
Cooper, Henry, shoemaker
Cooper, John, carpenter
Cooper, Joseph, tinsmith
Cooper, mary, wid of David
Corbet, John, cooper
Corbet, Thomas, cooper
Corbet, William, cooper
Corbett, William, grocer
Corcoran, Elizabeth, wid of John
Corcoran, James, messenger
Corcoran, Lawrence, fisherman
Corcoran, Lawrence, shoemaker
Corcoran, Patrick, fisherman
Corcoran, Richard, fisherman
Cornfoot, Alexander, clerk
Cormack, James, fisherman
Cormack, James, merchant
Cormack, Mary, Hutchings
Cornick, Edward, mason
Cosgrove, Thomas, laborer
Costello, Edward, mariner
Costello, Ellen, wid of James
Costello, Ellen, wid of John
Costello, Matthew, fisherman
Costello Patrick, fisherman
Costello, William, fisherman
Cosman, Moses, plumber
Costan, Patrick, servant
Costigan, James, fisherman
Costigan, Michael, storekeeper
Costigan, Michael, storekeeper
Costigan, Michael, storekeeper
Cotner, E, fisherman
Cotner, William, fisherman
Cotter, Patrick, liquors
Coughlan, Bridget, wid of Patrick
Coughlan, Julia, wid of Edward
Coughlan, William, policeman
Coughlan, William, mail contractor
Courier The, Joseph Woods/Publisher
Court House, Duckworth St.
Courtney, Richard, butcher
Cousin,James H., storekeeper
Cowan, Benjamin, storekeeper
Cowan, Charles, spanish clerk
Cowan, Elizabeth, wid of William
Cowan, Grace, wid of Peter
Cowan, John, clerk
Cowan, John, bookkeeper
Cowan, Miss Agnes, sub-matron/St. John's Hospital
Cowan, Peter, storekeeper
Cowan, Robert, farmer
Cowley, Henry, seaman
Cox, Charles, fisherman
Cox, James, clothier
Cox, Thomas, cooper
Coxson, Mark, gunsmith
Coyell, Ann, wid of William
Coyell, James, joiner & undertaker
Coyle, William, clerk
Cozens, Edward H., cooper
Cozens, John C., clerk
Cozens, John H., general dealer
Cozens, William, clerk
Craig, Charles, seaman
Craig, Charles, clerk
Craig, John, clerk
Craig, John, clerk
Crane, Daniel, fisherman
Crane, John, cooper
Crane, Lawrence, cooper
Crane, Nicholas, cooper
Crane, Walter, fisherman
Creach, George, fisherman
Crew, Cyrus, accountant
Crickard, Thomas, laborer
Crimp, Robert, fisherman
Crimp, William, storekeeper
Critch, Joseph, fisherman
Critch, Thomas, fisherman
Crawford, Henry, laborer
Croak, John, baker
Croak, John, fisherman
Croak, Patrick, fisherman
Croak, Thomas, barkeeper
Croake, Patrick, fisherman
Croaker, Thomas, tailor
Crocker, Aubrey, sailmaker
Crocker, Henry, storekeeper
Crocker, William, foreman printer
Crosby, Mary, dressmaker
Crossman, Aaron, blacksmith
Crossman, William, blacksmith
Crotty, Daniel, laborer
Crotty, John, cooper
Crotty, William, liquors
Crotty, William, Snr, fisherman
Croucher, Levi, fisherman
Croucher, Thomas, fisherman
Crow, Andrew, fisherman
Crow, John, fisherman
Crowdy, Charles, physician
Crowdy, Joseph, 1st Clerk Col. Secretary's Office
Crowdy & Simms, physicians
Crowlay, Daniel, fisherman
Crowlay, Jeremiah, carpenter
Cruickshank, Alexander, clerk
Crute, John, gardner
Crute, Richard, boot & shoe maker
Cuddihy, John, laborer
Cuddihy, John, mason
Cuddihy, Michael, mason
Cuddihy, Richard, ?
Cuddihy, Richard, fisherman
Cuddihy, Richard, groceries
Cuddihy, Thomas, liquors
Cullen, Edward, baker
Cullen, Margaret, wid of John
Cullen, Patrick,  ?
Cullen, Thomas, cooper
Cullen, Thomas, laborer
Cullen, William, groceries & liquors
Culleton, David, fisherman
Culleton, Ellen, teacher
Culleton, John, baker
Culleton, John, fisherman
Culleton, Joseph, boarding house
Cummings, Peter, shipowner & master
Cummins, Edward, clerk
Cummins, Ellen, wid of James
Cummins, James, fisherman
Cummins, John, fisherman
Cummins, Michael, tailor
Cummins, Nicholas, shipcarpenter
Cummins, Patrick, shoemaker
Cummins, Philip, fisherman
Cunningham, John, fisherman
Cunningham, Mary, wid of John
Cunningham, Michael, cooper
Cunningham, Patrick, fisherman
Cunningham, William, fisherman
Curran, Catherine, wid of Oliver
Curran, Daniel, fisherman
Curran, Edward, tailor
Curran, John, fisherman
Curran, John, tailor & clothier
Curran, Michael, cooper
Curran, Mrs., ?
Curran, Thomas, clerk
Curran, Thomas, planter
Curran, Timothy, laborer
Curtin, Cornelius, laborer
Curtin, James, tailor
Curtin, Margaret, wid of John
Curtis, John, fisherman
Curtis, John, fisherman
Curtis, Patrick, blacksmith
Curtis, William, seaman
Currie, Alexander, draper
Currie, John, slate worker
Curry, James, fisherman
Cusack, John, merchant
Cuthbert, Mary, wid of William


Dahey, Stephen, fisherman
Daily News, Robert Winton/Publisher
Daley, Honorah, wid of Charles
Daley, Patrick, tailor
Daley, Robert, laborer
Dalton, Catherine, wid of Simon
Dalton, Matthew, fisherman
Dalton, Michael, fisherman
Dalton, Patrick, fisherman
Dalton, Thomas, laborer
Dalton, Walter, farmer
Dalton, William	, ?
Dalton, William, policeman
Daly, Bridget, wid of Michael
Daly, Charles, seaman
Daly, James, boot & shoe maker
Daly, James, clerk
Daly, Joseph, blacksmith
Daly, Michael, porter
Daly, Michael J., bookkeeper
Daly, Patrick, boot & shoe maker
Daniel, James, clerk
Daniel, Samuel, fisherman
Daniel, William, fisherman
Daniels, Margaret, wid of Samuel
Dannahy, Corneluis, merchant tailor
Darcy, Donald, fisherman
Darcy, Karan, farmer
Davenport, William, coachman
Davericks, James, baker
Davidson, James, clerk
Davidson, William H., clerk
Davis, Ann, wid of John
Davis, Charles, sailor
Davis, Richard, fisherman
Davis,  William, carpenter
Davy, Edward, joiner
Davy, Richard, cooper
Daw, John, fisherman
Dawley, Michael, fisherman
Dawson, Bridget, wid of William
Dawson, John, fisherman
Day Book, Francis Winton/Publisher
Day, Edward, fisherman
Day, James, master marnier
Day, John, cooper
Day, Michael, truckman
Day, Thomas, laborer
Day, Thomas, laborer
Daymond William, cabinetmaker
Deacon, James, fisherman
Deady, Daniel, fisherman
Deady, Kate, wid of Thomas
Deady, William, baker
Dearin, Alfred, druggist
Dearin, Frederick, carpenter
Dearin, George U., druggist
Dearin, John J., druggist
Dearin, John J.jnr, clerk
Dearin, William, cabinet maker
Dearin, William, clerk
Deay, William, fisherman
DeBourke, Richard, cabinet maker
Deckan, John, farmer
Dehy, Stephen, laborer
Delaney, Ann, wid of james
Delaney, Edward M.J..,CE, surveyor General's Office
Delaney, John, Post Master general
Delaney, John, laborer
Delaney, John, law student
Delaney, Lawrence, butcher
Delaney, Mary A., wid of Edward
Delaney, Thomas, carpenter
Delhanty, Richard, butcher
Dempsey, James, jnr, blacksmith
Dempsey, James, snr, blacksmith
Dempsey, John, carpenter
Dempsey, John, fisherman
Dempsey, Miss Bridget, ?
Dench, Mary A, ?
Deneiff, Patrick, farmer
Denchy, John, laborer
Denman, Patrick, fisherman
Denney, William, laborer
Devan, Patrick, farmer
Devaney, Anthony, office keeper
Devaney, Patrick, seaman
Devanna, Anthony, messenger
Devereaux, Bridget, wid of James
Devereaux,  Edward, clerk
Devereaux, Mary, wid of William
Devereaux, James, laborer
Devereaux, Thomas, printer
Devereaux, William, fisherman
Devlin, James, clerk
Devlin, John, commissariat issuer
Diamond, Samuel, farmer
Dick, William, storekeeper
Dicker, William, carpenter
Dickinson, Henry K, broker & agent
Dicks, George, sailmaker
Dicks, John, fisherman
Dicks, John, sailmaker
Dicks, Robert, book binder
Dillon, John, cabdriver
Dillon, Richard, fisherman
Dillon, Thomas, cabdriver
Discomb, Samuel, seaman
Dobbin, Nicholas, fisherman
Dobbin, Patrick, fisherman
Dodd, George, tailor
Dodd, Joseph, laborer
Dodd, William, seaman
Doherty, Bernard, engineer
Doherty, Bridget, ?
Doherty, Edmund, fisherman
Doherty, James, fisherman
Doherty, Timothy printer
Doheny, Catherine, wid of Edward
Doheny, Richard, fisherman
Dolt, William, servant
Donahoe, Mary Ann, milliner
Donahoe, Matthew, mason
Donaldson, ___	, clerk
Donaldson, Henry, clerk
Donaldson, John	, boot & shoe maker
Donnelly, Jeremiah, shoemaker
Donnelly, John, shipmaster
Donnelly, John, stonecutter
Donnelly, Richard, laborer
Donnelly, William, fisherman
Donoghue, Thomas, tidewaiter
Donohue, James, watchman
Donohue, Mary, ?
Donohue, Mary, wid of Jeremiah
Donovan, Elizabeth, widow
Donovan, Johanna, ?
Donovan, John, fisherman
Donovan, John, liquors
Donovan, Lieut F.H.S., Royal Cdn. Rifles
Donovan,  Patrick, tinsmith
Donovan, Timothy, laborer
Doolan, Margaret, wid of John
Doolan, Patrick, fisherman
Doolan, Peter, farmer
Dooley, Daniel, fisherman
Dooley, Dennis, butcher
Dooley, Garrett, shipwright
Dooley, James, shipcarpenter
Dooley, John, shipcarpenter
Dooley, Mary, wid of Daniel
Dooley, Mrs. Mary, teacher
Dooley, Michael, farm servant
Dooley, Michael, fisherman
Dooley, Patrick, butcher
Dooley, Patrick, master marnier
Dooley, Richard, fisherman
Dooley, Richard, grocer
Dooley, Richard, master marnier
Dooley, Richard, shipwright
Dooley, Sarah, wid of Garret
Dooley, Solomon, seaman
Dooley, Thomas, shipwright
Dooley, Thomas, trader
Dooley, William, butcher
Dooley, William, jun, butcher
Dooling, David, farmer
Dooling, David, grocer
Dooling, Ellen, wid of Patrick
Dooling, John, grocer
Dooling, William, groceries & liquors
Dooney, Maurice, liquors
Doran, Ellen, wid of Patrick
Doran, James, fisherman
Doran, Michael, fisherman
Doran, Owen, butcher
Doran, Patrick, laborer
Doran, William, laborer
Dorsey, Michael, cooper
Doucy, Joseph, fisherman
Dourney, Anastasia, wid of John
Doutney, Patrick, collector
Doutney, Patrick, tailor
Doutney, William, H.M. Customs
Dowden, James, porter
Dowden, Thomas, farmer
Dowden, William, farmer
Down, Robert, boot & shoe maker
Down, Roger, boot & shoe maker
Downey, Andrew, laborer
Downey, Daniel, fisherman
Downey, John, keeper of St. John's Poor House
Downey, Michael, fisherman
Downey, Thomas, fisherman
Downs, William, laborer
Dowsley, Felix, druggist
Dowsley, George, shipowner
Dowsley, William, clerk
Doyle, Dennis, fisherman
Doyle, Edward, fisherman
Doyle, Edward, laborer
Doyle, Francis, teacher of mathematics
Doyle, Henrietta, milliner
Doyle, James, fisherman
Doyle, John, farmer
Doyle, James, wharfinger
Doyle, John, fisherman
Doyle, Lawrence, fisherman
Doyle, Lawrence, blacksmith
Doyle, Margaret, wid of Dennis
Doyle, Mary, wid of Thomas
Doyle, Matthew, farmer
Doyle, Matthew, fisherman
Doyle, Michael, truckman
Doyle, Peter, clerk
Doyle, Peter, clerk
Doyle, Peter, farmer
Doyle, Peter, fisherman
Doyle, Peter, pensioner
Doyle, Peter, storekeeper
Doyle, Richard, cooper
Doyle, Thomas, baker
Doyle, Thomas, cooper
Doyle, Thomas, seaman
Doyle, William, cooper
Doyle, William, fisherman
Dreehan, Michael, fisherman
Drestus, Julton, sailmaker
Drew, Nicholas, fisherman
Drew, Nicholas, servant
Drewen, Peter, fisherman
Driscoll, Cornelius, fisherman
Driscoll, John, master marnier
Driscoll, Martin, fisherman
Driscoll, Mary, ?
Driscoll, Michael, clerk
Dryer, William B, clerk
Duchane, Philip	, carpenter
Duchemin, James L., blockmaker
Duchemin, Peter, pump & block maker
Duder, Charles, storekeeper
Duder, Edwin, merchant
Duder, Henry, farmer
Duder, Henry, victualler
Duder, Thomas, butcher
Dudley, John, carpenter
Duff, Richard, captain
Duff, Thomas, captain
Duffy, Ann, wid of James
Duffy, John, books & stationery
Duffy, Margaret, wid of Andrew
Duggan, Henry, grocer
Duggan, Michael, laborer
Duggan, Oliver, fisherman
Duggan, Walter, fisherman
Duggan, William, cooper
Dulchanty, Lawrence, fisherman
Dulchanty, Margaret, wid of John
Duncan, Charles, clerk
Dunham, John, boot & shoe maker
Dunn, Andrew, laborer
Dunn, Ann, wid of Jeremiah
Dunn, Edward,farmer
Dunn, Edward, fisherman
Dunn, Jeremiah, messenger
Dunn, James, fisherman
Dunn, Jeremiah, laborer
Dunn, John, baker
Dunn, John, farmer
Dunn, John, fisherman
Dunn, John T., groceries & liquors
Dunn, Lieut F.J.A., Royal Cdn Rifles
Dunn, Luke, fisherman
Dunn, Margaret, wid of John
Dunn, Miss Catherine, milliner
Dunn, Thomas, drayman
Dunne, Arthur, fisherman
Dunne, Batholwmew, drayman
Dunne, Edward, shipcarpenter
Dunne, James, fisherman
Dunne, Jeremiah, fisherman
Dunne, Matthew, groceries & spirits
Dunne, Michael, cabinetmaker
Dunne, Patrick, fisherman
Dunne, Patrick, fisherman
Dunphy, Edward, clerk
Dunphy, Edward, fisherman
Dunphy, Francis, fisherman
Dunphy, James, messenger
Dunphy, John, bookkeeper
Dunphy, John, cooper
Dunphy, John, fisherman
Dunphy, Martin, fisherman
Dunphy, Mary, ?
Dunphy, Michael, cooper
Dunphy, Patrick, fisherman
Dunphy, Thomas, clerk
Dunphy, Thomas, clerk
Dunphy, Thomas, cooper
D'Uriarte, Don Hippolite, Spanish Consul
Dutton, Charles, sea captain
Dwyer, Ambrose, clerk
Dwyer, Edward, ?
Dwyer, Elizabeth, ?
Dwyer, George, clerk
Dwyer, James, clerk
Dwyer, James, fisherman
Dwyer, James, fisherman
Dwyer, James, shoemaker
Dwyer, John, farmer
Dwyer, John, farmer
Dwyer, John, liquors & groceries
Dwyer, John, tailor
Dwyer, Margaret, ?
Dwyer, Mary, wid of Michael
Dwyer, Maurice, laborer
Dwyer, Michael, laborer
Dwyer, Patrick, ?
Dwyer, Thomas, clerk
Dwyer, Thomas, fisherman
Dwyer, Thomas, fisherman
Dwyer, Thomas S., liquors
Dwyer, William, seaman


Eadie, James, clerk
Eagan, John, liquors
Eagan, Michael, fisherman
Eagen, Bridget, milliner
Eagen, Daniel, laborer
Eagen, John, baker
Eagen, John, pilot
Eagen, John, storekeeper
Eagen, Patrick, tailor
Ealcs, John, butcher
Ealcs, William H., farmer
Earle, Edward, fisherman
Earle, Henry, house joiner
Earle, Henry, proprietor Prince of Wales Hotel
Earle, John, music teacher
Earle, John, rigger
Earle, Robert, tailor
Earle, Samuel N., musician
Earle, Thomas, sailmaker
Earls, George, laborer
Eastcott, James, porter
Ebbs, John, fisherman
Ebbs, Thomas, fisherman
Ebsary, Elizabeth, wid of Samuel
Ebsary, Mark, servant
Ebsary, Richard, fisherman
Ebsary, William, fisherman
Ecourt, John, farm servant
Edens, John A., auctioneer & commission merchant
Egan, John, liquors
Egan, Patrick, clerk
Eggelton, John, fisherman
Elbert, Michael, ?
Ellard, Johanna, wid of Peter
Ellard, Michael, cooper
Ellard, Patrick, planter
Elliott, James, tinsmith
Elliot Michael, storekeeper
Ellis, Charles, engineer
Ellis, Charles, maltster
Ellis, David, mason
Ellis, Ellen, wid of William H.
Ellis, Henry, clerk
Ellis, Patrick, laborer
Elmsly, George, merchant
Elmsly & Shaw, grocers
Elmsly & Shaw & Thompson, general importers
Elson, Mrs. B, teacher
Elson, Samuel, foreman, oil cloth manufactory
Elward, Matthew, farmer & fisherman
Elward, Michael, liquors
Elward, Nicholas, farmer & fisherman
Elward, Philip, fisherman
Emerson, Archibald, barrister
Emerson, Hon G.H., clerk of council/Col.Bldg
Emerson, Prescott, barrister & attorney
England, James, laborer
English, James, plasterer
English, John, fisherman
English, John, boot & shoe maker
English, Joseph, tailor
English, Joseph, jnr, tailor
English, Thomas, planter
English, Thomas, fisherman
English, William, fisherman
Ennes, John, fisherman
Escot, James, servant
Esmond, John, fisherman
Esmond, Michael, fisherman
Evans, Edward, merchant
Evans, James, fisherman
Evans, John, sailmaker
Evans, John, sailmaker
Evans, Thomas P., commission merchant
Evans, William, seaman
Evans & Lemessurier, brokers & commission agents
Everett, James, laborer
Everett, Patrick, fisherman
Evoy, Andrew, fisherman
Evoy, Patrick, fisherman
Ewing, James, ?
Express, The Newfoundland, James Scaton, editor, publisher & prop.
Eylward, Redmond, farmer



Transcribed by Barbara McGrath

Page Revised June 2003 (Don Tate)

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