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1864 - 1865
Hutchinson's Directory

St. John's A through B

1864-1865 Hutchinson's Newfoundland Directory - St. John's: 
Abbott, Henry, Fisherman, 53 Freshwater road
Abbott, Martin, fisherman, Casey's lane
ACKLAND CHARLES, shipmaster, 76 Gower
Adams, Abnraham, laborer, 272 Water, west
Adams, Charles, farmer, Pennywell path
Adams, David, photographer, 206 Water
Adams, James, stonecutter, Pennywell path
Adams, John J. manager, 359 Water
Adams & McKenney, photographers, 206 Water
Adams, Thomas, porter, 275 Water
Addas, John, fisherman, Flower Hill
Agnew, William. seaman, 47 Queen's road
Aide, John, shipmaster, "White Cottage" Pennywell path
Ainsworth, Janne, master mariner, 8 Victoria
Albert Hotel, 3 becks Cove
Alexander, John C. clerk, 143 Water
Alexander, Robert, merchant, 359 Water
Allen, Charles, master mariner, 221 Gower
Allen, Edward H., clerk, 315 Water
Allen, Henry, tinsmith, 169 Water, house 123 Gower
Allen, Michael, farmer, 28 Gower
Allen, Peter, fisherman, 33 Buchannan
Allen, Thjomas, 232 Gower
ALLEN THOMAS W., groceries and liquors, Water, house 232 Gower
(See advertisement)
Alliance British and Foreign Life and Fire Insurance Co.
Brookings & Co. agents, 45 Water
Allward, Ann, wid John, 32 Rennie's Mill road
Allward, John, carpenter, Queen's road, cor Victoria
Alsop, Carteret, merchant, 371 Water
Alsop, Robert & Co  merchants 
Ancell, Charles F.  Vice Consul of Spain
"Craig Miller", Topsail Road 
Anderson, George  liquors, 258 Water 
Anderson, John  fisherman, lazy bank 
Anderson, John  porter, 353 Water 
Anderson, Miss Emma teacher 
Anderson, Patrick  boarding house 
Anderson, Robert  clerk 
Andrews, William  tinsmith 
Angel, George  shipmaster 
Angel, Jacob  fisherman 
Angel, James  millwright, engineer & brassfounder 
Angel, John  fisherman 
Angel, John  millwright 
Angel, Samuel  laborer 
Angel, Thomas  fisherman 
Angus, McInnis  storekeeper 
Ansell, James  sergeant Army Hospital 
Anson, James  seaman 
Anthony Abraham  fisherman 
Anthony, George  shoemaker 
Antle, Henry  laborer 
Apsey, Elias  laborer 
Archibald, David  clerk 
Archibald, Edward M. bookkkeeper 
Armstrong, Isabel  wid of Thomas 
Armstrong, James  fisherman 
Armstrong, Michael  fisherman 
Armstrong, Myles  master marnier 
Armstrong, Rosanne wid of James 
Armstrong, William  keeper 
Armstrong, William  laborer 
Armstrong, William  sailmaker 
Arnett, George  clerk 
Arroll, Robert  baker 
Ashley, John  cooper 
Ashman, Margaret  wid of William 
Ashman, Thomas  fisherman 
Aspell, James  planter 
Aspell, Joseph  fisherman 
Aspell, Mary  wid of Peter 
Aspell, Richard  laborer 
Atkins, John  laborer 
Atwill, Richard  mason 
Auxillary Depot British & Foreign Bible Society 
Avell, Anthony T.  clerk 
Avery, Thomas  ? 
Avery, William  laborer 
Aylesbury, Joseph  carpenter 
Aylward, John  seaman 
Aylward, Richard  carpenter 
Aylward, Thomas  shipcarpenter 
Aylward, William  carpenter 
Aylward, William  mason 
Aylward, William  tailor 
Ayre, Charles R.  dry goods 
Ayre, George  confectioner 
Ayre, Jane  milliner 
Ayre, Jesse  baker 
Ayre, John B.  bookkeeper 
Ayre & Marshall  drygoods 

Bacon, Joseph  teacher 
Bacon, William H.  clerk 
Badbrook, William  seaman 
Badcock, George  dry goods 
Badcock & Scott  dry goods 
Badcock, Thomas  laborer 
Baillic, John  clerk 
Baine, Ellen  boarding house 
Baine Johnston & Co merchants & general importers 
Baird Brothers  dry goods 
Baird, D & J  grocers & liquors 
Baird, David  merchant 
Baird, James  merchant 
Baird, John  merchant 
Baker, Elizabeth  wid of William 
Baker, Frederick  cashier 
Baker, George  seaman 
Baker, Mrs. Johanna ? 
Baldwin, David  fisherman 
Baldwin, John  boatman 
Baldwin, Joseph  clerk 
Balsom, John  painter 
Bambrick, Martin  fisherman 
Bambrick, Martin  laborer 
Bambrick, Michael  butcher 
Bane, Margaret  wid of Thomas 
Barnes, Andrew  carpenter 
Barnes, Charles  ? 
Barnes, Charles  clerk 
Barnes, Ebenezer  merchant 
Barnes, J.B. &o; Co  commission merchants 
Barnes, James  fisherman 
Barnes, John B.  merchant 
Barnes, Mrs. Jane  teacher 
Barnes, Silas  carpenter 
Barnes, Thomas  carpenter 
Barnes, William  carpenter 
Barnes, William  clerk 
Barnes, William  fisherman 
Barnes, William  joiner 
Barnes, William M.  merchant 
Barrett, James  fisherman 
Barrett, James  laborer 
Barrett, Robert  liquors 
Barrett, William  seaman 
Barrington, Ann  wid of John 
Barrington, Edward  fisherman 
Barrington, Isaac  fisherman 
Barrington, Thomas  groceries 
Barron, James  storekeeper 
Barron, John  fisherman 
Barron, Lawrence  clerk 
Barron, Patrick  grocer 
Barron, Pierce M. (MHA) secretary general Water Co. 
Barron, Walter  fisherman 
Barry, John  fisherman 
Barry, John  fisherman 
Barry, Mary  wid of James 
Barry, Richard  laborer 
Barter, Anne  wid of John 
Barter, David  tailor 
Barter, George  farmer 
Barter, Hannah  wid of Joseph 
Barter, Jane  wid of Thomas 
Barter, John  laborer 
Barter, John  surveyor 
Barter, Jones  clerk 
Barter, Samuel  carter 
Barter, Thomas  farmer 
Bartlett, George  fisherman 
Bartlett, Henry  fisherman 
Bartlett, John  sailmaker 
Bartlett, Joseph  fisherman 
Bascome, Foster  shipmaster 
Bastow, John  commission merchant & auctioneer 
Bates, James, Duckworth, Near Old Chapel
Bates, John  fisherman 
Bathgate, Andrew  storekeeper 
Batstone, John  cooper 
Batstone, John, jun  drayman 
Batstone, Miss Sarah Quidi Vidi, near Church of England
Batstone, Zachariah  fisherman 
Bavis, James  fisherman 
Bayly, James  insurance agent 
Bearur, Nathaniel  bookkeeper 
Bearns, Thomas  126 Military road
Bearns, Thomas  cabinetmaker 
Bearns, William M.  clerk 
Beckford, James  fisherman 
Beck, William H.  clerk 
Beddiscomb, George farmer 
Bedford, James  seaman 
Beenlen, Eliza  school teacher 
Beenlen, Maria Helbing school teacher 
Beenlen, Mary  215 Gower
Beer, John  27 Prescott 
Beer, Joseph  tailor 
Beer, Thomas  liquor dealer 
Beggs, James  seaman 
Begley, John  cooper 
Belcher, Mrs. Sarah  boarding house 
Bell, William  seaman 
Bemister, Eliza  wid of John 
Bemister, Hon John  receiver general Custom House 
Bendel, Jacob  cashier 
Bendle, William  carpenter 
Bennett, C.F. & Co. merchants 
Bennett, Charles F.  marchant 
Bennett, David  music teacher 
Bennett, E  professor, St. Bon's College 
Bennett, Edward  storekeeper 
Bennett, Edward A.  engineer 
Bennett, Mary  widow of George 
Bennett, Thomas, jun stipendiary magistrate/Court House 
Bennett, Thomas T.  bookkeeper 
Berney, Michael  clerk 
Berrigan, Nicholas  seaman 
Berrigan, Patrick  tailor 
Berrigan, William  shipcarpenter 
Berry, John  cooper 
Bevins, Henry  clerk 
Bevis, Thomas  fisherman 
Biddy, James  fisherman 
Bibbings, John  fisherman 
Biccom, William  seaman 
Bindall, William  blockmaster 
Bird, Mary  wid of John 
Birmingham, Roger  clerk 
Birmingham, Thomas fisherman 
Bishop, George  teacher 
Bishop, Henry  laborer 
Bishop, James  seaman 
Bishop, John  teacher 
Blackburn, John  carpenter 
Blackler, Edward  cooper 
Blackler, John  laborer 
Blackler, Thomas  cooper 
Blackler, William  roomkeeper 
Blackler, William H.  bookkeeper 
Blackwood, A &anp; R  hairdressers 
Blackwood, Andrew hairdresser 
Blackwood, Andrew, jun clerk 
Blackwood, Robert  hairdresser 
Balir, O.H.  clerk 
Blake, Caroline  wid of Thomas 
Blake, William M.  hardware 
Blanford, Charles  tailor 
Blanford, John  saddler 
Blanford, John  saddler 
Blundell, Henry  sailmaker 
Blundon, James  tailor 
Blundon, John  clothier 
Blundon, John, jun  clothier 
Blundon, Robert  merchant tailor 
Board of Works Office Colonial Building 
Boath, Alexander  marnier 
Boden, Robert  commission merchant 
Boden & Seymour  commission merchants 
Boggan, Francis  cooper 
Boggan, John  cooper 
Bolan, David  fisherman 
Bolan, Edward  fisherman 
Bolan, Ellen  wid of Maurice 
Bolan, John  fisherman 
Bolan, Richard  shipmaster 
Bolan, Samuel  fisherman 
Bolan, Stephen  fisherman 
Boler, Richard  fisherman 
Bolt, John   farmer 
Bolt, Mrs. Sarah  china,glass,earthenware & seed shop 
Bolt, Thomas  fisherman 
Bolt, William  fisherman 
Bond, John  bookkeeper 
Bond, John  manager 
Bond, Rachael  wid of William 
Boone, Samuel  clerk 
Born, Mrs  keeper of Colonial Building 
Bourke, Lawrence  28 Kings road
Bourke, Michael  laborer 
Bovey, John  carpenter 
Bow, Michael  porter 
Bowden, Cornelius  boot & shoemaker 
Bowden, F.W.  musical instruments 
Bowden, George  shipwright 
Bowden, Henry  shipmaster 
Bowden, John  marnier 
Bowden, Robert  baker 
Bowden, Solomon  master marnier 
Bowden, William  printer 
Bowdridge, Martin  porter 
Bowell, Robert  pensioner 
Bowes, Michael  laborer 
Bowlan, Mary  Hutchings 
Bowlan, Maurice  farmer 
Bowlan, Maurice  laborer 
Bown, George C.  accountant 
Bown, George F.  auctioneer & commission merchant 
Bowring Brothers  commission merchants & insurance agents 
Bowring, Charles  merchant 
Bowring, Charles T  merchant 
Bowring, Edward  merchant 
Bowring, Henry P.  merchant 
Bowring, John  merchant 
Bowring, William B.  merchant 
Boyd, J & W.  commission merchants 
Boyd, John  commission merchant 
Boyd & McDougall  merchants 
Boyd, Thomas  merchant 
Boyd, WIlliam  commission merchant 
Boyd, William  tailor 
Boyles, Patrick  servant 
Brace, Alfred S.  professor of music 
Brace, Ebenezer  bookbinder 
Brace, George  overseer of prisoners/St.John's Penitentiary 
Brace, Mary  wid of Thomas 
Brace, Richard  keeper, St. John's Penitentiary 
Brace, William  fisherman 
Bradshaw, Francis  shipmaster 
Bradshaw, Henry F. bookkeeper 
Brady, Francis  fisherman 
Brady, James  fisherman 
Brady, Sir Francis  chief justice 
Branscomb, James  272 Gower 
Branscomb, William  bookkeeper 
Bray, Alice  wid of Patrick 
Bray, John  seaman 
Brazil, Cornelius  fisherman 
Brazil, Patrick  174 New Gower
Brazil, William  farmer 
Brawders, William  fisherman 
Breen, Anne  wid of John 
Breen, Ellen  wid of John 
Breen, James  fisherman 
Breen, James   laborer 
Breen, John  fisherman 
Breen, John  fisherman 
Breen, Maria  wid of John 
Breen, Martin  butcher 
Breen, Martin  butcher 
Breen, Patrick  fisherman 
Breen, Patrick  fisherman 
Breen, Robert  trader 
Breen, Thomas  blacksmith 
Breen, William  fisherman 
Brennan, Edward  cabdriver 
Brennan, Edward  liquors 
Brennan, Edward  seaman 
Brennan, James  cabdriver 
Brennan, James  farmer 
Brennan, John  farmer 
Brennan, John  fisherman 
Brennan, Margaret  wid of John 
Brennan, Martin  fisherman 
Brennan, Mary  ? 
Brennan, Mary  liquors 
Brennan, Mary  wid of Luke 
Brennan, Michael  farmer 
Brennan, Peter  merchant 
Brennan, Philip  fisherman 
Brennan, Thomas  laborer 
Brennan, Thomas  messenger 
Brennan, William  carpenter 
Brian, Edward  fisherman 
Brian, Henry  ? 
Brian, James  cook-St. John's Penitentiary 
Brian, James  fisherman 
Brian, John  farmer 
Brian, Lawrence  under storekeeper 
Brian, Luke  carpenter 
Brian, Mary  wid of John 
Brian, Patrick  fisherman 
Brian, Patrick  fisherman 
Brian, Redmond  victualler 
Brian, Winnifred  washerwoman 
Bridge, Benjamin  sailor 
Bridge, John  fisherman 
Bridgeman, John  carpenter 
Bridgeman, Misses  milliners 
Brien, Catherine  wid of Patrick 
Brien, Dennis  cooper 
Brien, James  mason 
Brien, John  victualler 
Brien, John, jun  victualler 
Brien, Mary  wid of John 
Brien, Patrick  fisherman 
Brien, Patrick  fisherman 
Brien, Patrick  fisherman 
Brien, Patrick  shoemaker 
Brein, Thomas  laborer 
Brien, Thomas  shipmaster 
Brine, Bridget  wid of Thomas 
Brine, James  carpenter 
Brine, James  fisherman 
Brine, John  blacksmith 
Brine, John  fisherman 
Brine, John  laborer 
Brine, John  shipmaster 
Brine, John M.  agent 
Brine, Louisa  schoolteacher 
Brine, Michael  fisherman 
Brine, Patrick  porter 
Brine, Thomas  fisherman 
Brine, Thomas  fisherman 
Brine, Thomas  fisherman 
Brine, Thomas  fisherman 
Brine, William  fisherman 
Brine, William  ? 
Britannia Life Assurance Co/D.W.Prowse/agent 
British Hall  British Square 
Britt, James  groceries 
Brocklehurst, Charles B. accountant 
Broderick, Thomas  laborer 
Broderick, Thomas  shoemaker 
Brogan, Charles  cooper 
Brooking & Co  merchants & insurance agents 
Brooking, Mary  wid of John 
Brooking, Thomas H. merchant 
Brooks, Philip  carpenter 
Brooks, Stephen  coachman 
Brophy, Catherine  wid of Patrick 
Brophy, Edward  fisherman 
Brophy, Edward  tailor 
Brophy, John  teacher 
Brophy, Michael  fisherman 
Brothers, Michael  fisherman 
Brown, Christopher  merchant 
Brown, Douglas J.  student at law 
Brown, George  fisherman 
Brown, John  clerk 
Brown, Robert  clerk 
Brown, Robert  manager of Commerical Bank 
Brown, Robert S.  draper 
Brown, Thomas  farmer 
Brown, Thomas J.  accountant 
Browne, Michael  laborer 
Browne, Nicholas  mason 
Browne, Philip  ? 
Browne, Thomas  mason 
Browning Gilbert  biscuit manufacturer 
Browning, James  clerk 
Browning, Thomas B ? 
Browning, Mrs. Mary boarding house 
Bruin, James  shoemaker 
Bryan, Charles  servant 
Bryan, Dennis  fisherman 
Bryan, James  fisherman 
Bryant, Sarah  groceries 
Bryden, James  dry goods and groceries 
Bryden, William  clerk 
Bryend, Mary  wid of Lambert 
Buckler, Alfred  cooper 
Buckler, John  laborer 
Buckley, Alfred  cooper 
Buckley, Edward  blacksmith 
Buckley, John  blacksmith 
Buckley, John  laborer 
Buckely, Mary  wid of Michael 
Buckley, Patrick  general blacksmith 
Buckley, Patrick  fisherman 
Buckley, Thomas  butcher 
Buckley, Thomas  sawyer 
Buckmaster, Patrick butcher 
Bugden, Benjamin  shipcarpenter 
Bugden, William  sweep 
Bulger, Anastiasia  wid of John 
Bulger, Edward  cooper 
Bulger, Lucy  ? 
Bulger, Nicholas  cooper 
Bulger, Nicholas  fisherman 
Bulger, Patrick  blacksmith 
Bulger, Patrick  fisherman 
Bulger, William  fisherman 
Bulger, William  fisherman 
Bulger, William  fisherman 
Bulley, John  limeburner 
Bully, John  porter 
Bully, John B.  notary public & insurance broker 
Bully, Prescott  clerk 
Bunting, Frederick G. physican 
Burbit, Samuel  laborer 
Burcell, George  master marnier 
Burford, Edward  shipmaster 
Burgoyne, Peter B.  clerk 
Burke, Ellen  ? 
Burke, John  fisherman 
Burke, John  liquors 
Burke, John  shipmaster 
Burke, Martin  fisherman 
Burke, Michael  cooper 
Burke, Michael  fisherman 
Burke, Mrs. Caroline teacher 
Burke, Patrick  pensioner 
Burnett, Edward  baker 
Burridge, John  mason 
Burridge, Thomas  builder 
Burt, John  stonecutter 
Burton, James  seaman 
Burton, John  shipcarpenter 
Burton, John T  editor & proprietor "Telegraph" 
Butcher, John  accountant 
Butler, Catherine  wid of William 
Butler, Edward  seaman 
Butler, Ellen  ? 
Butler, James  seaman 
Butler, John  fisherman 
Butler, John  fisherman 
Butler, John  laborer 
Butler, Lawrence  fisherman 
Butler, martin  dealer 
Butler, Matthew  fisherman 
Butler, Patrick  laborer 
Butler, Pierce  fisherman 
Butler, Solomon  boatman 
Butler, Thomas  master marnier 
Butler, William  fisherman 
Butt, Diana  wid of John 
Butt, Ellen  wid of Richard 
Butt, George  fisherman 
Butt, Moses  blacksmith 
Butt, William  fisherman 
Batteris, Ethelred H. clerk 
Byan, Redmond  butcher 
Byrne, Corneluis  ? 
Byrne, Dennis  cooper 
Byrne, Dennis  cooper 
Byrne, Edward  tailor 
Byrne, Gregory  laborer 
Byrne, James  fisherman 
Byrne, Jeremiah  laborer 
Byrne, John  asst. storekeeper 
Byrne, John  carpenter 
Byrne, Joseph  stevedore 
Byrne, Margaret  wid of William 
Byrne, Mary  widow 
Byrne, Michael  fisherman 
Byrne, Michael  fisherman 
Byrne, Patrick  ? 
Byrne, Patrick  fisherman 
Byrne, Patrick  fisherman 
Byrne, Peter  fisherman 
Byrne, Richard  fisherman 
Byrne, Thomas  butcher & fisherman 
Byrne, Thomas  cooper 
Byrne, Thomas  surveyor of roads 
Byrne, William  ? 
Byrne, William  fisherman 
Byrnes, William  liquors 



Transcribed by Barbara McGrath

Page Revised June 2003 (Don Tate)

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